Name: Cyber, Analyst's Notebook

Text: Stopping Cyber Criminals
in Their Tracks


Of the many daunting challenges faced by law enforcement in investigating cyber crime, probably the most difficult is locating and
actually putting handcuffs on cyber perpetrators. S f ret6 du Quebec, the police force of the Canadian province of Quebec, needed
a more effective way to map and connect the dots of a complex criminal computer network, in what would p m to be the
country's largestar police operation conducted against hackers. The sophisticated entity resolution, data exbadon and
complex analysis capabilities of i2's Cyber solution enabled investigators to navigate a maze of participantsand transactions, map
the network, and connect illegal actions to the cyber criminals, leadingto their arrest

"Befbmmopping in Cyber,
I had d w k y u n d e ~ n d i n gthe
interndons in thousands of
spreadsheet lines."

- Inspector Fran~oisBlanchard, SOrete du Quebec

Location: Quebec, Canada
Industry: Law Enforcement
Customer: SO&
of Quebec

du Quhbec. the police force

Challenge: Cyber Crime

In 2008, Sfrete du Quebec, the police force of the Canadian
province of Quebec, embarked on Operation "Basiquen;
at the time, this was the largest police operation ever
conducted in Canada against cyber crime. Their target:
computer hackers who had developed a network that
controlled 100,000 personal and company computers in
75 countries.
Because of the surreptitious nature of cyber attacks, and the
many layers and byzantine structures of a hacker network
in many cases it can be next to impossible to track the
originators of online crime. The suspected hacker ring used
malware known as warms to infect the proxy computers used
in their network Once infected, these computers were
assembled into a sleeper network known as a BotNg which
could be commanded to launch virtual attacks against various
lnternet sites.

BotNets are rapidly rotating networks of hijacked computers
that criminals use as proxies to commit their attacks and
mask their identities. As a BotNet grows, the origin and

i2 Pducts Used
Cyber, Analyst's Notebook

participants in the attacks become more geographically
dispersed and the networks more complex and less
centralized. BotNets can even infect small applications that
can be inserted into social network sites such as Facebook
and Linkedln.
The veil of the lnternet serves as a complex layer of
insulation and disguise between cyber criminals,their victims,
and the law enforcement authorities attempting to investigate
and prevent their illegal activities. Sfretk du QuCbec was
using a common spreadsheet software, which assembled
huge, cumbersome tables that required extensive manual
cross-referencing. The police force needed a more effective
way to cut through the complex maze of participantsand
map the network to the players and their transactjons.




i2 introduced SO& du Quebec t o the Cyber toolkit, which
is an advanced analysis solution providing deep levels of
conneaivity, activity and temporal mapping. (Since 2002,
SO& du Quebec has also used 2's ihse, which captures
and manages data and shares actionable intelligence that
supports intelligence-led operations.)

The SQred du Quebec estimated that the lnternet pirates
had caused damage totaling tens of millions of dollars, taking
into account the cost of repair or replacement of computers
for the affected victims. Among these were hotels in
Quebec province and government institutions in Quebec
and elsewhere in Canada that have not been publicly
identified. The cost to the victims could have been
significantly higher as the hacker ring and their BotNet
grew, had they not been stopped when they were.

Analyst's Notebook, a key element of the Cyber solution set
was used to map the network Several layers of
investigation were undertaken, which included analyzing
multiple data sets and tracing complex relationships and
ldenofylng the hacking tools ("worms")being employed t o
infect computers and create the BotNet ring of slave
Tracing the route of the worm the hackers used to infect
the computers they wanted to control and finding which
computers it had infected
ldentlfying the lnternet Protocol (IP) address of the
infected machines and defining the Uniform Resource
Locator (URL) vectors of infection
Establishing the relationships of the slave machines that
were unknowing participants in the peer-to-peer network
and connecting these infected computers t o the larger
BotNet, being controlled by the hackers

About i2
i2 is the leading provider of intelligence and investigation
solutions for defense, national security, law enforcement and
commercial security. More then 4500 organizations in over 150
countries rely on the i2 Intelligence-Led Operations Platform
to proactively deter, prevent predict and disrupt the world's
most sophisticated criminal and terrorist threats. i2 started
the intelligence revolution in 1990 and continues to lead the
industry in innovation with products like AnaN's Noteboo&@
and COPUNKa.These solutions help public safety officers,
analysts, managers, detectives and investigators uncover hidden
connections faster, enabling collaboration and delivering critical
information to the point of need.

Defining the "Command & Control" (C&C) machines
that were giving the orders, which eventually led to the
connection of the machine addresses belonging to the
cyber criminals behind the hacker ring
Through Cyber's powerful mapping capabilities, the police
were able t o connect the illegal actions t o the perpetrators.
A key break in the case came when "the arrestee and the
other accused were present in the same chat room and took
the opportunity to discuss their achievements and exchange
tips," said the prosecutor in the case. The perpetrator even
went so far as to try to package and sell his methodology for
committing the fraud.

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