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Part of the
Chemring Group








At Roke Manor Research we understand the chaflq ges
technology driven society. We'll examine your req k m
wlutions that tackle your particular issues head on.




From a background of producing cutting edge electronic Wchnoir
i d commercial customers for over 50 years, we can use our expertise to enhance your
operational capability.
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We provide research, technical consultancy, product development and whole life , , ,
solutions in sensors, information systems and communications. We can support l
your security operations by applying our extensive expertise in f i x d and wireless .
communications, video processing, positioning and audio processing to provide
innovative bespoke solutions. We can d ~ incorporate
Commercial OffThe Shelf
products for specific solutions as well as developing custom hardware for specialist
requirements, such as predetermined sizes or packaging. We man@or and have helped
rive the standards for mobile communications, WiFi and internet, making us
provide you with solutions and advice as new techndbg1es emerge.


*v*ad.. r'


Operating internationally as part of the Chernring Group we employ seve
exceptionalsngineers and scientists at our LIST X site in Hamashire.





Roke has a proven track record of providing ground-breaking surveillance solutions.
Our specialist expertise in radio systems, vision nmr-nssing and audio, means we ca
orovide systems to meet your requirements.

. ... .

a n i c Surveilla~
llRoke has a long history of prov~dingspecialist
electronic surveillance technology to the securit)
~dmilitary domains. Particular expertise includ~
mobile telephony, radio solution;s, nwel a
signs a-' '---dware mir on.

. B . . . . . ,

ssing capaolury, which spun G,,
stem, is used in a number
ce and security ap
include anomaly detection,
tracking from both fixed an

. . . . .....

rosmrloning r
"-ke has a strong capability in integrating
.,sitioning solutions to provide accurate anc
esilient location information.This capability is
being enhanced by the development of MILORTM.
The Miniature Integrated eLORAN Receiver will
offer the smallest eLORAN location, timing anA
tracking solution available. Utilising the eLORd
system to provide back up to the built-in GPS
ceiver, the module is protected against GPS
jamming, poor GPS coverage and outages,
providing an assured location and timing solution.

Audio >>

. ...... . ...





. ..

Roke's audio processing capability has
,r a number of applications, including the ,
(Hostile Artillery Locator) system, in service
the British Army and the US Marine Corps, and th
Universal Microphone, which can isolate sound
sources at a distance, c :elli out unwanted noise.




Roke can provide both consultancy and products to meet your intercept den% s,m
range, provides modular lawful intercept solutions whlst ourghowledgeof Commt
leaned from your data.?


ommunications Data >>

b d u l Intercept

' '3


:ations Data can

The Pico Probeiwncept is
Rake's Vanguard product range, which includes
probes scaling to 100 Gbit/s.The Pico probe is a
miniature network probe, built usin
deployed p d proven intercept software and suitable
for tactical deployment in property, affibes,WiFi
hotspot, cyber-cafe or hotel, It can be deployed in
a number of configurations making it suitable for a
wide range of operating environments. Its extremely
small size pfrkes it easv to conceal ideal for covert


this data to understandthe informa



Thevanguard product r'ange provides scalable,
modular lawful intercept solutions, optimised for
@er@ ance and designed for minimum total cost
of w&hip.
Vanguardhas b e n the trusted system
sf d.1
>'foroperators and governments across the -&b.Continued investment in Vanguard ensures
protocols, increasing line speeds
--sing range of applications.
: ??"L"


Developing mobile phone tech
to become an industrv hi


Rolce-Svast experience of mobile phone hardware


Roke is developing a system that builds up
cell-site survey information that can be collected
by officers carrying basic Android mobile
phones, Samples are taken and matched to
GPS oaordinates at regular intervals, with
action needed by the officer.The informat~on16
automatically"transferredto the central databasc
either via the mobile data network or when
connecting back at the station.The database car
then be queried for the measurements av
et a given locatZ-- and time.

and application software development provides
an in-depth knowledge of all the mainstream
mobile platforms; their capabilities, vulnerabilities
and information q-qrtunities they present.


pen Source ac
Cloud Forensic Capture z
~ k eis trialling a new tool which allov
investigating officers to capture and package
informati@nlaccessedfrom the web.This I an audit trail and simple playback of the c
taken to access the information, wi
'ormation stored in
evidentially secu



.... . . . . . . .

We provide direct support with rapid smartpkor
'App' analysis, providing in depth review of the
Apps being used in the planning and execution
of criminal acts, the problems they pose for law
enforcement and the opportunit:-tre are
evidence collection

Detection >>
3oke has an enviable history In the d gn i
development of specialist radio techr.,.dgia,
for security and military customers. Our late!
nnovations in this area are the RESOLVE and
-0CATE product suites for the interception
ind exploitation of signals of inte---'
RESOLVE is a state-of-the-art, field
proven, electronic surveillance and attack
system for the military. Designed for the
and denial of tactical
:ornmunications in the HF to UHF bands, the
lroduct suite includes manpack, vehicle and
nast mounted solutions to provide a comnlete
:W capability in the battlefield


-OCATE is a suite or integrated pZti"ct:
spectrum monitoring and direction findilly
of HF signals for government and civilian
operators. Roke can supply complete systems
or individual components to enbance existing
systems - from antennas to digital receivers,
and wideband monitoring and geolocation
software -we can provide a comprehensive
monitoring packaae to meet y

k -1

Uyber Secu
Roke has a formidable rep
>f industry standards can give you a head start in establishing d u t i o n s in this area.




HAlPE >>

... .. . . .

2ur in-depth knowledge of fixed and wireles
:ornmunications standards and the applications
~ n services
deployed, allows us to advise
:ustomers on the impact of ne
Jser behaviour and the cha
that present them

We continually track emerging standards for our
own products and for those of our customers as
?art of our product develspmaftt activitfe8,W are
e standardisation promimes
us to maintain a wealth r
lepth under&



A HAlPE is a high grade IP crypro d
secure communicationbetween
Our long history of networking S
along with out detailed HAlPE knowledge anu
significant testing experience, allows U
independent HAlPE consultancy and te
to facilitate all aspects of protqpment.
Roke offers n
topologv mrEFication,



bke Manor Research Ltd
jomsey, Hampshire, S051 OZN, UK
L +44 (011794 833000 1 F: +44 (011794 834
'art o f ,

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