Name: Hawk XTS-2500

Text: Features
• Excellent detection range, ERP up to
4W coupled with -133dBm sensitivity
• Automatic DSP power control to prevent
saturation of targets and provide more
accurate analysis
• 2.4GHz operating frequency, automatic
frequency selection
• Dual Harmonic with discrimination
algorithms and differential audio tone
minimizes false alarms
• Continuous wave (CW) transmission
removes risk of missing a target due to
sweeping to quickly
• Bright AMO LED full colour touch screen
display, plus wireless bluetooth headphones
• Single scroll wheel for operation of major
functions, simple user interface to
enable quick evaluation of targets
• Light weight, balanced ergonomic design
for ease of use, Quick fit Lithium-ion
battery with fuel gauge

• Detection of surveillance devices Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
• Detection of Mobile Phones in Prisons
• Detection of remote-controlled
• High Risk Search Capabilities
• Protecting the railways from attack
• Detection of buried ammunition
and arms caches
• Search operations in a conventional
military context and in aid to the civil power

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature -5°C to + 50°(
Storage Temperature -20°( to +60°(
Relative Humidity up to 95%

The HAWK XTS comes with a return-to-base
warranty against defective materials and
workmanship for a period of 2 years from delivery.

After Sales Support
Technical Support business hours (GMT)
Monday - Friday 8.30am - S.30pm

Physical •ata

For ease of use the HAWK
XTS-2500 has an integral
extendable arm that can be
adj usted without interrupting
a search. The arm can be
quickly extended to search
for targets that have been
placed in ceilings or buried in
the ground.

"All-in One"

Arm Support


Separation Lead

The HAWK XTS-2500 is a portable, simple to
use advanced Electronic Device Detector,
also known as a Non-Linear Junction
Detector (NLJD).
The HAWK XTS-2500 is capable of locating
and confirming the presence of electronic
components found in devices, regardless
whether they are switched on or off.
The HAWK XTS-2500 allows the operator
to search voids and areas where they are
unable to gain physical or visual access,
in order to detect electronic components
and determine if the area is free from
"bugging devices" or an Improvised
Explosive Device (IED).
The HAWK XTS-2500 is lightweight, utilizes
modern technology shaped to allow easy
handling; single -body design containing
transceiver, antenna and display assembly
on a single extendible unit.
The HAWK XTS-2500 gives both audible
and visual alarms to allow the operator to
conduct searches in a covert environment.
During the life of the HAWK XTS-2500 it
may be deployed on a range of domestic
operations such as technical surveillance
countermeasures (TSCM), sweeps and noncombat operations such as peacekeeping
missions, and on civil emergency tasks,
where it can provide RCIED/IED search-andsupport to react to terrorism threats.

Product Codes


HAWK XTS-2500 Non-Linear Junction Detector - Full Systems

HAWK XTS - 2500MHz - 2Watt max (ERP) c/w control module, display
handle/telescopic antenna head (8dBi), 110-240VAC charger, charger
PSU and lead, Lithium-ion battery pack (2), earphone, test targets (E)
and (C), bluetooth wireless headphones, screen shade, arm support,
separation lead and pouch, mains adaptors, guidance manual & transit
case with foam inserts


HAWK XTS - 2500MHz - 4Watt max (ERP) c/w control module, display
handle/telescopic antenna head (8dBi), 110-240VAC charger, charger PSU
and lead, Lithium-ion battery pack (2), earphone, test targets (E) and (C),
bluetooth wireless headphones, screen shade, arm support, separation
lead and pouch, mains adaptors, guidance manual &transit case with
foam inserts

HAWK XTS-2500 NUD - Accessories, Components & Upgrades

Transit Case with Foam Inserts


Control Module


RF/Display and Antenna Module - 2500 MHz -2W


RF/Display and Antenna Module - 2500 MHz-4W


Separation Lead


Pouch and Belt to allow Module Separation


Arm Support


Lithium-ion Battery


110/240V AC Battery Charger


Mains Charger Lead - EU Plug


Mains Charger Lead - UK Plug


Mains Charger Lead - US Plug




Screen Shade


Test Target - Electronic


Test Target - Corrosive

XTS-UGM-090 Guidance Manual

The HAWK XTS NLJD is used for the
detection of electronic circuits commonly
found in IEDs and radio transmitters. Most
sophisticated electronic circuits contain
semi conductors, which are non-linear
junctions. The HAWK XTS can find these
by emitting a very high frequency signal
which simulate the non linear junction into
emitting harmonic signals at two and three
times the fundamental frequency. The XTS
contains two highly sensitive receivers to
pickup these harmonic frequencies and
indicates the proximity of the device by
means of a visual and audible alarm.

XTS-WIR-2500 Wireless Headphones for XTS-2500 only

The higher frequency of the XTS-2500 detector has an
advantage on well-screened targets such as mobile
phones and similar devices. The smaller waveform
at 2.SGHz makes it more likely for the signal to
get through gaps in the screening enclosure
of the electronic device.

Winkelmann and its Partners are able to offer
full training in the operation of products
together with general countermeasures
tra ining and seminars (Contact us about
basic & advanced TSCM courses). •

For further Information contact
Winkelmann (UK) Limited
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West Sussex RH 10 4NQ UK

T: +44 (0) 1342 719024
F:+44 (0)1342719030

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