Name: Raptor RXi, Hawk XTS-2500

Text: Welcome
Winkelmann is a global provider of specialist search equipment,
communications security and technical surveillance countermeasures
(TSCM), we are the proven and trusted partner of government
agencies, armed forces and alliances (including NATO).

Winkelmann has experience in delivering comprehensive equipment
programmes supported by appropriate through life training and
provision ofTSCM technical capability to government and special
force units worldwide from concept and planning stage through to
project completion.

A key priority for the company is to provide consistently cuttingedge counter terrorism solutions that not only offer the highest
levels of performance but continuously evolve to meet the changing
requirements of our customers around the world.

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Key Applications
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• Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
• Spectrum monitoring and interference mitigation
• Radio monitoring and enforcement
by regulatory government

We work with
our clients to maintain
security, manage
risk by providing
leading-edge counter
surveillance solutions.

Applications for RAPTOR RXi Counter Surveillance Receiver


Technical surveillance
countermeasures (TSCM)

TSCM is defined as the gathering of any information using audio, visual, or technical
attack methods leading to loss or unauthorised disclosure of data or information.

To ensure confidentiality a technical surveillance risk assessment should be carried
out and recommendations should be implemented when considering information
security and business continuity arrangements.
The Raptor RXi is intended to analyse and monitor the radio frequency spectrum in
electronic countermeasure operations. Radio transmitting devices are probably the
most popular types of eavesdropping device. They are readily available, relatively
cheap, and widely advertised. In addition, information on eavesdropping attack
methods are now readily available on the internet.
The Raptor RXi is a portable device, allowing reference scans to be easily run in
different areas of a building. The system quickly identifies localized RF transmissions of
all types of modulation over the entire frequency spectrum.

Spectrum monitoring and
interference mitigation
The Raptor RXi is an all-in-one spectrum
monitoring solution for detecting all types of
communications signals using any modulation
and transmission method.

The Raptor RXi provides reliable detection of
radio interference caused by defective electronic
equipment. Monitor RF bands to determine
compliance with local laws and regulations.
Monitor assigned frequencies to look for interfering
signals or to determine if your transmitters are
working properly. Fast and effective elimination of
interference sources, e.g. at airports.


Radio monitoring and enforcement by regulatory
government authorities

The Raptor RXi from Winkelmann can be adapted by users to carry out specific
radio monitoring tasks (for internal and external security) as well as spectrum
management tasks.

Monitoring of a large number of radio services or an organisation's own emissions in
an assigned service band. Continuous monitoring of an emergency channel during
operation as well as broadband spectrum scanning. Government spectrum licensing
monitoring and enforcement.


Key Applications
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• IED search (detection of improvised explosive devices)
• Technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM)
• Mail screening for concealed electronic devices
(suspect packages)

We provide
solutions for highly
demanding customer
requirements in
defence and homeland
security markets.

Applications for HAWK XTS & SEARCHER-2500 Non Linear Junction Detector

(detection of improvised explosive devices)
One of the greatest areas of concern to soldiers in the field is that of radio controlled
improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs), which kill more soldiers in modern warfare
than any other weapon system.

Such devices are also being increasingly used by terrorist organisations and other
subversive groups to target civilian VVIPs and their vehicle convoys. Winkelmann has
nearly two decades of experience in developing NLJD's and has delivered over 2500
units to Military & Government agencies. Over the past few years, NLJD's have played
an important role in detecting improvised explosive devices, this has fuelled the latest
research, ideas and growth, and technology delivery.
The HAWK XTS-900 is capable of locating and confirming the presence of electronic
components found in devices, regardless whether they are switched on or off. The
HAWK XTS-900 allows the operator to search voids and areas where they are unable to
gain physical or visual access, in order to detect electronic components and determine
ifthe area is free from an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). The lower frequency of
the HAWK XTS-900 detector has an advantage of detecting devices in the ground. The
lower the frequency, the better the penetration in the ground.

Technical surveillance countermeasures

TSCM is defined as the gathering of any information using audio, visual,
or technical attack methods leading to loss or unauthorised disclosure of data
or information.

The HAWK XTS-2500 is capable of locating "bugging" devices even if they are switched
off behind plaster board, concrete or brick walls, steel and glass. T5CM sweeps can be
monotonous, repetitive, and stressful in certain environments, non-linear junction
detection is an extremely powerful search technique in addition to normal physical
search procedures.
The higher frequency of the XTS-2500 detector has an advantage on well-screened
targets such as mobile phones and similar devices. The smaller waveform at 2.5GHz
makes it more likely for the signal to get through gaps in the screening enclosure of
the electronic device.


Mail screening for concealed electronic devices
(suspect packages)

The SEARCHER-2500 is the most compact handheld non-linear junction detector
available on the market today. It has been designed to the very highest
standards, in terms of functionality, ease of operation and reliability.

Used for checking suspect packages for electronic devices such as mobile phones,
digital recorders, cameras and high value electronics.



Key Applications
• Contraband Search
• Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
• Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Search
• Search and Rescue
• Tactical Search, Special Task Forces
• Industrial Remote Visual Inspection
• VIP Search, Physical Security and Inspection

Applications for Specialist Visual Search Products

Our aim is to offer
customers worldwide
a range of quality,
cost effective systems
that are designed for
specific applications.

Winkelmann provides
the government,
military and security
markets an innovative and
pioneering portfolio of
remote visual inspection
products. Our videoscopes
and endoscopes are
used on a daily basis in
challenging environments
including conflict zones
around the world.

Our aim is to offer customers worldwide a range of quality, cost effective systems that
are designed for specific applications. We offer highly portable, robust, intelligent
remote imaging solutions featuring a host of advanced, intuitive features making
them the ideal choice for remote visual inspection.
Endoscopes allow an operator to illuminate and view inside a cavity by drilling a small
hole or accessing a cavity through an existing opening. This speeds up the search
process and greatly reduces damage and repair costs that would result from the
normal destructive opening of the cavity.
Flexible endoscopes (fiberscopes) are adopted by most search teams as they allow
easy introduction into a cavity, have tip articulation and can travel along bending
ducting, such as cable conduit. Given the tactile articulation control, the distal end tip
can easily, quickly and accurately be manoeuvred into any position.
The EOD IV Multi Swing Prism Rigid Endoscope (Borescope) offers a low cost solution
for some applications where direct access is possible. The multi swing prism allows
prograde (forward) or retrograde (backward) view during the inspection without the
need for changing the scope.
The EOD V Flexible Endoscope (Fiberscope) is a product that allows an operator to
view down an eyepiece whereas the EOD VII Explorer Videoscope and EOD VIII Tactical
Videoscope use a micro camera and an image is displayed on a screen which provides
less strain on the user and allows more than one person to view the area under
inspection at the same time.
Images can be recorded on all systems using an optional digital camera on the
borescope/fiberscope or frame grabber on the videoscope.
There are many different areas where these products can be used in search operations
including buildings, vehicles, aircraft. trains, containers and freight.


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• High resolution images for viewing directly
by eye
• Low cost solution where straight access
• Basic search
• Research &development
• Industrial remote visual inspection (RVI)

• Traditional flexible instrument for viewing
directly by eye
• High resolution images with 2-way tip
• Very compact and flexible
• Suitable for all security applications
• Research and development
• Industrial remote visual inspection (RVI)

• High spec videoscope with screen viewing
• Port security (inside the compartments of
metal walls of 20ft &40ft containers)
• General search requiring longer lengths
• Turbine blade and wave guide inspection
• UV curing and crack detection (NOT)
• Aircraft and ship inspection & maintenance
• Search and rescue
• Research and development
• Industrial remote visual inspection (RVI)

• Portable and compact videoscope with
screen viewing
• Reduces operator fatigue
• Allows more than one operator to view
• Suitable for all security applications
• Tactical search, special task forces
• Industrial remote visual inspection (RVI)

• Specially designed for Tactical attack
• High resolution images with 4-way tip
• General search
• Covert search
• Covert surveillance
• Includes rigidiser tube and under door

Application for Specialist Visual Search Products


Contraband Search

Customs and Police use specialist
visual search products for searching
any location for drugs and
contraband. Endoscopes & Videoscope
systems save precious time and
allow operators to inspect cavities
previously inaccessible to view.

Examples: the internal inspection of
car door panels, searching inside the
metal wall compartments of 20ft and
40ft containers, viewing inside locked
garages for stolen property or vehicles
etc. Any of our EOD range can be
used for these applications in helping
customs, border agencies and police.


Technical Surveillance
Countermeasures (TSCM)

To maintain the security of Government
or Corporate buildings and vehicles, it is
necessary for special teams to search for
listening devices or covert CCTV systems.

After the detection of an electronic bug using the
Raptor RXi (spectrum analyser) or Hawk (nonlinear junction detector), an endoscope can be
used to view in the suspected cavity containing
the device with minimal damage. This can be
in any area such as ceiling voids, cabling ducts,
under floor areas, ornaments, artefacts and
furniture. The EOD IV multi swing prism rigid
endoscope, EOD V flexible endoscope search
kit and EOD VIII tactical videoscope system are
ideal products for this application due to their
portability and flexibility.


Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Search

During military operations, VIP visits, heads of states summits and major
conferences, security forces need to search venues and transport for possible
terrorist bombs.

This task is carried out by military engineers, bomb technicians and police search teams.
Endoscopes are an indispensible tool used to assist operators in searching cavities and
other inaccessible areas or suspect packages for improvised explosive devices (IED's).
The EOD IV multi swing prism rigid endoscope or EOD V flexible endoscope search kit
are ideal products for this application due to their portability and flexibility.


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Key Applications

• Security
• Industrial
• Oil &Gas
• Power Utilities
• Medical/MRI

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Ideal for
surveillance and
security applications
as well as acousti~~I
laboratories requiring
an EMI and RFI immune
recording device.

Differences between SOM(3), SOM(4) & SOM(S)

The SOM(3) is supplied with extremely compact electro-optic unit (EOUl 00). It features
a pair of ST-style fiber optic connectors; a 3.Smm socket for analog output & green LED

voltage indicator. Unit is powered by external DC power supply.

The SOM(4) is supplied with enhanced electronics box, electro-optic unit (EOU200). It features
two analog outputs (one with volume control for headphones, another with fixed gain for
monitoring equipment); one pair of ST-style fiber optic connectors; two 3.Smm sockets (one
for analog output, another for headphones); green/red LED voltage indicator. DSP model
(EOU250) provides up to 22dB of real-time ambient noise removal (three levels: low, mid,
high). Unit is powered either by internal battery or external DC power supply.

The SOM(S) is a ruggedized fiber optic microphone supplied with enhanced electronics box,
electro-optic unit (EOU200).
winkelmann co uk

Applications for Fiber Optic Microphones SOM3/SOM4/SOM5



In overt or covert security surveillance, whether
used as a back-up device supporting other overt
recording technology, or as a concealed covert
device, the combination of innovative optics
and acoustic technology with advanced signal
processing and conditioning has produced
a device with many advantages over more
traditional approaches.
The recordings achieved are of sufficient quality to
be admissible as evidence in legal proceedings if
required. For applications where evidence gathering is
the primary objective, the high quality of the captured
sound recording and the wide coverage achieved
by the unit make it a very useful addition to the
equipment portfolio.
Typically, the fiber optic microphone can be
unobtrusively mounted to casino tables, installed
in offices where fraud is suspected, can be used as a
covert back up for interview recording and so on - the
possibilities opened up by the technology of the fiber
optic microphone are endless.



Well established as an ideal technology
for acquiring measurements in harsh
environments, photonic sensors are tolerant
to extreme temperatures, EMI, shock and
vibration, and resistant to corrosion.
Optical fiber-based sensors are also lighter,
more accurate and more versatile than
conventional instrumentation. Typical
applications include; monitor acoustic
equipment during electromagnetic
compatibility testing & test immunity with
devices inside a GTEM cell.

Oil &Gas
In an industry where even the smallest gas leak or equipment fault are lifethreatening and costly, engineering managers demand sensing systems that
reduce hazards, increase efficiency and are easy to install and maintain.
Only photonic-based systems can effectively meet these tough demands. They are
completely passive and free of metal and electronics which could cause explosions
and interference, they can endure the most extreme environments, they are especially
compact, and they are simple and reliable. Typical applications include for gas analysis
in harsh industrial applications & measuring static pressure changes.


Additiona l product lines
Communications Security

Noise Reduction Systems

Cellular Detector GSM 196

The ClearSound family of products offers users a unique, hightech, leading edge solution to the problems of unwanted noise
and interference on speech in communications and surveillance
operations. ClearSound incorporates advanced signal processing
algorithms, which are specifically designed for the removal of
background noise from speech on a continuous and adaptive basis.

The GSM 196 monitors the (E)GSM900, GSM 1800 and WCDMA/
UMTS 2100(3G) bands. It is designed to detect the presence of
unauthorised mobile phones and then help locate them.

Store Forward Audio Transmitter

BLOCKPHONE Cellular Jammers
Blockphone is a range of products designed to block mobile
phones and prevent all cellular transmissions, without
interfering with other communication systems. Several
BlockPhone devices may be installed in one location to increase
the operating range.


(through-wall listening devices)

Stethoscopes are used in surveillance applications for listening
through walls, doors, windows or other obstacles. They are
applied when the only possible way to listen to people in a
room is from the outside or when people are trapped in a
collapsed structure. This could be for permanent installations,
when concealing of the listening devise is important, or during a
tactical temporary operation requiring quick deployment like a
hostage scenario.



The WREN WiFi Store Forward Audio Transmitter is a new concept in
audio surveillance, combining an audio recorder with an integrated
WiFi interface that is used for recording and online listening.

Digital & Analogue
Audio Transmitters

The GEM NGDP-10 digital audio data packet transmitter is a fully
commandable transmitter offering high levels of protection from
interception. The NGDP-10 data packet transmitter is suitable
for most concealments, making it an indispensable intelligence
gathering tool for undercover operations.

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