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Product overview

go2INTERCEPT passive:
GSM interception –
Passive, massive, of the air.
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go2INTERCEPT active basic:
IMSI catcher –
Identify, control, locate, 2G, 3G.
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go2INTERCEPT active extended:
IMSI catcher and voice interception –
Intercept, control, track, 2G, 3G.
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Passive version: GSM interception

go2INTERCEPT passive:
GSM interception –
Passive, massive, of the air.

The go2INTERCEPT passive off the air
GSM interception unit is able to intercept the communications between the
handset and the BTS.
It is a wide band (processing the whole GSM bands)
and passive solution, meaning that absolutely nothing is sent to intercept. It makes this solution completely undetectable by the targets or the operators
unlike active interception solutions in the markets.
Thanks to its dense FPGA architecture, this solution
is able to intercept up to 60000 communications per
hour, which enables this solution to be suited for massive application (border control for example), the
go2INTERCEPT (passive) is able to demodulate and
decipher in real time up to 320 duplex communication.

Two versions of go2INTERCEPT (passive) are available either in a 2U format for low cost application
(up to 20 full duplex simulta-neous communication)
or in a 3U format to get the full power of the systems.
The front end can be connected to the deciphering
box (go2DECIPHER) through ethernet connection
using either Vsat, 3G or cable links. In the case of a
powerful deciphering box, multiple front ends can
be connected.

Key features
‚‚ 3U 19’’ rack device
‚‚ 2G and 2,5G



‚‚ Up to 60000 intercepted
communications per hour


‚‚ From 10 to 320 simultaneous
voice interceptions

Base station

Mobile handset


‚‚ SMS, data and MMS supported

Key exchange
(Ethernet, GPRS or satellite)

‚‚ Simple Ethernet interconnection
to the deciphering box
‚‚ Can be used as a tactical
equipment in vehicles

Deciphering unit

Off the air GSM
interception system


Passive version: GSM interception

Filtering abilities
Once the intercepted communications are stored in
the data base, the user friendly GUI proposes many
filtering abilities (operators,services, target ...):
‚‚ Provider selection
‚‚ Cell selection: power and quality criteria
‚‚ Service selection: GSM, GPRS, SMS, In/Out call
‚‚ Target selection: TMSI, IMSI, IMEI, MS-ISDN

Passive off the air GSM interception front end
‚‚ Passive and wide band solution

‚‚ Up to 64 cells can be under surveillance

‚‚ All GSM bands (GSM450, GSM850, EGSM900,
DCS1800, PCS1900)

‚‚ Automatic cell detection
‚‚ Store telephone conversations on the hard drive

‚‚ Full band analysis: Simultaneous acquisition of
all channels

‚‚ Ability to listen to conversations in real time

‚‚ No limit on frequency hopping and real time
handover management

‚‚ Optional speaker identification thanks to biometric voiceprint technique

Control and test
‚‚ Remote and local control
‚‚ Ethernet connection to the deciphering unit

Operational / physical / electrical specifications
Technical parameters

2U version

3U version

Connection to deciphering unit

Ethernet (RJ45)

Ethernet (RJ45)

Number of simultaneous calls


128, 256 or 320

AC power

115/230 V AC ± 15 % 47-63 Hz

115/230 V AC ± 15 % 47-63 Hz


300 VA

400 VA


19” 2U

19” 3U


< 10 kg

< 27 kg

Operating temperature

0°C to +40°C

0°C to +40°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to +70°C

-40°C to +70°C


Active basic version: IMSI catcher

go2INTERCEPT active basic:
IMSI catcher –
Identify, control, locate, 2G, 3G.

The go2INTERCEPT active basic is a
tactical equipment managing target
identification and localization through
their IMSI or IMEI on 2G (GSM - DCS)
and 3G (UMTS) networks. Designed to
be operated by non specialists, it can
be used for mobile or fixed operations.
The equipment clones a neighboring cell (BTS or
Node-B) with user controlled parameters, forcing
the surrounding mobile equipments to identify themselves. Once identified, the mobiles can either be
kept within the cloned cell for further intelligence,
eavesdrop or send SMS in 2G, ringing the phone,
released on the original network, disabling it.

Cell cloning is pursued thanks to an advanced automatic 2G and 3G spectrum scanner.
The front end can be connected to the deciphering
box (go2DECIPHER) through ethernet connection
using either Vsat, 3G or cable links. In the case of a
powerful deciphering box, multiple front ends can
be connected.

Key features
‚‚ Embedded power amplifier
‚‚ Multi-bands and multicells
‚‚ Fast 2G/3G scanner
‚‚ Target identification, target localization, SMS interception, SMS sending, mobile ringing for localization
purpose, 3G -> 2G switch, mobile
disabling, interception of called
numbers, listening of environmental
‚‚ Data mining with a on-line and offline exploitation

Operator network

Tactical interception unit


Active basic version: IMSI catcher

Technical specifications
Mission Preparation

■■ Use of predefined scenarios or manual configuration
■■ Off-line & on-line mission creation
■■ Automatic generation of scenarios from environment (quick start)

Mission options

■■ Power ramp effect
■■ Mission scheduler: multi clone start / stop
■■ Ability to follow a moving target with continuous adaptation of clones to the environment (roaming)


■■ 2G/3G fast scanning, advanced configuration & cloning tool
■■ Clone coverage indicator


Multi-cells, multi-operators, multi-bands: GSM-900, DCS-1800, UMTS 900 and UMTS- 2100
(other frequency bands on request)

Action and data gathering


New contact / previously catched IMSI highlight
Multi localization
SMS (send / receive) (2G only)
Ringing for localization purpose (2G only)
Presence management (2G only)
Silent call for localization purpose
Blocking (2G only) / disabling of the mobile
Forcing target from 3G to 2G
Interception of called numbers (2G only)
Listening of ambient sounds (2G only)
Searching of mobile location with display on a map


Semi-ruggedized laptop



Contact identifications

■■ IMSI & IMEI full or partial
■■ Attributes (photos, notes, friends, enemies and associated actions [block, unblock, disable])

User profile

User restriction or full access

Inter-case / inter-mission search
Multiple catched IMSI and IMEI focus
Wild card search
Data base export
Eavesdropped SMS search / export
Display of Vortex-Air location when capturing

Pack 1 - pedestrian: backpack configuration
with enhanced battery autonomy

■■ 2 omnidirectional antennas and 1 high gain directional antenna
■■ 1 hot-swap battery (1.5 hour) with charger
■■ Back rack

Pack 2 - vehicle: installation in a vehicle with
enhanced autonomy and high coverage

■■ 2 omnidirectional antennas and 2 high gain directional antennas
■■ Lighter adapter

Pack 3 - fixed: monitoring and site protection

2 omnidirectional antennas and 2 high gain directional antennas

Physical specifications

400 x 268 x 80 mm


5.3 kg


110/220 V AC (power supply provided) or 9/24 V DC
< 140 W


40W at 900 MHz, 60W at 1800 MHz, 100 W at 2100 MHz

Antenna output

10 W mean in the band, up to 20 W peak


Active extended version: IMSI catcher and voice interception

go2INTERCEPT active extended:
IMSI catcher and voice interception –
intercept, control, track, 2G, 3G.
The powerful intelligence tool allows
effectively track targets activities by
monitoring their most used device –
their cell phone.

The IMSI catcher and voice interception system of
go2INTERCEPT is a state-of-the-art system that was
designed to monitor, track, manipulate and control
cell phones both in GSM networks and 3G (UMTS)

Key features
‚‚ Extract the phone identities – IMSI, IMEI, MSISDN

‚‚ Change the content of target SMS

‚‚ Collect the identities (IMSI/IMEI) of all phones in
area of interest

‚‚ Send fake SMS to target, or on behalf of
a target

‚‚ Alert about presence of target phones in the area

‚‚ Locate phones/target position

‚‚ Blocks phone communication – for all phones or

‚‚ Disable GSM activated explosive devices

‚‚ Intercept multiple calls and SMS simultaneously
in random and target mode (inbound and outbound communication)
‚‚ Disconnect designated calls
‚‚ Reroute calls and SMS to designated destination

‚‚ Covers multiple GSM and 3G networks
‚‚ Handles effectively any network encryption
(A5.0, A5.2, A5.1, A5.3)
‚‚ Tactical design for intuitive operation, easy
transport and fast deployment


Active extended version: IMSI catcher and voice interception

go2INTERCEPT (active extended) is designed to
perform man-in-the-middle attacks for mobile phones over GSM (2G, 2.5G) and UMTS (3G) networks.
The system emulates a real cell (base station) attempting the surrounding phones to select and register
to the fake cell. As a result, the system becomes
the serving cell of the surrounding phones (all pho-

nes or only designated phones) and consequently
controls the phones communication.
As such, the system is used to extract the target
identity, to track the target location, to monitor the
target communication and to manipulate the target
phone in advanced methods.

Typical applications
Calls and SMS interception


go2INTERCEPT (active extended) conducts seamless interception of target inbound and outbound
and SMS over GSM networks with-out cooperation
or authorization from the GSM operator. The system
can monitor as much targets as required and handle multiple live calls simulta-neously.

The system can block the communication of all
phones in a certain area or to block the communication of only specific phones.

Calls and SMS manipulations
Besides of monitoring the target calls and SMS, the
system allows to manipulate the target communication in various ways:

Find a target
The system force the phone to transmit a seamless
signal. The phone signal is tracked by a dedicated
receiver and allows getting closer to the target till
final resolution of its position.

3G (UMTS) handling
‚‚ Block or disconnect specific or all calls and SMSmessages of any target.
‚‚ Send fake SMS messages (fake content and fake
identity) to the target or on behalf of the target.
‚‚ Reroute calls and SMS from/to the target.
‚‚ Change SMS content that was sent from/to the
IMSI and IMEI extraction
The system allows to extract the identity of any
phone in the area and also to alert about the presence of specific phones or targets in a certain area.


Since interception is not possible over 3G networks,
the 3G module generates a signal to the 3G phones
that cause them to move to the GSM network.
Once the phone moves to the GSM network, the
GSM module takes over and conducts the interception of the target as well as all other actions that are
described above.

Active extended version: IMSI catcher and voice interception

Main modules of the system
GSM modules

Software application and UI (User Interface)

Each GSM module works on a specific band (e.g.
850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) and can emulate one
GSM network at a time. It is possible to change the
emulated network on the fly. If there is a need to
work on several networks in parallel or the networks
are using different bands, then several GSM modules are required in the system.

Installed on a standard laptop, the software (SW)
management application allows conducting all
tasks related to the system, to monitor in real time
the intercepted calls and to record all calls and interrogated information. The SW application includes
also a back-office that presents all logged data and
conduct applicable queries on the collected data.

3G (UMTS) module

Internal power amplifiers

Each 3G module works on a specific band (e.g.
850, 1900, 2100 MHz) and can emulate one 3G
network at a time. It is possible to change the emulated network on the fly. If there is a need to work
on several networks in parallel or the networks are
using different bands and/or multiple UMTS channels, then several UMTS modules are required in
the system.

To boost the transmission signal of the system, the
system includes 4W integrated power amplifiers
per each GSM module and 25W integrated power
amplifiers per each 3G module.

Routing modems
The modems in the system are used to reroute the
calls of the target to the real GSM network and vice
versa, in order to conduct full and seamless interception of the targets’ inbound and outbound calls
and SMS.


Active extended version: IMSI catcher and voice interception

Additional peripheral equipment that may be
used with the system

External GSM power amplifier

Most GSM networks are using A5.1 or A5.2 encryption protocol to enhance the privacy measures for
its subscribers calls.

In certain cases when more transmission power is
required to extend the effective range of the system, it is possible to connect 25W external GSM
power amplifier.

Yet, some networks allow calls to be conducted
with no encryption (AKA A5.0) when the phone
does not support the encryption protocol.
When A5.0 is allowed in the network, go2INTERCEPT
(active extended) reduces all intercepted calls to
A5.0 and does not need any external breaker, however, in cases were the network does not allow to
reduce to A5.0, it will be mandatory to connect the
system to an A5.1/A5.2 breaker that breaks in real
time the encrypted key (AKA Kc) in order to allow
the interception of the call or SMS.

External antennas
Various types of antennas can be deployed and
used for the system operation. The selection of antennas depends on the operation scenario and the
system setup such as magnetic omni-antennas
when patrolling with a vehicle in and urban area or
hi-gain directional antenna installed on a tripod or
mast in a long-range operation.

The breaker can be located next to the system unit
or remotely with any TCP/IP connection (i.e. LAN,
WIFI, UMTS connection).

System specifications
Technical parameters


Technical parameters


GSM frequency bands

850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

Detected identities


3G frequency bands

850, 1900, 2100 MHz

Voice codec types


Simultaneous duplex channels

4, 6 or more

Random & Target Mode


Simultaneous GSM BTS

2 or more

DTMF tones interception


Simultaneous 3G BaseStations

2 or more

Ability to handle 3G phones


Interception of outbound calls


Ability to locate target phones


Interception of inbound calls


Ability to change SMS content


Interception of outbound SMS


Ability to interrupt calls


Interception of inbound SMS


Ability to prevent calls



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