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Lawful Interception of Telecommunication Services

LIMS – w orl dw i de


Utimaco LIMS™

Lawful Interception
Lawful Interception (LI) is the legally approved surveillance
of telecommunication services, and has become an important tool for law enforcement agencies (LEAs) around
the world for investigating and prosecuting criminal activities and terrorism. Most countries have passed laws that
require telecommunication service providers to support
LEAs with duly authorized requests to identify, monitor, and
deliver all of the electronic communications of specified
individuals and groups. While regulations and requirements
vary from country to country, international and US-American
standardization bodies like ETSI or ANSI have developed
technical standards for LI that will facilitate the work of LEAs
and help operators and service providers to minimize their
costs. Although various standards for LI use different terminology, the basic functional model shown in figure 1 applies
to all LI standards and to all network and service types.

The main functions of any LI solution are to access Interception-Related Information (IRI) and Content of Communication (CC) from the telecommunications network and
to deliver the information in a standardized format via the
handover interface to one or more monitoring centers of
law enforcement agencies. Of course, before surveillance
can take place interception requests must be approved
and appropriately provisioned to the Interception Access
Points within the service provider’s network, and they must
be carefully and accurately terminated after the interception authorization expires. In addition, high security requirements for LI systems are essential to prevent possible
manipulation and misuse.

General LI Architecture (Functional Model)
Service Provider
Network Function

Law Enforcement

Lawful Interception

Internal Interception

Law Enforcement

Access, Mediation,
Delivery Function
for IRI
Access, Mediation,
Delivery Function
for CC

IRI: Interception Related Information


Collection Function
for IRI and CC

CC: Content of Communication

Figure 1. Functional model for lawful interception


Utimaco LIMS™

Utimaco LIMS™ –
A Carrier-Grade LI Solution for Telecommunication
Service Providers
Utimaco has been in the business of lawful interception
since 1994 and has installed LI Management Systems in
more than seventy countries around the world. As an active
member of the ETSI LI group, Utimaco has participated in
developing standards and in ETSI Plugtests1. The Utimaco
Lawful Interception Management System (LIMS) is a
comprehensive solution that provides state-of-the-art
surveillance capabilities for fixed and mobile communication networks and for various communication services,
including traditional circuit-switched voice, next-generation
packet-switched networks, 2G/3G mobile networks, and
Internet-based services like e-mail and VoIP.

The core competency of the Utimaco LI solution is its
ability to interface with hundreds of different elements in a
provider’s heterogeneous network and to filter and deliver
target-specific data to the LEA in a standardized format.

The LIMS solution usually acts as a bridge or mediator
between the service provider’s network and the LEA’s
monitoring centers.

The Utimaco LIMS solution, as illustrated in figure 2, consists of the following components:

The LIMS modular architecture provides a future-proof
path for operators to expand their LI capabilities throughout current and any future networks. The system can be
configured as an entry-level single-server solution for
thousands of subscribers and is scalable up to a multiserver cluster that enables monitoring in networks with millions of subscribers.

Telecommunication Service Provider

Law Enforcement


Utimaco LIMS

LI Handover

INI (Internal
Network Interface)


Fixed Network



Management Server

Mediation Device 1


Mediation Device 2

Decoder SSL

Mediation Device 3



High-Availability Module

Mediation Device n

Remote Provisioning Unit

Monitoring Center


Mobile Network


ISP (e-mail, VoIP,...)


INI: Internal Network Interface
IRI: Interception Related Information
CC: Content of Communication

x1, x2, x3:

Internal Network Interfaces for LI Provisioning, IRI
and CC exchange
H1, H2, H3: Standard handover interface to the Law Enforcement
Agency for LI Provisioning, IRI and CC exchange

Figure 2. Architecture of the Utimaco LIMS



Plugtests are interoperability tests organized by the European Telecommunications
Standards Institute (ETSI). Plugtest™ is a trademark of ETSI.

Utimaco LIMS™

LIMS Management Server
The Management Server, the core component of the LIMS
system, incorporates the administration system for all system
modules, the user interface, as well as security management
for the whole system. The server maintains a central database of all intercept targets and authorized LEAs. Once an
intercept target is entered into the Management Server, it
is automatically provisioned to the appropriate interception
access point in the network.

LIMS Mediation Devices
The LIMS Mediation Devices perform all tasks related to
the delivery of intercepted communications to the authorized law enforcement agency. Mediation encompasses
the conversion and mapping of interception data received
from the internal network to the appropriate formats, protocols and interfaces as required by the LEAs. Also, Intercept Related Information sometimes needs to be stored
intermediately in the Mediation Device before it can be
forwarded to its final recipient.
Utimaco offers the industry’s broadest list of mediation
devices supporting a wide range of network technologies,
services, protocols and standards. There are LIMS Mediation Devices for more than 200 different network elements
of all major vendors. Delivery of intercepted data is compliant with various national regulations and national and
international standards including CALEA, ATIS, ETSI and
3GPP standards.

LIMS Access Points
Depending on the network topology and capabilities,
Utimaco recommends either active or passive approaches to
intercepting communication data. In passive mode, network
probes are integrated into the operator’s network to filter, decode and forward intercept data to the LIMS, respectively to
the appropriate Mediation Device. Utimaco has developed
specialized network probes for deep-packet inspection of various communication services and application protocols such
as e-mail, webmail, Internet access, instant messaging, Voiceover-IP and other IP-based services. Active interception, on
the other hand, refers to the method of managing integrated
interception capabilities of the available network elements,
like switches or routers. In many real-world deployments a
mixture of active and passive interception techniques provides the best results or is the only available option.

LIMS Decoder
The LIMS Decoder module can be used to enable LI in
networks where the communication session is SSL/TLS
encrypted between the user and the provider´s servers.
In e-mail environments, for instance, the LIMS Decoder
is able to decrypt POP3S, SMTPS or IMAPS sessions
before the e-mails can be monitored and filtered by the
Interception Access Point.

LIMS Gateway
This modular media gateway handles the real-time conversion between packet-switched networks and circuitswitched networks. The LIMS Gateway is often needed in
VoIP networks where the handover interface to the LEAs
requires conversion of RTP media streams into TDM

(Time Division Multiplexing) signals. In addition to the
media conversion, the LIMS Gateway can also act as a signaling gateway between SS7, ISDN and SIP. The product’s
modular hardware concept enables customized solutions
for small networks, as well as for large networks supporting
from 60 to 3,360 simultaneous calls.


Utimaco LIMS™

LIMS Hardware

LIMS Remote Provisioning Unit

Utimaco LIMS runs on industry-standard servers by
Oracle® with Oracle Solaris® operating system. Customers
can choose from single-server configurations for small
networks up to multi-server clusters for large networks with
millions of subscribers and thousands of intercept targets.
The LIMS Gateway is a highly modular blade system with
eight slots for different CPU, DSP and line card modules.

All administrative and operational functions of the LIMS
Management System can be accessed remotely using
the same graphical user interface as on the local management console. The LIMS Remote Provisioning Unit (RPU)
ensures that the same security policies apply to both
remote sessions and to local operation.

LIMS Loadbalancing Option
LIMS High-Availability Option
The high-availability option for LIMS enables operators to
build robust LI systems with 99,999% availability. The advanced Utimaco system monitoring software recognizes all
kind of potential failures and bottlenecks and automatically
switches system processes to hot-standby servers when

Utimaco LIMS is well prepared to scale with the ever increasing bandwidth requirements in modern telecom networks. Dynamic loadbalancing algorithms distribute intercepted data evenly among a range of mediation devices.

LIMS – w orl dw i de


Utimaco LIMS™

Utimaco LIMS™ –
Key Advantages
State-of-the-Art Interception System

Security and Reliability

After over 16 years of experience and continuous improvement, the Utimaco LIMS has matured from a surveillance
system for mobile networks to a complete interception
suite for various kinds of networks and services. Today
Utimaco offers the industry’s most comprehensive list of
supported vendor network elements and enables lawful
interception in virtually any wireless and wireline network
supporting multiple services, including telephony, fax, SMS,
MMS, Push-to-Talk, Internet access, e-mail, VoIP and other
IP-based services. In its entire software and hardware
architecture the Utimaco solution has been designed as a
carrier-grade system that meets highest security, reliability
and performance criteria. The Utimaco LIMS solution is
approved by national regulatory bodies and is used by more
than 150 operators worldwide.

IT security has been Utimaco’s core business since its foundation in 1983. As such, Utimaco thoroughly understands the
security and privacy aspects of lawful interception and has
implemented end-to-end security mech-anisms throughout
the entire LIMS system.

The data security features of LIMS™ include:
Authentication and authorization by using a
granular rights management system that enables
accurate definition of administrative and operational tasks (role-based access control).
Full audit trail with detailed accounting of all user and
system events to avoid misuse and manipulation.

Standards Compliance
Utimaco LIMS is designed to comply with national and
international lawful interception standards developed by
ETSI, 3GPP, ATIS and CableLabs. Utimaco shares its
experience and expertise in standards with partners and
customers to continuously optimize the solution and to
meet specific requirements according to individual technical and legislative prerequisites.

The Utimaco LIMS is a centralized system that serves all
LI-related tasks of multiple LEAs on a heterogeneous service network. By using one single point of access, operators can reduce their administration costs by simplifying
the communication with LEAs and by reducing the effort
for the provisioning of surveillance operations in the network. Operators can initiate, modify or delete any LI request on the entire network in a matter of minutes with the
easy-to-use Utimaco LIMS graphical user interface. Once
installed in the network, Utimaco LIMS is almost maintenance-free. Optional system upgrades, for example, for
new services or new network equipment, can be provided cost-efficiently by Utimaco as part of a maintenance
agreement or on an as-needed basis.

Integrated alarm system to alert for system failures.
Regular consistency checks to guarantee the data
integrity in the target database and on the interception access points in the network.
Encryption of internal and external data traffic.
Encrypted storage of all sensitive data records,
and complete removal of user data after expiration
of the LI request.
Transparent separation of different LEAs and LI
requests, and isolated delivery of interception data
to multiple LEAs.
No back doors: The Utimaco LIMS never permits
access to unauthorized users or by means other
than those described in the documentation.
The Utimaco LIMS security has been verified by
official regulatory bodies, and interception results
have been successfully approved by international
courts as admissible evidence.


Utimaco LIMS™

Modular and Scalable Architecture

Managed LI Services

While the system is designed for large-scale networks with
millions of subscribers, the LIMS suite can easily be adapted to provide an economically feasible solution for networks with only a few thousand users. In fact, the modular
software architecture enables operators to extend the system as the demand for lawful interception increases and/
or their sub-scriber base grows. Performance-critical tasks
and processes can be migrated to dedicated servers to increase the overall system capacity and throughput. The
underlying hardware platform, based on Oracle® servers,
provides the solid basis for a reliable, scalable system with
sufficient performance reserves for all current and future
network sizes.

The LIMS role-based user management, together with its
capability to serve multiple different networks and LEAs
concurrently, allows various deployment models of the
lawful interception system. Operators can either install and
operate the LIMS system as part of their own Operations
Support System (OSS), or they may decide to use the
service of an independent LI service provider. Utimaco
has selected and qualified a number of LI service providers who can effectively take over all administrative tasks
related to LI and thus relieve the network operator of unprofitable duties and reduce the costs for maintaining and upgrading systems.

The modular concept of LIMS further facilitates the integration
of new network interfaces and protocols without requiring the
reengineering of the complete system. There is virtually no
limit to the number of active and passive Interception Access
Points that can be connected and operated in parallel.

Global Service and Support


Utimaco understands that LI management is not simply
about purchasing hardware and software – it‘s about implementing capabilities according to national legal requirements and technical prerequisites. Utimaco provides the
services, support and resources that help you become
compliant with these requirements while minimizing the
costs and effort for installation and operation. With Utimaco’s
help, your staff can accomplish lawful interception while
also keeping your service network tuned for maximum
performance and utilization. Utimaco provides worldwide expert consulting services, 24x7 technical assistance,
online support, onsite training and installation services.

Utimaco LIMS™

Five Reasons to Select Utimaco LIMS™


Utimaco develops high security solutions for corporate and
public applications and was one of the first companies
worldwide to deploy lawful interception solutions for mobile
networks. In the past sixteen years Utimaco has gained
extensive experience in the LI market and has installed LI
systems in more than sixty countries around the world.

The modular architecture of Utimaco LIMS enables costeffective and customized solutions for LI projects of all sizes.
The central administration of intercepts and the high level
of automation speeds up the process of managing court
orders, simplifies the cooperation with LEAs, thus leading to
countable opex reduction.



Utimaco is an active member of several national and international standardization groups and maintains contacts
with regulatory bodies and LI experts worldwide. In all
matters relating to lawful interception, Utimaco is the preferred partner of many of the leading telecom suppliers and
monitoring center vendors. The LIMS solution continues
to be developed and maintained by a team of experienced
engineers who have worked in the LI field for many years.

Utimaco is a recognized player and financially stable
public company in the worldwide IT security industry.
In addition to our technical experience in lawful interception, we pay very close attention to the legal aspects of
lawful interception and regard this as an important factor
in our business. As a result, the Utimaco LIMS system
strictly conforms to the appropriate laws and regulations.
Furthermore, the system includes numerous security
measures to prevent misuse by unauthorized persons.

The LIMS solutions comply with a large number of international LI standards and requirements. Compatibility with network equipment vendors and monitoring center suppliers is
an important benefit of the solution, and Utimaco verifies this
compatibility on an ongoing basis.

LIMS – w orl dw i de


Utimaco LIMS™

Utimaco LIMS™ –
Feature Overview

LI Standards
ETSI TS 101 671 (voice), TS 101 331
(generic), ES 201 158 (generic), TS 102 232-1
to 102 232-6 (IP, E-Mail, VoIP)
(Voice, CDMA), T1.678v2 (VoIP), T1.IPNA (Internet, T1.IAS), T1.724 (UMTS), TIA-1072 (PoC)

Vendor Interfaces
Acme Packet, Alcatel-Lucent, Arris, Bridgewater,
Broadsoft, Casa, Cisco, Comverse, Ericsson,
Huawei, Iptego, Italtel, Juniper, Motorola, NokiaSiemens-Networks, Nortel, Oracle-Sun, Redback,
Unisys, Sitronics, Sonus, Starent Networks,
Thomson-Cirpack, Vocaltec, ZTE and others

3GPP: TS 33.106, TS 33.107, TS 33.108 (UMTS)
PacketCable v1.5 (Cable)

Network Interfaces
1Gb - 10Gb Ethernet, X.25, ISDN, E1/T1,
SDH/Sonet, ATM, SS7 interfaces

Supported Services
VoIP (SIP, H.323, SCCP, RTP)
SMS, MMS, Voicemail
Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)
PSTN (Fixed Telephony)
Broadband Access (DSL, Cable, WLAN, WiMAX)
E-mail (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, webmail)
other IP-based services

Max. number of subscribers:
scalable from 1,000 up to millions of subscribers
(virtually unlimited)
Max. number of targets: scalable up to thousands
of concurrent LI requests
Probe Performance: up to 10 Gbps (2,000,000 pps)
and 25,000 targets per LIMS Access Point


Role-Based Access Control
Detailed accounting (full logging)
IPsec/SSL/TLS encryption
Encrypted storage, encrypted backup
System monitoring and alarms
System redundancy
Disaster recovery system
Secure remote access

Other features
Integrated accounting and billing functions
Dynamic load-balancing
Easy-to-use graphical user interface
Remote management of other LI systems
Multi-tenant support

LIMS – w orl dw i de

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