Name: Q20

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High dynamics GPS tracking and positioning for
Test and Evaluation / Range Safety applications
or guidance of missiles and smart munitions
The QinetiQ Q20 HD GPS receiver is a
high performance, ultra-compact GPS unit
providing state of the art high dynamics
acquisition and tracking capability.
The Q20 HD GPS combines the latest
QinetiQGPS processor and a specially
designed RF front end, offering
excellent interference rejection and low
noise operation. The Q20 HD's novel
architecture has an unprecedented
number of simultaneous time /frequency
search windows, therefore the Q20 HD
can provide an extremely fast Time to First
Fix (TFF) under very high dynamics.
The Q20 HD can be used on it's own, in
navigation mode, where it gives full GPS
functionality and can acquire and track
signals while being exposed to dynamic
manoeuvres of up to 25g acceleration. It
can also be used as part of a full hybrid
GPS system when combined with the
QinetiQ Ground Segment Processor (GSP).
In hybrid mode, code measurements
are made in the mobile receiver and
transmitted to the ground segment where
they are incorporated in the navigation
solution update. In this mode the Q20 HD
can obtain fixes in typically less than 3.0
seconds from cold and support acquisition
and tracking throughout dynamics of up
to 50g.
The QinetiQ Q20 HD module provides
multiple interfaces and supports the
Range Commanders Council Missile
Application Condensed Message (MACM)
format, to aid integration into a wide
range of applications.

The Q20 HD GPS is available in a variety of
form factors for shells and mortars and a
general purpose rectangular 22 X 26 mm
reflow solder module for host platform
The Q20 HD has been designed to
support the latest military test, evaluation
and range safety applications, and
has demonstrated that it meets the
requirements of the U.S. Department
of Defense Joint Advanced Missile
Integration (JAMI) program.
The Q20 HD also offers an ultra-compact
C/A code GPS solution for smart
munitions where it can provide guidance
and tracking in low cost / high volume
The Q20 HD has been used on a wide
range of air launched missiles. It has
been successfully fired on board shells
and mortars, surviving launch setbacks in
excess of 20,000g.

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Key features

Jlslnon and tracking unde
nlgn velocity and acceleration


Fast time to fi

Performancetested and
proven in a range of missiles
and munitions
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Q20 High Dynamics GPS Receiver Module Specification
Receiver Type

12 parallel channel

CIA L 1(1575.42 MHz)


RF Reception Sensitivity


Signal Acquisition

4 satellites

<3 sec

All satellites in view (90%)

<7 sec


< l sec


<38 sec


<45 sec


<0.5 sec


<3 sec

Module dimensions

22.0mm (D) X 26.5mm (W) X 3.3mm (H)
Custom options available inc. 43mm

Supply voltage

3.15V to 3.45V

Operating / Storage Temp

-40°C to + 85°C / -55°C to +85"C

Max Velocity / Altitude

Currently set to 1,500ms-l& 30,000m

Time to First Fix


(for higher velocity / altitude
requirements please ask).
Supply of modules subject to export
Max Acceleration /Jerk

Navigation acquisition 25g / 500gs-1
Hybrid acquisition 50g / 500gs-1

Real Time Accuracy


Navigation <5m Hybrid <8m typical








3 UART ports 230 kBaud


Navigation: PVTM, MACM, Proprietary
Hybrid: Proprietary Binary and ASCll with
MACM and PVTM available from the GSP.

Update Rate

15.625 Hz (64mS) inc. raw data (code
and carrier)

This specification is subject to change without notice. In certain countries licence and export limitations may apply.

Customer Contact
Cody Technology Park
lvely Road, Farnborough
Hampshire, GU14 OLX
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)8700 100 942
Copyright O QinetiQ 09/11


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