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How can we quickly turn our structured and unstructured
big data assets into insights that can help us make better
policy decisions?

IBusiness Impact
"We are excited to be working with SAS
on this fiik management system. It's our
responsibility to make sure our retirees
and cument state wMkers have the
they expect when they retire. The system will allow us to isolate and measure
the various risks across our multi-asset
portfolio to protect their S
Janet Cowell
North Carolina State Treasurer

More complexanalytical pmcesses.
The needfor more analytical models
and functions, and more frequent mcdel
refreshes,may O
V traditional
~ IT
infrastructures and delay modeling
results,which will have a negative
impact on timely decision rnaldng.

Big data issues. An inabilily to
analyze unstructured data and diicully
accessing the right data from multiple,
disparate locations have long been
major concerns, and bg data is only
heighteningthe problem.
Lack of scalabilii. Current IT
infrastructuresmay be unable to
meet growing analytical requirements
- e.g., quickly integrating new data
sources, performing iterative
analytical data preparation, retraining
analytical models, etc. - in an
ever-tightening time window.
Limitedhuman resources. State and
local governments must constantly do
more with less, and human resources
are no exception to that. With analysts
in short supply, decision makers face
longer waits for answers and
unpredictable response times.

YOUR GOAL: Make faster, better-informed decisions based on all relevant data
A torrent of structured and unstructured data is created every day by and about citizens, and governments and policymakers are beginning to realize the potential that this
enormous amount of data has for providing valuable insights that can help them better
fulfil1 some of the basic missions of a citizen-centric government. These basic missions
include the responsibility to connect citizens to needed services, to foster an environment for economic growth and to provide for public safety - all while operating within
the constraints of accountability standards in a fiscally responsible manner. Unfortunately, most government departments and agencies are, as the saying goes, data rich
and information poor, as big data - e.g., census data, health indicators, tax and expenditure information, etc. - pushes the limits of existing applications and systems. And yet,
the need for the insights buried within that data is greater than ever.
In order to understand citizen needs and launch innovative programs and services,
policymakers need to quickly spot problems, gain timely insights and use the information to make fact-based decisions. The ability to quickly test multiple scenarios, seek
associations and make recommendations faster can be a game changer. Timely analytic insights should not be restrained by the limited scalability of existing infrastructures.
And policymakers should not have to restrict themselves to asking simple questions,
using smaller samples, incorporatingfewer variables or using basic modeling techniques.

SAS can help state and local governments overcome the limitations of analyzing big
data from structured data repositories and unstructured text data collections, as well
as eliminate the restrictions imposed by existing computing infrastructures. With
SASmHigh-PerfomanceAnalytics Server, you can:
React more quickly and confidently to changing situations and dynamics by
evaluating numerous scenarios simultaneouslyto get faster, better, more accurate
insights to spot opportunities, detect emerging issues and respond accordingly.
Go beyond traditional analytical approaches to explore priority issues more thoroughly using the best modeling techniques, performing more frequent model iterations
and incorporatingall available structured and unstructured data - not just a subset.
Derive insights at breakthrough speeds for high-value, time-sensitive decision
making by dramatically shrinking the time it takes to process analytical models.
Get the most out of your IT resources - infrastructure, people and money - with
an infrastructure that is dedicated to analytics, thus providing superior performance
and scalability to meet both current and future analytical needs.
With SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server, you get more accurate insights in minutes, not hours - for solving your most challenging problems, identifying new
opportunities and making critical, pressing decisions.

THE SAS@DIFFERENCE: The Power to K n o w at breakthrough speeds
SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server is an in-memory offering for developing analytical models - statistical and data mining, text mining or optimization -that process
big data to derive faster, more accurate insights for making better-informed business
decisions. With SAS, you get:
The only in-memory offering that processes big data analytics to gain timesensitive insights. SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server is truly about applying
sophisticated analytical techniques to solve complex problems - not just about
using query, reporting and descriptive statistics within an in-memory environment.
A solution that addresses the entire model development and deployment
life cycle. Unlike other offerings, SAS High-Performance Analytics Server lets you
develop new models and put them into action at breakthrough speeds, so you can
extract more value and insights from your structured and unstructured data and
stay ahead of the competition.

More than 36 years of proven technology - faster. SAS customers at more than
60,000 sites around the world can now take advantage of running SAS analytic
procedures in a distributed, in-memory environment. This enables our customers
to quickly extract value from big data that can transform their business, opening up
a vast array of possibilities never before imagined.
Only SAS provides a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure that is optimized for
large data volumes and complex computations - even as your requirements evolve
to tackle bigger problems, larger data sets and more complex scenarios.


IGain a 360-degree view of citizens
SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server lets you glean citizen intelligencefrom huge
volumes of complex structured and unstructured data. With a holistic view of the citizen, you can provide more effective services to individuals in a timely fashion, based
on their specific needs. You can also predict future service needs and proactively
modify programs and service offerings accordingly. And you can track program
performance to determine how well current services are meeting citizen requirements.

ISafeguard pensions
Government pension programs differ from other investment portfolios in that stability
is critically important. SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server enables you to protect and grow your pension plan investments by looking at the market holistically. As
a result, you can strengthen investment processes by allocating investments based
on each pension plan's acceptable level of risk, and thoroughly understand the
magnitude and sources of risk to ensure that the system is properly compensated.

Predict tax revenue and forecast budgets

H What if you could


React more quickly to changing
situations and dynamics
What if - instead of just knowing that
food prices are rising or unemployment
is increasing -you could see where and
how people were changing their behavior so you could prioritizewhere you put
.. resources in response?



Go beyond traditional
analytical approaches
What if you could allocate limited investigative resources to the highest-value
fraud, waste and abuse cases with the
greatest likelihood of recovery, as well as
spot new incidents of improper payments
far enough in advance to stop them
before money goes out the door?

Quickly derive valuable insights
What if you could identify precursors
or signs of trouble -related to public
health, food and drug safety, financial
markets, etc. -early enough to take .
appropriate action to avert or minimize:,
their impacts before minor events evolve
into huge crises?

... .

H You can. SAS gives you
The Power to Know
at breakthrough speeds.


SAS has more than 36 years of
experience working with government
entities worldwide.
All 50 states and the District of
Columbia are SAS customers.
Approximately 85 percent of
independent US government agencies
and commissions use SAS.

Learn more about SAS software
and servicer '-* governmen' 'uicitinn IIC a

SAS High-PerformanceAnalytics Server allows legislators to allocate budgets more
effectively by providing accurate revenue forecasts that incorporateall relevant structured and unstructured data and a variety of what-if scenarios -changing economic
forecasts, pending legislation, etc. -that can be modified and rerun as needed.

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