Name: Satellite Monitoring System

Text: C and Ku Band Trunk
Monitoring System
Satellites are now an essential part of
today's communication technology,
thus Interception and monitoring of



become the most crucial task in



portable, robust solutions are critical
to the success of any operation.





monitoring and analysis platform that
helps intelligence organizations and
government agencies fight against

Satellites are used by various telecommunication
agencies for carrying trunks between countries,
cities or simply between different exchanges. The
Satellite Monitoring System has been designed for
the purpose of providing National Intelligence
Agencies with the capabil ity to passively intercept
all satellite signals (C I Ku band) of neighbouring
countries or between cities from within their own
country. The offered system is a powerful tool to
monitor satellite communications in a passive
mode. This integrated system has been designed
to monitor compressed (DCME) and non
compressed Telecom carriers from Intelsat,
Eutelsat, Arabsat, Turksat etc. System provides
Voice, Fax and Internet data sessions after
decompression. The built-in SS7 analysis module
performs automatic analysis on the carrier and
displays its various identity parameters including
originating point country, destination point
country and call related information such as Date,
Time of call , Called number, Calling number etc .

national and international threats. Our

Monitoring System

Flexible, modular and upgradeable
solutions provide effective monitoring
of Voice, Fax, SMS, High-Speed Data
Links and Data Calls.
The Stratign's Satellite Interception
solution covers:
• C and Ku Band Trunk Monitoring
• VSAT iDIRECT Monitoring System
• INMARSAT Monitoring System
• IRIDIUM Monitoring System
• ISAT Monitoring System
•Satellite Geo-Location System

Stratign's VSAT iDIRECT Monitoring System is
designed for passive monitoring of star topology
telecommun ications networks that are built on the
basis of iDIRECT iNFINITI (3000, 5000, 7000)and
Evolution (X1, X3, XS, 8000) series equipment. The
proposed solution is based on state-of-the-art
technology that allows building a customized
VSAT monitoring solution . Functionality of the
System can be extended as per the Customer
requirements. The System ensures full circle
processing of VSAT network telecommunication
traffic up to information message level including
e-mail , ftp , VoIP and FolP etc.
The system is capable of monitoring upto 10
digital carriers of D/MF-TDMA type existing in
satellite transponder bandwidth of 72 MHz and 1
digital carrier from HUB station

Monitoring System
Stratgn 's lnmarsat Monitoring System provides
automated interception and logging of lnmarsat
calls. The System uses proprietary software based
techniques ·to demodulate and decode the
intercepted lnmarsat signals. It operates on L-Band
frequencies (1.5-1.7 GHz) used by lnmarsat. Apart

from Voice, Telex, SMS, FAX and Data the system
is capable of providing Called Party Phone Number
(for session initiated by MES), MES ID, LES ID,
Date and Time of Call, Spot Beam and Channel
Number, Phone numbers of subscriber stations,
Fax numbers of subscriber stations etc. This
Multiple channel system is expandable up to 16
Channels. Modular architecture of the system
allows further expansion . This system provides
monitoring of the following lnmarsat B, lnmarsat C,
lnmarsat M, lnmarsat mini - M, lnmarsat M4,
lnmarsat BGAN S services.

Monitoring System
Stratign's Iridium Interception and Logging System
is designed to intercept and log communications
from iridium phones operating within use~-selected
spot beams. The system is capable of logging all
call related information including call content. The
system monitors both uplink and downlink at
L-band. It also monitors the L-band control
channels to identify active spot beams and L-band
channels. The System is capable of independently
monitoring up to 32 physical channels .The
demodulation of signal is carried out through the
DSP based hardware.
The system is capable of demodulating digitally
modulated signal in control channel , dedicated
control channel and traffic channel (Signalling
Information, Voice, Data, Fax, SMS etc). The system
also supports burst signals GMPCS broadcast,
control (dedicated and common) and traffic bursts.
The system will also automatically classify Voice,
Fax, Data and SMS. After classification they will be
processed by their respective decoders.
System automatically logs the session information
along with the audio in a database application
which can be accessed by the operators simple
GUI based client application.

Monitoring System
Stratign 's Tactical ISAT monitoring, decrypting and
logging solution, is capable of monitoring ,
deciphering and logging ISAT traffic including
Voice, SMS and Fax form AcES, lsat Phone and
lsat Phone Pro terminals. The system is designed
to monitor ISAT communications on the L-Band
uplink and downlink channels, the system is
completely passive and does not interfere with the

normal communications and hence its presence
cannot be detected. The ruggedized make and
portability of the system makes it ideal for quick
deployment. The user friendly GUI and simple
system configuration, significantly reduces the
training time requ ired for the operator.
System uses state of art technology for deciphering
of cipher algorithms used on ISAT network. System
is using proprietary technology to scan the active
spot beams in the coverage range of the antenna
and after scanning provides the list of available
active spot beams. Once the scanning is
completed the operator can tune the system to
spot beam of interest.
In addition to recovering call content (Voice, SMS
and Fax), the system can also provide specific
information about the call , such as numbers dialed
or dialing number, IMSI, IMEI of intercepted
subscriber, start and end times, call originators and
areas contacted.

Satellite Geo-Location
Stratign 's Satellite Geo-location System is an
accurate, fast, all-in-one solution for locating
ground-to-satellite transm ission sources. Powerful ,
flexible, and modular, the system uniquely blends
complex science and algorithms with sophisticated
hardware and DSP processing , resulting in an
easy-to-use package for locating and identifying
sources of unfriendly satellite transmissions,
accidental interference, equipment failure , operator
error, or intentional abuse.
The system receives signals from pairs of satellites
and , using advanced signal processing, determines
the time delay and frequency offset from the two
signal paths, translating to a location on the surface
of the earth.

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