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PKI Products in the Seventies and Today



Interception and Monitoring Systems


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Counter Surveillance


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Video and Night Vision Systems


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Jamming Systems


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Police, Customs and Military Equipment


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Training Program


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Production and Development

Dear Customer,
With this catalogue PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH has
enlarged its product range considerably. For more than 40
years we have been specialists for surveillance systems.
Substantial orders from government departments reflect
the worldwide requirements due to terrorist attacks. PKI
stays abreast of these changes and has become
specialized supplier for many international departments.
For this reason we offer a wide range of anti-terror
equipment. Now it is much easier for government
departments to find and purchase discretely the
necessary equipment according to their approved
budgets. Mutual confidence and long-time experience is
indispensable in this field. PKI Electronic Intelligence
GmbH offers all these conditions and will meet your
individual requirements and produce sample devices on
We hope you will find our program interesting and will be
pleased to answer your enquiries.

We are looking forward to a fruitful business relation.

Your PKI-team

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


PKI Product Range

Professional Equipment for Emergency Aid
Intelligent Jamming Systems
Systems for Interception and Monitoring
of IT and Radio Transmissions
Video and Night Vision Systems using
Image Intensifying and IR Cameras
Mechanical and Electronic Devices for
Police, Customs and Military Departments
Custom-made and Portable Devices for
Digital Audio/Video Transmission,
Receivers and Recorders
GPS, GSM Navigation and Tracing Systems
Protective Clothing
Systems for Optical and Wireless Detection,
Inspection and Analysis
All Types of Devices for Counter Surveillance
X-ray Inspection Systems
Electronic Devices for Prisons
Professional Maintenance and Training Program


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Production and Development

PKI Development

PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH has been engaged in the development and production of
surveillance systems for more than 40 years. Our main project at the moment is the
development of wireless energy transmission, especially for our monitoring devices. This
will allow unlimited operation of a monitoring system without integrated power source.
Furthermore it is possible to activate the device from outside.
Nowadays the systems use stray magnetic fields by which the received power is reduced
depending on distance which has a drastic impact on their efficiency. The magnetic coupled
systems mainly work at the antinodal point, in order to increase the range and transmitted
power. We expect to be able to launch a fail-safe product in 1-2 years. PKI has also
improved their proven laser monitoring systems. Automatically working digital filters
suppress noise levels resulting in interference-free receipt of voice signals.
PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH worked hard on difficult in- and outdoor monitoring
systems. This product range comprises various versions of stethoscopes as well as
completely wireless audio/video surveillance devices of 20 mm Ø for fixation on windows.
Even higher windows can be reached by our newly developed CO2 launcher.
Furthermore we would like to point out our mobile Audio/Video CCD-LED night vision
camera with video glasses and earphone. This device allows completely unobtrusive
monitoring at a distance of up to 100 m under no-light conditions.
The recording technology of Audio/Video signals has been revolutionized by micro memory
cards. PKI offers all imaginable constructions, some of them not bigger than a fingertip,
camouflaged in watches, sunglasses or pens.
Our GSM/GPS developments are interesting as well. These allow mobile audio/video
surveillance from all over the world, indicating the exact location and this in a housing not
bigger than a matchbox.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


PKI Products in the Seventies and Today
PKI has been producing equipment for protection of a country against internal and external threats since 1968. Of course the technology
has experienced tremendous changes in the course of more than 40 years. Hereunder we will give you some brief explanations.

Transmitting and receiving monitoring devices
These so-called “bugs” are still used nowadays. However analogue technology
has been replaced by digital technology. This new digital technology offers completely
different possibilities such as GPS and GSM.

The receiving units have also made great strides.
Even here the digital devices dominate the market.
Especially the enlarged frequency ranges and increased
input sensitivity have to be pointed out.

Electronic Stethoscope
These devices have always proved to be indispensable.
Outdoor surveillance is still very popular.

Recording devices
Secret voice recording is still of utmost importance.
The devices have been revolutionized by digital technology.


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Production and Development

Detecting devices
Various constructions have been developed
in order to detect so-called “tapping bugs”.
Most of them are designed as hand-held
and/or portable devices.

Phone monitoring
Phone monitoring is still the easiest and most
effective method to obtain important information.
GSM-systems now allow this from all over the world.

Formerly these devices were limited to the UHF-range.
By means of today’s modern digital technology much
higher interception frequencies can be achieved which
increases the need for efficient jammers in order to make
eavesdropping devices and remote controls useless.

Visual monitoring
Taking secret photos still remains one of
the main sectors in surveillance activities.
Even here the digital technology
has changed everything.

Night vision
Where IR-night vision devices were used in
former times, nowadays we use low-light
amplifiers or thermal cameras.

Of course we could show you so many more examples, however, we think that professional monitoring comprises an ever larger range.
PKI offers you “all from one source”. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems




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Production and Development

PKI 1100

Monitoring System for E-Mail, Internet, Phone and Fax
Connection of the PKI 1100 is effected parallely
to a 4-wire analogue telephone line. The system
includes a data base to view the captured
information together with date, time and duration
of monitoring. The current monitoring state can
also be shown here, based on recorded,
processed, printed and archived data, among
others. The system intercepts telephone,
modem, fax and compiles interception
databases. This sophisticated recording system
with data storage on removable disc archiving
looks like a standard Notebook.
Results are displayed by means of the standard
internet explorer, as well as Microsoft Outlook
Express. Line status – detection of hook, pulse,
DTMF, wiretap – depends on the highest possible
data rates. PKI 1100 can interface an analogue
line with either a two-wire serial connection by
means of an extra tapping device or a two-wire,
resp. four-wire parallel configuration.

• Monitoring of 4 telephone lines simultaneously
• Combined voice, fax, e-mail and internet
monitoring in one system
• Sophisticated recording system

• Data storage on removable disc
• Low speed modem protocols
V.21; Belli 03; V.22bis; Bell 212A; V. 23
• Error correction procedures MNP 2-4; V. 42
• Data compression procedures MNP 5, V. 42 bis
• Synchronization and data transfer
Van Jacobsen; IPCP; CCP; MS PPC
Protocols in accordance with OSI model

are compatible
• Data link layer HDLC, PPP, Slip, Cslip
• Network layer IP
• Transport layer TCP, UDP
• Session layer
• Operating temperature
0° to 50°C

GSM amplifier: 55dB – 1800 MHz
• Frequency: uplink: 1710 - 1785 MHz
downlink: 1805 - 1880 MHz
• Power: uplink: -32dBm - -27dBm
downlink: -38dBm - -37dBm
• Gain: 55 dB
• Bandwidth: 6 MHz – 25 MHz
• Return loss: • Noise coefficent: <5 dB
• V.S.W.R. < 1.5
• Delay: 1 µsec
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC (included)
• Connector type: N-Female
• Size: 300 x 200 x 50 mm
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

G3 – UMTS amplifier: 60dB- 2100 MHz
• Frequency: uplink: 1935 - 1990 MHz
downlink: 2125 - 2170 MHz
• Gain: <60dB
• In-band fluctuation: < 2dB
• Output power: < 17 dBm
• Miscellaneous radiation: ≤-30dB,
• Time delay: ≤ 5µsec
• Third order intermodulation (dBm):
9K-1 GHz ≤ -36/1G-12.75 GHz ≤ -30
• Standing wave: ≤ 1.5
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC
• Connector type: N-Female
• Noise coefficient: ≤ 5dB
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Size: 300 x 200 x 50 mm
• Working temperature: -10°C - +60°C
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

PKI 1200

GSM Repeater
This GSM repeater amplifies received signals of
all networks which considerably enlarges the
action range. Especially in rooms where GSMreception is restricted or even impossible, this is
very important. Often this is the fact in buildings
and constructions out of concrete and steel. The
PKI 1200 repeater is designed for specific
application and ensures successful data
exchange at full signal strength. It comes with
power adapter 220 V AC / 12 V DC, instruction
manual incl. circuit diagram, installation material
and antenna.
GSM amplifier: 70 dB - 900 MHz
• Frequency:uplink: 890 - 915 MHz
downlink: 935 - 960 MHz
• Power: uplink: 19dBm downlink: 19dBm
• Gain: 70dB
• Bandwidth: 6 MHz – 25 MHz
• Return loss: • Noise coefficent: <5 dB
• V.W.S.R.< 1.5
• Delay: 1 µsec
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC (included)
• Connector type: N-female
• Size: 200 x 150 x 40 mm
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 1500

Cellular Monitoring System
PKI is worldwide one of the leading producers of
monitoring devices of cellular phones.
This highly sensitive field of interception is of
utmost importance to all government agencies,
especially secret-service departments, as
state-relevant information is globally frequently
exchanged via cellular telephones. To control
such tasks it is indispensable to use the PKI
PKI 1500 is a multi-channel cellular monitoring
system designed for passive interception of GSM
radio signals. It intercepts GSM network
information data directly without interfering with
the GSM network. It is completely passive and it
will never be detected by the target person. The
system includes eight duplex channels, control
and data processing analysis software, UHF
antennas and laptop. It has the advantage of
compact design, friendly interface and is easy to
operate. It can easily be put into a vehicle or
anywhere you want for your action. The system
provides voice monitoring and very accurate
tracking and locating function of target mobile
PKI 1500 is the most advanced and unique GSM
locating subsystem, without using any 3rd party
GPS device and with the only built-in fabulous
full angle antenna. The GSM locating sub-system
is built-in and can be separated from the whole
system. The system is equipped with a
decryption module which is capable of handling
A 5.0 and decrypting A 5.2 encryption protocols
in real-time.
Basis functions
The system provides eight duplex channels using
the following frequency ranges of 900 MHz, 1900
MHz or 900/1800 MHz. According to some
feature of the signal, the system can
automatically select the best channel to monitor
and record. The system supports simultaneously
operation on multiple networks and is suitable
during mobile operation. While operating in an
area where many cellular phones exist PKI 1500
offers two working modes: in random
interception mode it can monitor and record up
to 8 full duplex calls and SMS including the
relevant duplex phone identities such as TMSI,
IMI, IMEI, BCD number, target distance from the
base station etc.. In special mode the system can
monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls
and SMS of special target phones and at the
same time the system can extract all relevant
phone identities of target phones.
PKI 1500 works in real time and with a locating
accuracy of approx. 2 meters. It uses vehicle and
personal locating subsystems in order to locate
the target phone. The position of the inactive
target phone will be rapidly (10-15 minutes)
located without becoming aware by the phone
user. Should the operator know the location area
and cell IDs of the target phone in advance the
locating time will be even much shorter.


PKI 1500 provides three modes, i.e. target phone
monitoring, blind interception and short
message monitoring in the unencrypted GSM
network. When target phone monitoring is
required the system monitors all details
concerning the target phone call, i.e. it provides
the phone number of both parties, voice, cell
parameters, when calling started and ended,
distance from the base station etc. In case of
blind interception the system collects call
information in a local region. By using its
conversations, calling and called numbers
simultaneously. The provided information can be
listened to in real time or as playback later. The
third mode is the short message monitoring
mode which allows not only blind interception of
short messages in local regions but also
direction finding and locating of the target phone
sending short messages.
Soft Ware
PKI delivers a special developed software with C
language. We provide a pre-installed laptop and
media installation for backup. All intercepted
communications (voice, SMS and the relevant
identity datas) are stored on a hard disk which
can be easily accessed by the operator. The
software has a strong ability to query target
records and to relisten.
The host equipment will be placed in the vehicle
whereas the antenna can be camouflaged in any
roof box.
Delivery Scope
The total system consists of:
• base station

• Laptop with built-in management software
(English interface)
• Antenna direction finding subsystem
• Activating device (mobile phone)
• Data transceiver
• Personal locating subsystem
• Power supply
• Frequency range: 900 MHz, 1900 MHz,
900/1800 MHz
• Supports GSM/CDMA/OCS network
Direction finding system (distance between
personal locating system and target):
up to 3000 m
• Direction finding degree of accuracy: +/- 1°
• Recording time: up to 72 hrs
• Antenna unit dimensions:
800 mm Ø
200 mm height
25 kg weight
• Base station dimensions: 19” rack
• Weight: 12 kg without backup battery
• Power supply:
220 AC for fixed location
12 DC backup battery for mobile use,
• Durability of battery: 1 month in mobile status
• Dimension of battery: 10x18x12 cm, 6 kg
• Sensitivity of receiver: 1 microvolt
• Distance between vehicle and personal locating
subsystem: max. 2000 m
• Locating accuracy (personal locating system):
One target locating every time
Please note that we can also deliver A 5.1
decryption and 16 channels on request

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 1800

Digital Telephone Monitoring System
The PKI 1800 is a comprehensive and state-ofthe-art end-to-end solution for monitoring,
processing, analysis and dissemination of
intercepted telecommunication interactions.
Due to rapid structural changes in worldwide
telecommunication systems a solution
integrating all such tasks is provided by the PKI
1800. It offers facilities to monitor ISDN, Digital,
PCM30 transmissions as well as all other forms
of communication whether they be voice, fax,
modem, radio communication or other data
transfer. Based on a single, unified platform, PKI
1800 handles all kinds of telephone and Internet
data and thus offering unprecedented features. It
provides security agencies with flexibility,
reliability and versatility in signal intelligence
interception and analysis. The PKI 1800
combines all these facilities to comfortably
managing unlimited amounts of intercepted
communications together with instant target
information by just using a minimal amount of
space and manpower. The major feature of the
PKI 1800 is its flexibility and extraordinary
storage capacity, linked to its ability to instantly
recall, via the displayed data management target
software, intercepted target telephone calls
without interrupting the digital tape recording
and archiving process. This enables the operator
to either carry out interception and playback from
one system, or optionally via a separate playback
unit. This means that highly classified and
priority interception can be configured for
transfer by authorised users on a real time basis
to a selected location ensuring that the right
persons are informed on time.
The PKI 1800 is available in several versions,
depending on the number of channels and
end-users monitoring requirements, from
minimum 8 channels to 64 or max 128 channels.
The major criteria of the PKI 1800 software is to
display all information immediately and to enable
instant evaluation, thus dramatically reducing the
time needed, compared to time-consuming
evaluation of reel or audio tapes. The software is
known as the target evaluation and configuration
interface (TEC) which is installed onto the
delivered workstation. The sophisticated menu
provides optimal guidance for selection/viewing
and processing of large quantities of data. The
TEC software has one control menu and 4
submenus being linked to user's authorisation
key code. They are easiliy accessible and can be
seen at a glance on the display monitor. Upon
entry to the main control menu selection, the
user will see - displayed on the screen - the
current channel status which provides activity
information as well as remaining tape time, disk
end time and selection for the 4 submenus via
the preprogrammed password. The configuration
menu enables the user to select and change the
technical charateristics of each channel
depending on the input conditions. This enables
the PKI 1800 to monitor telephone interception
from various types of exchanges and radio
communication input channels simultaneously.

• Non detectable input impedance
• Simultaneous playback and
on-line recording
• Network upgradeable, high MTBF
reliability, 1/T1 interception

• Automatic monitoring, interception
and recording
• Password protection
• Selectable input characteristics,
PABX interfaces
• Analogue/ISDN line, LAN/WAN facility
Tape / DVD archiving

PKI 1800 Digital Playback Unit
The optional extras available include the digital
playback unit which recalls earlier recordings
either directly from the DAT cassette of the PKI
1800 or from archived versions. It is an
essential accessory to the PKI 1800. Housed in a
standard desk top PC with built-in 4 channel
voice card, hard disk and loudspeaker the digital
playback unit is used for a number of
applications. Usually used as a playback unit for
evaluation of recorded data it alternatively can be
used as a mass storage facility for archiving or as
a supervising position. It incorporates the
standard PKI 1800 software enabling instant
recall and evaluation. The intercepted data is
loaded onto the digital playback unit from the
DAT cassette or linked to the PKI 1800 for
automatic download. The unit can be installed
with one or two DAT drives, enabling the
evaluated data to be downloaded onto the 2nd
drive with the non-essential data being ignored,
cancelled or simply kept on the 1st DAT for
archiving. The optional extras include a built-in
fax and data interception system plus a
transcription interface.
• Channels: 8, 64 or 128
• Voice interface cards: 4 voice channels per
card, each channel digitised to 64 kbits/s using
ADPCM conversion. User selectable data
compression to 32 kbits/s or 16 kbits/s
• Frequency response: 300 Hz to 3.400 Hz

• Line inputs: Parallel telephone input impedance
- > 30 kOhm (isolated to 3000 V) warning bleep
(as CCITT 180)
• Transformer isolated: input impedance
- 600 Ohm (isolated to 3000 V)
• E1/T2: 2.048 MHz E1 & 1.544 MHz
T2 digital data link
• Line outputs
• Transformer isolated: output impedance
- 600 Ohm (isolated) output signal - 0 dBm
0=1.23 Vrms
• Monitor output
• Internal speaker
• Headphone jack socket
• Data interface cards: 4 channels per card,
RS232/RS422 serial data
data rate up to 64 kbits/s rapid access
• Storage: 1 GB hard disk
• Archival storage: digital audio tape (DAT)
• Recording time: 1 GB hard disk - 1 hr for 64
channels at 32 kbits/s.
tape - up to 24 hrs for 64 channels at 32 kbits/s
depending on capacity of the storage device
• Reliability: MTBF - 80.000 hours
• Power supply: single phase
AC 240/115 V 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption: < 150 W
• Weight: 8 channels 55 kg 128 channels 165 kg
• Dimensions: 8 channels 56 x 38 x 70 cm
128 channels 60 x 157 x 70 cm
• PC requirement min 286 based PC or better/
EGA or VGA display

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 1830

Wireless Network Monitor, Decrypter and Viewer via WLAN or Bluetooth
PKI 1830 is a powerful wireless network monitor
and analyzer that enables you to monitor and
view any wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n communication
around you. The system detects and displays all
wireless access points and stations within
reception range and provides important
information about each of them. Now, after all
necessary data is in front of user the target can
be selected and capturing of all transmissions
can start. PKI 1830 is a comprehensive and
affordable tool for wireless LAN administrators,
security professionals, network programmers, or
anyone who wants to have a full picture of the
WLAN traffic. The application requires Windows
2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and a compatible
wireless network adapter. PKI 1830 can also be
used for interception via Bluetooth.
PKI 1830 provides the following features:
• scanning for WiFi stations and access points
• capturing 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g
and 802.11n WLAN traffic
• WEP or WPA keys specification to
decrypt encrypted datas
• display of detailed per-node and
per-channel statistics
• display of detailed IP connections statistics:
IP addresses, ports, sessions, etc.

• reconstruction of TCP sessions
• configuration of alarms that can notify you
about important events, such as suspicious
datas, high bandwidth utilization, unknown
addresses, rogue access points etc.
• creation of “pie” charts of protocols
• monitoring of bandwidth utilization
• browsing of captured and decoded
datas in real time

• searching of strings or hex data in
contents of captured data
• creation of files containing individual
or all data packets
• offline loading and display of captured files

PKI 1850

PC-supported Telephone Monitoring System
The surveillance of any kind of telecommunication, of course, is our main field of business.
Whether analogue, digital or cellular, you will find
the corresponding monitoring device in our
scope of supply and in this catalogue. The PKI
1850 has been developed for the monitoring of
digital and ISDN telephone lines. But the main
advantage is that it can be used for stationary
and mobile use. Without any problem each
necessary data, like telephone number, date, time
and other criteria can be stored on a laptop. Each
call will be stored as a WAV-file. By means of the
supplied software, the WAV-file can easily be
administrated and can be opened to hear the
content of each call plus indicating the relevant
data. Each WAV-file can be stored in compressed
or uncompressed version for further action.
• Dimensions of unit without laptop
approx. 76 x 55 x 19 mm
• Weight of unit without laptop approx. 50 g
• SO-interface ITU-Standard I.430
• Connection 2 x RJ45 Western Modular
• Tests Polarity, Framing, Power, Protocol
• Channels 2 x (D, B1, B2), E, M, A, Q, S
• USB 1.1 and 2.0 (full speed)
• USB socket USB Type B
• Power < 90 mA
• LEDs 4 x red/green


• Storage:
16 KB per second/call, uncompressed WAV file.
• Sampling frequency 8000 Hz
• WAV format A-Law Stereo, Mono, MP3, GSM
• Operating System required on PC/laptop:
Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003,
Windows XP, Windows Vista
• Software disk space max. 140 MB
• Processor 500 MHz (min for single device

• Connection to telephone system
Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint
• Device package includes
PKI 1850 device, Software-CD, USB and ISDN
cables, instruction manual

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 1855

Hard Disc Converter
With PKI 1855 it is easy to copy datas from built-in hard discs. Just connect
the hard disc to the USB port of your PC by means of the PKI 1855.
Compatible with all standard 1,8”, 2,5” and 3,5” IDE hard discs. By means of
this copying converter you can easily obtain all important information.
Furthermore this converter is also suitable for testing and connection of all
types of hard discs and burner via USB 2.0 port.
• Hard discs: SATA (L-type) and IDE, copying possible
• Sizes: 1,8”, 2,5” or 3,5”
• Comes with: converter, adapter, power plug, SATA-cable
• Various: no installation inside PC necessary

PKI 1860

Telephone Tapping Device
The PKI 1860 can easily and quickly be installed on telephone lines, subject
to entering the room at least once or for a short time. It allows continuous
tapping of a telephone line without leaving outer traces. Just clip the contact
clamp onto the telephone cable and listen to the conversation of both sides
via the included headphones, or alternatively save it with a recording device.
• The only way to tap telephone lines without having to cut them.
• Impossible to be detected or located via TDR reflectometer.
• Easy and quick installation – just fix the clamp onto the cable and
turn it on.
• Equipped with connection sockets for headphones and recording
device (D 1300)
• Dimensions: approx. 34 x 20 x 114 mm

PKI 1865

Digital Telephone Conversation Recorder
Small but powerful – a technological miracle.
With this recorder all telephone conversations
can be controlled. It works on both, analogue and
digital telephone systems. Very simple
installation between receiver and telephone set
by means of the included connection assembly.
Due to the integrated voice-control all telephone
conversations will be recorded automatically and
can be monitored either via the integrated
speaker or earphones (included). Also included
is a connection cable for playback via PC.
• Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA
• Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C
• Frequency range: 500 Hz-3500 Hz
• Max. output: 200 mW / 8 ohm
• Operation time: more than 12 hours
• Dispay: LCD
• USB interface: USB 2.0 standard
• Weight: approx. 34 g w/o batteries
• Dimensions: 115 x 33 x 15 mm
• Supported data formats:
1) MP3 (MPEG 1,2 and 2,5 with audio layer 3)

2) WMA (Windows-Media-Audio)
• Data stream
1) MPE (8 to 320 kbps) on playback
2) WMA (32 to 192 kbps)
• Recordings: Telephone, integrated and external
microphone, line-in
• Max. number of recorded segments:
2 x 200 segments / files
• Name of directories and data type:
(directory/recording quality/data type)
IP *1 / „ACT“ data type

SP *1 / „WAV” data type
MP *1 / „MP3” data type
*1 IP, SP und HP = low, standard
and high performance
• Average recording capacity:
1 GB Memory – depending on
recording quality and type:
(HP) *1 10 h
(SP) *1 70 h
(IP) *1 282 h

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 1870

Analogue Conversation Recorder
This analogue conversation recorder stores your telephone conversations
automatically onto standard audio cassettes. Due to the integrated voice
control the recording does not start until beginning of a conversation and
automatically stops at its end. The total recording time is up to 8 hours. With
the PKI 1870 you have the possibility to control all telephone conversations
in your house during your absence. A similar device for digital telephone
systems is part of our product range as well. Please contact us for detailed
• Recording time: 8 h on standard 120 min. audio cassette
• Integrated microphone for notes
• Output for headset
• Included: adapter for telephone receiver, audio cassette, power plug

PKI 2205

Analogue Room Transmitter
Room monitoring requires a small but powerful
audio transmitter. Latest technology and
consequently low current consumption allows up
to 15 hrs continuous surveillance operation. Only
by implementation of SMT (surface mount
technology) its extremley small dimensions
could be achieved. Metal housing manufactured
by rotary-grinding from one metal block provides
excellent emission characteristics. The placing of
a bug has to happen very quickly. The PKI 2205
room transmitter with its external power supply
solves the problem, because only the external
battery has to be connected and the unit is ready
to operate. The PKI 2205 Room Transmitter is
available in standard frequencies within UHF
band. VHF, SHF or spezial frequencies
are available on request.

• Standard Frequency UHF
• A 427.125 MHz
• B 427.475 MHz
• C 427.825 MHz
• others on request
• RF Output Power 100 mW
• Modulation / Deviation
NFM @ 5 kHz
• Spurious Suppression
better than 50 dB
• Operation time
15 hrs / 9V standard battery
• Microphone
internal electret
• Microphone Sensitivity -62 dB
• Dimensions (LxWxH) 30x16x8 mm

PKI 2210

Analogue Telephone Transmitter
If a telephone monitoring operation is on long
term basis or access to the target area is
restricted then the PKI 2210 Telephone
Transmitter is the perfect solution. It is not
necessary to have direct access to the telephone
set. Any location along the telephone line can be
used for monitoring. This transmitter operates
automatically, i.e. the internal off-hook detection
circuit automatically switches from standby to
activation and transmission. Only transmitting
when a telephone conversation takes place, this
wireless bug is undetectable. The sensitivity on
the telephone line can be adjusted manually.
Another advantage is its independence from
short-lived power supplies like batteries, so that
a continuous monitoring of the target area is
guaranteed. The installation on the telephone line
should be made in serial mode. Both polarities
are allowed. PKI 2210 is available in standard
UHF. Special frequencies on request.


• Quick and easy installation
• Designed for professional use
• Automatic off hook on telephone lines
• Ideal for long term, unattended operation
• Smallest dimensions

• Unlimited operation time
• 5 mW output power
• UHF frequency
• External antenna
• Dimensions: 24x14x8 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2215

Analogue Stethoscope Transmitter
Listening through solid structures as well as
through windows is an important task for
special operational teams. The PKI 2215
Professional Stethoscope Transmitter is the
perfect solution for this purpose. The PKI 2215
has excellent clear audio pick-up and can be
adapted to the customer´s requirements. On
request PKI 2215 can be delivered with
amplification which is adapted to the local
environment, such as wall thickness and window
characteristics. The sensitivity can be adjusted
by a miniature trim potentiometer. This
adjustment also influences the frequency
characteristic, which means that for walls the
higher frequency part will be amplified, on
windows vice versa. Additional adjustment is
possible by using different thickness of the
adhesive paste between sensor and pick-up

PKI 2220

PKI 2225

PKI 2230

surface. The unit is absolutely suitable for
professional use. The highly sensitive sensor and
the electronic parts are integrated in a solid metal
• Monitoring of inaccessible rooms
• Listening through solid structures like
walls and windows
• Optimal audio performance
• Metal housing
• Installation with adhensive paste
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 1 mW output power
• Standard Lithium battery
• 24 hours operation time
• Dimensions 64x21x6 mm

PKI 2235

Pocket Receiver, Handheld Receiver, Scanning Receiver, Universal Receiver
Special surveillance operations ask for modern
and first-class devices that are able to fulfil all
requirements. PKI offers various receivers with
numerous frequency ranges for all applications.
In order to guarantee highest possible
transmission and reception ranges all PKIreceivers offer outstanding input sensitivities.
PKI 2235 not only includes a built-in digital
recorder like PKI 2230 but also a digital receiver,
i.e. this receiver can be used universally for all
PKI transmitter, whether analogue or digital or
PKI 2220
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz or
UHF 370-430 MHz
• Channels: 3
• Power supply: 9V battery
• Demodulation: FM narrow band@6 kHz
• Sensitivity: better than 0,5µV@20 dB S/N
• Operation time: 8 hrs
• Squelch range: 0,2µV – 1,5µV
• Antenna: 50 Ohm
• Weight: 250 g
• Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 24 mm
PKI 2225
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz or
UHF 370x450 MHz
• Channels: 10 selectable channels
• Power supply: 7,5V DC/700 mAh
rechargeable batteries
• Sensitivity: 0,25µV at 12 dB
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 8 hrs
• Weight: 350 g
• Dimensions: 112x54x45 mm
• Audio output: headphone, recorder

PKI 2230
• Frequencies: 1.6 MHz – 3,3 GHz
• Channels: _ 1000
• Power supply: 3x batteries type AA
• Sensitivity: 0,4µV – 5,6µV
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 6 hrs
• Weight: 320 g
• Dimensions: 60 x 142 x 35 mm
• Audio output: headphone
PKI 2235
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz
UHF 370-450 MHz
SHF 1000-2450 MHz

• Digital receiver: 400-440 MHz
• Modulation: FSK@100 kHz
• Power supply: rechargeable batteries, Li-ion
• Sensitivity: 0,4µV – 2,8 µV
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 20 hrs.
• Weight: 4,2 kg
• Dimensions: 300 x 220 x 60 mm
• Audio output: headphone
• Antenna socket: SMA 50 Ohm,
• Audio: squelch, equalizer
• Extras: programming software for PC
• Frequency stability: +/- 6ppm (+10° to +60°C)
• Various: fits in every briefcase
• Comes with: charger, antenna, earplug and
instruction manual in English

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2240

Professional Transmitter / Receiver Set with Digital Recorder
Small and light-weight, but full capacity - that is the PKI 2240. An excellent
transmitter and receiver set for immediate monitoring. The frequency-stable
transmitter is designed for room monitoring and can also be worn on the body.
The sensibility of the microphone can be adapted to environmental
circumstances (dynamic compressor). The receiver equipped with high 0,4µV
input sensitivity guarantees coverage of farest distances between transmitter and
receiver. The external recorder automatically captures signals from the receiver
and stores them during up to 282 hours, which means that the signals of the pokket receiver can be listened to directly as it works fully automatically and autarkic. Application of the PKI 2240 is self-explanatory and does not need any
instruction. Please read the technical datas carefully – you will be impressed
about latest techniques developed by our PKI specialists.
• Dimensions: 45x25x10 mm
• Weight: 40 g
• Frequency: UHF 427 MHz, VHF and
SHF on request
• RF Output power: 50 mW
• Modulation: NFM@5kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 50 dB
• Operation time: 15 hrs
• Power supply: Lithion-Iion batteries
• Microphone sensitivity: -62dB
• Microphone: internal electret
• Various: charger included in the set
• Dimensions: 100x 60 x 20 mm
• Weight: 110g
• Frequency: UHF-range 427 MHz, VHF
and SHF on request

• Receiver sensitivity. better than
0,4µV@12dB sinad
• Modulation: NFM@5 kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 40 dB
• Frequency stability:
better than +/- 2 ppm(0-50°C)
• Operation time: 20 hrs
• Power supply: Lithion-Iion batteries
• Features included: channel selector, squelch
control, volume control, head phone
output and recorder, antenna connector
• comes with: charger and antenna, on request
recorder can be integrated into receiver,
dimensions will enlarge accordingly
• Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 20 mm
• Weight: 90 g
• Frequency range: 500 Hz-3500 Hz

• Output power: 200 mW / 8 Ohm
• Interface: USB 2.0
• Play-back: via PC, earplug
• Average recording capacity at 1 GB:
(HP) 10 hours
(SP) 70 hours
(IP) 282 hours
• Power supply: by receiver
• Data: MPE 8 to 320 kbps
• Max. recording segments: 2 x 200
• Environmental temperature: 0-40° C
• VOX-control: recorder starts automatically on
reception of signal from receiver

PKI 2250

Analogue HF-Repeater
The PKI 2250 portable crossband repeater is
primarily designed for extending the range of low
power monitoring devices. Due to its capacity to
work from three different types of power supply
this system is suitable for work inside buildings,
in cars and in the field - independent of supply
conditions. The electrical input characteristics of
the 3 channel receiver section of PKI 2250 are
adapted to PKI's crystal stabilised low power
transmitters. With the high output power of the
PKI 2250 a distance of up to 15 km may be
bridged under ideal conditions. The totally
selectable transmitter/receiver frequency pairs,
various power supply adaptations and direct
listen-into possibility make this system easy to
operate and versatile for any kind of surveillance
task. A hand-held 3-channel receiver for the
outgoing frequencies of the PKI 2250 is included
in the set as well as every necessary high gain
directional antenna plus tripods (transmitting
and receiving).
• Frequency range
• Inputs and/or outputs: VHF 130 – 174 MHz
channel frequencies to be specified by the
customer UHF 370 – 430 MHz channel


frequencies to be specified by the customer
SHF 1.3 – 1.35 GHz channel frequencies
to be specified by the customer
• RF output power selectable 1, 4, 5 or 10 W
depending on frequency range
• Receiver sensitivity better than
0.4 _V @ 12 dB sinad
• Modulation / Deviation NFM @ 5 KHz
• Spurious suppression better than 40 dB
• Frequency stability better than
+/- 2 ppm (0 - 50°C)
• Number of channels 6
• Power supply internal rechargeable battery
external DC input 12 V (car)
mains 115 V or 230 V AC
• Operation time at battery charge/depending on
frequency: min 12 – 15 hours at 1 W
continuous operation, or min 10 hours at 4 W
continuous operation, or min 6 hours at
5 – 10 W continuous operation
• Charging method 115V or 230V or 12V DC (car)
• Transmission format clear analogue
• Audio monitor 2 W at 8 ohms
• Features included channel selector squelch
control volume control headphone output
• Dimensions approx. 450 x 420 x 250 mm
• Weight approx. 25 kg incl. batteries

Scope of supply:
• Repeater in pilot’s suitcase
• Directional transmitter antenna
• Directional receiver antenna
• Tripods for antennas
• Mains powered battery charger
• Car power adapter
(cigarette lighter)

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2260

Analogue Equaliser
The PKI 2260 graphic equaliser combines a 28
channel programmable equaliser and a spectrum
analyser which provides a constant indication of
the input signal to filter out unwanted noises
recorded during surveillance operations. The
setting can be automatic, which allows operation
by semi-technical staff. Multi purpose input jacks
are built-in, allowing connection of PKI’s range of
• Frequency response: 10 - 100.000 Hz
• Dynamic range: > 110 dB
• THD: < 0.0021% 1KHz, 0 dBm
• XLR input balanced 20 k, max. +22 dBm
• XLR output balanced 50 k, max. +22 dBm
• Jack input unbalanced, 1 M, max +10 dBm
• Jack output unbalanced, 100, max +10 dBm

• Input gain +/- 12 dB
• Output gain +/- 12 dB
• Equaliser filters: 28 band 1/3rd octave filters
on ISO centres +/- 12 dB or +/- 6 dB boost/cut
in 1 dB or 1/2 dB steps
• Low cut filter switchable 15, 30, 45 Hz
• High cut filter 15 KHz
• Spectrum analyser:
28 band 1/3 octave filters on
ISO centres overall level meter
• Presets: 100 non-volatile,
editable user names
• Display 140 characters alphanumeric
7500 dots graphic
• Interfaces: 2 x Midi In, 1 x Midi Out,
PC interface, remote controls
• Power: voltage selector 110-120/
220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

PKI 2265

Room Transmitter (PCB)
Wherever monitoring transmitters have to be
used in disguised operations, this micro
transmitter is the perfect choice, as it has been
especially designed for camouflaged operations.
Therefore, and to reduce the size to its minimum,
just the printed circuit board (PCB) is supplied.
For each and every government department’s
operation, this tiny little transmitter should be
used for discrete observation of rooms. Because
of its small size and unobtrusive pattern, it is a
perfect tool to monitor rooms from inside a
hidden place. A film-size plastic cover protects
the components against environmental
influences. Powered by battery and equipped
with a highly sensitive microphone, this
transmitter can be placed into any object of daily
use and picks up the sound from up to ten
meters. The crystal controlled transmittance

guarantees a totally stable frequency which only
can be received by our special receivers like PKI
2220. Depending on surrounding conditions, a
transmitting range of 800 to 1000 meters may be
• Easy to disguise
• Looks like installed standard parts
• Smallest dimensions – easily
hidden in products of daily use
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Crystal controlled
• 1-10 mW output power
• Battery operated
• Power supply 3-9 V DC

PKI 2270

Telephone Transmitter (PCB)
In many cases of observation the telephone
conversations have to be monitored. With the
PKI 2270 such tasks can easily be done. Due to
its small size and unobtrusive appearance, this
transmitter really is the champion in its class.
The transmitter is supplied as a printed circuit
board (PCB) only and is coated with a special
protective lacquer which protects it against
environmental conditions. This allows a fast and
easy installation into every kind of analogue
telephone set in which it looks like a standard
component being completelyinconspicuous to
the user. The installation inside the telephone set
should be made in serial mode; both polarities
are allowed. PKI 2270 is only transmitting when
a telephone conversation starts and therefore is
non-detectable when the telephone is not in use.
Another advantage is the independence from

short-lived power supplies like batteries as the
unit is continuously powered from the telephone
• Easy to disguise
• Looks like installed
standard components
• Automatic off-hook detection
• Long term unattended operation
• Quick installation
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Crystal controlled
• 5 mW output power
• Antenna via telephone cable
• Serial mode connection
• Both polarities allowed
• Dimensions 30x14x7 mm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2275

Mains Transmitter (PCB)
Monitoring of rooms essentially needs to have
camouflaged transmitters, but in most cases no
new items can be placed into the room in
question. Therefore already existing devices have
to be used and equipped with an unobtrusive
transmitter. For this purpose, the PKI 2275 is the
right solution. Due to the very small size of this
printed circuit board (PCB) mains powered
transmitter, it does not need much space and
very easily can be concealed in sockets, lamps,
junction-boxes etc. Additionally the protective
cover with a special lacquer shields from
occasionally unwanted contacts and short-cuts.
Depending on existing power supply, the PKI
2275 can be supplied either in 110 to 115 VAC/60
Hz or 220 to 240 VAC/50 Hz versions. The
integrated microphone of highest sensitivity
allows to capture sounds from a distance of up to
10 meters. With its output power of 4 mW a

transmitting range of up to 800-1000 meters
may be achieved (depending on surrounding
• Small size
• Easy to hide within existing objects like mains
sockets, power distribution or lamps,
radios etc.
• Looks like standard parts when installed into
such products of daily use
• Infinite operation time
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 4 mW output power
• External antenna
• Mains operation by 115 / 230 V AC
• Highly sensitive electret microphone
• Dimensions 28x28x6 mm

PKI 2280

Long Term Transmitter
In every specific case it is difficult to select the
most suitable transmitter for monitoring a room.
Whether extended operation time, high output
power or small dimensions are the main factors
- at every time the operator has to make his own
decision. But we have the right solution for all of
these purposes. Every possible device for large
transmitting ranges, high output powers and/or
other features may be found in this catalogue.
With the PKI 2280 we offer a battery operated
transmitter with the main advantage of extended
operation time with one single set of batteries
only. The supplied set of different battery
adapters enable a variety of operation times from
24 hours to a maximum of approx. 2100 hours.
The output power of 1 mW allows transmission
in ranges of several hundred meters within the
UHF-radio band.

• Continuous operation time of 24
to 2100 hours with one battery
set depending on type of battery
• High sensitive microphone
• Various types of batteries supplied
• Set of battery adapters included
• Small size by SMD technology
• Crystal controlled
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 1 mW output power
• 5 KHz modulation/deviation
• Dimensions 14x22x8 mm

PKI 2285

Long Range Transmitter
Whenever large transmitting distances for
monitoring devices have to be achieved, the PKI
2285 really is the ideal instrument. The
advantage of this monitoring transmitter, produced by PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH is to
cover distances of up to 1,5 km, just by using a
single, standard 9 V battery. The maximum
distance, of course, always depends on the
surrounding conditions and the use of a suitable
receiver. For this we highly recommend our PKI
2220, which is directly adjusted to the transmitting frequency by means of the same crystal. PKI
2285 is small enough for a camouflaged or even
body-worn operation. With its solid aluminium
housing the PKI 2285 even can withstand rough
handling and harsh environment. Although its
output power is very high which allows a large
transmission range, its operating time can be up
to 10 hrs with just one standard battery.


• High power output for extended
distance between monitoring area
and receiver station
• High sensitive microphone
• Internal and external microphone
also for body worn operation
• Metal housing for excellent transmission
• Battery operation by 9 V battery
• Up to 10 hours operation time
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• SMD technology for smallest
dimensions (34x16x8 mm only)

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2290

Voice Activated Transmitter
In many cases the monitoring of a suspicious
room has to be effected over a long time period,
but the room only can be entered once and the
monitoring device has to be installed quickly and
easily. Furthermore this monitoring device can
only be operated by batteries and should be
activated only when persons are in the room.
Therefore and in order to save battery capacity,
the PKI 2290 has been developed according to
the latest technology standards as it is
automatically activated by reception of
noises/sounds. Whenever there is no sound, the
built in automatic voice control (Acoustomatic)
will switch the transmitter into a stand-by
This will save the battery capacity and also will
make the transmitter being undetectable when
not in use.

• Only activated during
• Adjustable Vox-level control
• Adjustable delay period (5-20 sec)
• Economic power consumption
• Long operation time
(approx 12 hours with 9 V battery)
• High sensitive microphone
• External microphone as option
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 20 mW output power
• SMD technology for smallest
dimensions (34x16x8 mm)

PKI 2295

Advanced Remote Controlled Transmitter
Special areas continuously have to be observed
but monitoring conditions may vary. For this task
we, the PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, have
developed the state-of-the-art PKI 2295. For any
government agency this device is indispensable.
The remotely controlled transmitter offers
various functions. Its output power can be
adjusted from 10 to 40 mW according to
requirement either for shorter or larger
transmitting distances. The lower output power
will allow an extended battery life time at a
reduced transmitting distance, while the higher
output power provides a maximum of
transmitting distance with a limited operation
time. Furthermore a remotely controlled on/off
switch is provided in order to save battery
capacity and/or reduce the risk of being detected.

PKI 2300

PKI 2305

PKI 2310

• Remote control on multiple
• Protection against counter
• High sensitive microphone
• Mains and battery supply
• 15 hrs operation by battery (9 V)
• Infinite operation from mains
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Selectable 10 / 40 mW output
• Crystal controlled
• Dimensions 48x28x8mm
transmitter 140x77x24 mm
remote control unit

PKI 2315

PKI 2320

Series of PKI Camouflaged Transmitters
All objects within this series are completely
disguised transmitters and ready for use. They
are used both in commercial and in private
sectors. Providing an extraordinary sensitivity of
the microphone all these camouflaged
transmitters will capture sounds from approx. 10
m distance like all our other transmitters. Even
whispered words will be transmitted wirelessly.

• PKI 2300 Table Lamp Transmitter
• PKI 2305 Remote Controlled Socket Transmitter
• PKI 2310 Keyring Pendant Transmitter
• PKI 2315 Cigarette Lighter Transmitter
• PKI 2320 Belt Buckle Transmitter

Several surveillance operations are
only possible by using camouflaged
transmitters hidden in objects of
daily use or in body worn items.
For this, we, PKI Electronic Intelligence
GmbH offer a wide range of
standard camouflaged transmitters
such as:

Many other applications and implementations
into products of daily use can be done according
to buyer’s request.
Each transmitter placed in such objects is a part
of our own production. Full technical details
are given upon request.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2325

Throwing Audio Transmitter
In many situations secret discussions are held in
open areas and it always requires a large range of
know-how, special technical devices and fantasy
to pick up such conversations. This throwing
transmitter covers all these criteria and has
especially been constructed by PKI ELECTRONIC
INTELLIGENCE GmbH for government agencies
being involved in such special tasks. Thanks to
its extremely strong construction, its very short
antenna and long operation time the PKI 2325 is
the best choice for such applications. Just put
the lithium battery cell into the unit and it is ready
for operation. Now throw the PKI 2325 into the
direction of the persons to be observed. The
highly sensitive microphone will pick up every
sound from a distance of approx. 10 meters, so
that even if the transmitter will not match the
direct and correct place, the spoken words

clearly transmitted from the receiver can be
stored on any recorder.
• Used wherever conversations
take place outside. Just throw the
PKI 2325 directly to that place
and listen.
• Special aluminium housing for
high impacts with smallest
dimensions of 20mm diameter
x 10 mm only
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 3 mW output power
• 5 KHz modulation
• High sensitive microphone - 62 dB
• Operated by standard lithium cell
• Long operation time of 24 hours

PKI 2330

Digital Spread Spectrum Audio Kit
This Digital Spread Spectrum Audio Kit is the
only answer to tasks where highest levels of
security are required for monitoring purposes.
The digitally scrambled signal is nearly
impossible to decode and furthermore it will be
transmitted on special frequencies spreaded over
a wide frequency band. An unwanted listening to
this transmission therefore is totally impossible.
• Frequency: 300 – 400 MHz
• Receiver Sensitivity: –90 dBm +/-1 dBm
• Antenna: connector SMA
(for using Yagi antenna)
• RF Bandwidth: > 40 MHz
• Audio Bandwidth: 6 KHz
• Audio: internal speaker / external

headphone connector
• Power supply: internal 9 VDC
standard block battery or external
5-12 VDC mains adapter
• Power: consumption 40 mA
• Dimensions: approx. 90 x 35 x 113 mm
• Frequency: 300 – 400 MHz
• Active Range in City: approx. 250 - 400 meters
• RF Bandwidth: > 40 MHz
• Audio Bandwidth: 6 KHz
• Microphone: built-in
• Power Source: 2,5 – 9 VDC
• Power Consumption: approx. 1mA
• Operating time: approx. 60 days
using a 9 V block battery
• Dimensions: approx. 11 x 4 x 36 mm

PKI 2335

Coded Monitoring System
This system consists of a concerted transmitter
and receiver. Each sound from up to 10 meters
will be captured up by the sensitive microphone
of the transmitter and will be transferred
wirelessly to the receiver in a coded form and
then will be decoded at that place. Therefore this
system is the ideal tool whenever monitoring
tasks have to be carried out without the risk of
unwanted listeners. Although this device is
comparatively low priced, its capacity is amazing
in regard to secured monitoring transmissions.
Additionally the small size and the low weight of
the transmitter allows a fast and easy installation
wherever it is required. The built-in battery (9V
standard) provides a continuous operation of
approx. 15 hours.


• Set of transmitter and receiver for
a secure, coded audio
transmission where no third
parties are allowed to listen.
• Built-in dynamic compressor
• Small sized transmitter
48x30x12 mm
• Light weight handheld receiver
with dimensions 140x77x24 mm
• Narrow band FM modulation 5KHz
• Analogue dual band split
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 15 hrs battery (9 V) operation

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2340

Frequency Hopping Transmitter System
Whenever unwanted listeners have to be locked
out, the PKI 2340 is the only solution. The
method of frequency hopping transmissions
worldwide is known as the most undetectable
version of communication and as the one and
only procedure to give total security to all kinds
of radio communications. This state-of-the-art,
digitally encrypted monitoring system is
achieved by the use of latest electronic
technologies and micro processors with the
guarantee of highest reliability. Although the
monitoring transmitter is equipped with a large
number of electronic components, it still is
compact enough to be hidden inside rooms fast
and easily.

• Extensive protection against
detection by digital encryption
• 2-channel transmission
• 500 hops per second with a hopping
frequency range of up to 100 MHz
• 10 MHz of random hopping spread
• Burst length < 100 ms
• Transmitting frequency:
850 – 950 or 750 – 850 MHz in buyer’s option
• Burst radio remote control
• Dimensions: receiver 61x145x221 mm

PKI 2345

Digital Recording Set
This system solves each problem in terms of
long-time observation and is the most secure
monitoring device available at this time. A great
advantage of this system is that monitoring of
telephone lines and observation of a room can be
done without having an operator at site all the
time. Monitoring and transmission is only made
if necessary, i.e. that operation is only effected
whenever it is secured that no other person can
listen to the transmitting frequency. PKI 2345
operates totally noiseless. Additional accessories
for telephone observation, whether digital or
analogue, as well as an external microphone for
room monitoring can be connected. The digital
recorder stores all telephone and room
conversations. By means of the supplied remote
control the stored information is transferred to
the receiver by just pressing one button. From
the integrated receiver all such information can
be heard or stored on a separate medium.

Remote control receiver
• Frequency range UHF-range, coded
• Power supply 9V-battery or mains adapter
• Dimensions 100 x 60 x 20 mm
• Weight 220 g
Remote control transmitter
• Frequency range UHF-range, coded
• Power supply 9 V battery
• Dimensions 140 x 75 x 22 mm
• Weight 350 g
• Operating distance approx. 1000 m

Receiving station
• Sensitivity - 109 dBm at WFM,
-118 dBm at NFM
• Frequency range 400 – 470 MHz
• Power supply 7,2 VDC Lithium battery
• Dimensions 125 x 60 x 38 mm
• Weight 1.2 kg
Digital transmitter
• Frequency range 400 – 440 MHz
• Power supply from digital recorder
• Dimensions 55 x 25 x 15 mm
• Weight 240 g

Analogue telephone adapter
• Power supply from telephone line
• Connection in series
• Dimensions 10 x 20 x 6 mm
• Weight 120 g
Digital telephone adapter
• Power supply from telephone line
• Connection via S-Bus of ISDN
• Dimensions 40 x 20 x 10 mm
• Weight 200 g
• Channels A or B with jumper-adjustment
Digital recorder with digital transmitter
• Recording time up to 480 minutes
• Digital transmission 500 : 1
• Power supply 2 x Alkaline batteries
type AAA or mains adapter
• Connectors for telephone adapters
and/or microphone
• Weight 55 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2350

ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder
The complete system consists of a tiny little
transmitter and a miniature digital recorder. The
transmitter can easily be installed into a
telephone set or directly into the ISDN-line for a
continuous monitoring and recording of both
sides of telephone conversations via ISDN-lines.
The full conversation will be recorded by the
supplied digital recorder, which will only start
when a telephone conversation begins. This
saves storage capacity and provides a long-term
recording. Each message automatically is
date/time stamped by the built-in real-time clock
and stored messages can be played back using
an earphone or downloaded to a PC as standard
sound files. Furthermore the recorder
incorporates a high sensitively microphone,
which covers a typical range of up to 8-10

• Professional connection to any
ISDN- telephone system with
automatic recording of
conversations on digital recorder
• up to 140 hours recording time
• Automatic channel selection via
jumper at S-bus of ISDN central
• Easy connection by supplied
cables between S-Bus and
• Digital recorder included
• VOX (voice control) of recorder is

PKI 2355

Telephone Probe Transmitter
The unit is used for a fast and uncomplicated
installation on telephone lines whenever time is
limited and the room can only be entered once. It
stands for continuous monitoring of telephone
lines whilst there is no need for a fixed
connection directly into the wires. Just clip the
clamp over the telephone wires and the
conversation of both parties canl be heard via the
supplied headphones. Additionally the PKI 2355
provides a radio transmitter within the UHF
range. Just by switching this on, the full
information and the complete conversations will
be transferred wirelessly to a corresponding
receiver. Due to the high output power of the
integrated transmitter a range of several hundred
meters can be achieved (depending on
surrounding conditions).

• The only way to monitor
telephone lines without opening these
• No detection or location by TDR-reflectometers
• Quick and easy installation by
just placing the clip over the
telephone line and switch on
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
20 mW output power
• Direct connection to headphone
or recorder
• Dimensions 85x61x22 mm

PKI 2360

ISDN-S-Bus Telephone Transmitter / Receiver
The complete system, consisting of transmitter
and receiver, is to be used especially for ISDNBus telephones with a direct connection to S-Bus
of NTBA. Each part of the system features small
size, robust metal housing and easy handling.
The minimised size of the transmitter allows an
easy installation into the junction box at NTBA SBus. ISDN channel selection provided by a
jumper and the high output power of approx. 20
mW is the guarantee for a transmitting distance
of at least several hundred meters. Under good
surrounding conditions even one kilometer or
more is possible. The receiver is equipped with
connection for any digital recorder.


• For direct connection to
S-Bus of NTBA
• Wireless transmission of all
conversations to supplied
• ISDN channel selection by jumper
• Battery operated receiver with
dimensions 55x25x112 mm
• Transmitter’s power supply
• 20 mW output power at around
418 or 433 MHz
• Dimensions 65x35x15 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2385

Voice Recorder Watch
For completely unobtrusive voice recording our
watch equipped with an integrated microphone is
the perfect equipment.
The fully functional watch captures conversations of up to 5 m distance on its digital recorder
and stores them on its 256 MB flash memory.
Recording up to 9 hours is possible with one
battery. Playback can be done via PC or directly
by earplug.

• Power supply: Hi-Li-ion 150 mA / 3,7 battery
• Dimensions: standard watch
• Microphone: elektret
• Flash memory: 256 MB integrated for 16 hours
recording, 9 hours per battery
• USB interface: 1.1 (max. 5 Mbps)
• Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Compatible operating systems:
Window 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

PKI 2390

Hybrid Recorder with Remote Control and Data Transmission
In these times nearly everything is possible in
terms of surveillance. A small black case
comprises a microphone, digital recorder as well
as a remote-controlled transmitter/receiver and
can be activated via remote control. The recorded
information will be transmitted digitally and
wirelessly to the corresponding digital receiver,
also with built-in recorder.
Powered by mains, the camouflaged PKI 2390
can now capture information during years and
recordings can be listened to at any time as per
the eavesdropper’s request. In spite of this
incredible performance, the housing of PKI 2390
only measures 95 x 55 x 18 mm.

PKI 2405

PKI 2410

PKI 2415

• Dimensions/weight:
95 x 55 x 18 mm, recording device 170 g
125 x 60 x 38 mm ,digital recorder
incl. remote-controlled transmitter
220 g
• Frequency: 868 MHz
• Recording time: 70 hours
• Frequency: 500 Hz – 3500 Hz
• Miscellaneous: power supply by mini power
plug 100 – 240 V AC.
DC-socket for 9-12 V battery included

PKI 2420

Digital Transmitter / Receiver Set with Remote Control
• PKI 2405 Digital Room Transmitter
• PKI 2410 Digital Phone Transmitter
• PKI 2415 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter
• PKI 2420 Digital Receiver with Remote Control
This set offers all possibilities for digital
monitoring. Whether the PKI 2405 for room
monitoring with battery and power plug, the PKI
2410 for phone surveillance, the stethoscope PKI
2415 or the receiver PKI 2420 - all digital
transmitters are remote-controlled on/off
(integrated in receiver ) and low-high power. The
digital receiver has a sensitivity of -109 dBm on
WFM and -118 dBm on NFM. Power of
remote-control is 3 W on ASK modulation, burst
time will be 6 sec. The integrated loudspeaker
transmits audio power up to 300 mW. Li-polymer
batteries (rechargeable) 7.2 V DC for power supply
are integrated in the set. Furthermore, the receiver
is equipped with 100 memory channels as well as
search and scan function.

• Frequency: 400 – 440 MHz
• Modulation: FSK@100 KHz
• Audio coding: nonlinear PC M
• Data transmission rate: 100 kb/sec
• Power output:
low power + 10 dBm
High power + 18 dBm
• Power supply:
3.6 V Lithium battery 230 mAh
• Microphone: Electret
• Audio dynamic: 15 dB
• Operating time:
standby up to 10 months,
low power 7 hours, high power
2 hours
• Frequency for remote-control:
315 MHz
• Dimensions:
48 x 23 x 12 mm PKI 2405
60 x 40 x 15 mm PKI 2410
50 x 30 x 12 mm PKI 2415
120 x 54 x 34 mm PKI 2420

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2425

Digital Audio Recorder
The PKI 2425 is an all-in-one high quality Audio
Recorder system with MPEG 2 Layer 3 (MP 3)
compression for recording and transmission by
internal GSM 900/1800 HSCSD modem. The
recording time is min. 12 hrs stereo (extendable
to 24 hrs) with adjustable bandwidth from 3 to 8
kHz on compact flash ATA memory. Power
control is effected by SMS. The PCbased system
management software provides full command of
the PKI 2425 audio recorder including download
and audio playback.
• Audio Bandwidth: min. 3 to max. 8 kHz
• Audio Compression: MPEG II – Layer 3
(MP 3) with selfadapting data rates
• Microphones: 2 external microphones
with cabling up to 5 m including

phantom power and single switching
of the mics
• Record modes: tape recorder mode or loop
recording mode with Pre-Roll
• Time control: internal realtime clock with
dump battery, hardware watchdog
• Memory (Media): compact Flash ATA
• Data transmission: GSM 900 / 1800
(HSCSD) full speed USB 2.0 interface
• Actual Download rate: 9,600 bps – 28,800 bps
• Upload Transfer Data: remote control
commands, firmware updates
• Power supply: typ. 12 V DC, 8 to 15 V DC self
resetting fuse 500 mA
• Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

PKI 2430

Digital Data Link
The wireless digital data link system consists of
a Digital Transmitter with internal remote
controlled receiver and a Receiver with internal
remote controlled Transmitter. The PKI 2430
wireless digital data link is based on USB 2.0 full
speed interface. The transmitter is connected to
the PKI 2425 audio recorder to read out data and
to transmit it error-free and encrypted to the PKI
2420 Receiver, which is connected to any PC or
Notebook. Operation of the system is controlled
either by pre-programmed time periods or
directly remote controlled by software.

• Up-Link: band of operation: 902-928 MHz
(ISM) with 27 FDMA channels
• Down-Link band of operation:

340-370 MHz with 31 FDMA
channels (carrier separation 1 MHz)
• encryption: encrypted link
• Keystream: complex, nonlinear sequence
with a keystream length of >280
• Key: programmable
• Randomizing: overlay code generator
(on multiframe), nonlinear sequence
with a length of 220
• RF Power 1 W max.
• Power Control 30 dB
• Supply Voltage 6 -15 V DC
• Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 30 mm
• RC Transmitter: 1 W max.
• Supply Voltage: 6 -15 V DC
• Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 28 mm

PKI 2435

Bone-microphone Communication System
This highly sensitive “Bone Vibration
Microphone” is the perfect solution for any
disguised communication. It is the only system
available with a wireless push-to-talk button
(PTT). This unique system consists of a bonemicrophone, an inductive loop, a wireless
push-to-talk button and a wireless ear-piece. The
complete set can be connected to any mobile
phone, monitoring receiver or commercial
transceiver (walkie-talkie). For assembling the
system with the correct connector, we only need
to know the type of communication system to
which the PKI 2435 should be adapted. For any
special application the different connecting plugs
are available. For any further technical details
please contact us with your special request and
we shall immediately give you our personally
tailored proposal according to your specific


• Microphone type: omni-directional
electret microphone
• Output impedance: at 1 KHz 4,4 KOhm
• Frequency range: 101 Hz – 10 KHz
• Sensitivity: at 1 KHz (dB re 1V/1PA) -33 +/-3 dB
• Power supply: 1,5 to 10 VDC
• Operating temperature: - 17 to + 63°C
• Length of induction loop 80 cm
• Power supply: for induction loop
directly from receiver
• Input signal: max. 2 V effective
• Impedance: 40 Ohms
• Battery: operation time min. 1 year
• Operating distance: of loop approx. 45-90 cm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2440

Wireless Miniature Earphone
This new set especially has been developed for
the professional use in disguised operations. Due
to its high quality of voice transmission, and in
combination with the inductive receiver it offers
the ideal solution for all these purposes. A coil,
connected to a suitable receiver, inductively
transfers the signals in a range of up to 20 cm to
the earphone. The coil has to be fixed on the
shoulder, underneath the shirt. Then it is
perfectly disguised and no cable connection to
the earphone is required. The earphone is
powered by an integrated coin cell battery. The
set includes the inductive loop, push-to-talk
button (PTT) with integrated microphone,
distribution box, inductive receiver and suitable
plug to customer’s communication system.

• Unobtrusive, nearly invisible system
• Wireless information to disguised
earphone with smallest size
• Inductive coil hidden inside
clothing transfers signal from
any receiver to earphone
• Especially useful with PKI’s
receivers and radio systems
• Battery operated earphone
• Inductive coil powered by receiver
• Variable loudness on earphone

PKI 2445

Miniature Receiver
This small device is really a phenomenal
achievement in the field of electronic microchip
technique. PKI 2445 is the worldwide smallest
in-the-ear receiver. This earphone-receiver
should not be missed in any observation where
tasks have to be carried out in public areas. A
complete VHF Receiver, with integrated power
supply, by means of a small-sized coin cell, is
placed in an ordinary earphone. It picks up the
required signal and performs a perfect sound
reception. The specially developed circuit board
offers audio functions which normally only can
be expected by large and professional radio
receivers. PKI 2445 is equipped with a
carrier-frequency- controlled squelch, noise
filter, automatic frequency control (AFC) and two
adjustable volume levels.

• Max. Distance:
approx. 1.000 meters
• Frequency range: 138 – 240 MHz
special frequencies upon request
• Operation time: up to 15-30 hours
• Automatic Frequency:
Control included
• Squelch and Noise Filter: included
• Accessories:
Cleaning set, batteries, etc. are included

PKI 2450

Digital Audio Recorder
The high professional technique of the PKI 2450
is self-explanatory. A 16 MB flash memory and
SD/MMC-card slots plus direct connection to a
PC are only some of the features this unit
provides for a perfect recording and further-on
handling of conversations which may be taken
from even 10 m distance. Adjustable microphone
sensitivity and automatic gain-control are further
features of the PKI 2450. Also, the built-in and
adjustable sound-level-control (VOS) prevents
from unwanted recordings, i.e. these will only be
made when there is a noise or conversation
inside the monitored room. In case of evidence,
the date and time will also be stored. A
Super-High-Sound Quality is stored with a
sampling rate of 11,5 Kbps. Downloads of
recorded data to a PC is possible on a fast rate of
500:1; and vice versa with 1200:1 for uploads
from PC to recorder.

• Recording time
160 minutes “HQ”- high quality
220 minutes “SP” - standard play
480 minutes “LP” – long play
• Display large backlight LC-display
• Memory functions: once, daily, weekly
• Indicators
LED – green – for playback
LED – red – for recording
Battery capacity indicator
• Connectors: Sockets for earphone and
• Power supply: 2 x Alkaline batteries, Type AAA
• Weight: approx. 55 g (without batteries)
• Accessories: CD for installation
USB-connecting cable for up-/downloads
Earphone, External microphone, Audio cable

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2455

Needle Microphone with Amplifier
In some cases it is only possible to listen into a
room through very small openings that can be
used for the insertion of room-monitoring
microphones in order to capture the spoken
words. For this purpose our PKI 2455 is the right
choice to solve such problems. The complete
unit comes with a highly sensitive and tiny little
rigid microphone plus a pocket-sized amplifier.
The electronic unit amplifies the incoming
signals and offers a direct listening via
headphones (included) or recording on any kind
of recorder, whether analogue or digital.
VOX-operation i.e. sound-level control of
incoming signals is provided for an extensive use
of the recorder for a fully automatic operation.

• Microphone
highly sensitive electret microphone
placed in rigid tube of 2,5mm
diameter and 300 mm length
• Acoustical distance: up to 10 m
• Operation time: up to 60 hours
• Microphone connection
2,5 mm jack
• Power supply:
9 VDC standard block battery from
amplifier also powering the
• Total weight: approx. 200 g
• Dimensions of amplifier:
approx. 95 x 60 x 25 mm
• Accessories Headphones included
• Recommended recorder PKI 2450

PKI 2460

Digital Audio/Video Pocket Recorder
No way to have smaller dimensions with the
same features like the PKI 2460 offers. With its
size of 80 x 52 x 22 mm it really fits into a
cigarette package and can perfectly be used for
mobile and disguised observation tasks. In
combination with our PKI 5745 camera, it unites
to a complete bodyworn system with most
effective camouflaging. The on-screen display
allows a very simple handling and each input can
be done directly at the unit. For playback, a TFTmonitor is integrated (larger monitors can be
connected). Audio and video recordings are
stored on a 4 GB SD-card with approx. 65
minutes per 1 GB i.e. up to 260 minutes of
recording time is possible. The relating SD-card
slot is integrated into the unit. PKI 2460 will also
supply the necessary 12 VDC power for the

• Recording format: AVI
• Resolution: 720 x 480 pixel, colour
• Memory capacity:
up to 4 GB on SD-card, SD-card slot integrated
• Power supply:
Li-Ion accumulator with
charger/mains adapter, external
power supply is also possible.
• Dimensions:
approx. 80 x 52 x 22 mm
• Weight: approx. 90 g
• Features:
Single-picture recording
• Connectors: Audio input, PC interface,
Mini USB 2.0

PKI 2465

Wireless Mobile Phone Set
For any secret service department the PKI 2465
is an essential tool for covert communications.
With this set, a disguised, unobtrusive and
hands-free conversation over the mobile phone
network is possible. Whenever you are using the
PKI 2465 with the mobile phone, you can hear
and speak unperceived by others. The
microphone is integrated into the inductive coil,
which also transfers the received signals to the
wireless earpiece. This tiny little wireless receiver
is to be placed in the ear. The inductive coil just
has to be placed around operator’s neck and
connected to the mobile phone. As standard, a
mobile phone type NOKIA 3120 is supplied.
Other types are available upon request. Then the
mobile phone can easily be hidden in the pocket
of a jacket or trousers without hindering
operator’s mobility.


• Microphone:
highly sensitive electret, integrated
into induction coil
• Receiver:
inductive operating ear-piece
• Power supply:
3 coin-cell batteries, type 675
• Weight: approx. 80 g

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2470

Needle Microphone with Amplifier
Sometimes a room is only accessible via tiny
holes or cracks, where only a needle microphone
is small enough to be introduced and to capture
conversations from inside the room. The signals
are amplified by the integrated amplifier, so that
direct listening via headphones is possible. The
PKI 2470 is equipped with an input socket for our
digital recorder PKI 1865. Sounds are
electronically adjusted, which means that low
sounds are more amplified than louder sounds,
so that the volume is maintained at a constant

• Highly sensitive electret microphone
• Needle ø: 1.5 mm x 200 mm
• Range: approx. 10m
• Connection: 2.5 mm RCA
• Power supply: supplied by amplifier
• Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 114 mm
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Operating time: approx. 60 hours
• Accessory: head phones
• We recommend combination with
our recorder D 1300

PKI 2475

Larynx Headset
The PKI 2475 is especially designed for use at
places with high ambient noise in order to
assure a clear acoustic transmission. The larynx
microphone records only vibrations of the larynx
and no sidetones. Loud noises especially during
open field operations won’t disturb clean
transmission anymore.
• Larynx microphone: Dual
• Plug-in connector: modular
• Plug: double 2,5/3,5 mm
• PTT-button: with clip

PKI 2480

Security Headset
This headset has been designed for discrete
radio communication of security staff. The small,
separate transmitter button can be fixed with a
clip, a flesh-coloured earplug with a transparent
and flexible tube and a miniature microphone
offer clear transmission of the communication.

PKI 2485

• Double plug: 2,5 / 3,5 mm
• Microphone: Electret
• Version: IP 55

PKI 2490

Noise Cancelling Earphone, Noise Cancelling Headphone
In order to eliminate loud environmental sounds,
such as street noise, etc. when receiving acoustic
signals by a receiver, a directional microphone or
a laser eavesdropping device you need this noise
cancelling earphone and headphone. The
miniature microphone of the earphone/
headphone captures and eliminates the
background noise so that a clear understanding
without any disturbance is possible.
• Sensitivity: 110 dB S.P.L. at 1 KHz
• Impedance: 32 Ohm
• Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 KHz

• Maximum input power:
PKI 2485 – 10 mW
PKI 2490 – 100 mW
• Driver unit:
PKI 2485 – 13 mm
PKI 2490 – 40 mm
• Active noise reduction level:
40-1500 Hz _ 10 dB at 300 Hz
• Cable length: 1,5 m
• Plug: 3,5 mm gold plated
• Power supply by: 1,5 V battery type AAA

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2500

Digital Noise Filter System
transmissions or direct recordings via
digital-recorders most often need to have an
after-treatment. This especially is necessary in
cases where noises from surrounding sources
are detrimental. Such unavoidable - but yet
disturbing sounds - might be created by
air-conditions, traffic, wind or any other
noise-creating engine. We, PKI, as a leading
manufacturer of surveillance systems hereto can
offer a perfect solution to this problem, namely
our PKI 2500 Noise Filter System. With this
device every department worldwide - like police,
secret service or any other state-owned
organisation - is able to restore and enhance
such poor quality recordings. PKI 2500 is based
on a special software solution for filtering of
noise-corrupted sound recordings.

Consisting of 19 different processing
• Graphical equaliser
• Manually adjustable equaliser sliders
• Adaptive broadband noise filter
• Adaptive frequency compensation filter
• 4 adaptive stereo filters
• Adaptive inverse filter
• Pulse-like interference filter
• Dynamic processing module
• Waveform visualisation module
• Playback speed alteration module
Improves signal-to-noise ratio up to 50dB
for tonal noise, up to 20 dB for broadband
noise Operates as “Direct X plug-in” in any
common sound editor Free adjustment of
filtering parameters

• Restoration and enhancement of poor quality
• Improvement of speech intelligibility
• Real-Time Noise Reduction

PKI 2600

Surveillance System Via UMTS Mobile Phone
The PKI 2600 is the best long-range
eavesdropping device in the market providing
both audio and video coverage. It has been
extensively tested in many countries, where it
worked faultlessly and received excellent
reviews. It is fully programmable and offers key
features like:
• 180° adjustable camera lens
• Highly sensitive microphone for clear listening
from up to 10 m
• Operator can make a call from the phone even if
it is in surveillance mode.
• The target can be monitored in real time from
anywhere in the world without using high power
transmitters and receivers.

PKI 2605

Within a second by “switching off the phone”
(with a special code), the phone changes to
surveillance mode with: dead screen, ringer off
and keypad disabled. It is now ready to operate
as an audio/video transmitter with infinite range.
Whenever now the operator wants to see and
listen to the target he only has to dial into that
phone. PKI 2600 automatically will answer,
without indication to the user. The system only
works with 3G phones (WCDMA). Please make
sure that there is a 3G coverage and that a valid
UMTS card is inserted. If a 3G connection is not
available only the audio channel can be used.
Once the phone is logged onto network, it may be
used normally to make and receive video and
audio calls like any other phone.

PKI 2610

GSM Surveillance Mobile Phone, GSM Surveillance Box
Both systems vary in their different fields of
application. PKI 2605 GSM Surveillance Mobile
Phone preferentially is used for unobtrusive and
concealed audio transmissions in mobile and
flexible tasks, like conferences etc. The PKI 2605
GSM Surveillance Mobile Phone is a highly
sophisticated, modified GSM phone with
enhanced Audio Pickup for secret listening into
its surrounding area. PKI 2605 uses a second
SIM-card for the monitoring of persons at any
time and place - regardless if the original GSM
mobile is switched on or off. PKI 2610 GSM
Surveillance Box - on the other hand - has been
developed by us for fixed installations, like in
buildings, cars etc. Both systems will capture
every conversation within a radius of 10 m and
transmit this over GSM network worldwide. Both
these units can easily be activated by just dialling
the phone-number in question, no ringing or
other status will be activated. Only by this


technique it is possible to monitor into
every room and to every person
without any range limits.
PKI 2605
• RF Power GSM class 2
• Power Supply /
• Consumption internal
Lithium-Ion battery,
standby time up-to 16 days,
operating time 3-5 hrs
• Dimensions ordinary Standard Nokia cellular
Phone with 2 SIM - cards and 2 GSM-units
PKI 2610
• RF Power GSM class 2
• Power Supply /Consumption 11 – 15 V DC
External Power Supply standby = 40 mA,
operation 600 mA, operating time 3-5 hrs
• Dimensions 170 x 82,5 x 7,5 mm

• Direct monitoring over GSM Network
• World-wide surveillance access
• Monitoring without range limits
• Multiple fields of application

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2615

PKI 2620

PKI 2625

PKI 2630

GSM Room Monitoring, GSM Telephone Monitoring, GSM Stethoscope
GSM Camouflaged Monitoring Socket or Table Lamp (on request)
These transmitters can be called via mobile phone worldwide. According to their configuration
you can now capture conversations in rooms, at remote phones or from outside by
stethoscope. Camouflaged GSM transmitters in a monitoring socket, table lamp etc. are
invaluable for such purposes as well. Very comfortable is the power plug as this offers
unlimited monitoring possibilities. The installation is easily done. You simply have to insert a
customary SIM-card (mobile phone card) and you can call the GSM transmitter in question and
listen to the conversation in the room where the GSM transmitter is installed. No noise will be
audible when calling the GSM transmitter.
• Power supply: 3,7 V DC, 800 mAh, rechargeable battery or power plug according to version
• Battery life: 48 hours standby time, then charging necessary
(only valid for PKI 2620 and PKI 2630)
• GSM-frequency: 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
• Microphone: Electret, except GSM stethoscope (sound wave receiver) Basic part for all 4 items
GSM/SMS communication or GPRS TCP/UDP connection Possibility to obtain the target’s
latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS and check position on Google earth auto report
position information of the last location if the target enters into the blind area
• Monitoring and SOS feature
• GOS chipset: SirF III chipset
• Dimensions and weight:
PKI 2615 51 x 46 x 17 mm, 80 g
PKI 2620 51 x 55 x 17 mm, 100 g
PKI 2625 51 x 46 x 27 mm, 120 g
PKI 2630 380 x 60 x 60 mm, 280 g

PKI 2635

GSM/GPS Audio Recording and Real Time Tracking
This complete surveillance device, integrated in a
solid case, allows eavesdropping of the interior
of a car and localizes its actual position at the
same time. The system includes a complete set
with all accessories, except the necessary SIMcards.
General data
• Dimension: 280 x 110 x 70 mm
• Weight: 2,15 kg.
• External power supply: 8-15 VDC
• Built-in battery: 12 V DC, 1300 mAh
Internal GSM
Standard frequency: 900/1800 (1900 on request)
Frequency response: 200 Hz – 3700 Hz
Antenna connector: SMA female
Modem: 9600 AT command standard
Internal GPS
• Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
• C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
• Channels 20
• Max. update rate 1 Hz
• Processor speed 6, 12.5, 25 and 49 MHz
• Data bus 16 bit
• Position Autonomous: 10 meters
CEP without SA
• SBAS: < 5 meter
• Velocity: 0.1 meters/second, without SA
• Time: 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time

• WGS-84
Time to First Position
• GSM < 20 sec., average
• 3 G < 20 sec., average
• CDMA < 16 sec., average
• Hot start < 18 sec., average
• Hot start (open sky) < 1 sec., average
• Cold start < 42 sec., average
• GSM 15 dBHz
Power Consumption
• Stand-by: 210 mA
• With 2 wire ON and communication
• with headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max. volume: 400 mA
• With 1 GSM ON and communication with
headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max volume: 600 mA (average)
• With 2 GSM ON and communication with
headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max. volume: 1200 mA (average)
• Storage temperature: -10 – 80°C
• Operating temperature: -20 – 70°C
• Local maximum temperature: -20 – 55°C

• GSM antenna impedance: 50 ohm
• GSM antenna type: Biband passive, SMA male
• GSM transmitting power: class 4 (2W) a EGSM
900 Class 1 (1W) a GSM 1800 e GSM 1900
• GSM frequency band: dual-band EGSM
900/1800 GSM 850/1900
• GSM frequency band: active 3V, male SMA
• GSM frequency band: GPRS multi-slot class 10,
class B mobile station
• Chipset and simultaneous satellites: SIRF STAR
III 20 channels (200.000 correlations)
• GPS aerial impendance: 50 ohm
• GPS position accuracy:
< 10 m CEP SBAS < 5 m
• Date GPS: WGS84
• GPS tracking speed: 500 km/h or lower
• GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
• Time to first fix: 45 seconds standard
• GPS re-acquisition: 8 seconds

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2640

GPS Vehicle Tracking System
This device combines the GSM/GPRS technology
with a GPS receiver. The housing is water-proof
and can easily be attached with a magnet to the
target’s car. The integrated motion sensor
activates the device when driving and stops it at
still stand with short delay. The antenna is
equipped with a cable of 1,5 m length for proper
installation. Information about position of the car
will be transmitted to a mobile phone via normal
cellular network and corresponding software.

• Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 400 m
• Weight: 100 g
• Power supply: external 3.6 V DC
• Communication: GSM GPRS / SMS
• Data capacity: 100 000 GPS points
• Operating temperature: -20° to +60°C
• Antenna: 50 ohm, dual band
• Transmitting power: 1 W
• GSM-frequency: 900/1800
• GPS-antenna: active 3V, 50 ohm
• GPS-sensitivity: -159 dBm typical
• Option: Audio monitoring
is possible upon request.

PKI 2645

GPS Mobile Phone Location
With the PKI 2645 you can locate the position of
a mobile phone, respectively a person with an
accuracy of +/- 250 m. It works all over Germany
and is completely unobtrusive. The location
found is sent either via SMS to your mobile
phone or via internet, so that you are always
informed, where the located person is. Any
mobile phone with valid contract or pre-paid card
can be used. Registration and installation can be
done by us. Also available is a tapping function,
by means of which you can listen to the
conversations in the environment of the mobile
phone. Please contact us for further details.

• Mobile phone networks: O2, D1, e-plus,
• Suitable mobile phones: all standard
mobile phones
• Operating time: 24 hours
• Information system: internet or SMS to
a mobile telephone
• Remark: A registration SMS must be sent
to the mobile phone that shall be located
• Comes with: locating software

PKI 2650

GSM Monitoring Transmitter
The future has already begun. This GSM
monitoring transmitter can be called with a
standard phone from all over the world. It allows
monitoring of conversations from wherever you
are. As soon as PKI 2650 captures sounds and
conversations it sends a SMS to your phone and
you can listen to the conversation. Its sensitivity
is adjustable via SMS. All you have to do is to
insert a standard SIM-card in this device. PKI
2650 works completely noiseless! This device
allows clear transmission of conversations from
all over the world which is absolutely fascinating!

• Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
• Power consumption:
20 mA standby mode
200 mA monitoring mode
• Audio surveillance: -75dB
• Voice control: environment
voice filtering or direct human voice sensor
• Device configuration method:
password protected SMS text message
• LI-battery: 3.7 V DC at 900 mA
• Charging voltage: 5V – 6V DC 500 mA
• Charging input volt: 100-240 V AC
• Dimensions: 53 x 36 x 13 mm incl. battery
• Weight: 40 g

PKI 2660

GSM Monitoring Transmitter and GPS Tracking Device
This miniature monitoring device can be called
from all over the world. Not only eavesdropping
(inside, in a car or outside) is possible but also
the location of the user. The device works with a
standard SIM-card, protected by a password.
Equipped with external antennas and a 10-36 V
DC power supply it allows professional
installation and optimal transmitting and
receiving signals even under difficult conditions.
PKI 2660 can be connected to every car or truck
power circuit. With the built-in Li-ion batteries of
3,7 V and 1500 mAh a standby-time of 48 hours
is possible in case of power failure.


• Network: GSM / GPRS / GPS
• Band: 850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz or
900/1800/1900 MHz or
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• GPS chip: SIRF 3
• GSM/GPRS module: Siemens MC 56
• GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
• GPS accuracy: +/-5 m
• Start-up time: cold status 45 s,
warm status 35 s, hot status 1 s
• Working voltage: 10 V – 36 V DC
• Power supply: 3,7 V 500 mAh Li-ion
rechargeable battery
• Standby: 48 hours

• Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
• Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 85 x 63 x 25 mm
• Weight: 160 g

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2670

GPS Personal Tracking System
The PKI 2670 is an easy to use, but very efficient
GPS tracking system offering the possibility to
determine the exact location of a person. Its use
is password-protected and it allows comfortable
and easy control of a specific person. After
switching-on, the PKI 2670 works fully
automatic and does not need any further data
input or control. The operation status is indicated
by 4 LED’s. The position data is given every 60
seconds, either by pressing the “INFO” button or
by activation of the integrated movement
detector. This informs the operator of the
location of the person, incl. name of town and
street name. This information can also be shown
on digital maps. The full data of the last 120 days
can also be recalled. Furthermore, the supplied
communicator allows direct calls from the
system operator to the user and, by using the

“INFO”-button”, the user can call for attention.
The status of the “INFO-button can be
transmitted to five different e-mail addresses. If
PKI 2670 is not moved it automatically switches
back into stand-by mode and on detection of
movements immediately returns into active
mode. This automatic energy saving technology
makes the built-in Li-Ion battery so efficient and
allows continuous operatin of up to 12 h.
• Weight: approx. 110 g
• Height: 8,6 cm
• Housing: ABS-plastic
• Operation time: 12 hours continuously
• Status transmission: every 60 seconds
• Power supply: Lithium-Ion battery,

PKI 2700

Digital Surveillance System
This device especially is designed for absolutely
professional use only. Smallsized, lightweight
but sturdy aluminium housings distinguish every
part of this system. The risks of interception and
detection during critical observation tasks are
reduced to a minimum. Depending on the
surveillance situation the internal or external
microphone can be activated. By this the PKI
2700 ideally can be used for room as well as
body worn operations. The transmission signal is
created and scrambled in a digital pseudorandom code so that a highly secured
transmission is guaranteed, so that the device
provides a most secure and protected listening
technique being hardly detectable.
A) Transmitter Frequency
Between 300 MHz and 1 GHz typically
430-460 MHz or 850-870 MHz
• Output power: + 5dBm @ 850 MHz or
+ 10 dBm @ 433 MHz
• Modulation: FSK @ 76.8 kb/s
• Control: On/Off remote control from

receiver, internal or external
microphone switching power level,
audio gain
• Concealment: digital pseudo-random
code scrambling
• Power supply: 2.5 to 6.5 VDC
• Dimension: 50 x 30 x 6 mm
B) Receiver Frequency
Between 300 MHz and 1 GHz, typically
430-460 MHz or 850-870 MHz
• Sensitivity: -97 dBm @ 850 MHz;
-100 dBm @ 450 MHz
• Antenna: 50 Ohm connection,
short whip antenna supplied
• Output: Headphone capable output,
suitable for recording
• USB: interface
• Physical housing:
Professional aluminium enclosure,
can easily be body-worn or carried
in a pocket
• Power: 1.5 VDC - takes internal AA cell
• Dimension: 102 x 62 x 20 mm

• Highly secured transmission
• Protected against counter measurements
• Designed for agent protection
• Frequency 430 – 460 MHz or 850 – 870 MHz

PKI 2710

Disguised PC Observation System
PKI 2710 is the best possible unit to store any
kind of signal from PC’s. PKI 2710 can be used in
combination with every common PC,
independent from the operating system. Of
course, this unit also stores BIOS-Passwords of
the monitored PC, enabling the observer to enter
into any protected file of the PC-user.
Camouflaged as an ordinary adapter between PC
and keyboard, the PKI 2710 stores up to 2 Mio
signs, numbers and characters from the
keyboard inputs. It is a perfectly disguised and
effective way of PC monitoring as it can be
installed within seconds. Just disconnect the
keyboard from the PC and place the unit in

between. By this “PLUG AND PLAY” method an
immediate monitoring of everything what the
user is doing on this specific PC is stored and
can be downloaded.
• Cable length: approx. 35 cm
• Fast and easy installation between keyboard
and PC by means of connecting cable
(plug and play)
• Storing capacity up to 2 Mio signs
• Stores BIOS passwords for easy access to
any protected file being in use on the PC
• Unobtrusive as it looks like an ordinary adapter

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2715

Computer Interception System
„Tempest“ is the common term for every kind of
radiation emitted by computers. Each device and
part - such as printed circuit boards, monitors
and connecting cables - emit a specific radio
signal (compromising radiation) which may
contain the fullscreen content of the actual
operation of the computer in question. Such
signals can be received and reconstructed with
our PKI 2715. This provides a fast and easy
monitoring of a PC in order to see what work
actually is done on this. By means of a
directional antenna and the special receiver, the
incoming data are synchronised and analysed.
The received signal then can be seen on the
provided display. Depending on type of computer
to be monitored the max. distance may vary from
approx. 10 to 50 meters. The complete system is
supplied by us to government departments

exclusively in order to guarantee full prevention
from unauthorised persons committed with
industrial espionage, terrorism or any other
criminal act.
• Scope of supply:
Directional antenna,
Special receiver,
• Others:
Due to security reasons no further
technical data is mentioned here.
Please contact us for full
technical specifications indicating
the position in your government

PKI 2750

Coded Radio Communication System
These handy radio communication systems are
equipped with highly sensitive receiver for a
superb receiving sensitivity which allows very
good receiving distances even with the 1 or 5
Watt output power of the relative transmitters.
The more important is the possibility to easily
switch over from clear speech to the scrambling
mode for secure communications. PKI 2750,
with its userfriendly operation, is developed
according to MIL standards i.e. a maximum of
durability and effectiveness. This system can
also be combined with our PKI 2440 Wireless
Miniature Earphone for perfect use in disguised

• System according to MIL Standard 810 C,D,E
• User-friendly operation
• Automatic channel selection and individually
programmable channels
• VOX funcion
• CTCSS / DCS subcoder for undisturbed
communication with other persons using
the same channel and subcode.
• Selectable calls for different users
• Pre-programmable emergency call frequencies
• Scrambling mode for secure communication
• 16 channels at 148-174 or 440-470 MHz with
12.5, 20, 25 KHz steps at 1/5 W output power
• 7,5 V DC rechargeable battery, 1300 mA/h
for 9 hours operation time
• 0,35µV receiver sensitivity
• Dimensions 130x42x60mm

PKI 2755

Duplex Communication
The use of these duplex communication devices
is especially valuable when quick and easy
observation is required. The pocket device works
on full-duplex-procedure, i.e. transmitter and
receiver use different frequencies at the same
time which allows a communication like on the
phone. Listening and speaking can be done
simultaneously without any switching.
• Dimensions: 140 x 54 x 28 mm
• Weight: 120 g
• Frequency: 263 – 393 MHz
• Power: 1,2 W
• Channels: 21
• Max. user: 99
• Operating range: approx. 4 km


• Power supply: Li-ion battery 7,2 V
• Comes with: LCD display with light, micro
processor controlled, PLL-system, charger

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2760

VHF or UHF Radio Set with Integrated Scrambler
This sound and handy radio set with power output of 4 W can be fixed by clip to any belt and is
therefore always available when needed. PKI
2760 offers various features which allow
professional operation. Up to 128 memory
channels are selectable. By means of the
Vox-function it provides hands-free action which
is very important for surveillance. The built-in
scrambler makes transmission safe and avoids
undesired eavesdropping. In order to offer long
operating time the device can be switched
manually from Hi to Low.

• Call tone: 1750 Hz
• Repeater tray: available
• Scan and priority channel function: available
• Scrambler: built-in
• Display: LCD with backlight
• Squelch: adjustable in 9 steps
• Keylock: available
• Channels and frequencies: selectable via keypad
• Power supply: battery pack 1200 mAh
• Various: comes with charger for Li-Ion battery,
further radio sets available on request

• Dimensions: 115 x 63 x 31 mm
• Weight: 195 g
• Frequency: VHF 136 – 174 MHz,
UHF 400-470 MHz
• Transmission power: 4 watt
• Channel distance: 25 kHz / 12,5 kHz

PKI 2775

Scrambled GSM Phone
Most people think that mobile phone calls cannot
be eavesdropped or tapped because the system
already uses encryption. Unfortunately this is not
the case! Actually in most countries the signals
are encrypted between the mobile phone and the
base station but this data stream can be
decrypted with a normal PC. It is even easier to
tap GSM phones with a device that simulates a
base station which inserts itself between the
mobile phone and the provider network. In
Germany such easy-doing eavesdropping causes
damages of approx. 10 billion Euro per year just
in the field of industrial espionage. PKI 2775
offers the right choice in order to be prevented
from this! Each PKI 2775 works with an
individually generated and certified key pair.
These are stored on the net card which is
inserted into the phone. If another PKI 2775
(which has its own individual key pair) is called,
using the crypto function, the partners are
authenticated by means of the two key pairs and
the two chip cards. A “one-off” session key (one
out of 1038 possible keys) is generated and this
is used only for this single communication. This
session key encrypts all signals transmitted
between the two phones. Whoever intercepts this
encrypted data stream will only hear a noise
which cannot be decrypted even with the highest
performance mainframe computers. PKI 2775
operates efficiently in all standard 900/1800 MHz
GSM networks in all countries.
In addition to the integrated encryption system
PKI 2775 has all the features of a normal, Up-todate business mobile phone. It still can be used
for unencrypted calls to any other phone. For all
encrypted and secure communications as well as
for all unprotected calls your standard SIM card
is used - therefore you do not have to change
your phone number in order to use all PKI 2775

• Dual Band GSM 900/1800 MHz
• Full graphic display (106x56 Pixel)
• Rechargeable battery 940 mAh (Li-Ion E)
• Standby time up to 350 hours
• Talk time up to 7 hours
• Hybrid encryption method
RSA 1024 / IDEA 128 Bit
• Weight 106 grams
• 100/200 phone book listings on the SIM card
• SMS service

• Secure communication in insecure networks
• Interception-proof
• 2-step encryption method
• Easy handling
• Lightweight and small-sized

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2800

Room Monitoring System Via Mains
The PKI 2800 is a low frequency transmitter/
receiver set using AC power cables for
transmission and power supply. Although
intended for audio surveillance of rooms, the
system can be used as a general purpose
security device to prevent from unauthorised
entry of rooms in question. The built-in audio
compressor reliably captures of all sounds inside
a room. The transmitter is supplied for
installation by the customer into suitable
electrical fittings (adherence to instructions given
in manual accompanying the equipment is
mandatory). Transmitting time is unlimited since
power is derived from power cables to which the
unit is attached. Additional extras like recording
devices of any kind are available upon request.

A) Receiver
• Power Supply: 110 – 240 V AC
• Control functions:
squelch, AFC and audio output
• Frequency range: 1,6 – 2,5 MHz
• Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 50 mm
• Weight: 1,2 kg
B) Transmitter
• Frequency range: 1,6 – 2,5 MHz
• Modulation: NB FM
• Deviation: +/- 6 kHz
• Operating voltage: 110 – 260 V AC
• Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 15 mm
• Weight: 140 g

• Room Monitoring via mains line
• Unlimited operation time
• highly sensitive microphone
• compact size

PKI 2850

Electronic Stethoscope
This low-priced economical unit is ideal for
long-time observation without entering the room
but to listen into it from the outside through solid
structures. Where the human ear is inadequate
PKI 2850 makes audible what has previously
seemed impossible. The pocket-sized unit can
perfectly be body-worn and whenever needed it
will be at hand for quick and easy installation. By
means of the professional amplifier, and in
combination with the highly sensitive contact
microphone, conversations and/or noises can be
heard through walls, windows or any other solid
material. Simply fix the contact microphone by
the supplied mastix-material to the best possible
surface and listen by means of the electronic
amplifier and the supplied headphone directly
into the observed room. The amplifier of course
is equipped with volume control and output sok-

ket for a recorder.
• Amplifies each kind of sound vibration
transferred via solid structures
like windows, walls, central
heating pipes and doors
by means of a contact
microphone making these
audible from the outside
• Simple installation by
fixing the contact microphone
with the supplied mastix-paste
• Battery operated for up to 800 hours
• Dimensions: 95x60x25 mm amplifier,
50x35x15 mm contact microphone
• Headset and carrying-bag included

PKI 2860

Wired Monitoring System
Most observation tasks today are done by
wireless microphones, the so-called “bugs”.
Beside these, more sophisticated systems like
optical lasers, IRMonitoring Systems, GPS, GSM
and computer monitoring systems are used. All
of these you may find in this catalogue and are
supplied by us. But still there is a demand for a
conventional monitoring system using wired
microphones. PKI 2860 is the best choice for
such purposes. With its thin cable and subminiature microphone it does not emit any high
frequency radiation and perfectly matches the
tasks of long-term observations in stationary use
and it is hardly detectable. PKI 2860 provides a
perfect audio quality with which even whispered
words can be heard and recorded. The standard
version of the PKI 2860 comes with a 50 m cable
and can be cascaded by optionally available
cables (each 50 m length) up to a total distance
of 500 m without any loss of audio quality. The
supplied high-capacity and low-noise audio-


amplifier is equipped with an audio input socket,
a socket for ear-phone plus an output for any
kind of recorder.
• Dimensions of amplifier
22 x 64 x 98 mm
• Weight of amplifier approx. 150 g
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
or 110/220 VAC via mains
adapter (not included)
• Frequency range:
250 to 3500 Hz
• Amplification
adjustable up to
30.000 times
• Operating time
up to 50 hours
with battery
unlimited with
mains adapter

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2870

Global Listening Device
The possibility to monitor specific areas from
anywhere in the world is always requested by our
governmental customers. This is given by this
unit that works via the mobile telephone network.
Small-sized, tiny and absolutely noiseless - that
is what our high-tech listening device PKI 2870
characterises. With its small dimensions of
approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm only it can be placed
anywhere in a room, a car or any other place
which has to be observed. Just put in a standard
SIM-card (like used in mobile phones), place the
unit in an unobtrusive location and leave the
space. That is all what you have to do. From now
on you can listen into this area by just dialling the
known number of the PKI 2870 and you can
listen into this space. With your mobile phone,
and from any place in the world, you will hear the

crystal-clear transmission of each sound and/ or
conversation inside this area.
• Transmitting frequency:
GSM 900 MHz / 1800 MHz
• Operating time: standby 14 days
listening 12 hours
• Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator and
external power supply via supplied mains
• Microphone: highly sensitive Electret
microphone, with amplifier and automatic
uniform control for dynamic range
• Dimensions: approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm
• Weight: less than 200 g

PKI 2900

Professional Stethoscope Kit
The PKI 2900 has been developed for covert
surveillance purposes or general security
installations. The excellent noise performance
combined with high gain capability and
automatic compressor makes the unit suitable
for a wide range of applications and operating
environments. The low power consumption
facilitates unattended operation. Each Kit is
supplied with a low-noise microphone amplifier,
compatible with subminiature microphones, a 5
band graphic equaliser (all in one portable
housing) and 2 different stethoscopes (each one
for wall and window mounting). Output-sockets
for headphones or speakers as well as recorders
are provided at the receiving unit.

• Max. gain 100 dB
• Equaliser type: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequency:
300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 Hz
• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Stethoscope type: Piezo crystal
• Stethoscope size:
approx. ø 20 and ø 35 mm
• Output Phone: 4-16 ohm, 100 mW
• Output: Tape 200mV at 50 Kohm
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
• Battery: lifetime approx. 20 hrs
• Dimension: 130 x 50 x 180 mm

• Excellent noise performance
• High gain capability
• Automatic compressor circuit
• Integrated equaliser
• Fully portable
• Battery operated

PKI 2910

Professional Voice Changer
In many cases of disguised observations it is
indispensable to have telephone conversation
with the person in question. Under such
circumstances the observer should not be
identified by his voice. Especially in cases of
taking hostages with following black-mails, the
PKI 2910 is the best possible tool for not
identifying the caller’s voice. In real-time, i.e.
without any delay, the voice will be changed from
male to female or even children and vice versa. It
can be used from any mobile telephone, PKI
2910 offers a wide spectrum of frequency
changes, is highly portable and can be used with
any type of telephone or even mobile phones.
Transmission is effected by the supplied
acoustic-coupler. Just connect this acousticcoupler to the microphone of your telephone and
use the microphone of the PKI 2910. The
integrated pitch, Mi-balance and formant
adjusters are creating the change of voice

• Dimensions:
approx. 180 x 120 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 280 g
• Power supply:
9 VDC block battery
• Effective adjustment:
3 sliding switches
• A) pitch control – for increase or
decrease of audio frequency
• B) formant control – regulates the
tone pitch
• C) Mi-Balance – regulates the
mixture between original voice
and required effect

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2915

PKI 2920

Parabolic Directional Microphones
These transparent parabolic mirrors, in combination with the built-in low noise and high capacity
amplifiers, offer the best audio-unidirectional
characteristic being physically possible. The PKI
2915 and PKI 2920 just differ in the diameter of
the parabolic mirror. With the PKI 2915 - having
a diameter of 60 cm - a distance of approx. 100
m can be achieved, while with the PKI 2920 having a diameter of 85 cm – approx. 150 m can
be reached.
• These units reach the physical limits of possible
sound-pick-up from distant sources
• Two versions available: PKI 2915 with 60 cm
and PKI 2920 with 85 cm diameter

• Transparent, oval mirrors made of
high impact resistant plastic material
• Enormous amplification due to
pick-up sensor of latest generation
• 9V block battery operation and
sockets for headphone and recorder
• PKI 2915 the big ear for 100m distances
• Headphone included
• Weight approx. 380 gr.
• PKI 2920 for more than 150 m distance
• Headphone included
• Weight approx. 400 g

PKI 2925

Directional Microphone
Whenever it is necessary to listen to a
conversation at outside areas and from a certain
distance, the PKI 2925 is the best possible
choice. This unit is constructed as a directional
microphone in the form of a tube. Such types
more easily can substitute parabolic mirrors, as
their shape is less obtrusive compared to
parabolic mirrors. That eases the way of
camouflaging during operation. Even from inside
a car, with opened windows, or from hidden places in open terrain, the PKI 2925 can be used.
But in order to come as close as possible to the
physical advantages of such parabolic mirrors,
the PKI 2925, in buyer’s option, can be supplied
in two different lengths of tubes with the same
efficiency. For a best possible handling, an
ergonomical-shaped handle is supplied, which
can be detached if required. The complete set,

incl. headset and accessories comes in a
ruggedized, splash-proof hardcover case.
• Pick-up of sounds and
conversations from
far away
• Selectable filter for high/low frequencies
• Separate amplifier with adjustable
amplification and volume control
• Power supply: 9 V
• Socket for external recorder/headphone
• Headphone included
• Weight 525 grams with 350 mm tube

PKI 2930

Directional Microphone within a Cigarette Box or Mobile Phone
This exceptionally small-sized directional
microphone captures acoustic signals from up to
100 m distance, which are amplified up to max.
10.000 times by its integrated low-noise
high-power amplifier. Due to the built-in
high- and low-pass filters you can listen to
conversations at a distance of 50 m, as they
allow especially voice frequencies to pass
through and eliminate undesirable noises. It is
incredible, that this is possible, particularly in
this inconspicuous cigarette box. Even audio
transmission is done in an excellent quality. The
audio signal will be transmitted wireless via
inductor (inside the device) to a miniature
earplug. Better camouflage is impossible. Now
you can listen undetected to conversations at the
table next to you in a restaurant etc..

• Power supply: standard 9 V battery
• Power consumption: max. 20 mA
• Dimensions: plastic housing in a standard
cigarette box (exchangeable at any time)
• Weight: 140 g
• Amplifier: max. 10.000 times
• Play-back: via wireless
earplug inductor

• Frequency: 20 Hz – 16 KHz (-3dB)
• High-/ low-pass filter: fg= 150 Hz / 5 KHz


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2940

Microphone Case with 8 Channels Digital Recorder
The PKI 2940 Microphone Case is equipped with
latest technology and designed for permanent
room surveillance using wired microphones.
Conversations can be monitored in up to eight
different rooms and recorded simultaneously in
real time with the built-in hard disk recorder
which allows play-back, at a later date, of any
conversation. All recorded information will be
converted into digital data before storage and can
be played back immediately. The recording can
be split on up to 250 virtual tracks. The interface
for CD-R allows the external storage without
detour. Locator points and exactly to place
markers make it easy to trace precisely certain

• impedance: -10 dBV / 15 Ohm
• total output: 2 x cinch, unsymmetric
• impedance: -10 dBV / 820 Ohm
• digital output / file: coaxial/SPDIF
• ouput monitor: 2 x cinch, unsymmetrical
• impedance: -10dBV/820 Ohm
• out-output (stereo): 2 x 6,3 mm, unsymmetrical
• impedance: -10dBV /820 Ohm
• remote control : 6,3 mm
• MIDI in/out: 2 x 5-pole DIN-socket
• SCSI-interface: SCSI-2 50-pole
• Earphone output: 6,3 mm , 2x 60 mW, 30 Ohm
• Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
• Power consumption: 26 W
• Dimensions:414 x 95 x 288 mm

• Weight: 3.1 kg (main unit) 1,6 kg
(power adapter)
• Microphone input: 4 ch. Stereo or 8 ch. Mono
• Microphone type: sub-min. back electret cadiod
• Cable length: 4x10 m and 4x 25 m
• Frequency response: 30 Hz- 20 kHz
• Recording resolution: 16 bit or 24 bit linear
• Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
• Number of tracks: 6 activ, 250 virtual
• Data storage: SCSI-hard disk 10 GB
• Recording time: up to 150 ch./h
• Interface for CD-R: SCSI-2
• Power supply: 115 /230 VAC 30 VA
• Dimensions: 490 x 430 x 165 mm

A) Microphone on reel
• Microphone Type: of electret
• Microphone sensitivity: - 60 dB / 1 KHz
• Bandwidth: 100 Hz – 7 KHz
• Cable length: 100 m; others on request
• Weight: 600 g
• Dimensions: ø 180 mm x 60 mm

• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Output phone: 4 – 16 Ohm, 100 mW
• Output recording: 200 mV at 50 KOhm
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
• Battery lifetime: approx. 20 hours
• Weight: 750 g
• Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 150 mm

Due to its extremely high storage capacity the
PKI 2940 Microphone Case is perfectly suited for
a long term surveillance of conference rooms,
hotel rooms and prisons.

• Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1 dB
• Voltage distance: > 82 dB
• Distortion: less than 0,01% (at 1 kHz)
• Channel separation: > 80 dB (at 1 Hz)
• input A to C: 6,3 mm, symmetrical
• impedance: -50 dBu to +4 dBu / 4 kOhm
• input D: 6,3 mm, symmetrical
• impedance: -50 dBu to +4 dBu / 4 kOhm
(mic/line), 1 MOhm (guitar)
• out-input (stereo): 2 x 6.3 mm, unsymmetrical

PKI 2950

Microphone Cable Reel
The PKI 2950 especially was developed for wired
room monitoring applications. Due To its
cable-based operation this unit is not detectable
by any counter measure equipment. The
subminiature electret microphone with its small
dimensions and the small diameter of the
shielded cable is ideally suitable to be hidden
behind wallpapers, curtains or in window frames.
The small dimensions of the microphone prevent
from detection by measuring equipment based
on analysing the non-linear junction effect
generated in semiconductors. The complete
system consists of the highly sensitive electret
microphone with shielded connection cable, a
cable reel with output socket, headphones and
the separate audio amplifier. The supplied audio
amplifier provides a low-noise amplification
adjusted to the subminiature electret microphone
of this system together with a 5 band graphic
equaliser and every necessary output for direct
listening or recording of conversations. Features
like direct listening with headphones, a socket for
recording devices and the possibility to extend
the total cable length by driving different reels in
cascade, fulfill all requirements for effective

B) Amplifier
• Max gain: 100 dB
• Type of equaliser: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequencies: 300, 600, 1200,
2400, 4800 Hz

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 2960

Optical Microphone
The PKI 2960 ultra-sensitive optical microphone
captures a wide range of sounds from normal
conversation to soft whispering or even the
shuffling of papers with excellent sound
accuracy. Being designed for governmental use
in SWAT, Special Task Forces and tactical
operations it offers surveillance operations and
applications requiring RFI/EMI immunity. A beam
of light is sent through an optical fiber to a sound
sensitive membrane. Sound signals cause the
membrane to vibrate and modulate the intensity
of the light reflected by the membrane, which is
then translated into an electrical signal. PKI 2960
delivers a high signal to noise ratio, so even very
low-level sound inputs can be heard clearly and
accurately from many meters away. With an
omni-directional polar pattern, the PKI 2960 can
capture sounds from all directions, thus
maximising voice representation. The excellent
frequency response provides true-tosound
reproduction. The PKI 2960 cannot be detected
by electromagnetic methods since the
microphone head neither contains metal parts
nor generates electromagnetic fields and is
separated from its electronic components by
several meters of optical fiber. With its miniature
dimensions and versatile configurations it can be
installed in a variety of ways to elude discovery
both by the naked eye and sophisticated
detection equipment such as non-linear junction
detectors. Because of its RFI and EMI immunity

the PKI 2960 can continue to operate even in the
harshest environments without any effect to its
• Polar pattern: Omni-directional
• Frequency range: 250 - 4500 Hz
• S/N ratio: 65 dB @ 1 KHz 94 dB SPL
• Sensitivity; 0.3 - 1.8 V/Pa
• THD: < 1% at 84 dB SPL
• Max. static pressure on membrane: 130 dB SPL
• Output impedance: 680 Ohms
(standard line input)
• Supply voltage: 9 - 12 V DC
• Current drain: 80 mA

• Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50°C
• Ambient humidity: 93% R.H. @ 40°C,
• MTBF: > 100.000 hours
• Std. optical fiber length: 10/20 meters
• Dimensions and weight:
of microphone length 21,5 mm,
diameter 4,5 mm, weight 1gr
• Ultra-sensitive microphone
• Excellent sound accuracy
• EMI/RFI immunity
• Undetectable by conventional methods
• Miniature size, lightweight
• Easy to conceal

PKI 2970

Audio Surveillance Kit
In order to be successful in any cases of
professional tasks of interception, it is
indispensable to have the right equipment at
hand. Such basic equipment which is supplied
with this set of PKI 2970 is the absolute
organisation must have. It has been developed in
close co-operation with our customers from
worldwide government departments and for
completing their request for solutions of every
monitoring tasks to be undertaken. PKI 2970 as
a complete assembly results from our more than
40 years experience and our continuous research
and development providing the latest state-ofthe-art at any time. With this kit you are well
prepared, even in cases of unexpected tasks.
There is no doubt that the content of this kit can
be adapted to our client’s requests. Therefore and this is our long lasting philosophy - we
always try to stay in a very close contact to the
customers and personally discuss their needs.
By this, a final content, beside the standard
execution can be determined.
The standard kit contains a comprehensive
number of different transmitters for room
monitoring powered by mains, telephone lines
and battery operated listening devices (even
through walls by means of electronic
stethoscope with or without transmitter). A
professional receiver, a digital recorder and a
microphone connected by a cable of 100 m


length (other lengths are available upon request)
plus a directional microphone complete the
whole set, which is supplied in a ssolid carrying
case for secure storage and outdoor handling.
• This kit contains a comprehensive number of
different transmitters, receiver, digital recorder
and microphones.
As standard it is supplied with:
• PKI 2205 Room/Mains Transmitter
• PKI 2210 Telephone Transmitter
• PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
• PKI 2285 Long Range Transmitter

• PKI 2510 Handheld Receiver with
Digital Recorder
• PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
• PKI 2925 Directional Microphone
• PKI 2950 Microphone Cable Reel
• Other combinations are available on request
• For full technical details of each item please see
the relevant item number.

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2975

Investigation Kit for Outdoor Use
In most cases entrance to a room to be
monitored is not possible and observations have
to be done from the outside. Although this is the
most difficult way of observation, we have the
right solution. We only offer devices of latest
technology developed on basis of many years of
experience in this field. Our product range, as
shown in this catalogue, indicates single units for
specific purpose, because one universal unit
covering all kind of tasks does not exit. As our
customers ask for a complete set of equipment,
we have assembled the PKI 2975 Investigation
Kit for Outdoor Use. Like our PKI 2970, this set
also has been assembled in close co-operation
with our customers for a best possible selection
of necessary items out of our wide range of
products. It consists of each and every item
being necessary for room monitoring from the
outside but, of course, can be adapted at any
time in order to meet customer’s requirement.
Each set is packed in aluminium or sturdy
hardcover cases for easy outdoor handling.

PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2900 Professional Stethoscope Kit
PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System
PKI 3200 Infrared Observation System
PKI 2415 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2420 Digital Receiver

For each single item the complete technical
description is listed separately in this catalogue.
Depending on customer’s requirement, this kit
can be adapted to your specific needs. Just
contact us to find the best possible solution for
all what you need.

PKI 2215 Analogue Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2220 Analogue Pocket Receiver
PKI 2400 Audio Monitoring Cartridge
PKI 8025 Silent Drill
PKI 2455 Needle Microphone with Amplifier

PKI 2980

PKI 2985

Wireless Stethoscope mono, Wireless Stethoscope stereo

These stethoscopes find their application where
the human ear reaches its limits. The acoustic
receptor is very quickly fixed by provided mastic
material. It can be attached to the wall (up to 50
cm thick), window, door frame etc. The
miniature receiver captures the signal from a
distance of up to 100 m. Longer distances are
also possible if required, however, this will
reduce receiving time from 30 to 15 hours. The
stereo version PKI 2985 is best suitable for
operations with loud background noise such as
street noise or similar. These sounds can be
eliminated by our devices PKI 2260 or PKI 2500.
The Piezo acoustic receivers are high sensitive

and capture acoustic oscillation on hard
materials, as e.g. on pipes, windows, etc. so that
even spoken word are clearly audible. On request
we are able to deliver a compatible recorder with
70 hours recording time (PKI 2980R refers).

• Dimensions: 40 x 120 x 22 mm
• Weight: 85 g
• Power supply: 2 x batteries type AAA, 3V
• Housing: aluminium
• Frequency: SHF 960 – 1300 MHz

• Dimensions: Ø 32 x 20 mm
• Weight: 15 g
• Power supply: Lithium battery 3V
• Acoustic receiver: Piezo element
• Output power: 5 mW
• Modulation: WMF +/- 25kHz
• Antenna: SHF

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems

PKI 3000

Outdoor Investigation Shooting Stethoscope-Kit
For more than 40 years PKI is engaged in AV
observation out- and indoor. Consequently our
product range offers numerous devices for this
application. Please see our below listed devices:
PKI 2215 - PKI 5715.
Often the rooms which shall be monitored have
only access from outside, so that due to security
reasons this is the only possible surveillance
method. PKI 3000 therefore offers a very special
version as now upper floors can be monitored.
On activation the transmitter is shot by a
launcher, that is equipped with a CO2-cartridge,
up to a distance of 25 m at full speed. If the
transmitter reaches a window or masonry it will
stick there and wirelessly transmit the acoustic
waves captured from behind the wall up to 50 m.
Reception is possible by adequate wide band

• Dimensions: Ø 10 mm
• Weight: 12 g
• Acoustic receptor: Piezo-element
• HF-power: 1 mW
• Power supply: coin cell
• Monitoring time: max. 24 hours

• Dimensions: 160x140x30 mm
• Weight: 180 g
• Frequency: 980 MHz-range
• Input sensitivity: 0,35µV at 12 dB
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
• Outputs: for headphone and recorder
• Dimensions: 50x20x10 cm
• Weight: 2,5 kg
• Pressure: CO2-cartridge
• Range: max. 25 m

PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2415 Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2455 Needle Microphone with Amplifier
PKI 2470 Needle Microphone with Amplifier
PKI 2625 GSM Stethoscope
PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2900 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2975 Investigation Kit for Outdoor Use
PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System
PKI 3200 IR-Observation System
PKI 5715 Window Camera

PKI 3100

Laser Monitoring System
This PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System has
been designed for secret surveillance operation if
access to the target room is totally impossible.
The laser transmitter sends an invisible infra-red
beam to the window of the room to be
monitored. A certain part of the laser beam is
reflected by the windowpane which vibrates
slightly due to sound waves caused by the
spoken words inside. Due to the law of optics,
the beam is reflected in the same angle, i.e. the
angle of incidence is equal to the angle of
reflection. In order to capture the reflected beam
in the middle of the lens the receiver must be
positioned very accurately. The captured beam
can now be converted into electrical signals,
which - after filtering - are amplified and fed into
headphones and/or recording devices.
The Laser Monitoring System PKI 3100 consists
of the following parts:
Laser Transmitter
Camera Housing
Tele-lens 135 mm
Power supply for transmitter
Cable power supply
2 pcs. tripods
Micrometer platform with adjustable x/y axis
Laser receiver
Camera housing


Tele-lens 500 mm
Recording unit & amplifier inside case
Wireless headphones
Cable between receiver and case
• Laser output power: 24 mW max.
• Laser wavelength: 880 nm
• Optical divergence: 0,5 mard
• Optical system: 135 mm, 1:2,8
• Optical system: 500 mm
• Laser: class 3 laser
Transmitter/receiver unit (mechanical specs)
• Weight: 1,6 kg
• Power supply: 8x UM-2
• Connectors: socket for wired connection to
Amplifier/Electronic unit
• System: filter amplifier
• Max. gain: 100 dB
• Equaliser type: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequencies: 300, 600, 1200,
2400, 4800 Hz

• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Output phone: 4-16 Ohm, 100 mW
• Output recording: 200 mV at 50 KOm
• Power supply: 8x UM – 1 or mains
110-240 V AC
• Battery lifetime: up to 50 hours
• Weight: 8,2 kg
• Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 22 cm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 3200

Infrared Observation System
Often rooms have to be monitored from the outside due to no direct access and the observation
has to be effected by systems hardly to detect.
For this purpose the PKI 3200 Infrared
Observation System offers the right choice. Due
to its infrared light - which is completely
invisible to human eyes and beyond the range of
any RF scanner or radio receiver - this device
perfectly meets all requirements.
The system consists of an optical receiver with
pinpointed telescope, a tripod for mounting the
receiver and two different transmitters for room
observation. One transmitter is featuring a
built-in microphone while the other one comes
with a contact microphone which operates like a
stethoscope to listen through walls, windows etc.
The receiver is equipped with a tele-lens which
allows looking into rooms from a distance of
approx. 300 meters.
A) Transmitter Frequency 870nm IR
• Carrier frequency Standard 125 KHz
• Modulation NFM F 3
• Deviation 5 KHz
• Output power approx. 40 m
• Stethoscope-transmitter Dimensions

45 x 35 x 15 mm, battery 6 V
• Room-transmitter Dimensions
85 x 35 x 20 mm, block battery 9 V
B) Receiver Lens connector M 42
• Receiving principle superhet
• Dimension 500 x 120 mm incl. lens
and telescope sight
• Power 9 V block battery

• Modulation
• Low rate of detection
• Monitoring of inaccessible
rooms through walls and windows
• Portable system
• Easy installation

PKI 4000

Optical Detection Device
The PKI 4000 is a compact and lightweight
device, based on a unique patented technology
and is adapted to professional and specific tasks
of security activity at its maximum. Worldwide it
really does not have any analogues featuring the
same technical capabilities. The unit is tested and
certified by professionals in the field of
counterterrorism and security activities in many
countries all over the world. Although being a
state-of-the-art unit PKI 4000 is easy to operate
and does not require any special technical
knowledge but fully meets all security
requirements. PKI 4000 provides “around the
clock” the highest available security level, by
minimising the risk of unwanted observation. PKI
4000 facilitates the detection and exact location
of optical and opto-electronic systems, including
those covertly deployed - regardless of their type
or operational principle (passive, active, laser,
night-vision or other systems), level of
surrounding light conditions etc. It effectively
detects optical systems through double-glazed,
tinted windows or windscreens whether these
are hidden pinhole cameras, sniper sights,
binoculars, lasers or covert video- or photo
devices. It is also protected against bright light or
flashes and even can identify a vehicle number
plate at night.
• Working distance: according to version from
350 m up to 1200 m
• Minimum distance: approx. 0,5 m

• Field of view: 6°
• Operating temperature: - 10 to + 40°C
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
9-36 VDC or AC mains (100-240 VAC) via
supplied mains adapter

• Continuous operation: up to 3 hours at fully
charged battery
• Power consumption: 4 Watts
• Weight: 1,1 kg
• Dimensions: approx. 175 x 100 x 75 mm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Counter Surveillance




Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 4100

Rapid Deployment Spectrum Analyser
PKI 4100 is one of the most recent developments
of our counter-measures specialists. It is a
portable counter-surveillance system for analysis
of radio frequency surveillance. As an
intermediate field counter measure it can monitor
several rooms at the same time. It is easily
programmable, with results stored for
repeatability and future appraisal, with a full A 4
report printout of text and graphical display in
line or bar. It allows a novice user with a modest
background in radio scanning to be operational
in 30 minutes and to produce a fully documented
predetermined scan. PKI 4100 is not to be
confused as near field, one room at a time,
equipment. It provides rapid spectrum analysis,
with additional spectrum analyser functions. It
can readily identify clandestine transmissions
including SMART spread spectrum devices, and
display video transmissions at “picture in
picture”. The complete system is fully autarkic
with integrated rechargeable battery and mains
power supply. Its software on Windows basis is
professionally designed especially for electronic
counter measures. The video capturing system
allows the operator to determine the type of
video transmission detected. The captured video
image is displayed, picture in picture, on the
laptop screen, and can be stored for further
analysis and playback.
The PKI 4100 features mains and line monitoring
for cable / telephone line.

• Software facilities incl. automatic save of scans,
or once every hour for an unattended operation
comparing the files routine for additions and
omissions, possible threat mode for continuous
unattended operation, with alarm manual tune
mode spectrum analyser mode
• Frequency range 10 KHz to 3 GHz

• Internal rechargeable battery
• High speed scanning
• Video interpretation and display
• Mains and line / cable monitoring
• Auto save for unattended RF spectrum time
• Possible threat warning
• A4 printout

PKI 4200

Non Linear Junction Detector
Remote controlled transmitters and devices
which are switched off, cannot be found by any
counter surveillance equipment based on radio
scanners. The solution is a debugging device
independent from any emission of radio
frequencies. Even before using a new room for
conferences or after installations, respectively
maintenance operations in the room, a basic
sweep is absolutely necessary to avoid
monitoring by planted devices. PKI 4200 does
not only detect active bug devices but also those
which have been switched off. The extremely
lightweight unit (only 1.8 kg) is a Third Harmonic
Junction Detector and important facility for
discriminating between false and real targets.
The coloured LED display simply shows left
GREEN for false and right RED for target. In
addition to the customary Geiger audio indicator,
the unit also features AM and FM demodulation
modes. Direct listening via headphones is

• Fundamental Frequency: 888 MHz
• Maximum RF Power: 300 mW
• Analysed Harmonics: 2-nd and 3-rd
• Controls: ON/OFF, Volume, Range,
Harmonic Selector, Tone-AM
FM Selector, Squelch
• Dimensions: 210 x 145 x 45 mm
• Dimensions Antenna: 160 x 40 x 720 mm
• Weight: 1,8 kg
• Detects all types of bugs
• 2-nd and 3-rd harmonic analysis
• Switchable RF power
• Direct listening facility

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Counter Surveillance

PKI 4205

HF-Measuring Device
This HF- device measures reliably HF-radiation of
mobile phones, DECT- wireless phones, flight
microwaves. It is perfectly designed for
measurement of pulsed HF-radiation. The results
are measured in µW/m2. PKI 4205 offers easiest
handling. The logarithmic-periodic antenna has a
very good bearing and can perfectly be used for
BFM. Measurements are shown on the large 3.5
digit LCD display. An acoustic signal proportional
to field strength can be turned on. (sound effect
as per our Geiger counter).

• Frequency range: 800 MHz – 2.5 GHz
• Field strength: 1-1999 µW/m2
• Minimal resolution: -50 dBm
• Precision: +/- 6 dB (+/- 9 digit)
• Power supply: 9V battery
• Operating time: 10-12 h
• Dimension measuring device:
74 x 225 x 32 mm
• Dimensions antenna:
120 x 250 x 30 mm

PKI 4210

RF-Finder incl. Listening Receiver 1 MHz - 3 GHz
With this bug detection device you cannot only
locate tapping devices but also determine
transmission frequencies and listen to
The field strength, as well as the frequency, are
shown on the LCD display in 100 Hz steps. This
device helps you to detect room, phone, GSM or
video transmitters etc. quickly and eliminate
them. A successful defence system prevents you
from trouble.

• Sensitivity: 0,56µV (12 dB SINAD)
• Power supply: battery
• Loudspeaker: built-in
• Operating temperature: -10°C bis 60°C
• Antenna: 50 Ohm (BNC)
• Weight: 890 g
• Dimensions: 145 x 140 x 40 mm
• Comes with charger

PKI 4215

Bug Detector 1 MHz - 7 GHz
In order to trace a tapping device you need a
professional, easy-to-operate locating device
which measures the electric field strength of the
tapping device. This can be measured because
the field strength of the eavesdropping unit is
stronger at 10 - 100 cm than local transmitters.
The sensitivity is adjustable by potentiometer.
The acoustic and visual display changes when
approaching the tapping device which allows a
quick location of AM or FM, analogue or digital
tapping devices. The acoustic alarm can be
switched off and be replaced by vibration alert.

This allows totally silent location even of mobile
phones or remote controls. The wide band
antenna offers the necessary sensitivity for the
large frequency range of the PKI 4215.
• Frequency: 1 MHz to 7 GHz
• Power supply: 4 x 1,5 V AAA Alkaline battery
• Display: LED bar, for visual indication
• Dimensions: 120 x 60 x 30 mm
• Weight: 180 g
• Antenna socket: SMA-plug

PKI 4220

Detector for Wireless Camera Systems and WLAN Transmitters
Wireless cameras, WLAN networks, Bluetooth
devices and audio/video transmitters, all use
different frequencies and modulations within the
license-free frequency range. The PKI 4220 has
especially been developed by us, in order to
locate such devices. The working range of this
detector is extremely versatile, from detecting
concealed video systems, finding WLAN hot
spots, localisation of unauthorized Bluetooth and
WLAN devices, to measuring the radiation of
video transmitters in the 2.4 GHz range. The PKI
4220 is able to comply with all these


requirements. It is equipped with a very efficient
directional antenna that allows exact
bearing within a range of approximately 5 m.
Optical and acoustic signs indicate the signal
strength. The use of the PKI 4220 is most easy –
just turn it on and start searching spaces.
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Frequency: up to 2.45 GHz
• Power consumption: 60 mA
• Range: up to 5 m in open

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 4230

Radio Eavesdropping Protector
This protector can be used to give real-time
protection in meeting rooms, boardrooms etc.
against the threat caused from radio
eavesdropping devices. After a first swept of the
meeting room for eavesdropping devices, the
system can be deployed to ensure that no RF
interception device is activated during the
meeting. This system is available in 2 versions:
• a fully portable solution including a sensor, a
semi-ruggedised laptop (with software) and
power supplies housed in a smart briefcase
• a semi-deployable solution comprising a
sensor, a semi-ruggedisesd laptop (with
software), power supplies, sensor tripod
and system carrying case

Broadband detector (channel A)
• Frequency: 10 MHz to 2500 MHz
• Sensitivity: ≥ -60dBm
• Dynamic Range: ≥ 50dB
• Detector algorithms:
802.11 g(WiFi), Bluetooth, 3G (UMTS)
Broadband Detector (Channel B)
• Frequency: 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
• Sensitivity: ≥ -60dBm
• Dynamic range: ≥ 50dB
• Detector algorithms: Video (PAL, NTSC), GSM,
• DECT, 802.11g (WiFi), Bluetooth, 3G (UMTS)
Harmonic Receiver (Channel C)
• Frequency band 0:
12,8 MHz to 2500 MHz (approx.)
band 1: 2500 MHz to 5000 MHz (approx.)

band 2: 5000 MHz to 7500 MHz (approx.)
band 3: 7500 MHz to 10000 MHz (approx.
• Resolution: 8 kHz
• Sensitivity: ≥ -50dBm (10dB SNR)
• Dynamic range: ≥ 50 dB (noise floor to P1dB)
• Sweep rate: band 0,1 , 2 and 3 approx.
every 250 mS

Sensor power
• External power: 12V DC @ 4A, reverse polarity,
protected against overvoltage

Sensor Inputs & Outputs
• External power: 2,5 mm centre positive
• Network: RJ45, Ethernet
• Alarm outputs: green, blue, red LEDs,
audio signal

Sensor approvals
• EU EN 300 440-1, EN 301 489-3
• FCC Part 15B, unintentional radiators

Sensor mechanical
• Sensor size: 280 mm x 200 mm x 110 mm
• Sensor weight. < 2,5 kg

PKI 4250

Non Linear Junction Detector
PKI 4250 Non Linear Junction Detector is
designed to detect various kinds of electronic
devices containing semiconductor elements.
Flooding of suspected areas or targets with
spectrally pure microwave RF signals locate
eavesdropping devices, microphone amplifiers,
audio recorders etc. - both in switched-on and
switched-off mode. Analysing both 2-nd and 3-rd
harmonics returned and varying on the materials
with the different metallic junctions and
semiconductor junctions return, gives the
operator a clear indication of the source of any
reflected signal. Due to the use of different
formats of modulation for fundamental signals
there is a possibility not only to detect radio
transmitting devices, but also to define their
types by listening to them.
• Manual adjustment of radiation power
• Minimised back and side directional lobes
• Built-in loudspeaker
• possibility to connect headphones
• circularly polarised antenna reduces
search time and improves reliability

• Detection of electronic-containing devices
• High sensitivity
• 2 W RF power
• Side directional lobes

• power supply from both rechargeable
battery and mains power
• Fundamental Frequency
890 - 895 MHz
• Radiation Mode Continuous
• Automatic tuning step size
0,5 MHz
• Analysed Harmonics 2-nd and 3-rd

• Maximum RF Power 2 W
• Receiver sensitivity
Not worse than -130 dBm
• Dynamic Range of receiving
section Non less than 75 dB
• Indication Audible and visual
(bar indicator)
• Power supply 12 V Li-Ion rechargeable
battery or mains power
• Operation Time 2,5 hrs

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Counter Surveillance

PKI 4275

RF Transmitter Detector with Global Analysis Software
For searching of active RF listening devices,
speed is essential i.e. minutes or even seconds
could potentially be worth tens of thousands of
Euro to an eavesdropper. Important meeting
areas are exposed to the danger of electronic
eavesdropping. The detection and location of
illicit RF transmissions requires quick and silent
action to identify and locate listening devices on
the radio spectrum without alerting potential
eavesdroppers. PKI 4275 makes the detection,
identification and location of radio transmitters
quicker and easier than ever before. Tuning a
radio manually into every station on the FM
bandwidth requires a very long time. With the
PKI 4275 you can cover the whole FM bandwidth
at a 500 times wider range, all in less than 5
seconds. The spectral Global Analysis Software
adds a further dimension to Identifying listening
devices. Remote control via telecommunication
network and data storage on disk for further
analysis are implemented.

• Frequency range: in two bands –
DC to 10 MHz and 10 MHz to 5 GHz
• Sensitivity: > - 70 dBm at 10 dB SNR for 1 KHz
• Input 2nd order intercept point:
- 2 dBm to + 60 dBm
• Input 3rd order intercept point:
-13 dBm to + 39 dBm
• Input 1 dB compression point:
-20 dBm to + 10 dBm

• IF rejection: 50 to 85 dB
• Spurious free dynamic range: 74 dB
• Dynamic range: 98 dB
• Battery life: approx. 5 hours continuous work
• Dimensions: approx. 312 x 70 x 252 mm
• Weight: approx. 4 kg

PKI 4300

Advanced Telephone Tapping Detector
The PKI 4300 is the most advanced network
detector available in the world market, based on
a highly qualified time domain reflectometer
compatible with all types of telephone, data and
coaxcables. The full kit includes RF line detection
and voltage measurement enabling any changes
in the characteristics of the cables to be analysed
and fault plus location to be identified. The PKI
4300 can provide details like size of the object
due to the precision of the reflected signal. All
traces and parameters are displayed on the
builtin high resolution LCD screen. With the
ability of the PKI 4300 to integrate with
computer networks not only phone and wire
tapping successfully can be controlled but also
computer network espionage. A Window based
software is available in option for complete data
analysis and comparison.
• Pulse widths: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 ns
• Accuracy: 0.01 %
• Minimum distance: 0 m with adapted lead
• Resolution: 0.5 % of displayed range
• Measuring range: 0...100, 200, 500,
1000, 2000 and 5000 m
• Dynamic response: up to 70 dB


• Memories: 12 reflectograms
• Interface: RS 232
• Display: 256 x 128 pixel
• Power supply: NC-battery / 12 VDC
• Dimensions:approx. 379 x 399 x 207 mm
• Weight: approx. 5,6 kg

• Exact location of unauthorized objects
• Full comparison analysis
• 12 digital reflectrogram memories
• Very high resolution
• Great accuracy
• PC and printer interface

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 4380

Interception Receiver with Spectrum Scope
This monitoring receiver is designed for capturing of signals, for
spectro analysis as well as for recording of received signals. It covers a
range of 0,005 to 3335 MHz at a frequency stability of +/- 0,05 ppm at
25°C. PKI 4380 is appropriate for professional use and also allows
reception for P25-digital modulation. The multifunctional spectrum
scope allows scanning between two constant cut-off frequencies. Due
to its numerous features this device is absolutely exceptional,
especially e.g. the roofing filter, a digital ZF-filter, a 2-point-notch-filter,
a FSK-speech synthesizer, a multi-scan-function etc. PKI 4380 is
equipped with USB-socket for external storage on external USB-devices.
Transfer of captured NF-signals and configurated data files from the
receiver resp. from a PC is possible. Upgrades are effected by USBmemory.
PKI will be pleased to submit offers for interception receivers up to 12
GHz on request.

• Frequency range: 0,005 to 3335 MHz
• Operating systems: USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM; WFM, P25
• Number of data storage: 1220
• Antenna sockets: PL (SO-239, 50 Ohm for kW), RCA (500 Ohm for kW), 2xN (50 Ohm)
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
• Frequency stability: better than o/- 0,05 ppm (at 25°C)
• Power supply: 100/120/230/240 V AC
• Power consumption: less than 100 VA
• Dimensions: 424 x 149 x 340 mm
• Weight: 20 kg
• Accessories: mains cable, grip handle, spare fuses, ACC plug, RCA-plug, DC plug, plug for loudspeaker
• Intermediate frequencies: kW 58,7 MHz (1. ZF), 10,7 MHz (2. ZF), 48,0 kHz (3. ZF), VHF/UHF 278,7 MHz and 778,7 MHZ (1. ZF),
58,7 MHz (2. ZF), 10,7 MHz (3. ZF), 48,0 kHz (4. ZF)
• Sensitivity:
FM 50K
0.100-1.799 MHz
0,5 µV
6,3 µV
--1.800-29.999 MHz
0,2 µV
2,5 µV
0,5 µV
0,71 µV
-30.0 – 2499,999 MHz
0,32 µV
3,5 µV
0,5 µV
0,71 µV
1,4 µV
2500-2999,999 MHz
0,32 µV
3,5 µV
0,5 µV
0,71 µV
1,4 µV
3000-3335,000 MHz
1,0 µV
11 µV
1,6 µV
2,2 µV
4,5 µV
• Dynamic range: 109 dB at 14,1 MHz

PKI 4400

Portable Noise Generator
The PKI 4400 is designed as an easily portable
acoustic noise-generating unit, which can be
carried in coat-pockets or briefcases, in order to
protect sensitive conversations inside rooms.
The PKI 4400 Portable Noise Generator is very
versatile, as it can be fixed on many different
surfaces inside the room in order to protect
sensitive conversations from being monitored.
The typical application is found in conference
rooms with critical areas like windows and non
controllable adjacent rooms. It is suitable for
walls, floors, ceilings, water- and/or heating
pipes and windows. By means of the supplied 4
resonators, the unit creates a noise which, by its
vibrations, disturbs every common microphone
by overlapping the sound-waves of spoken
words. The optimised voiceband noise masking
reduces the effectiveness of eavesdropping
devices such as contact microphones, wired
microphones inside walls, battery operated audio
transmitters or devices using mains power

supplies for operation as well as laser-/
microwave- and/or infrared reflections from
windows. Any environmental masking easily is
possible by using several units of the PKI 4400 at
the same location. The PKI 4400 can be mounted
to any smooth surface by the use of the provided
suction cups or just placed in any critical area.

• Power supply 2 x 9 V alkaline batteries or
AC transformer
• Battery life typically 7 hours at 50% level,
2 hours at full level
• Size approx. 18 x 13 x 5 cm
• Weight approx. 350 g
• Includes carrying case, AC transformer

• Audio frequency range 300 Hz - 3 KHz
• Output sound level max. 92 dB at 1 m

• Protection of sensitive conversations
• Suitable for walls, floors, ceilings and windows
• Easily portable in coat-pockets or briefcases

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Counter Surveillance

PKI 4650

PKI 4655

Wired Noise Generator, Wireless Noise Generator
The technology of monitoring devices is rapidly
increasing and detection and location of such
devices is very hard to realize. Transmission
frequencies of such items may vary nowadays
from VHF- to upper GHzranges. Additionally
optical monitoring systems, like Lasers, Infrared
Systems and Audio-Stethoscopes are in use.
Therefore it is essential that government
departments, as well as industrial companies
protect themselves against such monitoring
devices. For this purpose we have developed our
PKI 4650 and PKI 4655. With both systems an
electronic generator creates a white and/or pink
noise which is emitted via the resonators to the
windows, doors or walls. The resonators can be
placed and fixed by the supplied special mastics
material. By means of these vibrations, such
monitoring devices are interfered and an
understandable transmission is impossible. PKI
4650, as the standard set, comes with the
generator and four cable-connected resonators.
PKI 4655 uses the same principle but is
independent from cable connections, as the
resonators are battery-operated and each unit
consists of an integrated generator and
resonator. Each unit can be placed within
seconds. Depending on room size, the number of
devices can vary from one unit only to infinity.
This white-noise generator especially is in use
where members of conferences should not be
aware of such protective actions.

• Power supply:
PKI 4650 110/220 VAC
PKI 4655 9 VDC Block battery
• Power consumption: max. 400 mA
• Dimensions: 95 x 29 x 37 mm
• Weight: approx. 130 g with battery
• Scope of supply:
PKI 4650
1 x 2-channel noise generator

4 x Contact-resonators
1 x Mains power adapter 12VDC
Set of adhesive mastics material
PKI 4655
generator combined with
resonator, adhesive mastic
• Cable length: 5 m

PKI 4700

Hand Held Detector
This handy and versatile detector can be used not
only for the detection of listening devices but
also wireless cameras and illicit mobile phones,
that are for example used by unauthorised
persons like in prisons etc. The transmitted field
strength is indicated on a display as well as by a
pitching tone. The nearer you approach to the
object you wish to locate, not only the indicated
field strength but also the tone pitch increases.
Sound alarm of course can be switched off in
cases where sounds must be avoided, as for
example during sweeping of a room where active
transmitters might be in operation. The
sensitivity of reception is especially high within
the frequency range of mobile phones and
wireless video transmitters, i.e. between 0,9 and
5,8 GHz.

• Operating time: 5 hrs continuously
• Weight: approx. 350 g
• Dimensions: 7,5 x 14 x 2,2 cm

• Use for detection of spy cameras,
mobile phones or bugs
• Frequency range up to 5.8 GHz
• Bar graph indicator for field strength
• Localisation also by tone pitch

• Frequency range:
10 MHz – 5,8 GHz
• Alarm:
LED bar graph internal beeper
External vibrator (optional)
• Localisation: by tone pitch
• Display: LED
• Detection range:
up to 3 m depending on the signal
• Power: 9V standard battery


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 4710

Computer RF Detector
By this PKI 4710, a direct localisation of hidden
monitoring transmitters and other unknown
transmitting objects, whether room-, telephone-,
GSM or video related devices, is guaranteed. For
many years our team of experts has been
concentrating on latest developments of
detection devices in order to provide our
customers with best possible products for each
and every task. This highly sensitive but small
and handy near-field detector allows transfer via
cable of all received information onto a laptop
and by another connection directly to a suitable
scanner to get the sound. On both, the laptop
and/or the optional scanner, the required
adjustments and storage can be effected. The
more you approach the suspicious object the
more the beam-indicator on the PKI 4710 will
increase from left to right plus an audible alarm,
additionally presenting the absolute correct
frequency on its 10 figures LCD display. By all of
these three indicators the localisation of such
suspicious transmitting sources is most easy.
We strongly recommend this device for any
sweeping operation, as for example for the
police for the fight against terrorism and criminal
acts, or for special forces acting against each
kind of espionage as well as for military and
industrial security forces.

• Frequency range: 1 MHz to 3 GHz
• Resolution: 100 Hz steps
• Input sensibility: <25 mV at 12 dB SINAD
• Power supply: rechargeable battery with
mains adapter
• Dimensions: 95 x 68 x 30 mm
• Weight: 220 g

PKI 4720

Camera Detector
You are afraid of being monitored by hidden
miniature cameras? In this case you should
always have this handy camera detector
measuring only 50 x 65 x 15 mm with you, in
order to control if you are not monitored by any
camouflaged cameras in your hotel, home, office
etc. The PKI 4720 traces hidden cameras within
some minutes. Just turn it on and scan the wall
surfaces through the round hole. The detector
emits a pulsating red LED-light. The pulsating
frequency is adjustable from 1 to 5. If there is a
camera hidden somewhere, the pulsating red
light will be reflected by its lens, even if its
dimension is not more than 1 mm, no matter if
the camera is active or not. Protect your privacy
by using the PKI 4720 for quick and easy control.

• Dimensions:
50 x 65x 15 mm
• Weight: 40 g
• Power supply:
rechargeable battery
• Charger: included
• Operating time:
5 hours per battery charge
• 6 x LED:
pulsating, red, pulsating frequency
adjustable from 1 – 5
• Battery charge indicator included

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Counter Surveillance

PKI 4725

Detector for Cameras and Bugging Devices
This device should always be included in your
luggage. Either surveillance cameras, bugs or
infrared diodes, the PKI 4725 detects all wired
and wireless units and thus protects you from
being monitored anywhere. You can choose
between optical alarm via LED-diodes, acoustic
alarm via loudspeaker or silent alarm via
vibration. This camera and bug detector is the
indispensable partner for protection of your

detection range, „low“ decreases
detection range“
• Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA
• IR-detection range: 920nm
• HF-detection range: 1 MHz – 6.5 GHz
• Optical lens: IR
• Dimensions: 108 x 48 x 18 mm
• Weight: 50 g

• Range for laser detection: 10 cm - 10 m
• Range for high frequency detection:
5 cm - 10 m (depending on signal intensity)
• Sensivity: adjustable, „high“ increases

PKI 4730

Transition Control Device
Nowadays you can never be sure anywhere, as
there are unlimited varieties of eavesdropping
devices on the market. There has been an
enormous development in interception
technology (please see our catalogue). The new
devices do not only use higher frequencies, but
also totally different technologies, like GSM and
GPS. Furthermore digital tapping devices are
rating high meanwhile and everybody knows that
it is difficult to locate them. Our PKI 4730 allows
reliable localisation of these devices. Integrated
in a frame with interior dimensions of 1 x 2 m the
device can be arranged before or under every
front door. Now you can be sure that your
interlocutor will not activate HF-eavesdropping
devices without causing an alarm.

• Dimensions: 100x 200 x 25 cm
• Weight: 12 kg
• Locating frequency: 10 MHz – 6 GHz
• Power spply: 100 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz
• Alarm: optical or acoustical
• Detection range: up to 6 m, according to power
of eavesdropping device
• Sensitivity: < 25 mV at 12 dB SINAD

PKI 4735

Active Eavesdropping Resistance
Often actions of foreign intelligence services
have been planned long beforehand and are
communication technology like GSM (see PKI
catalogue), laptops and blackberrys facilitate
spying attacks.
In order to meet such attack, a reliable security
structure for protection against eavesdropping is
of highest importance. This means active and
passive eavesdropping resistance.
PKI works with experienced eavesdropping
specialists using modern devices (see PKI
catalogue) in order to detect different types of
tapping devices.


• PKI 4735 comprises:
inspection of telephone devices
inspection of local net work (current, computer)
examination of rooms by measuring devices
and visual devices qualified training courses
information about risks of radio communication

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 4740

Passive Eavesdropping Resistance

PKI develops, supplies and installs bugproof
rooms worldwide. This reliable and durable
protection against eavesdropping attacks is
nowadays necessary for every conference room.
Interference attacks are no longer limited to 100
m. Eavesdropping technology has been revolutionized by GSM technology (see PKI catalogue).
The room screening system comprises HF-

screening and acoustic insulation including air
conditioning, electrical installation and furniture.
Screening is totally invisible for the user.
Furthermore, we are prepared to supply
bug-proof booths ready to use.

acoustic insulation
power supply bug-proof
air condition bug-proof
fire-alarm and fire extinguishing systems

• PKI 4740 comprises electro magnetic screening

PKI 4750

Architectural Room Screening
With the PKI 4750 series of room screening
devices we offer a large range of products,
architectural engineering, planning and
know-how for worldwide government agencies
and special task forces in order to prevent their
own facilities from being monitored and to make
sure that internal electronic works will be kept
inside their rooms. The PKI 4750 Architectural
Room Screening integrates the RF-screening into
the architecture of a new or already existing
room being invisible to the users and others.
Each single component, by its own, cannot
guarantee a complete protection. Only the
integration of compatible devices can realise this.
Planning, construction, production and
aftersales-service are combined in one hand by
complete service package attenuations of 40 or
60 dB at 10 MHz to 3 GHz can be achieved and
guaranteed. For even higher requirements we
use copper- or steel-sheets providing a damping
of 80 dB up to 10 GHz.
But as each single project needs to be evaluated

case by case it is essential to stay in close
discussion with our customers and to find out
which kind of electromagnetic screening is most
Ask us for:
• 1 Architectural Room Screening
• 2 Modular Room Screening Panels
• 3 Electromagnetic Screened Cages

• 4 Screened Tents for RF and EMV
• Communication and Security
• RF-screening up to 3 GHz
• Integrated screening in
existing or new buildings
• Invisible to users and others

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems




Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5100

Multi-Purpose Thermal Imager
The PKI 5100 is an innovative thermal imager,
which offers outstanding imaging and
temperature measurement performance together
with extreme flexibility, ease of use and minimal
operating cost. With the PKI 5100 we can offer
an imager that is ideal for thermography and
maintenance engineer alike; high quality images
may be captured and manipulated offline or
problems can be resolved on the spot. The
camera comes with an industry leading 3.5”
colour LCD display with LED backlight. The
ergonomically designed imager houses the
complete uncooled microbolometer- based
camera core together with a long life Li-Ion
battery pack. Images can be stored on MMC or
SD cards for recall and further analysis if
required and also can be downloaded to a PC for
further report generation and printing.
Designed for self-contained use, the PKI 5100
contains everything required by the operator.
The high power, field replaceable, rechargeable
Li-Ion battery allows continuous operation over a
full working shift. The PKI 5100 is fully
radiometric. Temperature measurements can be
made over the entire image, and hot spots can be
identified by the use of a trigger activated laser
• Field of view: 20° x 15°
• Focus: manual
• Minimum Focus approx. 30 cm
• Spectral response: 8µm to 14 µm
• Thermal sensitivity:
150 mK (0.15°C) @ 25°C
scene temperature
• Detector:
160 x120 pixels uncooled microbolometer
• Image storage: up to 1000 images
on supplied SD card
• Display:

3.5” colour LCD with LED backlight
4 colour palettes
• Laser pointer: a built-in class 2
laser is supplied to highlight the
central measurement area
• Measurement temperature: range 10°C to +250°C
• Radiometry: two movable
temperature measurement cursors
Temperature difference
• Emissivity Correction:
user selectable 0.2 to 1.0 in steps of
0.01 with reflected ambient
temperature compensation
• Accuracy the greater of plus/minus:
2°C or 2%
• Power supply: Li-Ion rechargeable

battery, AC adaptor supplied
• Operation time:
4 hours continuous operation
• Operating temperature:
-15°C to + 45°C
• Storage temperature:
-20°C to + 70°C
• Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 110 mm
• Weight: 0.75 kg incl. battery
• Predictive and preventative maintenance
• Process monitoring
• HVAC & R troubleshooting
• General industrial/domestic inspection
• Security

PKI 5105

Thermal Imaging Camera
Compared with night vision devices, the
advantage of thermal imaging cameras is that
they are able to capture images even through fog,
smoke or rain. Animals, objects or persons
become visible even hidden behind shrubs or
bushes. Of course it shows a thermal image, not
a natural image. The PKI 5105 can be used for
surveillance operations of any kind, as well as for
thermographic controls at insulation works in
buildings or at leakages.

• Spectral range: 7-14 µm
• Type of detector: uncooled silicone
• Focusing: 1 m to infinite
• Power supply: standard batteries
• Operation temperature: -20° to +50°
• Weight: approx. 600 g
• Housing: waterproof
• Camera: 2.3 mega pixel
• IR-resolution: 140 x 140 picture elements
• Display of the camera: 3.5"

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5110

Laser Range Finder
Measuring the distance to a possible target
always is essential in cases where an
unobstrusive alignment to this is necessary in
order to choose one of the specific listening
devices like our Laser Monitoring Device PKI
3100 or our Infrared Observation System PKI
3200. Any special task forces, may it be from
police or military departments, should have the
PKI 5110 as an essential tool for their purposes.
This hand held and low-weight unit perfectly
matches to these requirements and is as easy to
handle like an ordinary binocular. By looking
through the device you can obtain the right direction (in case of the use of one of a.m. devices or
directional antennas for wireless monitoring
and/or any other listening devices) and by
pushing a button, automatically and within a
second the right distance to the object will be
digitally displayed. The binocular is equipped

with transmitter- receiver and allows measurements up to 10 km distance. The unit exactly
measures the distance and angle and the results
are shown on the integrated LCD indicator. The
reported measurements will help to choose the
right objective for optical observation systems
and the right angle for directional microphones
or antennas.
• Field of view:
8° = 140 m width at 1.000 m distance
• Eye relief: 13.5 mm
• Exit pupil: 3.6 mm
• Weight: approx. 425 g
• Dimensions: 6 x 14,5 x 14,2 cm

PKI 5115

IR and Laser Detection Device
There is a counter-device for every unit. This
pocket device offers very good services. Night
observation by camera or night vision
instruments with IR light can be easily detected.
Furthermore, even laser interception devices with
strong beam within the invisible 880 nm range
can quickly be located. You simply have to put
the unit with its sensor into the direction where
you suspect an observation device. If the IRbeam meets the sensor a visual and/or acoustic
alarm will be heard. Its distance can be evaluated
according to the alarm, which is strong at short
distances and weaker at longer distances.

• Wave length: 780 – 880 nm range
• Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 24 mm
• Weight: 120 g
• Power supply: Li-ion battery
Comes with recharger

PKI 5120

Zoom Rifle Scope 3-12 x 50
We are prepared to offer rifle scopes in multiple
versions. Please ask for a quotation.
PKI 5120 is bullet-proof also against large
calibres and features unparalleled light
transmission with fully tempered optics. It is
filled with nitrogen against internal moisture. PKI
5120 is equipped with a Duplex reticle providing
a cross hair with thin and thick crossing lines for
precision aiming. Thick bars on the perimeter
and thin ones in the middle allow the eye to quikkly locate the center of the reticle and the thin
lines in the center allow for precise aiming. Our
valuable Duplex reticle offers a a high hit ratio
even at long distances.


• Magnification: 2-12 x
• Objective lens diameter: 50 mm
• Tube diamenter: 25,4 mm
• Reticle: Duplex 30/30
• Eye relief: 75 and 95 mm
• Dimensions: 314 x 58 x 58 mm
• Weight: 390 g
• Installation: suitable for diameter 25,4 mm,
included in package

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5130

Waterproof CCD Colour Camera
The PKI 5130 offers clearer images and greater
distances of video observation to every
government department or industries. The
built-in 1/3” SHARP image sensor provides
pinsharp pictures at a very high resolution. Even
under no light conditions this camera works
IRIllumination. Both, the camera and the IRIllumination, are placed in a waterproof housing
for outdoor use under every weather-condition.
The invisible IR-light illuminates the surrounding
up to 50 m distance. Depending on buyer’s
option the PKI 5130 is available either in PAL or
NTSC version.
• Image sensor: 1/3” SHARP sensor
• TV system: PAL / NTSC
• Horizontal resolution: 480 TV-lines

• Pixels: PAL – 752(H)x582(V)
NTSC – 768 (H) x 494 (V)
• IR LED: 5 x 36 pcs
• IR Series Distance: 20 to 50 m
• Synchronisation System:
Internal synchronisation
• Minimum Illumination:
0.000 lux / F1.2 (LED on)
• S/N ratio: > 48 dB (AGC off)
• Gamma characteristic: 0.45
• Video output: 1 Vpp at 75 Ohms
• Scanning system:
PAL – 625 lines/50Hz
NTSC – 525 lines/60Hz
• Electronic shutter time:

PAL 1/50-1/100.000 sec,
NTSC 1/60 –1/100.000 sec
• White Balance: automatic
• Operating temperature:
-10 to + 50°C, at 95% relative humidity
• Storage temperature:
-20 to + 60°C, at 95 % relative humidity
• Power supply: 12 VDC, 500 mA

PKI 5200

Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System
The PKI 5200 is an easy to use, handheld device
for direct observations by means of an uncooled
thermal imaging system. It provides "round-theclock" observation, monitoring and security for
any military, paramilitary, police or civilian
application. Not only problematic areas like
border fences, buildings and industrial sites can
be surveyed but also hidden objects in cars,
cases etc. It also detects human traces like
foot- and fingerprints as well as overheating and
fires, before flames and smoke become visible.
This makes it the ideal, costeffective, warning
device for any monitoring task.
PKI 5200 is an integrated electro- optical system
incorporating a microbolometric IR camera for
night-vision and a CCD camera for daylight use
into a highly affordable unit for monitoring any
sensitive location or observing potential trouble
spots. PKI 5200 can be fixed to a solid base at a
particular observation point and being connected
via optical fiber or wireless link for remote
display and centralized control by the operator
situated at a safe distance. Vehicle mounting for
mobile reconnaissance also is possible.

A) Thermal Imaging part
• Detector type FPA (Focal Plane Array)
uncooled microbolometer
(amorphous silicon or
vanadium oxide)
• Spectral range 8 – 12 µm
• Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
• Focal length 100 mm
• F# 1
• Field of view 8.45°H x 6.33° V
• Video output CCIR or RS 170
• Remote control RS 422 or RS 232

• Control operation AGC, focus (manual)
contrast, on/off, video
polarity, NUC
• Operating voltage 12 V nominal
• NETD < 100° mK
• Detection range
(human being) better than 800 m
• Recognition range
(human being) better than 300 m
• Transmission
(hard carbon exterior coating)
81 % (8-12 µm average)

B) Video camera part
• Sensor CCD
• Pixels 768 x 494
• Optics F 1.4 / 50 mm
• Field of view 5.6° H x 4.2° V
• Detection range better than 2.500 m
• Recognition rangebetter than 1.000 m
• Modular options optimised to applications
• Remotely controlled
• Easy installation
• Built-in “Go/No Go” Tester

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5205

Binocular Telescope Camera
This high-class pocket camera is a development
from the latest generation of camera. It offers a
10x magnification with the dimensions of only
140x100x40mm and a weight of 396g, integrated
digital camera with 1,3 megapixels and 16MB
memory capacity. This allows you to observe
objects or persons at a distance of up to 1000m
and save as much pictures as you want on the
provided smart card. The fitting for a tripod is
also included. The pictures can be transferred to
a PC by means of the USB output. Because of its
small size we recommend to take the PKI 5205
always with you in case of surveillance or
observation services.
A.) Digital Camera
• Image Sensor: 1,3 mega pixels CMOS sensor
• Resolution: 1280 x 1024 CSXGA,

PKI 5210

640x480 (VGA)
• Quantity of pictures: SXGA / 50 pictures
VGA / 90 pictures
• Memory Capacity: 16 MB
• Lens: F 4.5
• Angle of view: 5,8°
• Focusing range: > 7 m
• Exposure white balance: Automatic
• Port: USB
• Self-timer delay: 10 seconds
• Power of keeping: 25 seconds
• Battery: AAA (2 pcs.)
B.) Binocular
• Magnification: 10 x 25
• Object Lens Diameter: 225 mm
• Angle of view: 5.8°
• Exit pupil diameter: 2,5 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 10 mm

PKI 5220

Nightvision Monocular, Nightvision Binocular
Whenever visual observations under low-light or
even no-light conditions have to be effected, the
use of a professional night vision device is
indispensible. With these two units, whether
monocular or binocular, such tasks can easily be
fulfilled. These extremely lightweight but robust
night vision devices have been designed for
operation under all weather conditions and at any
light level. Even in complete darkness these units
will work due to the built-in IR-illuminator being
invisible to the human eyes. Each type, whether
the PKI 5210 or the PKI 5220 provide a sharp
and clear picture of the area to be surveyed and
is therefore especially useful for police, customs,
security guards and border controls. Each type is
waterproof and another main advantage is the
low power consumption which allows an
outstanding operating time of approx. 50 hours
continuously with one set of standard batteries.
Different adapters optionally can be supplied to
connect the PKI 5210 / PKI 5220 to cameras or

• Controls Multi-latching push-button:
- On/Off
- Intensifier only
- Intensifier plus IR-Illuminator
• Eyepiece: Adjustable diopter
• Magnification: 1 x with 25mm lens or adaptor
for 75 mm Lens
• Power supply: Standard Alkaline batteries,
type AAA
• Waterproof: according to IP 67
• Ambient temperature: - 50°C to +60°C
• MTBF: 10.000 operating hours
• Size:
PKI 5210 – approx. 190 x 60 mm
PKI 5220 – approx. 140 x 125 mm


• Weight:
PKI 5210 – approx. 350 g
PKI 5220 – approx. 900 g
• Available with 2nd, 2nd+ and
3rd Gen. tubes
• Waterproof according to IP 67
• Provides all weather operation
• Accepts standard C-mount lenses
• Operates from standard batteries
• More than 50 hours battery lifetime

• Built-in near IR-illuminator
• Available with 2nd, 2nd+ and
3rd Gen. tubes
• Waterproof according to IP 67
• Provides all weather operation
• Accepts standard C-mount lenses
• Operates from standard batteries
• More than 50 hours battery lifetime
• Built-in near IR-illuminator

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5225

IR-Observation System
The PKI 5225 is based on an uncooled infrared
detector, a 360° optic and a picture and data
processing device. By this, the system is used for
observations of rooms and open terrain, nearly
independent from surrounding sight conditions.
Each picture picked up will be scanned at 25
cycles and shown at operator’s monitor in a
rectified form. The picture processing therefore
only needs a minimal PC-capacity and enables an
automatic generating of alarm-signals with a
correlation to customer’s needs. The very low
power consumption (max. 7 W), the flexibility in
regard to interfaces and the minimal weight of
approx. 800 g easily allow integrating the PKI
5225 into existing monitoring networks. With the
PKI 5225 the user will have a 360°-panoramic
observation system without moving parts and

cost-effec-tive components in the need of
maintenance. Depending on the types of used IRdetectors, areas of several hundred meters can
be observed with the PKI 5225 vastly
independent from surrounding weather and light
• Detector type IR uncooled
• Detection area 360°
• Detection range up to several
hundred meters
• Scanning frequency 25 Hz
• Power consumption ma. 7 W
• Weight approx. 800 g

PKI 5230

Long Range Thermal Imaging System
The PKI 5230 is intended for the use in harsh
applications including perimeter surveillance and
coastal security. Therefore it perfectly matches
the tasks of police-, military-, customsand
border-control departments. It is a high
performance thermal imager based on a indium
Antimonide (InSb) 320x256, 30µm pitch focal
plane array (FPA) and operates in the 3-5 µm
spectral range. Its sealed housing (backfilled dry
nitrogen) and marine hard carbon coated lens
with front element defroster makes it perfect in
all conditions incl. snow and sea. The triple-FOV
lens 250-1000 mm/ F 4.0 allows a man detection
up to 17 km. Also the camera features RS232
/RS422 link for fast integration in any
surveillance equipment.

• Thermal imaging system with:
InSb FPA array - 320 x 256 or
640 x 512 pixels
• Weatherproof: N2-pressurised housing
• Highest temperature sensitivity:
NETD 35 mK in spectral range of 3 to 5 µm
• Serial remote control: RS232/422
of all camera and lens functions
• Analogue: PAL video output
• IR lenses available with:
17/60/200 mm / F4.0 or 50/250 mm
/ F4.0 or 250/500/1.000 mm / F4.0
• Range to detect a person: – up to 17 km
• Seawater resistant: (IP 67 / MIL-Std 810e)

PKI 5235

Pan & Tilt Infrared Video Camera
Meeting the challenge that darkness presents for
marine applications is the PKI 5235. This rugged
camera is especially designed to withstand the
typical shock and vibration associated with
marine applications. It is intended for law
enforcement and public safety applications with
the use on vehicles or boats. It is the next and
low-cost generation of thermal imaging with a
pan & tilt platform for mobile and landbased or
sea-based outdoor environment. The camera can
be mounted on a ship or other coastal structure
and with the pan-and-tilt positioning platform,
operated by a joystick controller, the user can
observe or search for boats or stray objects in
the water by manoeuvring and pointing the
camera into the necessary direction. PKI 5235
utilises image processing to create thermal
images with improved contrast, resulting in
better feature definition, sharper and clearer

• BST sensor with 320 x 240 pixels
in spectral range of 8 to 14 µm
• Daylight camera optionally available
• IR camera and platform control via joystick
• Automatic gain and brightness control
• Range to detect a person: up to
450 m in total darkness

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5240

Night Vision Binocular
the leading distributors worldwide for night
vision devices. Although the optics play a critical
role of the night vision device, the heart of a night
vision device and the most important component
is the Image Intensifier Tube (IIT). As a leading
consumer for ITTs we source and aquire the best
and the latest available image intensification
technologies from top US and European
producers. From hand selected premium grade
1st Generation to filmless/autogated 4th
Generation that would satisfy the most
performance obsessed clientele, we offer the
best for your specific application. When you see
night vision units with built-in infrared
illuminators for total darkness, remember that
we were one of the first to offer this feature that
now has become an industry standard. All of our
night vision units are outfitted with an IRilluminator. Furthermore some of such devices
offer interchangeable lenses, opitcal doublers
and remote controls. Our R&D engineers are
making sure that we are always on the cutting
edge providing you with the latest in features and
technology. The PKI 5240 as an infrared, low
light level device for the use in public security,
armed police forces, custom houses, frontier and safe guards for night patrols as well as
investigations. In one word, the operator cannot
miss using the PKI 5240 in any kind of night
observations. Being fully portable, self-powered
and lightweight, this system offers a reliable tool
at a cost-effective price.

• Effective visual distance 600 m
• Magnification 6 times
• Field of view 6°50’
• Objective focusing range 15 m to infinity

• Eyepiece diopter range -5 to + 2 diopter
• Exit pupil diameter 7 mm
• Resolution < 0.46 mrad
• Operating voltage 3 VDC
• Weight 2.5 kg

PKI 5245

Low Light Level Nightvision Goggle
If what you need is hands free night vision, PKI
ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE has the unit for you
to drive or walk through the darkness with the
confidence of a cat with our PKI 5245 dual eye
goggle system. It is a low light level, head
mounted, light weight dual eye / tube goggle
being comfortable to wear and most easy to use.
Surprisingly, even though we gave the unit a
heavy coated glass lens, we were still able to
keep its weight down to only less than 1 kg.
Powered by two high quality light intensifier
tubes and using fast precision optics this device
has one of the clearest and brightest images in a
goggle. Combine all the above with a built-in
infrared illuminator that lets you see in total
darkness and you will be on your way to
exploring even the darkest of places. This is of
most importance for the use of the PKI 5245 by
public security, armed police forces protecting
the streets, custom houses, nuclear power plant
security, frontier and safe guards for night
patrols as well as every member of military or
industrial security staffs working in dark
conditions. Wherever hands-free operation is
required, the PKI 5245 offers the right solution.
For the observation of suspicious objects in the
dark or driving a car under no-light conditions,
the PKI 5245 provides a comfortable and


cost-effective solution. In a word, you can do
nothing at night and in dark rooms without the
use of the PKI 5245.

• Effective visual distance 150 m
• Magnification 1 time

• Field of view 45°
• Objective focusing range
360 mm to infinity
• Eyepiece diopter range
+/- 5 diopters
• Resolution < 2.8 mrad
• Operating voltage 1.5 VDC
• Weight 0.9 kg

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5250

Long Range Video System
The PKI 5250 - Long Range Video System
combines stateof-the-art video with high
definition nightvision technology. It is designed
for 24 hours operation by combining three
camera modules in just one housing - forming a
unique system of:
• a colour CCD-camera for daylight
• a black & white camera for twilight
• an intensified camera for night time
The system is either available in 1" or 1/2" image
format - in buyer's option. The lifetime of the
image intensifier is optimised and the method of
night vision technology only must be used in
cases of absolute darkness or where it is
necessary (closed dark rooms, underneath
bridges etc). This PKI 5250 optionally also is
prepared for operation with infrared illuminators
for spot elimination and non-visible target
illumination as well as range gating applications.
Optionally additional filters like infrared or band
pass filter are available.
A) General
• Dimensions (without lens) 135 x 172 x 224 mm

• Weight (without lens) approx. 6 kg
• Power consumption 1200 mA (TBD)
• Operating voltage 12 VDC
• Operation temperature -10 to +50 °C
(recommended 0-40°C)
• Lens format C-mount
• Lens control zoom, focus, iris
• Comm. connection RS232, RS485
• Video standard PAL/CCIR/NTSC/EIA
• Video signal FBAS
B) Black/White Camera
• Horizontal resolution 570 TVL
• Sensitivity 0,0006,lx (F1.2, 50% video,
AGC 20 dB, normal shutter 1/50 s)
• Signal-to-noise 52 dB
C) Colour Camera
• Horizontal Resolution 480 TVL
• Sensitivity 0.1 lx (F1.2, 50% video,

AGC 20 dB, normal shutter 1/50 s)
• Signal-to-noise 50 dB
D) Intensified Camera
• Image intensifier XD 4 technology 1/2”
• CCD Sensor 1/2” interline Transfer,
752 x 582 pixel
• Horizontal resolution up to 530 TVL
• Sensitivity 0.000001 lx
• Signal-to-noise 42 dB
• Control Auto gain, auto gating - down to 1µsec
(optional 50 nsec) external range gating option
• Multisensor camera system
• Image intensified, B&W and Colour
• Combined system in one housing
• 24 hours a day full operation
• Automatic back focus correction
• Selectable objectives

PKI 5255

Low Light Level Viewer
A new extremely fast lens system combined with
a high resolution Gen 1+ light intensifier tube
gives the user an unparalleled bright image in a
1st gen. night vision device by just easy push
button controls. Therefore the PKI 5255 is
recommended for most comfortable and hand
held use at any observation tasks in the dark. It
is a must to use this unit by police forces, secret
services and other government departments
where such investigations have to be effected
under lowlight conditions or even in total
darkness. With its effective range of approx. 150
to 200 m the PKI 5255 provides perfectly
illuminated pictures, which allows excellent
observation results. The built-in IR-Illuminator

provides additional light, being invisible to the
human eye, allowing the user to observe his
target even if there is no surrounding light. The
adjustable hand-buckling belt makes its handling
very comfortable.
• Magnification: 1.38 times
• Field of view: 20°
• Resolution: < 1.5 mrad
• Dioptric adjustment range: +/- 5 diopter
• Focussing range: 0.25 m to infinity
• Operating voltage: 3 VDC battery
• Enhanced infrared lamp: built-in
• Effective visual distance: 150 to 200 m
• Weight: approx. 700 g

PKI 5260

Long Range Binocular
This legendary PKI 5260 model with its large
objective diameter of 150 mm, is an magnificent
tool in many sectors, covering a large range of
applications, such as surveillance operations of
suspect objects or persons, border control, fire
prevention and other scientific researches, where
a crisp, bright, sharp and high-resolution image
is indispensable. Many other applications like
wild animal observation, sightseeing from the
top of high buildings or home balcony, hunting,
shipping, fishery, forest observation etc. are also
possible. This binocular, with its large aperture
and high magnification of 31x to 50x allows a
long range, fatigue-proof operation under every
condition. The unit is equipped with a fast dual

focusing which is ultra smooth. The telescope
tube is covered with a protective rubberised paint
finish to help protecting it from the elements.
• Magnification: 31 - 50 times
• Field of view: 2°
• Objective diameter: 150 mm
• Diopter adjustment: - 5 to +5
• Exit pupil diameter: 4.48 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 16.66 mm
• Resolution: < 1.6”
• Interpupillary distance: 58 - 74 mm
• Weight: approx. 12 kg
• Dimensions: approx. 60 x25 x 15 cm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5265

Colour Video Zoom, Camera with Monitor
In many cases of video observations sharp and
clear pictures have to be achieved. Our PKI 5265
is the right solution for this purpose. Whether in
distances of only 10 meters or even up to 100
meters, this zoom-camera provides perfect
resolutions with a brilliant sharpness and
excellent light sensitivity. It is just the matter of a
correct menu technique via the supplied cable
connection. This high resolution colour camera
with 480 TV-lines and the 16x zoom objective,
combined with the digital, electronic camera
zoom, allows the recognition of a car number
plate even from a distance of 100 m. On the

supplied 19” flat screen monitor every picture is
displayed and can be transferred to any storage

• Resolution: 480 TV lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 1.0 Lux
• Counterlight compensation: automatic
• Objective: F = 1.4 – 2.8, f = 4.0 – 64 mm
• Monitor: 19” colour flat screen
• Power supply: 12 VDC with mains adapter
• Dimensions: approx. 70 x 65 x 95 mm

PKI 5270

Day & Night IR LED Camera
For a permanent video observation a clear colour
picture in day time and an automatical change to
B/W picture at night time, the PKI 5270 is what
you need. As our duty is to deliver the best
quality we have developed this complete camera
which is a highly sophisticated day & night
camera for use in every outdoor surrounding
where video observations are necessary. By this,
industrial areas, military camps, police stations
or any other territories are protected by video
monitoring for 24 hours a day. A clear colour
picture is given in the daytime which
automatically is changed to b/w picture at night
time. 180 integrated infrared diodes illuminate
the area of observation at night time or low-light
conditions. The complete system comes in a
weather-proof housing, including a cooling-fan
for the control of heat from the IR-LED’s and a
CDS sensor for the change from colour to b/w
operation - depending on light conditions. The
complete system optionally is available in PAL or
NTSC version using a SONY Super HAD CCD
camera with 410K pixels.

• Image Device: Super HAD SONY CCD
• Scanning System: NTSC - 525 lines /60 fields
per second
PAL - 625 lines / 50 fields per second
• Synchronisation System:
Internal Synchronisation
• Number of Pixels: NTSC - 768 x 494 (HxV)
PAL - 752 x 586 (HxV)
• Horizontal resolution: 480 TV lines
• Video output: 1Vpp 75 Ohm, composite
• Signal to noise ratio: > 45 dB (AGC off)
• Gamma characteristics: 0.45
• White balance: automatic white balance
• Back light compensation: automatic BLC

• Minimum illumination: 0.3 lux at day-time
0.0 lux at night time
• Electronic shutter: NTSC - 1/60 to 1/10.000 sec
PAL - 1/50 to 1/10.000 sec
• Lens mount: 260 x Zoom
(Optical : 26 x, Digital : 10x)
• Number of LED: 180 pieces infrared LED
• Wave length: 850 nm
• Angle of IR-LED: 10° and 30° in combination
• Illuminated distance / outdoor: max 75 m
• Power supply: 12 VDC, 3 A
• Power consumption: 2200 mA
• Operating temperature: - 10°C to + 45 °C
• Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

• Effective pixels: 768x494 for NTSC, 752x582
for PAL 510x492 for EIA, 500x582 for CCIR
• Horizontal resolution: 550 lines for colour
camera, 420 lines for b/w camera
• S/N ratio: > 45 dB for colour and
> 50 dB for b/w
• Sensitivity: 1 lux /F2.0 for colour,
0.05 lux/F2.0 for b/w camera
• Image sensor: 1/3” SONY Super HAD CCD
• Power supply: 12 VDC
• Gamma correction: 0.45
• Electronic shutter:
NTSC/EIA - 1/60 - 1/100.000 sec automatic
PAL/CCIR - 1/50 - 1/100.000 sec automatic
• Current consumption:
LED on = 520 mA or less
LED off = 280 mA or less
• Infrared LED’s:

30 pcs, 850 nm, for 50 m distance max.
• Lenses available:
3.6 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm in buyer’s option
• Operating temperature: -10 to + 50 ° C

PKI 5275

Dual CCD Night Vision Camera
The PKI 5275 is designed for day and night
observations with just one complete unit. It
consists of two cameras in one weatherproof
housing - colour and b/w. The colour camera is
for use at daylight and the b/w-camera, with
integrated IR-lightning diodes, covers all tasks at
nighttime . Depending on the field of application
various objectives for both cameras are available.
Just let us have your request and we shall
provide the best possible configuration. The
following technical data show every possible
• Signal format: NTSC or PAL for colour camera,
EIA or CCIR for b/w camera
• Total pixels: 811x508 for NTSC, 795x596
for PAL 537x505 for EIA, 537x597 for CCIR


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5280

Long Range Video Camera
This high resolution colour camera, with its 220x
Zoom-objective and integrated pan/tilt head,
provides pictures of perfect brilliance and
sharpness. Even a car number plate can be
recognised from a distance of up to 500m and
larger objects like persons or cars and boats can
be observed even from more than that range. Up
to 32 fixed positions of the zoom and the pan/tilt
head can be programmed and recalled
automatically. PKI 5280 is supplied with a wired
remote control for every function of the device.
On request, it can be equipped with a wireless
remote control. The complete set comes with a
cable connected 19” flatscreen monitor
combined with an optional high power video
transmitter the PKI 5280 is ideal for border
controls and other wide range observations in
outdoor conditions. Such transmitters should be
selected from our wide range shown in this

catalogue. Only then we can guarantee that
camera, transmitter, receiver and monitor match

• Resolution: 480 TV-lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Backlight compensation: automatic
• Objective: f: 12-128 mm, F: 1.4 – 3.6
• Monitor: 19” flat screen
• Dimensions: approx. 420 x 350 x 220 mm
• Weight: approx. 9,8 kg
• Power supply: 12 VDC with separate
mains adapter

PKI 5285

Digital PCI Video Observation System
This PC-Video Card is used as a central unit for
any kind of video observation. Live observation
via display, recording, monitor-splitting, camera
remote control and many other features are
possible with this unique PKI 5285. All signals
can be transferred either via telephone lines,
internet or networks. Any alarm message can
also be sent via e-mail to another PC or by SMS
to any mobile phone. An acoustic and optical
alarm sensor is also included for detection of any
movement/ change in camera pictures. Up to 4
cameras can be connected with best possible
recording quality (MPEG4 or Wavelet). Optionally
this unit can be supplied with 8 or 16 video

PKI 5290

• Video inputs: 4
• Resolution: 768 x 576 Pixel
• Recording method: MPEG4 or Wavelet
• Recording time: up to 800 hours with
200 GB-hard disc for 4 cameras
and 6 pictures per second
• Required PC system: WIN 2000 or XP
• Digital motion: detector integrated
• Other features: weekly timer, digitally
evidencing water mark, automatic alarm
transfer, comfortable play-back and
interpretation functions, databank,
crash recovery, info-overlay etc.
• Scope of supply:
PCI card, Software and manual

PKI 5295

Large IR-beam Device, Small IR-beam Device
Both systems are mainly designed for the
illumination of dark rooms or surroundings with
no remaining light. Wherever no electrical lights
or moon/starlight are available, these devices are
the perfect accessory for night-vision devices
and observation cameras. This light is invisible
for the human eye i.e. nobody can recognise that
he is observed during night-time or in nonilluminated rooms. PKI 5290 covers a range of
approx. 20 meters while PKI 5295 stands for
approx. 10 meters. For larger distances our IRLaser beam device is applicable (see our PKI

• Housing: Aluminium
• Lifetime: up to 10.000 hours
• Protection Class: German standard IP 65
• Wave length: approx. 850 nm +/- 30 nm

• Power supply: 12 VDC
• Operating temperature: - 10 to + 50°C
• Opening angle: 30°
• Power consumption:
700 mA for PKI 5290
400 mA for PKI 5295
• Max. illumination distance:
up to 20 m for PKI 5290
up to 10 m for PKI 5295
• Dimensions:
approx. 82 x 65 x 60 mm
for PKI 5290
approx. 60 x 40 x 20 mm
for PKI 5295
• Weights:
approx. 300 g for PKI 5290
approx. 150 g for PKI 5295

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5300

Laser-Zoom Illuminator
Whenever video observations have to be made in
completely dark rooms, under bridges, in tunnels
or other conditions without light, this LaserIlluminator is the only one which can cover even
large areas and distances. In combination with
our CCD-cameras and intensified CCD-cameras
you can use this device for night-time
surveillance up to a distance of 4 km. The PKI
5300 Laser Zoom Illuminator is provided with a
temperature-stabilised laser diode with a
frequency range of 810nm. By means of the
built-in lens system and the external control
system you can adjust the zoom according to the
desired illumination and distance.

• Output power: 1000 mW
• Laser class: 4

• Laser type: IR-laser diode
• Laser frequence: 810 nm
• Divergence: 1° to 12° continuously adjustable
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 1,6 A
• Lifetime: 50.000 hrs
• Operating temperature: -10°C up to +50°C
• Dimensions: 70 mm diameter x 340 mm
• Weight: 2,8 kg

• Illumination Source in the non-visible
spectral range
• 1000 mW Output Power
• Up to 4 km long range surveillance with
ICCD cameras

PKI 5305

Long Range Binocular
It always has to be determined whether friendly
or unfriendly objects, like cars, trucks, boats or
persons are approaching a certain place and it, at
any time, it has to be under complete control and
supervision of the related security forces.
Therefore a long range optical device is required,
with which the terrain in question can be
supervised. Fixed on top of high buildings, at
sight-seeing spots or at borders (land- or
seaside) the PKI 5305 always is the right choice
to view the scenario for any police force, border
control squad or military task force. It is an
absolutely necessary and important tool for
observations over large distances. With an
optionally available electronic eyepiece, like one
of our video cameras shown in this catalogue, it
can be connected with a monitor or computer, so
that analysis, measurement and statistics can be

effected at save places and with the capabilities
to store the pictures. With its large magnification
of 25 times and the 100 mm objective diameter
the PKI 5305 enables every supervising
department to effectively fulfil their tasks even
under low light conditions.
• Magnification: 25 x
• Field of view: 2”30’
• Star finder: (f.o.v) 7 x 50 (5“)
• Objective diameter: 100 mm
• Eyepiece diopter range: +/- 5 diopters
• Exit pupil diameter: 4
• Exit pupil distance: 14
• Resolution: 3”
• Interpupillary distance: 56 - 74
• Weight: 13 kg

PKI 5310

Pocket Night Vision Scope
With its very small dimensions, minimal weight
and comfortable one-hand operation, the PKI
5310 can easily be placed in any pocket and at
any time it is ready for disguised observations in
the dark. Especially developed for secret service
agencies, police tasks forces and other
government departments, this handy unit offers
a perfect solution to every need of night
surveillance. Through the image intensifier tube,
it transfers the faint target image into a bright
image, but still providing an automatic bright
light control for accidentally incoming light. In
addition, the device contains a concealed IR-light
source for the illumination of the area to be
observed. This IR-light is nearly invisible to the
human eyes.


• Max. observation distance:
approx. 80 to 120 m at 10-2 Lux
• Magnification: 2x
• Bright-light protection:
automatic bright-light proof
• Field of view: > 15°
• Objective focal length: 57 mm
• Objective aperture: 34 mm
• Focusing range: 0.5 m to infinity
• Diopter adjustment: -4 to + 4 diopter
• Power supply: 3 VDC, battery operated
• Battery type: two batteries, type AAA
• IR lamp: concealed inside with
10 to 15 m operating range
• Dimensions: approx. 175 x 80 x 50 mm
• Weight: approx. 0,35 kg

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5315

Long Range Night Vision Scope
Beside hand-held and disguised units for
observations at nighttime it is very often
necessary to have a complete unit for longer
ranges. The PKI 5315 fulfils all requirements.
With its large aperture and low-light objective,
combined with the image intensifier of 2nd
generation, it provides a stable and reliable
night-vision system for border controls,
permanent observation of industrial areas and
other important points. It has a large eyepiece,
enabling the user to comfortably view targets
with both eyes. By using the supplied tripod, the
unit can be rotated by 360° and elevated by 90°
during operation. PKI 5315 can be equipped with

a lowlight watching system, which will transfer
and display the image on TVsystems.

• Objective aperture: 200 mm
• Magnification: 4,8x
• Field of view: 5,6°
• Focusing range: 50 m to infinity
• Fixed diopter: -2 diopter
• Operating range:
700 to 1000 m to discover or
recognise a person
• Weight: approx. 13 kg

PKI 5320

Binocular Night Vision Goggle
PKI 5320 is a helmet-mounted night vision
device for hands-free operations. It improves the
remaining light by its light intensifying tube of
2nd generation and should be used for patrols,
(walking or driving), medical care, reading of
maps or any other observation task under poor
light conditions. Due to its universally adjustable
head-mounting it can be used for every
observation purpose where hands-free operation
is essential. The integrated IR-light helps the
operator to illuminate the area to be observed
with a nearly invisible IR-light.
• Magnification: 1 x
• Field of view: 38 °
• Focusing range: 250 mm to infinity
• Resolving power: 1.59 mrad

• Diopter adjustment:
+ 2 to +5 diopter
• Exit Pupil diameter: 7 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 15 mm
• Adjustment of pupil distance:
52 to 71 mm
• Image intensifier: 2nd Generation
low-light level image intensifier
• Built-in IR lamp operating range:
15 to 25 m
• Power supply:
2 x 1,5 VDC batteries, type AA
• Operational time:
approx. 25 hours without
IR-light source on
approx. 15 hours with
IR-light source on

PKI 5325

Night Vision System
The PKI 5325 has been developed as a platform
for underwater applications. Combined with a
submersible mini monocular night vision viewer
of 2nd or 3rd generation and a tactical
illuminator, this device offers the best choice for
any underwater purpose. It also allows fixation of
an ACD (Advanced Combat Display), giving the
user a remote viewing display that works
underwater. The ACD can be used with a large
variety of systems, such as thermal sights, night
vision devices or remote cameras.
The kit consists of:
• Modified U.S. diver’s mask Monocular Night
Vision Device with:
• Multiuse monocular assembly
• Head mount assembly for land use
• Swing arm interface
• Soft carry case
• Battery adapter
• Batteries (2 pcs)
• Neck cord
• Shoulder strap
• Objective lens cap

• Sacrificial filter
• Lens tissue
• Demist shield
• Eyecup assembly
Illuminator with:
• High intensity underwater light Underwater
personnel ID illuminators ( 3 each – red,
green and yellow)
• Laser sticks (2 each)
• VIP-amber illuminator
• IR/Red bikini filter (2)

• Field of view 40°
• Submersible to approx. 20 m
• Dual mission - sea and land
• Adjustable eyepiece
• Standard rail interface
• AA-type or 3 VDC battery
• Covert application ready
• Head mounting included
• Variety of illuminators
• Kit complete in waterproof case

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5330

Thermal Night Vision Goggle
The PKI 5330 provides a bright clear picture of
surroundings, unaffected by lights or shadows
that will render image intensified night vision
useless. The only way to keep your edge,
whether in the battlefield or in the streets, is to
have the best equipment – and the PKI 5330
really is the best. Even camouflage will not be an
asset against the detection capability of this unit.
Made by latest DSP technology and ultra
lightweight materials, these goggles are small
and comfortable. This system is a self contained
thermal unit that only requires 2 AA-type
batteries to function and features:
• Digital thermal viewing
• Light weight
• Ruggedized housing
• Hands-free operation
• Helmet mountable
• Binocular viewer

• Video output
• Low MTBF
• Simple user operation
• Sensor: Microbolometer
• Detector uncooled: 160 x 120
• Image size: 320 x 240 2D interpolated
• Thermal sensitivity: < 100 mK
• Spectral response: 7 – 14 _m
• Objective: 25 mm germanium
• Field of view: 17 x 12 degrees
• Battery type: 2 each AA type
• Operation time: approx. 2 hours continuously
• Display: FLCD - 320x240 format
• Diopter adjustment: +6 to –0
• Eye relief: 15 mm
• Dimensions: approx. 15 x 16 x 10 cm
• Weight: approx. 680 g with head gear

PKI 5335

Handheld Thermal Eye Camera
This handy thermal eye camera is perfect for
remote monitoring, safety engineering, hunting
and nature. Its easy and comfortable operation
with automatic mode and tuning for focus, gain,
brightness and polarity are only some of its
advantages. A search monitor is integrated.
People can be detected up to a distance
of 1500 m.

• Spectral range: 8-14 µm
• Sensor: BST 320 x 240 pixels
• IR-objective: 150 mm / F1.0
(25, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm optional)
• Comes with video output
• Comes with tripod thread
• Dimensions: 210 x 180 x 80 mm
• Weight: 1,4 kg

PKI 5340

Laser Night Vision Unit for Long Distances
This strong and high-quality night vision unit
allows observations at night up to 10 km
distance even at total darkness. To cover this
exceptional distance is only possible due to the
integrated 200 m telescope objective with 240
mm focal length and a 60 - 240x magnification.
Nothing will be left to chance with the built-in 15
W laser at 860 nm range (invisible for human
eye) as well as the lowlight image amplifier of 3rd
generation. An indispensable device at border
controls, by sea or ashore. The video control
terminal with display records all events.

• Dimensions: 55 x 52 x 37 cm
• Weight: 55 kg
• Power supply: 100 – 240 V AC
• Power consumption: 350 W
• Optic: 240 mm focal length at F 1:5 to 1:20
angle: min. 0.15° x 0,11°, max. 0,61° x 0,46°
• Laser: 15” with air cooling
• Low light picture tube: III. Generation Ø 18 mm
• Video resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
Video IN, Video OUT: NTSC or PAL
Communication: Ethernet (TCP/IP)

PKI 5345

Digital Night Vision Binoculars
The quality of digital techniques is nearly
equivalent to the 2nd generation of tube night
vision devices. The PKI 5345 is equipped with
two IR-lights, of which one permanently
illuminates the area and is for use in semi-light
conditions. The 2nd IR-light can additionally be
switched on and allows excellent vision at
low-light conditions or absolute darkness. The
integrated video output socket allows play-back
via an external display or recording with an
external recorder.


• Dimensions: approx. 116 x 76 x 170 mm
• Weight: approx. 800 g
• Power supply: 6 batteries type AA
or power plug 7.2 - 9 VDC (not included)
• Magnification: 5 times
• Visual range: up to 150 m
• Video output: PAL/NTSC
• Lens diameter: 42 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5350

Night Vision Binoculars
For lengthy night visions surveillances it is
advisable to use night vision binoculars, because
at longer surveillance operations the use of a
monocular would be exhausting for your eye.
The PKI 5350 is one of the best night vision
binoculars with an image intensifier tube of the
1st generation. It is rare to find something
comparable, where design and easy handling
have been combined so perfectly. The PKI 5350
features an integrated infrared light which can be
switched on additionally at low light conditions.
It is especially useful for security agencies,

hunters, nature lovers or private ship-owners.
The PKI 5350 is equipped with automatic ON/OFF
function and can be controlled via three buttons.
• Power supply: 2 x 3 V batteries
• Magnification: 5 times
• Lens: 90 mm / F 1.7
• Angle of view: 20°
• Diopter adjustment: -5 to +5
• Dimensions: 225 x 150 x 62 mm
• Weight: 1.400 g

PKI 5355

Under Water Night Vision Unit
This handy under water night vision unit provides
completely new working condition for divers.
There is no danger of being detected at secret
actions. A built-in low light amplifier with max.
100.000x light amplification allows impeccable
view up to 150 m. PKI 5355 is easy to handle
under water. Two additional plummets inside the
housing avoid unintended lifting up of the unit.
An outer contact switch allows quick switch
on/off. The lens is fixed and allows observation
from 50 cm to unlimited. Operating time for
battery set is 50 hours, max. diving depth 80 m.

• Dimensions: Ø 160 mm x 350 mm
• Weight: 8,5 kg
• Power supply: 6,75 V Mallory battery
• Housing: plastic, black or olive-green
• Lens: 50 mm
• Opening: 1:1.4
• View angle: 20°
• Brightness adjustment: built-in
Display for observation with both eyes

PKI 5360

Underwater Night Vision Glasses
PKI 5360 should not be missing at underwater
operation. The night vision device is fixed to the
goggles in order to enable the diver to have both
hands free for swimming. An IR-diode is
integrated for additional illumination of nearest
surroundings. For longer distances an
underwater IR flashlight can be fixed Due to the
IR-light’s invisibility for human eyes no actions
will be detectable from the water surface. The
goggles can be used up to 10 m depth and are
equipped with standard batteries.
• View area: 31° +/- 1° ( under water)
• Resolution limit: 1,23 mrad/lp (under water)

• Enforcement: 0,98x Lens with
plano-parallel window
• Focus: 24,0 mm F/1,3 Focus stepless
adjustable 0,25 m to unlimited
• Ocular binocular: focus 25,5 mm
• Dioptric adjustment: stepless -5 dpt to +4,5 dpt
• Diameter of outlet pupil: 7 mm
• Eye protection from screen: 12,7 mm
Eye basis, stepless adjustable 56 mm – 72 mm
• IR spotlight: provides resolution of 1,41
mrad/lp in water, effective range: approx. 2 m
• Battery: 1 x Lithium type AA 2,7 V or
2x alkaline batteries type AA 1,3 V
• Weight without goggles: 570 g

PKI 5365

Infrared Spotlight
This IR spotlight has been developed for use in
surveillance systems with infrared compatible
CCD-cameras. With infrared light, which is
invisible to the human eye, you can illuminate
buildings, entrance areas, garden areas etc. This
allows camera surveillance in absolute darkness
as well. The extra flat and weatherproof housing
includes a small cut-out for unobtrusive
installation of a camera behind the spotlight. 14
long-life LED lights serve as light source.

• Power supply: 12 VDC / 400 mA
• IR-wave range: 940 nm
• Economic life-time: approx. 10.000 hours
• Angle of beam: 160°
• Range: approx. 3.5 m
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -30°C to +40°C
• Dimensions: 106 x 72 x 6 mm
• Weight: 100 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5370

PKI 5375

Infrared Beam, big / small
Do you want to be able see with your camera at
night as well? Or perhaps you are not satisfied
with your camera that is already equipped with
IR-LED lights? These infrared lights mainly serve
as auxiliary light for residual light intensifying
systems and some video cameras, if for example
no residual light, such as stars or moon-light, is
available. With these additional light sources
even extremely dark rooms can be illuminated or
animals hidden in bushes can be detected. With
a capacity of up to 18 W at an angle of beam of
20° the PKI 5370 and PKI 5375 cover a distance
of 20 - 40 m. Invisible to the human eye, the
person observed cannot perceive the light.
• Housing: aluminium
• Economic life-time: approx. 10.000 hours

• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Wave length: 850 - 880 nm
• Angle of beam: 20°
• Power supply: 12 V batteries or power plug
• Dimensions:
PKI 5370: 82 x 65 x 60 mm
PKI 5375: 60 x 40 x 20 mm
• Weight:
PKI 5370: 300 g
PKI 5375: 150 g
• Power consumption:
PKI 5370: 700 mA
PKI 5375: 400 mA
• Range:
PKI 5370: 40 m
PKI 5375: 25 m

PKI 5405

UV-LED Torch Lamp
UV-light most often is used for recognition of
falsifications and markings which are invisible to
the naked human eye. The PKI 5405 is a
handheld UV-LED torch lamp which has been
developed for non-destructive material testing
and detection of frauds on bank notes, credit
cards or other UV intensive materials. It provides
a fluorescent penetrating testing, fluorescent
magnetic particle testing plus being a device for
all the tasks of criminal evaluations which have to
be done by police forces and other government
agencies. Marks, fingerprints or any other
evidence, made by invisible UV-ink on bank notes
or other documents, can be made visible by the
PKI 5405. It is a lightweight, portable and easy to
handle unit which is useful anywhere. It does not
need any warming-up time and emits 98,9 % of
the UV-A spectral range.

• Spectral range: 315 - 400 nm
• Voltage: 4,8 VDC (4 accus, 1.2 V each)
• Current: approx. 380 mA
• UV-source: 10 x UV-LED’s
• Lifetime of LED’s: approx. 10.000 hours
• Wavelength of LED’s: 380 nm
• Half-width of emission: 10 nm
• UV-light intensity: approx. 1.000 µW/cm
at 200mm distance approx. 2.400 µW/cm
at 70 mm distance
• Weight: approx. 250 g
• Dimensions: approx. 170 x 45 mm
• Comes with: UV torch lamp, 4 x rechargeable
batteries, Mains power supply charger
110/220 VAC

PKI 5410

IR Torch Lamp
The PKI 5410 emits a powerful and directional
beam of IR-light being invisible to the human
eye. IR-light sources can only be used in
combination with night vision devices (see our
products in this catalogue) and therefore this
unit, with its integrated brightness control, is the
ideal solution for observation tasks under bad
light conditions, in the total darkness with fully
clouded sky or at problematic locations. This
torch lamp has been developed according to the
latest technical standard. It is lightweight and
easy to handle. A 5 mW IR-Laser-Diode inside
the PKI 5410 provides the necessary power for
ranges of up to 100 m. With the adjustable optic
the beam can easily be focussed. The unit is
powered by a rechargeable NC-battery and a lid
protects it from switching on by mistake. PKI
5410 is supplied as a complete unit with mains
charger and transportation case.


• Wave length: 780 nm
• Output power: CW 5 mW
• Power supply:
built-in NC-rechargeable battery
• Charging time: max. 12 hours
• Switches: ON/OFF
• Connectors:
Socket for mains charging adapter
• Indicators:
Operation control lamp
Charging control lamp
• Accessories:
Mains charging adapter
110/220 VAC

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5415

IR-Hybrid Illuminator
Many cameras are night-blind, this means you
can’t see anything at night. With a standard IRlight only 20 m will be possible. This, however,
often is not sufficient. Therefore PKI Electronic
Intelligence has developed a hybrid illuminator
with a range of 200 m. This LED illuminator
consists of 560 LED’s on one chip, bundled by 2
convex lenses which allows you to reach this
enormous distance. It can only be topped by very
expensive laser within IR-range, however, these
laser can cause serious eye injuries. PKI
Electronic Intelligence recommends to
up-grade your cameras!

• Range: 200 m at 0 lux darkness
• Power consumption: 60 W
• Angle of radiation: 20°
• Operating time: more than 10 years
• Weight: 3,7 kg
• Dimensions: 200 x Ø 60 mm
• Power supply: 12 V DC

PKI 5420

Wide Range Spotlight
PKI 5420 spotlight provides white halogen light
over a wide range. Its shockproof housing made
of synthetic material is tough and easy to handle.
Due to the special parabolic metallic reflector the
precise concentration of the light makes it an
efficient portable device. The “economy” key
enables to reduce the light intensity to a preset
value which considerably increases the operating
time. The energy pack can be detached from the
light head and be replaced by a spare pack, which
allows doubling of the operating time.

• White halogen light, concentrated
35 minutes of max. light intensity
3,5 hours max. non stop operation at
“economy” mode
• Rechargeable NiCd battery 7,2 V / 7 Ah
• Charging time: 14 h
• Halogen lamp: (type H3) 6V / 55 W
• Dimensions: 340 x 85 x 110 mm
• Weight: 2,3 kg

PKI 5425

Long Range Scope with Audio / Video Recording
This device offers a magnification of up to 100
times, with step less adjustment starting from 25
times. In order to help focusing the correct
direction it is equipped with a direction finder,
featuring a magnification of 6 to 25 times. By
simply turning the button, the magnification
range switches to 25 - 100 times. The ocular is
mounted at an angle of 45° and is freely
rotatable, which allows comfortable handling in
all surveillance situations. The digital audio /
video recording system realizes excellent
recordings at a distance of more than 1000 m.
With the PKI 5425 long distances will never be an
obstacle any more.

• Main magnification: 25-100 x
• Magnification direction finder: 6-25 x
• Main lens diameter: 100 mm
• Lens diameter direction finder: 25 mm
• Interpupillary distance: 12-16 mm
• Ocular: mounted at an angle of 45°
• Vision range at 1000 m: 11 x (100 x)
39 m (25 x)
• Dimensions: 425 x 119 x 165 mm
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Video kit: tripod, recorder, automatic
volume control, TFT display 2.5"

PKI 5430

Spy Glasses
Seeing is knowing! Some events require special
handling, especially body guards for VIPs need
extra equipment. Not only they have to be
patient, but must be on alert in any situation. Our
PKI 5430 spy glasses are indispensable in order
to support them doing their job as with these
special glasses they can look backwards, and see
at any time what is going on behind your back.
The sun glasses are designed in a way, that a
sideward reflection gives a clear picture, similar
to a real-view mirror.

• Dimensions: normal sun glasses
with metal bridge /bracket
Looks like common sun glasses

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5435

Mirror Film for Observation
Trust, but verify! Unfortunately this statement
has become true quite often. Using our mirror
film you can look from one room into the other
without the person becoming aware of it. All you
need is a wall with a glass pane. Just stick the
PKI 5435 film onto the pane and it will only be
possible to look through it from one side, i.e. the
observed person cannot see the observer.
Formerly so-called “look through mirrors” were
used but with our film you can decide individually which pane you want to transform.

• Delivery: rolled mirror film 1 m wide and 5 m
long, self-adhesive

PKI 5440

Night Observation Camera without Flashlight
With this camera you can take photos at night at
a range of up to 150 m without any flashlight.
Often this is necessary during monitoring
operations. Images taken by night with low-light
amplifiers often are not clear enough and the
price for these cameras are considerably high.
Our hybrid illuminator offers this long range at 0
Lux darkness. The infrared radiation is invisible
for human eyes. This digital camera is also
designed for IR-range and makes it easy to take
high-quality pictures at night.

• Power: 60 W
• Focal distance: 50 mm
• Power supply: batteries
• Comes with charger

• IR-range: 150 m
• Radiation angle: 20°

PKI 5450

Camouflaged Audio / Video Multifunctional Camera for Police Operation
This multifunctional camera is the latest
high-light in the camera sector and fulfills all
needs for police operation in order to provide
security to population. It is perfectly designed in
an anthracite grey aluminium cylinder with
dimensions of 80 x cm 16 cm diameter.
The cylinder unit, equipped with a quick release
fastener, can easily be mounted on any lighting
mast within a few minutes. The solid device is
sufficiently protected against vandalism. As PKI
5450 works totally autarkic no cables for
operations up to max. 100 hours are necessary.
For permanent use the device offers various sokkets for different voltage.
This high-tech device consists of a pan/tilt
camera for day and night with recorder, digital
transmitter for audio video with encryption
system, telemetric transmitter and receiver,
sensor technology unit and power supply
module as well as a portable control unit
within a case for controlling, monitoring and


The pan/tilt camera with zoom function offers
pinpoint audio video monitoring of outdoor areas
at day and night. The system can be switched
from permanent to sensor operation, i.e. the
built-in motion sensor will be activated by
captured actions or movements, which
automatically starts the whole system.
Cascading is also possible, provided for example
every 100 m one of our multifunctional camera is
installed. In case of a convoy with VIPs driving
down a certain road, all actions will be
automatically monitored and recorded.
Transmission of audio video signal is effected
with high resolution and frame rate.
Diversity-antenna-principle is used for reception,
which means that the antennas are slightly
displaced allowing multiple reception of the
antenna signals.
The various antenna signals will be evaluated and
only the best parts will be combined to a
high-quality, error-free signal. This offers a
considerable advantage compared to standard
receivers in respect of range and transmission

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

quality. According to the selected power the
range of the audio video digital transmitter
reaches up to 3 km.
The portable control unit can evaluate up to 8
systems sequentially. All actions will be recorded
and can be transferred at any time by USB cable
in order to view them on PC. For further security,
the transmission of video signals is done via
encrypted signals.

There is a bi-directional telemetric radio
connection for all functions between
multifunctional camera and control unit. All
details are shown on the built-in LCD-display. If
required, we offer 2 days training for correct
operation of our professional audio video
monitoring system.

PKI 5450

Camouflaged Audio / Video Multifunctional Camera for Police Operation
• Dimensions of housing:
80 cm x 60 cm diameter
• Protection class: IP 64
• Weight: 48 kg
• Material: aluminium plastics, anthracite, other
colours available on request
• Fixing: 4 metal quick release fastener
Antennas: integrated in plastic part
Power supply: integrated L-ion/polymer
160 Ah, 14V, external sockets,
12 V DC / 230 V AC
• Power consumption: approx. 30 W
• Operating temperature: -10° - +50°C

• Resolution: 520 TV lines
• Sensitivity: 1 lux colour - 0,05 lux black/white
0 lux IR
• Frame acquisition: 1/4” ex view HAD CCD
• Signal format: PAL
• Effective pixels: 795 H x 596 V
• S/N ratio: 50 dB
• Lens: 4=3,25 – 88m
• Zoom: 27x optical / 12 x digital
• Pan/tilt range: H = 350° (max. 120°/sec)
V = 90° (max. 120°/sec)
• White balance: auto/indoor Manual/outdoor
• Shutter speed: 1/50 - 1/50.000
• Synchronisation: internal
• Video output signal: 1 V@75 ohm composite
• Iris control: auto/manual
• Sensor: motion detector
• Preset function: 128 positions
• Private zone: 8 zones
• Interface: RS 485
• Alarm input: 4
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 1 A
• Weight: 2,5 kg

Digital Recorder
• Resolution: 720 x 576 @ 25 fps
• Recording time: 50 hours
• Compression: MJPEG
• HD: 120 Gbyte SATA
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 7W
• Weight: 650 g

• Mode: AES with 256 Bit
• Encryption possibilities: more than 34 x 1038
• Power supply: 12 V DC, 70 mA
• Video band width: 4,8 MHz

AV digital transmitter/receiver
• COFDM: Coded orthogonal Frequency Division
• Frequency: GHz-range
• Channels: 8
• Power: 100 mW / 1 W switchable, higher power
available on request
• Power consumption:
100 mW / 15 W, 1 W / 55 W
• Weight: 1,5 kg
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Receiver antennas: 1-4 SMA
• Receiver outlet: audio/video

Telemetric transmitter/receiver
• Frequency: 868 – 868.60 MHz
• Channels: 8
• Power: 25 mW – 4W
• Data transmission: bi-directional
• Interface: RS 485
• Power supply: 12 V
• Power consumption: 1,8W – 24W

Control unit
• Housing: pelicase, plastic
• Display: 12” TFT
• Remote control: bi-directional telemetric
transmitter for pan/tilt camera,
a/v signal, day/night, a/v recorder,
battery display
• Digital receiver: 8 channels
• Antennas: diversity-principle
• Dimensions: 485 x 390 x 190 mm
• Power supply: 12 V DC L-ion/polymer battery
• Power consumption: 25W
• Weight: 8,5 kg

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5490

AV Miniature Transmission/ Reception Set
Unbelievable - a complete miniature
transmission/reception system smaller than a
matchbox! This set, licensed for the 2.4 GHz
range, is inconspicuous and easy to carry on
you. The microphone captures conversations at a
distance of up to 10 m. An external camera can
beconnected. The PKI 5490 allows quick and
uncomplicated room monitoring. The small
earphone, that is included in this set, is perfect
for play-back of the audio signals.

• Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 4 channels
• Range: 300 m in open spaces
• Dimensions: 43 x 28.5 x 16 mm
• Weight: 25 g
• Power supply: 6 V DC

PKI 5500

Digital Audio/Video Transmission System
The PKI 5500 Digital Video/Audio Transmission
System is part of a complete end-to-end digital
wireless system consisting of Digital Audio/
Video Transmitter with RF output from 100 mW
to 2 W and Digital Video/Audio diversity Receiver.
En-cryption optionally is available. Low power
consumption and compact dimensions make the
system perfectly suitable for mobile use.
• Transmission Power: 100 mW 2 W
• Transmission frequency:
2.3 – 2.5 GHz 2.3 – 2.5 GHz
• Signal bandwidth: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
• Transmission rate: 4 - 31 MBit/sec
(effective: 3.3 - 27 MBit/sec)
• Delay time: 300 ms
• Video Input: FBAS, S-Video, SDI (optional)
• Video standard: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
• Compression: MPEG-2 (ML@MP)
• Modulation: COFDM (QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM)
• Encryption: optional 168 Bit / 3DES

• Power consumption: 18 W 60 W
• Power supply: 9 - 30 V DC 24 V DC
• Video IN: Mini DIN plug, BNC
• Video OUT: BNC
• Audio IN: Cinch/RCA
• Audio OUT: Cinch/RCA
• Control IN: 9-pole Sub-D-plug
• Antenna: SMA
• Weight: 950 g 3500 g
• Operating Temperature: +5°C - +50°C

• Compact Dimensions
• Low Power consumption
• Operator controlled digital scrambling
• Rugged, ergonomic and portable

PKI 5505

Wireless Digital Camera System with Eavesdropping Protection
Intelligent frequency hopping technology stands
for bugproof digital connections. Due to digital
technologies all transmissions will be absolutely
interference-free and the picture at the receiver
will be enlarged. An integrated microphone offers
first class audio quality. The PKI 5505 features
automatic activation of the IR-light for operations
at night. The weatherproof metal housing allows
operation in- and outdoor.
• Dimensions: camera 68 x 60 x 160 mm
receiver 80 x 45 x 85 mm
• Camera: objective F=3,6 mm / 2.0 lux
1/4” CMOS-Color, 360 TV lines
• Microphone: built-in
• Range at night: 20 m
• Metal housing weatherproof: IP 44
• Transmission: 2,4 GHz range
• Receiver: 4 channels with A/V output,
Digital image with zoom
• Comes with: antenna, camera mounting,
A/V cable, 2x power adapter and
installation material.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5510

Wireless Digital Video System
The PKI 5510 is a digital wireless transmitter that
provides exceptional video quality in high
multipath environments. Ideal for use in urban
environments or for transmission from mobile
platforms, where equivalent analogue equipment
would suffer tearing and break-up. The narrow
bandwidth modulation offers unprecedented
spectral efficiency, while also increasing the
sensitivity of the system and therefore range. It
provides a rugged non-line-ofsight link over a
range of up to 500 m. This transmitter is
equipped with video- as well as two voice- and
data-channels. The 100 mW output power makes
it ideal for covert, body-worn, UAV and short
range applications. Optionally a 256 bit
encryption is available for a secure transmission.

• Video-Format:
PAL/NTSC at narrow band bitrate of
1.2Mb/s to 4.8 Mb/s
• Horizontal resolution:
720, 528 or 480 lines
• Audio bit rate per channel:
64 kb/s to 364 kb/s
• Data: RS-232 control port and TTL
asynchronous input with up to 115200 bps
• RF tuning range band:
L-band - 1.15 to 1.4 GHz
Low S-band - 2.28 to 2.45 GHz
• Bandwidth: narrow band 2.5 MHz
• Modulation:
QPSK 1/3 (1.2 Mb/s)
QPSK 2/3 (2.4 Mb/s)
16QAM 2/3 (4.8 Mb/s)
• Output power: 100 mW at 20 dBm

• Power Control: 30 db in 1 db steps
• Power supply: 9 to 16 VDC
• Power consumption:
6.3 to 7.5 W (configuration dependant) 0.1 W
at sleeping mode
• Dimensions: 129 x 70 x 28 mm
• Weight: 400 g
• Environmental temperature: -10 to +50° C
• Highly efficient 2.5 MHz narrow band COFDM modulation
• Excellent image quality in high multipath environments
• 500 m typical transmission range at 100 mW output power
• Optional DVB-T compliant 2000 carrier modulation
• Optional 256 bit encryption
• Small package size suitable for covert and body-worn applications
• L-Band and S-Band available in buyer’s option
• Two high quality audio-, and one data channel provided
• DC operated at 9-16 VDC
• Battery input with recharger

PKI 5515

Digital Video Transmission / Reception Set
As an outstanding video set, PKI Electronic
Intelligence offers this highly sophisticated
audio/video transmitter and receiver. Integrated
error correction is one of the main advantages
nowadays. This provides constant image quality
and prevents from interferences like identikit
pictures and dropouts. Useful functions like
freeze-frame, display of signal strength and
switchable transmission power are part of our
standard features. Furthermore the system is
equipped with a digital 168 Bit encryption in
triple DES-mode 3DES.
• Transmission power:
100 mW, 1 W, 2 W, 4 W, 10 W
• Frequency range:
2,2 - 2,25 GHz or 5.725 - 5.875 GHz
• Signal band: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
• Transmission rate: 4 MBit/sec - 31 MBit/sec
• Delay-time: 150 ms / 300 ms
• Video input: analogue composite, S-video
• Video standard: PAL / NTSC / SECAM
• Compression: MPEG-2 (ML@MP, 4:2:0)

• Modulation: COFDM (QPSK, 16QAM, 64 QAM)
• Power supply: 9-28 V DC, 22-30 V DC, 12-26 V
DC, 24-30 V DC depending on version
• Power consumption: 12 W, 96W, 250 W
• Dimensions:
170 x 65 x 20 mm, 135 x 145 x 43 mm
135 x 235 x 43 mm, 215 x 297 x 83 mm
215 x 297 x 133 mm depending on version
• Weight: 250 g, 740 g, 1200 g, 3500 g, 6500 g
• Operating temperature: -5°C to +50°C
The receiver goes well with our 5 different digital
powerful transmitters and is equipped with a
diversity antenna.

• Frequency range:
2,2 - 25 GHz and 5.725 - 5.875 GHz
• Power supply: 9-30 V DC
• Power consumption: 12 W
• Dimensions: 220 x 215 x 60 mm
• Weight: 1400 g
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
• Video out: BNC
• Audio A out: Cinch/RCA
• Audio B out: Cinch/RCA
• Antenna: SMA
• DC 9 - 30V: 2,5 x 5,5 mm jack

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5520

Digital Video Encryption System
This high professional encryption system
ensures that no video pictures will be captured or
decrypted during transmission. Using a great
variety of encrypting keys it guarantees highest
possible security for all police and military
transmissions. Decoder and encoder use the
same private key for decoding the signal. The
system provides key sets programmed by the
producer which can be individually combined in
order to get single decoder/encoder pairs or, if
necessary, decoder/encoder units.

• Encryption possibilities: more than 3.4 x 1038
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 70 mA
• Input: 1Vss@75Ohm (BNC)
• Output: 1 Vss@75 Ohm (BNC)
• Line cut: high-secure, with additional torsion of
video signal
• Video signal interference:
decryption stays active
• Video band width: 4.8 MHz
• Dimension: 100 x 67 x 28 mm
• Weight: 220 g
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +70°C

PKI 5525

Digital A/V Repeater System
PKI only produces repeaters upon receipt of an
order as the individual requirements are very
different. It is not possible to meet all
specifications with one device. When does it
make sense to use a repeater? Quite often the
transmission power of A/V monitoring units is
too low to guarantee large transmission range.
This increases the risk of discovery of receivers
nearby. The repeater (portfolio size and well
camouflaged) receives the A/V signal and
transmits it over a distance of several kilometres.
It not only enlarges the distance considerably but
also helps to overcome constructional and
geographic barriers. Suitable for mobile as well
as for stationary use.
• Frequency: RX, TX
• Power: TX
• Antenna: omni-directional antenna or
directional antenna
• Power supply: 12 V DC, battery, 120 – 240 V AC

• Version: A/V IN and Out
GPS, GSM, Internet, Display, channels, remote,
coding possible

PKI 5530

Audio / Video Transmitter Lapel Camera with Digital Receiver
This miniature camera is perfect for unobtrusive
wearing on the body. It is nearly invisible and
easy to fix in the buttonhole whereas the
transmitter is placed in your pocket. Now you can
listen to conversations at a distance of up to 400
m via the 12-channel receiver. Alternatively you
can use a digital recorder instead of the
transmitter/receiver of which you will find a wide
range in our catalogue.
• Dimensions: 25 x 25 mm
• Sensor: CCD Chip, colour
• Frequency: 1,2 GHz or 2,4 GHz range
• Microphone: Electret
• Transmitting power: 400 mW
• Channels: 12
• Power supply: 9-12V DC


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

When does it make sense to use a repeater?
Quite often the transmission rate of audio video monitoring systems is too low to guarantee large transmission ranges. The danger of discovery of receivers
nearby is quite high. The repeater (pocket-size and well camouflaged) receives the A/V signal and transmits it over a distance of several kilometres. The
repeater not only enlarges the distance considerably but also helps to overcome constructional and geographic barriers.
Suitable for mobile as well as for stationary use.

Frequency Ranges for Audio / Video Transmission
Frequency range 2.4145 – 2.4705 GHz
This frequency range is approved all over Europe. It is used for industrial and commercial operations. Transmitting power of 10 mW can be divided into 5
channels. 3 channels can be used for parallel operations. Standard video signals will be transmitted in PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format. When using a
sensitive receiver within sight a range of approx. 300 m can be obtained and even 600 m with an external 8 dB antenna.
Frequency range 2.3670 – 2.3740 GHz
This frequency range is developed for industrial, commercial and scientific applications in mobile agricultural broadcast and for police for example.
Transmission power of 10 W (HF) and 25 W (EIRP) is possible, divided into 16 channels. Standard video signals of PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format can
be transmitted approx. 9 km within sight and even 21 km with external 8 DB antenna.
Frequency range 5.732 – 5.867 GHz
This audio / video transmission range is especially suitable for industrial and commercial operations and for special tasks. The transmission power of 25 mW
can be divided into 16 channels of which 6 channels can be used for parallel operation. Video signals of PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format can be transmitted. These frequencies are approved all over Europe. Range will be approx. 150 m at sight, and approx. 300 m when using an external 8 dB antenna.
Frequency range 0.868033 GHz – 0.868560 GHz
These frequencies are designed for analogue and digital switching signals with a transmitting power of 25 mW. 8 channels are available of which channel 1
and channel 8 can operate parallelly. The frequencies comply with European regulations. Range is approx. 3 km at sight. We can deliver special systems in
the 0.869 GHz range with up to 10 W and 32 channels.
Frequency range 0.4332 – 0.4346 GHz
This range can be used for unidirectional transmission of analogue switching and audio signals. The transmission power of 10 mW can be divided into 8
channels. Channel 1 and 8 can operate parallelly. The frequencies are approved all over Europe. The range is approx. 4 km at sight.
Frequency range 24.040 – 24.230 GHz
These frequencies are for point-to-point transmission. Data format PAL, NTSC or SECAM will transmit standard video signals. Transmission power is up to
100 W and can be divided into 16 channels. The used antennas are directional antennas with high gain. Its range is 5 km at sight using 36 dB antenna.

Antenna techniques
Omnidirectional and directional antennas have on their horizontal plane an almost circular directional diagram. Therefore radiation is crosswise to axle. In
general this means that a higher antenna gain induces a plainer emission angle and consequently a larger emission range. On the other hand, directional
antennas show on horizontal and also on vertical plane a strong directed emission. Due to this fact they are less susceptible to interferences from other
directions. Generally you can say that the higher the gain, the planer is the emission angle and the longer the range.

The diversity function
If possible the user wants to obtain a high-quality, failure-free signal especially if he has challenging applications in urban or mountainous areas. In order to
achieve this aim PKI provides on request video receivers with several slightly staggered antennas which allows multiple reception of the signals. The system
evaluates the various signals and the best parts will be combined to one single high-quality and failure-free signal. This method represents a great
advantage compared to normal receivers concerning range and transmission quality. A progression of this antenna function is the SMRC-diversity unit.
The digital system combines ideally the benefits of a maximum ratio combining and a selection combining technology. It mainly consists of a diversity
receiver and an antenna system with 8 independent antennas. The obtained results will exceed all expectations and provide an outstanding level of
transmission quality, coverage and range which common video transmission systems never achieve.

Audio Video Digital Transmission
COFDM stands for Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing! It is a supplement to OFDM digital modulation scheme providing integrated digital
false correction, selectable guard interval, resistance against multipath fading and burst failures. COFDM is perfectly suitable for mobile reception of digital
The modulation plays an important role for the transmission. “QPSK” is designed for sound, faultless transmission, “16 QAM” is sufficient for normal
picture quality, whereas “64 QAM” can be selected for highest picture quality as it works with highest data transmission rate.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

Digital Way of Compression GOP (Group of Picture)
This way of compression (MPEG-compression) reduces video pictures of a video stream differently. The so-called I-frame (Intra-frame) will be compressed
independently from the other pictures and is in general the largest data file of the video sequence. The I-frame serves as basic information for the following
pictures (B-frames = bidirectional frames) and defines their reference within the video stream. They are considerably smaller because only their
discrepancies to other pictures are stored, as they cyclically appear as GOP (Group of Pictures). They are followed by the P-frame (predicted frame) that
contains reference information for the I-frame, which is the basic data for this kind of compression. One GOP expands from one I-frame to the next. GOP’s
often have a length of half a second. The following types of pictures can be included: I-Picture resp. I-frame, reference pictures (equivalent to freeze image
and independent of others). Every GOP starts with this type of frame.

Digital Data Transmission
What is meant by Guard Interval?
The time period which is available for a reflection is indicated as the guard interval. A guard interval of _ allows longer reflections but also means a lower
rate of data transmission. When using a guard interval of 1/32 only shorter reflections will be compensated resulting in a higher rate of data transmission.
What is meant by code rate?
The code rate indicates how many of signal parts will be used for error correction. Code rate _ means that half of the signals will be used for error
correction whereas code rate 7/8 only needs 1/8 of the signals. Consequently, the effective data rate is higher in code rate 7/8 as much more signals will be
used for transmission.
What is meant by band width?
The band width indicates the quantity of signal transmitted. This means, the higher the band width the more data can be transmitted. When using more
systems parallelly a lower band width has to be selected in order to avoid interferences and to increase stability and quality of the transmission.

PKI 5535

Audio / Video Transmitter
The PKI 5535 is available in various power
grades. Furthermore, you can choose between
1,2 or 2,4 GHz frequency. Both include antenna
and power plug. All cameras of our catalogue are
compatible with our transmitters/receivers.
These sets are designed for simple wireless
transmission of audio and video signals and
cannot be compared with our coded digital
transmitters and receivers - neither concerning
their capacity nor their price.
• Frequency: 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
• Channels: 8
• Power: 200 mW, 500 mW, 1000 mW, 2000 mW,
5000 mW
• Range: 100 m – 2 km depending on power

• Antenna socket: SMA
• Power supply: 12 V DC, power adapter included
• Housing: aluminium
• Dimensions: 82 x 52 x 18 mm

• Weight: 50 – 500 g according to power
• A/V: IN socket
• Various: channel switch, LED control lamp,
ON/OFF switch

PKI 5540

Video Receiver with Built-in Directional Antenna
This compact device consists of a directional
antenna and an audio / video receiver - both
integrated in one unit. It is not necessary to
connect an external antenna. By means of the
directional antenna an aerial gain of 8dB can be
obtained. Due to its small dimensions of 58 x 56
x 13 mm this device can be used everywhere.
• Frequency range: 4 channels 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz,
1.4 GHz upon request
• Aerial gain: up to 8 dB
• Opening angle: 35°


• Dimensions: 58 x 56 x 13 mm
• Protection class: IP 65
(suitable for outdoor use)
• Operation temperature:
-20°C to +60°C
• Weight: 300 g
• Video output: 1 Vp-p/75 Ohm
• Audio bandwidth: 50-17000 Hz
• Power supply: 7.5V DC
• Power consumption: 200 mA

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5545

PKI 5550

Wireless Camera and Transmitter in a Cigarette Packet
Wireless Camera and Transmitter in a Mobile Phone
Some operations require extremely sensitive
observation methods. Without camouflage a
quick reaction is nearly impossible. These
devices transmit audio and video signals wireless
over a distance of 150 m in 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
at a power of 100 mW. In our catalogue we offer
various compatible receivers, also with built-in
A/V recorder.
• Dimensions: standard cigarette packet,
standard mobile phone
• Transmission time: 90 minutes
• Transmission power: 100 mW
• Weight: PKI 5545 60 g
PKI 5550 110 g
• Power supply: rechargeable battery, built-in
• Frequency: 1.2 or 2.4 GHz
Comes with power plug

PKI 5555

Camouflaged Cameras
Electric box, Belt, Helmet, Tie, Button, Glasses,
Rear view mirror, Sport cap
Often mobile and camouflaged camera systems
are the only effective possibility for specific
observations. PKI’s camouflaged cameras
inconspicuously fit into the environment,
selected according to their application and their
stylish integration. Of course, PKI Electronic
Intelligence GmbH will comply with your
specific requirements. Our cameras, which all are
quite similar have the following specifications:
• Camera: 1/4” CCD Chip, colour
• TV lines: 470
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Power supply: 9-12 V DC
• Video output: Vpp / 75 Ohm
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C

• Various: In our catalogue we offer various kinds
of pocket transmission / reception recorders,
that we can strongly recommend for use with
our cameras.

PKI 5565

Intelligent 360° Day and Night Observer
Fixation of this 360° camera is very simple and
quick, as it is equipped by a ground spike. The
unit consists of 3 cameras, which allows an
all-around observation. Activated by a sensor or
remote-control it stores all captured data on a
digital recorder. At darkness the high-power
LED’s are automatically switched on, so that
night visions can be effected up to a distance of
100 m. The built-in GH-transmitter transfers the
audio and video signals up to 500 m to a LCDreceiver. The observer is controlled by remote
pocket transmitter.

• Image sensor: 3x 470 TVL
• Shutter: automatic
• Frame rate: live video, 24 fps
• Microphone: records conversation up to 10 m
• TFT-display: 6,4”
• Remote control: camera, zoom, ON/OFF
• A/V transmitter: GHZ-range
• Dimensions: Ø 380 mm x 150 mm
• Weight: 4 kg
• Power supply: dry fit battery 12 V / 80 Ah,
set into soil

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5570

Security Camera IR + Night Vision
This combination of IR + Night Vision allows
observation in any light conditions, in moments
of daylight and total darkness, moonlight or
starlight. PKI security camera is often used by
police and military departments, but also by
security companies. Day and night observation
with video recording is as easy and comfortable
as might be with this lightweight camera.

• Dimensions: 206 x 150 x 80 mm
• Weight: 1 kg
• Operating temperature: -10° to 50° C
• Power supply: DC 12 V, 4W
• Environment: IP 65
• CCD: Zoom 13,3 fold
(6,7 x optical, 2,0 x digital)
• Minimum illumination: 0,0001 Lux starlight
• Lens: varifocal IR, auto iris
• Optics: F /1.3, f=7,5 – 50 mm
• FOV: 5,64° - 36,6°
• Target detection: >2 km for man size object

PKI 5575

Hybrid IR-Camera
This camera is indispensable for professional
use, not only because of its high resolution 1/4”
color chip but also due to its 3,9 mm to 85,8 mm
zoom optic with 22x optical magnification.
Additionally it offers a controllable IR-light for
night vision up to a distance of 80 m.
• Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 100 mm
• Weight: 1.3 kg
• Objective: 3.9 - 85,8 mm
• Zoom: 22x optical magnification
• IR-range: 80 m

• Resolution: 550 TVL
• Power consumption: 14W
• Operating temperature: -20°C - 60°C
• Hybrid IR chip: LED IR 36
• Method of transmission: through a pair
of optical lenses
• Life span: over 10 years
• Radiant intensity: 150 mW/Sr (12.7Ø)

PKI 5580

24 Hours Surveillance Camera
This camera not only provides an excellent
design but is designed for 24 hours outdoor use,
without interruption. This allows observations by
night at 0 lux up to 100 m distance with 8 high
power and 12 IR LED’s. Its technical features are
outstanding! This is an unique and solid camera
for every day use!

• Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 110 mm
• Weight: 800 g
• Power supply: 220V AC
• Objective: 6-60 mm standard version,
others upon request
• Zoom: 22 x
• Housing: aluminium with cover against
rain and sun
• Chip: 1/4” Super HAD CCD and
DSP digital processing
• Resolution: 420 TVL
• IR-LED’s: 8x High power and 12 x IR LED’s
• Range: 100 m


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5585

Audio / Video Surveillance Case
This A/V surveillance case, designed for mobile
operations, records signals sent by wired and
wireless cameras. Video signals will be shown on
TFT display in pin sharp quality. Even frequencies
for control of external devices can be captured.
All connecting cables and adapter are included in
practical compartments inside the case.

• Dimensions: 390 x 330 x 110 mm
• Weight: 4 kg
• Display: TFT, 5,6”
• Loudspeaker: built-in (for audio transmission)

• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery
for 2,5 hours, built-in power adapter /
charger 220V, cable for car use
• Receiver: Audio and video, channel switch
with analog display, channel switch output
• Frequencies: 1,4 GHz, 2,3 GHZ, 2,4 GHZ
and 5,8 GHz further frequencies upon request
• Antenna: to be clipped on car window
• Miscellaneous: port for external video recorder
available (please see PKI digitial recorder)

PKI 5590

Audio / Video Special Surveillance Case
Integrated in a hardcover protective case you will
find an interesting surveillance unit.
Besides receipt of signals from wired and
wireless cameras the built-in telemetric module
of the unit can alter camera settings, such as
angle, adjust zoom, focus, day/night setting.
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 m
• Weight: 18 kg
• AV receiver: available frequencies:
1,4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz
further frequencies upon request, channel
switch with analogue display
• Switching channel output: - 500 mW, frequency

868 MHz, transmitting power 25 mW
• Telemetric transmitter: Joystick / 200 m / Focus
(HF) (automatic/manual) day/night setting
auto/manual, speed adjustable
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery with
charging control, port for main connection
220 V, car main connection 12 V
• Display: 12” TFT with built-in loudspeaker. 15”
available upon request
• Antenna: antenna for car with window clip and
external antenna
• Miscellaneous: external video recorder port
available (see PKI digital recorder)
Digital encrypting systems are available upon

PKI 5595

Audio / Video Transmitter / Receiver Surveillance Case
This professional set of surveillance cases
consists of a transmitter case with pivot point
camera, a receiver case with telemetric control
and a built-in A/V digital recorder. The
transmitter case transmits pictures either taken
by the built-in mini camera or by the included
pivot point camera. Further “highlights” of the
Surveillance Case are adjustable transmission
power and connectable encryption. The received
pictures are shown on the high-definition TFTdisplay of the receiver case and can immediately
be recorded by the built-in A/V digital recorder. At
the same time signals can be received from
various sources and analysed on different
displays. The built-in telemetric control of the
receiver case allows control of 2 different

• Transmitting power: adjustable

Transmitter case:
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 mm
• Weight: 18 kg
• Frequency: 1.4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz,
further frequencies upon request
Channel switch with analogue display, video
image inverting

Receiver case:
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 mm
• Weight: 21 kg
• TFT-Displays: 1 x 12” and 2 x 5,6” TFT
incl. loudspeaker
• Frequency: 1.4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8GHz,
further frequencies upon request
channel switch with analogue display, video

level control, video image inverting,
switching channel output
• Telemetric Transmitter: Joystick / 200m / focus
(auto /manual) day/night switch (auto/manual),
frequency: 868 MHz, transmission power
25-500 mW
• Miscellaneous: 2 separate A/V receiver
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery with
charger control, mains connection 220V or
car mains 12 V

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5600

24 GHz Audio Video Directional Transmission System 1
This newly developed directional transmission
system allows transmission of audio, video and
switch signals via the 24 GHz-ISM frequency
range, which is register and cost-free. The use of
directional antennas reduces its interference
response coming from other systems and
increases safety from interception. The PKI 5600
covers a range of up to 5 km at a transmission
power of 100 mW. Also available are similar
devices only for export purposes with 1 W, 10 W
and 50 W and up to 50 km transmission range.
All cameras out of the PKI product range can be
connected to the transmission system and the
receiving system is compatible with all our TFT
colour displays and video recorders.
Transmission system
• Video input: 1 Vss / 75 Ohm
• Video frequency range: 30 Hz - 5 MHz
• Audio input: 100 mVss - 10 Vss
• Audio frequency range: 30 Hz-15 kHz
• Modulation: F3F
• Power supply: 9 - 30 V
• Power consumption: max. 500 mA/12 V
• Antenna: 36 dB parabolic antenna
• Dimensions incl. antenna: 500 x 500 x 400 mm

• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -25° to +55°C
• Transmission power: 100 mW
Receiving system
• Frequency range: ISM 24.020-24.230 GHz
• Channels: 16 channels
• Video output: 1 Vss / 75W_
• Video frequency range: 30 Hz - 5 MHz
• Audio output: 500 mVeff to > 1 kW_

• Audio frequency range: 30 Hz - 15 kHz
• Receiver response: -85 dBm
• Modulation: F3F
• Switching channel output: 15 V / 100 mA
• Power supply: 9-30 V
• Power consumption: max. 250 mA at 12V
• Operation temperature: -25°C to +55°C
• Dimensions incl. parabolic antenna:
500 x 500 x 400 mm

PKI 5605

Microwave Radio Transmission
This system comprises one transmitting and one
receiving unit at a frequency range of 10,5 GHz
including parabolic antennas.
It allows
transmissions of audio, video and switch signals.
At 10W output power a range of max. 50 km can
be achieved. Should this be insufficient
cascading is possible, i.e. to overcome larger
obstacles (mountains, buildings etc.) or to get
longer distances several radio systems can be
switched in series.

• Frequency: 10.5 GHz
• Output power: 0,1 / 0,5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 W
• Topology: PTP & PTMP
• Digital line Interface: E1 / Ethernet
• Encryption: AES (WPA2 – PSK)
• Dish & Grid & Panel directional: high gain
• Dimension: 39,2 x 31 x 15,6 cms
Antenna Ø 35,5 cm
• Weight: 6,8 kg
• Temperature: -30° to +60°C
• Housing: IP 68
• Power supply: 110 / 220 V AC

PKI 5610

Digital AV Encryption System
In professional use you shouldn’t miss
audio/video encryption when using wireless
directional transmitters. With our encryption
system you can focus 2 audio channels with 1
video channel. This is especially important if you
need to secure surveillance links. The system
embeds digital audio data within the video’s
vertical blanking period. The data is encrypted
under control of the PKI encryption algorithms
resulting in a highly secure transmission.
• Scrambling method: encrypted digital audio
sent as VBI data
• Audio input level: 10 mV to 4 Vpp, 100 kOhm


• Audio bandwidth:
100 Hz to > 5 kHz dual channel
100 Hz to > 10 kHz single channel
• Video input level: 1 Vpp 75 Ohm
• Digital sampling role:
8 bits at 22,5 MHz
• Video bandwidth: to 5.5 MHz
• Lock-in-time: < 0,5 sec. max.
• Video standards: PAL, NTSC
• Dimensions: 130 x 60 x 23 mm
• Operating temperature range:
-10°C to +70°C
• Weight: 220 g
• Connectors: BNC
• DC power: 6 to 32 V DC, 800 mW

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5615

Camera with Motion Sensor
This camera is the response to the highest
expectations in security needs. Everyone, who
enters your premises, is captured by the motion
sensor of this camera, which automatically
activates a halogen spotlight and starts
recording, whereas the recorded data is stored
on the inserted memory card. Furthermore, the
camera will pursuit the person by panning in an
angle of up to 180°, depending on the direction
of the person observed. Recorded data will be
stored on the memory card, which is included in
the set, and can be played back with any standard

• Camera: CMOS sensor
• Recording: motion controlled
• Memory: 1 GB memory card
• Recording time: 560 x 20 sec. video films
• Power supply: DC 12 V power plug
• Spot light: 300W halogen, 220 V
• Dimensions: 280 x 150 x 100 mm
• Weight: 320 g
• 3 different announcements
possible, that will be played back
automatically via the integrated loudspeaker

PKI 5620

Video Surveillance Helicopter
The PKI video surveillance helicopter is designed
for all circumstances where no other methods of
video surveillance are possible. For this reason,
our PKI video surveillance helicopter is called
“your eye in the sky”. Equipped with a special
camera and video transmitter it delivers the
requested pictures. It is ideal for various
application fields, for example in a soccer
stadium (for observation of hooligans) at street
riots (where political groups fight against each
other) or at special police operations.
An assortment of components can be chosen
individually according to requirements. Please
find hereafter a choice of components.

Microdrone set 4-200 ready-to-fly
• Flight duration: approx. 20 min.
• Payload: 200 g
• Size: < 1 m Ø
• Power supply: 5V/1A
• Servo: 2 x standard
• Switch channel: 2 x 5V/16V
• Including: 1 FM-synthesizer transmitter
13-channel 35/40/41 MHz
• 3 x carbon blade, 370 mm
(front and rear motor)
• 3 x carbon blade, 370 mm (left and right motor)
• 2 x LIPO batteries 4x, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
• 1 x peli case, dimensions 800 x 581 x 479 mm
Base station set
• 1 x 1.4 megapixel video eyeglasses
• 1 x 2.4 GHz 4-fold diversity receiver,
high gain antenna
• 1 x internal power supply, inputs:
230/115VAC, 12/14.8VDC
• 1 x charger and true single cell balancer
• 1 x USB video frame grabber, video splitter
3x out
• 1 downlink decoder for receiving the complete
machine state
• 2 x LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300mAh

1 x peli case, dimensions 486 x 392 x 192 mm
(notebook not included)
Mobile Video Receiver
• 2.4 Ghz 4-fold diversitiy receiver
• 1 x 1.4 megapixel video eyeglasses
• 1 x LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
Video transmitter
• 2.4 GHz analogue, 200 mW
• With this option the drone transmits the video
and telemetry data to the base station/mobile
video receiver
• Different cameras are available such as:
• Daylight Color video camera
• Low-light b/w video camera
• Still photography
• Videography
GPS position hold
• GPS-receiver and antenna
• 3D-magnetometer
• Firmware extension

GPS waypoint navigation
• This option allows the drone to follow a flight
path, that can be planned or uploaded into its
• LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
LIPO Loader
• With true single cell balancer
• Supply: 12VDC
• Max. load current: 3.1A

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5625

Automatic Tracking Day/Night Camera with Microphone and Recorder
This newly developed security camera detects all
moving persons and follows them full
automatically. This is the important advantage
compared with common cameras. Generally a
camera only records a person passing by but this
camera pans according to the movements of the
persons. Due to the enlarged recording range
more of their actions will be monitored. In
addition to that, the integrated high sensitive
microphone captures conversations from up to
10 m distance. Powerful IR-diodes allow night
observation, whilst remaining completely
invisible for human eyes.

• Power supply: 7,5 V DC by power adapter
• Output: Audio 1 x Cinch 1 Vss (600 ohm)
Video 1x BNC 1Vss (75 ohm)
• Detection angle: 12°
• Camera range: 12 m
• Rotation speed: up to 3 m/sec.
• Relay output: NC, 50 mA/6V
• Power consumption: 300 mA
• Operating temperature: -10°C up to +50°C
• Dimensions: 82 x 139 x 57 mm
• Comes with: AV- cable, installation material,
operating manual

PKI 5635

Number Plate Recognition Camera
This high speed camera captures every number
plate of cars passing by at a speed of 60 fps
(frames per second) completely independently
from the illumination conditions. This is
absolutely unnoticeable for drivers, as the IR
illuminator works at an invisible 850 nm IR bandwidth with 2000 W light power. Effective range
of number plate capturing is up to 15 meters. The
PKI 5635 is ideal for various applications, such
as traffic surveys, vehicle access control, private
car parkings, airports, harbours, law
enforcement automation, transit traffic
monitoring, vehicle entrance admission, speed
enforcement, etc. The compatible software for
data storage resp. filing can be offered upon
• Dimensions: 155 x 155 x 124 mm
• Weight: 3.2 kg
• Operation temperature: -20° to +50°C
• Power consumption: 24V AC / 20W
Digital IR-Camera
• Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels

• Image processing speed: 60 frames/sec at full
image size
• Format: RAW, JPEG
• Shutter time: 1/100 to 1/30000 sec.
adjustable gain
• Communication interface: Ethernet UDP/IP
or USB
• Image sensor: High speed and ultra sensible,
CMOS monochrome WideVGA
• Pixel size: 6 µm x 6 µm
• Dynamic range: up to 100 dB
built-in motion detection
Integrated flush memory
Real time clock
IP class 67

PKI 5640

Mini Pan/Tilt Mounting
This outstanding miniature pan/tilt system could
fit in a cigarette box but professionally can
compete with larger systems. Due to its small
size PKI 5640 is ideal for perfect camouflage. All
functions can be controlled by the wireless
remote control. This system is designed for
small and light zoom cameras.
• Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 25 mm
• Weight: 240 g
• Interface: RS 485
• Various: Mounting with mini zoom camera can
be delivered upon request.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5645

PKI 5650

AV Micro Recorder Camera, AV Micro Recorder Window Camera
PKI 5645 is easy to camouflage at top-secretactions. Due to the integrated voice control the
recording does not start until beginning of a
conversation and automatically stops at its end.
Therefore a standby time of 260 hours is
possible. Should this be insufficient you can use
this technological miracle with an adapter and a
remote control can be delivered on request.
PKI 5650 is a real highlight by PKI Electronic
Intelligence. Smaller and more inconspicuous is
impossible! Just fix the PKI 5650 with the
special mastic material on the window. 1 Lux
illumination is sufficient in order to obtain
impeccable video recordings. Its outstanding
resolution of 2 million pixels provides images of
excellent quality. The camera records audio/video
signals by means of built-in batteries up to 90
min. By using external power supply and an 8 GB
micro SD card, the recording time can be
extended to 320 min. The SD card can be
exchanged from outside without removing PKI
5650 from the window. This miniature miracle is
predestined for top secret videos

• Pixel: 2 million color CMOS
• View angle: 62°
• Battery capacity: 260 mAH
• Consumption current: 120 mA / 3,7 V (max.)
• Storage temperature: -20°C to +80°C
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Relative humidity: 15-85% RH
• Memory storage capacity: micro SD card
(TF card)
• SD capability: max. 8 GB micro SD card
• Video function and format:
JPEG, VGA 640x480@30 fps
• USB jack: USB 1.1 / 2.0
• Weight: 50 g approx.
• Dimension: 55 x 28 x 20 mm approx.
• Operation system: 2000 / XP / Vista 32
• Storage consumption: 1 GB per 40 min.
• Charging time: 2 h
• Standby time: 260 h
• Various: Suitable as web camera for online
video chat. Comes with adapter, mounting,
PC conntecting cable, Micro SD 2 GB

PKI 5655

Long Distance Day/ Night Camera with 360° Continuous Pan
This camera is especially designed for long
distance observation. Equipped with a
weather- proof and solid housing it is often used
at airports, highways, harbours and seasides.
Due to an integrated water tank and its
windscreen wiper it always provides excellent
visibility, independently from environmental

Camera Specifications
• Sync System: Internal
• Image Sensor: 1/4” Exview HAD CCD
• Scan System: 2:1 Interlace
• Resolution: 470 TVL(C)/570TVL(M)
• Sensitivity: 0,01 Lux (1/4 sec. NTSC),
1/3 sec. PAL
• Lens aperture: auto/manual
• Focus: auto / manual
• Zoom Ratio: 432X (optical 36x, digital 12x)
• Focal Length: 3,4 mm - 122,4 mm
• View Angle: Wide 57,80° /Tele 1,70°
• BLC: close/auto
• White Balance: auto
• Gain control: auto
• Privacy Mask: 24
• Signal Format: PAL/NTSC
• S/N: ≥ 50 dB
• Video output: 1.0 +/- 0.2 Vp-p
• Video output port: female BNC
Connection type
• Interface: RS485/RS422, Bi-phase
Electrical specifications

• Input power: AC24V, AC220V, AC110V
selectable, 50/60 Hz
• Max. power consumption: 60W
• Voltage for defroster, heater, fan: 24V AC
• Power consumption for defroster, heater, fan:
21W 4000V video, data, power lightning proof
• OSD menu
• Scheduled various functions
• 220 presets with title
• 4 panning, 4 sequences, 4 patterns
• 8 zones with title
• 8 privacy masks
• Auto running function
• Temperature display
• 18x/22x/23x/30x/35x/36x optical zoom camera
• 9 language OSD menu (Chinese, English,
French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German,
Russian, Polish)
Weather-proof equipment
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP66
Sun shield, auto running
• Operating temperature: -40°C – 60°C
• Operating humidity: 0-90%
• Operating wind speed: 90 km/hour
• Wind speed resistance: 130 km/hour
• Resistance against rain: 4mm/min.
With relay out for water jet control
IR Specification
• Power supply: 100-240 VAC (outer)
• Power consumption: 10W

• IR output power: 20W
• IR emission angle: 15°
• IP optical wavelength: 850 nm
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
• Size: Ø 58 mm x 135 mm
• Weight: 300 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5660

Mini Pan/Tilt Camera
This first class camera provides 18x optical and
12x digital zoom in day/night setting.
This PKI Mini Pan/Tilt Camera, equipped with a
resolution of 470 TV-lines and a sensitivity of 1
lux, is designed for use on tables or on ceilings.
On special request this camera can be delivered
in a weatherproof covering. Besides various
different functions it is possible to preset 6
positions which later can be recalled
automatically at the touch of a button. All
functions can be triggered wirelessly through our
telemetric control (see PKI surveillance case).

• Dimensions:
Ø 15,5 x 19,5 cm
• Weight:
2,4 kg
• Power supply:
12V power adapter
• Resolution:
470 TV-lines
• Min. illumination:
1 Lux

PKI 5665

Microwave Surveillance Solution
Audio and Video surveillance is necessary and
required everywhere. In the PKI product range
you will find complete net work systems
including antenna and transmitter/receiver. The
systems are designed to be cascading, so that
they can achieve a range of more than 1000 km
according to installed number of systems.
• Frequency: 140 MHz - 10,5 GHz
• Output Power: 0,1 - 100 W
• Digital line interface: E1 / Ethernet
• Encryption: AES (WPA2-PSK)
• Antenna: high gain
• Dimension: 355 x 445 x 238 mm
• Weight: 4-7 kg
• Operation temperature: -30° - +60°C
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 68
• Power supply: 110/220 V AC
• Solar: optional for low power
• Format: PAL / NTSC
• Bit rate: 32 kb/s – 4Mb/s
• Resolution: D1 size (720x480)
• Compression: Video MPEG 4

PKI 5710

Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera with Automatic Recording for Day and Night
Digital video observation is what you need. With
this PKI 5710 “blackbox” you will just have what
you are expecting, perfect pictures and reliable
performance around the clock. It is a must for
every government department and an
indispensable tool for recognition of criminal
acts and manipulations. It is the only camera
which combines a standard white-light flash, an
IR-flash for night-vision function and a motion
detector in one small housing. The built-in 2.1
Mio pixels camera provides pictures of
extraordinary quality and most reliable capacity
around the clock. PKI 5710 fully automatically
stores relevant pictures by day and night
together with date and time indication (being of
most importance for evidence collecting). Single
pictures as well as video recordings of 15


seconds are possible and will be stored on the 32
MB SD-card (included in the set). This card, if
necessary, can be exchanged against other types
of higher capacity.

• Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 40 mm
• Weight: 320 g
• Power Supply:
4 x 1,5 V Battery, type AA
• Distance of IR-flashlight:
approx. 10 m
• Detection range of motion:
Detector approx. 30 m
• Adjustments:
3 picture delay, incident-counter

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5715

Window Camera
The PKI 5715 has been designed as a miniature,
colour camera with a wireless transmitter and
optional receiver. It is really the best choice for
visual room observation from outside, if a
permanent presence of the observer is not
possible but still he must be informed of what
happens in a closed room. Due to its very small
dimensions and low weight, the PKI 5715 is
hardly perceptible. When fixed at the edge of the
window pane (with our supplied special adhesive
material), this wireless miniature colour camera
provides a direct view into a room even under
low light conditions (min. 1 Lux) for the
observation of all activities inside the room.
Because of the built-in video transmitter such
surveillance can be effected from a distance of
several hundred meters (depending on

PKI 5720

PKI 5725

surrounding conditions). As a receiving station
we recommend our PKI 5755 receiver with
display, play-back and recording function.
• Camera: 1/3” CMOS Chip
• Resolution:
380 TV-lines, colour, 628 x 582 pixel
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Objective: 3.6 mm wide-angle
• Power supply: Lithium rechargeable battery
with mains adapter/charger
• Transmitting distance: up to 50 m
• Dimensions:
approx. 22 x 22 x 24 mm - incl. transmitter
• Weight: approx. 30 g
• Recommended receiver: PKI 5755

PKI 5730

Cameras, Receiver and Recorder
Our micro cameras with extraordinary high
resolution can be connected to our pocket
transmitters or directly to one of our digital
recorders. Even the weakest video signal created
by a small video transmitter will be captured by
the corresponding receiver. Indespensable for
any kind of disguised video surveillance.
For all application fields - even in disguised
operation - we offer the right choice of PCB
cameras in b/w or colour with the following
• smallest dimensions from 24x24x27 mm for
PKI 5720 - 1/3” CMOS b/w camera,
with 1:2,0 / 3.6mm objective via
26x22x24 mm for
PKI 5730 - 1/3” CCD colour

camera with 3,6mm pinholeobjective
disguised as normal
button up to 31x31x28 mm for
PKI 5725 - 1/3” CMOS colour
camera with 1:2,0 / 7,8 mm
• Other types and objectiveconfigurations
are available on request
• CMOS or CCD-chips of latest
technology made by world-wide
known manufacturers
• Fully battery operated at 12 VDC
with approx. 30-40 mA power

PKI 5735

Miniature Day/Night Camera
For disguised observations under low light
conditions, whether in dark rooms or outside at
low daylight or even at night, the PKI 5735 is the
right choice for every government related
agency. With its minimum illumination
sensitivity of only 0,0003 Lux, and the extremely
high resolution of 600 horizontal TV-lines, this
camera provides incredible clear b/w pictures
which helps to identify a person, a car number
plate or even a small suspicious parcel, which
may be a postal bomb laid down in front of a
sensitive area. For all such purposes a camera
has to be suitable in size and weight. With its
very small size of approx. 20 x 20 x 18 mm and
the minimal objective opening of only 1,4 mm
the PKI 5735 is ideal for disguised mounting at
any place. It either can be powered by 12 VDC

rechargeable batteries or via the supplied mains
adapter. Other miniature cameras with
microphone and/or colour recording are available
on request
• Power supply:
12 VDC with external mains adapter
• Resolution: 600 horizontal TV-lines
• Min. illumination: 0,0003 Lux
• Backlight adjustment: automatic
• Objective: Pinhole 4,3 mm (78°)
• Dimensions:
approx. 20 x 20 x 18 mm
• Weight: approx. 35 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5740

GSM Audio / Video Transmission Set
This set consists of a central unit, a pocket PC, a
laptop with receiver and an audio/video camera.
The central unit is equipped with a SIM-card as
well as the necessary sockets for power supply
and audio/video connection. The integrated
GSM-transmitter, by call, transfers the audio and
video signals worldwide to the observer. Thus,
observations can be effected without being at
site, i.e. just the audio/video camera has to be
placed in the room and the monitoring can be
done from any location around the world.
Additionally, and as an option, the camera can be
equipped with infrared diodes for observations at
night. Upon request, the PKI 5740 can be
modified for operations on landline telephone
systems. Please contact us for further

• Resolution:
704 x 288 pixel (half-size picture)
352 x 288 pixel CIF
176 x 144 pixel QCIF
128 x 96 pixel SQCIF
• Picture transmission:
1-3 pictures per second via GSM at 9,6 kbps

• Power supply: 12 VDC mains adapter, 10 W
• Software:
Windows compatible software with
storage, 24 hours, approx. 120 MB,
video player software
• Dimensions: approx. 120 x 140 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 320 g

PKI 5745

Wireless Audio / Video Camera
This complete set is a special assembly of
several first-class components for disguised
operations with body worn audio and video
observation devices. The PKI 5745 consists of a
miniature colour camera, a pocketsized
transmitter and a corresponding receiver with
built-in TFT-display and digital recorder. The
camera objective is camouflaged with an
ordinary button suitable for every kind of
clothing. Special types of buttons are available
upon request. Optionally, this set can be supplied
with a body-worn digital A/V recorder instead of
the wireless link.
A) Colour Video Camera
• Horizontal resolution: 420 TV-lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 0,5 Lux
• Backlight adjustment: automatic

• White balance: automatic
• Power supply:
12 VDC either from transmitter or recorder
• Dimensions: approx. 25 x 25 x 20 mm
• Weight: approx. 32 g
B) A/V Transmitter
• Frequency: 1.2 GHz
• Output power: 1 Watt
• Operating distance:
approx. 200 to 700 m, depending
on surrounding conditions
• Power supply:
Li-Ion rechargeable battery
charger/mains adapter
• Operating time:
approx. 2 hours with fully charged
Extended operating time possible
by means of external batteries.

• Dimensions: approx. 50 x 28 x 8 cm
• Weight approx. 200 g
C) A/V Receiver see PKI 5755
D) A/V Digital Pocket Recorder
see PKI 2460 - as option

PKI 5750

Wireless Audio / Video System Disguised in Smoke Detector
The PKI 5750 - wireless audio/video system
disguised in a smoke detector offers the best
choice for camouflaged observation in office
environments and other rooms where
unobtrusive surveillance is required. With the
self-adhesive tape the smoke detector camera
can be fixed within seconds and at any place
without any installation tools. The built-in camera
can be positioned to any required direction and
the integrated transmitter covers a range of
approx. 200 m for a clear sound and picture
requirements various combinations are available:
a) either b/w or colour cameras
b) transmitters in different frequency ranges 1.3,
2.3 or 5.8 GHz
c) transmitters with different output
power - 10 mW to 200 mW (Every other type is
available on request)


A) B/W Camera
• TV-Lines: min. 420
• Min. Illumination: 0.05 Lux
• Built-in Lens: F = 3.6 mm
B) Colour Camera
• TV-Lines: min. 380
• Min. Illumination: 0.25 Lux
• Built-in Lens: F = 4.3 mm
C) A/V Transmitter
• Frequency Ranges: 1.3, 2.3 and 5.8 GHz
• Output Power: 200, 25, 10 mW
D) Housing
• Height: approx. 60 mm
• Diameter: approx. 125 mm
• Weight: approx. 120 gr.
E) LCD Pocket Receiver
• Screen Size: 50 mm
• Dimensions: 60 x 120 x 35 mm
• Power supply: standard batteries

• Black/white or colour transmission
• Up to 4 hours operation time
• Selectable transmission channels
• Integrated microphone
• Portable pocket receiver

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5755

Audio Video Receiver & Recorder
Wireless video cameras quickly and easily can be
installed anywhere.
The combination with our PKI 5755 A/V Receiver
and Recorder provides a complete surveillance
system with utmost flexibility. For mobile
operations, this pocket-sized device offers direct
play-back on the built-in TFT-display plus digital
recording in real-time. A larger display can be
connected via the A/V outlet sockets. The
integrated 30 GB hard disc records the signals
with approx. 65 minutes per 1 GB, i.e. the total
recording time is up to 30 hours. An additional
SDcard slot is integrated for cards up to 4 GB.
Furthermore the device is equipped with an
integrated motion detector which will only start
recording when there is a movement in the
observed area. All necessary A/V RCA and USBcables, headphones and carrying bag are

• Receiving frequency: 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
• Receiving channels: 4
• Antenna: omnidirectional
• Resolution: 720 x 480 pixel
• Recording: audio and video digitally on 30 GB
hard disc in real-time.
• Connectors: A/V-in, A/V-out,
external power supply
• Power supply: Li-Ion rechargeable battery,
7,4 VDC, 1800 mAh with external
charger/mains adapter.
• Dimensions: approx. 130 x 80 x 25 mm
• Weight: approx. 250 g
• Remarks: motion operated recording

PKI 5760

Pinhole and Fibrescope Objectives
Wherever video observations through very small
openings are required, the PKI 5760 provides the
perfect solution. Camouflaged in products of
daily use, looking through key-holes or small
holes drilled through a wall - our range of
special pinhole objectives offer the most suitable
possibilities. You have your camcorder and we
have the perfect solution for all your purposes.
On the other side, camcorders of latest
generation are also included in our product
range. With this latest generation and state-ofthe-art products, sharp and clear pictures of high
resolution are guaranteed. Each lens/fibrescope
can be connected with nearly every camcorder
and/ or CCDcamera with 12 mm threat or C/CS
mount by means of the supplied adapters. Direct

observation without camera or camcorder is also
A) Fibrescope
• Length: 100 cm
• Diameter of fibre: 2,0 mm
• Diameter of objective: 3,5 mm
• Number of glass-fibres: 10.000
• Adapters different types included
to fit to nearly every commercial
B) Pinhole Objectives
• Focal range:
available in 6, 10, 15 and 30 mm
• Mount: 12 mm or C/CS-mount

PKI 5770

Full Band Video Scanner
Nowadays night and day observation cameras
are installed everywhere, sometimes they are
even equipped with microphones. They transmit
signals of multiple frequency ranges from 1,2
GHz up to 5,8 GHz. In order to detect and display
these hidden wireless cameras we have
developed our PKI 5770 Full Band Video Scanner
which scans 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
frequency bands synchronously within 30
seconds up to a distance of 100 m. It is equipped
with NTSC or PAL/SECAM for identification of
detected video signals. By means of the
STOP/SCAN button the image can be latched or
released. The speaker will display the voice if
there is an audio signal with the wireless camera
signal. PKI 5770 offers 3 STOP/SCAN buttons for
each frequency band and video system indicator.
Furthermore it provides 3 Audio/Video outputs
for recording of signals from 3 frequency bands
at the same time.

• Detecting frequency: 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
• Display: 3.5” high resolution LCD, color and
b/w camera compatible
• Scan indication 1: NTSC or PAL/SECAM
video format
• Scan indication 2: scanning LED indication
x 3 for 3 frequency bands
• Warning mode: acoustic and silent detection
through earphone
• Scanning band: 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
• Monitor display: auto band switching
Band selection switch for manual band change
• Audio/video output: 3 AV outputs for 3 bands
synchronous recording
• With 3.5 mm Video/Audio output jack x 3
(for recording)
• Detecting distance: up to 100 m (depending on
output power of source transmitter)
• Power: switching power adaptor, built-in
rechargeable battery

• Battery life: about 40 min. after full charge
• Dimension: 19 x 14 x 4 cm
(antenna length not included)
• Weight: 860 g incl. rechargeable battery

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5775

Universal - Receiver - Display - Recorder
This universal pocket device beats all records
with its measures of only 70 x 120 x 20 mm and
its light weight of only 180 g. The PKI 5775 is the
control center of most surveillance operations.
Transmissions of both systems, wireless or
cabled cameras, can be received. Play-back via
the integrated 2.5’’ TFT display. But there is even
more to it than that. All audio and video signals
can be stored onto the internal memory card and
displayed either on the internal LCD-display or on
external devices, such as PC or TV set.
Recording time depends on the memory card
used and varies up to 4.5 hours. As it is equipped
with a foldable foot, it can be used as tabletop
unit as well.
Wireless receiver:
• 4 receiving channels:
CH1: 2414 MHz; CH2: 2432 MHz,
CH3: 2450 MHz; CH4: 2468 MHz
• D6 level: - 90dB

• Frequency range: PM 2.4 MHz
• Display: 2.5 TFT LCD 882x228 transactive LCD
• Video system: MTSC/PAL
• Resolution: 640x480 / 320x240
• Video format: MPEG-AVI max. 30 fps
• Data format for play-back: MPEG-1/MPEG
• Frequency range: 20Hz-20 KHz
• Play-back: stereo
• Audio format: MP3 / MP 2.5
• Loudspeaker: 1 W
• Data format: JPG/JPEG
• Memory: flash memory 64 mB
• Memory card: SD / MMC / SX / U-disc / HDD
• Supported systems: IBM-PC: Windows 98SE,
ME, 2000, XP
• Interface: USB 2.0, USB OTG 1.1
• Disc format: FAT 32
• Language: English

Power supply:
• Power plug: DC 5V / 2 A or
Li-ion rechargeable battery 2500 mAh
• Operation time: > 4.5 h in stand-by
mode / > 7 h in active mode

PKI 5780

Audio Video Recorder with Integrated Camera and Display in a Cigarette Packet
Another “HIGHLIGHT” in our product range.
Disguised in a common cigarette packet, the PKI
5780 is a complete audio/video recorder with
integrated camera and display. If the integrated
motion detector is turned on, the recording only
starts when the picture is moving, allowing long
term monitoring. Even in total darkness you can
effect recordings at a 5 m distance due to the
integrated IR-diodes. The PKI 5780 is
equipped with all necessary in- and output jacks,
giving the possibility to connect an external
camera or to copy the recorded files to a PC or
TV set. All recordings are saved on a standard
SD-memory card that can easily be changed. Of
special advantage is the remote control, which is
included in the set.
• Video: NTSC/PAL system
• Codec: MPEG4-SP ASF data format
• Recording: 1,2,º max. fps
selectable max. 30 fpsa 320x240 /
12 fpsa 640x480
• Recording quality: low /medium /high
• Recording time/date: overlay in
video recordings as ASF-file
• Input: 1 channel video signal
• Output: 1 channel video signal
• Audio: frequency 44.1 KHz
codec G726/32 kbps
• Input: 1 channel audio signal
• Output: 1 channel audio signal
• Audio-unit: microphone,
loudspeaker, earphones
• Memory: SD card (FAT 16/32)
max. no. of files: 16384
• Connection: USB 1.1 (read only)
• Recording: manual / programmable
• Play-back functions: Play-back/


fast forward /fast rewind,
pause, 1 forward, 1 rewind
• Play back speed: x1/x2/x4/x8/x16x/32
• Power consumption: DC 5V /1 A,
Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
• Battery life: Li-Ion rechargeable
batterie 100 min.
• Weight: 150 g (w/o battery)
175 g (incl. battery)
• Dimensions: 86 mm x 55 mm x 22,5 mm
• Operating conditions: 30 – 80 % rh,
5° - 45° C (41° F - 113° F)

• Storage conditions: 30 – 90 % rh, 0° - 50° C
(32° - 122° F)
• Additional functions:
CMOS sensor 1/6" CMOS sensor
Image VGA (H/V 40 x 480)
S/N ratio 46 dB
• Lens: conical lens f3.62 mm/F2.8
• Infrared luminosity: 6x IR LED
• Infrared wave length: 850 nm
• Infrared range: 5 m LCD 2.5" colour TFT-LCD
• Remote control: 2.4 GHz

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5785

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter Ball
There are of course different possibilities to gain
access to the object to be observed. However, in
some cases there might be a high wall or
security personnel or even other circumstances
which prevent you from entering certain
premises in order to install corresponding
surveillance devices. In this case we recommend
the PKI 5785, because this Hi-tech ball is a
relatively simple equipment. The lower half of the
transmitter ball is 4 times heavier than the upper
half. Because of the gravity the heavy lower half
always remains on the ground. The upper half is
provided with 3 video cameras with pinhole
lenses at an angle of 110°. This guarantees that
always a picture is transmitted from the desired
direction. This of course also applies for the
built-in directional microphones. The built-in
audio/video transmitter with 4 channels transfer
the signals to the LCD monitor delivered with the

PKI 5785 within a frequency range of approx. 5,8
Ghz. up to a distance of approx. 200m and
continuously up to 3 hours. Optionally we can
also offer an additional remote control in order to
activate the transmitter ball only if required and
such enabling observations for several weeks.

• TV-lines Min. 420
• Illumination Min. 1 Lux
• Built-in lens 3,6 mm
• Focal aperture F = 2,0 mm 110°
A/V Transmitter:
• Frequency range 5,650 – 5,950 GHz
• Channels 4
• Output Power 25 mW
• Power supply Rechargeable battery

PKI 5790

Miniature Video Repeater
Small-sized video cameras with integrated
transmitters only have a limited transmission
range. Wherever larger distances to receiving
points have to be covered, it is necessary to use
a repeater-station. Our PKI 5790 is the right
solution for such applications. It receives the
standard video signal within the 1.2 GHz range
and transfers this into the 2.4 GHz range. With its
max. output power of 4 Watts and the 18 dbi
directional Yagi-antenna, a max. distance of up to
20 km (depending on surrounding conditions) is
possible. PKI 5790 especially has been
developed for disguised purposes, and its
smallest dimensions are perfect for any mobile
operation. Power supply of the PKI 5790 is
provided by a separate 12 V rechargeable battery
and/or mains adapter/charger. For the reception
of the signals we recommend our PKI 5755 A/VReceiver/Recorder.

• incoming: - 1.2 GHz-range
• outgoing: - 2.4 GHz-range
(other frequencies - like 1.3 GHz
to 2.6 GHz - are available upon
• Max. transmission range: up to
20 km (depending on surrounding
• Max. output power: up to 4 Watts
• Antenna Directional: Yagi-Antenna,
18 dbi gain
• Power supply: 12 VDC rechargeable battery
and/or mains adapter/charger
• Dimensions:
approx. 135 x 60 x 40 mm
• Weight: approx. 400 g

PKI 5795

Audio / Video Scanner
With the PKI 5795 every audio and video signal
within the frequency range of 900 to 2520 MHz
can be received. Automatic scan mode allows
easy localisation, but manual scan is also
possible. In both modes, disguised wireless
cameras can be found and the received signals
will be transmitted to the integrated LCD-monitor
and speaker. Of course the PKI 5795 can not only
be used for detection purposes, but is also a
versatile tool for a mobile observation system by
just combining one of our small wireless
cameras with this scanner.. Optionally an
external directional antenna can be connected for
achieving larger ranges.

• Dimensions: approx. 120 x 70 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 320 g
Power supply: 4 x 1,5 V battery, Type AA,
or mains adapter
• Display: integrated LCD display, 2,5”
• Accessories:
1 x RCA connecting cable,
mains adapter 5 VDC,
external directional antenna SMA (optional)
• Frequency range: 900 - 2520 MHz
• Video signals: PAL / NTSC
• Connections: Video-out socket
Power-in socket
Antenna socket

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5800

AV Night Vision Set
This high-tech A/V system developed by PKI
exceeds everything that might be available on the
market so far. The reasons for this are very
1) no low light amplifier (poor video resolution
and expensive)
2) no laser (dangerous for the eyes)
3) weight (portable device too heavy)
PKI 5800 is equipped with a high-resolution
camera connected to an IR-hybrid illuminator for
night vision. This handheld device with
integrated directional microphone allows
observation at day and night up to 200 m
distance at the highest possible resolution.
Several ways of processing of the audio/video
signals are possible, such as immediate
recording, wired transmission to our A/V goggles
or wireless transmission to further external
devices. All kind of monitors are connectable.
This outstanding combination enables every
policeman to survey and control the relevant
situation. Due to security reasons PKI 5800
should be available at every surveillance
operation of customs, police or border patrols.
• Dimensions: 170 x 200 x 55 mm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• Power supply: 12 V DC L-ion battery
• Resolution: 550 TV lines
• Sensitivity: 1 Lux (O Lux IR)
• Lens: 50 mm (F2.0)
• Opening angle: 5°

PKI 5805

Directional microphone
• Amplifier: 10.000 x
• Frequency: 20 Hz – 16 kHz (-3dB)
• High-low pass filter: fg= 150 Hz / 5kHz
IR-hybrid illuminator
• Range: 200 m, at 0 Lux darkness
• Power consumption: 60W
• IR radiation angle: 20°
• Shelf-life: more than 10 years
A/V goggle
• Dimensions: 180 x 190 x 35 mm
• Weight: 90 g
• Power supply: 1000 mA L-ion battery
• Power consumption: less than 1,1 W
• Battery life: 3-4 hours
• Video signal: NTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic

• Display: 2 TFT LCD Displays
• Color depth: 24 Bit Input
• Image input: composite AV
• Image size: 80” screen (1 m far)
• Resolution: 640 x 480 (920 k Pixels)
• Audio: double-channel stereo
• Viewing angle: 35° (diagonal)
Wireless transmitter/receiver
• Range: 300 m in open spaces
• Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 16 mm
• Frequency: GHz-range, 4 channels
• Weight: 25 g
• Power supply: Li-ion rechargeable battery 6V
• Various: Reception by various persons
(according to number of AV-goggles)
is possible by using the wireless version.

PKI 5810

Video Pen, Video Glasses, Series of Disguised Video Cameras
This series of different video systems especially
is designed for undercover observations.
Without arising any suspicion security guards,
agents or safety personnel can walk through
crowds, join important meetings/ events and
observe or record participants in every situation.
Products of daily use are combined with a micro
CCD-camera available either in b/w or colour.
Each type can be connected to an existing
portable video recorder which can be fixed to the
belt or in the pocket. Optionally PKI ELECTRONIC
INTELLIGENCE can provide a video transmitter /
receiver set and digital recorder for wireless
transmissions and recording. The disguised
cameras are available as: PKI 5805 - Video Pen
b/w or colour, PKI 5810 - Video Glasses b/w or
• Image sensor: Inter-Line type CCD
• Scanning system: 2:1 Interlace
• Horizontal Resolution:
PKI 5810 better than 350 TV lines,
PKI 5805/PKI 5815 better than 330 TV lines
• Pixels:
PKI 5810 - 500 x 582
PKI 5805 - 512 x 492


• Synchronisation: Internal
• Gain control: AGC ON 24dB, OFF 18 dB
• Electronic iris: Selectable 1/50 to 1/30.000 sec
• Lens: 3.6 mm
• Min. illumination:
B/W: 0.6 lux (f 1.4, AGC ON 50%)
Colour: 1.4 lux (f 1.4, AGC ON 50%)
• Power consumption: 30 - 150 mA at 5 VDC

• Concealed video observation
• High quality and performance
• B/W or Colour systems available
• Gain control AGC high / 24 dB
• Lightweight and robust
• Optional digital recorder and
video transmitter/receiver

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5815

Miniature Repeater
A Repeater is recommended if you need to
extend the transmission range of a wireless
camera. The PKI 5815 captures the camera
signals at a distance of 10 to 100 m, amplifies
them and afterwards transmits them to the final
receiving device. Very useful at longer distances,
as it doubles the transmission range.
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz range
• Channels: 4 selectable channels
• Power supply: external power plug
• Weight: 200 g
• Dimensions: 150 x 40 x 20 mm
• Complies with FCC/CE regulations

PKI 5820

Video System in Mobile Phone Housing
During meetings, conversations and in special
occasions it is necessary to have a proof of the
participants. For this a video observation is the
best possible way, but in many cases it is
impossible or not workable to install a fixed
camera system. Therefore a mobile and
camouflaged system is a good alternative. PKI
5820 is a completely disguised video system for
unobtrusive operations built in a standard
mobile phone housing. Consisting of a CCDminiature camera, a video transmitter and power
supply it should be used wherever installation of
standard cameras is impossible. Just switch it
on, put it at a suitable place and you will have
perfect reception at highest quality. Installation of
a complete video surveillance cannot be more
simple, faster and easier than with the PKI 5820.

PKI 5825

PKI 5830

PKI 5835

• Extremely small 1.25 GHz video
transmitter with 1/4” b/w or colour
CCD miniature video camera in a
GSM-phone housing
• B/W-camera with 350 TV lines
and 3.8mm lens F=2.0
• 100 mW transmitter output power
• FM modulation / 30 MHz
• 70 mA transmitter power
• 6-9V DC internal battery
• Dimensions: Standard
mobile phone

PKI 5840

Series of Camouflaged Video Cameras
Camouflaged cameras are very often required for
disguised observation tasks. This set should be
the minimum to be with every government
department. Local environments and the
surroundings determine the type of camera
system to be used. For every purpose this set
offers the right solution, i.e. if an indoor
observation has to be effected at residential
premises, the wall clock camera or camera in a
loudspeaker should be used. For outdoor
observations the camera in a motion detector or
in a steel housing are applicable. Other types of
camouflaging our camera systems are available
upon request. Whatever you need, we can do it.
Wireless versions with built-in transmitter and
the according receiver are, of course, also
available for each kind of the camouflaged
Various items of daily use equipped with 1/3”
CCD-chip cameras, 380 TV-lines, 3 lux minimum

illumination and built-in microphone. Each with
9-12 V DC battery operation and full operation of
the original item as it is
• PKI 5825 Camera in motiondetector
• PKI 5830 Camera in wall clock

• PKI 5835 Outdoor camera in steel housing
• PKI 5840 Camera in loudspeaker
• Please contact us for full information of
each item

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5845

Digital Network Camera
Whether via local network, Internet or mobile
phone, with the PKI 5845 Digital Network
Camera you are always informed about things
happening in areas to be observed. Just switch it
on and you will receive a brilliant sharp picture
with a high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Due to
the RTSP protocol, it is possible to receive the
recorded data either on your mobile phone or on
a PC. The set includes a complete software
package for real-time recording of up to 16 PKI
5845 Digital Network Cameras or security video
servers, as well as software for play-back and
further analysis. Optionally the camera can be
supplied with Ethernet-connection or fitted for a
wireless LAN network

• Camera: 1/4” high quality CMOS sensor
• Min. illumination: 1,5 Lux
• Objective: 4 mm, wide-angle, F=2,0
• Backlight: automatic compensation
• Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
• Features electronic: shutter (ELC)
automatic white balance (AWB)
automatic amplification regulation
(AGC) browser for Internet explorer
integrated microphone protocols:
automatic indication of date and time
LAN-network as option
• Dimensions: approx. 115 x 75 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 g

PKI 5850

Digital Miniature Flash Memory Video Recorder
The PKI 5850 is a Video and Audio recorder for
videos with full TV frame rate and resolution and
integrated microphone pre-amplifiers for 2
microphones. Its small size plus exchangeable
and rechargeable battery especially are suitable
for tasks where covert recordings are necessary.
The recorder is based on MPEG-2 data
compression on 1 GB standard compact flash
card with a recording time of up to 110 minutes.
• Video: PAL/NTSC with full TV
resolution and 25/30 frames
• Audio microphone input: (stereo)
• Encoding: MPEG-2 MP@ML for
Video and MPEG-1 Layer 2 for
Audio, additional scrambling
• Storage media:
Compact Flash Card Type I or II
• Power supply:

PKI 5855

PKI 5860

LI-Ion battery with 700 mAh for
75 min or 1400 mAh for 150 min or
unlimited via mains adapter
• Interfaces: USB 1.1 interface
(device) up to 12 MBit/s,
audio/video input, remote
• Camera power supply:
5 V, ≤ 200 mA
• Status indication:
LED for operating mode, system
error, battery status, memory status
• Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 22 mm

• Small size for covert applications
• Video recording in PAL/NTSC format
• MPEG-2 data compression
• on standard compact flash card
• Recording time up to 110 Minutes

PKI 5865

Audio / Video Cellular Monitoring
PKI 5855 assembly module
PKI 5860 built-in motion detector
PKI 5865 recording camera
This is the latest technology at the moment. Easy to
install, it does not need any special configuration.
Control has never been so easy as nowadays and is
possible within seconds worldwide. A common
UMTS/3G mobile phone is sufficient for activation
and receipt. PKI 5855 is as small as a cigarette box
and can unobtrusively be installed everywhere. PKI
5860 is a common, full functional motion detector
and offers perfect camouflage. PKI 5865 is designed
for day and night observation and all activities
recorded during your absence are stored on its
integrated memory. Later they can be recalled at any
time from every place you are worldwide. For
operation of this unit an activated SIM-card is


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

Audio / Video Cellular Monitoring
PKI 5855
• Power supply: power adapter
6V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Frequency: UMTS 2100 MHz
• Camera: 300.000 pixels
• Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 18 mm
• Weight: 55 g
PKI 5860
• Power supply: power adapter
5V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Input resolution: 480 x 320
• Data format: JPEG
• Output resolution: 420 TV-lines
• IR-range: 10 m
• View angle: 120°
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Humidity: max. 85%
• Dimensions: 60 x 115 x 50 mm

PKI 5870

PKI 5865
• Power supply: power adapter
6V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Detection sensor: dual element
pyro-electric sensor
• Animal alley: 12 m long,
100° sector
•Terminal block: key switch input
and indication lamp output
• Band system: WCDMA
• Operating frequency:
UMTS 2100 MHz
• Camera module:
2,0 mega pixels
• Imaging and video:
QVGA ( 320x240 pixels)
• Frame rate: 15 fps max.
• Memory card: supports Micro SD 4 GB max.
• Back up battery: DC 4,8V, 300 mAH
• Dimensions: 120 x 70x 50 mm

PKI 5875

Floodlight Monitoring Camera, IR Monitoring Camera
This system is equipped with a high resolution
camera controlled by a motion detector. Videos and
pictures are stored on a SD-card stating time and
date. At darkness the system starts a 500 watt
spotlight (PKI 5870) or an IR spotlight (PKI 5875).
Recorded data can be transferred via USB port to a
PC or a separate card reader. This system is perfect
for uncomplicated but successful monitoring.
• Recording: unlimited on SD-card
• Camera: CMOS sensor, 1600 x 1200
• Halogen spotlight: sensational 500 W
• IR-spotlight: 20 m range
• Motion detector: 9 m range
• SD/MC card: up to 2 GB for 5000 pictures
• Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
• Options: easy and individual activation via display.
Brackets for wall mounting included.

PKI 5880

Audio / Video Belt Recorder
Some years ago it would have been incredible to hide
a camera with audio / video recorder fully
camouflaged in a belt buckle. Unlike wireless devices
this system cannot be located by HF detectors. The
colour camera with built-in microphone captures
every movement. Micro SD-card, recorder switch,
power on/off and USB port are integrated in the
bottom of the buckle.
• Dimensions: 6,45 x 3,73 x 1,52 cm
• Recording: real time in 3 GP
• Memory: SD micro card
128 MB – 8 GB (up to 8 hours recording time)
• Recording time: up to 2 hours per battery
• Video format: AVI 640x480
• Adapter: USB and cable for charger
• Power supply: lithium-ion batteries

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5885

Outdoor Video Investigation Set
The PKI 5885 especially has been developed by
us for the use by police officers and other
security guard patrols of any kind of
governmental departments. It especially should
be used by those who need to keep a clean
record of their sincere investigation. PKI 5885 is
another crime fighting and easy to use unit which
enables you to record the actions of the
suspected persons. Such video recordings can
or will be used as evidence to prosecute those
individuals who violate the law. With its specific
small dimensions, lightweight and perfect size it
can be clipped to a belt and provides a clear and
evidence-proved coloured picture recording at
daylight or at sufficient surrounding artificial light
conditions. It furthermore can work during

low light conditions, due to the built-in
IR-illuminators, and then provides a sharp and
clear black-and white picture which is stored on
the exchangeable standard SD-card.
• High resolution video quality in AVI video format
• Lightweight enough to carry on you with clip to
hook on the belt
• Built-in IR illuminator for night vision recording
(b/w when used in night-vision application)
• Repeated and continuous recording
• Use SD card from 128 MB to 2 GB
• Dimensions: approx. 100 x 80 x 60 mm
• Weight: approx. 80 g

PKI 5900

Submarine Video Camera
The PKI 5900 conducts searches with actual
underwater views without sending a diver into a
potential dangerous situation. Up to a maximum
depth of approx. 20 meters this selfcontained
video system can be used for location and study
of suspicious objects and areas. The built-in 1/4
inch colour camera together with 2 integrated
ballasts guarantee for a stable and clear picture
of the area to be examined. The video signal as
well as power supply for the camera are
transferred by only one cable between camera
and receiving unit. At receiving site a 7" TFT LCD
display provides the picture of the inspected
area. A socket for recording devices is
implemented. The complete set consists of:
• Colour camera with sealed housing and ballasts
• 7" TFT colour display

• Sunshade for the display
• Battery and A/C-Adapter
• Protective aluminium storage case with inlays
• 20 m cable for video signal and power supply
for the camera
• Camera: 1/4" high resolution CCD colour
camera, 420 TV lines
• Cable length: approx. 20 m
• Display: 7" TFT LCD colour
• Power supply: 12 VDC operation with
rechargeable battery with charge cord
and AC/DC adaptor for the display
• Weight: 8,9 kg
• Dimensions: storage case -60 x 40 x 20 cm

• Hermetically sealed
• Diving depth up to 20 m
• Colour CCD image sensor
• 7” TFT LCD monitor

PKI 5910

Personal Underwater Propeller
Years of engineering and design have resulted in
the PKI 5910 Personal Underwater Propeller that
provides power of 3 km/h for up to 40 minutes of
use with a standard battery. At the same time it is
compact and light-weight. The ergonomic
handle with integrated trigger and master switch
facilitate the operation and manoeuvrability.
A rigid grille protects the propeller against
obstructions. The complete unit is maintenancefree and has only to be rinsed with fresh water
after use.
• Size: 670 x 430 x 430 mm
• Battery: lead-acid battery, 3 sections,
with charger
• Battery capacity:
12 VDC - 12 A/h or 7 A/h (optional)
• Charging charging adapter included
• Charging time: approx. 10 hours
• Motor high performance electric motor, 12
VDC, 65 Watts
• Weight: 5.3 kg with 7 A/h battery


6.8 kg with 12 A/h battery
• Speed pulling divers at max. 3 km/h
• Operating time: up to 1 hour (standard battery),
up to 1.5 hours (external battery)
• Depth rating: 65 feet / 20 m
• Thrust: 11 pounds / 5 kg
• Material / Housing: PP

• Gears & Levers: Nylon
• Seals: PTFE impregnated NBR
• On/off: Master switch used to disable the
normal on/off trigger. When the master switch
is in OFF position the unit can be handled
without fear of accidentally putting the main
trigger into ON position

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5915

Underwater Robot

The requirements of an underwater robot have to
meet various differences compared with a land
robot. The propeller drive allows movements in 3
dimensions and can turn around its own axles.
Of special importance is to keep the device stable
in currents and turbulences, as tools such as
x-ray devices have to stay fixed. Such an
underwater system must be capable of scanning
via camera and sonar and use its tools. The PKI
5915 is a compact and approved robot system
for underwater operation. It is controlled by cable

and camera from the ship’s deck and is easy to
transport with its handy control device, power
supply and accessories. Due to its weight of
approx. 50 kg and more it is easy to handle for 2
persons. Controller and cable are integrated in a
separate hard cover protective case.
• Length: 1.000 mm
• Height (without additional modules): 500 mm

• Width: 600 mm
• Weight: 50-62 kg (as per configuration
depending on equipment)
• Speed: more than 5,556 km/h
• Cargo load: 4-16 kg (as per configuration
depending on equipment)
• Operation depth: 300 m
• Cable length: 450 m
• Cable length fibre-glass: 1.100m (optional)
• Power supply: 100-270 V (2,8 kW)

PKI 5925

Submarine Observation Vehicle and Manipulator
The PKI 5925 is really a breakthrough in
technical development of smallest but extremely
observation and manipulation tasks. By long
lasting experience. PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GmbH, can proudly state that this is the
only unit which has been developed by
professional engineers and in close co-operation
with divers and users of submarine- and deepsea manipulators. Due to the 18 kg this system
can be transported by a single person in every
sea- or fresh-water terrain as well as in tubes and
pipes. It only takes about 3 minutes to get the
unit ready for operation and manipulation can be
effected by just one hand.
• Dimensions of observation:
vehicle 203 x 152 x 146 mm
• Weight of observation: vehicle 3 kg
• Max. diving depth: 75 m
• Camera: installed CCD-colour, 520 lines,
0.1 Lux, fixed focus 100 to infinity
• Jet-Pipes: 6 thrusters (4 x horizontal,
2 x vertical)
• Lamps: 4x LED systems with adjustable
• Steering: 5-axles Spacemouse, 8 functions
• Display: 5.6” TFT-colour display
• Carrying capacity: 300 g

• Power supply inputs:
90-260 VAC or 124 to 370 VDC
• Outputs Video: 1 + 2, Diagnosis
• Hard cover carrying case
15-18 kg, 490x380x190 mm
• Optional equipment: reverse camera and lightning
depth sensor, 2-way manipulator, etc.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5950

Video Surveillance Set
This set offers a full range of video equipment for
every type of observation. Whether a direct
connection via cable or a wireless transmission
is applicable – this set contains each component
for a successful and professional operation. The
complete set of video observation devices
includes body-worn systems such as the camera
in a cigarette package with directly connected
digital video recorder, the day-and-night- system,
the video transmitters with up to 4 Watt output
power for larger distances and the corresponding
receivers at 1.2-1.5 GHz. All these devices offer
tremendous possibilities to the operator for
unexpected video observations.

• PKI 5725 Wireless Camera,
Transmitter/Receiver System
• PKI 5750 Wireless Audio/Video
System disguised in a smoke detector
• PKI 5830 Camera in a wall-clock
• PKI 5850 Digital miniature with flash
memory video recorder
• All technical details can be taken
from descriptions mentioned in
this catalogue
• For further information please feel
free to contact us

The PKI 5950 is a complete set of video
surveillance devices consisting of:
• PKI 5000 Professional Audio/Video Set
• PKI 5600 Analogue Video
Transmitting and Receiving System
• PKI 5700 Disguised, Wireless
Audio/Video Transmitter

PKI 5955

Camera Spy Set
This camera set includes different objectives with
focal distances of 8, 12, 25 and 50 mm. A screw
head objective is included as well, which is an
excellent camouflage. The set also includes a
pinhole colour camera with exchangeable thread
for the various objectives. With this large variety
of camera types, the PKI 5955 set covers all
needs that might occur during unobtrusive video
• Image scanner: CMOS
• Video output: PAL

• Synchronisation:
horizontal 15625 Hz, vertical 50 Hz
• Resolution: 628 x 582 pixel
• Minimum illumination: 4 Lux
• S/N ratio: > 40 dB
• Video output: 1Vss / 75 Ohm
• Operation Temperature: 0-40°C
• Power supply: 5-7,5 V = 40 mA
• Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 28 mm
• Weight: 10 g / 6 g
• Carrying case and camera connection
cable included

PKI 5960

Outdoor Video Investigation Set
In many occasions when you need to observe
rooms from the outside, a precise preparation is
necessary as well as the use of our special
equipment. Our complete program, as shown in
this catalogue, offers the complete range of
devices for such tasks, but there is no
omnipotent single unit to do everything. But as
each government department should have at
least a minimum range of equipment for video
observation we have assembled this basic set
PKI 5960 in order to satisfy each and every
demand in daily and practical use. Other
combinations of our products can be assembled
in close contact with our customers. Please
contact us for further combination possibilities.
Technical data of each item included in this set
can be taken from this catalogue.


• The complete set consists of:
• PKI 5715 window camera with
• PKI 5755 receiver
• PKI 8025 silent drill
• PKI 8015 rigid search endoscope
• PKI 5745 miniature camera with
transmitter and receiver
• PKI 8100 video inspection
camera with display

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development



Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Jamming Systems

Modular Design
The PKI modular jamming system can be scaled and adapted to any necessary application. Depending on available space
and power, country of destination and customer specification PKI adapts the electronics and antennas to match given
Full Range Jamming
Frequencies can be covered from 20MHz up to 6000MHz using high sophisticated sweep generators which are capable
of interfering analogue and digital transmissions. Depending on the requested power the number of incorporated units
may vary.
Intensified Bands
Based on our experience on available remote controls of cell phones and other devices we incorporate additional units to
improve the covered distance for well known frequency ranges.
Sweeping Technology
PKI „High Speed Sweeper“ show how precise the power amplifier are modulated. This avoids unnecessary technical side
effects which could endanger the mission.
Power Supply
The high power modules of the HF-modules can be either powered by:
•Vehicle engine alternator
•Independent Generator
•Mains operation
For high power systems vehicle engine alternator, also improved versions (< 2 KW), might not be sufficient to source a
system. Therefore we offer a build-in high power generator solution.
Depending on the given environment of the country of operation, we offer separate cooling solutions for the electronics
and driver compartment.
All antennas are specially designed to the specific frequencies to broadcast.
We offer two options for the antennas:
•directional antennas, because they are much more effective to produce a „clean“ corridor along the convoy
•omni-directional antennas
All high power jamming systems are equipped with special protection mechanism to avoid health damages to the driver
and the operators. Even though the output power is in the official limits, we protect the car with special window foil to
block any high frequency power from the antenna going inside the car. The complete car will be shielded like a Faraday
Control and Monitoring
All controls will be placed in the driver´s compartment. The system is to operate, just by one button. For trained
personnel it is possible to monitor all system parameters, function, temperatures and video surveillance from the
operator seat.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

The operator of the Jamming System gets an immediate warning if one of the components fails. He can easily see the
location of the problem.
The optimum vehicles for mobile jamming systems vary due to power requirements. We are capable to adapt the
electronics to most cars offering enough space. Ideally it is installed in long version vans or pick-up trucks. As option
armoured cars or 4x4 vehicles can be equipped.
Vehicle Selection Criteria
•Top Speed
•Available Service in Country
•Size and appearance
•Emergency functions
For higher security we do not recommend communication between the vehicles. Every communication gap can be used
to compromise the system. Usually, clients use acoustic or optical methods to communicate with running jammer
systems. All cars can be equipped with PA systems, sirens, special horns and emergency lights. If requested, the end
user can specify frequencies for communication.
Video Surveillance
The vehicles can be equipped with every kind of video surveillance for front, back or all-round view with regular cameras,
day-night or thermal imaging systems.
Different models of recording devices can be selected for long recording periods.
Complete Solution
PKI offers
•Customized development
•Small quantity production
•Delivery in time
•Service worldwide
•Training as requested
•Repair and Maintenance
•Test and Measurement Equipment
For system testing we will provide:
•Modern measurement equipment for all system specifications
•Field test equipment
•Training for the system and all measurement tools.
All devices are built from subassembly units, which can be interchanged or replaced in case of malfunction. Diagnostic
tools for error analysis to assist the operating staff are included.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Jamming Systems

PKI 6010

Portable Cellular Phone Jammer
This compact device, the PKI 6010 Portable
Cellular Phone Jammer is designed for mobile
use. Due to its small pocket size it can easily
be hidden in clothing, handbags or any other
personal belongings. It is powered by a
rechargeable Ni-H battery for continuous
operation of up to 90 minutes.

• Tx frequency for type A:
845 to 975 MHz
• Tx frequency for type B:
1785 to 2000 MHz
• Tx frequency for type C:
2100 to 2180 MHz

• Output power:
+25 dBm / 300 mW
• Power supply:
Ni-H battery
12 VDC / 1600 mA/h
• Weight:
approx. 300 g
• Dimensions:
approx. 110 x 62 x 30 mm
(without antenna)
• Jamming Range: radius 5 - 8 meters
• Various frequency ranges available
• Keeps your conferences quiet and confidential
• Avoids cellular interruption
• 300 mW output power

PKI 6020

Portable Bluetooth, WiFi, Video Jammer
This pocket-sized device is the one and only
solution for protecting conference rooms,
schools, hospitals, court rooms, jails, military
establishments, petrol stations, theatres,
churches, mosques etc. Due to its minimized size
it can easily be body-worn and disguised in
clothing, handbags or any other personal
• Tx frequency for type A:
895/900 to 1000 MHz
• Tx frequency for type B:
1195/1200 to 1300 MHz
• Tx frequency for type C:
2395/2400 to 2500 MHz

• Output power:
+25 dBm / 300 mW
• Power supply:
Ni-H battery
12 VDC / 1600 mA/h
• Weight:
approx. 300 g
• Dimensions:
approx. 110 x 62 x 30 mm (without antenna)
• Jamming Range - radius 5 - 8 meters
• Protects from unwanted remote
controlled monitoring
• Covers every kind of Bluetooth, WiFi and
video transmission
• Various frequency ranges available
• 300 mW output power

PKI 6030

Video and WiFi Jammer
This jammer is camouflaged in a panel antenna
and easy to install. Its 40W power per channel
allow interference of devices within a range of up
to 150 m. The housing is waterproof according
to IP 68. PKI 6030 features an increased
frequency range from 2,4 GHz to 5,8 GHz.
Further frequencies are available on request.
• Dimensions: 270x260x95 mm
• Weight: 3,0 kg
• Interference frequency: 2,4GHz – 5,8 GHz range
• Power output: EIRP 40W per band
• Covered range: up to 150 meters (at -80db)
• Outdoor housing design: IP 68 waterproof
• Antenna: integrated Patach High Gain
• Power supply: 220V/50Hz


• protects from unwanted WiFi and video
• various frequency ranges available
• 40W per band output power

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 6050

Dualband Phone Jammer
The PKI 6050 Dualband Phone Jammer is
designed for the protection of sensitive areas and
rooms like offices, prisons, police stations,
military camps etc. Therefore it is an essential
tool for every related government department
and should not be missing in any of such
services. The jammer transmits radio signals at
specific frequencies to prevent the operation of
cellular and portable phones in a non-destructive
way, working in the GSM, DECT, DCS and
wireless bands. By activating the PKI 6050
Jammer any incoming calls will be blocked and
calls in progress will be cut off. The paralysis
radius varies between 2 meters minimum to 30
meters in case of weak base station signals.

• Frequency Range: Dual-band output 920 MHz
GSM 1800 - 1900 MHz DCS/PHS
• Power Supply: 11 - 24 V DC, 250 mA
• Total Output Power: 1 W
• Jamming Range: 2 - 30 m
(the signal must < -80 dB in the location)
• Size: 140 x 80 x 25 mm
• Operating temperature: 0°C - +60°C
• Relative Humidity: 5% - 80%

• Dual-Band Output 900, 1800 MHz
• Paralyses all kind of cellular and
portable phones
• 1 W Output Power

PKI 6060

Wireless Camera Blocker
This wireless camera blocker disrupts
Audio/Video signals without being detected. PKI
6060 transmits interruption-code frequencies to
interrupt and block the signal of wireless
cameras in the range from 900MHz to 2499 MHz.
A Lion-hydrogen battery allows interference
activity of up to 90 minutes. Due to its small
size and its built-in power supply this device is
perfect for camouflaged operation.
• Frequency:
band 1: 0,9 – 1,10 GHz
band 2: 1,2 – 1,45 GHz
band 3: 2,4 – 2,499 GHz
• Interference mode: interruption of wireless
frequency transmission

PKI 6070

• Power output: 800 mW
• Interference range: 10-20 m radius
• Power supply: AC-DC Adapter
• Battery: rechargeable Lion-hydrogen 900 mAh
• Operating temperature: 0-50°C
• Operating humidity: 80%-90%
• Dimensions: only 70x 5x30 mm
• Weight: 170 g

• Triband Jammer
• Small Size
• Protects your privacy
• 10-20 m range interference range

PKI 6080

GPS Jammer
This extremely small-sized pocket device PKI
6070 is equipped with 10 mW outlet power and
designed for interference of GPS trackers which
might be installed in a car. The built-in
rechargeable batteries allow 6 hours operation.
Mobility and independent power supply are the
main advantages of this device.
The car tracking jammer PKI 6080 works in the
exact same manner, however, it is integrated in
the cigarette lighter using 12 V on board power

• Dimensions:
PKI 6070 64 x 37 x 16 mm
PKI 6080 100 x 20 x 23 mm
• Working band: 1575 MHz
Cover all GPS signals
worldwide available
• Antenna:
PKI 6070 built-in
PKI 6080 external
• Output power: 10 mW
• Various: GPS jammers
with higher power
available on request

• small size
• safety and security
• prevents from car tracking
• easy installation

• Power supply:
PKI 6070 Li-Ion battery 400 mAh
PKI 6080 12V DC on board power
• Block distance radius: 5-10 m

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Jamming Systems

PKI 6100

Cellular Phone Jammer
The PKI 6100 Cellular Phone Jammer is designed
for prevention of acts of terrorism such as
remotely trigged explosives, impediment of
undetected or unauthorised information
exchanges, protection of sensitive areas and
facilities, such as government buildings, national
assets, embassies, public transport etc. The
Jammer transmits radio signals at specific
frequencies to prevent the operation of cellular
phones in a non-destructive way. Exact coverage
control furthermore is enhanced through the
unique feature of the jammer, providing a
continuously variable RF output power
adjustment with digital readout in order to
customise its deployment and suit specific
requirements. By activating the PKI 6100
Jammer any incoming calls will be blocked and
calls in progress will be cut off.
• Frequency Range, Quad-band output:

860 – 885 MHz CDMA
925 – 965 MHz GSM
1800 – 1950 MHz DCS/PHS
2100 – 2200 MHz 3 G
• Power Supply: 110 – 240 V,
50/60 Hz transmitting to 12 V DC
• Operating Time:
3 hrs with 12 V DC, 4 Ah
battery or 100 – 240 V AC,
50/60 Hz permanent operation
• Total Output Power: 4 W
800 MHz: 1 W
900 MHz: 1 W
1800 – 1950 MHz: 1 W
2100 - 2200 MHz: 1 W
• Jamming Range: 20 - 25 m (the signal must
< -80 dB in the location)
• Size: 240 x 180 x 50 mm
• Weight: 1,5 kg
• Operating temperature: -10°C - +60°C
• Relative humidity: 5% - 80%

• Quad-Band Output:
800, 900, 1800-1950, 2100-2200 MHz
• Paralyses all types of cellular phones
• For mobile and covert use

PKI 6120

Cellular Phone Jammer for Police and Military Services
Our PKI 6120 Cellular Phone Jammer represents
an excellent and powerful jamming solution for
larger locations, such as prison buildings,
law-courts and banks or government and
military areas where usually a high level of
cellular base station signals is emitted. Due to the
high total output power, this device can cover all
such areas with a RF-output control of 10, 20,
30, 40 W with digital display. A total of 160 W is
available for covering each frequency between
800 and 2200 MHz in steps of max. 40 W for
each single frequency band. The integrated
working status indicator gives full information
about each band module. Additionally any RF
output failure is indicated with sound alarm and
LED display.

• Tx frequency: 851/869 to 894 MHz, 925/936 to
965 Mhz, 1800 to 1990 Mhz, 2110 to 2170 MHz
• Total output power: 160 W, at each a.m.
frequency band with 40 Watts max.
• Signal source: PLL synthesized
• Band capacity: Max. 6 different bands
(with 2 additinal bands in option)
• Modular protection: VSWR over protection
• Connections: RS-485 for wired remote control
RG-214 for RF cable
• Power supply: AC 110-240 V / 50-60 Hz or
DC 20 - 28 V / 35-40 AH
• Dimensions: approx. 492 x 352 x 120 mm
• Weight: approx. 35 kg
• Operating temperature: approx. -20°C to +60°C
• Ambient humidity: approx. 5% to 90%

PKI 6140

Cellular Phone Breaker
The PKI 6140 is a small and compact Cellular
Phone Breaker for most kinds of cellular
communications. Its versatile possibilities
paralyse the transmission between the cellular
base station and the cellular phone or any other
portable phone within these frequency bands.
Therefore the PKI 6140 is an indispensable tool
to protect government buildings, military camps,
prisons, religious establishments like churches
and mosques, petrol stations, cinemas, theatres,
casinos, recording studios, and much more.
• Tx frequencies: 800, 900, 1800-1950,
2100-2200 MHz
• Tx output power: 1 Watt each for the selected
frequencies of 800, 900, 1850-1950
Can be adjusted by a dip-switch to low power


Mode of 0,5 Watt.
• Power supply:
automatic power switching from 100 to
240 VAC 50/60 Hz, transmitting
to 12 VDC by AC adapter
• Jamming Range - radius up to 20
meters at < -80db in the location
• Dimensions: approx. 200 x 190 x 55 mm
• Weight: approx. 2.5 kg

• Keeps your conversation quiet and safe
• 4 different frequency ranges
• Small size
• Covers CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS and 3G

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 6150

Cellular Phone Breaker
The PKI 6150 is the big brother of the PKI 6140
with the same features but with considerably
increased output power. This allows a much
wider jamming range inside government
buildings, military camps, petrol stations,
churches and mosques as well as lecture halls,
meeting rooms, theatres and any other public
places. At every frequency band the user can
select the required output power between 3 and
1,5 Watt.
• Tx frequencies:
860 to 885 MHz on CDMA band
925 to 965 MHz on GSM band
1800 to 1950 MHz on DCS/PHS
bands 2100 to 2200 MHz on 3G band
• Output power: selectable on each band between
3 and 1.5 Watts

• Jamming Range: radius of approx. 35 m.
The signal must be < - 80 db in the location
• Dimensions: approx. 240 x 190 x 55 mm
• Weight: approx. 4,5 kg

• Advanced model
• Higher output power
• Small size
• Covers multiple frequency band

PKI 6160

Cellular Phone Breaker
The PKI 6160 is the most powerful version of our
range of cellular phone breakers. With its highest
output power of 8 watt, reasonably small-sized,
this device is the perfect solution for large areas
like big government buildings, military camps
and public places, such as shopping centres,
supermarkets and much more. Similar to our
other devices out of our range of cellular phone
jammers, the PKI 6160 covers the whole range of
standard frequencies like CDMA, GSM, DCS,
PHS and 3G, but with the highest possible output
power related to the small dimensions. All the Tx
frequencies are covered by down link only.
• Tx frequency (CDMA): 860 to 885 MHz
• Tx frequency (GSM): 925 to 965 MHz

• Tx frequency DCS, PHS): 1800 to 1950 Mhz
• Tx frequency (3G): 2100 to 2200 MHz
• Output power: 8 Watts on each frequency band
• Power supply: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
transmitting to 24 VDC
• Dimensions: approx. 310 x 180 xx 55 mm
• Weight: approx. 12 kg
• Jamming range: radius up to 50 m at signal
< -80db in the location

• For safety and security
• Covers all communication bands
• keeps your conferences quite and confidential
• High output power

PKI 6200

Cellular Phone Signal Detector
The PKI 6200 protects private information and
supports cell phone restrictions, whether in
hospitals, power plants, airports, computer
rooms or any other government and military
office. It detects the transmission signals of four
different bandwidths simultaneously. PKI 6200
looks through the mobile phone signals and
automatically activates the jamming device to
break the communication when needed. Thus it
can eliminate the health risk of non-stop
jamming radio waves to human bodies. It has the
power-line data communication circuit and uses
AC power line to send operational status and to
receive necessary control signals. Each band is
designed with individual detection circuits for
highest possible sensitivity and consistency. The
PKI 6200 features achieve active stripping filters,
designed for high selectivity and low false alarm
are implemented.

• Working bandwidths:
CDMA : 824 to 849 MHz
GSM : 890 to 915 MHz
DCS : 1710 to 1785 MHz
3 G : 1920 to 1980 MHz
• Sensitivity: > -55 to - 30 dBm
• Detection range: 15 to 30 meters
• Jamming control (Detection first):
Power on/off
• AC output: 110 to 240 VAC / 5 Amp
• Power consumption: < 500 mA
• Working temperature: -10 up to +70°C
• Ambient humidity: 5 to 80%
• Dimensions: approx. 255 x 165 x 45 mm
• Weight: approx. 1,8 kg

• Large detection range
• Protects private information
• Supports cell phone restrictions
• Covers all working bandwidths

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Jamming Systems

PKI 6210

Cellular Phone Detector with Jammer
The PKI 6210 is a combination of our PKI 6140
and PKI 6200 together with already existing
security observation systems with wired or
wireless audio / video links, servers and LAN
networks. Whether in hospitals, jails, prison
camps or any other governmental areas like
ministries, embassies or military establishments,
this combined system is the right choice to
protect such locations. Depending on the already
available security systems, we - in close
cooperation with our customers - work out a
complete and fully automatic system for their
specific demands.
For technical specification of each of the devices

the PKI 6140 and PKI 6200, please see the details
in this catalogue. For any further cooperation you
are kindly invited to let us know your demand, so
that we can work out the best possible solution
for your special requirements.
• Detector for complete security systems
• New solution for prison management and other
sensitive areas
• Complements products out of our range
to one automatic system
• compatible with every PC supported
security system

PKI 6400

EOD Convoy Jammer
The PKI 6400 EOD Convoy Jammer is a
broadband barrage type jamming system
designed for VIP, Government and military
convoys. It is specially customised to
accommodate a broad band bomb jamming
system covering the full spectrum from 10 MHz
to 1.2 GHz (3dB bandwidth). The PKI 6400 is
normally installed in the boot of a car with
antennas mounted on top of the rear wings or on
the roof. Its total output power is 400 W rms. The
unit is controlled via a wired remote control box
which contains the master on/off switch, band
selection and low battery warning LED. Reverse
polarity protection is fitted as standard. The unit
requires a 24 V power supply. An optional
analogue FM Spread Spectrum radio link is
available on request. This system is able to
operate in a jamming signal to communication
link signal environment of 25 dBs, so that the
jamming signal is more than 200 times stronger
than the communication link signal. The use of
Spread Spectrum technology eliminates the need

for vulnerable “Windows” within the frequency
coverage of the jammer.
• Frequency Range: 10 MHz – 1.2 GHz:
Band 1: 10 MHz – 200 MHz
Band 2: 200 MHz – 550 MHz
Band 3: 550 MHz – 1.2 GHz
• Power Supply: 24 V DC
• Antennas: High efficiency matching units
and omnidirectional antenna for
each of the three bands
• Total Output Power 400 W rms
• Cooling: low-noise fans
• Size: 320 x 680 x 320 mm

• Broadband jamming system 10 MHz to 1.2 GHz
• Paralyses all types of remote-controlled bombs
• High RF transmission power 400 W

PKI 6600

Jammer for Mains Circuits
Most of the time a room monitoring attack is
carried out by more or less smart RF bugs, in
some cases even equipped with remote control
to prevent quick and easy detection by counter
surveillance scanners. But less sophisticated and
low cost solutions like Intercom systems for the
communication through the main lines most
often are not taken into consideration. Such
systems simply can be bought in normal stores,
and by removing the housings, the basic
components are small enough to be hidden in
places of mains power distribution sockets or
junctions. Therefore the risk of this kind of attack
is enormous. The PKI 6600 as a jammer system
for mains protects sensitive areas against room
eavesdropping through the mains line. PKI 6600
simply has to be plugged into the mains socket
and is running fully automatic and disturbs the
signal with an AM/FM-modulated noise. Direct
listening to the target transmission is possible
via headphone.


• Frequency range: 50 to 500 KHz
• Modulation: AM / FM simultaneously
• Direct listening: Via headphone
• Power Supply: 120 or 230 VAC
• RF output power: approx. 1 W
• Size: 170 x 100 x 40 mm

• Prevents against Intercom attacks
• Suitable for 115 & 230 VAC
• Against mains listening
• Easy installation

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 6610

Modular Car Jammer System with Digital Programming
Jammers are absolutely indispensable in a lot of
application areas, i.e. securing of convoys, VIP or
borders. We especially want to point out that the
jammer technology is also very useful to fend off
remote-controlled bombs, i.e. RCIEDs (Remote
Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices) PKI
Jammers are manufactured according to
customer’s requirements. Thanks to the new
digital PKI programming it is possible to adapt
not only output power and frequencies to be
disturbed, but also the required exemptions
necessary for your own communication. The
modular system allows you to choose any
required frequency within the range of 25MHZ up
to 1.000 MHZ / 1GHZ up to 2GHZ / 2 GHZ up to
3GHZ and 3GHZ up to 4GHZ.
• Total frequency range 25MHZ - 4.000MHZ
• Band 1 25MHZ - 90MHZ
• Band 2 90MHZ - 500MHZ
• Band 3 500MHZ - 1000MHZ
• Band 4 1GHZ - 2GHZ
• Band 5 2GHZ - 3GHZ
• Band 6 3GHZ - 4 GHZ

PKI 6620

Power amplifiers
• Band 1 and 2 60 W CW each, Class A/B
• Band 3 40 W CW, Class A/B
• Band 4, 5, 6 26W + 44,2dBM
• Flatness: +1 to -1,5 dB
• Power consumption: DC 12V / 35A each
• Cooling system: integrated heatsink 12V fans
• Direction couplers: insertion loss 0,5dB
measuring ports - 20dB

• Type of Antennas: Log.-periodic directional
• Dimensions: 19” rack, height 3RU, each
• Weight: approx. 22 kg each modul
• Scope of Delivery: incl. Antennas, remotebox
and cables
If you require any further information, please let
us know.

PKI 6625

Portable Jammer System
This portable jammer has been designed for
flexible and versatile use. Integrated in a
water-tight carrying case it can be used
everywhere. A strong disturbing signal of 80W
over a wave band of 20 up to 1000MHz
guarantees the protection against eavesdropping
devices. The RF power emission of this jammer
disturbs all receivers immediately. The function
of the jammer`s signal is defined as SCMS
(Complete Sweep Modulation Signal). A
broadband antenna for the total frequency range
is also included in delivery. When the system is
put into operation the antenna will be set up and
connected to the antenna socket of the PKI 6620
by means of a cable. A built-in rechargeable
battery guarantees the necessary power supply.
It is also possible to connect the system directly
to 115/230VAC.
PKI 6620
• Total frequency range: 20 - 550 MHZ,
500 - 1000 MHZ, 1800 - 1990 MHz,
2110 - 2170 MHz
• Output power amplifiers:
2 outputs, total 80W at 50 Ohm
• Flatness: +1 to - 1,5 dB
• Operation of amplifiers: class A/B
• Channel power out:
Low band 50W / High band 30W
• Cooling system: Integrated heatsink 12V fans
• Cables: N-connector 2 omnidirectional
• Power supply: 12V DC / 35A, 115 – 230V AC
• Operating temperature: -10°C up to +60°C
• Humidity: 0 - 90% relative humidity

• Dimensions: approx. 620 x 490 x 300 mm
• Weight: approx. 24 kg
• Scope of delivery: incl. antenna and connecting
If you need any further details, please let us know
PKI 6625
Jamming systems can be manufatured
according to client´s requirements. They are
available from 20 MHz to 3 GHz, power
40 W - 80 W.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Jamming Systems

PKI 6630

Man Pack Jammer
PKI 6630 is developed on explicit request of
different military and governmental institutions.
This powerful jammer offers an effective
blocking range. This Man Pack Jammer can be
carried by a person in areas where remote
controlled improvised explosive devices are
suspected and is designed for protection of
soldiers and law enforcement foot patrols
against RF radio controlled bombs, or against
terrorists indicating their exact location via radio
• Frequency:
band I: 820 - 895 MHz
band II 920 - 965 MHz
band III 1800 - 1990 MHz
band IV 2110 - 2170 MHz
further frequencies on request
• Output power:
+40 dBm per band,
total 125 WEIRP
• Antenna:
external high gain omni GP
• Power ON:
by remote control

• Power supply:
Lithium battery for 2 hours
operating Battery charge input
AC 100-250V, 50-60 Hz
• Housing:
• Antenna:
650 m length
• Operating temperature:
-10°C to +60°C
• Applications:
Anti terror units, bomb squads,
VIP protection, protection of convoys,
Military forces, SWAT teams, police forces,
anti drug units, riot control units
• Dimensions:
390 x 340 x 130 mm
• Weight:
12 kg incl. battery

• 125 W Output Power
• 60 m average interference range
• 2 hours operating time

PKI 6650

Mobile Jamming Systems
The PKI 6650 uses the technology of the more
advanced digital frequency generation, compared
to the traditional PLL technique, in order to allow
different modes of signal generation.
A) Spot-jamming of a particular frequency or
B) Hopping - Jamming of jumping frequencies in
combination with an optional connected
surveillance receiver, a single bus-band may be
selected or the whole spectrum of 20-3000 MHz.
On special request we are able to deliver also
frequencies up to 6 GHz.
C) Sweep - Jamming of a frequency band at an
ultra-fast speed and in a continuous mode,
various programmable frequency windows allow
to define the beginning and end of the frequency
bands to cover.
D) Barriage - Instantaneous and continuous p.n.
noise (pseudo noise) jamming over a wide band.
It is possible to activate all sub-bands at the
same time and to get a total complete RMS
power of 1100 W output to the antenna.
• Frequency Coverage:
20 MHz to 3000 MHz
(including 800,900,1800,1900 and 2100
mobile phone bands to cover AMPK, CDMA,
TDMA, GSM, IDEN and UMTS bands)
• Power output: 1100W total
Number of channels 12
Channel 1
20 - 80 MHz 200W
Channel 2
80 - 200 MHz 200W
Channel 3
200 - 500 MHz 200W


Channel 4
500 - 1000 MHz 100W
Channel 5
1 - 2 GHz 100W
Channel 6
2 - 3 GHz 100W
Channel 7
800 MHz 50W
Channel 8
900 MHz 30W
Channel 9
1800 MHz 30W
Channel 10
1900 MHz 30W
Channel 11
2100 MHz 30W
Channel 12
2400 MHz 30W
• Power consumption:
approx. 260A at 12V (3120 Watts)
Effective operating range: approx.
80 - 200 meter (depending on location)
• Jamming Signal:
CDSS (Complex Digital Sweep Signal)
• Amplifiers:
Class A Linear, Gain flatness +/- 1.5dB

• VSWR Protection: Protected against antenna
miss match including open and short circuit
• Temperature range: -10°C to +70°C
• Humidity: 0 - 90% Relative Humidity
• Power sources: 12 V DC from car system and
additional generator
• Cooling system: Forced air (by built-in blower)
• Dimensions:
approx. 500 x 500 x 1150 mm ( h x d x w )
• Weight: approx. 130 - 150 kg
The data may vary depending on the vehicle.
The system includes a complete set of roof
mounted antennas, remote control and
monitoring system.
Technical data is subject to change without

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 6660

Car Lock Jammer
This jammer is designed for the use in situations
where it is necessary to inspect a parked car.
Whenever a car is parked and the driver uses the
car key in order to lock the doors by remote
control, normally he does not check afterwards if
the doors are really locked or not. For such a
case you can use the PKI 6660. It can be placed
in car-parks, both outdoors and in car-park
buildings. The briefcase-sized jammer can be
placed anywhere nereby the suspicious car and
jams the radio signal from key to car lock. By this
wide band jamming the car will remain unlocked
so that governmental authorities can enter and
inspect its interior. The complete system is
integrated in a standard briefcase. Optionally it
can be supplied with a socket for an external
antenna, so that PKI 6660 can even be placed
inside a car, parked in the same area, with the
antenna placed on top of the car. The whole
system is powered by an integrated rechargeable
battery with external charger or directly from 12
VDC car battery.
• Dimensions: standard briefcase approx. 50 x 40 x 20 cm
• Weight: approx. 5 kg

• Jamming of a particular
frequency or channel
• Modular system based on 19" racks
• Hopping of jumping frequencies
• Sweeping of a frequency band at
ultra-high speed

• Output frequency: to cover all radio frequencies
for remote-controlled car locks
• Output antenna: integrated inside the briefcase,
optionally external antenna if jammer is
positioned inside a car

PKI 6670

Remote Control Duplicator
Often the door of an observed car has to be
opened without leaving any damages or traces.
This is quite difficult sometimes! Our remote
control duplicator enables you to open any car
door easily. When a driver opens his car with a
remote control, an encrypted signal will be sent
to the car which opens the door. This signal will
be captured by our duplicator and decrypted.
With the obtained data a new remote control will
be programmed with which it’s very easy to open
the door of the relevant car without leaving any

• Dimensions:
140 x 190 x 30 mm
• Weight:
240 g
• Power supply:
12 V battery
• Display:
LED frequency counter
Comes with connecting cable and charger.

PKI 6680

GPS Pocket Jammer
There is a counter device for nearly every tapping
unit. One of these is our PKI 6680. Small, lightweight, but very effective it jams GPS-signals.
This pocket jammer is used if you suspect your
vehicle being equipped with a GPS tracking
system. The pocket jammer sends a spurious
signal on the L1/L2 frequency and eliminates the
GPS tracking signal.
Now you can be certain that a location of your car
is impossible. Other frequencies, i.e. for mobile
phone, radio etc. will not be disturbed.

• Frequency: L1/L2
• Battery capacity: 400 mAh Lion battery
• Operation time: 6 hours
• Charging time: 1,5 hours
• Block distance: radius 5-10 m
• Working currency: 65 mA
• Transmission: built-in antenna
• Size: 64 x 37 x 16 mm
• Net weight: 34 g
• Gross weight: 130 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment




Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7100

X-Ray Inspector
The PKI 7100 is a portable fully digital X-raysystem consisting of an exceptionally constant
potential X-ray source and Hi- Tech image
capture unit for examination of suspect packages
or other inaccessible areas where bombs,
listening devices or contrabands may be hidden.
The system especially is designed for EOD
technicians, customs, police and army. PKI 7100
sets a new standard for image quality, as well as
for quick and safe inspection. It offers the
possibility to take four images at different energy
levels in 12 seconds for progressive penetration
depth studies. All images are transferred to a
notebook at very fast rate.

Image capture unit:
• CCD camera: 768 x 576 pixel, 8 bit resolution
• Operating time: 2,5 hrs
• Dimensions: 250 x 450 x 170 mm
• Weight: 9,7 kg
X-Ray Generator:
• Wave-form: constant potential
• X-Ray dose: 1 ft 1000 µSv/sec.
• Max. battery capacity: 5-6 min.

continuous X-Ray generation
(up to 120 images with 3 sec. exposures)
• Max. kV 120 kV (adjustable 40 to 120 kV)
• Max. mA 1.5 mA between 40 and 80 kV; 1 mA
between 80 and 120 kV
(adjustable from 0.1 to 1.5 mA)
• Steel penetration: 12 mm at 15 cm distance
• Exposure time: 1 sec to 99 sec
• Focal spot size: 0,25 x 0,5 mm
• Power supply:
2 batteries (1 spare) 36 V, 600 mAh Ni-Cd
• Weight: 6,5 kg
• Beam angle: 60° x 52°

• Reverse Black & White:
Sort and file management (on CD or HD)
• Pseudo Colour Pseudo 3D
• Contrast stretch Zoom (window selection)
• Portable, digital X-Ray system
• Battery operated, small and light weight
• Ultra light constant potential X-Ray set
• Mini focal spot, wide angle beam
• kV and mA outputs selectable from PC
• communication cable, 50 m coiled

PKI 7110

X-Ray Color Mailscanner
This X-ray scanner is designed for security
control of incoming mail, such as parcels and
letters. The PKI 7110 is used at embassies,
courts, jails, ministries, military departments and
factory security offices. It works with a special
short-time exposure and records the taken x-ray
picture for further analysis. X-Ray scanning is
only done behind closed protective door. If the
door happens to be opened prematurely the x-ray
scanning will stop immediately. PKI 7110
complies with CE and X-ray regulations.

• Dimensions: 430 x 610 x 1610 mm
• Inspection scanner: 420 x 560 x 530 mm
• Doorway: 340 x 530 mm
• X-ray source: 90 kW, 7mA, oil cooled
• Picture analysis: 2 brightness
grades, inverted display with
zoom and pseudo-color
• Display: 17”, low-radiation
• Weight: 150 kg
• Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 5A

PKI 7115

Microscope Camera for Inspection
This device is highly recommended for forensic
investigation. An electronic, digital microscope
captures smallest parts such as hairs, dandruffs,
blood spots, etc. By means of its digital zoom
function a magnification of 200x is possible. The
recorded pictures can be stored onto a PC for
further inspection. Automatic focusing is done
directly at the microscope lens.

• Focus range: 10 mm up to endless
• Exposure and white balance: automatic
• Power supply: via USB port at PC
• Video format: AVI
• Image format: bmp
• Equipped with quick USB 2.0 port
for recording of up to 30 frames/second

• Dimensions: Ø 33 x 110 mm
• Weight: 49 g
• Resolution: 1280 x 1024

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7120

Letter Bomb Detector
PKI 7120 is designed for inspection of letters up
to 6 cm thick. All known letter bomb explosives
will be detected. The device actuates an alarm as
soon as a letter is passing that contains
dangerous material. Normal clips, needles etc.
will not be indicated. Therefore its sensitivity
cannot be adjusted by the user. This letter bomb
detector doesn’t need more space than a normal
PC printer.
• Power supply: 110/220 V, switchable, 50/60 Hz
• Emergency power: 12V / 4 Ah, integrated
• Dimensions: 400 x 450 x 220 mm
• Weight: 8 kg
• Operating temperature: 0°C - 40°C

PKI 7130

Letter Bomb Detector
With the PKI letter bomb detector you can check
all suspicious mail like letters and small parcels.
It is easy to handle and detects all kind of metal
and alloys and even very small components of
improvised bombs or incendiary devices. Alarm
is given as audio and optic signal. The audio
alarm can be switched off. Two different modes
are available: static or dynamic. In static mode,
the alarm depends on an adjustable trigger
threshold and has to be reset manually. In
dynamic mode, the alarm signal depends
completely on the target’s characteristics. This
allows the cross-checking and determination of
the target’s size and position, when a letter was
separated due to an alarm.
The sensitivity of the PKI letter bomb detector is
very high. It can be adjusted according to the
required value and it is possible to suppress the
indication of staples, clips or unwanted metal

• Alarm: optical alarm and switchable audio alarm
• Dynamic mode: intermittent alarm with
automatic reset
• Static mode: continuous alarm with manual
reset by button press

• Power supply: built-in NiCd battery
• Operating time: approx. 18 h with NiCd battery
• Battery control: flashing led
• Dimensions:
380 x 280 x 65 mm folded
380 x 280 x 215 mm unfolded

PKI 7190

Handscanner for Liquids
This hand-held liquids detector is a unique
innovation for contactless detection of
flammable and explosive liquids inside sealed
containers. It quickly and accurately checks the
contents, such as plastic and glass bottles and
other non-metallic containers up to 9 mm thick,
without having to open any seals or tapes.
This handscanner exploits a technique which
estimates the spatial distribution of electrical
properties of a medium and can determine the
characteristics of a liquid irrespective of the size
of the container. The electrical properties of a
liquid determines whether the liquid is either
flammable or explosive.


• Size: 135 x 70x 24 mm
• Weight: 110 g
• Power supply: 2 x AA batteries

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7200

X-Ray Scanner
The PKI 7200 X-Ray Scanner is based on the
principle of registration of the back-scattered Xradiation from the enclosures located behind
various kinds of obstacles (steel, aluminium,
wood etc.) and designed for detection of the
enclosures located in the optically opaque and
covered-up spaces, such as motor vehicle doors,
seats, fuel tanks, wheels, truck body walls, racks
etc. PKI 7200 is a handy, dust- and splash-proof
device which can be operated either as a
stationary version (with power from the mains of
100-240V) or as a portable version (with power
from the supplied battery pack of 12 VDC). PKI
7200 surely detects the enclosures measuring
down to 2x2x2 cm with the density ranging from
0.5 to 2 g/cm3 (plastics, organic and inorganic
substances) which are located behind the
obstacles with a maximum thickness of 40 mm
for wood, 10 mm for aluminium and 1.0 mm for
• Warm-up time: max. 10 sec
• Output power: from X-Ray source 50 kV
• Annual effective dose of radiation: less than

5 mSv at 1700 operating hours per year
• Operating temperature: - 20°C to + 50°C
• Operation time: stationary: 24 h, continuously
portable: approx. 7 hours
• Dimensions: approx. 325 x 70 x 175 mm for
scanning device and 200x50x105 mm for
battery pack
• Weight: approx. 2.4 kg for scanner plus
approx. 1.8 kg for battery pack with
carrying belt

• Power consumption:
27 W A/C-operated
18 W battery-operated
• Search of arms, drugs, contraband goods
• Inspection of cavities with one side access
• High speed inspection
• Safe radiation

PKI 7250

Letter X-Ray System
The PKI 7250 is a compact, entry-level letter and
small package X-Ray Security Screening System
for desktop operation in mailrooms, corporate
offices, embassies, prisons, executive
residences, courtrooms, etc. (Where such
suspect material must be screened.) It is perfect
for the rapid detection of contraband materials in
mails, briefcases, backpacks, clothing, electronic
devices as well as personal belongings like
purses, cameras, shoes, bins, mailbags etc.
• X-Ray generator:
rated 90 kV constant potential peak current 1 mA max. cooling - sealed oil bath, air
penetration - up to 11 mm of steel equivalent
• Viewing method: direct view
• Fluoroscopic inspection screen size:
17” x 17” The full screen area is displayed.
(thick parcels may need to be viewed twice)
• Power supply:
110-130 VAC or 210-250 VAC at 50/60 Hz
• Dimensions: approx. 77 x 58 x 60 cm
• Weight: approx. 160 kg
• Radiation safety:
dual safety interlocks
panel operating switch
double shielded glass
lockable power switch
meets or exceeds all applicable
radiation and CE marking standards

• High penetration, more efficient and reliable by 90 kV X-Ray source
• Extra fine grain resolution, with greater brightness, for a very sharp image
• Higher throughput of larger parcels than other similar models - at less costs
• Examines more than 400 batches per hour, 200-500 standard envelopes per batch
• Very easy to install, operate and maintain. No moving parts to maintain

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7260

X-Ray Luggage Inspection System
The PKI 7260 is a heavy duty, conveyorised
X-Ray Security Screening System designed for
screening cargo and large luggage, detecting
concealed weapons, explosives, narcotics,
foreign currencies, contraband goods or
manifest frauds. Featuring an opening of max.
100 x 80 cm and an endless conveyor belt, this
device perfectly matches the requirements of
professional users. PKI 7260 should be used at
any airport, rail or bus station, government
facility, loading dock, customs office, nuclear
power station, hospital or wherever suspicious
luggage or parcels may occur.
• Dimensions: approx. 317 x 129 x 173 cm
• Weight: approx. 600 kg
• Construction: unibody heavy duty gauge
epoxypainted steel construction with stainless
steel trim and accessories, non-marrying
casters, levelling jackcrews and reinforced
forklift pockets. Corrosion resistant command
centre keypad mounted on side, or available
on table
• Tunnel size: approx. 100 x 80 cm with endless
conveyor belt
• Material penetration: 28-29 mm steel
• Contrast sensitivity: > 2 Mio colour tones
• Conveyor height: – 27 cm off floor speed
- 24 cm per second, reversible pulling
weight – 150 kg as standard, 400 kg as option

• X-Ray generator: self-contained, shielded tank
with 160 KV high voltage rating
(140 KV operating voltage), with 100% sealed
oil bath cooling for duty cycle. Dose rate
– 0,1 mRad diagonal beam orientation
(80° beam divergence)
• X-Ray Detectors: Surface-mounted, fully
integrated, high frequency, solid state detectors
using high speed processors and advanced

Pentium 4 processing with multi-energy.
• Video: the standard system comes with a high
resolution, flicker-free and low radiation
17” SVGA display with 1280 x 1024 pixels.
• Environmental conditions temperature range
0 – 40°C at 95% non-condensing relative
• Power supply 100 to 250 VAC at 50 - 60 Hz

PKI 7270

Detection Dog
Detection dogs are very often used at customs
for tracing drugs, explosives etc. Specially
educated dogs also locate banknotes or ivory
which is quite unbelievable considering modern
electronic detection systems. However, dogs
have proved to be very reliable. Also in cases of
earthquakes or avalanches they show high
efficiency and are indispensable at any rescue


We offer a systematic and efficient training and
handling courses with teacher to acclimate dogs,
lasting 6 weeks.
• German Sheperd
• Labrador Retriever
• Giant Schnauzers
• Malinois

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7290

Quick Test for Proof of Explosives
This quick test has a low rate of false alarm at
highest sensitivity giving a result within only a
few seconds. Its easy manipulation, which needs
only little training time, makes the PKI 7290
indispensable for police operations, flight
attendants, customs, etc. Long shelf-life (18
months) at a wide temperature range and its
handy size that allows to inconspicuously wear it
on you are only two of its advantages.

• Detection: aromatic, aliphatic and anorganic
• Proof: smallest quantities are sufficient
(nanogram range)
• Sorts of explosives:
• Various: very cheap possibility of detection
of explosives

PKI 7295

Quick Test for Proof of TATP and HMTD
PKI 7295 is well suited to complete further
analysis devise, as it allows a first check due to
its uncomplicated and easy handing. In addition
to that, its small size allows inconspicuous
bearing on the body and offers good service for
example in case of access controls, covered
investigation, patrol service etc. Should a
detection dog for explosives give alarm when
controlling buildings and rooms the dog handler
can start a first quick test within a few seconds.

• Detection: TATR and HMTD peroxide-based
• Proof: smallest quantities will be proved
(nanogram range)
• Various: extended shelf-life (18 months) at wide
temperature range possible, Cheap solution for
detection of explosives

PKI 7300

Handheld Explosive Detector
The PKI 7300 is a handheld device for rapid and
effective screening of all explosives including
ICAO taggants, military plastics and TATP, using
Luminol Chemiluminescence (Chemilumina). It
detects bombs and explosives with a fast
response time (typically 15 seconds). The
detector does not use any external carrier gas or
radioactive source. PKI 7300 offers extremely
fast and reliable detection with very high
selectivity for explosives.
• Detection Principle Luminol Chemluminescence
- Disposable cartridge
• No Radioactivity No radioactive source, and no
licensing or radioactive calibration applicable
• Detectable Compounds Most military (including
plastic) and commercially available explosives,
C4,TNT, Nitroglycerin, Dynamite, PETM,
Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO, Taggants, (DMNB,
EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Urea nitrate, and TATP
• Sampling Capabilities Vapors and particulates Dual Mode
• Typical Sample/Analysis Time
Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based
on application)
Analysis: within 15 seconds
• Initial Warm-Up Time 30 seconds
• Carrier Gas None required (ambient air)

• Controls:
Power switch Keypad
Automatic Vapor/Particulate selector
Volume control (with optional earphone)
• Operational Status Iindicators:
LED indicator lights
4 x 20 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
• Data Storage + Communications:
Storage of 1000 data records, RS-232 serial
output port for remote control and
external display
• Power Supply: 12 volt DC rechargeable
battery pack
External battery pack 12 volt AC adapter
• Operating + Storage Temperatures:
Operating: 0°C to +55°C (+32°F to +131°F)
Storage: 0°C to +65°C (+32°F to +149°F)
• Weight + Dimensions:
Unit weight: 3 kg in ABS engineered
plastic shielded case
Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 51x14x11 cm
Shipping weight: 12 kg in steel-reinforced,
foam-padded, protective carrying case

• Simple operation for non-specialist personnel
• Dual sensitivity for normal and high-risk
• Optical and acoustic alarm
• Ion drift principle with humidity protection
• Rugged construction

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7305

Detector of Plastic Explosives
Plastic explosives are more and more frequently
used by terrorists. In order to detect them the
PKI 7305 has been developed. Is uses the
Doppler effect with selected frequencies and
simultaneously compares metallic and
non-metallic compounds. The discrepancy
between these two measured results is analyzed.
• Dimensions: 175 x 66 x 129 mm control device
146 cm length, searching probe

PKI 7310

Handheld Detector of Explosives
This portable explosives detector is capable of
detecting the presence of all explosives,
including ICAO taggants, military plastics and
TATP. It is self-contained, lightweight and comes
in a fully equipped, rugged carrying case and
offers fast, stable detection with very high
selectivity for explosives. Ready to operate within
one minute of powering-up, a simple push of the
button automatically activates the sampling and
analysis modes. Results are displayed in just
some seconds on an easy-to-read LCD.
Therefore this detector is ideal for all nontechnical personnel as only minimal operator
training is necessary and no carrier gas or
radioactive source is used.
• Detectable compounds: C4, TNT, Nitroglycerin,
Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO,
Taggants, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT),
urea nitrate and TAPT

• sampling capabilities: vapours and particulates
- dual mode
• typical sample/analysis time: sample: 5-30
seconds (user selectable based on application)
analysis: within 20 seconds
• controls: power switch, keypad, automatic
vapour/particular selector, volume control,
sample switch
• operational status indicators:
LED indicator light, liquid crystal display with
graphic display

• data storage + communications:
1000 data records stored for further analysis
serial output port for remote control and
• power supply: 12 V DC rechargeable
battery pack external battery pack
12 V AC adapter
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C
• Storage temperature: 0°C to +65°C
• Size: 510 x 140 x 110 mm
• Weight 3 kg

• Detector: surface acoustic wave - quartz
Sensitivity Temperature: 0°C - 125°C
• Sampling: internal sample pump Sample
introduction - 5 ml/sec
Time programmable from 1-300 seconds
Sample absorbed into internal tenax
• Column heater range: isothermal operation:
40°C to 180°C or 5°C above ambient

Column ramping: isothermal or ramped for
• Carrier gas: helium, typical usage is 300 tests
per day with one helium charge
• Analysis time: 10-60 seconds
• External input/output: remote start input
Digital output information
• Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 15 cm
• Weight: 9.1 kg
• Power: 100-260 VAC at 250 Watt max.

PKI 7330

Vapour Tracer & Analyser
This vapour tracer and analyser is the only
portable, real-time, ultra-fast analyser available
on the market, that detects and identifies all types
of vapours and traces of organic, biological and
chemical compounds accurately and in
extremely short time. Therefore this new
equipment is used by law enforcement and
military organisations for detection of explosive
devices and all types of narcotics. The vapour
analysis technology is based on surface acoustic
wave sensors and flash chromatography, which
allows the fragrance or odour that is associated
with specific chemical processes or products to
be chemically analysed and quantified, in parts
per billon accuracy, and this within only few
• Sensitivity: analyzes vapours within 10 seconds
in parts per billion for most compounds detects
hydrocarbons in the range of C4-C25,
sensitivity will vary by compounds sampling
time, matrix, interferences and detector
temperature settings


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7350

Explosives and Narcotics Trace Detector
The PKI 7350 is the first and most recognised
portable explosives and narcotics trace detector
that uses Luminol Chemiluminescence
(Chemilumina) plus the unique GC/IMS (gas
chromatography/Ion mobility spectrometry). It is
the only portable device capable of detecting the
presence of all the explosives incl. ICAO
taggants, military plastics and TATP combined
with a detection of cocaine, opiates, cannabis
and amphetamine-type stimulants. It does not
use any external carrier gas or radioactive
source and offers extremely fast and reliable
detection with very high selectivity for
PKI 7350 should be used at any Police and Bomb
Squad, Embassy, Sea- or Airport, Border
Crossing, Government Building, Nuclear Power
Plant or any other place where high risks of
attacks with explosives may occur or where the
use of narcotics has to be identified.
• PKI 7350’s dual technology platform detects
and identifies traces of specific explosives and
narcotics within a multi-compound sample more
accurately than single technology systems can
• PKI 7350’s superior design and intelligent
analytical software allow exceptional trace
detection performance and by this offers a
maximum of sensitivity.
• PKI 7350’s GC/IMS dual technology ensures
the lowest false alarm levels.

• PKI 7350 is easy to operate. Use the sampling
tab to survey the target surface for traces of
explosives and the unit processes and analyses
the samples immediately and displays the results
on its touch screen, making detection an easy
process that only takes seconds. Just a simple
one-step process is to be made and with minimal
training this device is a perfect tool for areas with
high turnover.
• PKI 7350 has a built-in networking and
communication capability. The device can easily
be interfaced with other screening systems,
creating a comprehensive security solution.
• PKI 7350 offers continuous action and
complete analysis within seconds i.e. a high
throughput - ideal for high volume environments
like airports and border crossings.

• Detection capabilities Explosives:
- PETN, RDX, TNT, NG, Dynamite, Semtex,
C4, Narcotics - Cocaine, Opiates
(Heroine and Morphine),
Cannabis (Marijuana and Hashish),
Amphetamine-type stimulants (amphetamine,
ecstasy & methamphetamine)
• Technology Gas chromatography / Ion mobility
• Sensitivity: Nanograms to picograms
• Analysis time: 6 - 20 seconds, variable
• Power supply: 90 to 265 VAC, 50/60 HZ
• Power consumption: < 500 W
• Warm-up time: 20 minutes from a cold start
• Weight: < 25 kg

PKI 7355

Explosives Trace Detection System
The PKI 7355 is a mobile unit for baggage
inspection without the use of any radioactive
source for ionisation. Unlike conventional
explosive trace detection devices no special
gases or liquids are required. It is easy to use for
high speed explosives detection by just the
graphical user interface on the touch-screen. The
highly visible and large LCD-monitor clearly
shows each information on the display. The
complete unit is certified by many countries - for
example the United States DHS/TSA (Department
of Homeland Security/Transportation Security
• Analysis Unit: Quadrupole Mass
Spectrometer with air pressure
chemical ionisation
• Analysis time: 10 sec
• Warm-up time: approx. 30 min
• Display Colour: LCD (Touchscreen)
• Operating conditions temperature:
+5 to + 35°C relative humidity:
20 to 80 % (non condensing)
• Power consumption: 1.500 Watts
• Weight: approx. 190 kg
• Dimensions: 650 x 1150 x 807 mm
• Storage conditions:
0 to 40°C and 10 to 90 %
relative humidity

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7360

System for Detection of Hidden Persons in Vehicles
PKI 7360 is essential for control of vehicles in
prisons, for detection of illegal immigrants or
terrorist risks. The so-called detection of
heartbeats is the only known technology so far
which allows reliable detection of hidden persons
in vehicles. Not only the heartbeat will be
detected but also inner movements of other body
organs which cannot be influenced by human
beings. The whole control of vehicles lasts only
2 minutes. As PKI 7360 uses high sensitive
sensors out of the earthquake research results
are displayed within 10 to 25 seconds. PKI 7360
is recommended by European Federal Police and
is used by police and justice departments in
many European and neighboured countries.
• System components:
1 stationary PC
1 colour monitor 15” touch screen
1 PKI software
4 magnetic sensors for trucks
1 floor sensor
1 low frequency measuring microphone
1 spare sensor

The detection of hidden persons is an extreme
complex task due to nearly unlimited versions of
different truck constructions. PKI 7360 is a
measuring device. The operation of this device
and high security requirements claim trained

PKI 7375

X-Ray Inspection Trailer
The PKI 7375 is the worldwide leading, mobile
system for fast, reliable and sophisticated X-Ray,
Metal- and Trace-detection screening. It is a
self-contained and trailer- mounted device
providing a mobile security system to be used by
any government department, in sea- and
airports, at border crossings, warehouses and
correctional facilities to meet every requirement
to screen cargo, packages and luggage. Many
government departments of transportation have
already approved this tandem axle trailer as
being the best solution for all these purposes.
Free from noise and distraction, the operators
can concentrate on such inspections, as the PKI
7375 is equipped with a double-walled insulation
of 50 mm and a super-silent roof-mounted
air-condition system. Precise X-Ray images of
renowned clarity are generated by the integrated
X-Ray detector system and superbly displayed
on flat screen monitors. The well-appointed
station console is ergonomically adjustable and
provides a complete array of image identification
and processing feature. For each and every
operation, equipment quality and placement are
determined for longevity and reliability. Several
software programmes are already installed on
the Pentium 4 computer.
• Overall dimensions of trailer: 4,24 x 2.58 m
• Inspection capabilities:
tunnel size - 100 x 80 cm
material penetration - 28-29 mm steel
contrast sensitivity - > 2 million colour tones
resolution - 40 AWG wire


conveyor speed - 24 cm per second, reversible
pulling weight - 150 kg
film safety - up to ISO 1600 (33 DIN)
• X-Ray generator:
x-ray tube head - self-contained,
shielded tank High voltage rating - 160 KV,
140KV operating voltage duty cycle - 100 %
with sealed oil bath cooling beam orientation diagonal (80° beam divergence) dose rate per
exam. - 0.1 mR typical
• X-Ray detectors: surface-mounted, multilayer,
fully integrated, high frequency, solid state

detectors using high speed processors and
advanced Pentium 4 signal processing with
• Video: standard with colour 17” SVGA monitor,
high resolution, flicker-free, .21 dot pitch,
1280x1024 pixel
• Environmental conditions: 0 to + 40°C at 95%
non-condensing relative humidity
• Electrical power requirements:
power provided by on-board motor generator
set, 7 KW continuous duty with 50 Amps
service panel

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7400

Terahertz Imaging System
The PKI 7400 Terahertz Imaging System is based
on passive terahertz imaging technology, without
illuminating or irradiating subjects in any way. No
XRays are used. Suspective objects are imaged
by passively detecting terahertz waves naturally
emitted by all objects and people. Terahertz
waves pass through opaque materials such as
clothing, packaging and certain building
materials and can form images of objects, such
as weapons, explosives, narcotics or contraband
goods. The PKI 7400 Terahertz Imaging system
consists of a camera unit and digital CCTV, for
mounting on user’s external pan / tilt device.
Ethernet control of camera unit from remote
computer and RS 232 link between camera and
external pan/tilt unit are possible.
• Imaging distance: 3 – 9 m
• Imaging rate: 1, 2, 3 fps
• Field of view: 1 x 1 m at 5 m distance
• Power Supply: 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
• Dimensions Camera Unit: 60 x 50 x 30 cm
• Weight: 18 kg
• Passive Imaging of non-metal and metal objects
• Passive tracking of moving people at 0.5 m
• Compact portable imaging unit

PKI 7405

Through-the-Wall Detector
This device is a small handheld system for the
detection and localisation of human beings or
animals being suspected in inaccessible rooms.
The typical application is during anti-terrorist
interventions and disasters like earthquakes,
demolitions, etc. Its high sensitivity even assures
reliable detection of objects hidden behind solid
structures like walls, wreckage, etc. According to
the micro-movements performed by their life
functions the system detects and localises them.
In common use, the PKI 7405 can be deployed
vertically for forward observing or horizontally
for up- and down scanning. The easiest way of
operation is just to place the device on the wall or
any other solid object. Another possibility is to
mount the system on a tripod and to observe the
obstacle from a distance of up to 10 m. An
optional LAN remote control allows the operator
to survey the scene from a safe distance, which
is especially useful during long term operation.
PKI 7405 has two basic modes, one for fast
moving and one for non- or slow moving objects.
The fast moving mode has a better tracking
accuracy whilst the slow moving mode is more
suitable to detect objects which are not moving.
• Scalable range: up to 20 m
• Weight: approx 5 kg
• Breath detection
• Fast and long term investigation
• Data recording
• Tripod mount
• Optional remote control via LAN

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7410

Microwave Barrier
As long as you are looking for a mobile
perimeter control the PKI 7410 is the only
choice. It is a mobile perimeter microwave
detector and is intended to provide temporary
protective boundaries at airfields, military
camps, provisional prison camps or other places
where areas have to be protected against
intruders before they can commit a crime.
Therefore this device should not be missing in
any government department, as it is the one and
only mobile version for totally secure area
protection. It protects areas of up to 1.000 m and
transmits full information to the security guards
via radio channel at a max. distance of up to 6
km. By this the guards can easily determine what

is happening in the secure area enabling them to
decide the next steps. The complete system is
easily deployable and can be carried by one man
in the supplied transportation bag.

• Zone length: < 50 m
• Zone width: 2 to 5 m
• Zone height: 2 to 3 m
• Max. zones: 20
• Max. length of secure area: 1.000 m
• Frequency of alarm signal transmission:
2.4 Ghz
• Operating temperature: - 40 to + 50°C

PKI 7415

IR Light-Barrier with Radio Transmission
This solar-powered unit is totally independent
from any external power supply or batteries. The
PKI 7415 consists in a combination of a
transmitter in the IR-range and a receiver in the
HF range. The IR beam has to be placed in face
of IR receiver within a max. range of 300 m. In
case the invisible IR-beam is disconnected e.g.
by a person, an alarm will be given which will be
transmitted wireless to the HF receiver up to
1 km range. The complete system is
solar-powered and even without sunlight works
up to 4 weeks due to built-in rechargeable

• Power supply: solar cell,
rechargeable battery
• Power consumption: 0,2 mA
• Alignment angle:
vertical 10° (+/- 5°)
horizontal 180° (+/- 90°)
• Operating temperature:
-25°C to +55°C
• Dimensions: 73 x 85 x 180 mm

• Detection Range: from 10 m to 200 m
• RF Range: 1 km
• RF frequency: 433 MHz, 315 MHz

PKI 7420

Stowcheck Human Detector
The PKI 7420 has been developed for border
controls, police and law enforcement agencies to
detect people hiding in confined spaces in trucks,
lofts, rooms, vehicles etc. It works by detecting
and analysing the presence of microscopic
quantities of carbon dioxide gas which are
emitted in human breath.
The system contains sophisticated software
which interprets the results from the sensors.
Results and current status of the PKI 7420 are
shown in the LED display.
An optional 50 mtr. CO2 pear drop rescue probe
has been specifically designed for specialist
rescue units following major disasters where
people may be trapped in confined spaces.
• Measuring principle: non dispersive dual
wavelength infra-red
• Gas detected: CO2
• Display: backlit LCD
• Response time: typically 20 seconds


• Operating time: up to 8 hours manual operation
• Ambient temperature: -10° - 40°C
• Humidity: 0-90% RH, non-condensing
• Audible alarm: adjustable threshold
across range
• Power supply: rechargeable batteries

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7425

Net Catcher
With this net catcher escaping persons can be
arrested without any problems and danger. No
need for a gun! PKI 7425 looks like a common
torch. A nylon net is placed in the head which can
be ejected under high pressure up to a distance
of 8 meters within one second. The person
trapped by the net is forced to stop or falls down
and can be arrested easily now.
• Power: high pressure
• Net diameter: 3 meter Ø, 16 m projector
• Net ejection speed: 3-8 meters in one second
• Net material: high strength nylon fibre
• Dimension: 60 cm
• Weight: 1.2 kg

• Various: easy to use & carry, suitable for users
of all ages
user permission not required, safe and low cost,
environment- friendly, high shooting speed over
3-8 meters in one second, large catching
diameter of 16 m

PKI 7430

Acoustic Warning Device
This device immobilizes everyone approaching
you nearer than 200 m. A directed audio signal
with 80 dB attains absolute threshold of pain.
The sound beam can be used to assist law
enforcement and security officers in riot control,
maritime/perimeter security and counterterrorist
hostage situations by allowing the operator to
communicate with, and in some instances
determine the intention of, a target individual
over previously unattainable distances. At close
range the device can be used to send an
extremely uncomfortable ear-piercing noise to
deter potential intruders or rioters. In anti-terror
or hostage situations the PKI 7430 can be used
to distract attention away from other activity or to
project a clear voice signal over many hundreds
of metres.

• Maximum continuous output:
148 dB SPL at 1 meter
• Beam width: +/- 15° @ 1kHz/-3dB
• Frequency range: 200 Hz - 20 KHz
• Communication range: highly intelligible speech
transmission over 2000 meters
max. range of 650 meters over 88 dB
of background noise
• Emitter Array Dimension: 635 x 635 x 304 mm
• Emitter Array Weight: 20 kg
• Power consumption: normal power
consumption 250 watts
peak power consumption 350 watts
• Power input: 12 - 28 VDC
• Safety: MIL-STD-1474D
• Electromagnetic compatibility:
FCC part 15 class B radiated emissions

PKI 7460

Laser Range Finder
The PKI 7460 is a hand-held, lightweight and
compact device for every kind of distance
measurements. Having this unit available at any
time, is a must to every government department
being involved in urban structure development as
well as police or military forces where a correct
knowledge about the distance to an aimed target
is essential. By means of a totally eye-safe and
invisible laser beam, emitted by a special laser
diode, the running time to the aimed target is
determined for a correct distance measurement.
The PKI 7460 operates either in passive mode
(without reflector) or in active mode (with
reflectors or reflecting foils). The integrated
declination sensor elicits the exact distance to
the aimed target. The result is digitally shown on
eyepiece screen and furthermore can be
transferred to PC or Datalogger via built-in

• Distance of measurements:
approx. 1.000 m in passive mode
approx. 2.000 m in active mode
(depending on reflexing capacity of
target and meteorogical conditions)
• Accuracy of measurement:
30 cm up to approx. 800 m distance
1 m for larger distances
• Measurement of declination:
+/- 90°
• Accuracy of decline measure:
• Power supply:
2 batteries type AA
• Laser protective class: class 1
• Interface: RS 232
• Optical enlargement: 7 times
• Weight: 220 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7480

Laser Shot Simulator
This laser shot simulator is designed for virtual
training of appropriate reactions in rapidly
evolving situations which may occur in hostile
environments. Applicable tactics are practiced by
approaching or confronting persons in lifelike
scenarios e.g. identifying the target, making an
instantaneous judgement as to the use of deadly
force and place the shot. Various types of
weapons can be chosen for training. Furthermore
PKI 7480 teaches handling with prescribed
courses of fire.
PKI 7480 comes in a rolling, weather-proof
Pelican case.
• Comes with:
Detection camera
Video projector
Laser inserts
Projection screen
• Courseware
Branching Video Player
Skill Drills Vol.1
Course of Fire Vol. 2
3D Firearm Cyclic Actions

PKI 7495

Mobile Electronic Shooting Area Kit
The PKI 7495 updates the traditional target
reporting and statistic ways into a selfintellectual, automatic and data processing way.
A wireless data transfer system is applied in this.
The main control computer adopts DUAL-CPU
design style, incl. keyboard operation, computer
printing, electricity volume and data presenting
functions. Each display transfers all the detailed
shooting process to the shooter, which not only
helps him to know the scores and experiences,
but also improves the training quality and
The signals of bullet impacts are collected by
high-velocity collecting chips with high
sensitivity and being transferred wirelessly to the
main computer. The target-plate is adhered to the
sensor layer by a new compound material which
allows a bullet hole recovery rate of more than
90%. The full range of the system consists of:
• Target-plate
• Target-bracket
• Anti-bullet Board
• Target Controller
• Data Adapter
• Cable Connection from target bracket to


data adapter and target controller
• Wireless Receiver
• Main Computer
• LCD Display

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7505

PKI 7510

PKI 7515

Semi-dry Diving Suit

Dry Diving Suit

Thermo Underwear

This one-piece semi-dry diving suit is available in
sizes XS - XXL. PKI 7505 is extremely resistant
against pressure. Knee and side pads are
manufactured from solid, long-lasting fabrics. A
separate hood is included. Zipper at arms and
legs allow comfortable dressing. The diagonal
main zipper is completely underlayed and has no
contact to the body.

Some delicate operations in harbours for
example require examination of underwater
ship’s body in order to find possible drug parcels
which might be attached to the ship’s body by
magnet clamps. The PKI 7510 dry diving suit is
ideal for such actions. Knee and side pads are
vulcanized on neoprene which predistine this suit
for very tough applications. The zip is placed
digonally on the back. Weight pads on the belt
and shoulders are also fixed by vulcanisation.

In order to feel comfortable in a dry diving suit,
an effective protection against cold and humidity
is essential. Longer dive times require sufficient
insulation. The PKI 7515 thermo underwear is
made out of Merino wool. Due to the outstanding
characteristics of this delicate material protection
against coldness is guaranteed. Further
accessories like gloves, footlets, snorkel, LED
torches, flippers, valves, compressor, depth
meter, diving watch, diving regulator, scuba tank
etc. will be offered on request.

• Fabrics: titanium / plush
• Thickness: 5 mm at body
6 mm at arms and legs
• Colours: black / grey

• Available sizes: XS - XXL
• Colours: black, orange
• Hood: separately
• Fabrics: 5 mm, semi compressed neoprene
• Boots: hard sole
• Inlet valve: frost-proof
• Outlet valve: automatic
• Comes with bag and grease stick

• Recommended temperature: up to 10°C, in
case of even lower temperatures simply dress a
second thermo underwear
• Colours: black
• Sizes: SX - XXL
• Weight: 220 g/m2

PKI 7520

Full Face Mask
PKI 7520 is proved in cold water and offers an
extraordinary anti-fog system which allows clear
view even at temperatures near the freezing
point. This mask can be changed via easy
reachable switch to over pressure breathing
which is even possible with gloves. The mask can
be used without deflating at any time. PKI 7520
is tested and approved according to EU

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7525

Inflatables are extremely practical and flexible,
easy to transport and quickly to launch
everywhere. Suitable for coast guard, police,
marine research, diving etc. We supply
inflatables with wood deck for 5-12 persons.
Standard Equipment:
• Inflatable keel
• Heavy duty rubbing strake
• Top buoyancy anti-chafe strips
• Stowage pocket
• Bow handle / towing point
• Lifelines - internal & external
• Davit lifting points
• Fuel tank retainers
• Carrying handles
• Towing bridle patches
• Drain plug
• Drain port
• Marine plywood non slip deck
• Aluminium deck
• Paddles with retainers
• Combines hand/foot bellows
• Maintenance kit
• Instruction manual
• Boat and deck valises

• Dimensions: 3,41 m - 5,25 m
• Weight: 59 kg - 163 kg
• Assembly time: max 20 minutes
• Max. performance allowed: 25 - 32 mph

PKI 7540

Inspection Mini Robot
You shouldn’t miss this small and powerful mini
robot in your equipment. It is completely remote
controlled up to 130 m and has a weight of only
5,6 kg. All 4 wheels are driven by electric engines
and cameras with microphones are integrated at
the front and at the back. The PKI 7540 can be
used at day and night due to white and IR LEDs.
A disruptor is mounted to the mini robot and can
be activated by remote control. Further devices
can be mounted on request. An additional cargo
of 5 kg is possible.

• Dimensions: 364 x 392 x 170 mm
• Weight: 5,6 kg
• Drive: 4 wheels
• Power supply: 12 V /Ni/Mh
• Operation time: 60 – 90 minutes
• Max. speed: 7,5 km/h
• Front camera: with zoom 3x
• Rear camera: 68°horizontal, 54° vertical
• Control station: remote control for all functions
A/V receiver with 5,6” LCD display


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7545

Breaching System
Drilling access holes through concrete, wood
and sheet metal, with the PKI 7545 breaching
system makes searching sealed voids becomes
quick and easy. The Breaching System is the
fastest method available to positively locate
victims of structural collapse. Its operation is
facilitated by compact, comfortable support
handles and a convenient throttle control and
thumb operated safety switch. Four heavy duty
various bits are provided with each system. The
high speed diamond bits are water cooled by
attaching the pressurized water container to the
provided coupling. Coring in standard
construction concrete averages 8 cm per minute.
The PKI Breaching System doesn’t need an
electrical generator or air compressors. The
system is fully portable and saves precious time
when life is in danger.
• Power train:
two cycle
40 CC
2.75 Horsepower
Centrifugal Clutch
• Power head weight: 11,4 kg
• Speed: 950 rpm
• Boring speed:
7,6 cm per minute
Standard construction grade concrete

Results may deviate depending upon
the material to be drilled
• Bits:
5,1 cm x 43,2 cm diamond faced
thin kerf - close segment
5,1 cm x 43,2 cm carbide faced
• Max. bit size: 10 cm
• Spindle: 1-1/4” x 7 threads per 2,53 cms
• Cooling:
pressurized water container
7,57 litre capacity
Hose 3,7 m with quick-connect fittings
• Field service kit:

codura storage pouch
spare fuel tank cap
spare pre-wound starter recoil assembly
2 pcs key set for starter assembly
spare spark plug
spare plug wrench
copper washer
garden hose to water collar adapter
• Spindel extensions: 30,5 cm optional
up to three may be used
• Dimensions: 81 x 53 x 31 cms
• Weight: 34 kg

PKI 7550

Modular EOD / IEDD Robot
PKI 7550 is the optimum tool for every explosive
ordnance disposal (EOD) technician. Due to its
flexible track drive, the robot can be utilised on
almost any surface. In order to get to the mission
site, the robot is able to climb stairs and
overcome obstacles without any problem. Thus
PKI 7550 can perform EOD tasks anywhere - in
buildings, public means of transport or in
outdoor terrain. Due to its small size, it can
operate even in cramped conditions, e.g. in
buses, trains or planes.
PKI 7550 is provided with a manipulator arm and
a parallel gripper. The manipulator arm is
controlled through a new type of remote control
technology. The manipulator arm can be moved
synchronously with the operator’s hand of head
movement. A stereo camera is attached at the
arm’s tip, which transmits its data to a head-up
display and the control unit. Additional cameras
on the basic platform and on the survey module
facilitate the operator’s orientation with the PKI
7550. A further advantage of the PKI 7550 is its
modularity. With only a few manual
interventions, the PKI 7550 can be transformed
into a reconnaissance robot. Replacement of the
payload modules with reconnaissance or
manipulator arm is done within seconds. Thus,
the operator can flexibly react to the
requirements of his mission. This modular
concept for a small robot is unique worldwide

• Dimensions: approx. 60 x 40 x 40 cm
without arm
• Platform weight: 45 kg (incl. battery)
• Robot total weight: 90 kg (incl. battery)
• Drive system: Electric motors
• Power supply: 24 V / 27 Ah rechargeable
• Operating time: up to 4 hours in mixed
mode operation
• Speed: max. 10 km/h, precise slow movement
• Operating range: up to 1 km (line of sight) by
radio remote control
• System mobility: operates on firm as well as
relatively soft surfaces, climbs stairs, ramps up
to 45°, surmounts obstacles of 15 to 20 cm
• Communication video and data telemetry
at 2.3/2.4 GHz; high-security data radio
at 433 MHz
• Navigation camera images frontand rear- motion colour camera,
stereo camera on the pulator
arm, “picture-in-picture” (PIP)
technology for simultaneous display
of two camera images on the control unit
• Illumination white, high-power LEDs, ring-type
around each camera
• Payload of manipulator arm up to 5 kg
• Working height of arm approx. 1,6 m, with
optional extension up to 2,2 m

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 7560

Obstacle-Clearing Tank
Nowadays each country can be threatened by
terrorism. Therefore it is essential to have all
necessary basic equipment available such as our
PKI 7560 obstacle-clearing tank. German experts
for explosives are the no. 1 worldwide due to
their long lasting experience of bomb disposal.
As specialists often don’t like to work via
monitor, this unit has been developed. The driver
sits in a shell of 6 mm Naxtra steel, which resists
explosives of 5 kg Nitropenta. The front side is
especially reinforced with a 33 mm thick Lexar
disc. You get inside the obstacle-clearing tank
through a hatch which can be opened from
in- and outside. An optional installation of 2
oxygen bottles guarantees survival in case of

accidental burying. Its small width of only 75 cm
allows operation in confined areas.
• Dimensions outside: length 1,63 m,
width 0,75 m, height 1,32 m
• Dimensions inside: length 1,10 m,
width 0,62 m, height 0,96 m
• Engine: air cooled one-cylinder diesel engine
with 1,3 l tank for 45 min. operating time
• Vertical motion of arm: 120°, horizontal: 30°
• Picker arm: 120°
• Window: 170 mm x 320 m made of bullet proof
glass 2 side openings of 110 mm Ø
• Net weight: 635 kg

PKI 7600

High Power Microwave System
The PKI 7600 offers new and additional
possibilities for both military and civil forces by
disrupting or destroying electronically controlled
equipment and installations of any kind. The
system generates a wide-band frequency
spectrum. PKI 7600’s special feature is its
effectiveness against unknown targets as well as
target structures. It disrupts or destroys
electronic modules in the target, generates resets
in processor systems or induces power
latch-ups. By this the targets can be neutralised
effectively. The PKI 7600 is a compact,
autonomous and portable system which can
also be integrated in various platforms. The basic
version works as an omnidirectional disruptor.
All components, including the battery, are
integrated in a handy suitcase. In a modified

version the system is equipped with a reflector,
permitting a directional radiation pattern.
• Standard Suitcase Version:
• Dimensions 500 x 410 x 200 mm
• Weight 28 kg
• Peak output power 250 mW
• Power supply 24 VDC battery, 4 Ah
• Antenna voltage 400 kV
• Radiation pattern omnidirectional (360°)
• Operating time 30 min continuouswith internal
battery, 3 hours burst with internal battery, 24
hours with external power supply
Please contact us for specifications of modified

PKI 7650

Bionic Sensor
The PKI 7650 is a portable and selfcontained
mini laboratory being developed in co-operation
with renowned German institutes for
silicon-technology and eBiochip systems. On the
spot it provides a fully automatic recognition of
selected biological agents within less than 30
minutes. The flexible technology of the PKI 7650
is based on silicon-chips, on which antibody
substances respectively DNA-structures are
placed. This allows the identification of all kinds
of important biological agents in next
procedures. As all these biological agents are
hard to identify, and their influence to human
bodies only takes place after a certain period, it is
most essential to have a fast and reliable
identification of such substances for an effective
and reliable prevention. Just with this single and
innovative concept of sensors, the whole range
of dangerous biological agents can be
determined. By means of different chipsticks,
even in accordance with customer’s
requirements, the range of detectable materials
can be enlarged . For such amendments,
alterations at the base-unit are not necessary. For


each integration of further enlargements, like
automatic feeding of up to ten chipsticks and/or
upcoming PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction),
various adaptable modules are available. The PKI
7650 is in use with many NBC and fire-fighting
departments worldwide and with its dual
measuring positions for negative and positive
results, it offers a fast and reliable method to
determine selected biological agents. Using the
PKI 7650 in urban traffic systems, like

underground-, bus- and railroad stations it will
give an immediate indication about pollution with
dangerous biological agents. This enables the
special forces to act before the first unspecified
symptoms at human beings are recognised
(most often only after 24 to 48 hours).
Furthermore the PKI 7650 can also be attached
to our PKI 7550 Modular EOD/IEDD Robot for
extended security to the first responding team in
cases of emergency.

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 7700

Screening Smoke System
In order to assure protection of critical
infrastructures this special Screening Smoke
Emitting Unit has been developed. The PKI 7700
can easily be installed at the right place of
premises to be protected and within seconds
emits a visually impenetrable cloud of smoke.
The used smoke emitting material is harmless to
human health and environment. The PKI 7700
can be adapted according to customer’s
requirements. We produce our PKI 7700 on an
individual basis and case by case in a very close
cooperation with our clients. Like all the other
products of our programme, we keep the price at
a reasonable level, and agree with you how we
can meet your needs. When contacting us on this
device, please have the following information

ready at hand:
• Duration of smoke required
• Volume required (cubic meters)
• Ignition method required (fuse or electric)
• Physical size restrictions
• Intended use for the device
We will consider all this information in order to
develop a product designed specifically for your

• Due to the tailor-made procedure of each single
unit, we regret being unable to state here
specific technical details. Please ask us for
these by answering the a.m. questions.

PKI 7800

The PKI 7800 is a 3-seater, lightweight helicopter
to be used for every purpose in police, border
patrol, secret services and other governmental
operations. Other uses in corporate and/or
private flights, news services for TV and radio
media, pipeline- and power line control etc. can
be effected as well. It is designed according to
the latest state of technical standards and meets
CS- 27 (EASA) and FAR 27 safety and
“crashworthy” seats and fuelling system. Due to
a revolutionary new technique, this helicopter
has the advantage of a reduced fuel-consumption
(up to 35%), a low noise level and low CO2
The technical specifications are self-evident and
show the large capabilities of the PKI 7800: For
further detailed information please contact us.
• Approved standards EASA (CS-27) & FAR 27

PKI 8010

PKI 8015

PKI 8020

• Engine 230 HP jet fuel piston engine, single
stage bevel gearbox, electronic engine
management, direct injection
• Empty weight approx 700 kg ( 1.540 lbs)
• Max. take-off weight approx 1.182 kg
(2.600 lbs)
• VNE 240 km/h (130 kts)

• Cruise speed MCP power
• ISA sea level 220 km/h (120 kts)
• Hover in ground effect ISA 3.685 m (12.000 ft)
• Hover out of ground effect ISA 2.124 m
(7.000 ft)
• Service ceiling 4.572 m (15.000 ft)
• Max. range at 110 kts 887 km (425 miles)

PKI 8030

Pin Fiberscope, Rigid Search Fiberscope, Flexible Fiberscope, Ultra-slim Fiberscope
Often observations and inspections have to be
done through very small openings. To look
through key holes, to monitor rooms through
smallest holes in the wall, or simply to control
areas behind a door, this all is possible with our
fiberscopes. We offer a large variety of
fiberscopes for day-to-day inspections. Whether
you need it long, short, rigid, flexible, with or
without light, with connection to video recorder
or for direct observation. Please let us have your
individual requirements and we will be pleased to
issue a personally designed offer.
Angle of view Field of view Dimensions
PKI 8010 0° forward
170 x Ø 2 mm
12V/50W Halogen
PKI 8015 0° forward
300 x Ø12 mm
12V/50W Halogen
PKI 8020 0° forward
700-3000 x Ø 4-12 mm 12V/50W Halogen
PKI 8030 0° forward
1000 x Ø 2mm

camera adapter

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 8040

Silent Drill
In most observation operations it is
indispensable to have the possibility of direct
viewing into the room in question. This can
easily be done with our various endoscopes.
However, first of all a small hole has to be drilled
through the wall. As this has to be effected
is pleased to introduce the PKI 8040 as the one
and only device for technical surveillance,
special forces and law enforcement units. This
drilling device is a special construction which is
not available in common stores. It provides an
automatic propulsion at low rotation speed, thus
reducing drilling noises to a minimized level.
Holes in walls of up to 60 cm thickness can be
drilled with diameters of 1 mm upwards. It may
be hand held or attached to the wall by a
mounting bracket. After being attached to the
wall, it does not have to be removed in order to
exchange the drill bits, as all drill bits can be
exchanged from the rear of the drill. A lever on

top of the drill assists the operator with keeping
in level and a monopod, attached to the drill,
maintains stability.
• Chuck standard 133 mm for drills from 1mm
diam. upwards
• Power supply 85 - 270 VAC (50-60Hz) from
mains or 12 VDC (20Amps) rechargeable
battery with mains adapter/charger.
• Drilling speed low - 100 rpm at 6 VDC
and high - at 140 rpm at 12 VDC
• Drives forward or reverse with switch on the
side of the drill
• Motor protection special clutch system to
disengage the motor at 10 Amps draw
to protect the system
• Dimensions approx. 25 x 18 x 11,5 cm
• Weight approx. 8,5 kg
• Others The system is contained in two large,
watertight cases

PKI 8050

Ultracam Videoscope
Often it is necessary to visually control a room
before entering. There are many reasons, e.g. to
check whether there are one or more persons in
the room, which objects are in the room, etc. The
PKI Ultracam Videoscope system is equipped
with IR power diodes and can also be used at
night when the room is totally dark without being
recognized by present people. Just slide the very
flat strip light of only 4 mm with integrated
camera under the door and you can monitor the
room due to its IR-light.
• Dimensions of strip light: 4.0 mm
flat x 50 x 27 mm with integrated camera
• Camera: CCD, 420 TV lines
• Monitor recorder: 2,5” TFT LCD display with
integrated video recorder for 4,5 hours
recording time
• Power supply: Li-ion batteries, rechargeable,
charger included

PKI 8055

Control Mirrors
A large variety of special control mirrors are always
mirror is the easiest and less expensive way.
However, electronic surveillance with high
resolution cameras is much more effective,
especially as you can record time and date of
traced objects. Therefore the use of mirrors can only
be a first rough control.
PKI 8060 Telescopic Arm & Interchangeable Mirrors
PKI 8065 Short Arm Mirror with Torch
PKI 8070 Pocket Search Mirror
PKI 8075 Miniature Inspection Mirror
PKI 8080 Under Vehicle Search Mirror


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 8060

Computer Inspection Eye
With this unit outstanding possibilities of
monitoring are possible. Without any effort you
can have a look at places that are hard-to-reach.
A high resolution mini camera with integrated
LEDs, connected to a laptop by a flexible 88 cm
long gooseneck provides access. The LEDs can
be dimmed and guarantee optimal illumination.
The camera is connected to the laptop by means
of a USB 1.1 cable of 2 m length. The supplied
software provides easy handling of camera and
laptop and allows storage of photos or videos on
the harddisk or to watch them immediately. The
camera head is water- proof and measures 17
mm Ø.
You need a laptop equipped with at least Pentium
III 200 MHz with 32 MB RAM and 40 MB free
harddisk space incl. CD or DVD-ROM drive.
Windows 98/ Windows ME/ Windows 2000/
Windows XP or Windows Vista must be installed.
On request we can supply a suitable laptop with
installed software.

• Camera resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
• Frame rate: 30 fps
• Lens: F=2,8, view angle 54°
• Focus: 6 m to infinite
• Power supply: via USB

• Weight: 850 g
• Dimensions: hard case 35 x 20 x 4,5 cm
• Comes with: software and driver CD, operating
manual, hard case
• Various: frames (snapshot function) or video
recording possible

PKI 8095

For unobtrusive optical observation a periscope is
absolutely essential. Thus all actions can be
supervised even if the controlled person hides behind
a wall, container, hedge etc. PKI 8095 is a simple
device with metal housing and 4x magnification. The
solid strap ensures controlled manipulation, which
ensures easy and comfortable handling.
• Dimensions: 53 cm, unfolded 70 cm
• Ocular: Ø 18 mm
• Strap: 10,5 cm
• Optic: glass (Bk7)
• Magnification: 4x
• Weight: 420 g

PKI 8110

Telescopic Inspection Camera for Day and Night Observation and Recording
Trust, but verify! This saw often becomes true.
We keep many different surveillance devices in
stock, but PKI 8110 is an exceptional one. The
camera with enlarged optic and IR diodes for
night observation is the head section. Due to its
small dimensions monitoring even behind closed
doors is possible. The camera is mounted slightly angled to the telescopic rod with strap. PKI
8110 works totally autarkic, the power supply is
built-in the tube as well as the A/V transmitter.
Completely wireless functioning and supervision
via monitor is possible. Now you can watch the
pictures of the camera by means of wireless spy
glasses or a receiver with built-in recorder and
display which is fixed on your arm with a Velcro
strap. Now you or a second person can take
action if required.
• Dimension: rod telescoped 48 cm,
not telescoped 150 cm

• Weight: 350 g
• Power supply: 12 V battery
• IR-diode: 5 mW, 4 pieces, 850 nm
• Head of camera: 3 x 30 x 60 mm
• Camera: ¼” color CCD
• Illumination: 0,1 Lux
• Resolution: 420 TV lines
• Focal distance: 3.7 mm, other

distances on request
• Transmitter: GHz-range
• Power: 10 mW
• Receiver: 4 channels, GHz-range
• Recorder: 4,5 hours recording time
• Memory: SD card
• Display: 2,5” TFT, larger sizes on request
• Spy glasses: incl. GHz-receiver

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 8120

Super Probe
This multi-stage telescopic super probe has been
carefully designed to provide the extra-extended
length up to 6,5 m, yet retract to a manageable
length of less than 2 metres. This allows the
operators to retain good mobility on and in
destructed areas or buildings.
The expanded length of PKI super probe is
unvaluable in large collapse areas and enables
floor-by-floor searches of multistory structures.
The fully extended probe functions well in either
horizontal or vertical applications. PKI super
probe is designed for extended building collapse
search operations, and is an effective tool for
confined space rescue operations. The extra
length allows the probe to be inserted into tanks,
vaults and underground spaces to visualize and
communicate with the victim without having to
enter the space. The super probe can give the
rescue team advanced knowledge of what they
are up against with minimal risk and in many
cases may facilitate the decision of how to
operate in a rescue or recovery mode.
• Dimensions:
telescopes from 1,75 m to 6,5 m
Camera 43 mm diam.
• Weight:
3,2 kg probe
2,3 kg control console
• Articulation travel: 180° total, right to left
• Total area viewed: 260°
• Control console:
hand held pistol grip
finger operated rocker switch controls
for articulation
illumination, audio gain, and push to talk
quick connect display

• Camera: Color, ¼” CCD, 5 Lux,
380 lines, auto iris
• Illumination: xenon high intensity lamp,
20 hour minimum life
• Display monitor:
5” diagonal, flat screen LCD active matrix
system status graphics - illumination intensity,
audio gain, push to talk, battery reserve,
camera head position in 15° increments
• Auxiliary output: 7 pin, accessory multi-port
• Video standard: NTSC or PAL
• Viewing distance: 6 m in total darkness
• Audio: two-way audio integrated speaker,
microphone, headphones

type: sealed lead-acid
• Endurance: 3 hours continuous operation
• Recharge: 2 hours to 90%
• Weight: 2,7 kg
• Charger:
automatic, dual rate
AC Dual voltage switchable 120/200 VAC
• Operating temperature: -10° to 60°C
• Storage: -25°to 60°C
• Water resistance: water resistant,
not designed for submersion

PKI 8130

Audio Video Observation Set
This set comprises a high resolution camera and
a handheld receiver with monitor. This system
has been developed especially for dangerous
operations where it is preferable to stay at a
protective distance. The camera works fully
autarkic and can be mounted and connected
wherever needed. The observer remains
protected and controls all actions with both arms
free for use in case of emergency, as the receiver/
recorder with integrated display is fixed to the
wrist by Velcro strap.
• Camera: 1/3” CMOS-Chip
• Frequency: GHz- range
• Resolution: 380 TV lines
• Colours: 628 x 582 pixels
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Lens: 3,6 mm wide angle
• Power supply: Li-batteries rechargeable
• Transmitting power: 10 mW
• Microphone: built-in


• Operating time: 5 hours per
rechargeable battery
• Dimensions: 66 x 24 x 24 mm
• Weight: 32 g
• Comes with charging unit
• Receiver: wireless, 4 channels at GHz range
• Recorder: MPEG-AVI max. 30 fps
• Storage: SD-card
• Recording time: max. 4,5 hours
• Power supply: Li-ion battery 2500 mAh

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 8140

PKI 8145

Audio / Video Sunglasses, Wireless Audio / Video Sunglasses
These video glasses are designed for hands-free
audio / video observation. Instead of using an
A/V LCD-display receiver you simply put on these
glasses, enabling you to hear and watch like on
TV. As looking over the spectacle frame very
easy, you can either watch the video pictures or
walk and observe your environment at the same
time. Having your hands free for other activities
is a great advantage. PKI 8140 can be connected
to any A/V output. PKI 8145 additionally includes
a miniature A/V receiver in the GHz-range
enabling you to receive wireless signals with full
liberty of action, which is perfect for A/V
• Video signal: NTSC/PAL/SECAM
automatic selection
• Display: 2 TFT LCD displays
• Color depth: 24 Bit
• Image input: composite AV input
• Image size: 80” screen (1 m far)
• Resolution: 640 x 480 (920 k Pixels)
• Audio: double-channel stereo
• Viewing angle: 35° (diagonal)
• Battery: 1000 mAh Lithium-ion battery
• Charging voltage: DC 5 V
• Weight: 89 g
• Dimensions: 180x 190 x 35 mm
• Power consumption: < 1,1 W
• Battery life: 3-4 hours
• PKI 8145:
• frequency 2.4 GHz, 4 channels
• Range: 300 m in open space
• Dimensions: 43 x 28,5 x 16 mm
• Weight: 25 g
• Power supply: 6V DC

PKI 8210

PKI 8215

PKI 8220

PKI 8225

Handheld Metal Detectors
These metal detectors for handheld use are the
perfect equipment for professionals, giving
reliable results at metal detection on persons.
Invaluable because of their high sensitivity, easy
manipulation and unique hardiness. All devices
are different from each other, for special details
please see their specification listed below.
PKI 8210
• Alarm: acoustic
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Dimensions: 400 mm total length, foldable
• Special feature: circular searchcoil
PKI 8215
• Alarm: acoustic
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Dimensions: 400 mm total length, foldable
• Special feature: baton design, foldable
PKI 8220
• Alarm: acoustic, optical, vibration
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Dimensions: 240 mm total length, pocket-size

PKI 8225
• Alarm: acoustic, optical, vibration
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Dimensions: 462 mm, total length

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 8230

Top Quality Metal Detector
The PKI 8230 has been developed for
professional use and leaves nothing to be
desired. A large display shows all necessary
details. Detections are indicated by acoustic
signals via the integrated loudspeaker. Of course
the PKI 8230 is equipped with socket for
headphones for silent search. Its sensitivity
allows detection of an object of the size of a 1
Euro coin in a depth of 25 cm. Extremely easy to
use due to its digital measurement processing.

• Metal detection: 3 different sounds
for different metals
• Control button:
switchable for volume and ground quality
• Switchover: mode, adjustment
(+/-), ground inspection, entries

• Power supply: 2 x 9 V batteries
• Dimensions: 720 x 230 x 150 mm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• LCD display: directional arrow, depth sensor,
ground balance, battery life
• Audio output: 2.5" loudspeaker or headphones

PKI 8235

Geiger Counter
This Geiger counter measures alpha, beta and
gamma rays. Continuous measurement of
radioactivity with data storage is possible and
ranges from low environmental radiation levels
of 0.01 Sv/h up to high radiation levels of 1000
Sv/h (legal limit value 20 Sv/h per year). The
keypad with 10 keys offers a variety of
information possibilities. Comes with a CD-ROM
containing a menu-driven Windows software for
analysis. The PKI 8235 provides dosimeter
function and display of the cumulated radiation
level and also measures minimal changes of the
radiation levels in your environment. Countable
pulse resolution is possible of 1 count per min.,
per 10 min, 1 h, 1 day or 7 days.

• Power supply: Lithium battery
• Gamma radiation: as of 0.02 MeV
• Gamma sensitivity: 95 pulses/min. at 1 Sv/h
• Operating time: 117.000 h at 20 pulses/min.
• Dimensions: 70 x 161 x 30 mm
• Weight: 153 g
• Alpha sensitivity: from 4 MeV
• Beta sensitivity: from 0.2 MeV
• Gamma sensitivity;: from 0.02 MeV
• Serial interface

PKI 8240

Hand-Held Radioisotope Detector
The PKI 8240 is a complete, portable, digital
gamma spectrometer and dose rate
measurement device for all members of:
• Custom and border security
• Civil defence
• Police and military
• Metal industries
• Nuclear medicine etc.
It features a digital multi-channel analyser,
amplifier, high voltage power supply and
memory embedded in a lightweight, easy to use
device. In standard configuration the PKI 8240
comes with an integrated 137CS source of about
500 Bq (15nCi) for calibration and stabilisation.
Optionally a 3He neutron detector can be
installed. Its main benefits are detection,
location, measurement and identification of
radionuclides, automatic calibration and
continuous stabilisation, digital signal
processing plus isotope ID based on template
matching. All these functions are easy to operate
by just two modes and a 3 button operation:


a) EASY MODE (automatic mode): dose rate, finder and isotope identification parameters are
password protected.
b) EXPERT MODE: full functionality of all features
incl. access for changing parameters/ settings.
• Detector type: NaI(Tl)
• Shaping: Digital Filter
• Resolution: 7% to 7.5% at 662 keV (typical)
• Throughput rate: > 100.000 cps
• Energy range: 15 kV to 3 MV
• Operating time: 10 hours with 2500 mAH NiMH
rechargeable battery in dose rate mode
• Dimensions: 255 x 93 x 81 mm
• Weight: approx. 1250 g incl. batteries and
NaI(Tl) detector
• Operating temperature: -15°c to + 55°C
• Accessories AC adaptor for stationary use and
recharging power pack plus, RS232 and USB
cables and connector box, holster, carrying
case, optionally: earphones

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 8245

Radiation Detection System
The PKI 8245 is an automatic system for
radiation detection for all kinds of metallic scraps
where unwanted radiating material might occur.
PKI 8245 is the only solution in steel industries,
recycling factories and scrap trans-shipment
centres for monitoring with wireless data
transfer. The robust and resistant housing has to
be mounted directly into the grab of a crane, thus
giving best sensitivities due to the short distance
between scrap and detector.
The PKI 8245 consists of 4 components:
• the user-friendly interface to be placed in the
crane’s cabin
• the wireless, radio controlled and shockresistant NaI detector in a robust housing
• the ruggedised, but easy accessible
battery case
• the battery charger including a second battery
to be charged in the cabin
• Detector 3” dia. x 2” NaI(Tl) with a shielded
137Cs source with 30nSv/h dose rate in 1 m
distance (equivalent to an unshielded 35 kBq
source) 60 keV to 3 MeV with sensitivity
> 2300 lps/µSv/h at a response time of 2 sec
• Detector housing: steel, powder painted
• Shock resistance: > 30 g

• Battery: dry lead battery, 6 V/10Ah
• Control unit display:
TFT-LCD with 240x320 pixel
• Operating system: LINUX
• Communication: wireless data transfer between
detector and control unit

• Dimensions: 205 x 100 x 62 mm
• Weight: 1000 g
• Power supply: 24 VDC
• Alarm levels: 3 levels, software controlled
• Alarm output:
optical - screen, red light, acoustic - sounder

PKI 8250

Radiation Detection System for Hand Luggage
The PKI 8250 is an automatic detection system
for radioactive material to avoid illicit trafficking
and to protect security areas like airports, public
buildings, customs offices etc. The very easy to
handle PKI 8250 can be mounted directly on-top
of the conveyer belt of x ray scanners for hand
luggage or at any other place where personal
belongings are being checked. The system works
fully automatically and in case radioactive
material is passing, a sound alarm plus a red
display indicates the hidden material in the
corresponding bag.
A) Functions automatic monitoring
against hidden radioactive sources
• Integrated electronics: Multi-Channel-Analyser
• Integrated detectors:
2” x 2” dia. NAI(Tl) detector
B) Physical dimensions: 95 x 124 x90 mm
with 30 kg weight
• Protection class: IP 57
• Operating temperature: -20°C to + 50°C
C) System specifications
• Energy range: 60 keV - 3 MeV
• Sensitivity: > 1200 cps/µSv/h
• Response time: 2 sec
• Detection sensitivity: a shielded 137CS source
with 30nSv/h dose rate in 1 m distance will be
detected (this is equivalent to an unshielded
35kBq source)
• Detector housing: steel case, powder painted

D) Control unit Pocket PC with touch screen
• Display LINUX operating system
• 3 alarm levels, software controlled
• Keys for power On/Off and alarm:

Reset, alarm output by LED and acoustic sound
• Dimensions: 100x210x60 mm
• Weight: 1 kg
• Power supply: 240 VAC

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 8255

Gas Warning Instruments
The PKI 8255 family comes in three versions for
the detection of either CO, H2S and O2. All
instruments are equipped with a well arranged
display providing the most important
information. During the development the main
focus was laid on a long operating time without
need to exchange sensors or battery. Just two
buttons allow handling of the unit. Each
instrument can be configured via an infrared
interface. PKI 8255 allows adjustment of several
display modes, different alarm limits, measuring
units (mg/m3) or a life signal. As a special
accessory a helmet holder is available allowing
fixation of the device not only at the chest pocket
or belt, but also at the helmet. The sensors,
installed in the instruments, guarantee a lowest
drift, cross-sensitivity and longest service life for
operation during a two-years period without
calibration. After a 2-year operating period (1
year in case of 0² detection) the user may need to
renew the instrument or to receive a
reconditioned unit upon return of the used one.

This low cost method then allows an operating
period of another 2 years.
• Three versions for CO, H2S and O2
• CO measuring range 400 ppm
• H2S measuring range 100 ppm
• O2 measuring range 25 % by vol.
• Operating conditions:
-20 to 50°C for short periods
-40 to 60° C (limited display function)

700 to 1300 hPa 10 to 95% relative humidity
for short periods 5 to 99% relative humidity
• Storage conditions:
0 to 30°C – 30 to 80% relative humidity
• Protection class IP 54
• Operating period:
2 years for CO and H2S - 1 year for O2
• Dimensions: 54 x 84 x 32 mm
• Weight: 105 g
• Loudness of alarm signal:
> 90 dB A (typical at 30 cm distance)

PKI 8260

Drug Test Kit
It is our ambition to provide you with
high-quality products and top service. Germany
is well known for its accuracy. We stick to this
cultural background and assure to deliver only
products of highest quality and absolute
pureness, which meet with all requirements as to
analysis results and substance identification. The
PKI 8260 delivers detailed, exact and absolutely
reliable results of consumed drugs. This price
worthy set is an immunological test for
identification of consumed drugs in the urine, as
well as in other suspicious compact material and
is very easy to apply. The PKI 8260 offers full
mobility and security for the user, as no further
items or dangerous chemical substances are
necessary. A result with up to 99 % reliability can
be obtained with this high-tech device within 1-5
minutes. Also available is an additional drug test
panel, produced individually according to our
customer’s requirements. Every urinary test is
based on the chemical reaction between the
substance and the relevant test strips, which
have a shelf life of up to 18 months before use.

Test properties of the stripes do not alter under
normal storage conditions at moderate
temperatures and comply with international
standards with test results that are comparable
to GC/MS. Minimum concentrations are between
10 ng/ml for Buprenorphin and 1000 ng/ml for
Amphetamine, Tricyclic Antidepressants and
Identified substances:
• Amphetamines (AMP)
• Barbiturates (BAR)
• Benzodiazepines (BZO)
• Buprenorphines (BUP)
• Cocaine (COC)
• Methadone (MTD)
• Methamphetamine (mAMP/MET)
• Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
• Morphines/Opiates (MOP/OPI)
• Phencyclidine (PCP)
• Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
• Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA)

PKI 8265

Drug Detector


This easy to use and absolutely reliable drug
detector allows identification of 9 different drugs
within 3-5 minutes. Simply fill a few urine drops
into a standard pipette and the PKI 8265 will
show you the result within a few minutes without
further training or preparation. The result
remains visible up to 6 hours. You will find this
device in every police station in Germany.

• Cocaine
• Barbiturates
• Benzodiazepines
• Methamphetamine
• Morphine
• Phencyclidine
• THC (marijuana)
• Tricyclic Antidepressants

The following drugs can be detected:
• Amphetamines

• Shelf life: 2 years, 8 hours
after having removed protective foil

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 8270

IED/RCIED Detector
This very sensitive detector traces hidden
analogue and digital signals which are frequently
used for ignition of IED/RCIED bombs. Up to a
distance of 120 cm the operator is able to
handle the PKI 8270 which offers an increased
level of safety. The PKI 8270 has been designed
to detect waves of mechanical count-down
timers and cell phones etc. in improvised
explosive devices such as mechanical timing
devices, wrist watches etc. It is equipped with a
crystal detection sensor for detecting conducted
circuits commonly found in IEDs and radio
transmitted wireless devices. This is possible
even through solid materials such as walls,
bricks, glass, plastic, concrete, wood and similar.
An integrated display at the detection head
shows the results found during the operation.
PKI 8270 is an essential device for police,
military and special EOD/IEDD forces for
application at airports, check points, government
buildings, police and military zones, oil and
chemical zones, religious centres.

Process control unit
• Size: 15 x 5 x 20 cm
• Material: anodized aluminium
• Operating temperature: -5°C to +70°C
• Humidity: RH 10 – 90%
• Working capacity: 24 hours (12 VDC)
• Sensor: resistant against ambient noise, able to
measure analogue and digital signal
• Detection head: telescopic, high-sensitive,
waterproof, with crystal sensor
integrated display containing two display levels.
• Stereo headphone:
Frequency range: 5-30.000 Hz
Sensitivity: 107 dB

PKI 8275

Handheld Detector for Explosives, Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Chemicals, Drugs
This device is designed for daily use. In case of
unknown odours, suspicious parcels, drugs etc,
PKI 8275 is the lightest and most universal
detector on the market and can easily be handled
by security staff. Reliable detection is its key
task. PKI 8275 can analyze suspicious particles
as well as traces of gas and enables the user to
take action accordingly.
• Weight: 3,2 kg
• Start-up time: 10 minutes
• Detection time: approx. 20 seconds
• Technology: Ion Mobility Spectrometry IMS
• Explosives detected: RDX, PETN, TNT; Semtex,
TATP, NG, Ammoniumnitrate and others
• Narcotics detected: Cocaine, Heroin, THC,
Methamphetamine and others
• Chemical warfare agents: Tabun, Sarin, Soman,
Cyclosarin, Agent VX, nitrogeney perite 3
and others

• Toxic chemicals: Hydrogenzyamide (HDN),
Phosgene, SO2, NH3 and others
• Display: 3,5” TFT-colour display
• Dimensions: 36 x 11 x 13 cm
• Power supply: battery for 4 hours
• Operating temperature: 0°C – 45°C
• Relative humidity: less than 95%

PKI 8280

Handheld Detector for Blood, Blister, Choking and Nerve Agent
This very reliable handheld device enables you to
detect nerve and blister warfare agents as well as
liquid agent contamination. It is used by civil
security personnel and emergency forces. The
PKI 8280 detects contamination of personnel,
vehicles, munitions and stores, in order to avoid
cross-contamination and to stop unnecessary
decontamination. Furthermore PKI 8280
confirms that danger is over, i.e.
decontamination was effective and area is clean.

• Dimension: 35 x 8 x 14,5 cm
• Weight: 1,9 kg
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
• Detects: blood, blister, choking
and nerve agents as well as
selected toxic industrial

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 8285

Handheld Detector for Chemical Warfare Agents, Mace, Pepper Spray
In case of threats due to chemical or pepper
spray attacks, the PKI 8285 offers profound
possibilities of detection and supervising in any
case. According to the selected configuration,
the device works as a detector which shows up
detection by an alarm and resets automatically,
or as a continuously verifying surveillance
system. The PKI 8285 is the first device of this
kind for detection of chemical warfare agents,
pepper spray and mace that is designed for
military and civil emergency cases.
• Dimensions: 10 x 9 x 28 cm
• Weight: 3 kg
• Detects: Tabun (GA), Sarin (GB), Soman (SD),
VX, S-Lost (HD), Lewisite (L), pepper spray,

• Power supply: 6 rechargeable batteries type C
• Operating temperature: -30° to +52°C
• Storage temperature: -62°C to +71°C
• Operator Service: 5 minutes per
24 hours of operation
• Alarm: visual and acoustic

PKI 8290

Multi-Sensor Handheld Detector for Gamma Radiation, Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Chemicals
The PKI 8290 is the only portable device that
offers quick detection, identification and
quantification of toxic chemicals and chemical
warfare agents. This device is used by military,
first responder teams, police and personnel of
forwarding companies at harbours and borders
and in areas of critical infrastructure worldwide.
PKI 8290 is equipped with modern software
combined with multi-sensor-technology in order
to minimize false alarm, to improve accuracy and
to guarantee reliable results.
• Technology:
Ion-Mobility-Spectrometry (IMS)
Photo-ionisation detection (PID)
Taguchi Gas sensors (TGS)
• Detection and identification of the following
chemical warfare agents:
nerve - and blister warfare agents,
blood and choking warfare agents
• Detection and identification of toxic
industrial chemicals:

dangerous substances classified as high and
medium from list ITF-25
• Radiation detection: Gamma
• Alarms: acoustic, visual, and vibration
• Weight: 3,4 kg
• Dimensions: 43,2 x 14 x 12,7 cm
• Power supply: 18 V DC set of alkaline batteries
• Interface: USB

• GPS: integrated GPS for rapid localisation
of incident
• Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C
• Display: clearly visible LCD-display with built-in
light sensor for automatic adjustment of
backlight according to lighting conditions
• Radio communication: RF-modem

PKI 8295

Portable Analysis System for Unknown Chemicals
This rugged and portable PKI 8295 analysis
system is based on FT-IR (Fourier
Transform-Infrared) Spectroscopy. Very easy to
handle, it delivers quick and precise results. This
unit is a very specific instrument which measures
the interaction of chemical samples under
infrared light. Every chemical substance has an
unique finger print which will be compared with
an integrated data base in order to allow
identification in less than 20 seconds.
• Technology:
• Weight: 10,43 kg


• Dimension: 18 x 39 x 36 cm
• Data base: MVW nerve and blister warfare
agents, Toxic chemicals, White powder, Drugs
and pre-stage of illegal drugs, Explosives and
• Operating temperature: -7° to 50°C

• Relative Humidity: 0-80%
• User surface: Software is suitable for quick
sampling analysis.
• Power supply: 100-240 V AC, max. 2A, 50-60Hz
• Integrated video microscopy system:
100x magnification

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 8300

Document Scanner
The PKI 8300 is designed for detection and
identification of more than 40 different
explosives or traces of narcotic substances in a
quick 8 second analysis. Samples can be taken
by simply swiping passports and other travelling
documents over the sample disc. In case of
detection the substances are identified and
indicated on the display. If explosives are
detected it means that there are smallest
quantities of a particular explosive substance on
the sampled document. This shows possible
presence of explosives or indicates that the
person might have been in contact with a bomb
perhaps when preparing it.
• Technology: Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)
• Detected explosives: RDX, PETN, TNT, Semtex,

NG, Nitrate, HMX, TATP
and others
• Detected narcotics: Cocaine,
Heroin THC (Cannabis),
Methamphetamin, PCP, LSP,
Ecstasy and others
• Time of analysis: 6 to 8 seconds
• Start-up time: less than 20 minutes
• Dimension: 40 x 34 x 32 cm
• Weight: 24 kg
• Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C
• Relative humidity: less than 95%

PKI 8305

Handheld Detector for Chemical Warfare Agents and Toxic Chemicals
The PKI 8305 is lightweight, reliable and small
enough to be carried on you very discretely as
personal detector. Fastened to the belt the user
can concentrate on his main business. This
device takes advantage of the modern technique
of the Ion Mobility Spectrometry for detection
and identification of low concentrations of
chemical warfare agents or toxic chemicals.
PKI 8305 is quick and easy to handle due to its
top-quality menu driven display and a functional
keypad. Due to a separate testing mode the rate
of false alarm could be reduced. Please note the
outstanding battery life of up to 100 hours.

• Dimensions: 10,6 x 18 x 4,8 cm
• Weight: 650 g
• Power supply: 4 x batteries type AA
• Operating temperature: -32°C to +50°C
• Relative humidity: 8-100%
• Data interface: RS 232
• Various: small, light weight unit for continuous
and real-time detection of chemical warfare
agents and toxic chemicals.

PKI 8310

Non-Contact, Walk-Through Portal for Detection of Explosives or Narcotics
Trace amounts of more than 40 different
explosives and drugs can be detected and
identified within only some seconds. By means
of gentle puffs of air particles trapped on hair,
body, clothes and shoes are dislodged. Aided by
gravity and a downward airflow these particles
are then directed into the PKI 8310 for analysis.
Operation is done by an easy-to-handle color
touch screen display. In case of an alarm the
color printer will automatically print the digital
photos taken during the screening process.
Control of people is done full automatically
head-to-toe. Up to 6 people can be controlled per
minute. With this high throughput, PKI 8310 is
ideal for applications where large numbers of
people need to be screened for threats quickly,
such as at airports, customs, military bases,
correctional facilities and high profile facilities.

• Technology: Ion Mobility
Spectrometry (IMS)
• Explosives detected: RDX,
PETN, TNT, Semtex, NG and
• Narcotics detected: Cocaine,
Heroin, PCP, THC,
Methamphetamine, Ecstasy
and others
• Dimension: 188 x 140 x 229 cm
• Weight: 860 kg
• Power supply: 220 V AC 50-60 Hz
Comes with digital camera and printer

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

to PKI 8995
Various Pyrotechnical Products
PKI 8500

For more than 40 years, we PKI ELECTRONIC
INTELLIGENCE GmbH have been working with
prominent government authorities all over the
world. Due to many important enquiries we have
decided to complete our already extensive range
of products by including pyrotechnics. To back
this up, we are proud of our very special
relationship with the world’s leading pyrotechnic
manufacturers. Please do not hesitate to contact
us. We will answer promptly. We are sure that
our new programme will satisfy your
The complete range of available pyrotechnics
cannot be shown on just this one page, but we
would like to give you a short summary. Our
range of pyrotechnic products inludes:
• Signal flares of various colours (red, green,
yellow and white), different calibres and with or
without parachute.
• Coloured smokes and screening cartridges
• Alarm and training devices like thunderflashes,
alarm flares and gun fire simulation units
• Personal protective devices like dazzle and
shock grenades, CN/CS or pepper spray

• Distress items like hand flare or hand smoke
devices in different colours and with various
burning times.

we shall send you full technical information on
each and every item. Please ask for our special

Whatever you are requiring in the field of
pyrotechnics, please let us have your enquiry and

PKI 9000

Portable Walk-Through Metal Detector
The PKI 9000 Portable Walk-Through Metal
Detector is the enhanced version of the former
foldable detector. It is designed to detect
dangerous weapons such as knives and pistols,
even if these are concealed inside shoes or any
other part of clothing. The unit is completely
manufactured out of weather-resistant
aluminium with highly reliable, battery-operated
electronic circuitry. This provides a professional
operation of 15-20 hours per battery load in each
kind of in- or outdoor use independent of mains
power. From this the field of application is rather
unlimited. PKI 9000 can easily be installed in
front of any entry like prisons, boarder
check-points, customs checks at sea- and
airports, sport-arenas, fair-grounds and other
places of events where persons have to be
examined for dangerous goods.

• Width: 850 mm
• Height: 2000 mm
• Depth: 550 mm
• Weight: 3.5 kg
• Battery Life: 15 - 20 hrs
• Weather-resistant construction
• Rechargeable battery
• Lightweight and portable
• Highly sensitive

PKI 9005

Sprayer for Decontamination
This turbo sprayer is designed for interior
decontamination / disinfection of tents,
containers or buildings. Wherever a prompt and
quick treatment against bacteria, fungi or insects
is necessary, the use of our PKI 9005 is
indispensable. Its aerosol generator with high
efficient turbo system atomizes up to 38 l
disinfection liquid per hour.
• Dimension: 870 x 180 x 270 mm
• Weight: 6.9 kg
• Content of tank: 6 l


• Aerosol size: 20-400 µm
• Spray distance: max. 20 m
• Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1.0 kW
• Transport case: 600 x 240 x 400 m,
impact-proof grey plastic

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9010

Hot Vapor Producer
This high-performance thermal vapor device is
designed for interior removal of decontamination
agents (BDS 2000, Wofasteril SC250). Besides
its plastic diaphragms no mechanical moving
parts are built in, which allows long operation
time without need for spares. All you need are
standard batteries to start up the device.
• Dimensions: 133 x 29 x 33 cm
• Weight: 9,3 kg empty, 17 kg full
• Power of combustion chamber: 18,7 kW
• Patrol consumption: 2 l/h

• Patrol tank: 1,4 l
• Overpressure in patrol tank: 0,12 bar
• Content of agent tank: 6,5 l
• Discharge pressure: 0,4 bar

PKI 9015

Decontamination Container
This universal environmental protection system
has been designed for fire fighting brigades
wearing heavy C-protection suits at the place of
an accident. It allows to take all necessary
actions to pass from high contaminated area to
safe area. Contaminated dirty water and other
materials can be collected for further treatment
or disposal. This autarkic system provides
immediate decontamination of highly toxic
hazardous substances.
• Dimensions of container: 5,50 x 2,45 x 2,30 m
• Weight: 8 tons
• Decontamination of persons: 20 per hour
• Decontamination of chemical protective
clothing: 8 per hour
• Decontamination of vehicles: 8 per hour
• Operation pressure: 30-140 bar
• Volume output: 300 - 900 l / hour
• Operating temperature: 30-150°C
• Heating power: 70 kW
• Power consumption: 16 kW, 230/400 V / 50 Hz

PKI 9020

Decontamination Agents

The following decontamination agents have been
designed according to specific requirements of
fire brigades, civil defence, relief organisations
and military bases.
Decontamination agent RDS 2000 is used
against nuclear pollution.

BDS 2000 is effective in biological contaminated
indoor areas.
GDS 2000 is imployed against chemical warfare
DI 60 is used for biological and chemical
decontamination of stretch of roads.
RM 35 and RM 735 are neutral disinfection

agents against bacteria, fungi and viruses.
RM 21 is developed for NBC-decontaminated
RM 54 ASF is used for decontamination of
A-contaminated radioactive fallout.
Further decontamination agents will be offered
on request.

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9025

Shower Tent for Decontamination of Persons
This mobile inflatable shower tent is designed for
decontamination of persons directly on-side. The
double walled tent construction offers privacy
and protection from cold temperatures outside. 2
Persons can take a shower at the same time.
Outer tent and shower cubicle have a separate
entry and exit. The tube frame is protected
against over pressure by a safety valve.
Installation is possible within 30 seconds.
• Weight: 45 kg
• Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2,5 m
• Packed: 0,6 x 0,55 x 0,45 m
• Water consumption: 8 l/min.
• Decontamination capacity: 50 persons per hour
• Various: If higher capacities are required we can
deliver shower tents for up to 240

PKI 9030

Hazardous Substance Combat Vehicle
Hazardous substances such as acids or
chemicals which are set free at explosions or
accidents have to be disposed of by trained
personnel and suitable tools. The PKI 9030
includes e.g. special diaphragm pumps of
stainless steel, measuring devices, plastic
containers, gas and acid protective clothing, light
tower etc. These special devices are included in a
fire truck and are part of standard equipment.
Kindly let us have your specific enquiry, we will
quote according to your requirements.
• On request

PKI 9035

Oil barrier
Unfortunately sometimes it happens that oil runs
into a river, lake or ocean due to accidents or
attacks. Our oil barriers have been designed to
dam these oil spills. The barriers are floatable,
seawater resistant and are made of aluminium
and fibreglass. They follow the motion of the
waves and can be enlarged individually by quick
coupling. This prevents the oil spill from
expanding and the oil can easily be pumped off.

• Length; 2,46 m per unit
• Weight: 4 kg/m
• Colour: red and orange
• Diameter: 20 cm
• Various: Correct positioning can easily be
achieved by belts and loops.


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Production and Development

PKI 9040

Lifting Bag
These lifting bags are available in different sizes
from 11 to 67 ton lifting weight. The PKI 9040 is
designed for lifting extremely heavy devices, for
rescue of buried people or enlargement of wall
holes where other presses fail due to lack of
space. A steel reinforced plastic bag is filled with
8 bar air pressure, which extends the bag and
lifts up the device. Of course, more than 1 lifting
bag can be used simultaneously.
• Lifting weight: 11 to 67 tons
• Pressure: up to 8 bar
• Weight: 4,3 - 33,3 kg according to size

PKI 9045

Life Raft
When PKI 9045 is launched into the water the
hose cells are automatically filled with air within
only 60 seconds. Once inflated, the life raft can
accommodate up to 10 people. Life jackets,
distress signs, first aid kits, food - all these
things are stored inside the life raft. The upper
tent can be closed and is waterproof, so that no
water can come inside. This life raft is the perfect
equipment to save lifes!
• Weight: approx. 52 kg
• Dimensions (folded): 181 x 158 x 87 cm

PKI 9055

Drinking Water Container
There are not only terror attacks, but also
earthquakes, wars, droughts etc. where drinking
water is needed. In all these cases the most
important thing is to provide the people with
water. The PKI 9055 drinking water container is
the perfect solution. The container with built-in
water tank can be used anywhere and can easily
be transported by plane, ship, truck or train.
Furthermore it is comfortably stackable and is
approved for civil and military operation.
• Dimensions: 20” container or according to
customer’s request

• Approval: BAM, US DOT, DOT (UK) TC, SELO
• Power pack: chlorination, UV, double-pressure
pump and heating/cooling systems

• Material: stainless steel
• Capacity: 1000 - 18.000 litre, according to size
• Operating temperature: -45° to +80°C

• Dimension unfolded: 2,9 x 2,43 x 0,8 m
• Capacity: 3000 litre

• Material: top-quality
• Outlet: 3 way manifold

PKI 9060

Foldable Drinking Water Tank
With the PKI 9060 drinking water tank the supply
with drinking water is not a problem any more,
even far away from sources. It is indispensable,
especially in cases of emergency. When empty
this foldable drinking water tank can easily be
• Dimension folded: 0,6 x 0,6 x 0,8 m
• Weight: 11 kg

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9065

Anti-Riot Water Cannon Vehicle
Deployment of water cannon vehicles to break up
non-permitted demonstrations or against
radicals is still essential for the police. At least
this measure avoids that people are injured or
even killed during those conflicts. The windows
as well as front and back lights of the PKI water
cannon vehicle are protected with steel bars
against stone’s throw. Door grips are designed in
a way that there is no possibility to cling to them.
By means of a covered loudspeaker of 75W
power clear announcement can be made. The
driver’s cabin offers space for 6 persons.
Windows are made of bullet-proof glass. The
tank has a capacity of 9.000 litres and the water
gun shoots over a distance of max. 65 m 15 bar
• Chassis: Mercedes Benz or other manufacturer
• Total weight: approx.20 tons
• Colour: green or others
• Pump capacity: 2.200 litres per minute
• Water gun: 2 units, 360° horizontal pan, 90°
vertical pan
• Various: we can offer different sizes
All control devices for pressure, temperature,
power are installed.

PKI 9070

Rescue Bridge
This portable rescue bridge can be erected over
ditches or small waters within short time. The
polyester construction in combination with
wooden reinforcement provides a weight-bearing
capacity of 200 kg/m2. The PKI 9070 rescue
bridge is the perfect equipment to save people in
dangerous situations. Only 4 people are
necessary to transport this inflatable bridge to
the next emergency case.

• Material: PVC, UV-resistant
• Operating temperature: -30°C to +80°C
• Pressure: 1,2 ar
• Compression: 9 l capacity
• End pieces: out of butyl rubber
• Weight-bearing capacity: 200 kg/m2

PKI 9075

Non Magnetic Tool Kit 36 Pieces
• 1 Tweezers
• 1 Double end scriber
• 2 Knifes
• 1 Scissors
• 1 Hacksaw
• 1 Blade for hacksaw
• 1 Wire brush
• 5 Screwdrivers flat
• 3 Screwdrivers offset
• 4 Screwdrivers crosspoint
• 7 Pliers (cutting, flat nose, round nose)
• 2 Adjustable wrench
• 1 Adjustable pipe wrench
• 1 Hammer ball point
• 1 Hammer sledge German type
• 2 Chisel flat
• 2 Bars lever
• 1 Transportation case


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Production and Development

PKI 9080

Non-Magnetic Tool Kit 84 pieces
A comprehensive non-magnetic tool kit
especially for use at EOD operations. All tools are
manufactured in beryllium copper alloy and are
hardened for durability. The kit comes in two
foam lined protective carrying bags, also fully
certified as non-magnetic. Replacement tools
can be supplied separately.

Non-magnetic tool kit 84 pieces comprises:
Tweezers, 200 mm O/A
probe, straight and right angle, 150 mm 0/A
Knife, 80 mm blade, 210 mm O/A
scissors, 150 mm O/A
Hacksaw, blade length 300 mm
blade, 300 mm to fit hacksaw
Scraper, 25 mm blade width, stiff, 250 mm O/A
wire brush, 305 mm O/A
Screwdriver, flat, 2mm blade width, 150 mm O/A
screwdriver, flat, 4 mm blade width, 170 mm O/A
Screwdriver, flat, 6mm blade width, 240 mm O/A
screwdriver, flat, 8 mm blade width, 295 mm O/A
Screwdriver, flat, 9 mm blade width, 380 mm O/A
screwdriver, flat, offset, 6 mm blade width, 75 mm O/A
Screwdriver flat offset, 7mm blade width, 120 mm O/A
screwdriver, flat, offset, 10 mm blade width 195 mm O/A
Screwdriver, crosspoint, Philips No. 1, 150 mm O/A
screwdriver, crosspoint, Philips No. 2, 225 mm O/A
Screwdriver, crosspoint, Philips No. 3, 260 mm O/A
screwdriver, crosspoint, Philips No. 3, 260 mm O/A
Pliers, cutters/grips combination, 205 mm O/A
pliers, flat jaw, flat nose, 135 mm O/A
cutters, side, 150 mm O/A
Pliers, cutters/grips, long point nose, 165 mm O/A
Cutters, side, 120 mm O/A
Pliers, flat jaw, flat nose,. 135 mm , O/A
Pliers, flat jaw, point nose, 130 mm O/A
spanner, adjustable, 19 mm max. 160 mm O/A
Scanner, adjustable, 28 mm max. 255 mm O/A
spanners, hexagonal, 10 pc metric set, size across flats:
Spanners, hexagonal, 10 pc imperial set, size
1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm
across flats: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32, ¼,
5/16, 3/8, ½ inch
wrench, pipe, adjustable, 38 mm max. 355mm O/A
Hammer, ball pein, 680 g, 355 mm O/A
hammer, club, 910 g, 255 mm O/A
Chisel, flat, 15 mm cutting edge, 165 mm O/A
chisel, flat, 22 mm cutting edge, 230 mm O/A
Bar, lever, spike & cranked chisel ends, 445 mm O/A bar, lever, cranked fork & wedge ends, 260 mm O/A
½ inch square drive socket set, 29 pcs consisting of: ratchet, sliding T bar, 100 mm extension, 200mm extension, ball join, AF sockets, sizes:
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30 1 mm imperial sockets sizes: 7/16, ½, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, ¾, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, 1,1-1/16, 1-1/8

PKI 9095

Water Jet Disrupter
This newly designed disrupter works with water
jet instead of power cartridges. It is a light
recoilless equipment used for disruption of
Improvised Explosive Devices with a high
probability of avoiding detonation or explosion.
The device is especially designed for EOD and
IED persons. It also can be utilized to perform
different EOD work to break items with different
kind of projectiles. The disrupter comprises a
specially designed liquid container. A high
pressure nuzzle is available to generate a very
high veloocity jet of cool liquid in case of
handling with high duty IED. Various changes
can be made according to the requirements of
the user. The provided laser light allows to
accurate aiming. The tripod with ratchet wheel
stop mechanism guarantees that the disrupter
will not move backwards or tumble when
shooting. The specially designed legs can be
adjusted to correct working position and angle.
Five different bullets are available: water,
spading, organic glass, punching and distance

• Weight: 19 kg
• Fittings case: 10,5 kg
• External case: 13,5 kg
• Total weight: 43 kg
• Bullet type:
With water in
Barrel or not
Effectual shooting


organic glass punching










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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9100

Disguised Metal Detector
Either for participants at specific meetings or
during general check-up tasks at entrances,
where people have to be examined, without their
knowledge, the PKI 9100 Disguised Metal
Detector is an especially designed equipment for
detection of both metallic and non-metallic
objects. Because of its hand-free application the
operator - at one and the same time - can
examine a person physically and investigate,
automatically and electronically, for the presence
of metallic objects. Its silent vibrating alarm
allows fully covert operation and is able to
discriminate between large and small metal
objects. The PKI 9100 comes in one universal
size, which fits both the left and right forearm,
fixed by a velcrostrip, and can be hidden under
every normal clothing like shirt or jacket. It is

simple to use as the user just approaches his
arm inconspicuously towards the suspect
person. If this person carries a weapon or any
other metallic object, the vibrator will give its
silent alarm.
• Weight approx. 200 g
• Operating time approx. 80 hours with standard
9 V battery
• Ideal for body searches
• Combines physical and electronic
• Silent vibrating alarm
• Standard 9 V battery
• Fully automatic
• 100 % finger dexterity

PKI 9105

Hydraulic Jamb Spreader
In several cases, doors have to be opened by
force in a silent and quick manner because
criminal acts like drug dealing, hostages or
terrorism have to be intercepted and rooms have
to be entered to arrest the expected perpetrators.
The PKI 9105 is designed for Police and Military
Special Assault Teams and other government
departments especially trained for such tasks.
This device is using a quiet hydraulic pressure
technique to spread door jambs and release latch
bolts. The non-slip clutch allows the telescopic
bar to hand-fit into the door opening. The
operator then uses the hand pump, which
quickly extends the piston and exerts 3 tons of
force - enough power to open or break most
types of single doors. The system virtually works
noiseless, is fast and instantly adjustable.

• Max. Power: 3 tons
• Weight: approx. 7.7 kg
• Carrying bag black:
CORDURA with dual
handles plus shoulder strap
• Size of carrying bag:
approx. 66 x 116 cm
• Colour: tactical black finish

PKI 9110

Series of Door Rams
In combination with our PKI 9105 Hydraulic
Jamb Spreader, the PKI 9110 as a series of door
rams with different sizes and weights offers a
perfect combination with our full range of tools
to open doors by force. Every police-, military-,
anti-drug and special operational task force team
should be equipped with this product as it is the
one and only device that is capable to give
immediate entrance into rooms where scenes of
crime are suspected. It really could not be easier
to use and no setting up time is required.
Originally the PKI 9110 have been developed for
US Police Swat teams, but now are more and
more used by police and Military Special Forces
worldwide. Simply get in position in front of the
door, swing the ram back to gain momentum and
swing it forward to smash the toughest door.
Three different versions are available each one being electrically non-conductive,
shock-absorbent, compact and this at a very
reasonable price.


Different versions are available but each
department should have the full range of rams in
order to be prepared for every different
application. Therefore we offer the complete
range as a set consisting of:
PKI 9110/A - This ram is designed for one-man
operation with a length of 76 cm and a weight of
16 kg. It only requires 50 to 60 cm of backswing,
making it ideal for use in close quarters.
PKI 9110/B - This ram is a heavier version, 25 cm
longer and 7 kg heavier than the above ram and

can be used by either one or two persons
PKI 9110/C - This ram is the smallest and most
cost-effective door-ram yet designed. It is ideal
for very confined spaces. It is made of specially
modified steel shot and is only 41 cm in length,
but has the same weight (16 kg) as the
PKI 9110/A, and provides the same kinetic
We recommend the complete set of
PKI 9110/A-C, however, each ram of course can
be ordered separately as well.

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9115

Underwater Metal Detector
The PKI 9115 is a versatile under water detection
system being consequently the further
development of our former land & underwater
performance and a wide auto-adaptation to
interfering metal components characterise the
new PKI 9115. The full unit, and especially the
electronic design, is based on our thousandfold
proven technology being in service with many
government departments worldwide. PKI 9115 is
tested for water pressure up to 10 bars and is
very comfortable to handle for the diver. It is
operated by only one adjuster. PKI 9115 can
detect minimum amount of mine shallows being
buried - such as A/P 72 A - at operational depth.
Larger undefined objects can be located up to a
depth of 1.5 m. For even larger depths, a further
sensor is available.
PKI 9115 applies a dynamic mode pulse
induction concept. Short bipolar magnetic pulses
generate detection signals from ferrous or
non-ferrous metals and alloys. Target acquisition
is indicated as visual or audible alarm. A silent
mode (visual LED only) improves operator’s
safety on “smart” munitions with acoustic
sensors. When used with a larger search head of
80 x 80 cm (optionally available), the detection
range is significantly extended and larger objects
- such as 105 mm shells, bombs, torpedoes etc.
- may be detected at 2 m depth or more. The
detector operates on a dynamic search mode,
which compensates interference from metal
diving equipment. If required, the detector can be
operated in a “silent mode” without headset.
In such case the red LED will indicate target

acquisition. To operate the PKI 9115 switch the
rotary sensitivity calibrator into position I (low),
II or III (high). Sensitivity can be changed
stepless within ranges I-III by an internal adjuster
inside the electronics cylinder.
Optional accessories - available on request:
• probe 32 x 370 mm
• oval search head 300 x 170 mm
• foldable large loop 800 x 800 mm
• extension rod 36 x 600 mm
• Battery: 1 x dry battery 9 V U9VL or U 9 VL

• Operation time: approx. 3 hours with dry
battery, approx. 10 hours with Lithium cell
• Temperature range: approx. –20 to +60°C
• Pressure test: 10 bar ( approx. 90 m)
• Dimensions, approx.
oval search head - 300 x 170 mm
square search head - 260 x 260 mm
electronics cylinder - 40 x 535 mm
large loop - 800 x 800 mm
extension rod (PVC) - 36 x 600 mm
extension rod (GRP) - 25 x 600 mm
short version - 800 mm
long version - 1400 mm
max. length - 2000 mm

PKI 9120

Mine Detector
The PKI 9120 mine detector is designed for use
on all grounds even on compact soils such as
volcanic soil or laterit, which makes it suitable for
use everywhere in the world. In many regions
mine detectors can be influenced by a mixture of
soils such as laterit, magnetic rock and by soil
conductivity due to monsoon rain. The wide band
compensation of this PKI mine detector meets
such environmental working conditions and also
rejects interference from saltwater due to its
pulse induction operating principle. Components
subject to wear and tear can easily be exchanged
without further calibration work. This eases fault
definition and significantly improves equipment
availability in the field.
Rugged design and constructional features,
coupled with various accessories make the PKI
mine detector a very versatile equipment, which
allows use in lying, kneeling or upright position.
• Power supply: 8 alkaline batteries 1,5 V type
LR 14 (operating time 40 h) or 8 rech. batteries
NiMH 1,2 V - 3,5 Ah (operating time 10 h)
or battery pack 9,6 V - 3,8 Ah
(operating time 10 h)

• Temperature range:
from -21°C to + 55°C approx.
• Dimensions:
circular search head 230 mm diam.
optional search head 450 mm diam.
• Electronic cylinder: 35 x 460 mm
• Extension rod: 25 x 600 mm

• Battery container: 30 x 360 mm
• Lenghts and weights:
• Short version: approx. 1000 mm and 2,1 kg
• Long version: approx. 1700 mm and 2,4 kg
• Complete in satchel: approx. 3,8 kg
• Complete in carrying case: approx. 8,5 kg

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9125

Non Magnetic Probe
This non-magnetic device is designed for
manual location of mines, buried at depths of up
to 250 mm. The mine probe is lightweight,
robust and easy to assemble.
It consists of three main components (handle,
extension tube, probe) and can be assembled in
two versions for kneeling and upright position.

PKI 9130

Multi-Plier Gerber
Made from 410 grade stainless steel with
non-reflective black oxide coating, the PKI
multi-plier gerber tool incorporates the following
tools: explosive punch, blasting cap crimper, wire
cutter, needle nose pliers, 3“ drop point blade, 3“
serrated sheepsfoot blade, saw blade, cross
point screwdriver, large, medium and small flat
blade screwdrivers, file, bottle opener and
lanyard. Comes in a solid nylon sheath.

PKI 9135

Active Metal Detection System
This newly developed active metal detection
system is primarily used for the detection of
large metal objects such as underground
deposits, barrels and bombs. The special
features of the PKI 9135 Active Metal Detection
System consists in its selectivity regarding small
metal objects buried close to the surface and - in
comparison to active metal detectors - its
excellent detection range on large objects
(transmitter effect). For conventional operations,
there is a galvanometer and an audio alarm
integrated into the electronic box. Furthermore
the system has an analogue data output and can
therefore also be linked to an external data logger
to allow data recording.

• Power supply:
rechargeable NiMH battery 12V, 2 Ah
• Operating time: 4 hours approx.
• Sensitivity levels: 5
• Temperature range: -10° +40°C

• Dimensions:
total 1500 x 420 x 210 mm
coils 420 x 280 mm
sensor spacing: 120 cm
• Weight: 3,1 kg approx.

PKI 9140

Large Loop
This technology enables low skilled personnel to
locate air delivered ordnance buried at depth. The
PKI 9140 Large Loop applies the eddy current
pulse induction principle. It detects all ferrous
and non ferrous metals. The equipment consists
in an electronics box, a battery container and a
large loop diameter 2600 mm with search frame.
A ring coil diameter 260 mm is available as an
option. The modular frame can be assembled in
several ways, which allows to obtain frames from
different sizes (1x1 m, 1x2 m, 1,5x2,5m)
according to the searched objects and depth. The
ring coil (option), working with the same
electronic system is used for pin-point location,
after detection with the large loop. Detection
signals are easy to interpret and no advanced
training is required for operation. The unit is
splash-proof and of sturdy design. The target


acquisition is indicated by audio alarm and on a
galvanometer. The delay setting suppresses the
indication of small metal fragments located at the
surface in order to assure the detection of bigger
objects in deeper grounds, such as bombs or big
shells buried very deeply and to ignore surface
• Power supply: 8 dry batteries 1,5 V type LR14
or rechargeable batteries

• Operating time: 55 h in pos. low /25 h in pos.
high (LR14)
• Dimensions:
Electronics box: 270 x 90 x 70 mm
Battery pack: 290 x 105 x 50 mm
Search loop: 2550 mm diameter
• Weights: frame 2,5 kg
electronics box 0,9 kg
battery pack 1,1 kg
• Detection range (in air):
mine T57 at approx. 1,6 m
bomb 250 kg at approx. 3,5 m

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9145

Arm- and Leg Protectors
The PKI 9145 arm- and leg protectors consists in
body-shaped protective parts made of
polypropylen and flame-resistant fabrics. The
protectors can easily be adjusted individually, so
that they are extremely comfortable and very
quick to put on and to remove. An individual
adjustment of ergonomically formed protector
parts can be achieved by elastic cords with
Velcro strips and fleece shutters.

• Arm protection: protectability 35 Nm,
consisting of elbow and lower arm protector
• Material: aluminium alloy edged by breathable
• Leg protection: protectability 35 Nm,
body-shaped knee protector fixed with special
seam between tights and upper shin bone
• Material: special aluminium alloy, inlets
with special stitching for optimal air ventilation

PKI 9150

Protective Shield
The PKI 9150 Protective Shield is a must for any
police and security task force.
PKI 9150 Protective Shield already has proved its
efficiency in many actions against terroristic
acts, riots and demonstrations. Due to the clear
visibilty of the polycarbonate material the wearer
is protected against most common attacks in riot
situations but still has a full survey about critical
situations. A specially constructed supporting
holder with leather-coated handgrip and
swiveling armrest provides comfortable wearing
either on the right or left arm. The curved shape
of the highly resistant shield deflects any thrown
objects and affords perfect and fullbody
protection to the wearer. Each shield can be
supplied with a specific and tailor-made label or
Insignia as per customer's requirement.

• Material polycarbonate
• Dimensions approx. 90 x 60 cm
• Weight approx. 2.3 kg
• Armrest and handle leather-coated, swiveling
for right-/left arm operation
• Label standard - „POLICE“ - others on request
• Options additional holders/supports for batons,
torch-lamps, hand-cuffs etc. available
on request
• Lightweight
• Transparent material
• Easy to handle
• Protection against thrown objects
• Labelling according to customer's needs

PKI 9155

Multifunctional Belt for Police
Security staff must have a possibility to wear
tools for daily use like radio transmitter, pistol,
handcuffs, baton, knife, mace and torch easily on
the body. This multifunctional and solid belt
meets all these requirements as it is equipped
with loops and hooks of different sizes for all
kinds of tools and equipment. On request we can
deliver belts adapted to your personal

PKI 9160

Entry Force Tool
This universal tool is a must for any task force. It
is indispensable when quick and violent opening
of doors and locks is required. Whether used as
a hammer, axe, drift or crowbar this tool is a real
universal miracle.
• Material: steel, reinforced
• Length: 90 cm
• Various: on request it can be delivered in
2 parts of 45 cm each screwable

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9165

Emergency Set
Our protective outfit offers breathing and body
protection against powdery, liquid or gaseous
toxic agents, when put on properly and in time.
In order to avoid handling errors, please
carefully read the instruction manual. It complies
with European regulation and is CE approved. For
many years it has been used in chemical
industry, fire brigades and others.

1 protective suit
1 protective mask
2 protective mask filters
1 pair protective gloves
1 pair overboots
1 bag
1 instruction manual

• Weight: 84,6 g/m2
• Resistance: 128,3 kPa
• Abrasion: 1500-2000 cycles
• Resistance against stabs: 16.7N
• Shelf life: min. 10 years
• Comes with:

PKI 9170

Gas Mask
The PKI Gas Mask and its straps are produced in
black and yellow silicone. The screen provides a
large vision angle and can be adjusted with
anti-solvent or anti-scratch treatment on request.
The system is shock- and solvent-resistant and
equipped with two breathe out valves. One
breathe-in valve and one phonic membrane allow
easy communication. The specifically designed
air circulation avoids steaming up of the screen.
The PKI 9170 Gas Mask is equipped with straps
for rapid fastening. It can be used with assisted
ventilation or with compressed air adduction. It
must not be used in atmospheres where the
concentration exceeds 0,5% or where the oxygen
rate is less than 17%.
Different cartridges are available upon request
for example for dust, different types of gas or

combined gas/dust. The cartridges are equipped
with caps in order to increase their lifetime, as
they keep them sealed when not used. A case
designed in a specific thermoplastic material
increases the mask’s lifetime, as it protects
against dust, light, vapours of chemical agents
and heat sources. This case can contain one
mask and one cartridge of any type, not screwed.

PKI 9175

Hydraulics Door Opener
Special forces are perfectly trained in opening
closed doors no matter whether they are barred,
of metal or wood, thin or thick. Very fast entering
of rooms can be crucial. A surprise attack must
be effected within 20 seconds, otherwise the
offenders are warned and could escape or make
use of their weapons. The attack has to be
effected without any noise. PKI 9175 comprises
various components i.e. hydraulics unit with 4
different hydraulics stamps. All items are
properly packed in 2 portable cases. In order to
use these tools professionally, a training time of
1 week is necessary, which is offered by PKI as
well. Please refer to our training program.
• Dimensions: hydraulics unit 835x520x285 mm
• Weight: 33 kg
• Dimension: hydraulics stamp and accessories
1360x460x150 mm
• Weight: 43 kg


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9180

Air Launcher
This air launcher can be fired from the shoulder
or from a solid point on the ground. The titanium
grapnel and its 3 mm diameter pilot line have a
breaking strain of 180 kg. Horizontal distance is
approx. 75 m, vertical range approx. 35 m.
Repeated firings can be made from the
rechargeable cylinder without ejecting any
smoke, heat or flash. A 25 foot heavy-duty,
flexible and wire-sided ladder can be supplied.

• Weight of launcher: 1 kg
• Overall length incl. grapnel: 70 cm

PKI 9185

Response Backpack
This extremely lightweight EOD response pack is
a new backpack-mounted kit made to provide a
two man search team with significant „real time“
capability at minimum weight and bulk.
All the search tools contained in the response
backpack have undergone rigorous testing in
hostile and demanding operations. The kit
includes a new and innovative lightweight hook
and line kit, an advanced metal detector and
other search equipment, as well an ultra-light
Vulcan disruptor and a new fuse removal key.

PKI 9190

Swat Hood
The lightweight black-coloured swat hood is
designed to protect police operators from heat
and flash. It is made of breathable,
moisture-resistant material and is fully washable.
One size fits all.

PKI 9195

Kevlar Sleeves
These Kevlar Sleeves are designed to efficiently
protect forearms of special operators from heat,
flashes and cuts. PKI Kevlar Sleeves allow fully
flexible arm movements and are manufactured
out of double-knit black Kevlar.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9200

Protective Police Helmet
The PKI 9200 Protective Police Helmet is
specially designed, according to DIN ISO 9001norm, for any police and anti-riot squads. By
using high impact strength compound, colour
white, with ventilation holes for the helmet-shell
and crystal-clear polycarbonate of 4mm
thickness for the visor, this helmet provides a
maximum of protection, but still is lightweight
and most comfortable for wearing even under
tropical conditions. Each helmet comes with a
3-section leather neckprotection. The detachable
innerlining, individually adjustable to headsizes,
offers highest shock-damping and together with
the 3-point chinstrap perfectly matches for
optimised fit. Additionally PKI 9200 can be
supplied with specific governmental insignias of
non-detachable, self-adhesive and multicoloured labels according to buyer's
requirements. Please contact us for further

• Material of shell high impact strength
PA 6 compound
• Material of visor crystal clear polycarbonate,
4mm thick
• Inner lining special wearing-net with leather
sweatband easily detachable without tools for
size alignment.
• Available headsize: small = size 53 - 58,
large = size 57 - 62, - others on request • Total weight: approx. 1.85 kg
• Standard colour of shell:
white - other colours on request • Lightweight
• Crystal clear visor
• Neck Protection
• Ventilation holes

PKI 9205

Road Blocking Barrier
The PKI 9205 is a very rugged, portable barrier
specifically developed for police and military
personnel in order to stop vehicles instantly.
Designed for the use by just one person it is an
inexpensive tool which can be deployed in
seconds at a road block. Alternatively it can be
used semi-permanently to protect a target
building. Any vehicle passing over the PKI 9205,
no matter its speed, will have its tyres instantly
deflated by the 50 mm spikes quickly, safely and
effectively. The unit comes as a complete kit and
consists of two separate sections, each of which
can be extended up to 3 m and contains 45
spikes. PKI 9205 is made of a mix of Nylon 66
and glass fibre making it flexible but yet firm. The
stainless steel spikes with a length of 50 mm
long and a diameter of 4 mm diameter will

penetrate through all types of tyres. When the
spikes penetrate a tyre they break off from the
base and therefore a sparekit comprising spare
spikes, pliers and screwdriver is provided with
each PKI 9205.
• Extended size max. 3 m
• Folded size 52 x 28 x 8 cm
• Weight 5 kg
• Number of spikes 45

PKI 9210

Barbed Tape Wire
Very often cheap and effective solutions are
needed for protection of different institutions.
The perfect solution for this is our special PKI
Barbed Tape Wire. There are more than 100
different varieties of applications depending on
requirements. Do you want to secure a wall,
fence or scaffolding? Kindly let us know your
problem, we will be pleased to present you our
• Dimensions:
thickness 5 cm
diam. 450 - 980 mm
length: 7-16 m per coil
• Material: hot galvanized steel sheet
AISI430 and AISI304
• Packing: water proof paper inside and plastic
weaving bag outside
• Device for detachment: upon request


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9215

EOD Tripod
The essential function of this robust and portable
tripod is to lift heavy objects of up to 2.260 kg
during EOD operations (including IEDD). The
two-section telescopic legs can be locked at a
range of heights enabling it to be used in areas of
restricted height or on sloping ground. The head
is fitted with leg stops in order to prevent the
tripod from collapsing under load, as well as eyes
and a karabiner for attaching lifting tackle and for
tying objects down. The self-adjusting feet may
be pegged to the ground for extra stability. The
tripod is a high strength aluminium construction
and is supplied with a set of anchor pegs in a
durable nylon transport case.

• Weight: 22 kg
• Load capacity with feet anchored:
up to 2.260 kg
• Overall length: (folded) 1.620 mm
• Max. working height: 2.740 mm (under the
suspension eye)

PKI 9220

Contraband Detector
This item can positively detect drugs, explosives,
weapons, currency and much more. Its typical
application field is the inspection of tires, car
doors, fuel tanks, wall and lined containers,
aircraft, trucks, caravans, bus, trains etc.
Identical packages, flower shipments, boats and
ships, freight container.
Principle of Operation:
PKI Contraband Detector measures the mass
density of the inspected objects and indicates the
difference in density between illegally hidden
goods (drugs, explosives, weapons, currency,
etc.) and the object in which the contraband is
hidden. For example, an “empty” tire filled with
air and a tire filled with drugs give different
results or an “empty” cross member in a freight
container stuffed with contraband indicates a

different density then a full one. It also detects
radioactive materials. The PKI Contraband
Detector directs a beam of energy into the
inspected object. A filled space reflects back
more energy than an empty space. As PKI

Contraband Detector is moved across the
surface of the object, the measurement is
displayed on a digital LCD and an alarm is given
if the density changes or radioactive material is

PKI 9225

Vehicle Protection against AP Mines
This lightweight system has been developed for
protection of vehicles against anti-personnel
mines during humanitarian missions. In this new
system following criteria have been given highest
• High degree of protection - V 50 > 600 m/s
for 1,1 g
• Low weight
• Quick and easy mounting
• No modification of the vehicle
Before mounting the system it is necessary to
remove the seats, door panels and bottom mats
from the car. Afterwards the ballistic mats are
being glued to the bottom of the vehicle. The
individual mats must overlap each other in order
to secure maximum protection. After proper
mounting of the ballistic mats, the original
components of the car can be reinstalled. The
PKI Vehicle Protections system can be supplied
as a kit ready for mounting.

• Protection level: V50 >600 m/s for
1.1 gram FSP
• Material: aramid fibres woven and stitched
together to flexible mats

• Surface: PFC foil
• Weight: 8,2 kg/sqm
• Total weight: approx.60 kg, depending on
the model
• Interior: no modifications

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9230

Rapid Armor Shelter System
This lightweight fortification wall system is ideal
for fast moving troops. Fortification walls can be
built and dismantled in a few minutes allowing
troops to be protected even during short stops or
operations. Panels protect men or property
mainly from fragments, protection level of
V 50 >600 m/s. For bullet protection a double
panel system can be used.
All components are capable of withstanding
UV-radiation, fuel and oil spatters as well as
temperatures between -40°C and +60°C. The
panels are fully moisture resistant. This
innovative ballistic multipurpose protection
system is easy to adapt for various military,
police and peace keeping applications. It can also
be used for civilian protection, e.g. protection of
window and door openings.

• Material: Fibreglass and phenolic resin
• Protection area:
square 0,90 m2, triangle 0,39 m2
• Thickness: about 9,5 mm

• Areal Weight: under 19 kg/m2
• Splinter protection:
V50-value (1,1 g ESP) >600 m/s
• Explosion test: endures 0,5 bar overpressure,
pressure influencing time 0,01 sec.

• Armour: The steel armour provides ballistic
immunity at 25 metres and an attack angle of 90°
from ball 7,62 ammunition fired from high
velocity rifles and machine guns as well as all
threats lesser than that. The armoured
glass/polycarbonate construction used for the
windscreen and front windows is of a
corresponding ballistic resistance. Additional
protection for the windscreen and front windows

is provided by armoured visors with incorporated
vision slits which are actuated from inside the
vehicle. The floor armour protects against mine
fragments and grenades and, being an integral
part of the monocoque hull, possesses good
blast deflection characteristics. The doors are
constructed of the same material as the hull and
all transparent armour is glazed into armoured
steel frames.

PKI 9235

Armour Protected Vehicles
We offer various armour protected vehicles for
military, paramilitary, police and bomb disposal.
Please let us have your enquiry, we will offer you
the appropriate vehicle specifically designed
according to your requirements.
General Design:
The hull is a fully welded body unit complete with
seats for up to fourteen persons including the
driver. It is fabricated from lightweight high
hardness steel armour and is bolted to the
chassis. Windscreen and front windows are of
laminated armoured glass with anti-splinter
screens out of polycarbonate. The vehicle gives
protection to the engine compartment and
incorporates gun ports complete with vision
blocks on each side, as well as at the rear. The
doors of the driver, co-driver and rear crew are
provided with internally operated shoot bolts.
Special attention has been given to the design of
door/door apertures to ensure full protection.
The armour door overlap incorporates a double
seal unit and a spall return strip to protect
against petrol ingress and spall fragments.

PKI 9240

Bulletproof Vest for Army
This bulletproof vest is designed for army
operation. It not only protects the soldier’s breast
but also neck and shoulders. Additionally
ceramic plates are inserted due to which this vest
reaches protection class IV. Despite this high
classification PKI 9240 weights not more than
3.5 kg in IIIA, which allows high bearing comfort
during longer operations.
• Threat level and weight:
NIJ IIA = 2,5 kg, II = 3,0 kg, IIIA = 3,5 kg
• Colors: black, woodland and desert camouflage
• Special: waterproof and anti-fire carrier
• Size: S, M, L, XL


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9245

Knife-Slash Protective Vest
This protection vest against knife-slash attacks is
a multi-layer production. The exterior layer
consists in solid and rough nylon fabrics and the
interior is a fine structured nylon material with
good sliding qualities, which reduces friction on
clothes that the person wears under this vest.
Flexible 1.8 mm thick plastic plates serve as
basic protection. The vest as well as the plates
offers protection of the lateral parts of the body
as well. The most vulnerable area of the body
(middle of the thorax and the back) is protected
by a 1 mm thick aluminium plate of 23 x 23 cm.
All four protection plate pockets are equipped
with a tuck-in and Velcro strip to avoid

unintended loss of the plates. Due to the light
weight of only 1.5 kg and the flexible fixation of
the protection plates the PKI 9245 is very
comfortable and as such is the ideal protection
equipment for long-time operations.
• Material: nylon, plastics, aluminium
• Sizes: S / M / L / XL
• Weight: 1.5 kg

PKI 9250

Protective Vests
The range of the PKI 9250 Protective Vests offers
an unlimited variety of personal protection to any
member of Police-, Military- and Special-SquadForces. The style and specification of these vests
has been widely adopted throughout the world.
Because of the superior design, these vests can
be worn for extended periods of time. Each vest
individually is constructed in different sizes and
weights as a highly cost-effective garment which
provides optimum protection against knife-slash
attacks and hits from fragments and bullets.
Depending on required protection the PKI 9250
Protective Vests are manufactured according to
international standards (NIJ threat levels 2, 3, 3A
and 4). Each vest can be up-armoured with the
use of ceramic plates to give protection even
against armour-piercing rounds. Ballistic collars
and groin protectors are available on request.

• Threat level: NIJ 2, 3, 3A, 4 in buyer’s option
• Size: S, M, L, XL in buyer’s option
• Colour: white, blue, olive-green
• Weight: from approx. 1.2 kg to 3.0 kg
depending on type plus 1.0 - 3.4 kg for ceramic
plates if required.
For further detailed specifications please ask for
separate leaflets indicating required threat level,
size, colour and type (covert for discrete use,
assault jacket etc. plus ceramic plates if
• Various models available from fragmentation to
level IV protection.
• Protection - proved according to international
• Available from concealed underwear up to fully
protective jackets.
• Lightweight and comfortable to wear

PKI 9255

Immediate Response Jacket
The PKI 9255 Immediate Response Jacket
provides the wearer with a stylishly designed,
lightweight and easily concealable vest for having
every necessary equipment right at hand
whenever these are needed. Whether teargas
bottles, handcuffs, electric shock units,
communication devices etc. - being necessary
for undercover police agents - or transceivers,
bodyworn receivers, concealed monitoring
devices etc. - for the discrete observations with
special agents from any governmental
organisation - this vest offers a maximum
versatility for placing such kinds of material and
equipment in the various pouches, holsters and
slings being incorporated. The vest with its
beige, skin-colour occurrence is the perfect
carrying device for camouflaged and comfortable
wearing of what you need during your mission.

• Material robust, washable fabric
• Size S, M, L, XL – in buyer’s option
• Colour beige
• Weight 200 g
• Lightweight
• Robust, washable fabric
• Various pouches, holsters and slings for every

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9260

Bomb Blast Suppression Curtains
The bomb suppression curtains are designed to
prevent from flying fragments of glass and other
secondary materials generated as a result at
bomb blasts.
The curtains are easy to install and are available
in various sizes and thickness of material in order
to offer protection against a wide range of threat
PKI 9260 bomb suppression curtains are
inconspicuous and lightweight, various
adjustable styles are available. Heavy duty,
permanently fixed curtains can also be provided.

• The curtains can be custom designed according
to individual requirements.

PKI 9265

Armored Vehicle
Armored vehicles are used for VIP-persons for
protection against terrorist attacks. An efficient
protection is not limited to the vehicle body, but
also includes the windows, wheels, fuel tank,
communication systems and jammers. PKI is
prepared to offer these special vehicles, new or
second-hand, which are not recognizable as such
from outside. On order of a new car individual
requirements can be taken into account.
• Car type: every bigger car
• Fuel tank: ex-proofed
• Windows: bulletproof, 45 mm thick glass
• Tyres: reinforced with synthetic core
• Jammer: full frequency range for prevention of
remote ignition of explosives
For communication “open windows” can be
programmed individually.

PKI 9270

Equipment against Mines
Our PKI 9270 should belong to the basic
equipment of all military and civil forces in
current or former battlespaces. All tools are
placed in a handy belt bag to be at hand
immediately and at any time. The trip wire
detector is made of carbon and extremely
lightweight. This allows detection of very
sensitive wire traps. Also part of the set is a
telescopic mine search needle, the single parts of
which are placed inside its ergonomically formed
hand grip. PKI 9270 comes with hand guard. A
torch and extendible mirror complete this set,
which are of usefull assistance at numerous
• Belt bag: black
• Mine search needle: with predetermined
breaking point


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9275

Bomb Trailer System
The bomb trailer system was developed to
enable inexperienced operators to remove a
suspect explosive device to a safe location where
it can be examined or destroyed in safety. This
system consists in a specially designed bomb
container mounted on a four-wheeled trailer
which can easily be towed. The container is made
of two layers of high-strength, high-impact 40
mm ballistic steel. Due to its special design the
unit is able to transport an IED containing up to
4 kg of TNT. The suspect object is picked up by
means of a hand-portable telescopic manipulator
that is included in the system.

PKI 9280

• Trailer size: 367 x 190 cm
• Dimensions of the
container, outside:
100 x 100 cm
• Dimensions of the
container, insider:
100 x 64 cm
• Weight: 90 kg

PKI 9285

Bomb Fragment Protection Cover, Letter Bomb Bag
This PKI fragment protection cover is a very
efficient first-action unit to protect from
suspected explosives, that might be contained in
suspicious items of mail, luggage etc. It consists
of several Kevlar-layers and is specially
reinforced in the centre in order to prevent from
potential injuries in case of detonation. The bomb
fragment protection cover is equipped with loops
allowing the use of hook and line set or remote
manipulator in order to place or lift up the cover.

on the same principle. It is suitable for a
maximum letter size of DIN A4 and measures
1 x 0,8 m (unfolded) and 0,4 x 0,3 m (folded)
at a weight of 3,3 kg

• Dimensions: 2,2 x 2,2 m
• Weight: 12 kg
• Specially reinforced surface 0,4 x 0,4 m
• Miscellaneous: Also part of our product range
is the PKI 9285 letter bomb bag, that is based

PKI 9290

Explosives Identification Set
With this set it is possible to identify all known
and improvised explosive compounds. An
instantaneous colour change indicates the type
of explosives, even Semtex H. No special training
is necessary. The set can be used indoor and
outdoor independently from the climatic
conditions. Even smallest quantities like 20
nanogram explosives can be identified. The
complete set is supplied in a hardcover case of
1,4 kg weight.
Technical background:
The PKI Explosives Identification Set is our
newest detection and identification system for
explosives. It detects a maximum of different
types of explosives due to its capability to
identify also improvised explosive compounds
namely explosives based on chlorite and
peroxide. These explosives based on peroxide
are very strong substances which can be
produced with chemical substances that are
openly sold. Presently terrorists often use this

sort of explosives, that is commonly known as
TATP (Tri Acetone Tri Peroxide).
PKI Explosives Identification Set covers
detection of:
Group A : (aromatic nitrogen) This range
comprises TBT, Tetryl, TNB, DNT, picrin acid and
its salts
Group B: (nitratester and nitratamine) This range
comprises dynamite, nitro glycerin, RDX, C4,
PETN, Semtex H, nitro cellulose and non-fuming
powder. Remark: Most plastic explosives belong
to this group.
Group C: anorganic nitrate ( nitric acid).
Explosives based on nitrate, such as ANFO
(Ammonium Nitrate fuel oil), commercial and
improvised explosives, which are based on
anorganic nitrate, black powder, radiance
powder, potassium nitrate and ammonium
nitrate. Choride and bromate comprising
explosives based on potassium chloride and
sodium chloride. Explosives based on peroxide
comprising TATP (Tri Acetone tri Peroxide) and

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9295

Operation Overall
Excellent quality, resistivity and a modern design
are the main characteristics of the PKI Operation
Overall. It is flame-retardant, wind-proof,
moisture protected and breathable. Furthermore,
we offer additional protection against
knife-slashes by means of an inlay for the

• Material: NOMEX by DuPont
• Shoulder: abrasion-proof, water-proof
CORDURA by Du Pont
• Collar: equipped with cut-restraint at shoulder,
chest and back
• Rescue loop: on the back
• Superimposed pockets: for radio device etc.
further pockets on the upper arm, chest, waist,
buttock, tight and lower leg
• Fleece areas: for tactical labelling on the upper
arm and the back
• Waist belt: width regulation by cord through
reinforced belt loops of 5 cm width
• Zip: manageable with gloves, water-retardant

PKI 9300

Protective Suits
The choice of the adequate protective clothing is
determined by the different characteristics of
hazardous agents and the operating conditions.
Protection of these clothes is provided by styling,
special fabrics, their resistance against
contaminations and/or heat or coldness. PKI
offers protective suits for numerous
requirements such as chemical resistance, heat
protection, underwear overalls against coldness
and much more. Please let us know your
requirements enabling us to issue a specifically
designed offer for you.

• One-way protective suit: protection class II,
overall with hood, double zipper cover
• Protection: against anorganic acids and caustic
solutions and a large variety of organic
• One-piece protective suit: polyamid fabrics, one
side PVC coated
• Operation: for salvage crews, can be used with
compressed air breather of complete mask
• Two-piece protective suit: comprises jacket and
overall, to be worn over normal clothing
• Protection: against liquids which are
self-inflammable. This clothing is meant for
self-rescue and not for active fire rescue


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9310

Breathing Mask
This breathing mask offers nearly 100% of
natural field of vision. The voice transmission is
outstanding due to the ideally positioned speech
membrane and the special sound conduct. The
connecting piece comes with inhalation and
exhalation valves. Speech membrane and thread
connection are fixed by adjustable straps to the
face mask. Impacts are diverted by the specific
construction of mask.
• Material: neoprene of mainly non-aging and
skin-friendly mixture
• Classification: EN 136-3
• Weight: 0,68 kg
• Note: normal pressure mask, round thread
according to EN 148-1, suitable for safety
helmet PKI 9315

PKI 9315

Safety Helmet for Fire Brigade
Numerous outstanding details make this helmet
one of the best worldwide. Not only the
integrated lamp but also the unmatched
GFK-fabrics provide highest stability and
resistance to impact even at extreme
temperatures. Wearer of glasses appreciate the
large face piece. The neck protection is made of
heat and flame resistant material. Size adjusting
can be done from outside and even with
fire-fighting gloves.

• Note: voice radio can be built-in
• Helmet lamp:
LED technology
100.000 hours life time
very high illumination
battery 3x AA
can be removed and used as hand lamp
(possible with fire-fighting gloves)

• Classification: according to EN 443 and pr EN
• Interior: comfortable padding
• Chin strap: trapezoid for ideal fitting
• Ear protection: integrated in padding
• Colours: grey, white, blue, red, green, silver or
green shining

PKI 9320

Breathing Device with Compressed Air
Without this unit it is impossible to enter a
burning building. The compressed air tank is
attached to a body-comfortable strap-on device
made of light carbon fibre. The straps can be
twisted and is flexibly connected with the
carrying tray. Lateral adjustment can be done via
special straps. The shoulder straps are easily
adjustable for various body sizes and are secured
against unintended twisting. The compressed air
hose is conducted over the shoulder.

• Manometer: after glowing display
• Various:
indicating remaining usage time
automatic alert immobility
manual emergency alert
temperature display at the push of a button
data recording
c-data can be transferred on PC via IR interface

• Weight: 4.9 kg
• Filling junction: for 300 bar
• Approval: EN 137 and vfdb 0802
• Belts and straps: flame-resistant
• Air supply: >1000 l/min, sufficient for
2 persons
• Compressed air hose: with security
plug-and-socket clutch

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9325

Heat Protective Suit
This suit offers protection against flames and
intensive heat and has been designed for longer
operations. It enables the fire fighter to cope with
special high risk operations and rescue actions
which require additional use of respirator as well
as head-, hand- and foot protection. The sight
glass is made of laminated safety glass, curved,
gold steamed, 100 x 220 mm large.
• Material: special fabrics made of glass fibre,
flame-retardant cotton lining
• Hood: suitable for fire brigade helmets and
breathing masks
• Gloves: back of hand skulpo cloth, Kevlar/glass
palm heat-resistant chrome split leather
• Boots: Kevlar/Glass 660g/m2
• Bag: 600 x 350 x 300 mm
• Weight: 8,8 kg
• Note: easy dressing due to front, back and leg
zipper, also with respirator

PKI 9330

Medical Kit / First Aid Box
The medical kit for injuries by fire is made of ABS
plastics and comes with a wall retainer. The
bandaging material is suitable for first aid. Its
aluminium evaporation avoids adhesion to the
wound. The first aid box is equipped with a
carrying handle for mobile use. The kit
comprises all necessary tools for first aid of up to
5 persons according to NORM Z1020.
• Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 150 mm
• Colour: signal orange
• Content medical kit: compresses, bandage
tissue, special bandages for face, head,
hand, arm and leg, cooling pad, sterile water,
infusion set, injection set, scissors,
rescue blankets
• Content first aid box: first-class bandages,
compresses, bandage tissue, gauze bandage,
adhesive plaster, splinter tweezers, scissors,
• Note: The medical kit can also be adapted to
individual requirements

PKI 9335

Quick Operation Tent
This inflatable tent can be used in any occasion
where quick action is required such as accidents,
first aid, necessary decontamination with a
shower or as headquarter. The load-bearing,
air-filled construction consists of both-side
coated NBR fabrics. The tent comes complete
with 4 windows, removable floor and additional
ballast tanks for better stability on sealed
• Dimensions: 5 x 4,4 x 2,8 m
• Floor space: 20 m2


• Size packed: 1,4 x 0,75 x 0,7 m
• Operating pressure: 0,25 bar
• Volume hose frame: approx. 1.650 l
• Filling sockets: 3 pieces
• Overpressure valves: 2 pieces diagonally
• Weight (with packing blanket): approx. 90 kg
• Air filling: PA bottle 6 l/300 bar or
foot-operated air pump or fan 0,25 bar,
7,8 kg, 230 V/50 HZ, 1,1 kW
• Note: tent heating, partitions, tent lighting,
additional blankets on request

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9345

Megaphone of the Latest Generation
There are different types of megaphones. The
PKI 9345 megaphone is so remarkable, as it
offers a recording function i.e. the message
which is to be transmitted can be stored
beforehand. Common direct announcements, of
course, are also possible. Its small dimensions
and light weight are ideal for everywhere use,
especially due to comfortable handle grip and
bearing loop. Furthermore it can be used either
with standard or rechargeable batteries.
• Dimensions: 250 x 146 x 210 mm
• Weight: 595 g

• Output power: 6 W
• Middle sound pressure: (1W/1m): 92 dB
• Power supply: 6 x 1,5 V type AA batteries
• Housing: plastic, splash-proof
• Microphone: built-in
• Digital recording: possible
• Mode of operation: play, direct announcement,
• Volume and on/off: built-in
• Range: 500 m
• Note: megaphone with transmitter and receiver
available on request, higher output power can
be supplied

PKI 9350

Series of Handcuffs and Foot-Chains
Each item of the PKI 9350 series has been
developed over a long period and with the
experience of 40 years in the field of security
GmbH. Every handcuff and foot-chain is
Standard- 0307.01.
PKI 9350 - A Handcuffs - Latest construction
with double locking and enlarged range of
adjustment for smaller and larger wrist sizes.
Weight 340 g
PKI 9350 - B Handcuffs made of high tensile
steel, resistant against humidity and sea-water,
nickel-plated and with sateen finish.
Weight 285 g
PKI 9350 - C Handcuffs for transportation of

PKI 9355

persons with extended risks of security. With
special key and protected key-hole. Nickel-plated
and with sateen finish. Weight 285 g
PKI 9350 - D Handcuffs. The most often sold
model. Made of high tensile steel, nickel-plated
and sateen finished. Weight 285 g
PKI 9350 - E Handcuffs with compound hinge for
reduced movements under special tasks.
Particular security is given by the double locking
system. Weight: 315 g
PKI 9350 - F Foot-chains - with 355 mm chain
length made of specially hardened steel and
enlarged cuffs for a better adjustment to
prisoner’s bodysizes. Nickel-plated and sateen
finished cuffs. Weight: 595 g
PKI 9350 - G Foot-chains - for extended carrying
capacity. Hardened and welded like item PKI
9350 - D. Weight: 765 g

PKI 9360

Stun-Cuffs for Foot, Stun-Cuffs for Hand
Modern electronic technologies resulted in the
development of stun-cuffs, of which we offer 2
different versions. PKI 9355 continuously
transmits signals via built-in GPS transmitter
which are captured by a receiver (security staff).
The receiver is programmable i.e. in case the
prisoner leaves certain areas an automatic alarm
will be released. The position of the prisoner can
be located at any time and he can be arrested
immediately if he tries to escape. PKI 9355 is
designed for so-called day-release prisoner.
PKI 9360 stun-cuffs for hands find their
application when taking a prisoner to the court or
hospital. In case he attempts to escape the
stun-cuffs are activated by remote control and
transmit an electric shock of 60.000 Volt. Voltage
can be adjusted according to demands of staff.
You never saw an escaping person stop so

Power supply with rechargeable batteries.
PKI 9360: Handcuffs with built-in receiver are
only removable by the security staff. Electric
shock will only be released if it is activated by the
security personnel with the encoded remote
transmitter. Range max. 300 m, voltage 60.000
Volt. Power supply with rechargeable batteries.

PKI 9355: GPS-system consisting of
transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is fixed to
foot-chains and only removable by personnel.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9380

Forensic Vehicle Laboratory
Crime is continuously increasing all over the
world. In order to increase the detection rate
trained personnel and adequate tools of latest
technologies are crucial. The PKI 9380 vehicle
can be equipped according to requirements of
your department. You determine top priorities,
whether more forensic equipment, murder
clarification case or a laboratory for DNA analysis
is required. In order to technologically support
the investigation and solving of a criminal case,
we can also deliver the latest hardware.
• Basic equipment: emergency generator, air
condition, fridge, various microscopes,
chromatograph, murder clarification case,
forensic case, digital images and video
equipment, computer with the corresponding
software, laboratory workstation , various
devices for analysis, portable lighting unit, VZA
bowls and case for storage, identification kit,
chemical forensic kit, blood tracing kit, various
versions of silicone kits, various laboratory
apparatus for examination of blood and sperm,
nitrate examination equipment, activating device
for neutrons (NAA-kit), powder analysis unit for
narcotics and ammunition, equipment for taking
cadaver tissue samples, set of masks against
putrefaction, various mechanical tools, etc.
• Vehicle: Mercedes Van or as per your demand
• Various: second-hand vehicles on request

PKI 9385

Artificial DNA
PKI 9385 is a chemical tincture which has an
unique composition like natural DNA. The
application of a small spot of this artificial DNA
on valuable goods, that might be exposed to the
danger of being stolen, guarantees the owner to
be able to identify them later. PKI 9385 is a
transparent liquid which can hardly be removed
due to the adhesive which is included in delivery.
The liquid consists of different chemical
elements, one of which becomes visible under
UV-light. Numerized micro points represent the
authenticating mark of the artificial DNA, as their

composition is unique. These DNA sequences
are registered and can be analyzed in
• Liquid, 10 ml filled in a little bottle: artificial
DNA, transparent, a biochemical marker
• Comes with: UV-lamp for visualisation of the
biochemical marker, PC software, analysis
• Note: sufficient for thousands of markings

PKI 9390

Visual Theft Detection Set
This theft detection substance sticks on the
hands or fingers of the person that touches an
object on which it has been applied. The colour
won’t completely disappear before several days.
This is a reliable and quick method to convict
thefts. This special powder is the ideal protection
of valuable coins, banknotes, important
certificates and documents, etc. Even for outdoor
purposes the PKI 9390 is fully suitable, as for
example for protection of laptops or other
objects with plain surfaces.


• Powder/paste available in the following colours:
grey, black, red
• Contents: 60 g
• Protective gloves and application sticks are
included in the set.

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9395

Invisible Theft Detection Set
These substances will stick on the hands or
fingers on contact. Compared with the visual
theft detection substances, they only become
visible under UV-light. These invisible
substances find their application field rather in
long-term observation activities of suspicious
persons. Even smallest quantities of this powder
or paste will become visible under UV-light

• Powder/paste available in the following
• Colours: neutral, turns to green under UV-light
• Contents: 60 g
• UV-light, protective gloves and
application sticks included

PKI 9400

X-Ray Spray
The PKI 9400 is a reasonably priced, very
effective and quick technique to check incoming
mail for suspicious contents. No need for
electrical power or complex material. The direct
visual examination protects you from false
alarms in the case of metallic items such as
staples or paper-clips, which may occur when
using metal detectors. This X-ray spray is the
perfect mail examination tool for security
personnel, incoming mail departments and
director’s offices. The use of the PKI 9400 is as
easy as possible. Just spray it onto the
transparent. After a few seconds the liquid will

evaporate without leaving any traces and free of
residues. With its quick and easy use, the PKI
9400 perfectly completes the use of metal
detectors and electronic mail scanners, in order
to effect a first check of the incoming mail.
• Contents: approx.. 170 g
• Dimensions: approx. 150 mm x 50 mm
• Total weight: approx. 210 g
• Ingredients: non-toxic, non-inflammable,
highly volatile
• Packing unit: 12 cans per carton

PKI 9405

Document Reader
The PKI 9405, a very compact document reader
with high-end OCR technology is an
indispensable equipment for reading passports,
visas and other travel documents. This unit is
especially designed to allow hands-free
operation. Regardless of the chip position all
electronic data can be read in a one-step process.
The software package can be integrated easily
into complete solutions. Customized models are
available, designed according to our customer’s
specific needs.
• Cameras: 2 cameras included
• Illuminations:
visible (white)
Infra red
Optical Specifications
• Image sensor: 3 Megapixel 2048 x 1536
• Image resolution: 380 PPi
• Face image resolution: 700 PPi
• Image colour depth: 24 bits/pixels RGB
Hardware Units
• Internal memory: storage of the firmware
settings and factory calibration
• Firmware upgrade: via USB Built-in DSP
data processing unit

Mechanical Data
• Size with cover: 213 x 173 x 179 mm
• Window size: 130 x 98 mm
• Case: ABS plastic on metal base
• Window glass: 4 mm tempered glass
• Operating temperature: +10°C to +40°C
• Operating humidity: 0-95%
• Weight: 2,35 kg
• No moving parts

• Compliances: CD, FCC, RoHS, IEC 62471
• Interface: USB 2.0
2 pcs free USB ports
• Number of status LEDs: 3 programmable
• Power: external power supply included
(100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz)

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9410

Image Processing System
The PKI 9410 is a full colour video processor for
the simultaneous display of live and stored
images (still pictures). It is designed for police
stations, border controls, immigration and
customs offices and any other place where
banknotes and documents have to be checked
against falsifications. For all these types of
document examinations, the PKI 9410 offers a
tremendous wide range of different functions
such as overlay, addition, subtraction and side by
side view for easy comparison of genuine and
suspect documents. The main features of the PKI
9410 are:
• Comparison by superimposition
• Box image inside large image
(PIP=Picture in Picture)
• Horizontal split screen
• Vertical split screen
• Forgery detection by superimposition
The PKI 9410 selects one of two analogue video
inputs and converts it to a digital format. Every
further processing thereafter is carried out in the
digital realm but still preserving a highest video

quality. The digital image can be frozen in the full
resolution frame store and the output combined
in various ways with the live image. After that the
combined image finally is converted back to an
analogue format for display on monitor. From the
front panel the operator can adjust the quality of
the incoming video and the way in which the two
images have to be combined. Cursors are used to
adjust the selected parameter or to move the

picture. The reset/home button returns the
parameter to the standard setting.

Watts ,150 mm mounted between UV lamps
ac Transmissive, 2 cool white lamps, each 4
Watts, 150 mm mounted behind a white plastic
ad Fibre Optic Source, high intensity quartz
halogen lamp with internal prefocussed optics
giving maximum efficiency with the fibre optic, 9
ae Fibre Optic, flexible glass fibre light pipe, 5
mm active area, 1000 mm length, click-fit
connection to light source. Stored in tool storage
wallet when not in use.

C Electrical
ca Internal Battery, option of 2 battery sizes,
Standard 1.2 Ah or extended life with 7.0 Ah 1.2
Ah gives 1 hour constant use, 7 Ah gives 6 hours
constant use.
cb Mains Power, 90 to 260 VAC. The battery is
charged automatically
cc External DC power supply, 10 to 14 VDC via a
3.5 mm jack. Optionally leads for connection to
vehicle power systems are available on request

• Power Supply:
8 to 24 VDC, nominal 12 VDC at 850 mA
Plug-top power supply unit supplied with
each unit

PKI 9415

Portable Forgery Detector
• Rugged construction
• Flexible fibre optic
• Lightweight
• Four light sources
• Mains/battery operation
The PKI 9415 is a versatile, compact and
portable forgery detection system for the
examination of all types of suspect documents. It
is particularly useful for officials and immigration
officers at sea- and airports, mobile border
controls and the scene of crime officers. A large
unobstructed working area allows quick and easy
examination using the four integral light sources:
• A diffuse white light for visual examination in
low light conditions
• Two black light lamps providing a strong
ultraviolet source for examination of bleaching,
alterations and fluorescent security marks
• A transmissive source for inspection of
watermarks and internal threads
• An intense fibre optic illuminator for
examination of intended writing and for
transmission through photographs.
PKI 9415 can be operated by three different
power sources: an internal battery, a wide range
of AC power supplies and an external DC power
source - like car batteries.
PKI 9415 is housed in a rugged ABS hardcover
case with “O-Ring” sealing for the protection
against water, dust and other contaminants.
A Light Sources
aa Ultraviolet , 2 long wave lamps each 4 Watts,
150 mm, 365nm, housed in a stainless steel
reflector for maximum illumination
ab Visible Overhead, single cool white lamp, 4


B Mechanical
ba Housing, rugged ABS plastic case with soft
feel handle. completely waterproof when closed
bb Size: 355 x 250 x 160 mm
bc Weight: 5.2 kg with 1.2 Ah accu, 7.25 kg with
accu 7.0 Ah
bd Internal wallet for tool storage - size
175 x 115 x 35 mm

D Switches
da Internal or external DC-source selector.
Switching to external position isolates the
internal battery
db Lamp change. Push button switch for
sequential switching of lamps. Sequence: off overhead white - ultraviolet - transmissive -fibre
optic - off

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9520

Opening Set for Car Doors
Already for many years government departments
like police, special tasks forces, military and
intelligence squads rely on this sophisticated set
with its comprehensive scope of equipments.
this set to each of these departments for
European cars of latest generation with or
without “Safe- Guard-Locking”. The PKI 9520 is
a full set of car opening tools, accessories and
illustrative documentation on videos and booklet.
All parts are packed in an artificial leather bag for
carrying and storage.
• Videos and books
2 video tapes with car opening methods
1 booklet with car opening methods
• Accessories
2 pressure cushions
1 vehicle sleeve
1 suction-lever for vehicle doors
1 wedge, 9.5 mm

1 wedge, 19 mm
1 torch lamp
• Universal Openers
1 universal hook, horizontal
1 universal hook, vertical
1 opening set “hooks and slings”
1 opening set “Euro Strip”
• Special Openers
1 opener for Opel Omega
1 opener for Volkswagen Golf III
1 opener for Volkswagen Sharan, from 1996

1 opener for side rods
1 opener for Volkswagen Passat, from
1993 - 1995
1 opener for Volkswagen Passat, from
1996 onwards
1 opener for Opel Astra, from 1996 onwards
1 opener for Opel Vectra, from 1996 onwards
1 opener for Mercedes C180
1 opener for Ford Mondeo, 1993-1997
1 opener for BMW

PKI 9525

Door Opening Kit for Cars and Rooms
Professional observation often requires the
installation of surveillance devices in locked
rooms or cars. In order to solve this problem we
have developed an universal kit for opening
doors of rooms and cars. The PKI 9525 should
be the basic equiment of every government
organisation being involved in the fight against
terrorism and criminal acts. It contains the
standard pick sets, hooks for opening the doors
of cars and a gun plug for grinding barrel locks.
If required we can of course also offer the
complete range of our door opening devices plus
our training seminars at our premises. We wish
to point out that the user of our door opening kit
must have some experience and talent in order to
be successful in this field.

• Dimensions of the aluminium case:
320 x 240 x 110 mm
• Weight of the case: 2kg
• Contents:

24 picks, 2 hooks for opening cars, 1 gun plug
• Kit for Beginners
• Universal kit for room and car locks
• Small and light-weight
• Delivered in an aluminium case

PKI 9530

Car ID Set
Very often the original chassis numbers of stolen
cars, machines etc. are made invisible, grinded
away or even replaced by new, forged numbers.
With our PKI 9530 the originally stamped
numbers can be made visible again. This
identification set especially has been assembled
for the use by special police forces and other
government departments being related to the
identification of stolen cars or other valuable
items. Basically, a testing can only be executed
on iron materials and if the ID-numbers have
been impacted automatically or by hand. A
magnetic flux is produced in the soft-iron-core
by two magnetic coils. This magnetic flux is
directed into the material via the poles. If the
lines of magnetic flux impact vertically hit on a
material-compression, some of the lines drop
out of the material and from the magnetic stray
field at the compression field point. Now the

magnetic powder has to be applied on the
compression point and the magnetic stray field
will attract all available iron parts of the powder
in order to react against the magnetic
• Content:
1 pce hand yoke magnet for evidence of grinded
1 pce UV lamp for visualisation of numbers
1 pce NFR 101 Aerosol tin, high fluorescent
magnetic powder
1 pce cleaner for degreasing of surfaces
• Power supply: 220 VAC, 50 Hz
• Dimensions: approx. 480 x 380 x 200 mm
(standard briefcase)
• Weight: approx. 12,5 kg

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9535

Door Opening Case
This modern shaped case is equipped with every
necessary tool for opening of locked doors. With
the PKI 9535 we have combined our long lasting
experience in this field together with
“State-of-the-Art” tools for a professional and
quick opening of every kind of lock. It is a must
for any government department, like police
forces, special tasks forces and intelligence
services to obtain immediate access to rooms
and buildings whenever closed and locked doors
prevent the direct entrance. The content of the
PKI 9535 has been determined by us in close
co-operation with our customers and according
to their needs. Special configurations, of course,
can be effected whenever our customer is asking
for. Contact us and inform us of your special

Content of the PKI 9535 Door
Opening Case
• Pointed pliers, straight
• Pointed pliers, cranked
• Screwdriver set
• Lubrication spray can
• Set of ring/open end spanners
• Ratchet spanner, size 17-19
• Support for pulling screws
• Pulling bell
• Pulling plate for circular locking cylinders
• Pulling plate for profile locking cylinders
• Hand-grip
• Pulling screws, 4.2mm diam. - 20 pcs
• Pulling screws, 5.5mm diam. - 20 pcs

PKI 9550

Vehicle Inspection Mirror
The PKI 9550 Vehicle Inspection Mirror, mounted
on castors, provides an efficient method for
examination the underside of vehicles and to
identify any suspicious item (explosives,
weapons, contraband etc). It's large convex
mirror offers a wide field of view and is
illuminated by a strong fluorescent lamp. Two
versions are available, allowing operation from
either an integral "D-cell" battery pack or an
external 12 VDC source -such as a car battery. It
is equipped with a telescopic handle for
convenient storage.
• Lamp:
12V fluorescent, protected within a rugged
splashproof acrylic case

• Mirror:
300 mm dia. circular convex glass
• Handle:
telescopic, up to 850 mm
• Power supply:
model A - 8 pcs „D-cells“ batteries
model B - external 12 V power source
connected by 8 m power lead
For the same purpose we also recommend to use
our PKI 9555 Video Surveillance Under Vehicle
System using video technology instead of optical
• Easy to manoeuvre under vehicles
• Choice of power supply
• Convex mirror with wide field of view

PKI 9555

Under Vehicle Video System
The use of car bombs, ignited by suicide
terrorists, more and more become a deadly
threat. Every government organisation has to
protect themselves against this. The PKI 9555
Under Vehicle Video System is the most useful
device for customs, police authorities and
security personnel to investigate vehicles from
underneath at borders, checkpoints and
premises like embassies, energy plants, banks
and other security-related commercial buildings.
PKI 9555 Under Vehicle Video System enables
every security personnel to identify any
suspicious item (weapon, bomb, contraband
etc), carried underneath a vehicle. By means of a
motorised shuttle and the use of computerised
video-vision system every vehicle can be
examined thoroughly. The observation unit is
equipped with a high resolution monochrome
camera and an illumination system and transmits
the pictures to the notebook for further
examination and storage.


• Easy to manoeuvre under vehicles
• Portable and mobile
• On-time viewing by video technology.
• Recording and storage on notebook
• Camera linear CCD
• Pixel Speed 20 MHz
• Power Supply 12 VDC

• Power Consumption 600 mA
• Lens 12 mm
• Field of View 120°
• Light Source halogen lights
• Dimensions approx. 480 x 480 x 90 mm,
for obervation item
• Receiving station laptop

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9560

Magnetic Clamps Detector
Controlling the entrance of sensitive areas means
that each and every passenger car or truck has to
be checked carefully. This device is a part of the
different instruments used to investigate vehicles
from underneath, like inspection mirrors,
explosives detectors or bomb sniffers. The PKI
9560 is only destined to detect magnetic clamps
mostly used to install auto bombs, drugs, vehicle
location equipment etc. beneath cars. A convex
mirror on the magnet sensor allows a quick and
easy optical control in conjunction with the
location of magnetic waves which are indicated
as an optical alarm signal. You can chose
between 2 different levels of sensitivity. An
additionally control lamp shows the charge level
of the built-in battery and a reset switch is used
to neutralise the instrument as to magnet waves.

• Dimensions Telescopic arm:
standard 45cm, extended 110cm
• Weight: 2,6 kg
• Diameter of the sensor: 110mm
• Power supply: Built-in 12V rechargeable battery
• Accessories: Battery charger
• Easy to handle
• Easy location of magnetic clamps
• Sturdy housing for the electronic

PKI 9565

Non-Contact Electronic Stethoscope
The PKI 9565 is designed to amplify faint sounds
coming through solid objects such as doors,
walls, windows or other suspect objects. It has
especially been developed for detection work in
EOD and IEDD contexts and therefore it offers
many applications for police and EOD personnel.
It is used essentially to detect mechanical
clockwork detonators that can be incorporated in
unconventional explosive or incendiary devices.
Sounds picked up by the detector head are
amplified and can be heard on earphones. PKI
9565 is supplied with various acoustic sensors to
cater a variety of detection remits. The detector
head can be exchanged, and various heads are
supplied to give an optimum performance under
different conditions. The entire unit is shock- and
weatherproof and is supplied in a rugged
carrying case.
• Frequency Range low range - 400 Hz to 10 KHz
high range - 1000 Hz to 10 KHz
• Amplification up to 80 dB (10.000 times)
• Power supply 9 V block battery or NiCad

rechargeable battery
• Operation time 12 - 50 hours
• Dimensions 35 mm dia., 210 mm length
(390mm long with probe)
• Weights:

stethoscope - 340 g
headphone - 140 g
complete - 1.800 g
• Carrying case: 360 x 300 x 88 mm

PKI 9570

Door Opening Set Multipick
The PKI 9570 is used for a non-destructive
opening of each kind of modern cylinder locks.
Its working method is quite similar to the well
known electropick system but being an advanced
system, the PKI 9570 can be used in the same
way at a higher sophisticated level for nearly
every known type of lock. By the use of the
optionally available accessories, this system can
unlock “exotic” locking systems as well.
Therefore it should not be missed to have this
device available in every government department
being involved in fights against criminal acts and
where a direct access to locked rooms is
important. For the way how to use this special set
please contact us for the next training held at our

premises. PKI 9570 is powered by 24 VDC using
the supplied battery pack and therefore is
independent from any mains power supply. The
battery pack is charged by the supplied
electronically regulated mains adapter.
• Multipick-Handheld Unit complete with
• 24 VDC battery pack
• Mains adapter, electronically regulated
• Set of picking needles, 50 pcs
• Spanning tools, 2 pcs
• Hexagon socket screw key, 3mm
• Operational manual

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9575

Professional Lockpicking Set
In close co-operation with our customers and
INTELLIGENCE offers this extraordinary set
which successfully is in use by many police
forces, fire brigades, intelligence departments
and authorised locksmiths worldwide. Beside the
INTELLIGENCE, also offers trainings and
seminars in regard to every door-opening
purpose. Please ask us for suitable dates. Nearly
40 years of experience in this field enabled us to
offer the PKI 9575 as the most complete set of
professional tools and accessories for an
immediate action in lock-picking tasks. But as
the development in this specific field proceeds
rapidly, we always improve our scope of supply
in this regard and to the benefit of our customers
• 1 “PARAT” Leather case
• 1 Torx-Bit TX 20
• 1 video tape about lockpicking
• 1 Philips-bit, size 2
• 1 “ROCKO”-Vario-Set
• 1 Universal holder
• 1 “Zieh-Fix Premium”-set
• 1 Connection Sk-3/8”Avk
• 1 “Zieh-Fix”- set
• 1 Nut SW 17, 3/8” drive
• 1 Pulling plate for profile lockingcylinders
• 2 Ti-drills , 1.0 mm
• 1 Pulling plate for circular locking cylinders
• 2 Ti-drills, 3.5 mm
• 1 Can of cutting and lubrication spray
• 2 Ti-drills, 10.0 mm
• 1 Special screw driver TX20
• 1 Hook K 1-12
• 1 T-key nut, SW 17
• 1 Hook O 1-15
• 1 Pointed pliers, straight

• 1 Extractor set
• 1 Pointed pliers, cranked
• 1 Pick set
• 1 Screw driver, 1.2x8x150mm
• 1 Spanning tool TR-25
• 1 Screw driver, 1.6x6x150mm
• 1 Spanning tool TR-4
• 1 Plastic profile cylinder locker
• 1 Spanning tool TEN-2
• 1 Opener for “Melchert” armatures
• 1 Spanning tool TEN-5
• 1 Needle set for door foldings
• 1 Spanning tool TNT-20
• 1 Lever for door foldings
• 1 Opener for cross-bearded locks
• 1 Set of cards for door opening
• 1 Flipper

• 1 Square bolt, 8mm for extraction of 72 mm
• 1 Window opener
• 1 Square bolt, 10mm for extraction of 92mm
• 2 pick-needles, straight pick
• 3 Protective collar for “Zieh-Fix Premium”
• 2 pick-needles, angle pick
• 50 Pulling screws standard
• 1 Tubular-Pick Standard
• 50 Pulling screws extra
• 1 “Zieh-Fix” electro incl. charger
• 50 Pulling screws super
• 1 “Zieh-Fix” Novum pick needle set
• 3 Profile cylinders 30-30 mm
• 1 Video Tape “ Electro-Picking

• 1 pce special graphite slip additive for
• 1 pce special screw-driver TX 20
• 1 pce special T-key with nut SW 17
• 1 pce short , straight pointed pliers
• 1 pce bended pointed pliers
• 1 pce screw driver 1.2 x 8 x 150 mm
• 1 pce screw driver 1.6 x 6 x 150 mm
• 1 pce Universal-profile-cylinder- locker

• 1 pce opener for Melchert-Visor-type locks
• 50 pcs pulling-screws, type standard for
mechanical tear-off device
• 50 pcs pulling-screws, type extra for
mechanical tear-off device
• 50 pcs pulling screws, type super for
mechanical tear-off device
• 1 pce profile cylinder 30-30 mm
• 1 pce VHS-Video-Demonstration-Cassette

PKI 9580

Lock Opening Device
This PKI 9580 has been designed as an
assortment around the well-known mechanical
tearoff device for the opening of every kind of
locked doors and has been assembled in close
co-operation with a large number of our
customers from all over the world. No matter
what kind of locks, whether round-type or
cylinder-type is to be opened, this set offers the
best possible choice to every kind of government
department. Even breaking of fixed links is
possible with this set of high-quality tools.
The professionally assortment of this kit consists
of the following parts:
• 1 pce carrying and storage case
• 1 pce mechanical tear-off device
• 1 pce tear-off plate for profile-cylinders,
14.7 mm diam.
• 1 pce tear-off plate for round-type cylinders,
16.8 mm diam.
• 100 ml special lubrication spray for cuts
and slidings


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Production and Development

PKI 9585

Door Opening Kit for Cars
In many cases of surveillance it is of utmost
importance to open a monitored car without any
risk of damage in order to install for example
microphones, cameras or GPS-systems. For this
application there are different systems available
which we have combined in one set:
1.) Decoder for car lock cylinders
2.) Lock picks for car lock cylinders
3.) Car lock scanner
4.) Car Killing Kit
These special tools can also be delivered
separately. In most cases it is important to find
out the model and year of manufacture of the car,
for example by using our decoder for car lock
cylinders. With this code you are now able to
directly compose a special key for the car by
using the provided master keys. For this, you do
not need any further tools or machines.
Everything is contained in the set. Our software
can decode even the latest generations of car
lock cylinders and then offer a proposal for the
key code. Concerning the lock picks it is also

essential to know the model and year of
manufacture of the car. Please indicate this
together with your order. The tools of the car lock
scanner are used to crack the code of the plates
integrated in the tumbler of the car lock cylinders
even of the latest generation. By means of the

cracked code it is now possible to cut a matching
key. The car killing kit consists of different bent
needles made out of steel wire which are inserted
through the rubber joint in order to reach the
locking mechanism of the car.

PKI 9590

Electric Powered Multipick Door Opening Kit
This door opening kit works with up to 44.000
vibrations per minute. Even locks with more than
20 tumblers on several locking sections can be
opened within seconds. The frequency of the
strokes can be adjusted continuously. The power
supply is guaranteed by means of a built-in
battery. Most of the opening kits of our
competitors destroy the door lock which is of
course acceptable in case of an emergency.
However, such tools cannot be used for
surveillance operations. PKI 9590 can be used in
order to open and relock all current available key
cylinders without damaging them at all. This is
imperative for all kind of room surveillance. The
PKI 9590 works in such a way that a special pick
is inserted into the locking canal of the key
cylinder. The pick is then put into extremely high
vibrations which are transferred at the correct

angle to the locking bolts of the key cylinder. The
locking bolts put into such a vibration fall into
their corresponding locking positions and such
enabling the core of the key cylinder to rotate
freely as if it was opened by using a matching

• Dimensions 38 x 28 x 8 cm
• Power Supply 24V battery pack
• Hand set with plain needle holder
• Accessories electronically controlled charging
unit 220V
50 plain picks
2 chuck tools
3mm Allen wrench
Instruction manual in English

PKI 9595

Thermal Lance - Complete Unit
If there is no chance to open a door with
conventional tools or if this is not possible
because of any special material, we recommend
our thermal lance. It penetrates any material like
cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, granite,
nickel, ceramic or titanium compound as well as
aluminium. The fuel rods reach a temperature of
up to 5.500°C at the tip and therefore can cut,
melt or liquefy the different materials indicated
above. Each lance burns about 30-40 seconds.
There is no other equipment available which is so
versatile and reliable. The PKI 9595 contains
everything in order to carry all tools with you.
The application is very simple and safe, because

no dangerous acetylene or high power are
• Carrying device for fixing a 5l air tank and
oxygene mounting
• Belt for fixing the provided 12V battery incl.
charging unit
• Leather Tubular for the 450mm long lances and
scratch plate
• Further Accessories protective goggles, ignition
cable, earth cable, oxygene hose, protective
gloves as well as 9 pcs. lances 6,35 x 450mm
and 6 pcs. lances 9,53 x 450mm

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9600

Forged Chassis Numbers Identification Set
Unfortunately the number of stolen cars is
steadily increasing. The police has to face a
serious problem. Even when they trace stolen
cars, the original stamped chassis number often
has been made invisible, grinded off or has been
replaced by a new, forged number. Now PKI
created the easy-to-use PKI 9600 set which is
indispensable in order to prove the car theft, as it
makes the originally stamped chassis number
visible again. You simply have to apply the
adequate etching gel on the place where you
suspect the chassis number, to treat it with the
included brush and afterward with the
neutralising liquid. In order to protect your hands
always put on the included gloves. After this
treatment the chassis number will clearly

There is a magnetic (PKI 9530) and a chemical
(PKI 9600) procedure as the surface of the
material with chassis numbers may vary from
one car type to the other. So it could be very
useful to test both methods.
• Dimensions of the aluminium case:
32 x 25 x 10 cm
• Weight: 1 kg
• Contents: 3 bottles with etching gel for
aluminium, steel and copper
2 bottles with neutralising liquid
1 brush, 1 magnifier with UV-light

PKI 9605

Key Copying Kit
Wherever it is necessary to place monitoring
devices into a room, non-destructive methods to
open and close locked doors are required. For
such purposes, different methods are possible.
Whether using our lock-picking devices or
casting a perfect copy of the original key - in any
way we can supply the right solutions. With our
PKI 9605 Key Copying Kit we offer the best way
for all special forces to enter the room as often as
required under the condition that the original key
is available at least once. For each and every type
of key you can easily obtain a totally identical
copy of the original, without the need of any key
blank and within only a few minutes. The original
has to be fixed in the supplied mould and the
mixed-up impression material has to be filled
into this. After curing of the material, the original
key has to be removed and the remaining shape
is to be filled with the supplied special casting
metal material. With this mould, several similar

copies of the original can be done, one by one,
within seconds.
• 1 pc. metal casting mould
• 2 pcs. support for keys
• 1 block special metal casting material
• 1 pc. burner with gas-cartridge

• 1 pc. mixing bowl
• 1 bottle hardener
• 1 bottle interlace agent
• 1 box impression material
• 1 set tools, with screwdriver, knife, spatula,
one-way syringes, casting spoon etc.
• 1 pc. operating manual
• 1 pc. carrying case for the whole kit

• Secured area: 1 - 70 m
• Distance of alarm transmission: up to 400 m
(depending on surounding conditions) or
unlimited range to GSM mobile phone via

• Alarm: acoustical and optical on alarm
receiver (pager)
• Power supply: 9 VDC standard block battery
• Dimensions. approx. 65 x 40 x 20 mm
• Weight: approx. 300 g

PKI 9615

IR Light Barrier
Very often the surrounding conditions only allow
a mobile and flexible intrusion protection
especially in sensitive areas like mobile camps
for police or military forces, industrial and / or
private sectors where no mains supply is
available. The PKI 9615 is the smallest device
available in the world-market for IR motion
detection. Consisting of palmsized transmitter
and receiver, the PKI 9615 secures an area with a
diameter of up to 70 m against unauthorised
intrusions. If a person crosses the invisible beam
between transmitter and receiver, a
radio-controlled acoustical and visible alarm
signal is given to the receiver (pager). Optionally,
this signal can also be transferred to a mobile
phone by means of an interface.
• IR-Wavelength: approx. 940 Nanometers
(invisible to human eyes)


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Production and Development

PKI 9620

Telescopic Assault Ladder
PKI 9620 is a telescopic ladder for immediate
access to various buildings whenever these
cannot be entered from the inside. Therefore it is
a must for every SWATTeam, special police
forces and military departments being in charge
of criminal acts like taking hostages, bomb
disposal and acting against drug dealers. As it is
designed to be most compact, easy to store and
quick to assemble, it offers the best features for
a mobile, operational task. It extends from a
compact format to either full length or any
intermediate length. Handling is very easy, you
only pull out from closed condition to required
length. Maximum length is about 3.6 meters.
Other types with less length are available upon
request (1.4, 2.0, 2.6 and 3.2 meters). Made of
top-class aluminium with hard rubber caps at the
top and bottom, this assault ladder provides a
high loading capacity and prevention of slippage
when in use. It is certified to many world-wide
standards in regard to safety and durability.

• Max. standard loading: 150 kg
• Closed length: 89 cm
• Extended length: max. 3,6 m
• Weight: 13 kg
• Carrying bag: approx. 102 x 51 x 11 cm

PKI 9625

Special Entry Tool
This low velocity, indirect acting tool is designed
for police, fire fighters, military and emergency
response personnel to quickly gain access
through locked doors, gates, security bars,
fences etc. It uses special breaching modules
with drive/cutting heads that move at speeds
over 60 m per second. PKI 9625 is an indirect
acting powder actuated tool which uses the
expanding gases of a powder load to drive a
piston rod forward. The piston rod then engages
and drives a chisel or other type of object
through a lock, bolt, padlock, window bar, or
• Size: with flying chisel attached
495 mm x 45 mm x 159 mm
• Weight / tool: loaded tool with flying chisel
attached 2.9 kg
• Weight / full kit: 6,8 kg
• Chisels and piston: forged tool steel, specially

heat treated for impact stresses
• Striking force: 13.6000 kg at chisel head with
red powder loads
• Tools:
flying chisel 75 mm
Boltbuster chisel 25 mm

Lockbuster rod 69 mm
• Re-cock time for next shot: less than 1 second
• Power loads: 10 cartridges low velocity strip
loads 3 (green) for training, 5 (red) for

PKI 9630

Flexible Ladder
This ladder is made from anodised aluminium
and flexible stainless steel wire sides that can
easily be coiled for transportation or stowage.
PKI Flexible Ladder has a wide application range
in rescue work, where quick access and fast
extraction of persons in danger is crucial.
• Rungs: 15 cm wide
• Space between rungs: 30 cm
• Length: 10 -20 m
• Weight: 2,4 - 4,8 kg
• Max. load: 120 kg

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9635

Street Barriers
A large variety of operations require street
barriers, e.g. cleaning works after terrorist
attacks or safeguarding of vehicles, buildings etc.
or at demonstrations. We can deliver street
barriers in different sizes and colours. They are
easy to pile and therefore space-saving during
transport by truck. Furthermore they offer
retainers for signboards like “police control”,
“diversion” or similar.
• Material: steel or aluminium tube
• Dimensions: 280 x 120 x 50cm
• Colour: standard red/white, other colours on

PKI 9640

Fluorescent Safety Products
Some special objects have always to be visible
even at power blackout, such as exits and stairs,
but also signs for fire extinguishers, fire alarm or
emergency exits, direction arrows etc. In addition
various kinds of signs we also offer
self-adhesive fluorescent tapes. Should this still
be insufficient we are able to supply fluorescent
colour. Even if there is no light anymore this
colour afterglows up to 30 minutes.
• Dimensions signs: 320 x 160 mm
• Material: polyrinylchlorid, self-adhesive
• Dimensions fluorescent tapes: roll length
30 m x 0,30 m
• Specific weight colour: 1.4
• Lasts for: 1 kg/m2
• Packed in: 50 kg
• Note: These products can be stored for 1 year.

PKI 9645

10W Power LED Torch Lamp
The PKI 9645 is one of the strongest torch lamps
in the market and outshines any torch lamp with
standard bulbs. Due to the solid aluminium
housing its use is as versatile as could be, e.g.
for outdoor operations. The energy-saving
LED-lights allow extremely efficient use of
battery power, which makes this torch a unique
accessory at numerous activities.
• Dimensions: ø 30 x 150 mm
• Weight: 180 g
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
• Operation time: 600 lm = 1 h/ 90 lm = 10 h
• Capacity: 600 / 90 lm switchable
• Maximum capacity: up to 900 Im
• Various: extra solid aluminium
housing, with non-slip hand grip,
holster, rechargeable battery and
power plug included.


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Production and Development

PKI 9650

High Tension Lance
The new PKI 9650 High Tension Lance is the
extended development to our PKI 9700 Electric
Shock Baton. PKI's R&D-department has
developped this tactical device for every kind of
riot control where aggressors have to be kept
away from sensitive areas. In combination with
our PKI 9150 Protective Shield the PKI 9650
High Tension Lance offers a perfect solution for
an effective control of any riot situation. Several
police officers or members of other Anti-RiotSquads should row up, creating a „living wall“
against the insurgents but yet being well
protected and having the best possible means of
defence in hands for controlling and repelling of
critical events. The PKI 9650 is made of special,
rigid and heavy duty plastic tubes incorporating
the battery compartment, electronic boards and
copper conductors for transferring the high
tension to the contact-pins. Due to its length of
1.600 mm any person can be kept at a secure
distance. Just by pressing the integrated button
the PKI 9650 will produce audible, high tension
cracking noises and sparks between the contact
pins. If even this will not stop the crowd, the

PKI 9655

PKI 9660

direct body contact with the electric pins of PKI
9650 High Tension Lance immediately will
immobilise the aggressor for several minutes.
• Total length 1600 mm
• Effective range from 1600 - 2400 mm
• Diameter 50 mm
• Weight 2,8 kg

• Max. output voltage 45.000 V
• Power supply rechargable battery
• 45.000 Volts max. output power
• Low current
• Portable and well balanced
• Rigid but lightweight construction
• Battery operated
• Not effecting harmful injuries

PKI 9665

Mast Systems for Police Vehicles, Mast Systems for Antennas, Mast Systems for Illumination

Fast installation of mast systems is often
indispensable. According to customer’s
requirements our systems can be mounted onto
vehicles or used in open space. They are
available in light, medium and heavy duty
versions depending on their height and weight of
the object to be fixed, e.g. camera, illumination
devices, antenna etc. Out of our range of more
than 30 different mast systems we have selected
3 versions. Please ask for a detailed quotation
that are sutiable for military purposes as well.

PKI 9655 9 m height
PKI 9660 30 m height
PKI 9665 20 m height

top load up to 15 kg
top load up to 75 kg
top load up to 70 kg

Every mast can be mounted
freestanding or onto a vehicle. Extension is
effected by hydraulic or hoisting winch.

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9670

A lot of our PKI-devices are used at emergency
cases like terrorist attacks, earth quakes etc.
where no conventional power supply is available.
Our various generators of different power classes
are the ideal solution PKI offers all types of
generators from standard hand-held to
stationary devices. In general we can
recommend two types: diesel engines and patrol
4-stroke engines, but of course all special
demands will be considered.
• Power: 1-10 kW continuous power, portable
version or on wheels
10-400 kW stationary version
• Working voltage: 230 V or/and 380 V AC
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Speciality: generator integrated in stable frame
• Protection class: IP 23
• Acoustic level: 83 dB(A)

PKI 9675

Telescopic Ladder
The advantage of telescopic ladders is that they
are easy to store if you don’t need them. In the
case of emergency, however, they are ready to
hand immediately. The PKI 9675 has a total
length of 3.80 m and can carry up to 150 kg. A
handy and useful ladder, which is indispensable
for any household.
• Dimensions: 78 cm (folded),
380 cm (expanded)
• Max. carrying capacity: 150 kg
• Material: aluminium
• Weight: 10,7 kg

PKI 9680

Portable Plasma Cutter
This plasma cutter cuts iron plates like butter
which is often of highest importance at special
operations. The plasma flame reaches a
temperature of 8000°C. The PKI 9680 weights
only 6 kg and is powered by a separate generator
which is included and allows long working times.
A battery pack can also be used for shorter times
of operation (depending on power).
• Dimensions: 500 x 700 x 300 mm
• Weight: 6 kg
• Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz, generator, batteries
and power switch
• Plasma flame: 8000°C
• Note: The operator imperatively must wear the
included protection mask due to strong
UV rays.


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Production and Development

PKI 9685

Hydraulic Spreader
The PKI 9685 is a multi-functional item for
various operations, such as spreading, pulling,
holding, separating and much more. The
spreading head with anti-sliding teeth is made of
super-high strength light aluminium alloy for
navigation and astronautics. It ensures that the
spreading and holding operation is safe and
reliable. Our system adopts German seals and
hydraulic oil for navigation, which ensures the
use in an environment of -30°C to +55°C and in
a depth of 30 m under water. PKI 9685 complies
with German DIN 14751.
• Dimensions: 704 x 280 x 185 mm
• Weight: 17 kg
• Working pressure: 63 MPa
• Spreading force: 42-120 kN
• Spreading distance: 630 mm
• Pulling force: 55 kN
• Pulling stroke: 500 mm
• Hydraulic pump: on request

PKI 9690

Hydraulic Cutter
PKI 9690 has a powerful cutting function and is
able to cut round steel up to a diameter of 30
mm. The cylinder is made of high strength light
alloy for astronautics. The surface is ceramic
treated. The cutter is made of special tool steel,
which can be sharpened repeatedly. The system
adapts German seals and hydraulic oil for
navigation which ensures the use in an
environment of -30°C to +55°C and in a depth of
30 m under water. PKI 9690 complies with
German DIN 14751.
• Dimensions: 730 x 190 x 165 mm
• Weight: 12.8 kg
• Working pressure: 63 MPa
• Max. cutting force: 420 kN
• Max. cutting capacity: 30 mm diam.
• Max. opening capacity: 150 mm
• Hydraulic pump: on request

PKI 9695

Hydraulic Door Opener
This PKI 9695 hydraulic door opener is
indispensable for special forces who need to get
attack-like access to rooms. Very often only
seconds determine whether for example a
terrorist can escape or not. The spreading jaws
are equipped with anti slip coating.
PKI 9695 complies with German DIN 14751.

• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 235 mm
• Weight: 7 kg
• Temperature range: -30°C to +55°C
• Wedging angle: 28°
• Working pressure: 63 Mpa
• Load: up to 9 to.
• Note: In addition to PKI 9695 a small, portable
hydraulic compressor can be supplied on

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9700

Electric Shock Baton
The PKI 9700 Electric Shock Baton is the most
versatile instrument to protect police officers,
anti-terrorist squads and security guards from
personal attacks at demonstrations, riots and
other dangerous situations. Even private security
companies should be equipped with this device
for their own personal protection during their
daily tasks. The unit is small enough to be placed
into a beltsling like provided with our PKI 9255
Immediate Response Jacket or can be fixed to
the hand by the attached sling and then being
right at hand at any time. The PKI 9700, coated
by hard rubber material, provides an electric
shock to the aggressor whenever touched but
also can be used as a common baton.
Additionally the PKI 9700 produces a cracking
noise and high voltage sparks whenever the
electric shock function is activated by the
integrated switch. This already will stop any
further attack but even if the aggressive person
steps forward, a single touch, of some seconds
only, to its hip or upper-body region will
immobilise him for a certain time, without
causing any dangerous, long-lasting or even
lethal injuries.

• Max. output voltage approx. 30.000 V
• Dimensions approx. 40mm diameter x 380 mm
• Weight approx. 300 gr.
• Power supply standard battery 9 V

• Highly versatile
• High power - up to 30.000 V
• Low current
• Immobilising aggressors by non-lethal but yet
effective electric shocks
• Battery operated

PKI 9705

Door Latch Opening Set
Especially locks of the new generation with
end-to-end bolts are appropriate for this kind of
opening set. Just install the lifting tool between
the door and the door handle plate, in order to
obtain the necessary gap that allows introducing
the square bolt tool. Actuate the bolt with the tool
in order to unlock the door latch. The PKI 9705 is
also appropriate for double rabbet doors and
self-closing systems. Our handle plate lifting tool
can be used on all door systems with enough
ridges that allow placing it precisely and to exert

force on it. The tools are delivered in a solid
hard-cover plastic case with inlays.
• Handle plate lifting tool
• Bolt, square, 8 mm for 72 distances
• Bolt, square, 9 mm for FH-doors
• 2x bolts, square, 10 mm for 92 distances
• Long pliers
• Set of latch pick needles
• Set of latch opening cards

PKI 9710

Safety Suitcase
The PKI 9710 has been developed for secure
transportation of various valuable items, such as
cash money, jewels, important documents, etc. It
features multiple functions to avoid theft and
pilferage. Sensors are integrated in the handle
and both surfaces of the suitcase, which can be
activated, so that the PKI 9710 emits
high-voltage pulsed electric shocks of 30 KV. The
wireless activation is done by means of a small
remote control that must be carried separately
from the suitcase. This remote control also
activates the “loss function”, which prevents
from simply forgetting it somewhere during
voyages or theft. If the distance between the
remote control and the PKI 9710 exceeds 3-15
m, a loud warning signal will be emitted. If ever
the suitcase has really been stolen by someone,
for your own protection you should wait until the
person has obtained a distance of at least 50 m,
in order to activate the anti-robbery function of


the suitcase, which will activate the alarm signal
as well as the high-voltage electric shocks.
• Activation distances: 3-15 m for alarm signal,
approx. 50 m for high-voltage electric shocks
• Electric shocks: high-voltage >30 KV
• Audio alarm: > 85 dB
• Power supply:
• Remote control: battery
• Electric shocks: 12 VDC / 6 x alkaline batteries
or equivalent rechargeable batteries
• Material: high-quality PVC or leather in black or
red colour, according to customer’s request
• Double code locks

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Production and Development

PKI 9715

GSM Remote Control
It is hard to believe but today’s GSM-technology
allows many actions for remote controls all over
the world. This is what our PKI 9715 can do.
Switching on and off electric heaters, lamps,
radio sets or other household equipment is as
well possible as activating mains- powered
monitoring devices like those shown in this
catalogue. No matter whether you are in Spain
and you must activate a certain device at home in
Germany, or in your office in Turkey or anywhere
else in the world - distances are of no
importance. Of course, it is up to you what kind
of device you wish to switch on or off but the PKI
9715 is the right choice for all such operations.

With its potentialfree in- and outputs, the
minimised dimensions of only 68 x 60 x 30 mm
and the low weight it can easily be installed
wherever you might need it. Simply place a
commercial and prepaid SIM-card into the slot
and off it goes.
• Frequency: GSM 900/1800 MHz
• Peak: switching current 300 VA
• Power supply: 110 - 240 VAC or 12 VDC with
mains adapter/charger
• Dimensions: approx. 68 x 60 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 g

PKI 9720

Wireless Remote Control
This professional wireless remote control
activates respectively deactivates electronic
devices from a distance of up to 1000 m with a
coded signal. PKI 9720 operates absolutely
safely and interference-free to and from other
electronic devices. Therefore it is the best
possible solution, if you need a wireless remote
control for all of your equipment. As standard,
the PKI 9720 is supplied as a single-channel
version. Multichannel versions are available upon
• Switching channel one, potentialfree connection

with 100VA breaking capacity
• Transmitting frequency: UHF-range, coded
• Transmitting range: up to 1000 m (depending
on surrounding conditions)
• Power supply: 9 VDC standard block batteries
for receiver and/or mains adapter for
• Dimensions:
Transmitter - approx. 140 x 75 x 22 mm
Receiver - approx. 100 x 60 x 20 mm
• Weights:
Transmitter - approx. 350 g
Receiver - approx. 220 g

PKI 9725

Telescopic Batons
Already for a long time the PKI 9725 Telescopic
Batons are the standard equipment of police
officers in many countries all over the world.
years of experience in this business, and being a
registered supplier in more than 60 countries,
now can offer the latest development in this field.
Each baton is equipped with a special anti-slip
rubber handle (Vinyl-Grip) and there is a vast
difference to common batons in regard to
quality, stability and reliability.
We can now offer various versions of the PKI
9725 Telescopic Baton:
Version A made of aluminium,
length 41 cm, weight 207 g
Version B made of aluminium,
length 53 cm, weight 250 g
Version C made of aluminium,
length 66 cm, weight 300 g
Version D made of aluminium,
length 79 cm, weight 420 g

Version E made of steel,
length 41 cm, weight 377 g
Version F made of steel,
length 53 cm, weight 462 g
Version G made of steel,
length 66 cm, weight 577 g
Version H made of steel,
length 79 cm, weight 683 g
Version I made of black coated steel,
length 41 cm, weight 377 g
Version J made of black coated steel,
length 53 cm, weight 462 g
Version K made of black coated
steel, length 66 cm, weight 577 g
Version L made of black coated steel,
length 79 cm, weight 683 g
Please ask us for further information
about each version.

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Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9730

Solar Case
Nothing works without power supply, however
there are numerous possibilities to ensure power
for electric devices even at blackouts. Our PKI
9730 solar case is one of these possibilities.
Uninterrupted power supply is not only important
for our special devices but also for standard
equipment. The built-in lead-acid battery with
12V, 18 Ah is permanently recharged by solar
energy via solar panels. The integrated inverter
converts 12 V DC to 110 or 220 AC, so that a
reliable power supply of 120 W is always

• Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 18 cm
• Weight: 10 kg
• Temperature range: -20°C to +60°C
• Solar panels: 2x 6W mono-crystalline silicon
• Carrying case: fire-proof PVC

PKI 9735

150W Solar Inverter and Outdoor UPS
There is no easier way! This handy power supply
with integrated solar cell batteries, recharger and
AC output reliably provides power for our PKI
devices at various operations especially at
blackouts. The batteries will be recharged by
solar cells, AC adapter or inside the car via
cigarette plug. The built-in batteries are equipped
with overload protection.

• Dimensions: 200 x 155 x 55 mm
• Weight: 1.6 kg
• Solar panel: polycrystalline
• Built-in batteries: 12V DC, 2,2 A
• Output power: 150 w (max.)
• Output voltage: 120 V / 220 V
• Low battery alarm

PKI 9740

Digital Alarm System
• Handheld receiver
• PIR motion detector
• Shock sensor
• Radar motion detector
• Safety shut-off mat
• Handheld panic alarm
In general, a mission does not only consist in
protection of furniture and fixtures. During a
surveillance operation it is of utmost importance
that the target person does not have any
suspicions. One crucial point in order to avoid
unpleasant surprises is to secure the target place
accordingly, so that the surveillance operator is
protected whilst installing the devices and can be
warned timely, if persons are approaching the
target room. Our alarm sensors are easy to install
fully unobtrusively and their wireless functioning
is completely autarkic, as each sensor is
equipped with transmitter and battery. This
allows extreme easy and fast installation. All
sensors can be installed according to personal
and individual requirements. The alarm is given
via the handheld receiver, and can be selected
between acoustic, optical and vibration alert. The
distance between the sensors and the receiver
can be up to 300 m.
Handheld receiver
• Channels: 4
• Frequency: 430 MHz
• Alarm: acoustic, optical, vibration


• Power supply: 4 x batteries type AAA 1.5 V
• Dimensions: 112 x 58 x 23 mm
• Housing: aluminium
• Operating time: 30 days in stand-by mode
(with one set of batteries)
Wireless PIR motion detector
• Data transmission: digital, encoded
• Frequency: 430 MHz
• Start-up delay: 1 min. after activation
• Detecting range: 8 m
• Transmission power: 50 mW
• Transmission range: 300 m

• Operating time: 40 day in stand-by mode
• Power supply: 3 coin cells
• Housing: aluminium
• Dimensions: ONLY Ø 16 mm x 88 mm
Wireless shock sensor
• Data transmission: digital, encoded
• Frequency: 430 mm
• Transmission power: 50 mW
• Transmission range: 300 m
• Operating time: 180 days
• Power supply: 2 coin cells
• Housing: aluminium

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9740

Digital Alarm System
• Dimensions: 70 x 51 x 9 mm
• Note: Start-up delay 1 min. after activation,
perfect for surveillance of vehicles
Wireless radar motion detector
• Data transmission: digital, encoded
• Frequency: 430 MHz
• Transmission power: 50 mW
• Transmission range: 300 m
• Covered range: 0.3 - 5 m, 60°
• Power supply: 12V DC batteries
• Dimensions: 110 x 160 x 120 mm
• Operating time: 30 hours
• Note: a very reliable motion detector, even
through doors, windows, walls, bricks, etc.
Start-up delay after activation: 1 min.

Wireless safety shut-off mat
• Data transmission: digital, encoded
• Frequency: 430 MHz
• Transmission power: 50mW
• Transmission range: 300 m
• Operating time: 180 days in stand-by mode
• Power supply: 2 x coin cells
• Housing: aluminium
• Dimensions: 590 x 180 mm
(transmitter: 70 x 51 x 9 mm)
• Note: reliably secures doors, halls and entries
Wireless panic alarm
• Data transmission: digital, encoded
• Frequency: 430 MHz
• Transmission power: 50mW

• Transmission range: 300 m
• Operating time: 100 days in stand-by mode
• Power supply: 3 x coin cells
• Dimensions: 64 x 34 x 13 mm
• Note: housed in a keyring pendant, wireless
alarm release at the push of a button
In addition to our above mentioned sensors and
detectors, we can also supply further types, such
as IR or laser light barriers, acoustic sensors,
etc. according to your requirements and needs.
Also part of our product range are various
versions of audio/video devices, wireless and
pocket-sized, including receiver and recorder and
are listed in our catalogue as well.

PKI 9745

Irritant Gas Defence System
The PKI 9745 has been developed as ancillary
component for already installed alarm systems.
It consists in a defence system with irritant gas,
which is approved as protection against people,
combined with a warning announcement. Its
housing is made in extra solid stainless steel to
protect against damage. Once the main alarm
system is turned on, the PKI 9745 switches into
standby mode. Only an alert will activate the
defence system. At first a loud warning message
will be announced: “Leave the secure area
immediately, or irritant gas will be released”. This
clear and unmistakable warning gives the
intruder the possibility to retreat. Otherwise, if he
ignores it and continues to enter the detection
range of the PKI 9745, the irritant gas will
automatically be ejected. If this discouraged the
intruder and he backs out, the PKI 9745 will turn
back into standby mode. If the intruder however

continues to approach, further irritant gas
ejections will be released. After each ejection the
dose of irritant gas will be increased. By turning
off the alarm system, the PKI 9745 will be turned
off as well.
• Irritant gas, approved as protection against
people in 400 ml cartridges covering areas up
to 300 m². Stainless steel housing with
adjustable wall bracket, control unit protected
against damage, with LED-display and key
switch to protect against unintended activation,
cable length 1.5 m
• Operating temperature: -20° to +45°C
• Dimensions:
diameter approx. 160mm, length 330 mm
• Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

PKI 9750

Defence Tool
These tools are indispensable for all persons
working as security guards, whether at
government departments or in industrial
companies like power plants, metal- or chemical
factories etc. In order to avoid that they are
seriously injured or even die when doing their job
or by being attacked by demonstrators, terrorists
or other crowds ready to use violence, they
must be equipped with adequate defence
devices. However, it is necessary to practise the
application of these special tools. With our
special training courses we can provide each
user with the necessary knowledge to use our
equipment correctly and to avoid injuries.
Unlike the tools of many other suppliers the PKI
9750 includes a wide range of features,
i.e. baton, torch light and tear gas in one tool.
Optionally tools with bent hooks for capturing a
person or tools with a grip and long lance to keep

the aggressor at a safe distance are also
• Dimensions 40 - 60 cm
• Weight Approx. 150 g

• Material Plastic, aluminium and iron
• Sturdy finishing
• Shock-proof material
• Easy to handle
• Light-weight

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9760

NBC Protection Suit
This protection suit belongs to a group of
activated carbon fabrics which has been
designed in order to meet the latest challenge in
case of a NBC thread. This suit offers both
advantages, i.e. total protection and high air- and
water vapour permeability and reduces the
threat of heat stress by its excellent wearing
comfort. PKI 9760 is especially convenient for
operation in hot climatic conditions.

• Gas test: protection against a 20 mg m³ HD
challenge for 6 hrs ≤500 mg min/m³
• Possibilites of decontamination: hot gas/hot
vapour (180°C/30 min.) twice
• Burning resistance: protection against heat and
flames (EN 15025) level A
• Available NBCF (F=fire) protection suit: high
protection against fire and heat radiation
• Washable: at 40°C
Shelf-life: min. 10 years

• Weight: 520 g/m²
• Air permeability: 250 mm/s
• Water vapour resistance: ISO 11092
• Thermal resistance: 0,030 m² K/W
• Protection against chemical warefare: laid drop
test and falling drop test
• Protection against a 10 gm² HD challenge for
24 hrs ≤ 4 µg/cm²

PKI 9765

Fight Suit
This suit has been designed especially against
punch weapons. It is particularly effective against
hard attacks of special arm- and leg techniques.
Due to its especially comfortable design, this
fight suit won’t constrain the fighter’s agility in
the case of an attack or defense situation.
• Material: upper shell cotton mixture 300 g/m2,
in addition firmly tufted with Cordura at chest
and back, inner cloth humidity adjusting,
stuffing by punch-absorbing fabrics. At
chest, back, abdomen, upper and lower arm,
tights, shin and calf-bone additional
protectors are available made of punch resistant
• Miscellaneous: excellent flexibility and
extraordinary wearing comfort, Velcro and
fleece shutters to fix all protectors
• Available sizes: S / M / L / XL

PKI 9770

Underneath Vest
A complete body protecting vest not only
consists of protection plates against
punch-knife-slash and bullet attacks but of
various elements which have to be considered
carefully. Besides high protection the vest has to
provide a maximum of comfort to the wearer so
that it is steadily worn.
• Available colours: black, blue, green
• Protection: against punch and knife-slash
• Knife-slash restraint: 35 Nm
• Note: Use of this vest makes sense when
application of guns is highly unlikely.
This means areas with personnel access control
such as prisons, at court, or major events
where special security attention is paid.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9780

This UV-set consists in a strong UV-LED light,
UV-ink, UV-pen and UV-spray and offers all
facilities to convict perpetrators. Once applied on
different surfaces and items, the UV-substances
remain invisible for the human eye and can only
be visualized by means of the strong UV-LED
light. This is also the case for texts written with
our UV-ink. To do so, just fill the UV-ink into a
common fountain pen. If a person touches the
UV-marked items, these UV-substances will stick
on his hands, fingers or clothes. Afterwards he
can easily be identified with the UV-LED light. Of
special interest is our UV-spray. Applied onto
bank notes, floor grounds, jewelleries etc. it
adheres to them during several days and
transmits itself to the person that touches them.

Afterwards nothing is easier than to provide
evidence with our strong UV-LED light.
• UV-LED light:
Wave-lenght: 380 - 390 nm
Power supply: 2 x batteries type AA
Dimensions: ø 34 x 176 mm
Weight: 112 g
• UV-pen: ø 10 x 60 mm
• UV-ink: contents 20 ml
• UV-spray: contents 200 ml
• Assembled in an aluminium case
of 250 x 200 x 85 mm
• Weight: 1,2 kg

PKI 9785

UV-Marker Spray
This invisible UV-spray can easily and
inconspicuously be applied on various items to
be secured. It remains on the items during
several days and sticks on the hands or fingers of
the person that touches these marked objects. By
means of the UV-torch, that is included in the set,
even smallest traces will become visible.

• Contents: 345 ml
• Colour: neutral, turns to green under UV-light
• UV-light, protective gloves and application
sticks included.

PKI 9790

Invisible Theft Detection Set
These substances will stick on the hands or
fingers on contact. Compared with the visual
theft detection substances, they only become
visible under UV-light. These invisible
substances find their application field rather in
long-term observation activities of suspicious
persons. Even smallest quantities of this powder
or paste will become visible under UV-light

• Powder/paste available in the following
neutral, turns to green under
• Contents: 60 g
• UV-light, protective gloves and
application sticks included

PKI 9795

Computer Data Restorage
It happens quite often and is unforeseeable: the
PC data is destroyed or lost by interference of
hard ware, user failure, deletion or data
formatting by mistake or virus attacks. But we
can offer help! After receipt of your PC we will
issue a diagnostic report stating which data
could be restored and at which level. Hereafter
we will submit a firm offer to you. All data will be
restored bit by bit in painstaking detail. Your PC
will be opened in clean room in order to realize a
1:1 copy of the hard disk. Afterwards the
structure of your file system will be reconstituted
and the lost, corrupt or damaged datas is
available again. Our forensic scientists will also
analyse whether electronic documents are
forged, modified or deleted. Please ask us for
electronic search for traces and data protection.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9800

Perpetrator Convincing Kit
Visible perpetrator materials are special powders
or pastes that are applied on valuable items like
bank-notes, documents, laptops etc. Touching
these marked items will create a long-lasting,
clearly visible and permanently existing dot on
the fingers and hands. Even persistent washing
with water and soap cannot remove these stains
which easily detect the theft. Invisible perpetrator
materials, however, are special powders or
pastes which are only visible under special
UV-lamps (like our PKI 5405) and are invisible to
the naked human eye. With the PKI 9800, we
offer a complete set of every necessary material
for a rapid and effective perception of
perpetrators. Other companies only offer single
components which then have to be assembled to
a workable kit. Our complete case PKI 9800

offers all this in a “all-in-one” assembly of
state-of-the-art materials, guarantying that each
government department is perfectly equipped
with an outstanding assortment of visible and
invisible powders and pastes plus every
necessary tool in order to identify the
• Coloured powders and pastes, black, red,
green, yellow, silver and copper for the visible
• Powders and pastes for the invisible marking
incl. mini-UVlamp, application sticks and
protective gloves and various fingerprint-lifting
foils and marking crayon

PKI 9805

Explosives Test Kit
The PKI 9805 is in service with many
governments all over the world and is designed
and assembled as an exclusive and extremely
cost-effective and easy-to-use system for
detection of all types of military and other
explosives. Due to its minimized false alarm rate
and low price ratio it is delivered to security
forces in far greater numbers than conventional
explosive detectors, which tend to be expensive
and usually require a technically trained operator.
Each PKI 9805 comes with a clearly
comprehensible set of instruction manuals so
that an operator without any technical
background - can immediately use the test kit in
an operational environment. The complete kit is
fitted in a sturdy plastic carrying and storage
case with every necessary tool for an immediate
and on the spot testing.

The complete set of the PKI 9805 is containing
the test devices for:
• C4

in less than three minutes, providing a fast and
extremely accurate result.
For home-made explosives a separate kit - the
PKI 9805/A - is also available.
Please ask us for full information about this set.

PKI 9810

Bomb Search Kit
The PKI 9810 is an inexpensive kit designed for
IED search operations. It provides a range of
tools for carrying out general searches in
buildings, ships and vehicles and contains a
portable endoscope/boroscope, a portable hand
lamp, a portable drill as well as an assortment of
tools. Whenever immediate visual inspection
behind walls and panelling is required, the
portable drill enables inspection via holes to be
drilled through all types of material, allowing
rapid internal and visual inspection by means of
the supplied endoscope and hand lamp. Large
and small inspection mirrors are also included to
facilitate searches in confined spaces. The kit
furthermore provides a range of tools for
removing panelling and covers and is suitable for
carrying out general searches in vehicles and
ships as normally having to be done by customs


• Portable endoscope/boroscope
• Portable drill set and bits
• Portable hand lamp
• 63 piece socket set & bits
• 25 piece hexagon spanner set, metric and
• 24 piece combination spanner, metric
and imperial
• Vehicle door trim/panel removing tool

• Combination pliers 7” insulated
• Telescopic search mirror pole
• Mirror to fit telescopic pole - 63.5 mm diam.
• Dental mirror - 22 mm diam.
• Adjustable spanner - 300 mm
• Wrecking bar 340 x 45 mm
• Safety torch - suitable for zone 0, 2xD cell
• Screwdriver - 400 mm, 5.5 mm flat tip
• Screwdriver - 400 mm, 8 mm flat tip

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9815

Body Cooling System
The PKI 9815 is designed to keep the whole body
cool in high ambient temperatures using iced
water to remove body heat. PKI 9815 offers a
safe and cool environment for people who must
maintain a high level of efficiency and
concentration under extreme heat. When wearing
heavy protective clothing - such as our bomb
protection suit PKI 9820 - or when particularly
strenuous work has to be maintained over a long
period in hot and humid environments
(like firefighters, personnel in non-airconditioned armoured vehicles, mineworkers
etc.), the PKI 9815 is the right choice. Made from
flame-retardant, knitted material it is ideal for
IED-, EOD-, surveillance and chemical clean-up
operations in hot climates. The suit requires no
hazardous pressurised canister or toxic cooling
agent and also offers protection against heat and
flash fire balls. The one-piece suit covers the
trunk of the body, the upper arm and upper leg
areas and the head (close fitting/open faced
It comes as a complete system with:
• 12 VDC pump
• 1.5 kg iced water bottles
• Rechargeable batteries
• Charger
One size fits all!

• Heat removal rate 270 Watts (full suit)
• Endurance min 45 min at 35°C
• Weight:
Suit - 1 kg
Cooling unit dry - 0.5 kg
Water - 0.7 kg
Battery Pack - 0.5 kg
• Material stretch flame retardant fabric
• Cooling unit
Pump - 12 VDC
Cooling source - ice cubes and water. Second
water/ice bottle is supplied as stand-by

PKI 9820

Bomb Protection Suit
The PKI 9820 is a new and state-of-the-art,
up-armoured suit which already is in use at many
government departments worldwide. It provides
the highest protection level of all bomb suits
currently manufactured, whilst at the same time
offering maximum comfort and flexibility to the
operator. The ballistic levels and materials used
in the various components of the PKI 9820 are
tested and evaluated according to the full quality
assurance standard laid down by the appropriate
government organisations.
The suit consists of the following separate items:
• Jacket with attached collar
• Trousers
• Helmet with visor and air-cooling fan
• Separate overshoes
• Neck protection plate
• Chest protection plate
• Groin protection plate
All the ballistic inserts used in the PKI 9820 are
made of waterproof treated KEVLAR-HT which
are enclosed in a special water-resistant and
anti-ultraviolet membrane. The outer cover is
supplied in flame-retarding NOMEX III. In hot
and humid countries the PKI 9820 can be
supplied in conjunction with the PKI 9815 Body
Cooling System.
Helmet: GRP skin with elastomeric aramid core
and inner lining (adjustable to various sizes),
integrated microphone/earpiece with extension

lead for connection to any radio transceiver,
ambient sound facility, air cooling fan, helmet
mounted torch with rechargeable batteries, antiballistic hardened acrylic/polycarbonate laminate
visor, aluminium carrying case.
Jacket & Trousers: Ballistic inserts: multi-layer
water-repellent Kevlar 129 HT, Outer cover:
Fire-retardant cotton. Colour: Navy blue or
Military green. Proprietary: Armoured steel
plates with closed cell, linear foam
• Outer Cover NOMEX III
• Insert KEVLAR 129 HT, spinal protector, neck
• Suit 600 m/s (without armoured blast plates)
• Weight of suit approx. 26 kg with steel blast
plate approx. 15 kg without blast plates
• Weight of helmet approx. 4.7 kg
• Armoured Blast Plates 1600 ms (groin, chest
and neck)
• Helmet 600 ms
• Visor 740 ms anti-ballistic hardened
acrylic/polycarbonate laminate
• Power Pack 12 VDC with auxiliary socket
to power
• Air blower min. 200 litres per minute, 3 speed,
can accommodate an NBC canister
• Optional accessories helmet-mounted torch or
video camera.
For these 220 VAC or 12 VDC provides 90%
recharge within 15 min.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9825

Search Suit
The PKI 9825 has been designed specifically for
personnel involved in searching and clearing of
mines and terrorist explosives devices. As a
lightweight search suit, it fills the gap between
our Bomb Protection Suit and conventional
clothing in cases where maximum protection is
not necessary or where greater freedom of
movement is required. It is suitable for most EOD
search projects, affording a high degree of
ballistic protection whilst not encumbering the
wearer unduly. The outer material of the PKI
9825 is constructed of fire-retardant NOMEX
III and includes the latest KEVLAR fibres
technology. A steel plate is available as an
optional extra.

• Arms, jacket, groin protector and trousers
V 50 (17 grain FSP) – 475 m/s
• Helmet
V 50 (17 grain FSP) – 450 m/s
• Visor Acrylic/Polycarbonate
V 50 (17 grain FSP) – 450 m/s
• Colour Navy blue or olive green

Arms: Separate adjustable sleeves provide
optimum movement.
Jacket: Provides front, back, side, shoulder and
neck protection, with addition of up-armouring
pockets for inserting optional ceramic or
armoured steel plates.
Groin protector: Removable insert.
Trousers: The unique design provides freedom of
movement and optimum protection of the legs.
Helmet & Visor: These, in conjunction with the
search suit’s high collar, provide maximum

PKI 9830

Robotic Telescope Manipulator
The new PKI 9830 has been developed by PKI
cooperation with experts from all over the world.
It allows EOD operators to manipulate suspect
devices and objects at a secure distance of 3
meters. This significantly increases the
operator’s security if a device should detonate.
PKI 9830 is made of tube sections being linked
together with a powered claw attachment at the
operating end. A counterweight tube assembly
which balances the manipulator is behind the
operator. The final section has a frangible joint,
which fails in the event of an unplanned
detonation. This ensures that the load,
transferred to the operator, is reduced to its
minimum. An optional fragment shield, in front
of the operator, offers extended protection. The
claws of the PKI 9830 opens, closes and rotates
under power control. The angle is adjusted
manually with locking screws.
The whole manipulator can be folded a size fitting
in a standard Pelican carrying case.

• Distance between operator and claw 3 meters
• Maximum lift weight up to 15 kg
• Claw rotation 360° continuos
• Claw opening max. 200 mm
• Manipulator weight 21.5 kg, folded and stored
in case, 14 kg assembled and ready for use
• Claw anodised 6082 aluminium
• Tubes anodised 6082 aluminium, total number


8 pieces (5 pieces in front of the operator,
3 pieces behind the operator with counter
balance), connected by polyacetal tapered
locking collars
• Electrical connectors gold plated, 5 Amp, 24
strand, 0.2 mm diam.
• Claw control Non-latching toggle switches plus
adjustable load control by potentiometer

• Counterweight Stainless steel – approx. 10 kg
• Motor specification 9Amp carbon brush
• Charger 110/240 VAC – plug style to suit
end user
• Battery 12 VDC, 3 Ah nickel metal hydride

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9835

Tactical EOD Shield
The PKI 9835 has been developed for the use by
explosive disposal and tactical teams. Years of
research and attention to details finally have
resulted in a highly protective shield with
outstanding manoeuvrability, being now
available with the PKI 9835, and already in use in
many countries throughout the world. It provides
a maximum protection against overpressure and
fragmentation during explosive disposal
operations whilst being light enough to be held
with one hand. This shield is equipped with
removable spring-loaded legs making it
self-supporting for lengthy operations. In the
stowed position, the legs latch into the edge of
the shield for easy storage and manoeuvrability.
Just one quick push releases the supporting legs
into the deployed position, allowing the shield to
be self-supporting.

foam-pads built into the inside surface of the
shield. These are designed to absorb shocks
from fragments, bullets and pressure-wave
• Dimensions 130 x 76 cm
• Weight
Shield - 13.5 kg
Spring loaded legs - 1.6 kg
Optional shoulder harness - 1.0 kg
• Handles The shield includes interchangeable
handles (forearm and hand) to facilitate left or
right handed approaches, or a vertical mounted
strap and foldaway handle system. Other
handle configurations are available
• Colour Standard matt black (other colours
upon request)

• Materials Multiple layer, compression moulded,
KEVLAR composite laminate Ballistic
Visor -LEXAN
• Ballistic protection V-50 rating as per NATO
STANAG 2920, 555 m/s (ballistic protection
against firearms available upon request)
• Impact attenuation Forehead and forearm
impact attenuating by special shock absorbing

PKI 9840

Bomb Suppression Blanket & Safety Circle
The PKI 9840 is the most cost-effective and easy
to use equipment currently available for
protection against fragments and shrapnels from
explosive devices. It has been designed for the
use by both unskilled personnel as well as skilled
Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators,
when confronted with a suspect explosive device
in public area. PKI 9840 is already in use at many
armed forces, police units, government and
corporate offices etc. in numerous countries
worldwide. The PKI 9840 safety circle is placed
around the suspect bomb and then the bomb
blanket, which has four heavy-duty webbing
carrying handles, is carefully placed over the
safety circle surrounding the bomb. This
eliminates any direct contact with the bomb and
provides a safe environment for its examination
and disposal. Two or more safety circles can be
used together for larger bomb devices. Should
the bomb explode, the safety circle directs the
force of the explosion upwards, then the bomb
blanket flexes and detains most of the fragments.
The PKI 9840 is a light-weight, highly protective
equipment made out of multiple- layer ballistic
material and folds up into a compact, easily
portable bag.
• Size 1.5 x 2.0 meters
• Weight approx. 13.5 kg
• Protection level
V 50 (17 grain FSP) - 400 m/s
Different sizes and protection levels can be
made on order

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9845

Postal Bomb Container
The PKI 9845 is designed for protection of
targeted people as well as for ordinary staff,
handling suspicious mails. As postal bombs,
whether real or imagined, are an omnipresent
problem, the identification of such suspicious
items in the daily mail is vital. But even when this
is successfully done, there still remains the
problem of how to minimise the danger to
personnel and property. For this the
PKI 9845 offers the right solution, as it is
specially developed for this purpose and being
the most cost-effective product in the world
market. It is already in use at many government
departments, police stations, EOD-teams and
other large industrial companies worldwide. The
container is designed to retain any suspicious
item of mail in an upright position. An internally
fitted net holds the item in such a position that

removal, X-Ray scanning and controlled
explosion remain possible. The PKI 9845 is made
of special glass re-enforced plastic material with
additional fire-resistant resin and it is large
enough to accommodate a briefcase. Blast will
be directed upwards and an explosion device of
up to 0.5 kg can be absorbed. Most explosive
devices that have been discovered so far did not
contain more than 0.5 kg of explosive material.
• Height: 900 mm
• Outside diameter: 493 mm
• Thickness of container’s wall: 18-19 mm
• Weight: approx. 50 kg
• Ballistic protection: V 50 at 480 m/s
• Colour: matt black
• Shelf-life: not less than 10 years

PKI 9850

Observation Vehicle
• State-of-the-art vehicle
• Fully equipped with audio/video observation
devices according to buyer’s request
The PKI 9850 should be used by police, special
forces, security forces, border guards etc. in
order to control mass happenings as well as
extreme situations, disasters, rescue operations
and border protection. The PKI 9850 has been
developed in response to the market’s needs and
we hereby created and present a fully equipped
observation vehicle for any observation task.
This mobile monitoring centre is based on the
most technically advanced CCTV equipment and
will be supplied with discreet monitoring, editing
and recording devices plus high frequency signal
transmission and GPR’s. The car can be
equipped with IR-cameras and directional
microphones, if desired by the customer. The
configuration of the built-in technologies and
equipment depends on the client’s needs. It may

vary from simply one camera system with
monitor and recording device to the most
advanced systems comprising remote control,
digital cameras, pneumatically telescopic mast
with highdefinition, long-range cameras, GSM
and UMTS picture transmission, satellite
communication and integration with existing
monitoring and command centres. The crew of
the PKI 9850 can handle each device by
independent power supply (either external 230 V
power supply, built-in power generator or
powercells / accus withconverters).
Refrigerator and coffeemaker are
supplied as standard.
• As each PKI 9850 varies according
to customer’s needs we would like you
to contact us with your full list of
requirements and we shall work out a
personally tailored, complete offer for you.

PKI 9855

Digital Speed Control Device
The PKI 9855 is the latest generation of police
speed laser with outstanding performance and
features. It has been updated to provide a larger
range, a quicker target detection and a mode for
inclement weather, guaranteeing that the PKI
9855 can be operated even in bad weather incl.
snow, rain and fog. PKI 9855 is the only laser on
the market to provide the user with information
on both speed and range, in the heads-up
display. This informs the operator of the distance
of every target, without having to check the LCD
constantly. The PKI 9855 is totally user-friendly
as all the keys are back lighted and clearly
labelled. Each key has an obvious and clear
function. PKI 9855 generates a continuous
Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the
target speed - just like the audio on a police
radar. This audio is a substantial aid to


understanding and building a target tracking
history providing a better evidentiary case for
citations. Various accessories are available:
• Waterproof carrying case
• Large heavy-duty tripod
• Side window stabilisation head
• Shoulder stock stabilisation head
• Smart charging platform
• Double capacity NiMH battery handle
• NiCad battery handle
• 12 VDC corded handle
• Acquisition time less than 0.4 seconds
• Nominal range min – 2 m, max – 1.200 m
• Range accuracy less than or equal 1/3 m
• Speed measure +/- 2 kph to +/- 480 kph
• Speed accuracy + 1 kph, - 2 kph

• Dimensions 21,8 x 15,3 x 10,7 cm
• Weight 1,7 kg
• Housing metal case with rubber end caps

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9860

Special EOD Vehicle
This special vehicle offers everything that is
necessary for bomb disposal. It includes a
generator for 220 V and 0,65 KVA. A portable
X-ray device for verification of hazardous objects
can be connected. You only have to place the
potential bomb onto the extendable table behind
a steel plate for identification and analysis. The
vehicle is equipped with explosive sniffer, metal
locating devices, stethoscopes, shovels, picks
and much more. Furthermore a complete
communication system is built in which can also
be delivered in scrambled version on request.

• Van, 5 doors
• Length: approx. 5,99 m
• Entrance door height: 70x50 cm,
• Comes with air condition, position lights, 3
seats in cabin, water tank, two-way radio, tool
box with anti-magnetic and explosion

PKI 9865

Mine Shoes
The PKI 9865 Mine Shoes are built on the theory
of air cushions, which support the body while
reducing the pressure in relation to the minefield.
PKI 9865 Mine Shoes are the culmination of
years of research and have been designed and
developed by teams who tested and used them in
the field. PKI 9865 represents a totally unique
concept enabling the wearer to traverse a mine
field over mud, water or any other terrain safely.
By simply slipping the compact unit out of his
luggage and inflating the air cushions, the user
can continue his way within only some seconds.
The shoes fold up into a small lightweight
package that can easily be stored in a rucksack.
The mine shoes are made of sturdy nylon,
nylon-reinforced PVC, coated aluminium and
steel alloys. The five-air-cushions are of
specially designed, patented material created for
maximum strength and resiliency.

• Fully inflatable/deflatable within seconds
• Foldable into a small pack 360 x 160 x 120 mm
• Lightweight 2.3 kg
• Completely portable
• Made of tough nylon, nylon reinforced PVC; air

cushions of PVC L 152 type, upper rigid frame
of aluminium and steel alloys. Self-locking,
error-proof device with no moving parts
• Metallic parts will not interfere with mine
detectors or any other metal detectors.

PKI 9870

Magnetic Locator
The PKI 9870 is the No. 1 around the world in
performance and reliability of detectors for
location of the magnetic field of iron and steel
objects and energised power lines. It has an easy
to read digital and bar graph display for signal
strength and polarity and provides audio
detection signals that peak in frequency when the
locator’s tip is held directly over the target.
Designed for one-hand operations, the
located on the underside of the cover. This
provides easy access, protects the knobs and
contributes to their overall ruggedness and
dependability. Once a target is located by using
the audio signal, the digital readout and polarity
indicator will help to visually pinpoint it and to
determine its orientation, whether the pipes are
vertical or horizontal.
• One-hand operation
• Digital readout and expanding bar graph display
for signal strength and polarity
• Four sensitivity settings
• Piezoelectric speaker
• Analogue output for data logger entry using

headset jack and standard stereo audio plug
• No response to aluminium, brass or copper
• Audio mode choice of two modes:
“Mode B” - audio signal always
present “Mode A” - audio signal is
only present when locator is within
detection range of a target.
• Signal strength and Polarity four
settings for sensitivity read out by a
3-digit LCD readout
• Battery status digitally indicated on
bar graph
• Operating time approx. 60 hours
on 2 Lithium 9-Volt batteries
• Dimensions
approx. 8 x 8 x 100 cm
• Weight approx. 3.2 kg
• Carrying case rugged case for
storage and transportation

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9875

Cable Locator
The PKI 9875 is the latest development of metal
and cable detectors and is designed to detect the
presence of both buried and surface laid
command cables or wires that could be used to
activate Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).
PKI 9875 is lightweight, durable and easy to
operate. It has a unique ergonomic design, i.e.
the operator can use it for long periods in all
types of terrain without wearing out. PKI 9875 is
powered by 3 standard LR20 batteries, providing
an 8-hours continuous operation. It is packed in
a sturdy IP67-rated transportation case. During
operation the unit can be carried in the supplied,
water-resistant rucksack.
• Weight:
short version - 0,9 kg
long version - 1,2 kg
• Weight complete in transportation case:
approx. 4,0 kg

PKI 9880

Explosive Ordnance Disruptor
The PKI 9880 is a well proven device developed
for SWAT-Teams, Special Police and Military
Forces or any other EOD and IED teams. It is
extensively used all over the world and is
designed to disrupt improvised explosive devices
(IEDs) in thin-walled packages, and offers a high
probability of avoiding the detonation or
explosion of the suspect device. Being a
multi-shot device, PKI 9880 is capable of many
firings without any distortion of the main body
and requires a minimum maintenance. Training
of EOD personnel can be carried out using the
equipment without detriment to its performance.
This disruptor is to be positioned by using an
anti-roll clamp or an optional, lightweight stand
to ensure accurate positioning. It can easily be
fitted to a remotely operated vehicle. Preparation
of the unit can be carried out behind covers, or
away from the vicinity of the IED to ensure the
operator’s safety. PKI 9880 is constructed from
anti-corrosive, precision-made machine parts
which are subject to rigid quality control during
manufacture. The main body material is subject
to the flaw material requirements of international
standards. The complete kit is supplied in a
canvas bag with stitched pockets to secure all
items supplied:
• split sleeve adaptor
• contact cover
• disruptor main body
• disruptor rear body
• water bottle
• loading tool
• cleaning brush
• cleaning rod
• screw drivers
• anti-roll clamp


Cartridges are supplied in multiples of 20,
packed in H83 containers, complete with internal
furniture pistons, closure caps and polythene

• Total weight:
approx. 4 kg

• Overall length of barrel:
485 mm
• Weight of barrel:
approx. 2.95 kg
• Canvas bag:
500 x 300 x 200 mm,
colour olive green

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9885

Surface Penetrating Radar
The PKI 9885 is a revolutionary, highperformance system designed for detecting any
object concealed under the ground or behind
walls. It has been designed according to the
specific requests of several government
authorities worldwide and is now in full operation
with Police, Military, VIP-protection and
commercial companies. The unit is completely
weatherproof and can operate in any type of soil
condition. Depth of detection depends on size of
object and type of soil, but is typically up to 3
The complete system consists of 3 main parts:
• the controller ( which in fact is a ruggedised
personal computer)
• the antenna set
• the transmitter/receiver head, which transmits
the information from the antenna to the
The PKI 9885 works by sending out pulses of
electromagnetic energy and detecting the
electrical echo caused by dielectric differences
within the surface being investigated. One of the
main features is that during a search, as the
antenna is moved across a surface, the data is
shown in colour and in real time on the monitor.

This means that an anomaly beneath the surface
can be seen immediately whenever the PKI 9885
passes over it, thus making instant and on-site
decisions possible. The data can be downloaded
and printed on a paper-strip or stored on the hard
disc for further processing or inclusion in a
survey report. The standard system is supplied
with a 500 MHz antenna which has a typical
penetration depth of 1.5 to 2.5 meters in good
conditions, i.e. where sand and peat are good
and salt water and clay are poor. The other

antennas in the range are the 250 MHz (typical
penetration depth of 2.5 to 4.5 meters) and the 1
GHz and 2 GHz antennas. As a geneeral guide,
the lower frequency antennas (250 and 500
MHZ) are normally used for work below ground
and the higher frequency for work above the
ground. Important to know is that as soon as the
penetration depth increases, the resolution will
decrease. Hence the 1 GHz and 2 GHz antennas
are very useful for locating very small objects
behind a surface - such as a wall.

PKI 9890

Explosive Isolation Unit
The Explosive Isolation unit is a simple-to-use
and intrinsically safe steel box developed for safe
confinement of postal bombs, explosives and
IED devices. It is lined with an unique blast
attenuation material that resembles a “sponge”
to absorb blast and fragments. These are
contained within the unit, thus allowing for the
fast and effective collection of forensic evidence
if required.
• External size: 630 x 650 x 680 mm
• Inner size: 475 x 380 x 350 mm
• Weight: 100 kg

PKI 9895

Protected Trash Can
The PKI Protected Trash Can provides 360°
lateral protection against blast pressure and
fragments. It is used all over the world in
airports, trains and subway stations, street
markets, sport stadiums, government buildings
and public areas. This trash can save lives and
protect against serious injuries, as well as
against contact and center detonation. PKI Trash
Can is also designed as a secure depository for
temporary storage of suspicious objects until
authorities arrive.

• Dimensions:
diam. 450 mm - 790 mm
height: 750 - 1050 mm
• Weight: 140 - 920 kg
• Colours: red and stainless steel
• Note: Of course, the PKI Trash Can can also
be used as a normal trash-can.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9900

Theft Evidence Kit
PKI 9900 has especially been designed for
mobile and on-site use whenever doubts exist
and the investigator needs evidences. This
aluminium case contains the most important
tools and materials to collect such evidences in
order to convict the theft.
• 1 pce Mobile tube with lamp, battery and
• 1 pce Neon-bulb for tube lamp
• 1 pce UV-bulb for tube lamp
• 1 pce UV-light sensitive ink
• 1 pce UV-light sensitive ink, quick drying
• 1 pce UV-light sensitive paste, white/blue
• 1 pce UV-light sensitive paste, orange/red

• 1 pce UV-light sensitive paste, white
• 3 pcs UV-light sensitive crayon, water resistant
• 1 pce Crayon holder
• 1 pce Colour-transfer powder, violet/red
• 1 pce Colour-transfer powder, green/turquoise
• 1 pce Colour-transfer powder, violet
• 1 pce Colour-transfer powder, blue
• 1 pce Colour-transfer powder, lilac
• 5 pairs Disposable gloves
• 1 pce Detergent

• Weight: approx. 5.5 kg, including the
aluminium case
• Dimensions: 46 x 35 x 16 cm

PKI 9905

Tire- and Footprint Investigation Kit
PKI 9905 is highly suitable for the investigator to
make individual casts of foot- and tireprints in
sand, mud, snow or any other surface where
traces remain on the ground. Each necessary
tool and material is stowed in a sturdy aluminium
case, designed for the use at site and in mobile
• 1 pce protecting spray for prints
• 1 pce special oil spray
• 1 pce wire netting
• 2 pcs mixing-bowls
• 1 pce wide-neck bottle, small
• 1 pce wide-neck bottle, large
• 1 pce wide-neck bottle, large, filled with
printlifting mixture

• 1 pce diffusor for printing powder
• 1 pce shake sieve
• 2 pcs casting strips
• 1 pce forceps, large size
• 1 set screwdrivers
• 1 pce foot rule
• 1 pce stirring rod for mixing bowls
• 1 pce pocket saw
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pce disposable towels
• 5 pairs disposable gloves
• 5 pcs pull-string bags, large size
• 5 pcs pull-string bags, medium size
• 1 pce spatula, medium size
• 1 pce spatula, small size
• 1 pce protection foil
• 1 pce footprint lifting tape

PKI 9910

Standard Scene of Crime Investigation Kit
The contents of the PKI 9910 meet the basic
requirements for securing evidence at the scene
of crime. Each necessary part is packed in a rigid,
handy case and provides the full scope of tools
and materials for an immediate action at site.
• 1 pce glass cutter
• 1 pce post mortem spoon
• 1 pce splinter forceps
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pcs nail cleaner
• 1 pce magnifying glass
• 1 pce forceps, medium size
• 1 pce foot rule
• 1 pce pencil
• 1 pce ball-point pen
• 1 pack self-adhesive labels
• 1 pce magnetic latent finger print kit
• 1 pce booklet, double pages of fingerprint
colour foils
• 1 pce marabu brush with diffusor
• 1 pce transparent container with 6 inserts


• 4 pcs glass tubes with lid
• 1 roll fingerprint lifting tape, 10 cm
• 1 roll fingerprint lifting tape, 5 cm
• 1 pce fingerprint colour pad
• 1 pce illuminated magnifying glass
Beside this basic assortment, we can offer an
advanced version. For this please see our PKI
9915 Advanced Scene of Crime Investigation Kit.

• Weight:
approx. 6.5 kg, including carrying case
• Dimensions:
51 x 38 x 21 cm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9915

Advanced Scene of Crime Investigation Kit
Beside our standard kit PKI 9910 we herewith
offer the advanced model PKI 9915. The contents
of this case almost offer a universal application
for investigative work at the scene of crime.
Although having an enlarged range of tools and
materials, it is still supplied in a handy case.
• 1 pce universal pocket knife
• 1 pce ripping chisel, small
• 1 pce hammer
• 1 pce ripping chisel, large
• 1 pce crayon holder
• 1 pce steel rule
• 1 pce oil crayon for crayon holder
• 1 pce compass
• 1 pce universal pliers
• 1 pce first-Aid kit
• 1 pce wire scissors
• 2 pcs transparent container, small
• 1 pce glass cutter
• 2 pcs wide-neck bottles
• 1 pce pointed pliers
• 1 pce bottle with pipette
• 1 pce post mortem spoon
• 1 pce glass stirring rod
• 1 pce horse-shoe magnet
• 1 pce measuring spoon
• 1 pce splinter forceps
• 1 pce voltage tester
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pce transparent container with 6 inserts
• 1 pce small chisel
• 1 pce transparent container, large
• 1 pce nail cleaner
• 1 pce transparent container w. sliding lid

• 1 pce magnifying glass
• 1 pce forceps, medium size
• 1 pce foot rule
• 1 pce plumber pliers
• 1 pce pencil
• 1 pce pocket saw
• 1 pce ball-point pen
• 7 pcs glass tubes with lid
• 1 pack self-adhesive labels
• 1 roll polypropylene string, green
• 1 pce magnetic latent finger print kit
• 1 roll polypropylene string, red
• 1 pce caliper
• 1 roll polypropylene string, blue
• 1 pce booklet w. double pages of
fingerprint foils
• 2 pairs disposable gloves

• 1 pce marabu brush with diffusor
• 5 pairs disposable gloves, extra strong
• 1 pce zephyr brush with diffusor
• 10 pcs closure bags
• 10 pcs impregnated cleaning towels
• 5 pcs pull-string bags, medium size
• 1 pce flashlight
• 5 pcs pull-string bags, large size
• 1 set screwdrivers
• 1 roll fingerprint lifting tape, 5 cm
• 1 pce flat file
• 1 roll fingerprint lifting tape, 10 cm

• Weight: 11 kg, including carrying case
• Dimensions: 51 x 38 x 21,5 cm

PKI 9920

Fire Investigation Kit
The combination of tools and materials in this kit
has especially been designed for officials
working on cases of fire and having to determine
the cause. Each and every necessary part is
securely packed in a sturdy aluminium case.
• 1 pce combined volt/ohmmeter
• 10 pcs impregnated cleaning towels
• 1 pce compass
• 1 pce powder container
• 1 pce voltage tester brushes
• 1 pce steel measuring tape, 10 m
• 1 roll insulating tape
• 1 pce steel measuring tape, 2m
• 5 pairs disposable gloves
• 1 pce marking set, consisting of
• 10 pcs closure bags
• 10 x pointed rods
• 5 pcs pull-string bag, large size
• 5 x positioning legs
• 5 pcs pull-string bag, medium size
• 1 x number set, 1-20
• 1 pce mobile tube lamp
• 1 pce witing and drawing map

• 1 pce ripping chisel
• 1 pce hammer
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pce universal knife
• 1 pce splinter forceps
• 1 pce crayon holder
• 1 pce oil crayon for crayon holder
• 1 pce glass cutter
• 1 pce foot rule
• 1 pce magnifying glass
• 1 pce pointed pliers
• 1 pce combination pliers
• 1 pce screwdriver set
• 1 pce post mortem spoon
• 9 pcs glass tubes with lid
• 1 pce candle with holder
• 1 pce plumber pliers
• 3 pcs wide-neck bottle
• 1 pce transparent container with 6 inserts
• 1 pce hand saw with 3 inserts
• Weight:
12,5 kg, including carrying case
• Dimensions: 51 x 38 x 21 cm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9925

Narcotics Investigation Kit
PKI 9925 enables the drug investigator to verify
suspicious goods on site. The results allow to
determine if further investigative work is
required. The complete kit comes in a handy
aluminium case, which can easily be carried and
• 1 pce narcotic traces sweeper with accessories
• 1 pce package drug test “A” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce drug-quick-test
• 1 pce package drug test “B” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce hand drill tool
• 1 pce package drug test “D” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce magnifying glass, small size
• 1 pce package drug test “E” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce forceps, small size
• 1 pce package drug test “G” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pce package drug test “K” (10 per pack)
• 1 pce sample spoon
• 1 pce scalpel
• 1 pce universal knife
• 1 pce one-way syringe
• 1 pce chemical spoon, double
• 1 pce soap
• 1 pce one-way scalpel
• 1 pce forceps, medium size

• 1 pce one-way syringe with cannula
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 pce package of round filters
• 1 pce bottle cleaner brush
• 1 pce drill with 2 inserts, small size
• 1 pce universal pocket knife
• 1 pce magnifying glass, large size
• 3 pcs pipette bottle

• 1 pce transparent container with sliding lid
• 1 pce transparent container, large size
• 2 pcs transparent container with 6 inserts
• 1 pce package of closure bags
• Weight: 10,5 kg, including carrying case
• Dimensions: 51 x 38 x 21 cm

PKI 9930

Rapid Analysing Kit
The PKI 9930 is designed for analysis of
environmental parameters directly at the
measuring point. It is used for determination and
measurement of nitride, nitrate, ammonium, free
chlorine/halogen, chromate, free cyanamide,
fluorides, copper, nickel, lipophilic agents
(oil/fats), phenols, pH-value, sulphite, zinc etc.
The complete kit is packed in a sturdy
aluminium case, easy to handle and providing
each necessary tool and material for on-site

• 1 pce shovel, small
• 1 pce spoon spatula
• 1 pce protective foil
• 1 pce water canister

• Weight 14,5 kg, including carrying case
• Dimensions 63,5 x 43,5 x 25,5 cm

• 5 pcs wide-neck bottles, PE, 1 litre
• 5 pcs wide-neck bottles, Glass, 1 litre
• 1 pce bottle support/holder for 6 bottles
• 1 pce probe sampling device with telescopic
• 1 pce funnel
• 1 pce thermometer –50°C to + 150°C
• 1 pack pH-test strips (200 pcs)
• 1 pack oil-testing strips (100 pcs)
• 1 pce felt pen, black
• 1 pce felt pen, orange
• 1 pce felt pen, blue
• 1 pce felt pen, green
• 30 pcs mini grip bags, various sizes
• 1 pce pair of scissors
• 1 set adhesive labels, different sizes
• 2 pairs protective gloves, rubber, colour red
• 5 pairs disposal gloves
• 1 pce hygienic towel
• 1 pce clipboard
• 1 pce protective eye-glasses


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9935

Two-Line-Rigging Kit
This two-line rigging Kit is combining multiple
access and disposal capabilities into one single
highly effective unit. The equipment can be
deployed in a wide range of IEDD scenarios
involving buildings, vehicles and urban/rural
locations. An excellent stand-alone kit, featuring
an extensive range of components that easily
achieves the essential functions of movement,
attachment, anchoring, reach and manipulation
and handling.
The kit comprises:
• a total of 100 components with over 30
component types for different use
• two color-coded, high strength, low
stretch core lines
• robust reels with winding handle, brake
and adjustable clutch
• reel bags, to protect the lines and reels, also
to provide utmost carrying capacity
• high strength, heat-treated hooks
• standard and break-away pulleys for
changing the movement direction
• standard pulleys for rigging in combination
to improve mechanical solidity

• unique heavy duty jet clamp anchor for
clamping to door/window frames
• heavy duty cantilever-designed crocodile
clamps for attaching to heavy sheet materials
• full technical instruction manual

PKI 9940

EOD / IEDD Rigging Kits
This lightweight EOD/IEDD rigging kit consists in
specialist equipment suitable for both
semi-remote and manual stages of an IEDD task.
It permits rapid and straightforward deployment.
Its ability to deploy the various components
quickly in all operational settings is possible due
to the use of a custom-designed backpack. This
backpack provides dedicated stowage for the
comprehensive rigging kit, as well as other
essential EOD/IEDD items. The stowage pockets
inside the main compartment can be
re-configured easily by the user according to
personal needs.
The EOD/IEDD rigging kit comprises:
main line, secondary line
Attachment and anchoring:
hooks and eyes, lightweight spring grip, vice jaw
grip, self-adhesive anchor pads, suction anchors,
shock cord, seizers, rope and wire slings, pitons,
karabiners, grip, D-clamp, stoppers, screw eye,
door stops
Reach: extension rods, telescopic arm and hooks
Manipulation and handling: standard snatch
block/pulleys, self-opening snatch block/
break-away pulley, splitter ball
Visual search:
tactical search mirror, telescopic arm and mirror
Manual tools: EOD pocket tool kit

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9945

Hook and Line Kit
This hook and line kit comprises a huge variety of
components for attaching a line to a suspect IED
and then manoeuvring it along a complex route
in a single operation. The 120 m line enables the
removal operation to be conducted remotely.
The kid includes devices for anchoring snatch
blocks to floors, walls, windows and door
frames, as well as a sledge and telescopic pole.
The sledge can be used to improve the
manoeuvrability of a suspect object on stairs or
rough ground and to prevent snagging at
corners. The telescopic pole which extends up to
3 m allows remote fixation of hooks and lines. All
components fit into a compact carrying case and
can easily be carried by one man leaving one
hand free.
• Size: 113 x 56 x 40 cm
• Weight: 25 kg

PKI 9950

Hook and Line Kit No. 1
This hook and line kit consists of:
• 1 x 100 m Kevlar line of 5,5 mm diameter,
mounted on a drum with brake and rewind
• 1 x anchor line mounted on a steel case
• 1 x auxiliary line
• 12 x snatch blocks
• 2 x pulling handles
• 8 x extension rods
• 12 x perspex collars
• 2 x belt slings
• 4 x hooks, large
• 4 x hooks, medium
• 4 x hooks, small
• 4 x tangs
• 4 x double hooks, medium

PKI 9955

Hook and Line Kit No. 2
This hook and line kit consists of:
• 2 x reel and line 150 m x 5,5 mm Ø
• 4 x snatch blocks
• 2 x barbed tang hooks
• 2 x 12 mm Ø, single plain tang hooks
• 2 x 25 mm Ø, single plain tang hooks
• 2 x 50 mm Ø, single plain tang hooks
• 2 x 25 mm Ø, double plain tang hooks
• 2 x 25 mm Ø, double barbed tang hooks
• 5 x 25 mm Ø, rings
• 2 x treble tang fish hook with eye
• 2 x 2 m x 3 mm Ø, rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 4 mm Ø, rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 5 mm Ø, rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 1,5 mm Ø, wire sling
• 2 x 2 m x 2 mm Ø, wire sling
• 2 x 2 m x 3 mm Ø, wire sling
• 8 x pitons (various sizes)


• 4 x 15 mm screw gate karabiner
• 1 x double suction pad anchor
• 1 x single suction pad anchor
• 1 x 2 m x 10 mm Ø, shock cord
• 3 x 1 m x 10 mm Ø, shock cord
• 1 x 2 m x 12 mm Ø, shock cord
• 3 x 1 m x 12 mm Ø, shock cord
• 2 x 35 mm jaw length seizers
• 2 x 50 mm self grip
• 1 x self grip anchor
• 1 x metal case

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9960

Hook and Line Kit No. 3
This hook and line kit consists of:
• 1 x line, 100 m long, 5,5 mm Ø, with snap hook
• 1 x anchor line, fitted with snap hooks at
both ends
• 1 x hook, small single plain
• 1 x hook, medium single plain
• 2 x hook, medium double plain
• 1 x hook, large single plain
• 1 x hook, 25 mm wide mouth and spring gate
• 1 x hook, 50 mm wide mouth and spring gate
• 4 x 25 mm eye
• 1 x hook triple barbed with key ring
• 1 x combined telescopic inspection
arm and pole
• 1 x triple barb hook mount for tele pole
• 1 x spring gate hook mount for tele pole
• 2 x rope sling, 3 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 2 x rope sling, 4 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 2 x rope sling, 5 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 1 x wire sling, 1,5 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 1 x wire sling, 2,0 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 1 x wire sling, 3,0 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 1 x shock cord, 10 mm Ø x 2 m long
• 1 x shock cord, 10 mm Ø x 1 m long
• 2 x piton large chisel point
• 2 x cantilever clamp
• 1 x self locking forceps
• 1 x self locking “mole grip” with 25 m eye
• 1 x self grip “C” pliers with eye
• 1 x spring loaded self grip clamp
• 4 x karabiner (alloy) 18 mm screwgate 27 kn
• 2 x karabiner (alloy) 25 mm screwgate 27 kn
• 2 x door stop
• 2 x wedge it black
• 1 x wall stopper small

• 1 x wall stopper large
• 15 x sticky eye
• 2 x single suction pad
• 2 x torpedo release
• 2 x extension rods
• 10 x screw eye self tap
• 2 x snatch block
• 2 x auto opening snatch block
• 2 x shackle D shape 13 mm gate
• 1 x pocket search mirror
• 1 x 140 mm Ø stainless steel screw fitting
• 1 x toolkit, in roll up holder
• 1 x small backpack, mounts onto main pack
• 1 x main backpack

PKI 9965

Hook and Line Kit No. 4
This hook and line kit consists of:
• 1 x reel & line 120 m x 5,5 mm Ø
• 5 x snatch block - various
• 2 x splitter ball
• 1 x 12 mm Ø single plain tang hook
• 1 x 25 mm Ø single plain tang hook
• 1 x 50 mm Ø single plain tang hook
• 1 x 25 mm Ø double plain tang hook
• 1 x treble tang hook
• 1 x 25 mm Ø ring
• 2 x 2 m x 3 mm Ø rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 4 mm Ø rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 5 mm Ø rope sling
• 2 x 2 m x 1,5 mm Ø wire sling
• 2 x 2 m x 2 mm Ø wire sling
• 2 x 2 m x 3 mm Ø wire sling
• 4 x piton- various
• 1 x mole grip
• 1 x “D” shackle
• 2 x 15 mm opening screw gate karabiner
• 10 x screw eye
• 2 x 25 mm opening screw gate karabiner
• 1 x clamp anchor complete
• 1 x pulling handle
• 2 x door anchor

• 1 x line brancher
• 4 x door wedge
• 1 x telescopic pole
• 1 x rough terrain sledge
• 2 x hooks for telescopic pole
• 1 x double suction pad anchor
• 1 x self grip
• 10 x self sticking anchor
• 1 x 80 x 1400 mm belt sling
• 1 x multi-tool
• 1 x nylon case

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9970

Special Operations Search Kit
This lightweight and highly portable search kit is
used for counter-terrorist tasks and other tactical
situations. It enables search personnel to deploy
with a compact but comprehensive range of
search equipment. The PKI 9970 is the perfect
search kit to carry out a wide range of search
activities in the most demanding of environments
and under hostile tactical conditions if required.
The equipment is contained in a specifically
designed backpack that offers a comfortable
ergonomic design combined with the practicality
of equipment stowage. The equipment is laid out
and designed to enable search personnel to gain
access to the required grouping of equipment
quickly and easily. The backpack has also been
designed including extra free space, allowing
search personnel to insert some of their own
personal equipment if required. An additional
hardened air transport case is available upon
The Special Operations Search Kit comprises:
head and hand held torches
search mirrors, mirror search arms,
telescopic arms, miniature visual search
equipment, endoscope
binoculars, compact camera for night vision

socket set, pliers, grips, wrench set, screw
drivers, cordless drill and bits, pocket tool

Carrying equipment:
search backpack, thigh pouch, ancillaries, hold

coveralls, gloves, goggles

Optional equipment:
freight/flight container

Consumable and sundries:
seals, markers, ties, tapes, shock cords,
releasing fluid, line, door wedges

PKI 9975

Bomb Tec Kit
The Tec Kit is a modern and highly effective
rigging kit for bomb technicians and search
personnel. The components provide a sound
baseline capability, covering all essential
functions of a reliable rigging kit in a
cost-effective and user-friendly package.
The range of components covers all necessary
functions, such as movement, attachment,
anchoring, reach and manipulation as well as
handling. Used with proven rigging technique the
Tec Kit can reduce the operator’s risk and
improve the efficiency of the task.
The Tec Kit comprises:
• 1 reel c/w dual-purpose transport bag
• 1 main line 120 m
• 1 pulling handle
• 1 12 mm hook plain tip
• 1 25 mm hook plain tip
• 1 50 mm hook plain tip
• 1 25 mm double hock plain tip
• 5 20 mm ring (attaches to hook)
• 1 fish hook, triple tang barbed with eye
• 1 lightweight spring grip
• 1 vice jaw grip
• 10 self adhesive anchor pad
• 1 shock cord, 1 mm diam. 1 m
• 3 extension rod, 300 mm
• 2 rope sling, 4 mm diam. 2 m length


• 1 wire sling 2 mm diam. 2 m length
• 2 piton no. 5, 70 mm
• 2 suction anchor, single pad
• 2 karabiner, 15 mm gate
• 1 grip
• 1 seizer

• 2 rubber door wedge
• 1 wedge it, 3-function door stop with eye
• 2 self-opening snatch block/pulley
• 2 splitter ball
• 2 standard snatch block
• 1 pocket search mirror

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9980

Vehicle Access Kit
Dealing successfully with an IEDD task involving
a vehicle can be both physically demanding and
technically complex, so that successful execution
may require the use of special access equipment.
This kit contains a range of field-proven special
access tools for use when opening vehicles
remotely in order to gain access during IEDD
tasks. All items are simple to operate and can be
rigged in seconds, thus minimizing the time that
the bomb technician remains at risk for a suspect
The kit comprises:
• 1 remote window breaker
• 1 door handle lifter
• 2 key/handle clamp
• 1 door button pusher
• 1 multi-purpose clamp

PKI 9985

EOD Operators Tool Kit
This portable tool kit is designed for use by bomb
technicians. It contains a comprehensive and
high-quality selection of more than 60 hand tools
for access, investigation and render safe procedures during EOD/IEDD tasks. The complete kit
is supplied in a soft-sided carrying roll with easygrip handle for convenient access and quick tool

The EOD operators tool kit comprises:
• Screwdriver, flat 3.2 mm X 64
• Screwdriver, Philips 0-PTX75m 3.2 mm
• Screwdrivers, jewellers set of 6
• Wrench, adjustable 150 mm
• Hexagon wrench set
• Vice grip wrench 250 mm
• Pliers combination 180 mm
• Seizers - metal
• Tweezers style 178 mm
• Wire cutters, electrical
• Tin snips universal
• Utility knife heavy duty
• Flexi saw 385 mm
• Mini saw
• Wire strippers 16-26AWG
• Needle files set
• Spring hook C-lift
• Magilite (2x AA cell)
• Battery AA size Alkaline
• Cable ties small /medium 10ea
• Insulated dental mirror 22 mm
• Nylon cord 1.2 mm - 10 m
• Wrecking bar 300 mm
• Claw hammer 453,6 g
• Non conductive probe BLK acetal 6 mm
• Tool roll black cordura

• Screwdriver, flat 5 mm x 100
• Screwdriver Philips 1-PTX75 5.0 mm
• Screwdrivers, TX-Star/Torx set
• Wrench, adjustable 250 mm
• Vice grip wrench 125 mm
• Pliers snipe nose 40 mm
• Pliers adjustable 250 mm
• & nbsp
• Tweezers style 2 curved 174 mm
• Wire cutters, fine
• Craft knife
• Blade dispenser heavy duty
• Pad saw + blades
• Mini saw blades 10 pack
• Scissors 150 mm

• Grey rubber door wedge
• Spring hook C-W
• AA7” Bend-a-Beam
• Paint brush 1” dust removal
• PVC insulation tape
• Mirror telescopic/articulated 295/455 mm
• Measuring tape steel 3 m
• Scriber double ended
• Cold chisel engineers 15 x 150 mm approx.
non conductive probe WHT acetal 6 mm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Police, Customs and Military Equipment

PKI 9990

Special Operations Tool Kit
The design and construction of this special
operations backpack makes it a suitable
comprehensive tool kit for any conventional
EOD/IEDD team to deploy with.
The internal colour-coded compartments of this
tool kit are designed to hold the specific tooling
in a range of removable internal pouches and
fixed netting compartments. Layout is based on
tool set grouping and operational precedents
when using manual equipment. The layout may
be changed at the operator’s discretion. The
backpack has also been designed to include extra
free space allowing the operator to insert some
of their own personal equipment.
All the tools have been selected for their quality
and reliability with some of them offering multi
role capability to reduce total weight. The tools
offer the capabilities for search, access,
diagnostics and render safe.
Special operation tool kit comprises:
head torch, mini hand torch, large hand torch,
binoculars, metal detector (multi range)
cordless drill, including accessories and drill bits,
knives, saws, nibbler, gas powered hot knife
multimeter and diagnostics cabling attachments,
electricians probes, hook retrieval equipment,
inspection and pick up tooling, consumable
components for diagnostics work, cordless glue
gun and a range of adhesives

sockets and wrench sets, pliers - electricians
and industrial, file sets, layout matting, heavy
duty tooling - grips, hammer, lifters, wrench bar,
electricians tools - strippers, test equipment,

Render Safe:
screw drivers - electricians and industrial,

Carrying equipment:
tool backpack, thigh pouch ancillaries hold all

Optional equipment:
freight/flight container

PKI 9995

Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Service


The following equipment is indispensable for the
fight against terrorism. After an attack of
terrorists the appropriate technical equipment
must of course be available immediately in order
to arrange the necessary rescue activities
without any delay. As there is a wide range of
such equipment, we can only suggest a list
indicating a selection of the available products. If
you are interested in any of the equipment or
vehicles, we shall be pleased to submit you a
detailed quotation. As a special service to our
customers we also offer second-hand equipment
and vehicles for fire brigades and rescue teams.

• Fire extinguishers, extinguishing agent, fire
blankets, portable extinguishers, immersion
pumps, portable pumps etc.
• Power generators, electrical equipment, lamps,
spotlight, cable drums, battery charging units

• fire fighting helmets, lamps for helmets,
walkie-talkies, additional accessories for

• Audio/visual warning equipment, megaphones,
flashing warning lights, warning and traffic
management system

• protective clothing, boots, gloves, heat
protective equipment

• Different types of ladders, rescue equipment,
rescue stretchers, ambulance boxes, rescue

• Breathing apparatus sets, thermal imaging
cameras, radiation protection, cardiopulmonary
resuscitation machines, respirator masks,
compressed air bottles, hazmat equipment
• Valves, pressure hoses, siphon pipes,
hose reels, couplers, repair sets for hoses

blankets, antifall guard equipment, safety
belts etc.
• Ventilation systems, rescue cutting tools, motor
saws, cut-off saws, drilling machines, cable
winches, accessories
• Hydraulic rescue equipment, cutting devices,
hydraulic power units, battery-driven rescue
equipment, lifting pads
• Equipment for hazardous waste cleanup,
catchment tanks, vessels for waste disposal,
sealing material, pumps for oil and chemicals,
hose pumps, binding agent for oil, oil barriers,
high pressure cleaners

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 9995

Mobile operation container
Unfortunately there will be many injured persons
after a terrorist attack or an earth quake who
need immediate help. Hospitals are often
working to capacity. This makes our mobile
operation container so valuable. The 20’
container includes a fully equipped operation
room with anaesthesia device, X-ray unit, oxygen
tank and air condition. Of course, the container
can be equipped according to customer’s
requirements especially with regard to
medication, bandages and medical tools. PKI
9995 can be used under unfavourable climatic
conditions. The air condition with filter against
bacteria complies with the hygienic requirements
of German hospitals.

• Dimensions: 20’ container
• Transport: container van
• Note: Several containers can be combined to a
hospital centre.
• Offer: according to your requirements on

PKI 9995

Fire-fighting Vehicle
In order to extinguish special fires in chemical
industry or in warehouses with hazardous
products, on airports etc. you need extinguishing
powder. PKI 9995 is especially designed for
these purposes and includes 2 tanks with 3000
kg extinguishing powder each. All controlling
parts of the extinguishing system are available in
the driver’s cabin. Two different extinguishing
agents are available (powder and foam).
• Tank capacity: 2 x 3000 kg
• Range: 20 m
• Extinguishing powder: 12 kg/s
• Note: special offers on request
Below please find a list of the fire brigade and
rescue vehicles which we can deliver new and/or
Fire Brigade:
• fire-fighting vehicles
• vehicles for portable pumps
• personnel carrier
• pump water tender
• salvage trucks
• equipment vehicles
(also for hazardous material)
• vehicles for operation controllers
• airport fire-fighting vehicles
• vehicles with turnable ladder
Rescue Services and Others:
• Ambulances
• Mobile intensive car unit
• Catastrophe cars
• Police cars
• Surveillance vehicles

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:






Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 10000

Training and Consultancy
• Wide spectrum of specialist subjects
• Tailor-made to customer´s requirements
• Highly skilled training personnel
• Fully protected and secure training centre
• In-house accommodation for students
Services form an important and often integral
part of implementing a successful security
operation. A major factor in PKI´s philosophy is
the conviction, that training and understanding of
products and technology are a critical factor and
major strength in finding successful security
PKI´s Training Services provide specialist
courses covering a wide range of topics. The
exact requirement, scope, style and level of
training is normally defined after a fact-finding
visit to the end-user’s location. During this
meeting with the client and final user of PKI´s
products the gain of specific knowledge will be
determined and a syllabus of the coming
training-course is defined. Every service
provided can and will be individualised to meet
our client's requirements.
PKI´s highly trained personnel consist of only
selected engineers with very special skills who
are called upon by many governmental security

organisations to give advice and consultation.
Key factors are flexibility, personalised service,
professionalism and utmost discretion. Total
integrity and security of the client's information
is guaranteed at all times.

necessary outdoor exercises and system training
in a secure environment without any external
interference or disturbance. The complete area
can be protected by security guards if requested.

The training centre is located on our own 20.000
square meters territory in Lütjensee (30 min.
away from the centre of Hamburg) allowing the

PKI 10000

Training and Consultancy
The whole range of Training Services includes
seminars in the fields of:
1) Surveillance
including courses on academic basis, general
techniques & equipment, audio surveillance,
video surveillance, still photography, mobile
surveillance, vehicle tracking, maintenance and
service etc.
2) Counter Surveillance
including courses on basic threats, professional
threats, general techniques and equipment,
countermeasure methods, countermeasure
devices etc.
3) Crime Investigation
including courses on photography, evidence
collecting, analyst database etc.
4) Protective Security
including courses on static location, close
protection, VIP security, VIP drivers and team
leaders etc.
5) Methods of Entry
including courses on basic systems, advanced

systems, techniques and equipment on how to
gain access to closed rooms etc.
6) Anti Riot / Anti Drugs
including courses on EOD/IED disposal, basic
demolitions, advanced demolitions, sniper,
narcotic detection etc.

In each of these specialised seminars detailed
understanding is passed on in academic bases,
possible threats, maintenance and service,
techniques and equipment plus the knowlegde
about every feature of PKI´s products and how
to use these with a maximum of effectiveness.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:



PKI 10000

Training Program
PKI Electronic Intelligence offers training courses as we are convinced that understanding of products and technology are most important for a successful
operation. The training courses are held at our own premises, located on our own 20.000 square meters territory. The training centre allows the necessary
outside exercises and systems training in a secure environment without any external interference or disturbances.
The ground floor consists of 2 comprehensive equipped training class rooms including workshops, offices, 2 show rooms and the main dining room with
adjacent central kitchen including cooking staff for preparation of daily meals.
The upper floor is designed for the accommodation of up to 12 students in single apartments. Each comfortably designed apartment is equipped with
sleeping room, bathroom and some of them are equipped with their own kitchen.
The following training courses are available:

Training Course Overview “Surveillance”


Academic Course

Basic Mathematics
General English Language
Computer Studies
Basic Electronics

4 weeks

Techniques &

Audio & Video Surveillance
Body worn operations
Room surveillance
Telephone tapping
Vehicle eavesdropping
Laser monitoring
Infrared monitoring
Optical systems
Audio/Video transmission
Audio/Video enhancement
Low noise drilling
Protection against counter measure
Tactical deployments
Search and inspection techniques

4 weeks
adapted to client’s
requirements and
equipment selection

Audio Surveillance

Wired/Wireless Systems
Body worn operations
Room surveillance
Telephone tapping
Laser monitoring
Infra red monitoring
RF & GSM transmission
Graphic/Parametric equaliser
Audio enhancement
Tactical deployments

3 weeks
adapted to client
requirements and
equipment selection

Video Surveillance

PCB cameras
PCB camera lenses
Long range lenses
Body worn surveillance
Room surveillance
Open area surveillance
Day / Night video
Image intensifiers
Infrared illumination
Rigid / flexible endoscopes
Low noise drilling
Vehicle fits
Video transmission
ISDN / analogue telephone
Remote control
Enhancement & filter
Video enhancement
Stand alone system
PC based system

3 weeks
adapted to client
requirements and
equipment selection

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 10000

Training Program
Still photography

Traditional Photography
Film processing
Digital Photography
Digital Imaging
Image Intensifiers

2 weeks

Surveillance Course I
Static Surveillance

Personal Security
Orders & Briefings
Dress & Appearance

2 weeks

Surveillance Course II
Foot Surveillance

Personal Security
Covert fits
Orientation & map studies
Dress & Appearance
Information reporting

2 weeks

Surveillance Course III
Mobile Surveillance

Covert fits
Orientation & map studies
Evasive & defensive driving
Information reporting

2 weeks

Vehicle tracking

Tracking methods
RF beacon & Directional Finding DF
RF System components
Covert installation
GSM + GPS tracking
Mapping software
Vehicle & object preparing
Practical exercises

2 weeks
1 week
w/o GSM & GPS

Maintenance & Service

Theoretic background
Function of equipment
Electronic boards and circuits
Circuit diagrams
Trouble shooting
Board & part exchange
Measuring & testing equipment
General Maintenance

depends on the type
and range of
selected equipment

Electronic Counter

Analogue threats
Manual search methods
Electronic search methods

basic training:
3 weeks


RF detection & locating
Cable checking
Spectrum analysis
Microphone detection
IR & Laser threats
Software help tools
Sweep planning & concept
Active protection

Adapted training
depending on
requirements and
equipment selection

Electronic Counter

Including - Basic Digital threats
Spread Spectrum

basic training:
5 weeks


Frequency hopping
Manual & optical search
Electronic search methods
RF detection
Location of bugs
Telephone cable checking
Mains cable checking
Spectrum analysis
Microphone detection
IR threats
Smart attacks
Attacks through PBX
Attacks via ISDN
Software help tools
Sweep planning
Sweep concept

depending on client
requirements and
equipment selection

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:



PKI 10000

Training Program
Training Course Overview “Crime Investigation”
Scenes of crime

Crime scene protocol
Choice of equipment
Techniques of exposure
Traditional photography
Digital photography
Digital Imaging
Photos as evidence
Specialist techniques
Practical exercises

2 weeks

Scenes of crime

Preservation of crime scenes
Preservation of evidence
Fingerprint techniques
Footprint moulding

2 weeks

Investigation & Analyst

Range of training courses to meet
the requirements of analysts and
investigators and technical
database developer

varies according to
the level of courses
adapted to the
client’s requirements

Protective Security
Static Location

Threat identification
Terrorist operations
Information & Office Security
Personal Security

2 weeks

Protective security
Close Protection

Threat Identification
Terrorist operations
Personal Security
Escort organisations
Attack procedures
Weapon handling

2 weeks

Protective Security
VIP Drivers

Threat Identification
Terrorist operations
Vehicle security
Convoy procedures
Evasive & defensive driving

1 week

Protective Security
Team Leaders

Threat Identification
Security levels
VIP protection
Protection profiles
Counter sniper & attack

1 week

Basic Course
Investigators & Analysis
Operational Users
Technical Users
Designer & Researcher
Training Course Overview “Protective Security”

Training Course Overview “Covered Methods of Entry”
Basic Systems

Theory of locking mechanisms
Introduction to lock pick tools
Lock recognition
Making of tools
Various methods of entry
Office Equipment
Key pressing and recording
Key cutting

Advanced Systems

Alarm systems
PIR systems
Introduction to safes
Forces entry

Standard: 2 weeks
depending on client
requirements and
equipment selection

Standard: 2 weeks
depending on client
requirements and

Training Course Overview “Anti Riot”
Explosive Ordnance Device


Basic chemistry of explosives
Basic explosives
Classification of explosives & ammunition
Ammunition design principles
Ammunition & explosive markings

3 weeks

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 10000

Training Program
Demolition stores & accessories
Explosives safety & handling
Methods of initiation & misfire drills
Theoretic basic of disposal
Disposal of blinds & uxo’s theory
Remote equipment
EOD specialist equipment
Demonstration of explosives
Dry training exercises
Confidence testing
Live exercises
Improvised Explosive Device

IED philosophy
IED types & construction
Commercial & home made explosive
IED disrupters
IED team manual equipment
Remote equipment
Duties of an IED team No. 2
Incident control point drills
Questioning techniques & task
Basic search techniques
Access & render safe procedures
Vehicle clearance procedures
Manual operations
Military booby trap mechanisms
Equipment practice
Practical exercises

3 weeks

Explosive Demolitions

Safety rules
Electrical rules
Rules for detonation cord
Initiation sets
Electric & flash initiation
Ring mains & mains lines
Standard charges
Steel cutting
Wood cutting
Attack methods
Booby trap switches
Practical Exercises

2 weeks

Explosive Demolitions

Safety rules
Mines & improved mines
Remote type ambush
Advances steel cutting
Pressure & concussion charges
Pier footing charges
Landing site construction
Attack methods and profiles
Target RCCE formats
Tactical targets
Bridge types and construction
Incendiary devices & procedures
Home made explosives
Improvised explosive devices
Practical exercises

4 weeks

Sniper courses

Various course levels for

each course

Tactical Operations
Tactical Command

Sniper beginners
Sniper veterans
Emergency team officers
SWAT team leaders

1-2 weeks

Narcotic Detection
Dog training

Obedience Evaluation and Training
Basic Safety Considerations
Basic Detection Training
Dog’s Sense of Smell
Scent Association
Improving Indication Skills
Building Search Strategies and Patterns
Vehicle Search Strategies and Patterns
Luggage and packages
Open area searches
Handler training

8 - 12 weeks
(dog training)

Training Course Overview “Anti Riot”

Training Course Overview “Anti Riot – Anti Drugs”

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Terms of Sale, Delivery and Payment

- hereinafter called PKI 1) Purview
These conditions are valid for all PKI sales, deliveries, services and offers. Placing orders with PKI means acceptance of this. These terms will
even be valid for coming bills of sale and commercial contacts if they are not mentioned explicitly. Differences, in particular the purchaser's own
terms of trade and verbal agreements, are only valid if PKI expressly agree to them in writing.
2) Product Information
Although any product information was current at the time this document was approved for printing, PKI reserves the right to change
specifications, designs and models without notice. PKI does not assume any responsibility or liability for typographical errors which may
appear herein and such errors are subject to correction. Technical data are subject to change without prior notice.
3) Quotations and Acceptance of Orders
PKI's quotations are non-binding and we reserve the right to reject any order in whole or in part. In particular, quotations are subject to the goods
still being available and to their not having been previously sold. Also PKI reserves the right to make price adjustments, unless PKI has
expressly designated the quotation in writing as binding. All orders received are subject to final accep-tance by PKI and agreements made
verbally, by telephone, or through our representative are only valid if PKI has confirmed them in writing and only in accordance with the terms
set forth herein.
4) Specification and Application of Goods
Illustrations, details of size, weight and technical specifications generally are only approximate. Samples are not binding and are only representative of the type, unless PKI has expressly guaranteed certain properties in writing. PKI does not guarantee the suitability of equipment for the
purchaser's intended application. PKI also excludes liability to the purchaser as well as to third parties.
5) Delivery
Purchaser's requested delivery schedule will be met by PKI to the best of its ability. Delivery dates are quoted to the best of PKI's knowledge
based on the period of time likely to be required for delivery, but are only binding if this expressly is stated in writing. Partial deliveries are always
allowed and count as individual transactions.
6) Prices
All prices indicuted are “ex works” and do not include packing, freight and insurance charges for equipment shipped overseas.
The purchaser is responsible for any further transportation method. Additional charges relatinq to freight, insurance, handling, documentation,
stamp duties, import duties or tariffs have to be born by the purchaser. In any case, where PKI supplies their goods, the INCO-terms - as per
latest edition - shall be considered as being the basis of delivery.
7) Payment
PKI only supplies goods to firms abroad against an irrevocable letter of credit issued by customer's bank and being confirmed by a first-class
German bank, or on 100% prepaid cash-in-advance payment into PKI's named bank-account. In every case payment is to be made in EUROcurrency.
8) Guarantee
PKI only warrants for new products that are limited in use because of wrong material or insufficient workmanship within a period of 12 months
from date of shipment.
Identifiable defects have to be indicated in written form and within two weeks from date of shipment.
Not identifiable defects have to be indicated in written form at detection, within than the warranty period of 12 months starting from date of
9) Legal Statute and Place of Jurisdiction
All cases of disagreement arising from PKI's transactions with customers are exclusively subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In all cases of dispute with customers local jurisdiction solely lies with the Hamburg Courts but PKI is also entitled to take legal action at the
place of the orderer.
10) Copyright
PKI reserve all rights of copyright, publication or reproduction of any part of this catalogue whatsoever. No part of this catalogue may be copied
or reproduced in any form without prior consent from PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GmbH. Failure to comply with these restrictions will
result in legal proceedings.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI - Additional Information
You can also find the product range of PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH on the enclosed CD-ROM. In case this catalogue should
have been delivered without CD-ROM, we shall of course send you the same if required. However, you can also see the
complete PKI delivery program on our website

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


PKI Building

Großenseer Str.18 • D-22952 Lütjensee / Hamburg / Germany
Tel.: 49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: 49(0)4154 - 740 16

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