Text: Lawful interception solutions for next generation networks

Verint STAR-GATE Lite and IBM BladeCenter –
Broadband and VoIP Lawful Interception
solutions for Telecom Service Providers

Receive intercepted data from network

Convert messages into formats that
comply with CALEA, ETSI and other
regulations and standards

Deliver the same intercepted
communications to as many as five
law enforcement agencies

Run their solution for the
administration and delivery of
lawfully intercepted targeted
communications on a single blade

• Designed specifically to help Tier

Lawful interception of broadband and

Cost Effective, Secure and Easy to Use

Voice over IP (VoIP) networks can be a

This compact, low-capacity system

highly complex task, with an extensive

provides Tier 2/3 service providers with

and growing range of signaling,

the benefits of a robust network solution

2/3 operators comply with lawful

media streams, and protocol types

at a significant reduction in cost.

interception regulations and

to address. Tier 2/3 telecom service

STAR-GATE Lite provides a mediation

standards for broadband and

providers seek cost-effective solutions

device and a Windows-based Global


that enable them to comply with lawful

System Administration application

interception regulations and standards

on one server and comes in three

for broadband and VoIP.


targeted communications in

Verint® STAR-GATE™ Lite helps

response to court orders

STAR-GATE Lite for Broadband

service providers address the rapidly


expanding array of regulations and

A combined STAR-GATE Lite for VoIP

• Enables lawful interception,
administration, and delivery of

• The power of a robust network

standards and evolving communication

and Broadband (on two blades)

solution at a significantly lower

technologies. STAR-GATE Lite lawfully


intercepts, administers, and delivers

STAR-GATE Lite helps maintain data

targeted communications originating

confidentiality and system integrity,

• CALEA and ETSI compliant

on VoIP and broadband networks in

with built-in access control, audit trails,

(TI.IAS, T1.678v2, ETSI TS

response to court orders. With STAR-

network-secured database access,

102.232x and VoIP)

GATE Lite, service providers can:

role-based user definition, manual and
automatic target synchronization, data

• IBM BladeCenter family provides
a scalable, open standards based
platform for next generation
network applications

Define targets, court orders,

transfer communication encryption,

monitoring centers and network

smart password methodology,


operating system and platform
hardening, and more.

“Verint offers tier 2/3 service
providers a powerful lawful
interception compliance
solution that can use the
IBM BladeCenter as a costeffective, high-performance
platform. This can generate
significant economies of
scale and enhance return on
investment in infrastructure
and training.”

Scalable, Turnkey, and Cost-Effective

STAR-GATE Lite includes:

Compliance Solutions
Designed to manage vast numbers

Global System Administration,

of targets, concurrent surveillances,

single-point administrative software

and numerous technologies, STAR-

for specifying targets, warrants,

GATE Lite transparently accesses

queries, reports, monitoring centers,

targeted communications without

networks, and user privileges (requires

alerting subscribers or disrupting

CFE windows station to run the GSA

service. STAR-GATE Lite can be easily
integrated into any environment, and
its modular architecture facilitates

System Administration client GUI)

Mediation Device, which performs the
delivery function

upgrade and readily adapts to
accommodate new communication
protocols and technologies. The

— Itzik Vager
Vice President, Business
Development & Strategy
Verint Systems

IBM BladeCenter family leverages
your existing IT network, reducing
deployment and maintenance costs
and adding value to IT investments.

STAR-GATE Lite accesses your broadband and VoIP networks and delivers
intercepted communications to law enforcement agencies.

Source: Verint

IBM BladeCenter family — for every

The IBM BladeCenter T and

customer need

BladeCenter HT deliver rich

The IBM BladeCenter T chassis

telecommunications features and

provides hardware redundancy (power

functionality, including fault-tolerant

supply, I/O modules, management

capabilities, hot-swappable redundant

modules, L2 switching, mid-plane, etc.)

DC or AC power supplies and cooling,

thereby reducing potential points of

and built-in systems management

failure in the solution.

resources in a 20” deep chassis. The
rigorous Network Equipment Building

The IBM BladeCenter is an advanced

System (NEBS) Level 3 and European

blade system which integrates

Telecommunications Standard Institute

servers, storage and networking into

(ETSI) outline requirements typical of

a single chassis — yielding significant

telecom central office environments

simplification, improved density and

in the areas of electromagnetic

potential TCO savings . A single family

compatibility, thermal robustness,

of common server blades, storage, I/O,

fire resistance, earthquake and office

switches and networking modules are

vibration resistance, transportation

fully supported and interchangeable

and handling durability, acoustics and

across the family of BladeCenter

illumination, and airborne contaminant

chassis. The IBM BladeCenter chassis

resistance. The IBM BladeCenter T

is designed as the ideal solution for

and BladeCenter HT chassis meet the

data center deployments. The IBM

NEBS Level 3 / ETSI requirements1.

BladeCenter H is for high performance
computing platform, while the IBM
BladeCenter T chassis is specifically
designed for telecom central office
The new, IBM BladeCenter HT — a
new, telecom optimized version of the
BladeCenter H — opens new market
opportunities with a new and powerful
NGN platform ideally suited for telecom
equipment and service providers.

Verint and IBM: a winning combination
The combination of Verint STARGATE and IBM BladeCenter family
delivers the performance, reliability
and affordability demanded by
mission critical telecommunications
applications. The IBM BladeCenter is
the ideal platform for the deployment
of these services providing a single
platform to help reduce operating costs

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