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The Future of Training and Testing Today
Delivering state-of-the-art Tactical Engagement Simulation (TES)
training systems for the warfighter's edge








From Science to Solutions

TES Systems

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is
known for innovation, design, quality and production
of superb tactical training products for warfighters.
SAIC delivers cutting-edge solutions to respond to your
training challenges f r o m basic Multiple Integrated
Laser Engagement System (MILES) components to the
most recent MILES variant, the Combat Vehicle System
(CVS), and exciting, emerging efforts like One Tactical
Engagement Simulation System (OneTESS), Operational
Test -Tactical Engagement System (OT-TES) and
geometric-bearing (GB) systems.
Here are some of our innovations that provide future i
capabilities today:
Wireless Systems
Wireless systems are easy to install and adaptable to the
user. Wireless means there are no cables that can be

Common Components and Interoperability
Common components and interoperability throughout
SAIC's dismounted and mounted systems allow you to
combine capabilities of different wireless components
to fit unique training needs. This lowers production
costs and provides the opportunity to procure more
systems to support your training objectives.
Driving this technology is a powerful base of
experienced professionals. SAIC technical personnel
have been involved in virtually all generations of MILES
fielded today. SAIC engineers hold a number of patents
in the tactical engagement system field and are soughtafter experts in the industry.
Embedded and Non-Line-of-Sight Technology
non-line-of-sight GB
technology at Army
training bases

cut or damaged during an exercise; this reduces your
support cost. This also reduces soldier intrusiveness,
allowing the user to"train as you fightQuick installation
replaces the burden of previous, cumbersome products.
This helps save valuable installation time and provides
more of what you want tactical training time.

embedded training
products inside

Lightweight, Low-Power Components


Lightweight, low-power components minimize
interference with training and weapon systems,
especially for the dismounted warfighter. This enables
you to train as you fight. SAIC replaces the heavy,
outdated equipment and batteries of the past
significantly ease the warfighter's load. This enables
tough, realistic training without distracting cables and
harnesses of past systems. Batteries recharge on the go,
using embedded solar panels or vehicle battery power.



CBMK-19 Shown as Mourned N o n - l i n e - o f - s i g h t Dilnonstration at
National training Center (NTO

Individual Weapon System (IWS)

SAIC's fifth generation, wireless, IWS lightweight design provides maximpm flexibility
and adaptability to the warfighter during training. IWS is lightweight, small and lowpower, making it one of the lightest individual live instrumentation systems fielded to
date. The total weight of the small arms transmitter (SAT), wireless user interface (WUI)
and wireless detector is less than 0.5 kilogram.
IWS supports individual and crew-served weapons configured to fire the NATO
5.56mnn, NATO 7.62mm, .50 CAL, AK 7.62mm, 5.45mm and 12.7mm ammunition

Soldier Wearing IWS

!WS Kit - Four Wireless Detettors with Two
Shown on Helmet Strap,Will and SAT

!WS Charging Kit

Features include the following:
Wireless system solution to easily accommodate all warfighter uniforms

Handheld controller with graphical user interface
Audio cues
Four detectors to provide full zone detection, head, front and rear
Rechargeable in-place in transit case to accelerate power restoration during storage
• Devices on Personal Area Network (PAN)

•• ,fr.P•vc,::

• Automatic learn procedure to rapidly configure and reduce setup time
Radio frequency (RE) interface to associated individual and crew-served weapons

Back View IWS with Vest and
Helmet Detectors

Tactical Vehicle System (TVS)

TVS is based on an advanced wireless, modular,
open architecture and provides maximum flexibility
and adaptability across the entire vehicle inventory,
enabling significantly reduced total cost of ownership.
TVS provides noncombat trucks and vehicles and
targets, such as bridges and buildings, with a highfidelity detection system for real-time casualty
assessment in a MILES-based live training environment
or combat training center.
,TVS is software-adaptable to support the full range of
tracked and wheeled logistics, utility and light armored
vehicles in service today.

Features include the following:
Eighty externally programmable vehicle types and
probability of kill (PK) tables
• Proven instrumentation interface-compliant at all
three Army Combat Training Centers
• PMT 90-S002 MILES Communication Code (MCC)
• Liquid crystal display (LCD), membrane switch panel
and audio speaker for ease of user interface
• Improved player ID and zone of impact decoding
• Infrared data association (IrDA) port for external reprogrammability
• Built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver
• Power module battery recharges through embedded
solar or vehicle power
Comparison of MILES


—>Eliminates costly damage-prone cables and associated maintenance
—›Cuts expensive detector belt maintenance
-+ Shortens installation and verification time to less than 10 minutes
-+ Provides a multiyear battery life
--+ Installs ftexibly and easily to all targets, regardless of configurations
—>Simplifies technology inseroion through a modular design

ID *gator

Tactical Vehicle System (TVS)

Combat Vehicle System (CVS)

The SAIC MILES CVS incorporates a modular and
adaptable wireless, tactical engagement and
instrumentation system. It provides enhanced trainirg
fidelity in force-on-force training exercises. Designed
for the different combat vehicles of today and
tomorrow, the CVS Common Kit is the backbone of a
versatile training system.

Features include the following:
Wireless system design that reduces installation time
and soldier intrusiveness
Major components designed to support OneTESS
Simplified, automated boresight increases
• Built-in GPS receiver and multichannel RE network
helps ensure connectivity in noisy environments and
prevents system interference

CVS Common Kit

• Energy-efficient design combines with use of
embedded solar panels to provide extended battery life
Hull Orientation
Module (HOM)

Optical Repeater
Module (ORM)

ab b e l

• NO requirement for user to replace batteries

Vehicle System Hub (VW)

• Recharges while in transit case and performs built-intest (BIT) while in transit case

Vehicle Signal Module (VSM)

Combat Vehicle Kill
Indicator (01KI)


Wireless Detector Module (WDM)

Features modular, adaptable wireless system
Delivers realistic training and testing capability
Helps reduce life-cycle support costs
Provides logical transition to OneTESS
Visual Indicator Module (VIM)

Wireless laser Transmitter

CVS Adapter Kits


Abrams Adapter Kit
The Abrams Adapter Kit combines with the CVS
Common Kit to outfit variants of the Miseries of
main battle tank and can be modified for use with any
contemporary main battle tank, The laser transmitter
adapter mounts to the main gun or coaxial (COAX)
machine-gun flash shroud and mounts the wireless
laser transmitter (WLI) and other components from the
CVS Common Kit to function over the wireless network
as an Abrams weapons system.
: k Features include the following:
• Laser transmitter adapter mounts on the COAX gun
flash shroud and provides adjustable laser beam to
account for lead/elevation angle offsets
• Embedded solar panel with rechargeable battery/
recharges adapter kit components in the transit case


Loader module mounts in the ammunition-ready
storage area and provides positive training by engaging
Machine gun simulators common small arms
transmitter (CSAT) with weapon-specific adapters
, • Tracer effects injected into gunner's eyepiece for


loader's Module
with WM

Abrams Adapter

Abrams Adapter
with WET

Bradley Adapter Kit
The Bradley Adapter Kit combines with the CVS
Common Kit to outfit numerous variants of the Bradley
family of vehicles and can be modified to work with
any contemporary infantry fighting vehicle equipped
with missile and/or cannon weapons systems. Unlike
the Abrams Adapter Kit, the Bradley laser transmitter
adapter has aural weapons effect signature simulator
(WESS) to replicate weapons firing.
A cable-free, tube-launched, wire-guided (TOW)
weapon effect simulator (WES) mounts in the TOW
launcher. This supports realistic loading and unloading
of the system. Built with safety in mind, SAIC's cablefree TOW has multiple safety features to protect the
warfighter from accidental discharge.
Features include the following:
Laser transmitter adapter mounts on the main gun
• Aural WESS for 25 mm firing
• Embedded solar panel with rechargeable battery
• Recharges adapter kit components in the transit

Bradley Adapter








Repeater Module (ORM)


MK-19 Simulator Player Unit

Through its modular design, the MK-19 Simulator Player Unit provides an interoperable solution that simulates the firing
and actual effects of an MK-19 in a MILES-based environment. It provides the common approach for the Stryker Remote
Weapon Station, M113 pintle mount, Autonomous Armored Vehicle (AAV), Humvee (HMMWV") and ground mount.
Controller-selectable features include the following:
• Four ammunition types along with unique ballistic characteristics
• Accurate time-of-flight simulation based on range and
ammunition type selected
• Compensation for super-elevation due to ammunition ballistics
• Independently adjustable vehicle and man-worn hit profiles
• Integrated detection system for casualty assessmeT
• Non-line-of-sight GB solution successfully demonstrated at
National Training C e r
Consistent laser footprint of 20 meters over the entire effective
• Uses actual weapon sights or optical sights




• Easy boresight verification requiring no external devices
• Firing indication to operator
• Firing flash cue visible out to maximum range
• External software re-programmability
• Two lines by 16 characters backlit LCD
s, Membrane switch panel for ease of navigation
• Storage of 1,000 time-tagged events
• Sixteen most recent events available for immediate review
Industry standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports for future growth
• Industry standard IrDA noncontact upload and download
• Audio cue device replicates the sound of the weapon firing

MK-19 Simulator Player Unit

Mini MILES Pistol Simulators


With an increased focus on security operations, combat
in urban terrain and close quarters combat, today's
warfighting environment has made the personal c
sidearm a key component of the individual warfighter'
equipment. These weapons demand a high level of
skills in target identification, rapid decision-making and
precision during engagement. This capability allows the
warfighter to train and exercise the full range of force
options in a realistic live training environment.
The SAIC Mini MILES product line can be quickly fitted
to a warfighters standard issue service 'sidearm. Our
in-barrel conversion kit provides a MILES firing solution
without weapon modification and yet retains all of
the normal soldier-to-weapon procedures, from target
identification and engagement to ammunition reload.
The SAIC Mini MILES can be used dry fire or with a
special blank round uniquely adapted to provide the
tactile and auditory cues of small arms engagements.
The Mini MILES device fits into a barrel insert and is fully
interoperable with legacy and existing MILES and WES
systems and seamlessly integrates with existing training
ranges or systems.




= L A I

Mini MILES In-Barrel Solution





Air Defense Weapons Systems (ADWS) MILES Kits

The ADWS MILES expands force-on-force live training
capability and fidelity from infantry-based and
armor-based exercises to the inclusion of simulated
air defense engagements—ground to air, and air to
ground. The ADWS provides an adaptable, wireless,
tactical engagement and instrumentation system for
contemporary air defense weapons manufactured
domestically and internationally
The ADWS delivers a high-fidelity detection system for
,real-time shot assessment in MILES-based live training
environments or combat training centers across the
globe. Through its modular design, the ADWS is an
interoperable solution that simulates the firing and
actual effects of a variety of air defense weapons in
both contemporary and older MILES-based technology
environments and combat training centers (CICs).
The ADWS provides MILES kits for the following air
defense weapons systems:

TOWShown as Mounted

MILESTransmitter for Air DefenseZSUandZPUWeapons

• ZSU-23


• ZPU-2
• Strela

I t :

• Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG)







SA-7 Simulator




Features of ADM include the following:
• Integrated detection system to track effects of MILESbased weapon firings
• Wireless system design that reduces installation time
of ADWS kits
• Batteries re-charged and BIT performed while in
transit case
• Proven instrumentation interface-compliant with all
three Army Combat Training Centers (CTC)
• PMT 90-5002 MILES Communication code (MCC)
• Uses actual weapon sights or optical sights
• Firing indication to operator
• Firing flash cue visible out to maximum range

Selectable features of the ADWS Controller Device
• Two lines by 16 characters backlit LCD display
• Membrane switch panel for ease of navigation
• Storage of 1,000 time-tagged events
• Sixteen most recent events available for immediate
Industry standard RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports for
future growth
Industry standard IrDA noncontact upload and
download interface



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