Name: SIMLogger

Text: SIMLogger
multi-channel call recording system
for analog, system, ISDN 30B+D and
2B+D lines
SlMLogger - stand-alone fully functional
call recording system for recording calls
and fax transmissions on analog, digital
system (proprietary PBX), ISDN 30B+D,
2B+D and radio-telephone lines.
Each voice or fax call is recorded as a
separate file along with an unique call id,
dateltime, call duration, channel
number, call direction, called and caller's
number etc.
It is possible to record conversations in
encrypted proprietary or WAV format.
SIM recording formats were tested by
forensic experts and received a positive
recommendation for using for a court
evidence purposes.

local operation







analog, ISDN 2B+D

Basic functionality (local unit):
Configurable recording's format - per channel
Recording calls in the *.wav format andlor a compressed
format from telephone, fax and radio lines
Decoding DTMF and FSK signaling (for analog lines)
Capturing and decoding of dialled numbers and recording
radio signals in Select V standard (analog) for radio lines
with Select V signalling
.Capturing and decoding of D-channel information for
digital system (PBX proprietary) lines (information
available on phone's LCD)
Decoding numbers (dialed, called, grouplACD numbers
etc.) for ISDN lines
Information about time and date of call, length and format
of a call
HDD usage monitoring, automatic file removal
mechanism - configurable by an administrator

Selective recording on ISDN, system and analog lines (with
DTMFIFSK signaling)
Additional Call Data provided by a PBX - in case of integrated
Automatic Gain Control during recording
Ring detection function for analog lines
Recording in advance
Multi-level access rights management
Multi-language support
I A N 1WAN operation
*Access to full GUI - when connecting external monitor,
keyboard and mouse.
Local real-time monitoring and playback:
Local real-time listening and playback independent on recording
Filtering criteria: date, time, time interval, telephone numbers,
call direction, channel number etc.
Possibility of com bining search criteria
Rewind, playback from a specific moment, pause
*Additional functionality when using optional full graphical
9 Marking fragments of a call for listening
9 Advanced filtering of recordings, additional parameters of
filtration and any combination of search criteria: start time,
end call, call length, channel description, recording's
attribute, dateltime periods, file format, signal source, info,
call tags, SQL query
P adding and editing notes
9 customization of GUI
defining list of availablelviewable
columns, call related information


Integration examples:
PBXs - with CSTA or other CTI link
Command and Control Systems
Multikom-2 telecom system
Other third-party products can be integrated using API
Local archiving:
Local backup to CD or DVD
Manual or automatic archiving
Archiving criteria (list of recordings to be archived) accessible
by playback application

Automatic start of backup process - based
on configurable settings (like exceeding
max. amount of data, periodic etc.)
Backup media information (like serial
numbers etc.) are stored in recorder's
Automatic calculation of the size and
quantity of archival data storage media
Network Features:
LAN IWAN operation
Remote monitoring, management and
configuration using Windows mechanism,
VNC, Radmin or other third-party tools
Automatic network backup, the ability to
define any number of paths for local or
network archiving
Multi-recorder architecture - allows to build
systems from several recorders connected
vial LANMlAN (requires optional software
and additional server)
Playback software for LANMlAN operation
Additional applications for SIMLOGGER
Remote management:
Comprec Server application for remote
management via I A N IWAN
Webserver application for web-based
remote management
Other commercial applications for remote
smanagement for the Windows, like PC
Anywhere, Radmin
Remote playback:
NetPlayer application: search, playback - for
not encrypted and not compressed (G.711)
recordings (application available free of
charge as standard equipment)
Webplayer application for web-based
search and playback of encrypted and notcompressed (G.711) recordings
NetPlayer Plus application (USB dongle
protected) for search and playback of
encrypted and compressed recordings.
Additional NetPlayer Plus functionality:
9 graphical visualization of recorded faxes
9 conversion of encrypted recordings to
WAV format
9 reconstruction of the database
9 deleting recordings
Remote monitoring:
COMSA Recorder application for remote
monitoring of recorder's status and automatic
notification to selected users about any
abnormal events (notification by e-mail, SMS
option, voice telephony, etc.).

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