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electronic warfare system

Electronic warfare s:/$em


Geolocation, exploitation and denial
of tactical communications
RESOLVE is a 100% UK state-of-the-art field proven electronic surveillance and attack system. It benefits from
having both the software and hardware developed in conjunction wrth Roke's operational experts. More than

-1 50 systems are now in operation in a number of countries.
Tactical surveillance of military and civilian transmitters
RESOLVE is designed for the intercept, geolocation, exploitation and denial

Networking and data fusion
fully integrated wireless network connectivity, RESOLVE enables

of tactical communications in the HF to UHF frequency bands, for both

target data-fusion across the deployed baseline.~his
provides rapid

conventional and modem waveforms.A single RESOLVE system can be

target resolution, correlation and geolocation,

used in isolation to provide both full spectrum surveillance and Direction

through the use ofthe dedicated planagement

Finding (DF) capabilities usingAngle of Arrival (AOA) techniques.When

( ~ 1 s and
) G~~~~~~~~~

networked with other RESOLVE systems it is then possible t o position fix
targets and present them on a tactical map overlay


information system
system( ~ 1 s applications.

RESOLVE product suite
RESOLVE comprises a number of interoperable systems ranging from dismounts to fully integrated plafform and
static solutions.



Using the communications architecture, multiple systems can be

The flexibility of RESOLVE ensures commonality across the equipment

networked together to perform collaborative position fix operations.

fleet whether mounted or dismounted delivering not only military

RESOLVE provides an interface allowing interoperabilitywith thrid

advantage but reducing the significant training and support burden

party EW systems.

associated with a mixed equipment fleet.

One system - any mission
The RESOLVE RN Manpack can be deployed in a number of configurations including:

On-the-march: Immediate threat warning for the
dismounted soldier
The on-the-march configuration provides the dismounted operator
with an unrivalled threat warning and direction finding capability
RESOLVE Manpack in this configuration is unique in that it operates
while on the march, stationary or prone. Key to this is the QuadTac
Mini or QuadTac antenna which can be operated with the array
elements extended for maximum sensitivity,or closed to reduce the
visual signature. A ruggedised PDA allows the operator to view the
tactical DF plot, waterfall or spectral displays and input additional target
information while maintaining tactical awareness.

Next generation lightweight on-the-march capability
The operationally proven RESOLVE EW manpack system is now
available in a lightweight, self-contained system specifically for operating
whilst 'on-the-march'.Without compromising capability, the RESOLVE
lightweight manpack system delivers immediate threat warning,
electronic overwatch and single sensor geolocation, yet weighs just
I Okg.
RESOLVE lightweight manpack system has been designed t o reduce
soldier burden for modern ElectronicWarfare operations.

Lightweight - only l Okg


Real-time full spectrum surveillance and Direction Finding
Ruggedised NVG readable PDA with user selected displays
Low visual signature
Fits in any military rucksack (including day sacks)
High probability of intercept

RESOLVE lightweight manpack system


Static configuration:Electronic overwatch for forward
operating positions

On-the-move: Single sensor geolocation for
vehicles of opportunity

Understanding an adversary's intent coupled with accurate geolocation

The on-the-move configuration uses the same RESOLVE Manpack

information can only be achieved by network enabled sensors

t o provide a threat warning and running fix capabil~tyon vehicles of

providing position fix solutions.

opportunity Utilising the RESOLVE Universal Adaptor the QuadTac
antenna element can be quickly mounted onto any vehicle. Operators

In the Static configurationthe RESOLVE Manpack is used t o provide

then have the choice of using the PDA or ruggedised laptop which

networked EW capabilrty at fotward operating positions. Networking

gives access to the full suite of EW functions.

with other deployed RESOLVE systems provides enhanced EW capabilrty
such as automatic geolocation of signals of interest In this configuration
the full-suite of software applications can be utilised from the ruggedised
laptop enabling rapid interpretationof hostile activity that provides threat
warning, targeting and terminal guidance.
The Static configuration can be deployed such that the operator is colocated with the sensor element or remotely up to 50 metres from the
antenna for covert operations.

Networking and target data fusion across the RESOLVE
deployed baseline
Rapid target resolution, correlation,and geolocation
Manpack for deployment in complex terrain, covert operations, and
early entry
Intimate support to the tactical war fighter
Offline analysis and playback facility
Backhaul enabled - delivers accurate operational picture
to decision makers

Running Fix - while on the move mukiple lines of bearing can be
aggregated to establish a position fix.
Extended Operations - RESOLVE Manpack is able to harvest
power from the vehicle of opportunity

Flexibility & interoperability
RESOLVE can be frtted into a variety of platforms while maintainingthe flexibilrty to be easily dismounted for use in
complex terrain or discreet operations.
TheVQuad antenna can be elevated up to six metres for increased

Vehicle integration

sensitivitywith the addition of the Quadrant or MicroQuad HF

RESOLVE has been successfully integrated onto a number of vehicles

antennas,full spectrum coverage is achieved.

whether dedicated EW platforms or as part of a multi sensor ISTAR
capabilityTheVQuad can be radome protected for permanent

With the antenna nested the vehicle can conduct on-the-move

installations and mast mounted to increase range when stationaryWhen

position fix operations.Using course over ground from the built-in GPS,

moving, a single platform can deliver a position fix solution using running

numerous lines of bearing are aggregated (running fix) to establish

fix techniques and data can be rapidly transferred using a common

position fix solutions.When stationary the mast can be elevated and an

communications architecture.In addition RESOLVE can be easily

orientation reference is taken from the built-in compass.

integrated into a Battle Management System allowing the user to push
intelligence to a Common Operating Picture at the tactical, operational


Increase range
Power is harvested from the host vehicle negating the need for
Interoperable with dismounted RESOLVE systems

RESOLVE can be rapidly installed into any maritime platform to provide
single sensor intercept and geolotation,using running fix techniques.The
mast sensor can be remoted via fibre optic cable therefore minimising
cable loss.With a long heritage in RF modelling on naval platforms
we can advise on optimal antenna locations and de-risk any potential
coupling issues. Commonality of sensors in the land and mar'time
environments ensures interoperability which is essential to maximise
operational effectiveness.

and strategic levels.

Electronic warfare system

Eitended range
Mast mounted
A range of static mast mounted electronic surveillance solutions are
available to meet a variety of operational scenarios. Covering the full
detection range and with installations from 7m to 50m these antenna
configurations extend both the range and sensitivity of a RESOLVE

Mast Sensor
The RESOLVE Mast Sensor has been developed for use on large
masts (7m - 50m).This configuration houses the RESOLVE AGS unit
(the sensor at the heart of the system), switch box andVQuad within
the radome (not shown). Digitising at the antenna allows for increased
height while avoiding RF loss on the cable.
An optional addition to the Mast Sensor; MastQuad provides high
sens'iivlty,seamless coverage from 20MHz to 3GHzThe folding dipole
design is easy to erect and provides increased sens'itivlty and DF
accuracy at the lower operating frequencies.

TheVQuad can be mast mounted, radome protected, and elevated up
t o seven meters or mounted permanently onto any platform.VQuad
is based on the field proven and award winning QuadTac, however;
there is no requirement for the dipole arms t o close which allows for
larger dipole elements to be used. This provides increased sensiivlty at
the lower operating frequencies.

The latest generation AGS3 (Acquisition and Geolocation Sensor) is
equipped with a DC input range of 10.5 - 32V allowing compatibility
with vehicles, and low noise amplifiers maximising range and coverage
for surveillance and geolocation.

Real-time exploitation
Converting collection to intelligence
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides operators with intercept
data in real-time.
The RESOLVE system is controlled using the ruggedised laptop running
a suite of intuitive,integrated applications which enables the operator
to execute complex tasks.The Mission Information System provides a
dynamic and immediate operating picture presentingthe intelligence in
a format that is easily interpreted.

Intuitive interface
Powerful Mapping
Wide and narrow band survey
Recordingfor offline analysis and playback
Networked Ops (chat file transfer; event sharing)
Position fix of intercepted signals
Running fix

Mast mounted

Non-kinetic strike
The Electronic Attack subsystem provides a software integrated,hostile
communications denial capabilrty Using powerful software applicationsthe
operator is able to balance exploitation and denial ensuring that disruption
to hostile Q is optimised.
This optional capabilrty is based around commercial off the shelf
EA equipment and is controlled from the ruggedised laptop using a
dedicated EA application.

Integrated EA software
Modular sub system enables missions to be task equipped
Pre-emptive and responsive techniques
Omni-direct~onalor directional antennas

Training and support
We have operational staff that are familiar with the contemporary
operating environment and will help tailor a system to meet your needs.
We will analyse your mission requirements in a strategic context consider
through life support and recommend the optimal and most cost-effxtive
package to meet your needs,including logistics,training and maintenance.
The RESOLVE training course covers all aspects of the
system including:
Basic and advanced EW techniques


System setup and configuration
Development of tactics, techniques and procedures
Support and maintenance

Training courses are delivered by Roke's operational experts at our
dedicated RESOLVE Operation

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