- I HardwareSpecifications .

Oracle X86 servers, 7

Various configurations from single
server appliances tomulti-server
clusters . 5 I.

a Integrated disk storage (up to 12113)

9 External SAN from 6TB to 1000TB

Oracle Solaris 10
Operating System

a Sybase IQ data warehouse

a GE marked, FCC compliant, RoHs I


a PSTN telephony
a Mobile telephony data (GSM,
a Mobile Messaging (SMS, MMS)
a Internet Access
(DSL, cable, Wimax, WLAN)
VolP,_ Push-to-Talk

Other services on request


I Granular rights management

a Remote access via
(password, certificate)

Full audit trail

a Data integrity protection

at storage (optional)

I Hardened operating system

- Performance

Loads up to 100,000 records
per second (on one server)

59 Average search performance:
5 secper 1000 query results

Norms and Standards
*3 EU Directive

TS 102 656
I ETSITS 102 657


a member at the Scones Group

. E-afdrcement

lif?wgfiffd?z; nation"

Frontend I 3'


Data Analysis


Mediation Router Switch

Location Subscriber .:
Server Database I


Seamless Integration

Utimaco DRS has been designed for seamless integration into existing multi-vendor and multi-
service networks. The sotution can be customized easily to interface with systems, tog files,
sub-scriber databases, and other network nodes.


One Utimaco DRS system can be used to administer warrants and search requests for multiple net-
work operators and service providers. The granular rights management system of Utimaco DRS can
be configured to securely segregate between networks, users, and authorities and thus supports
various business models like MVNO models, managed services, or cross-border service platforms.

High Performance 8? Capacity

Utimaco DRS has been optimized for simultaneous loading of massive data volumes and fast query
processing. The system can ingest several billion data records per day, supporting the transaction
rates generated by large telecommunications networks with millions of subscribers. Average queries
results are returned in seconds not minutes.

Strong Security

Comprehensive security features like role-based access control, and integrity checks prevent
unauthorized access and manipulations of sensitive data during storage and handover. Full audit trails
are maintained for all system and user events to provide full accountability for evidential quality.
High-availability -

Server redundancy, RAID-5 data mirroring and real-time system monitoring are integral concepts of
Utimaco DRS to satisfy highest avaitability demands and disaster resilience.

Cost-efficiency - .

Utimaco DRS runs on broadly avaitable and cost-ef?cient X86 serversand Uses standard

I SATA disks arranged in RAID-5 arrays. This together with the excellent data compression rates

reduces hardware expenses to the absolute minimum.

Standards based

Utimaco DRS is fully compliant with latest ETSI standards in support of the European Data Retention

Copyright Information -

Copyright 19942010 Utimaco Safeware AG - a member of the Sophos grou'p, October 2010


Utimaco DRS is a trademark of Utimaco Safeware AG. All other named trademarks are trademarks of the particular copyright holder.
Speci?cations are subject to change without notice.

Utimaco Safeware AG

Germanusstrafse 4
52080 Aachen

Germany 7

Phone +49 (0) 241-16 96-0

Automated Data Retention for
Telecommunications Service Providers

Retention of subscriber data and communications related data has become a legal require-
ment fortelecom operators and service providers around the world. Laws and regulations like
the EU Directive oblige telecommunications service providers to retain CDRs,
well as subscriber data for a period of six to twenty-four months.While much of the
data required is being recorded by providers already for biliing and marketing purposes, these
new regulations put some cumbersome and potentially costly obligations on CSPs in regards
to data security, delivery of data, and completeness of information.

.Utimaco has addressed these challenges with a brand?new approach that is affordable,
quickly implemented, and secure. Utimaco Data Retention Suite (DRS) is a
purpose-built management system for secure data retention and fast dataretrieval. The
system has been designed to easiiy integrate Into existing network infrastructures-that
generate thousands of data records Or even up to several billion records per day.

Utimaco DRS incorporates a con?gurable workflow- management system which reduces
operational expenses by automating the administrative tasks of. request handling and delivery
of search results to authorized agencies. Comprehensive security mechanisms like granular
user management functionality, strong access control, storage and handover, and
full audit trails of ail user and system events, are fundamental features to support compliance

with national regulations for data protection and for public safety.

- For more than 25 years Utimaco is a leading global provider of data security solutions. Since 1994 Utimaco has been
providing lawful interception systems for mobile and ?xed network operators and Internet service providers.
I Utimaco Data Retention Suite was introduced in response to the EU directive and at the request of telecom
customers for integrated LI and DR solutions. With more than 150 instaliations in 60 countries, Utimaco is a leading

global supplier in the Lt market.

While Utimaco data security products are now distributed by Sophos, the business units ,,Lawful Interception and
Monitoring Solutions? and ,Hardware Security Module? form Utimaco?s operating businesses.


a Collects communications data (CDR,
and subscriber data from any
telecommunications network

9 Retains large amounts of data in a
powerful and secure data warehouse

a Provides very fast search and
analytics in billions of data records

9 Automates request processing and
delivers data to authorized agencies
by fax, e-mail, or secure IP interfaces


9 Complete solution to satisfy the
data retention obligations of
communications service providers

a Lowest operating costs due to
high automation of workflows

a Cost?effective integration in
existing networks of any size with
various communication services

4? Suitable for large networks with
several billions of CDRs per day

9 Reliable system security and
data protection


a member of the Sophos Group

Lawful interception of Telecommunication Services

Throughout the world providers 0f telecommunication services are required to support law enforcement
agencies in their fight against crime and terrorism. Network operators andtelecommunication service
providers have to instail interception facilities in their network to fulfil these obligations. The legal frame-
work of lawful interception (Ll) is defined by national laws and regulations, the technical details are defi-
ned by a number of international technical standards.

Utimaco LINES (Lawful Interception Management system) is a proven solution for network operators and
service providers to automate the administrative and operative tasks related to lawful interception. The
system is based on a central management platform for the surveillance of communication services and
7 implements electronic interfaces to various authorized law enforcement agencies and their monitoring

Utimaco LIMS offers the industry?s broadest range of supported network elements for active
interception as well as highspeed network probes for passive interception. This approach enables.
lawful, interception in virtuaily any fixed, mobile, and Internet service provider?s environment without
any negative impact on the performance and reliability of the network and revenue generating Servi-
ces. Communication services supported include telephony, fax, SMS, MMS, e-mail, voicemail, VolP and
Push-to-Talk as well as other Internet services. While the system is designed for large-scale networks
with millions of subscribers, the LIMS suite easily scales to economically feasible solutions for networks
with only a few thousand users. The modular architecture of LIMS facilitates cost-effective extension
and adaptation to new technologies and regulatory requirements.

LIMS complies with international Ll standards of ETSI, 3GPP, and CabieLabs and satis?es
the highest security requirements to protect the privacy of all associated data. Utimaco supports providers,
carriers, and LEAs in need of lawful interception solutions with consulting and technical support services,
and also provides managed service models together with quali?ed solution partners.

For more than 25 years Utimaco is a leading global provider-of data security solutions. Since 1994 Utimaco has been

providing lawful interception systems for mobile and fixed network operators and Internet service providers.

1 Utimaco Data Retention Suite was introduced in response to the EU directive 2006124IEC and at the request of telecom

I customers for integrated LI and DR solutions. With more than 150 installations in 60 countries, Utimaco is a ieading
global supplier in the Li market. I

While Utimaco data security products are now distributed by Sophos, the business units ,,Lawful Interception and
Monitoring Solutions? and ,,Hardware Security Module" form Utimaco?s operating businesses.



a Provides surveillance of all common
telecommunication services in fixed
and mobile networks, incl. telephony,
fax, SMS, MMS, Push-to?Talk, Inter-
net, e-maii, VolP

Complies with regulatory requirements
in numerous countries worldwide

is Conforms to international lawful
interception standards of ETSI, 3GPP,
CableLabs and others

I Cost Efficiency

a Central management of alt intercepts
even in heterogeneous networks

a Modular, scalable architecture for
small to very large communication

Smooth integration into available
networks I 2


er Meets highest security demands

a No negative impact on performance
or reliability of networks and services

a Continuous enhancements support
the iatest technologies and standards

a Close cooperation with regulatory
authorities and standardization bodies

16 years of experience in lawful inter-


a member of the Sophos Group

.'Networka& Services
- 7 iNi ?mama: Li Handover
. - - Newark-Interface) interface
.e PSTN (Fixed Telephony) --

a WIMAX, WLAN Management sewer Monitoring C?gsi?r

(Push-to-Talk over Cellular)

a Internet Access (iP) I

VolP RTP, H.323, SCCP)

E-mali (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, webmaii)
a? other lP-based services

Lawful interception Standards
a ETSI TS 101 671 (voice), TS 101 331
(generic), ES 201 i58 (generic),

TS to E'Maii! lle Internal Network Interface x'i,x2, X3: forL! Provisioning,
. - I 1521 to momma?:
a (Voice, Agencyforu Provisioning, and CC exchange
CDMA), T1678 (VolP), T1.IPNA,
T1.IAS (IP), T1124 (UMTS), TIA-1072 Key Features

a Ts 33105, Ts 33107, Central administration of intercepts and target assignments
Ts 33.1708 (UMTS) Active and passive interception of voice and data services
PacketC?able v1.5 (Cable) 7 a Collection and mediation of intercepted data from all network nodes
9 Standard compliant delivery of intercepted communications to the appropriate
Vendor Interfaces, law enforcement agency
Acme packet] Arris, Bridgewaterl a Comprehensive user management with granular access rights
Broadso?? Casa Systems! Cisco? a Multi-tenancy, segregates up to 64 different networks/providers
Ericsson, Huawei, Iptego, Juniper, ?9 Authority management
Motorola: Nokia Siemens Networks, a Integrated system administration and alarm monitor
Nortel, Redback, Sitronics, Sonus, 9 security features
Starent Netwo?rks, Sun! Thomson_ - RBAC (Role-based Access Control)
Cirpack? Unisys, Vocaltecl ZTE - Transparent separation of multiple authorities
and Others - Full audit trails of all'user and system events
. 7
:Performance - database and backups

- System monitor and alarms
- System redundancy
- Disaster recovery system
- Automatic consistency checks
Secure remote access
a Remote administration of other Ll systems
is Dynamic load-balancing .
a Integrated billing capabilities
a Various language kits ayailable

a Maximum number of sUbscribers:
virtually unlimited, scalable configu-
rations from 1,000 to several million'

?a Maximum number of interception
targets: scaiable up to thousands of
parallel interception targets

as Probe performance: Up to 10
per probe

Network interfaces 7
Copyright Information -
10/100,1000- Mb Ethernet: . Copyright 1994-2010 Utimaco. Safeware AG a member of the Sophos group, October 2010
10 Gb Ethernet, X25, ISDN, Utimaco LIMSW -
Utimaco LIMS is a trademark of Utimaco Safeware AG. All other named trademarks are trademarks of the particular copyright holder.
SDH/Sonetv (SS7 Interfaces Speci?cations are subject to change without notice. 7

I 7 Utimaco Safeware AG
13% ?r . GermanusstraiISe4
member of Sophos Group Germany
Phone +49 (0) 241-16 96?0

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