Text: Facing Social Networks


Good guys, Bad guys
They are all socializing online
Social Networks
AQWIREX automatically intercepts and
analyzes in real time the major social
networks applications and extract all the
relevant data including profile information,
friends, feeds and posts in order to provide
a clear visualization of the entity and a
mapping of all the target connections.

Session Reconstruction
Multiple 10GbE link support
Sophisticated filter criteria
Session based pattern matching
Encrypted Traffic Discovery and Collection
tPv4f lPv6 support

Protocol Adaptation
Built to face the constantly changing
environment of the web
Comprehensive analysis of web technologies
Automatic web protocol changes detection
User configurable plugins for adding new web
Performance oriented solution
High availability architecture


AQWIREX analyses web based chat applications
and displays the entire correspondences
between targets in real-time.

AQWIREX analyzes e-mail communications
and extracts the relevant information from
the header (From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date,
etc.), body and attachments of the e-mail.

AQWIREX analyzes and extracts information
includingthreads (subjects, comments,
date, entities), personal messages and user


AQWIREX Benefits
High Bandwidth passive network interception
Flexible Solution that meets web 2.0 dynamic environment needs
Real-time packet analysis
Scalable from TACTICAL to NATIONWIDE interception
Traffic Track Back at real time, link mapping at wire speed
Massively Parallel Processing utilizing sophisticated filters and pattern matching rules
High AvailabSIity architecture
Open-Architecture Platform that integrates seamlessly with 3rd party systems
Software solution running on standard COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf)

content-based Social Network Analysis
Founded by a group of cyber intelligence experts, WireX- Systems aims at helping organizations cope
with the ever-changingchallenges in today's networks by providing the upmost granular picture of
applications and activities of IP based communications.
Wsa-Systems unique salutifm {AQWlREX) is a ~ y k intdligerrce
system that fntw=pts, anztlps
and builds an accurate piemre i'n real time of users' amians with In social networks, web maib and
oit-ker web applica05uns*

The system is especially designed for law enforcement agencies, national security organizations, cyber
security agencies and forensic investigation needs.
AQWIREX intercepts IP traffic and performs in-depth packet inspection in order to extract critical
information and relationships from social networking sites, webmail, chat, post and other web based
communications. The "interesting" information, produced from all layers of the OS1 model, is tagged
and processed by our deep packet analysis engines and the results are delivered in real-time to allow
investigatorsto act in as events occur.
Web 2.0 applications are characterized by massive use of scripting languages, a large number of
different interfaces to the same application (Facebook on Windows7, IOS or Android are different)
and huge amounts of user data passing through these sites. As a result, tracking protocols changes
has become a complicated and continuous reverse engineering effort, which requires a new level of
expertise, since traditional DPI capabilities are just not good enough.

The BQWIREX is designed ts meet the challenges ofthis dynamic environment wiakwt n&tnl$, tu
re-write! the decoding engines every t h e a new version is released,

Decoding Capabilities



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