Name: Integrated Intelligence System

Text: Integrated Intelligence System Data Gathering and Intelligence

Data Gathering and Intelligence

The Integrated Intelligence System is the Selex ES solution
that supports Intelligence activities for national security,
through the integrated processing and correlation of
heterogeneous information from different sources.
Primary fields of application for Intelligence activities are
Homeland Security, Counterterrorism, Counternarcotics,
Financial frauds and Illegal traffics. In particular, Law
Enforcement and Crime Prevention activities contrast
weapons and drug smuggling, organized crime, terrorism,
financial frauds and outlaw groups.
Information management is at the very heart of all
intelligence activities, since a large amount of different
information has to be processed in order to derive alarms, as
results from complex data collection, correlation and analysis
Currently, the Intelligence Community uses several
intelligence sources:
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that includes widely
available data and information:
•• Media: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and
computer-based information
•• Public data such as government reports, budgets,
legislative and public debates
•• Conferences, symposia, professional associations,
academic papers
•• Gray literature, such as reports, working papers, market
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) that includes broadcast
communications systems such as radios, radars and other
electronic systems:
•• Communications intelligence, based on the analysis of the
source and content of message traffic
•• Electronic intelligence based on electronic transmissions,
including telemetry or radar transmitters
•• Imagery Intelligence dealing with satellite images and
aerial photography.
The complex scenario of intelligence sources demands for a
sophisticated data management and processing. Within this
context Selex ES has developed the Integrated Intelligence
solution, a flexible support to Intelligence Agencies and
Investigative/Forensic Police Departments in different
environmental situations.
The Integrated Intelligence System is a decision support
system able to operate on heterogeneous sources and to
correlate data following predefined rules tailored on the type
of analysis and organisations. All collected data is managed
and organised to be transformed into finished intelligent
information. The terms analysis, production and processing
are used in “connecting the dots” to create an Intelligence

Main functions include:
•• Monitoring of heterogeneous data sources
•• Massive tracking of phone calls and internet activities
•• Selective monitoring of voice conversation, web surfing
and e-mails
•• Data mining and analysis of structures and non structured
•• Efficient archiving of huge amount of data
•• Accurate searching to pinpoint and extract the relevant
•• Visualization and analysis of extracted information
•• Data forwarding.
The Integrated Intelligence System is based on a Strategic
Analytical Repository for Tracking Knowledge, which implies
high storage capability to collect and maintain huge amount
of data, from heterogeneous sources, with the capability to
elaborate and correlate information.
The system provides early warnings for potentially dangerous
situations as well as alarm generation for critical situations.
Data Analysis can be performed off line, for investigative
purposes and crime prevention activities, or in real time
in case of phone communication and internet activities
monitoring (web, mail, chat forum etc.).
Scenario data is also stored and can be retrieved and used
for forensic activities. The System is protected against any
threat thanks to an approach that guarantees information





The Integrated Intelligence System is based on a modular
service platform where ad-hoc modules are plugged in
according to customers’ needs: types of data collected,
data elaboration, communication network interfaces and
geolocalization. The data processing platform depends
on the quantity of data to be acquired and stored.
The Data Processing Chain includes:
•• Data Collection: acquisition of all data representing an
event in digital form
•• Data Storage: archiving of basic events in a standard and
easily searchable way
•• Data Retrieval: data access from different sources through
a powerful search engine
•• Analysis & Investigation: real time and off line
identification of links and hidden meanings, to raise
alarms or provide evidence in investigation activities
•• Alarms Coordination: coordination and management of
resources in case of alarms.
The system is protected by a security architecture and relies
on a communication network to transmit information. The
system network employs state of the art security architecture
and devices (HW and SW), based on secure communications
and crypto algorithms, tailored on customers’ needs.
In the processing chain, data is acquired from heterogeneous
sensors geographically distributed on the territory; it is
normalized, encrypted, indexed and then stored in a secure
centralized location. Then it can be accessed for retrieval and
information processing.
Analysis can be performed manually for investigative
purposes or automatically for crimeprevention. The system
can be geographically distributed by deploying National,
Regional and Local centres to control specific geographic
A secure data communication link ensures communication
with the hierarchically higher Centre which has a wider
situation awareness capability due to the visibility over a
greater number of local centres.

The system allows sensitive information to be kept reserved
and disclosed only to authorized personnel, since information
is more strategic and synthetised. The system also includes
a fully redundant modular configuration ranging from the
National Centre duplication to secure data storage backup
Based on a system of systems approach, the Integrated
Intelligence System can be considered a flexible solution,
suitable for any kind of organization, operational framework
and legislation, featuring the following major points:
•• High performance analysis results in critical scenarios
in terms of accuracy and response time, thanks to the
statistical and semantic search
•• Seamless integration of structured and unstructured
information sources, e.g. audio, video, web
•• Flexible data organization and processing according to ad
hoc rules
•• Friendly results presentation and geolocalisation with
•• powerful visualization tools
•• Suitable for national and international activities, with a
wide variety of languages
•• Enhanced situation awareness capabilities, due to the
real time access to external and third parties information
•• Cyber Security and Information Assurance capability,
thanks to the Integrated Cyber ShieldTM solution realized
by Selex ES.

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