Name: Analyst's Notebook

Text: Cornbatting theTaliban in
Central Helmand, Afghanistan
AccelentingYour Mission.

The F i m Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles (1 RGR) is a British Battle-Group on operations in Helmand Province,Afghanistan.
In order to cope with a complex human terrain consisting of multiple a a o n with differing agendas, the Battalion chose to
adopt unique intelligence fusion methodology in their Information Exploitation (K) Cell. A vast amount of information is
collected on a daily basis encompassing the full spectrum of human, communication and imagery related intelligence.
In order to sort through such large quantities of complicated data, the IX Cell uses i2's AnaE)st'sNotebook as its key tool
to collect, analyse, and exploit information to target the Insurgency through focused operations.

"Counterinsurgency operations
are complex to say the leasr
gone is the conventional red and
blue intelligence picture. We can
operate in a complex human
terrain comprising multiple acton
and a constant stream of
intelligence. i2's Analyst5
Notebook has enabled us to
embrace and understand this
- Major Shaun W Chandler
Recently there has been a tendency to view military
intelligence at the tactical level as being purely about
collection and upward passage of information, but in
counterinsurgency the expert is more often than not
the team working nearest t o the ground. They are the
ones who must start the analysis t o keep it from being
misinterpreted as it flows up the intelligence chain.
Wider compatibility and standardisation of procedures
is imperative and when achieved, forms the backbone of
a powerful intelligence-led exploitation process.

Location: Helmand Province,Afghanistan
Industry: Defence
Custome~First BattalionThe Royal Gurkha Rifles

i2 Products Used:Analyst's Notebook

1 RGR, a light role infantry battalion currently serving in
Afghanistan, is at the heart of this bottom-up analysis
process. It is comprised of five companies, with sub-units
therein occupying their own Area of Operations. The
Battalion's large geographical area of responsibility
encompasses a large and varied population amongst
whom the Insurgents operate. In order t o understand
this area, each sub-unit has t o take ownership of their
individualAreas of Operation and pass data up t o
the Battalion Headquarters for fusion and further
exploitation. Written intelligence summaries produce
many pages each day and the detail is quickly lost without
a programme such as Analyst's Notebook,which allows
fusion of the information in terms of time, space
and corroboration.


1 RGR procured Analyst's Notebook because previous
methods of channelled intelligence were unable t o
facilitate the rapid fusion of intelligence required t o drive
intelligence-led operations. By having all their information
deposited into Analyst's Notebook, it allowed the Battalion
t o see a more complete picture, thus helping to minimise
duplication of effort and maximise corroboration.
Analyst's Notebook more than adequately copes with
the complexity of data that the 1 RGR has t o analyse in
such large quantities. A t current rates the Battalion is
entering over a hundred entries a day, and without
Ana/yst's Notebook they would be unable t o exploit
this information.

Clpon deploymentAnalyst's Notebook allowed 1 RGR to
achieve a more integrated and fully developed intelligence
picture than ever before. They have been able t o identify
patterns that would otherwise have gone unnoticed,
allowing them to deliberately disrupt Insurgent activity.
Furthermore, Analyst's Notebook has provided a greater
understandingof the human terrain, equipping the
Battalion t o be able t o anticipate the cause and effect of
their actions and the opportunities that may arise for
subsequent exploitation of the Insurgency. Major
Chandler went so far as to say,"The way our infantry
Battalion approaches our intelligence role has been
changed for the better"

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Declassified Human Terrain mapping chart

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