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Environmental Monitoring (Voice), Position Tracking (GPS, Data Call)
Movement sensor
Digital Input
Digital Output
Audio Output
Internal memory size
Dimensions and weight
Supply Voltage
Supply Current
(at 12 Vdc)
Firmware Remote Upgrade
Operating temperature

GSM 3-band. GPRS.
GPS (also mobile cell information available)
N° 2. Ø 2.5 mm. Cable len: 1,5 m (more on request).
9 selectable volume levels
7 selectable pre-amplification levels
9 selectable sensitivity levels
N° 2. For external device.
Can work combined with movement sensor.
N° 1. For external contact
N° 1. For redirect input audio on an external device
2 Mbit. Up to 113500 log positions.
77(W) x 49(P) x 16(H) [mm], 130 g (4.6 Oz.) approx.
8 Vdc to 40 Vdc from external battery pack or directly from the car harnesses
Full mode
50,0 mA avg
Full mode and connect
100,0 mA avg
Sleep mode
1,7 mA
Anti detection mode
1,7 mA
-20°C to 60°C
Aluminium, passivated.

Tracking GPS mod. P-10 is a highly integrated device dedicated to the environmental silent monitoring and GPS tracking.
Fed to batteries it can catch up an autonomy of beyond three months maintaining a degree of reliability to the maximum
levels. Planned taking advantage itself of the last technologies, the mod. does not fear comparison with similar equipment,
thanks to its smart dimensions and high sensibility. The voice section has two separate fully programmable audio path in
terms of volume using SMS or simply by a DTMF keypad (for example you may use the same telephone making the call).
It may be battery operated or directly connected to the same vehicle supply.
The P-10 operations may be triggered by the operator (SMS/DTMF) or automatically when any movement has been detected.
The device is designed to operate with two external microphones (Ø 2.5 mm) connected by a very resistant cable (len:
1.5 m or more on request). The GSM and GPS antennas are connected via SMA RF connectors.
The P-10 can store up to 113500 GPS log positions in internal memory.
It’s possible to download all the stored position with a GSM data call starting from a specified date/hour.
Digital input and output make possible to integrate the mod. P-10 with external devices.
Audio Output offers the possibility to command an external device with DTMF command.
Finally, the enclosure – made in aluminium, passivated – offers adequate protection against dust, water and withstands
to most of other environmental conditions.
GSM Specification:
The GSM section performs a set of telecom services (TS) according to GSM standard
phase 2+, ETSI and ITU-T. it is compliant with GSM phase 2/2+
The functions of the module are implemented by issuing Hayes AT commands as detailed in GSM specs level 07.05/07.07
SMS are sent and received accordingly to MO/MT, GSM07.05, PDU and text mode.
Data is transferred at 9600 bps (CSD)
GPRS is a multislot Class 10, mobile station protocol class B.
Automatic hand-over between GSM 900 and GSM 1900
Frequency Range:
GSM 900, E-GSM 900 and GSM 1800
Receiver Sensivity:
> -105dB
Output Power
Class 4: 2W per GSM 900
(at the antenna connector):
Class 2: 1W per GSM 1800
GSM antenna
¼λ 3-band 2db/I coaxial cable RG174 with SMA/m
GPS Specification:
GPS receiver
SiRFstarIII™ Supports 20-channel GPS -159 dBm
GPS precision
Position < 10 m, 2D RMS, 3D < 5m
Speed precision
Better than 0,06m/s
GPS position elaboration
Every second, with at least 3 satellites
Start time
Without satellite map in memory
45 sec.
With satellite map in memory
< 10 sec.
With satellite map in memory and GPS in stand-by
< 5 sec.
Reacquiring of satellite map < 0.5 sec.
Working temperature
-20°C to 65°C
GPS antenna
SAW filter active frequency, 1.575 GHz, Bandwidth: 10 MHz
50Ω Gain coverage: λ -4 dBic at -90°£ q £ 90°, 75% volume
RHCP Amplifier Gain: 27 dB Typical Noise Figure: 1.2 dB
-25 dB (±100MHz) DC Voltage: DC 3.V DC Current: 22 mA

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