Name: Data Retention Suite, DRS

Text: Utimaco DRS TM
Data Retention Suite
Automated Data Retention for Telecommunications Service Providers

a member of the Sophos Group

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Data Retention
Data Retention has become a buzzword in intense debates

For telecom operators and ISPs this means they need to

between data protectors and law makers over the last few

make an additional investment in support systems that

years . It refers to the process of storing call detail records

enable them to comply with these new laws. Clearly, it is

and subscriber data for various telecommunication services

not sufficient to simply extend the retention period of bill-

for a period of several months and years. Law enforcement

ing records as the laws and regulations require additional

agencies and intelligence services regard the access to

data to be stored , such as unsuccessful calls and e-mail

retained telecom data as an important pillar of criminal

records. Depending on the size and type of operator there are

investigation and the prevention of terrorism . The common
objective is to use the data to identify and trace suspects ,

millions to billions of records to be stored every day and
operators must be prepared to respond to hundreds to

uncover social networks among terrorists , or to collect

thousands of inquiries per day.

admissible evidence for court proceedings .
Utimaco has addressed these new needs and challenges
Many countries around the world have passed laws that

with the introduction of a purpose-built solution for telecom

stipulate the authority of police and intelligence agencies

data retention : the Utimaco DRS. This system is based on

and the responsibility of service providers . In Europe, for

the experience and technology of our world-leading lawful

instance, the EU directive 2006/24/EC was introduced in

interception system , the Utimaco LIMS , which is deployed

March 2006 as a response to the coordinated terror attacks

among telecom operators in more than sixty countries around
the world .

in Madrid 2004 and London 2005. The directive has led to
harmonized laws within EU member states that oblige telecom operators and Internet service providers to retain call
detail records and subscriber data for a period between six
to twenty-four months, and to respond to inquiries by law
enforcement agencies without undue delay.

Challenges for Operators


Store millions to billions of records per day of data generated at various sources in the network


Handle hundreds to thousands of inquiries by law enforcement agencies per day


Respond without undue delay (near-real-time)


Maintain high security to protect data


Be prepared for changes in range of service and network infrastructures


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Utimaco DRSTM
A carrier-grade data retention solution
The Utimaco DRS (Data Retention Suite) has been designed

application . It also provides electronic interfaces to law

as a carrier-grade system to enable fast and secure access
to retained data by authorized agencies . It enables network

enforcement agencies via fax , e-mail , or IP interfaces
(ETSI ROHi) . The backend components of the Utimaco

operators and Internet service providers to easily comply

DRS include the DRS Backend Server, one or many DRS

with recent telecom regulations for data retention.

Collection Devices, and a powerful data warehouse optimized for rapid search and massive data analysis. The DRS

System architecture

Backend Server is the core of the entire system as it imple-

The Data Retention Suite consists of a set of software

ments the business logic encapsulated in a well protected

modules that run on broadly-available X64 servers with

server. The DRS Collection Devices provide the service- and

Oracle Solaris OS . The frontend component, the DRS

vendor-specific interfaces to the various network nodes

Management Server, enables user-friendly access to all

that generate CDR records and keep subscriber and
location data .

administrator and operator functions via a secured web

& Administration

Law Enforcement

DRS Management Server




Workflow Management

ETSI Interface

Web Server

Email Interface

System Monitor

Fax Interface







DRS Backend Server





Data Integration




DRS Collection Devices



Figure 1: Utimaco DRS System Architecture


Data Archive


E -i:"





Data Anal ysis

System Monitor




Warrant, User, Note, Authority,
System Management





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Key features
• Collects communications data (CDR , IPDR) and subscriber data from any telecommunications network
• Retains large amounts of data in a powerful and secure
data warehouse
• Provides very fast search and analytics in billions of
data records
• Automates request processing and delivers data to

The Utimaco DRS addresses all aspects of telecom data
retention and has been designed to provide the following

authorized agencies by fax, e-mail , or secure IP inter-

benefits to network operators , service providers , and law


enforcement agencies :




The Utimaco DRS minim izes operational costs by

thousands of requests per day and is fully compli-

automating warrant management and electronic
delivery of search results .

ant with the latest ETSI standards for reta ined data.

Broadly-available servers deliver optimum price-


performance ratio for telecom operators of any


The Utimaco DRS is a future-proof investment that
is continuously being improved in accordance with


The modular architecture of the Utimaco DRS's

Multi-tenancy support reduces capital expenses
for multi-provider and multi-country networks and

the latest regulatory requirements .

enables outsourced business models .



software and hardware system facilitates techno-

The state-of-the-art data warehouse architecture

logy changes in the telecom network at predictable

compresses all retained data and thus minimizes

costs .

storage costs and enhances search performance .


The Utimaco DRS enables operators to handle


The Utimaco DRS enables full retention of tele-

One-stop shopping - Utimaco delivers a full turn-

phony, e-mail , Internet access , and subscriber data

key solution with all required hardware, software
and services.

and can be extended for other communication
services or by data from other sources , such as

The Utimaco DRS has been designed for seamless
integration into existing networks, making use of

financial transaction systems or toll systems .


Server redundancy, RAID storage , and process

available CDR mediation systems and customer

monitoring are integral concepts to maximize


service availability and to prevent data loss.


The Utimaco DRS can scale with data volumes


from a few million to billions of data records and


customers can easily extend their installation as

The Utimaco DRS is a purpose-built solution that
reduces the risk of non-compliance to data retention obligations.



capacity and performance needs grow.


Utimaco has over 16 years of experience in lawful

Highest security standards guarantee data protection and prevent misuse by unauthorized persons .

interception and has proven technologies that
have been developed for the Utimaco Lawful Inter-

Automated workflows help operators balance bet-

ception Management System .

ween data protection laws and obligations to support LEAs.


Utimaco DRS TM


Seamless System Integration
Ratherthan replacing existing equipment, the Utimaco DRS

effective compression algorithms can be applied to the

has been optimized for seamless integration into existing

data so that storage requirements are reduced even further.

OSS/BSS infrastructures, thereby reducing total cost of owner-

As a result of these and other features , query performance

ship. The solution supports different methods and data

will on average improve by several orders of magnitude

formats to access CDRs and subscriber details at various

when compared to row-based database solutions.

sources in the network.

Import to the data warehouse

The purpose-built data organization in the Utimaco DRS
further removes the need for a multi-tier archive with

CDRs generated by different networks nodes can be loaded

different partitions for fast access and long-term storage.

into the Utimaco DRS internal data warehouse at a very high

With the DRS all data records can be kept in one archive

speed (up to 100,000 records per second , per server) . The

while providing average query times of just a few seconds

system simultaneously supports multiple CDR sources for

even for complex searches in billions of records.

tele-phony, messaging , e-mail , and Internet Access . Other
services can be added on request.

Online access to databases
When certain data to be retained are already available in

During the data acquisition process all CDRs are

databases or in information systems of the network operator,

filtered , integrated , and normalized to a uniform data for-

and can be accessed via common application interfaces,

mat before they are stored in the encrypted database. The

these data do not necessary need to be copied into the DRS

organization of the data in the DRS data warehouse

data warehouse. Instead the storage system can be con-

differs significantly from common relational databases.

figured for on line access at query time . This approach saves

DRS arranges the data by column rather than by line ,
which in effect means that all tables are automatically

redundant data keeping and reduces costs.

indexed , but without the overhead (storage , management

Law enforcement agencies can connect to Utimaco DRS

and tuning) that is associated with traditional approaches

systems in various ways depending on the technical capa-

to indexing . Columnar storage also means that much more

bilities and configurations and on national regulations .

- -...



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cutes the search requests on behalf of an authorized

There are handover interfaces for fax , e-mail , and for VPN
connections in accordance with the ETSI retained data

law enforcement agency, or, alternatively it can be installed

handover interface (ETSI RDHI) .

at a trusted third party with direct IP connections to the
data sources . One DRS management system can administer and segregate many different networks to enable
managed service models, support MVNOs, and multinatio-

The Utimaco DRS system can be flexibly configured for
different deployment options and business models. It can
be installed and operated by a service provider who exe-

Telecom Service

nal DR solutions.

Law Enforcement

Utimaco Data Retention Suite












Data Collection
& Storage

Request Management
& Reporting

Figure 2: Data Retention Functional Model












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Optimizing Workflows

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'*"' w





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( 11..w..t.o .S.. ll'Clllll9l. 16ll.lll.ZZ? ...



---- - - - - - - - - - - - - r-~

A ~

Figure 3: Screenshot DRS User Interface

Automation of workflows from the receipt of data requests

All internal workflows are protected by a number of state-of-

from law enforcement agencies to the delivery of reports

the-art security measures to assure compliance to privacy

is an integral concept of the Utimaco DRS solution . The

laws by means of access control , encryption , integrity checks ,

system can receive requests and warrant documents either

and full audit trails. The integrated user management

by fax, e-mail , or ETSI ROHi (Retained Data Handover

system allows for fine-grained definition of access rights

Interface). An incoming request will appear as a new war-

to various functions and data sources. All system data ,

rant in the inbox of the operator screen . Where possible ,

i.e. CDRs , subscriber data , configuration data , log files ,

all request details are imported in the warrant form auto-

warrants and request details, are kept in encrypted data-

matically. After a short validation the database query can

bases. And , detailed logging of all user and system events

be started with just a few mouse clicks. The results will be

prevents misuse and enables security audits.

available within seconds , ready for automatic or manual
If warrants come in as a letter or fax , pre-defined report
forms assist operators to quickly translate the request into
executable database queries. The results can be exported in different formats like *.pdf or *.csv files . The query
and reporting system of the Utimaco DRS can be easily
extended to support country or customer specific


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Utimaco DRS - Specifications



Collects communications data (CDR , IPDR) and sub-



scriber data from any telecommunications network

The Utimaco DRS runs on broadly available and cost-

Retains large amounts of data in a powerful and secure

efficient X64 servers and uses standard SAS/SATA

data warehouse

disks arranged in RAID-5 arrays. This together with

Provides very fast search and analytics in billions of

excellent data compression rates keeps hardware ex-

data records

penses to the absolutely minimum.

Automates request processing and delivers data to
authorized agencies by fax , e-mail , or secure IP interfaces


The Utimaco DRS is fully compliant with latest ETSI re-

quirements in support of the European Data Retention



Directive 2006/24/EC.

Seamless Integration

The Utimaco DRS has been designed for seamless

Hardware specifications

integration into existing multi-vendor and multi-service


networks . The solution can be customized easily to
interface with CDR/IPDR systems , log files , subscriber
databases , and other network nodes.



One Utimaco DRS system can be used to administer
war-rants and search requests for multiple network

Oracle X64 servers
Various configuration options from single serverappliances to multi-server clusters


Integrated disk storage (up to 12TB)
External SAN from 6TB to 1OOOTB (RAI D-1/5)
Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System
Sybase IQ data warehouse
CE marked , FCC compliant, ROHS

operators and service providers . The granular rights
management system of Utimaco DRS can be config-


ured to securely segregate between networks, users ,


and authorities and thus supports various business
models like MVNO models, managed services , or
cross-border service platforms.


High Performance & Capacity

The Utimaco DRS has been optimized for simultaneous
loading of massive data volumes and fast query pro-

Mobile Messaging (SMS , MMS)
Internet Access (DSL, cable , Wimax , WLAN)
VoIP, Push-to-Talk
E-Mail , Webmail
Other services on request

cessing . The system can ingest several billion data


records per day, supporting the transaction rates gene-


rated by large telecommunications networks with millions of subscribers . Average query results are returned
in seconds not minutes.


PSTN telephony
Mobile telephony & data (GSM , UMTS, CDMA)

Granular user rights management
Remote access via https (password , certificate)
Detailed audit trails
Encrypted storage and handover
Hardened operating system

Strong Security

Comprehensive security features like role-based


access control , encryption , and integrity checks prevent
unauthorized access and manipulation of sensitive data


Loads up to 100,000 records per second (on one

during storage and handover. Full audit trails are main-


Average search performance: 5 sec per 1000 query

tained for all system and user events to provide full
accountability for evidential quality.

Norms and Standards



Server redundancy, RAID-1 /-5 data mirroring , and
real-time system monitoring are integral concepts of


EU Directive 2006/EC/24
ETSI TS 102 656
ETSI TS 102 657

the Utimaco DRS to satisfy the highest availability
demands and disaster resilience.

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About Utimaco
For more than 25 years Utimaco has been a leading global

... and a strong partner

provider of data security solutions. Since 1 July 2009 Utimaco

We build relationships with our partners that go far be-

Safeware AG has been part of the Sophos Group, a world

yond the normal vendor-client relationship and are based

leader in IT security and data protection with headquarters

on trust, honesty, reliability and openness . We provide

in Boston , US and Oxford , UK. While Utimaco data security
products are now distributed by Sophos, the business units

products , support, and training that contribute significantly
to the technical work and business prosperity of our part-

"Lawful Interception & Monitoring Solutions" and "Hardware
Security Module" form Utimaco 's operating businesses.

our customers in product design , technical support , and

Utimaco currently employs a staff of 160+.

customer service . We provide exceptional value and a

ners and customers. We are responsive to the needs of

level of personalized service which set a new standard in
Since 1994 Utimaco has been providing lawful intercep-

our industry, a standard with which our competitors must

tion systems for mobile and fixed network operators and

measure themselves. These are the reasons why many

Internet service providers. The Utimaco Data Retention

of the leading telecom infrastructure suppliers worldwide

Suite was introduced in response to the EU directive

rely on products and solutions developed by Utimaco

2006/24/EC and at the request of telecom customers for

Safeware AG .

integrated lawful interception and data retention solutions.
With more than 180 installations in about 70 countries ,
Utimaco is a global supplier of leading-edge technology in
the LI and DR market.

A strong team
The Utimaco LIMS and the Utimaco DRS have been developed by a team of telecom professionals with more than 16
years of working experience in this field . At Utimaco, more
than 55% of our professionals are exclusively involved in
product development and customer service. The Utimaco
LIMS team is committed to ongoing investment in product
research and development to provide all of our customers
with the very best-of-breed solution .




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