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Footprints of telecommunication satellites cover most of the
globe, carrying hundreds of thousands of communication
channels. For any country there is significant intelligence value
in the communication contained in these channels, especially
the communication which occurs outside its borders.
Satellite monitoring is often viewed as having
a too high bam'er of entry due to infrastructure
costs and unmanageable complexiity.
VASTech overcomes this significant challenge
with novel methods of access and vety strong
automated analysis.

Whwhg inteiligencefrom sateUite Rtatworks


The VASTech Satellite Signal Analyser (SSA)
allows analysts to idenMy caniers of interest
in the spectrum of satelliitransmkhs
and provides all parameters requiredto gain
access to the content. The SSA enables rapid
analysis of satellite polarisations by
discovery of carriers
computing the carrier parameters to
allow demodulation,
analysing the protocols contained in
each carrier, and
extracting the content
This enabies analysts to judge the intelligence
value of the comrnunicatiion contained in each
camer and class@the mwIts, A Adatabase of
these scannihgWits is progrtwhly built up
as new m t i a n s am scannedand known
polarisations wscanned, offering up-to-date
information of zlll d W e satelliie
communications.The database oontains all
the parametemtsquired to r a m configure
an interceptionsystem on chosen carriers
when demanded by intelligence needs.

monitoringequipment that is able to access
the variety of content in these carriers.
VAST& develops very large scale solutions
for passive monitoring and i n t m
of munications in a wide variety of
environments.These sdofions includethe
and Badger systems,Satellite analysis
i n t m capab41'i am
into the

The SSA supports a large range of error
cwrection codes, scramblers, modulation
schemes and pmtocols. It also has the ability
to classify and decompress DCME streams,
analyse VSAT as well as DV0 and DVB-S2
signals. The system is flexible, allowing the
functionality and capacity to be incrementally
expanded as required. Live playback of
channels enables quick judgement of the
intelligence value of a carrier.
The SSA offers diierent operating modes
w h i i provides flexibility in this complex
environment. In the Automatic Scanning mode
the system will scan an entire polarisation
unattended, delivering all demodulator
parameters and protocofsof carriers that
are discovered. This m& is augmented by
the Tuning mode which zlllows anaky& to
fine-tune these demodulator parameter$and
protocol selection. This enables expert human
input to be used for carriers with a tow
signal-to-noise ratio.



With all the parameters of carriers known,
the m - n i n gchallenge is to intercept all
content and other information related to the
communication. The VASTech Zebra and
VAST& Badger systems are well-positioned
to petfm this task due to their power and
capacity to process and capture everything
to which they are connected while retaining
very large amounts of information.
These systems enable pro-active intelligence
gathering over extended periods to allow the
investigator to reconstruct communication
scenarios after an incident, providing
informationon known targets, new targets
and their collaborators. fhese systems are
ideally suited to the demands of satellite
monitoring due to thek smd1footw,remote
deployment abiiii and intevgra4ion features
(which make the intercepted information
available to other analysis applications).
In addition it enables a unified view when
deployed with other Zebra and Badger
systems, thus offering an overall intelligence
picture over any geographical area.

DCME terminal type&are automatically
detected and switched in under software
control. This aUows rapid reconfigurationand
support far a W& range of DCME terminals
in a very sfnalffootpint. Decompression
is performed hsoftware, transparent to
the user. The Zebra CIC mapping function
redws the complex task of mapping SS7
signeriting to beapeF channels, providing
A and &party n u m b , point codes
identifying the location of both ends of the
channel and also bringing together the two
sides of stereo conversations.

Zebra is designed for use in telecommunication environments and has built-in
%ME classification and decompression
functionality, which greatly simplifies
deployment for satellite monitoring.
All carriers, including DCME-compressed
carriers, are connected directly to the Zebra
El, SDH or GigE gateways.

together to f m a fully-featured solution.
The tdtw-tric
design simplifies
the addition of ~ctionehtyand enables
custmisatkKl to match unique customer
needs. The combination of VASTech SS&
Zebra and Badger is flexible and powerful
to address any communicationsatellite
interception requirement.

Badger is a highly scalable monitoring
system designed for use in
networks, capable of capturing the traffic
on muttiples of 10 Gigabit Ethanet and
STM64 inputs in a widely distributed and
highly robust architecture. Wger is the
architectural platform of choice for large
capacity implementations of lnternet
monitoring, download analysis, webmail and
social networks.

theseVASTwh monitoring systems work

Accurate intelligence hdps governments make informed decisions
to defend a countrfs sovedgnty and protect public safe& Thrwgh
use of intelligence derived from VASTech monitoring solut~ons,the
c o m t resources can be efficiently deployed to pre-empt planned
operations which threaten these values. Valuableintelligence can be
obtained by effectively monitoring the appropriate satellite carriers.
VASTech systems offer the opportunity to unlock this potential.

Strategic Satellite


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Satellite and Terrestrial Monitoring Solutions for National, Regional and Transnational Intelligence

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