Name: Intelligent Probing for Intelligence and LI Applications

Text: Intelligent Probing for Intelligence
and LI Applications

Presented by
Keith Driver - Telesoft Technologies
February 2007 v1.0

What is Intelligent Probing?
How is it achieved?
What can be achieved?
How relevant is this to 3G networks?

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What is Intelligent Probing?

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Intelligent Probing is:
– Selective Acquisition of data, based on network
signalling and bearer properties
• E.g. DTMF tones, original called number, type of call
• Not just called/calling party numbers

– Handling of incomplete network data
– Real time network data Analysis
• CIC mapping derivations
• Multiple Subscriber Identity/Location correlations

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To provide precise event selection capability
To provide independent access to network data
across network types
– ( GSM/CDMA/3GPP/PSTN/Sattelite )

To provide a single central interface for handover
of the information
To operate in imperfect environments

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Intelligent Probing
Probing both signalling and communication
– Signalling, examining ALL signalling parameters, not just
called/calling party numbers

Original Called Number
Redirecting Number
Calling Party Category … etc
Prefix/Suffix/wildcard matching
Number normalisation

– Communications Content
• DTMF digit extraction
• Activity (Energy) detection in timeslots
• Classification of content ( Fax/Modem/Voice )
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Complex event selection
Call selection based on complex criteria

Calls from A to B
Calls from A to B redirected to C
Calls only from B
All Fax calls
All Modem calls from A to B
All events on a declared circuit
Events where timeslot energy > -20dBm
SMS from A to C when B is located with A

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Independent Access
Intelligent Probes are mostly passive ( nonintrusive ), and therefore independent
Intelligent probes are purpose designed
Able to Acquire data from different
Provide Standardised Handover Interfaces ETSI /
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Implementation of Intelligent Probes
Acquiring network data occurs in two ways
– Forwarding from existing infrastructure

‘Internal Interception’
Manufacturer specific implementation
Limited functionality, hard to extend and slow to do
Non core function to network node
Generally focused on minimum LI requirements

– Passive monitoring of interconnects

Generic access to network data
Rich functionality, easy and fast to extend
Specialised equipment
Wide range of capability
Less ‘visible’

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Internal Interception Function

Acquisition from
– Network nodes
– Passive tapping

Each has advantages

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Internal vs Off Switch
– Pros
• No extra equipment necessary
• Handover interface implemented within the equipment
• Access to internal data structures can make it more efficient

– Cons

Each manufacturer implements the interface differently
Provisioning of target data is not uniform
Manufacturers often charge for the feature
The switch is forced to perform a non-core task and takes
resources from core tasks
• The switch must be tasked with the LI warrants
• An upgrade in switch s/w can ‘break’ the LI feeds
• On switch solutions can introduce detectable artefacts

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Internal vs !Off Switch"
Off Switch
– Pros
• LI function will not affect the network performance or customer
• Independent of network equipment and vendors. A single
interface presented.
• Defined interfaces for remote tasking.
• More intelligence can be placed in the probe, greatly benefiting
the LEA.
• The same equipment can be used for Intelligence intercept as for

– Cons
• More equipment must be deployed and managed.

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Truly intelligent probes can only be offered
through passive acces
Passive monitoring also confers
– A single handover interface for all
LI/Intelligence data
– Single provisioning point
– Electronic provisioning
– Physically Centralized target holding - more

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Operation in Imperfect environments
Lawful Intercept usually allows for full access to
signalling and bearers
Intelligence gathering is more opportunistic.
Intelligent probes derive data from incomplete
intercept data
– Only one path (Tx or Rx ) of the signalling and or
bearers may be available
– Data may be of poor quality ( high error rate )
– Only a proportion of bearers may be accessible
– Some signalling may be load shared across links that
are not accessible

Intelligent Probes have specific algorithms for this
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How is it Achieved?

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Passive Access
Passive Access through tapping of electrical
and optical bearers
Remote and distributed probe deployment
Backhaul to centralised processing

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Accumulated handover

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Accumulated Handover
Network signalling and content is probed from
the observed network
Events are relayed to the central processing
server over transfer network
The server makes decisions on recording and
meta data creation ( CDR’s / IRI etc )
The probes are instructed to stream the call
content to a destination recorder.
All decisions are made centrally

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What can be Achieved?

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Easier collection
Large scale network monitoring from a
single interface
– Disparate technologies, interfaces,locations

Clandestine/opportunistic access
Access with greater security
Passive solution means no compromise to
network integrity

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Easier processing
Lower volume of acquired data for analyst
processing, through better selection
Automatic processing of data flows
– e.g. ( Fax-->demodulator->OCR->keyword recognition )

Event triggers based on target proximity
Event triggers based on communication content.

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How Relevant is this to 3G networks?

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Packet based Networks
Networks are being converged/replaced with
packet based transport
Telephony is still the primary service of such
networks, and therefore must be acquired
Mandated Internal functions scavenge resource
limiting capacity
Selection of the correct flows from packet
networks is even more important

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Access to packet transmission
Passive access to packet transports is
– WAN links with PoS, or the 3GPP Iuxx
interfaces with ATM/HDLC transports
– SIGTRAN signalling transports
– Packet accumulation and forwarding
– LAN links with hardware support for Deep
Packet inspection in real time

But the analysis is identical
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Legal considerations
The Legal position for packet networks will be
very complex. Unwarrented collection may be
key to national security.
Media Gateways may be located outside
jurisdiction, but signalling will be inside
Warrants for target installation in equipment not
owned by the authority will not be possible

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Intelligent Probing provides

Precise targetting
Reduced workload for analysts- reduced volumes
More secure collection of data
Independent and immediate access to data
Sophisticated triggers (location / proximity)
Network nodes are not required to perform non-core

A better solution for Intelligence, and for Lawful

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Further Information
– HINTON product range

GSM/CDMA/PSTN/Sattelite probes
3GPP Iu/Nb/Nc probes
OSS Probes
Lawful Intercept/Intelligence probes
Probes for revenue generating applications
– Missed Call/Welcome Roamer/

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