Name: DATS Tracking

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Innovations for a safer world

ILive Aczti\le and Passive T:racking
Advanced T!actical C0mmand Vi,ew
Affordable and Scalable

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.the most use1 friendly tracking panel I have ever come acrossm"
{Nottinghamshire Police)

NFast and efflclen t'asset tracking has never be,en so srralghr forward a wise investment."

[De\'OfTi and Corn•mill Police>


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~ 1 OATS Tracking

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In direct ·re5poQSe to







fiorn PQllce cystomer$ we have ncorporated


MILl'.ltl V1iew tu nctk;m: Multll,lle-·de~ .;es from ~arious. fQ!der5 c:afll lbe s~ted quk;l!:ly
and e-aslly a ppean
as I , ~en!dent pop- up w ndoi1&. Tl"!ts ll'\turtlve fea'tU~
enabl'e$ the U!Sef to \llew 1

Mast ID



tool l he Multi View feature Is partlcufarily benefilclal for
i;:u. ~omell'$ with a high 'o\Qlume of·t~hb'le' a5$-et!ii.


History and Report~ng

mana ~inent

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Unique Features

· lh@ mo~t advance _d rnult
tile poU

tradolng system avaHab:1e to

· Multtf. devic@' and b1tarer compatibl@.. including GPRS., iridium
sat:ell 1te and T@t:r.a track.Ing.

• GiYing yoo rnore tna11 j\1$t trad!ing, a folly i11teg:rated geo.spa1t ia~

intelUgence s.yst:em

runc.t :on rich, whae st II b@ n9 e.uyaro-u~. wJth a s ngle
us.ell' sign--on multlrole, moltllayer sie



integrated and compa,tibl:e with the nationally adopted

E.SRI GliS Map Siftrvtc@s.

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M'Ultltud• O,f M ps
OATS prov de$ a series on mappJng $1rnl!l'ltaneoos'ly r.o me ~
T1le-d'efa1111t I$ a pnva~ and sec=urely hosted wt>rldwide street level servke
that I$ dellveredl . rect nom our PQilW emf~ servers. seo.mng ~Qn alild
map rQokups from the ou~ world. TJl;e;re are tilmes wheo Of.M:n ~~
map;p ng and satelflte Y ~a re d~red so DATs. enables a ~ess a$ a nd when
1req 1.'lred.

"'NEW UJ< Ordlna.nce- :Survey niapp ng ava lab1e n 2013-.
OhQiQse from :i Geo-Fence options.

1:0 5Ult


rangeof !iiCenarl.o_s.'Olrdle Fences' can be used to
ba 9N1eral areac$ w h le the 'Polygon f.ence'
permits the user to c;reate f-en.ces of any shape
and an¥ ~e.. Un que to
DATS pan el ts the
'Collildbrr Fe~ often usedl to bait ent ire
5tiretche$ of road. alerting E'h e u5err if a target
5hould vent111 re in\'i!lf' ifrom a, kJrto.y;,n route or
j);re-detennlned de5tlnatl.on. All G.eo-Fence5
Uset' defined. email addresses and phone
nu mbers.


No GPS Signal? No Prob..m!
DATS now offers trac'kmg capabllitleS UcSlng
MAST 10 for any network m 200 coo nt rles and
on 1000 networks woridWlde oo rt5 new GT
:series d e'o1lces,. A unique fun ction that 5upports
ac.curate trade.m g In the a bserw;e ot ,a GPS
:s. gnal. Not to be confused wrth the LBS SIM
funrtioo; t h is Is a teatu re t hat is b~ invaluable

CI> 01Nt 83i HG
@.SURE24 imled "SURE® is ai l'c! rnidl:ITT1lll'k

OATS Tracking

- Real-time AssistedGP.S''tracking w ith accuracy down t o below 2.S Mete1sand tracking
i nt~rvals. of lower tihan S seconds
-!IJblox 6 Chipsa w ith Ublox .As.sistNow 50 Channel GPS,

-Stealth mode for longtime ope.rations ~ 2 Y£!ars +),

-GPS reacq,uisition,t ime down to under a second,
·On-board Stoll:! and forward up to 10))00 locat.Klfits a nd 500 A11erts

· Built in 30 motion sensor for motiilfit detecting:alerting and h uge power saving,

· Ubiol< 6 C:h p:ret w h Ubtox A


~Ul~ lt~


t m OOWfl lo un

· SUI t tn 30 motiO!'


down to b low 2.S Met " and tr:


50 c~n n 'I GPS

f ~


nsor f:ot motion d tea ng ,&I

~t i ,

, 001huge pOW
Ou r state of t he allt tracti ng devices come in many guises. As an Operational support service \Ye are able to provide any n um ber of
convenient housings to suit your needs.on a bes.pdk.e basis. Wheothe1your 1r€q,uirement 1is to protect your UC's,. gather i nt:efligence on a
target, protect :fOUr high value field assets., t race the diiSpeirsion of goods ar i nstal l to a veh icle we are mriore tlhan eql!Ji pped to assist.

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