Name: GAJT

Text: In the fog of war, accurate positioning is
(ey features
key to success. QinetiQ and NovAtel have
Seven antenna elements for up
produced the first single-unit GPS anti-jam 1to six independent nulls
Fully integrated l-box solution
antenna designed specifically for military
Compatible with existing GPS
land vehicles.


receivers and vehicle navigation

GAJT (pronounced "Gadget") nulls
jammers, ensuring the satellite signals
required to compute precise position will
always be available.
At just under 290 mm in diameter
GAJT provides anti-jam performance
comparable to much larger systems but at
a significantly lower cost.
GAJT is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)
product, providing short order lead times
and quick deployment. It easily integrates
into new vehicle platforms or can be
retrofitted with GPS receivers and vehicle
navigation systems on existing and legacy
military fleets.
Manufactured in Canada and
incorporating Canadian and UK
technology, GAJT only requires Canadian
and UK export approval, so export to
authorized customers is greatly simplified.

Protects Position; Saves Lives
GAJT's proprietary technology uses a
concept similar to that of noise-cancelling
headphones; it nulls the jammers that
are trying to overpower the satellite
signals that GPS positioning systems
use to compute location. GAJT defeats
jamming thanks to antenna elements
that create up to six independent nulls
in the direction of the jammers, so your
receiver is clear to acquire and track the
GPS signals you need to ensure accurate
battlefield position.

Without GPS anti-jam technology, a
simple low power jammer can overpower
GPS signals over a large area, denying a
position solution to the victim receiver.
GAJT improves the GPS jamming
immunity of the connected receiver,
significantly decreasingthe reach of
the jammers, ensuring that positioning
capabilities are retained during combat,
training or other vehicle based missions.
Successfully tested by the Canadian
military and at UK MODjamming trials,
GAJT leverages the proven expertise of
two technology leaders known for their
products' performance and reliability.
Military. personnel
can depend on GAJT
to help maintain situational awareness,
protecting soldier's lives and improving
strategic battlefield performance.





GAJT requires I
electronics; only power and
single RF cable required

Significantly shorter order lead
times than existing anti-jam




GPS L 1 and L2. Upgrade path for

l-Code (24 MHz




Non-ITAR product to ease exPort
to authorized customers

Prepared tc


How GAJT works
Jammers prevent determination ot
vehicle position and time

GAJT generates antenna "nulls" to
mitigate jammers

Instant Anti jam protection

Big Impact in a Small Package

The compact, efficient design of the
GAJT antenna makes the addition of
anti-jam capability to existing and new
vehicles easy. GAJT is externally mounted,
requiring no additional electronics inside
the vehicle-only power and a single
RF cable.

GAJT is an active antenna based on a
7-element controlled reception pattern
antenna and null-forming algorithm. The
antenna adapts the reception pattern
to reduce the gain in the direction of
malicious and accidental jammers.
Incorporating NovAtel's patented
7-element PinwheelTM
antenna, seven
independent copies of the GPS L 1 and
L2 frequencies are acquired from seven
different locations within GAJT's radome.

With minimal vehicle alterations, operator
training is unnecessary because the
original GPS unit remains in place.
The self-enclosed GAJT provides an
all-in-one solution unlike other anti-jam
devices that typically feature more than
one component. This results in faster
installation, minimizes vehicle downtime
and installation training, and makes it easy
to integrate or retrofit into existing and
legacy fleets.

Customer Contact
Cody Technology Park
lvely Road, Farnborough
Hampshire, GU14 O N
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)8700 100 942
Copyright O QinetiQ 09/11

GAJT generates multiple nulls to defeat
multiple jammers

Vehicle with typical GPS system

GAJT requires only power and
existing antenna cable

These are then down-converted to
intermediate frequency for high-speed
digital sampling and processing by
QinetiQ1s proprietary null-forming
algorithm. This optimizes the power and
phasing of the seven independent signals
to create a single, high quality output
signal. The output is then up-converted
to the original GPS frequencies. The
clean output signal is delivered through
a standard TNC connection, via coaxial
cable, to the antenna input port on new
or legacy GPS receivers.

NovAtel Inc.
1120 - 68th Avenue N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2E8S5
Tel: +
l295 4500



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