Name: Video and Night Vision Systems

Text: Video and Night Vision Systems




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Production and Development

PKI 5100

Multi-Purpose Thermal Imager
The PKI 5100 is an innovative thermal imager,
which offers outstanding imaging and
temperature measurement performance together
with extreme flexibility, ease of use and minimal
operating cost. With the PKI 5100 we can offer
an imager that is ideal for thermography and
maintenance engineer alike; high quality images
may be captured and manipulated offline or
problems can be resolved on the spot. The
camera comes with an industry leading 3.5”
colour LCD display with LED backlight. The
ergonomically designed imager houses the
complete uncooled microbolometer- based
camera core together with a long life Li-Ion
battery pack. Images can be stored on MMC or
SD cards for recall and further analysis if
required and also can be downloaded to a PC for
further report generation and printing.
Designed for self-contained use, the PKI 5100
contains everything required by the operator.
The high power, field replaceable, rechargeable
Li-Ion battery allows continuous operation over a
full working shift. The PKI 5100 is fully
radiometric. Temperature measurements can be
made over the entire image, and hot spots can be
identified by the use of a trigger activated laser
• Field of view: 20° x 15°
• Focus: manual
• Minimum Focus approx. 30 cm
• Spectral response: 8µm to 14 µm
• Thermal sensitivity:
150 mK (0.15°C) @ 25°C
scene temperature
• Detector:
160 x120 pixels uncooled microbolometer
• Image storage: up to 1000 images
on supplied SD card
• Display:

3.5” colour LCD with LED backlight
4 colour palettes
• Laser pointer: a built-in class 2
laser is supplied to highlight the
central measurement area
• Measurement temperature: range 10°C to +250°C
• Radiometry: two movable
temperature measurement cursors
Temperature difference
• Emissivity Correction:
user selectable 0.2 to 1.0 in steps of
0.01 with reflected ambient
temperature compensation
• Accuracy the greater of plus/minus:
2°C or 2%
• Power supply: Li-Ion rechargeable

battery, AC adaptor supplied
• Operation time:
4 hours continuous operation
• Operating temperature:
-15°C to + 45°C
• Storage temperature:
-20°C to + 70°C
• Dimensions: 230 x 120 x 110 mm
• Weight: 0.75 kg incl. battery
• Predictive and preventative maintenance
• Process monitoring
• HVAC & R troubleshooting
• General industrial/domestic inspection
• Security

PKI 5105

Thermal Imaging Camera
Compared with night vision devices, the
advantage of thermal imaging cameras is that
they are able to capture images even through fog,
smoke or rain. Animals, objects or persons
become visible even hidden behind shrubs or
bushes. Of course it shows a thermal image, not
a natural image. The PKI 5105 can be used for
surveillance operations of any kind, as well as for
thermographic controls at insulation works in
buildings or at leakages.

• Spectral range: 7-14 µm
• Type of detector: uncooled silicone
• Focusing: 1 m to infinite
• Power supply: standard batteries
• Operation temperature: -20° to +50°
• Weight: approx. 600 g
• Housing: waterproof
• Camera: 2.3 mega pixel
• IR-resolution: 140 x 140 picture elements
• Display of the camera: 3.5"

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Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5110

Laser Range Finder
Measuring the distance to a possible target
always is essential in cases where an
unobstrusive alignment to this is necessary in
order to choose one of the specific listening
devices like our Laser Monitoring Device PKI
3100 or our Infrared Observation System PKI
3200. Any special task forces, may it be from
police or military departments, should have the
PKI 5110 as an essential tool for their purposes.
This hand held and low-weight unit perfectly
matches to these requirements and is as easy to
handle like an ordinary binocular. By looking
through the device you can obtain the right direction (in case of the use of one of a.m. devices or
directional antennas for wireless monitoring
and/or any other listening devices) and by
pushing a button, automatically and within a
second the right distance to the object will be
digitally displayed. The binocular is equipped

with transmitter- receiver and allows measurements up to 10 km distance. The unit exactly
measures the distance and angle and the results
are shown on the integrated LCD indicator. The
reported measurements will help to choose the
right objective for optical observation systems
and the right angle for directional microphones
or antennas.
• Field of view:
8° = 140 m width at 1.000 m distance
• Eye relief: 13.5 mm
• Exit pupil: 3.6 mm
• Weight: approx. 425 g
• Dimensions: 6 x 14,5 x 14,2 cm

PKI 5115

IR and Laser Detection Device
There is a counter-device for every unit. This
pocket device offers very good services. Night
observation by camera or night vision
instruments with IR light can be easily detected.
Furthermore, even laser interception devices with
strong beam within the invisible 880 nm range
can quickly be located. You simply have to put
the unit with its sensor into the direction where
you suspect an observation device. If the IRbeam meets the sensor a visual and/or acoustic
alarm will be heard. Its distance can be evaluated
according to the alarm, which is strong at short
distances and weaker at longer distances.

• Wave length: 780 – 880 nm range
• Dimensions: 110 x 58 x 24 mm
• Weight: 120 g
• Power supply: Li-ion battery
Comes with recharger

PKI 5120

Zoom Rifle Scope 3-12 x 50
We are prepared to offer rifle scopes in multiple
versions. Please ask for a quotation.
PKI 5120 is bullet-proof also against large
calibres and features unparalleled light
transmission with fully tempered optics. It is
filled with nitrogen against internal moisture. PKI
5120 is equipped with a Duplex reticle providing
a cross hair with thin and thick crossing lines for
precision aiming. Thick bars on the perimeter
and thin ones in the middle allow the eye to quikkly locate the center of the reticle and the thin
lines in the center allow for precise aiming. Our
valuable Duplex reticle offers a a high hit ratio
even at long distances.


• Magnification: 2-12 x
• Objective lens diameter: 50 mm
• Tube diamenter: 25,4 mm
• Reticle: Duplex 30/30
• Eye relief: 75 and 95 mm
• Dimensions: 314 x 58 x 58 mm
• Weight: 390 g
• Installation: suitable for diameter 25,4 mm,
included in package

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Production and Development

PKI 5130

Waterproof CCD Colour Camera
The PKI 5130 offers clearer images and greater
distances of video observation to every
government department or industries. The
built-in 1/3” SHARP image sensor provides
pinsharp pictures at a very high resolution. Even
under no light conditions this camera works
IRIllumination. Both, the camera and the IRIllumination, are placed in a waterproof housing
for outdoor use under every weather-condition.
The invisible IR-light illuminates the surrounding
up to 50 m distance. Depending on buyer’s
option the PKI 5130 is available either in PAL or
NTSC version.
• Image sensor: 1/3” SHARP sensor
• TV system: PAL / NTSC
• Horizontal resolution: 480 TV-lines

• Pixels: PAL – 752(H)x582(V)
NTSC – 768 (H) x 494 (V)
• IR LED: 5 x 36 pcs
• IR Series Distance: 20 to 50 m
• Synchronisation System:
Internal synchronisation
• Minimum Illumination:
0.000 lux / F1.2 (LED on)
• S/N ratio: > 48 dB (AGC off)
• Gamma characteristic: 0.45
• Video output: 1 Vpp at 75 Ohms
• Scanning system:
PAL – 625 lines/50Hz
NTSC – 525 lines/60Hz
• Electronic shutter time:

PAL 1/50-1/100.000 sec,
NTSC 1/60 –1/100.000 sec
• White Balance: automatic
• Operating temperature:
-10 to + 50°C, at 95% relative humidity
• Storage temperature:
-20 to + 60°C, at 95 % relative humidity
• Power supply: 12 VDC, 500 mA

PKI 5200

Nightvision and Thermal Imaging System
The PKI 5200 is an easy to use, handheld device
for direct observations by means of an uncooled
thermal imaging system. It provides "round-theclock" observation, monitoring and security for
any military, paramilitary, police or civilian
application. Not only problematic areas like
border fences, buildings and industrial sites can
be surveyed but also hidden objects in cars,
cases etc. It also detects human traces like
foot- and fingerprints as well as overheating and
fires, before flames and smoke become visible.
This makes it the ideal, costeffective, warning
device for any monitoring task.
PKI 5200 is an integrated electro- optical system
incorporating a microbolometric IR camera for
night-vision and a CCD camera for daylight use
into a highly affordable unit for monitoring any
sensitive location or observing potential trouble
spots. PKI 5200 can be fixed to a solid base at a
particular observation point and being connected
via optical fiber or wireless link for remote
display and centralized control by the operator
situated at a safe distance. Vehicle mounting for
mobile reconnaissance also is possible.
A) Thermal Imaging part
• Detector type FPA (Focal Plane Array)
uncooled microbolometer
(amorphous silicon or
vanadium oxide)
• Spectral range 8 – 12 µm
• Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
• Focal length 100 mm
• F# 1
• Field of view 8.45°H x 6.33° V
• Video output CCIR or RS 170
• Remote control RS 422 or RS 232

• Control operation AGC, focus (manual)
contrast, on/off, video
polarity, NUC
• Operating voltage 12 V nominal
• NETD < 100° mK
• Detection range
(human being) better than 800 m
• Recognition range
(human being) better than 300 m
• Transmission
(hard carbon exterior coating)
81 % (8-12 µm average)

B) Video camera part
• Sensor CCD
• Pixels 768 x 494
• Optics F 1.4 / 50 mm
• Field of view 5.6° H x 4.2° V
• Detection range better than 2.500 m
• Recognition rangebetter than 1.000 m
• Modular options optimised to applications
• Remotely controlled
• Easy installation
• Built-in “Go/No Go” Tester

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Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5205

Binocular Telescope Camera
This high-class pocket camera is a development
from the latest generation of camera. It offers a
10x magnification with the dimensions of only
140x100x40mm and a weight of 396g, integrated
digital camera with 1,3 megapixels and 16MB
memory capacity. This allows you to observe
objects or persons at a distance of up to 1000m
and save as much pictures as you want on the
provided smart card. The fitting for a tripod is
also included. The pictures can be transferred to
a PC by means of the USB output. Because of its
small size we recommend to take the PKI 5205
always with you in case of surveillance or
observation services.
A.) Digital Camera
• Image Sensor: 1,3 mega pixels CMOS sensor
• Resolution: 1280 x 1024 CSXGA,

PKI 5210

640x480 (VGA)
• Quantity of pictures: SXGA / 50 pictures
VGA / 90 pictures
• Memory Capacity: 16 MB
• Lens: F 4.5
• Angle of view: 5,8°
• Focusing range: > 7 m
• Exposure white balance: Automatic
• Port: USB
• Self-timer delay: 10 seconds
• Power of keeping: 25 seconds
• Battery: AAA (2 pcs.)
B.) Binocular
• Magnification: 10 x 25
• Object Lens Diameter: 225 mm
• Angle of view: 5.8°
• Exit pupil diameter: 2,5 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 10 mm

PKI 5220

Nightvision Monocular, Nightvision Binocular
Whenever visual observations under low-light or
even no-light conditions have to be effected, the
use of a professional night vision device is
indispensible. With these two units, whether
monocular or binocular, such tasks can easily be
fulfilled. These extremely lightweight but robust
night vision devices have been designed for
operation under all weather conditions and at any
light level. Even in complete darkness these units
will work due to the built-in IR-illuminator being
invisible to the human eyes. Each type, whether
the PKI 5210 or the PKI 5220 provide a sharp
and clear picture of the area to be surveyed and
is therefore especially useful for police, customs,
security guards and border controls. Each type is
waterproof and another main advantage is the
low power consumption which allows an
outstanding operating time of approx. 50 hours
continuously with one set of standard batteries.
Different adapters optionally can be supplied to
connect the PKI 5210 / PKI 5220 to cameras or

• Controls Multi-latching push-button:
- On/Off
- Intensifier only
- Intensifier plus IR-Illuminator
• Eyepiece: Adjustable diopter
• Magnification: 1 x with 25mm lens or adaptor
for 75 mm Lens
• Power supply: Standard Alkaline batteries,
type AAA
• Waterproof: according to IP 67
• Ambient temperature: - 50°C to +60°C
• MTBF: 10.000 operating hours
• Size:
PKI 5210 – approx. 190 x 60 mm
PKI 5220 – approx. 140 x 125 mm


• Weight:
PKI 5210 – approx. 350 g
PKI 5220 – approx. 900 g
• Available with 2nd, 2nd+ and
3rd Gen. tubes
• Waterproof according to IP 67
• Provides all weather operation
• Accepts standard C-mount lenses
• Operates from standard batteries
• More than 50 hours battery lifetime

• Built-in near IR-illuminator
• Available with 2nd, 2nd+ and
3rd Gen. tubes
• Waterproof according to IP 67
• Provides all weather operation
• Accepts standard C-mount lenses
• Operates from standard batteries
• More than 50 hours battery lifetime
• Built-in near IR-illuminator

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Production and Development

PKI 5225

IR-Observation System
The PKI 5225 is based on an uncooled infrared
detector, a 360° optic and a picture and data
processing device. By this, the system is used for
observations of rooms and open terrain, nearly
independent from surrounding sight conditions.
Each picture picked up will be scanned at 25
cycles and shown at operator’s monitor in a
rectified form. The picture processing therefore
only needs a minimal PC-capacity and enables an
automatic generating of alarm-signals with a
correlation to customer’s needs. The very low
power consumption (max. 7 W), the flexibility in
regard to interfaces and the minimal weight of
approx. 800 g easily allow integrating the PKI
5225 into existing monitoring networks. With the
PKI 5225 the user will have a 360°-panoramic
observation system without moving parts and

cost-effec-tive components in the need of
maintenance. Depending on the types of used IRdetectors, areas of several hundred meters can
be observed with the PKI 5225 vastly
independent from surrounding weather and light
• Detector type IR uncooled
• Detection area 360°
• Detection range up to several
hundred meters
• Scanning frequency 25 Hz
• Power consumption ma. 7 W
• Weight approx. 800 g

PKI 5230

Long Range Thermal Imaging System
The PKI 5230 is intended for the use in harsh
applications including perimeter surveillance and
coastal security. Therefore it perfectly matches
the tasks of police-, military-, customsand
border-control departments. It is a high
performance thermal imager based on a indium
Antimonide (InSb) 320x256, 30µm pitch focal
plane array (FPA) and operates in the 3-5 µm
spectral range. Its sealed housing (backfilled dry
nitrogen) and marine hard carbon coated lens
with front element defroster makes it perfect in
all conditions incl. snow and sea. The triple-FOV
lens 250-1000 mm/ F 4.0 allows a man detection
up to 17 km. Also the camera features RS232
/RS422 link for fast integration in any
surveillance equipment.

• Thermal imaging system with:
InSb FPA array - 320 x 256 or
640 x 512 pixels
• Weatherproof: N2-pressurised housing
• Highest temperature sensitivity:
NETD 35 mK in spectral range of 3 to 5 µm
• Serial remote control: RS232/422
of all camera and lens functions
• Analogue: PAL video output
• IR lenses available with:
17/60/200 mm / F4.0 or 50/250 mm
/ F4.0 or 250/500/1.000 mm / F4.0
• Range to detect a person: – up to 17 km
• Seawater resistant: (IP 67 / MIL-Std 810e)

PKI 5235

Pan & Tilt Infrared Video Camera
Meeting the challenge that darkness presents for
marine applications is the PKI 5235. This rugged
camera is especially designed to withstand the
typical shock and vibration associated with
marine applications. It is intended for law
enforcement and public safety applications with
the use on vehicles or boats. It is the next and
low-cost generation of thermal imaging with a
pan & tilt platform for mobile and landbased or
sea-based outdoor environment. The camera can
be mounted on a ship or other coastal structure
and with the pan-and-tilt positioning platform,
operated by a joystick controller, the user can
observe or search for boats or stray objects in
the water by manoeuvring and pointing the
camera into the necessary direction. PKI 5235
utilises image processing to create thermal
images with improved contrast, resulting in
better feature definition, sharper and clearer

• BST sensor with 320 x 240 pixels
in spectral range of 8 to 14 µm
• Daylight camera optionally available
• IR camera and platform control via joystick
• Automatic gain and brightness control
• Range to detect a person: up to
450 m in total darkness

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Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5240

Night Vision Binocular
the leading distributors worldwide for night
vision devices. Although the optics play a critical
role of the night vision device, the heart of a night
vision device and the most important component
is the Image Intensifier Tube (IIT). As a leading
consumer for ITTs we source and aquire the best
and the latest available image intensification
technologies from top US and European
producers. From hand selected premium grade
1st Generation to filmless/autogated 4th
Generation that would satisfy the most
performance obsessed clientele, we offer the
best for your specific application. When you see
night vision units with built-in infrared
illuminators for total darkness, remember that
we were one of the first to offer this feature that
now has become an industry standard. All of our
night vision units are outfitted with an IRilluminator. Furthermore some of such devices
offer interchangeable lenses, opitcal doublers
and remote controls. Our R&D engineers are
making sure that we are always on the cutting
edge providing you with the latest in features and
technology. The PKI 5240 as an infrared, low
light level device for the use in public security,
armed police forces, custom houses, frontier and safe guards for night patrols as well as
investigations. In one word, the operator cannot
miss using the PKI 5240 in any kind of night
observations. Being fully portable, self-powered
and lightweight, this system offers a reliable tool
at a cost-effective price.

• Effective visual distance 600 m
• Magnification 6 times
• Field of view 6°50’
• Objective focusing range 15 m to infinity

• Eyepiece diopter range -5 to + 2 diopter
• Exit pupil diameter 7 mm
• Resolution < 0.46 mrad
• Operating voltage 3 VDC
• Weight 2.5 kg

PKI 5245

Low Light Level Nightvision Goggle
If what you need is hands free night vision, PKI
ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE has the unit for you
to drive or walk through the darkness with the
confidence of a cat with our PKI 5245 dual eye
goggle system. It is a low light level, head
mounted, light weight dual eye / tube goggle
being comfortable to wear and most easy to use.
Surprisingly, even though we gave the unit a
heavy coated glass lens, we were still able to
keep its weight down to only less than 1 kg.
Powered by two high quality light intensifier
tubes and using fast precision optics this device
has one of the clearest and brightest images in a
goggle. Combine all the above with a built-in
infrared illuminator that lets you see in total
darkness and you will be on your way to
exploring even the darkest of places. This is of
most importance for the use of the PKI 5245 by
public security, armed police forces protecting
the streets, custom houses, nuclear power plant
security, frontier and safe guards for night
patrols as well as every member of military or
industrial security staffs working in dark
conditions. Wherever hands-free operation is
required, the PKI 5245 offers the right solution.
For the observation of suspicious objects in the
dark or driving a car under no-light conditions,
the PKI 5245 provides a comfortable and


cost-effective solution. In a word, you can do
nothing at night and in dark rooms without the
use of the PKI 5245.
• Effective visual distance 150 m
• Magnification 1 time

• Field of view 45°
• Objective focusing range
360 mm to infinity
• Eyepiece diopter range
+/- 5 diopters
• Resolution < 2.8 mrad
• Operating voltage 1.5 VDC
• Weight 0.9 kg

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Production and Development

PKI 5250

Long Range Video System
The PKI 5250 - Long Range Video System
combines stateof-the-art video with high
definition nightvision technology. It is designed
for 24 hours operation by combining three
camera modules in just one housing - forming a
unique system of:
• a colour CCD-camera for daylight
• a black & white camera for twilight
• an intensified camera for night time
The system is either available in 1" or 1/2" image
format - in buyer's option. The lifetime of the
image intensifier is optimised and the method of
night vision technology only must be used in
cases of absolute darkness or where it is
necessary (closed dark rooms, underneath
bridges etc). This PKI 5250 optionally also is
prepared for operation with infrared illuminators
for spot elimination and non-visible target
illumination as well as range gating applications.
Optionally additional filters like infrared or band
pass filter are available.
A) General
• Dimensions (without lens) 135 x 172 x 224 mm

• Weight (without lens) approx. 6 kg
• Power consumption 1200 mA (TBD)
• Operating voltage 12 VDC
• Operation temperature -10 to +50 °C
(recommended 0-40°C)
• Lens format C-mount
• Lens control zoom, focus, iris
• Comm. connection RS232, RS485
• Video standard PAL/CCIR/NTSC/EIA
• Video signal FBAS
B) Black/White Camera
• Horizontal resolution 570 TVL
• Sensitivity 0,0006,lx (F1.2, 50% video,
AGC 20 dB, normal shutter 1/50 s)
• Signal-to-noise 52 dB
C) Colour Camera
• Horizontal Resolution 480 TVL
• Sensitivity 0.1 lx (F1.2, 50% video,

AGC 20 dB, normal shutter 1/50 s)
• Signal-to-noise 50 dB
D) Intensified Camera
• Image intensifier XD 4 technology 1/2”
• CCD Sensor 1/2” interline Transfer,
752 x 582 pixel
• Horizontal resolution up to 530 TVL
• Sensitivity 0.000001 lx
• Signal-to-noise 42 dB
• Control Auto gain, auto gating - down to 1µsec
(optional 50 nsec) external range gating option
• Multisensor camera system
• Image intensified, B&W and Colour
• Combined system in one housing
• 24 hours a day full operation
• Automatic back focus correction
• Selectable objectives

PKI 5255

Low Light Level Viewer
A new extremely fast lens system combined with
a high resolution Gen 1+ light intensifier tube
gives the user an unparalleled bright image in a
1st gen. night vision device by just easy push
button controls. Therefore the PKI 5255 is
recommended for most comfortable and hand
held use at any observation tasks in the dark. It
is a must to use this unit by police forces, secret
services and other government departments
where such investigations have to be effected
under lowlight conditions or even in total
darkness. With its effective range of approx. 150
to 200 m the PKI 5255 provides perfectly
illuminated pictures, which allows excellent
observation results. The built-in IR-Illuminator

provides additional light, being invisible to the
human eye, allowing the user to observe his
target even if there is no surrounding light. The
adjustable hand-buckling belt makes its handling
very comfortable.
• Magnification: 1.38 times
• Field of view: 20°
• Resolution: < 1.5 mrad
• Dioptric adjustment range: +/- 5 diopter
• Focussing range: 0.25 m to infinity
• Operating voltage: 3 VDC battery
• Enhanced infrared lamp: built-in
• Effective visual distance: 150 to 200 m
• Weight: approx. 700 g

PKI 5260

Long Range Binocular
This legendary PKI 5260 model with its large
objective diameter of 150 mm, is an magnificent
tool in many sectors, covering a large range of
applications, such as surveillance operations of
suspect objects or persons, border control, fire
prevention and other scientific researches, where
a crisp, bright, sharp and high-resolution image
is indispensable. Many other applications like
wild animal observation, sightseeing from the
top of high buildings or home balcony, hunting,
shipping, fishery, forest observation etc. are also
possible. This binocular, with its large aperture
and high magnification of 31x to 50x allows a
long range, fatigue-proof operation under every
condition. The unit is equipped with a fast dual

focusing which is ultra smooth. The telescope
tube is covered with a protective rubberised paint
finish to help protecting it from the elements.
• Magnification: 31 - 50 times
• Field of view: 2°
• Objective diameter: 150 mm
• Diopter adjustment: - 5 to +5
• Exit pupil diameter: 4.48 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 16.66 mm
• Resolution: < 1.6”
• Interpupillary distance: 58 - 74 mm
• Weight: approx. 12 kg
• Dimensions: approx. 60 x25 x 15 cm

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Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5265

Colour Video Zoom, Camera with Monitor
In many cases of video observations sharp and
clear pictures have to be achieved. Our PKI 5265
is the right solution for this purpose. Whether in
distances of only 10 meters or even up to 100
meters, this zoom-camera provides perfect
resolutions with a brilliant sharpness and
excellent light sensitivity. It is just the matter of a
correct menu technique via the supplied cable
connection. This high resolution colour camera
with 480 TV-lines and the 16x zoom objective,
combined with the digital, electronic camera
zoom, allows the recognition of a car number
plate even from a distance of 100 m. On the

supplied 19” flat screen monitor every picture is
displayed and can be transferred to any storage
• Resolution: 480 TV lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 1.0 Lux
• Counterlight compensation: automatic
• Objective: F = 1.4 – 2.8, f = 4.0 – 64 mm
• Monitor: 19” colour flat screen
• Power supply: 12 VDC with mains adapter
• Dimensions: approx. 70 x 65 x 95 mm

PKI 5270

Day & Night IR LED Camera
For a permanent video observation a clear colour
picture in day time and an automatical change to
B/W picture at night time, the PKI 5270 is what
you need. As our duty is to deliver the best
quality we have developed this complete camera
which is a highly sophisticated day & night
camera for use in every outdoor surrounding
where video observations are necessary. By this,
industrial areas, military camps, police stations
or any other territories are protected by video
monitoring for 24 hours a day. A clear colour
picture is given in the daytime which
automatically is changed to b/w picture at night
time. 180 integrated infrared diodes illuminate
the area of observation at night time or low-light
conditions. The complete system comes in a
weather-proof housing, including a cooling-fan
for the control of heat from the IR-LED’s and a
CDS sensor for the change from colour to b/w
operation - depending on light conditions. The
complete system optionally is available in PAL or
NTSC version using a SONY Super HAD CCD
camera with 410K pixels.

• Image Device: Super HAD SONY CCD
• Scanning System: NTSC - 525 lines /60 fields
per second
PAL - 625 lines / 50 fields per second
• Synchronisation System:
Internal Synchronisation
• Number of Pixels: NTSC - 768 x 494 (HxV)
PAL - 752 x 586 (HxV)
• Horizontal resolution: 480 TV lines
• Video output: 1Vpp 75 Ohm, composite
• Signal to noise ratio: > 45 dB (AGC off)
• Gamma characteristics: 0.45
• White balance: automatic white balance
• Back light compensation: automatic BLC

• Minimum illumination: 0.3 lux at day-time
0.0 lux at night time
• Electronic shutter: NTSC - 1/60 to 1/10.000 sec
PAL - 1/50 to 1/10.000 sec
• Lens mount: 260 x Zoom
(Optical : 26 x, Digital : 10x)
• Number of LED: 180 pieces infrared LED
• Wave length: 850 nm
• Angle of IR-LED: 10° and 30° in combination
• Illuminated distance / outdoor: max 75 m
• Power supply: 12 VDC, 3 A
• Power consumption: 2200 mA
• Operating temperature: - 10°C to + 45 °C
• Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

• Effective pixels: 768x494 for NTSC, 752x582
for PAL 510x492 for EIA, 500x582 for CCIR
• Horizontal resolution: 550 lines for colour
camera, 420 lines for b/w camera
• S/N ratio: > 45 dB for colour and
> 50 dB for b/w
• Sensitivity: 1 lux /F2.0 for colour,
0.05 lux/F2.0 for b/w camera
• Image sensor: 1/3” SONY Super HAD CCD
• Power supply: 12 VDC
• Gamma correction: 0.45
• Electronic shutter:
NTSC/EIA - 1/60 - 1/100.000 sec automatic
PAL/CCIR - 1/50 - 1/100.000 sec automatic
• Current consumption:
LED on = 520 mA or less
LED off = 280 mA or less
• Infrared LED’s:

30 pcs, 850 nm, for 50 m distance max.
• Lenses available:
3.6 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm in buyer’s option
• Operating temperature: -10 to + 50 ° C

PKI 5275

Dual CCD Night Vision Camera
The PKI 5275 is designed for day and night
observations with just one complete unit. It
consists of two cameras in one weatherproof
housing - colour and b/w. The colour camera is
for use at daylight and the b/w-camera, with
integrated IR-lightning diodes, covers all tasks at
nighttime . Depending on the field of application
various objectives for both cameras are available.
Just let us have your request and we shall
provide the best possible configuration. The
following technical data show every possible
• Signal format: NTSC or PAL for colour camera,
EIA or CCIR for b/w camera
• Total pixels: 811x508 for NTSC, 795x596
for PAL 537x505 for EIA, 537x597 for CCIR


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5280

Long Range Video Camera
This high resolution colour camera, with its 220x
Zoom-objective and integrated pan/tilt head,
provides pictures of perfect brilliance and
sharpness. Even a car number plate can be
recognised from a distance of up to 500m and
larger objects like persons or cars and boats can
be observed even from more than that range. Up
to 32 fixed positions of the zoom and the pan/tilt
head can be programmed and recalled
automatically. PKI 5280 is supplied with a wired
remote control for every function of the device.
On request, it can be equipped with a wireless
remote control. The complete set comes with a
cable connected 19” flatscreen monitor
combined with an optional high power video
transmitter the PKI 5280 is ideal for border
controls and other wide range observations in
outdoor conditions. Such transmitters should be
selected from our wide range shown in this

catalogue. Only then we can guarantee that
camera, transmitter, receiver and monitor match
• Resolution: 480 TV-lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Backlight compensation: automatic
• Objective: f: 12-128 mm, F: 1.4 – 3.6
• Monitor: 19” flat screen
• Dimensions: approx. 420 x 350 x 220 mm
• Weight: approx. 9,8 kg
• Power supply: 12 VDC with separate
mains adapter

PKI 5285

Digital PCI Video Observation System
This PC-Video Card is used as a central unit for
any kind of video observation. Live observation
via display, recording, monitor-splitting, camera
remote control and many other features are
possible with this unique PKI 5285. All signals
can be transferred either via telephone lines,
internet or networks. Any alarm message can
also be sent via e-mail to another PC or by SMS
to any mobile phone. An acoustic and optical
alarm sensor is also included for detection of any
movement/ change in camera pictures. Up to 4
cameras can be connected with best possible
recording quality (MPEG4 or Wavelet). Optionally
this unit can be supplied with 8 or 16 video

PKI 5290

• Video inputs: 4
• Resolution: 768 x 576 Pixel
• Recording method: MPEG4 or Wavelet
• Recording time: up to 800 hours with
200 GB-hard disc for 4 cameras
and 6 pictures per second
• Required PC system: WIN 2000 or XP
• Digital motion: detector integrated
• Other features: weekly timer, digitally
evidencing water mark, automatic alarm
transfer, comfortable play-back and
interpretation functions, databank,
crash recovery, info-overlay etc.
• Scope of supply:
PCI card, Software and manual

PKI 5295

Large IR-beam Device, Small IR-beam Device
Both systems are mainly designed for the
illumination of dark rooms or surroundings with
no remaining light. Wherever no electrical lights
or moon/starlight are available, these devices are
the perfect accessory for night-vision devices
and observation cameras. This light is invisible
for the human eye i.e. nobody can recognise that
he is observed during night-time or in nonilluminated rooms. PKI 5290 covers a range of
approx. 20 meters while PKI 5295 stands for
approx. 10 meters. For larger distances our IRLaser beam device is applicable (see our PKI
• Housing: Aluminium
• Lifetime: up to 10.000 hours
• Protection Class: German standard IP 65
• Wave length: approx. 850 nm +/- 30 nm

• Power supply: 12 VDC
• Operating temperature: - 10 to + 50°C
• Opening angle: 30°
• Power consumption:
700 mA for PKI 5290
400 mA for PKI 5295
• Max. illumination distance:
up to 20 m for PKI 5290
up to 10 m for PKI 5295
• Dimensions:
approx. 82 x 65 x 60 mm
for PKI 5290
approx. 60 x 40 x 20 mm
for PKI 5295
• Weights:
approx. 300 g for PKI 5290
approx. 150 g for PKI 5295

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5300

Laser-Zoom Illuminator
Whenever video observations have to be made in
completely dark rooms, under bridges, in tunnels
or other conditions without light, this LaserIlluminator is the only one which can cover even
large areas and distances. In combination with
our CCD-cameras and intensified CCD-cameras
you can use this device for night-time
surveillance up to a distance of 4 km. The PKI
5300 Laser Zoom Illuminator is provided with a
temperature-stabilised laser diode with a
frequency range of 810nm. By means of the
built-in lens system and the external control
system you can adjust the zoom according to the
desired illumination and distance.
• Output power: 1000 mW
• Laser class: 4

• Laser type: IR-laser diode
• Laser frequence: 810 nm
• Divergence: 1° to 12° continuously adjustable
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 1,6 A
• Lifetime: 50.000 hrs
• Operating temperature: -10°C up to +50°C
• Dimensions: 70 mm diameter x 340 mm
• Weight: 2,8 kg

• Illumination Source in the non-visible
spectral range
• 1000 mW Output Power
• Up to 4 km long range surveillance with
ICCD cameras

PKI 5305

Long Range Binocular
It always has to be determined whether friendly
or unfriendly objects, like cars, trucks, boats or
persons are approaching a certain place and it, at
any time, it has to be under complete control and
supervision of the related security forces.
Therefore a long range optical device is required,
with which the terrain in question can be
supervised. Fixed on top of high buildings, at
sight-seeing spots or at borders (land- or
seaside) the PKI 5305 always is the right choice
to view the scenario for any police force, border
control squad or military task force. It is an
absolutely necessary and important tool for
observations over large distances. With an
optionally available electronic eyepiece, like one
of our video cameras shown in this catalogue, it
can be connected with a monitor or computer, so
that analysis, measurement and statistics can be

effected at save places and with the capabilities
to store the pictures. With its large magnification
of 25 times and the 100 mm objective diameter
the PKI 5305 enables every supervising
department to effectively fulfil their tasks even
under low light conditions.
• Magnification: 25 x
• Field of view: 2”30’
• Star finder: (f.o.v) 7 x 50 (5“)
• Objective diameter: 100 mm
• Eyepiece diopter range: +/- 5 diopters
• Exit pupil diameter: 4
• Exit pupil distance: 14
• Resolution: 3”
• Interpupillary distance: 56 - 74
• Weight: 13 kg

PKI 5310

Pocket Night Vision Scope
With its very small dimensions, minimal weight
and comfortable one-hand operation, the PKI
5310 can easily be placed in any pocket and at
any time it is ready for disguised observations in
the dark. Especially developed for secret service
agencies, police tasks forces and other
government departments, this handy unit offers
a perfect solution to every need of night
surveillance. Through the image intensifier tube,
it transfers the faint target image into a bright
image, but still providing an automatic bright
light control for accidentally incoming light. In
addition, the device contains a concealed IR-light
source for the illumination of the area to be
observed. This IR-light is nearly invisible to the
human eyes.


• Max. observation distance:
approx. 80 to 120 m at 10-2 Lux
• Magnification: 2x
• Bright-light protection:
automatic bright-light proof
• Field of view: > 15°
• Objective focal length: 57 mm
• Objective aperture: 34 mm
• Focusing range: 0.5 m to infinity
• Diopter adjustment: -4 to + 4 diopter
• Power supply: 3 VDC, battery operated
• Battery type: two batteries, type AAA
• IR lamp: concealed inside with
10 to 15 m operating range
• Dimensions: approx. 175 x 80 x 50 mm
• Weight: approx. 0,35 kg

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5315

Long Range Night Vision Scope
Beside hand-held and disguised units for
observations at nighttime it is very often
necessary to have a complete unit for longer
ranges. The PKI 5315 fulfils all requirements.
With its large aperture and low-light objective,
combined with the image intensifier of 2nd
generation, it provides a stable and reliable
night-vision system for border controls,
permanent observation of industrial areas and
other important points. It has a large eyepiece,
enabling the user to comfortably view targets
with both eyes. By using the supplied tripod, the
unit can be rotated by 360° and elevated by 90°
during operation. PKI 5315 can be equipped with

a lowlight watching system, which will transfer
and display the image on TVsystems.
• Objective aperture: 200 mm
• Magnification: 4,8x
• Field of view: 5,6°
• Focusing range: 50 m to infinity
• Fixed diopter: -2 diopter
• Operating range:
700 to 1000 m to discover or
recognise a person
• Weight: approx. 13 kg

PKI 5320

Binocular Night Vision Goggle
PKI 5320 is a helmet-mounted night vision
device for hands-free operations. It improves the
remaining light by its light intensifying tube of
2nd generation and should be used for patrols,
(walking or driving), medical care, reading of
maps or any other observation task under poor
light conditions. Due to its universally adjustable
head-mounting it can be used for every
observation purpose where hands-free operation
is essential. The integrated IR-light helps the
operator to illuminate the area to be observed
with a nearly invisible IR-light.
• Magnification: 1 x
• Field of view: 38 °
• Focusing range: 250 mm to infinity
• Resolving power: 1.59 mrad

• Diopter adjustment:
+ 2 to +5 diopter
• Exit Pupil diameter: 7 mm
• Exit pupil distance: 15 mm
• Adjustment of pupil distance:
52 to 71 mm
• Image intensifier: 2nd Generation
low-light level image intensifier
• Built-in IR lamp operating range:
15 to 25 m
• Power supply:
2 x 1,5 VDC batteries, type AA
• Operational time:
approx. 25 hours without
IR-light source on
approx. 15 hours with
IR-light source on

PKI 5325

Night Vision System
The PKI 5325 has been developed as a platform
for underwater applications. Combined with a
submersible mini monocular night vision viewer
of 2nd or 3rd generation and a tactical
illuminator, this device offers the best choice for
any underwater purpose. It also allows fixation of
an ACD (Advanced Combat Display), giving the
user a remote viewing display that works
underwater. The ACD can be used with a large
variety of systems, such as thermal sights, night
vision devices or remote cameras.
The kit consists of:
• Modified U.S. diver’s mask Monocular Night
Vision Device with:
• Multiuse monocular assembly
• Head mount assembly for land use
• Swing arm interface
• Soft carry case
• Battery adapter
• Batteries (2 pcs)
• Neck cord
• Shoulder strap
• Objective lens cap

• Sacrificial filter
• Lens tissue
• Demist shield
• Eyecup assembly
Illuminator with:
• High intensity underwater light Underwater
personnel ID illuminators ( 3 each – red,
green and yellow)
• Laser sticks (2 each)
• VIP-amber illuminator
• IR/Red bikini filter (2)

• Field of view 40°
• Submersible to approx. 20 m
• Dual mission - sea and land
• Adjustable eyepiece
• Standard rail interface
• AA-type or 3 VDC battery
• Covert application ready
• Head mounting included
• Variety of illuminators
• Kit complete in waterproof case

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5330

Thermal Night Vision Goggle
The PKI 5330 provides a bright clear picture of
surroundings, unaffected by lights or shadows
that will render image intensified night vision
useless. The only way to keep your edge,
whether in the battlefield or in the streets, is to
have the best equipment – and the PKI 5330
really is the best. Even camouflage will not be an
asset against the detection capability of this unit.
Made by latest DSP technology and ultra
lightweight materials, these goggles are small
and comfortable. This system is a self contained
thermal unit that only requires 2 AA-type
batteries to function and features:
• Digital thermal viewing
• Light weight
• Ruggedized housing
• Hands-free operation
• Helmet mountable
• Binocular viewer

• Video output
• Low MTBF
• Simple user operation
• Sensor: Microbolometer
• Detector uncooled: 160 x 120
• Image size: 320 x 240 2D interpolated
• Thermal sensitivity: < 100 mK
• Spectral response: 7 – 14 _m
• Objective: 25 mm germanium
• Field of view: 17 x 12 degrees
• Battery type: 2 each AA type
• Operation time: approx. 2 hours continuously
• Display: FLCD - 320x240 format
• Diopter adjustment: +6 to –0
• Eye relief: 15 mm
• Dimensions: approx. 15 x 16 x 10 cm
• Weight: approx. 680 g with head gear

PKI 5335

Handheld Thermal Eye Camera
This handy thermal eye camera is perfect for
remote monitoring, safety engineering, hunting
and nature. Its easy and comfortable operation
with automatic mode and tuning for focus, gain,
brightness and polarity are only some of its
advantages. A search monitor is integrated.
People can be detected up to a distance
of 1500 m.

• Spectral range: 8-14 µm
• Sensor: BST 320 x 240 pixels
• IR-objective: 150 mm / F1.0
(25, 50, 75, 100, 150 mm optional)
• Comes with video output
• Comes with tripod thread
• Dimensions: 210 x 180 x 80 mm
• Weight: 1,4 kg

PKI 5340

Laser Night Vision Unit for Long Distances
This strong and high-quality night vision unit
allows observations at night up to 10 km
distance even at total darkness. To cover this
exceptional distance is only possible due to the
integrated 200 m telescope objective with 240
mm focal length and a 60 - 240x magnification.
Nothing will be left to chance with the built-in 15
W laser at 860 nm range (invisible for human
eye) as well as the lowlight image amplifier of 3rd
generation. An indispensable device at border
controls, by sea or ashore. The video control
terminal with display records all events.

• Dimensions: 55 x 52 x 37 cm
• Weight: 55 kg
• Power supply: 100 – 240 V AC
• Power consumption: 350 W
• Optic: 240 mm focal length at F 1:5 to 1:20
angle: min. 0.15° x 0,11°, max. 0,61° x 0,46°
• Laser: 15” with air cooling
• Low light picture tube: III. Generation Ø 18 mm
• Video resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
Video IN, Video OUT: NTSC or PAL
Communication: Ethernet (TCP/IP)

PKI 5345

Digital Night Vision Binoculars
The quality of digital techniques is nearly
equivalent to the 2nd generation of tube night
vision devices. The PKI 5345 is equipped with
two IR-lights, of which one permanently
illuminates the area and is for use in semi-light
conditions. The 2nd IR-light can additionally be
switched on and allows excellent vision at
low-light conditions or absolute darkness. The
integrated video output socket allows play-back
via an external display or recording with an
external recorder.


• Dimensions: approx. 116 x 76 x 170 mm
• Weight: approx. 800 g
• Power supply: 6 batteries type AA
or power plug 7.2 - 9 VDC (not included)
• Magnification: 5 times
• Visual range: up to 150 m
• Video output: PAL/NTSC
• Lens diameter: 42 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5350

Night Vision Binoculars
For lengthy night visions surveillances it is
advisable to use night vision binoculars, because
at longer surveillance operations the use of a
monocular would be exhausting for your eye.
The PKI 5350 is one of the best night vision
binoculars with an image intensifier tube of the
1st generation. It is rare to find something
comparable, where design and easy handling
have been combined so perfectly. The PKI 5350
features an integrated infrared light which can be
switched on additionally at low light conditions.
It is especially useful for security agencies,

hunters, nature lovers or private ship-owners.
The PKI 5350 is equipped with automatic ON/OFF
function and can be controlled via three buttons.
• Power supply: 2 x 3 V batteries
• Magnification: 5 times
• Lens: 90 mm / F 1.7
• Angle of view: 20°
• Diopter adjustment: -5 to +5
• Dimensions: 225 x 150 x 62 mm
• Weight: 1.400 g

PKI 5355

Under Water Night Vision Unit
This handy under water night vision unit provides
completely new working condition for divers.
There is no danger of being detected at secret
actions. A built-in low light amplifier with max.
100.000x light amplification allows impeccable
view up to 150 m. PKI 5355 is easy to handle
under water. Two additional plummets inside the
housing avoid unintended lifting up of the unit.
An outer contact switch allows quick switch
on/off. The lens is fixed and allows observation
from 50 cm to unlimited. Operating time for
battery set is 50 hours, max. diving depth 80 m.

• Dimensions: Ø 160 mm x 350 mm
• Weight: 8,5 kg
• Power supply: 6,75 V Mallory battery
• Housing: plastic, black or olive-green
• Lens: 50 mm
• Opening: 1:1.4
• View angle: 20°
• Brightness adjustment: built-in
Display for observation with both eyes

PKI 5360

Underwater Night Vision Glasses
PKI 5360 should not be missing at underwater
operation. The night vision device is fixed to the
goggles in order to enable the diver to have both
hands free for swimming. An IR-diode is
integrated for additional illumination of nearest
surroundings. For longer distances an
underwater IR flashlight can be fixed Due to the
IR-light’s invisibility for human eyes no actions
will be detectable from the water surface. The
goggles can be used up to 10 m depth and are
equipped with standard batteries.
• View area: 31° +/- 1° ( under water)
• Resolution limit: 1,23 mrad/lp (under water)

• Enforcement: 0,98x Lens with
plano-parallel window
• Focus: 24,0 mm F/1,3 Focus stepless
adjustable 0,25 m to unlimited
• Ocular binocular: focus 25,5 mm
• Dioptric adjustment: stepless -5 dpt to +4,5 dpt
• Diameter of outlet pupil: 7 mm
• Eye protection from screen: 12,7 mm
Eye basis, stepless adjustable 56 mm – 72 mm
• IR spotlight: provides resolution of 1,41
mrad/lp in water, effective range: approx. 2 m
• Battery: 1 x Lithium type AA 2,7 V or
2x alkaline batteries type AA 1,3 V
• Weight without goggles: 570 g

PKI 5365

Infrared Spotlight
This IR spotlight has been developed for use in
surveillance systems with infrared compatible
CCD-cameras. With infrared light, which is
invisible to the human eye, you can illuminate
buildings, entrance areas, garden areas etc. This
allows camera surveillance in absolute darkness
as well. The extra flat and weatherproof housing
includes a small cut-out for unobtrusive
installation of a camera behind the spotlight. 14
long-life LED lights serve as light source.

• Power supply: 12 VDC / 400 mA
• IR-wave range: 940 nm
• Economic life-time: approx. 10.000 hours
• Angle of beam: 160°
• Range: approx. 3.5 m
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -30°C to +40°C
• Dimensions: 106 x 72 x 6 mm
• Weight: 100 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5370

PKI 5375

Infrared Beam, big / small
Do you want to be able see with your camera at
night as well? Or perhaps you are not satisfied
with your camera that is already equipped with
IR-LED lights? These infrared lights mainly serve
as auxiliary light for residual light intensifying
systems and some video cameras, if for example
no residual light, such as stars or moon-light, is
available. With these additional light sources
even extremely dark rooms can be illuminated or
animals hidden in bushes can be detected. With
a capacity of up to 18 W at an angle of beam of
20° the PKI 5370 and PKI 5375 cover a distance
of 20 - 40 m. Invisible to the human eye, the
person observed cannot perceive the light.
• Housing: aluminium
• Economic life-time: approx. 10.000 hours

• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Wave length: 850 - 880 nm
• Angle of beam: 20°
• Power supply: 12 V batteries or power plug
• Dimensions:
PKI 5370: 82 x 65 x 60 mm
PKI 5375: 60 x 40 x 20 mm
• Weight:
PKI 5370: 300 g
PKI 5375: 150 g
• Power consumption:
PKI 5370: 700 mA
PKI 5375: 400 mA
• Range:
PKI 5370: 40 m
PKI 5375: 25 m

PKI 5405

UV-LED Torch Lamp
UV-light most often is used for recognition of
falsifications and markings which are invisible to
the naked human eye. The PKI 5405 is a
handheld UV-LED torch lamp which has been
developed for non-destructive material testing
and detection of frauds on bank notes, credit
cards or other UV intensive materials. It provides
a fluorescent penetrating testing, fluorescent
magnetic particle testing plus being a device for
all the tasks of criminal evaluations which have to
be done by police forces and other government
agencies. Marks, fingerprints or any other
evidence, made by invisible UV-ink on bank notes
or other documents, can be made visible by the
PKI 5405. It is a lightweight, portable and easy to
handle unit which is useful anywhere. It does not
need any warming-up time and emits 98,9 % of
the UV-A spectral range.

• Spectral range: 315 - 400 nm
• Voltage: 4,8 VDC (4 accus, 1.2 V each)
• Current: approx. 380 mA
• UV-source: 10 x UV-LED’s
• Lifetime of LED’s: approx. 10.000 hours
• Wavelength of LED’s: 380 nm
• Half-width of emission: 10 nm
• UV-light intensity: approx. 1.000 µW/cm
at 200mm distance approx. 2.400 µW/cm
at 70 mm distance
• Weight: approx. 250 g
• Dimensions: approx. 170 x 45 mm
• Comes with: UV torch lamp, 4 x rechargeable
batteries, Mains power supply charger
110/220 VAC

PKI 5410

IR Torch Lamp
The PKI 5410 emits a powerful and directional
beam of IR-light being invisible to the human
eye. IR-light sources can only be used in
combination with night vision devices (see our
products in this catalogue) and therefore this
unit, with its integrated brightness control, is the
ideal solution for observation tasks under bad
light conditions, in the total darkness with fully
clouded sky or at problematic locations. This
torch lamp has been developed according to the
latest technical standard. It is lightweight and
easy to handle. A 5 mW IR-Laser-Diode inside
the PKI 5410 provides the necessary power for
ranges of up to 100 m. With the adjustable optic
the beam can easily be focussed. The unit is
powered by a rechargeable NC-battery and a lid
protects it from switching on by mistake. PKI
5410 is supplied as a complete unit with mains
charger and transportation case.


• Wave length: 780 nm
• Output power: CW 5 mW
• Power supply:
built-in NC-rechargeable battery
• Charging time: max. 12 hours
• Switches: ON/OFF
• Connectors:
Socket for mains charging adapter
• Indicators:
Operation control lamp
Charging control lamp
• Accessories:
Mains charging adapter
110/220 VAC

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5415

IR-Hybrid Illuminator
Many cameras are night-blind, this means you
can’t see anything at night. With a standard IRlight only 20 m will be possible. This, however,
often is not sufficient. Therefore PKI Electronic
Intelligence has developed a hybrid illuminator
with a range of 200 m. This LED illuminator
consists of 560 LED’s on one chip, bundled by 2
convex lenses which allows you to reach this
enormous distance. It can only be topped by very
expensive laser within IR-range, however, these
laser can cause serious eye injuries. PKI
Electronic Intelligence recommends to
up-grade your cameras!

• Range: 200 m at 0 lux darkness
• Power consumption: 60 W
• Angle of radiation: 20°
• Operating time: more than 10 years
• Weight: 3,7 kg
• Dimensions: 200 x Ø 60 mm
• Power supply: 12 V DC

PKI 5420

Wide Range Spotlight
PKI 5420 spotlight provides white halogen light
over a wide range. Its shockproof housing made
of synthetic material is tough and easy to handle.
Due to the special parabolic metallic reflector the
precise concentration of the light makes it an
efficient portable device. The “economy” key
enables to reduce the light intensity to a preset
value which considerably increases the operating
time. The energy pack can be detached from the
light head and be replaced by a spare pack, which
allows doubling of the operating time.

• White halogen light, concentrated
35 minutes of max. light intensity
3,5 hours max. non stop operation at
“economy” mode
• Rechargeable NiCd battery 7,2 V / 7 Ah
• Charging time: 14 h
• Halogen lamp: (type H3) 6V / 55 W
• Dimensions: 340 x 85 x 110 mm
• Weight: 2,3 kg

PKI 5425

Long Range Scope with Audio / Video Recording
This device offers a magnification of up to 100
times, with step less adjustment starting from 25
times. In order to help focusing the correct
direction it is equipped with a direction finder,
featuring a magnification of 6 to 25 times. By
simply turning the button, the magnification
range switches to 25 - 100 times. The ocular is
mounted at an angle of 45° and is freely
rotatable, which allows comfortable handling in
all surveillance situations. The digital audio /
video recording system realizes excellent
recordings at a distance of more than 1000 m.
With the PKI 5425 long distances will never be an
obstacle any more.

• Main magnification: 25-100 x
• Magnification direction finder: 6-25 x
• Main lens diameter: 100 mm
• Lens diameter direction finder: 25 mm
• Interpupillary distance: 12-16 mm
• Ocular: mounted at an angle of 45°
• Vision range at 1000 m: 11 x (100 x)
39 m (25 x)
• Dimensions: 425 x 119 x 165 mm
• Weight: 1.5 kg
• Video kit: tripod, recorder, automatic
volume control, TFT display 2.5"

PKI 5430

Spy Glasses
Seeing is knowing! Some events require special
handling, especially body guards for VIPs need
extra equipment. Not only they have to be
patient, but must be on alert in any situation. Our
PKI 5430 spy glasses are indispensable in order
to support them doing their job as with these
special glasses they can look backwards, and see
at any time what is going on behind your back.
The sun glasses are designed in a way, that a
sideward reflection gives a clear picture, similar
to a real-view mirror.

• Dimensions: normal sun glasses
with metal bridge /bracket
Looks like common sun glasses

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5435

Mirror Film for Observation
Trust, but verify! Unfortunately this statement
has become true quite often. Using our mirror
film you can look from one room into the other
without the person becoming aware of it. All you
need is a wall with a glass pane. Just stick the
PKI 5435 film onto the pane and it will only be
possible to look through it from one side, i.e. the
observed person cannot see the observer.
Formerly so-called “look through mirrors” were
used but with our film you can decide individually which pane you want to transform.

• Delivery: rolled mirror film 1 m wide and 5 m
long, self-adhesive

PKI 5440

Night Observation Camera without Flashlight
With this camera you can take photos at night at
a range of up to 150 m without any flashlight.
Often this is necessary during monitoring
operations. Images taken by night with low-light
amplifiers often are not clear enough and the
price for these cameras are considerably high.
Our hybrid illuminator offers this long range at 0
Lux darkness. The infrared radiation is invisible
for human eyes. This digital camera is also
designed for IR-range and makes it easy to take
high-quality pictures at night.

• Power: 60 W
• Focal distance: 50 mm
• Power supply: batteries
• Comes with charger

• IR-range: 150 m
• Radiation angle: 20°

PKI 5450

Camouflaged Audio / Video Multifunctional Camera for Police Operation
This multifunctional camera is the latest
high-light in the camera sector and fulfills all
needs for police operation in order to provide
security to population. It is perfectly designed in
an anthracite grey aluminium cylinder with
dimensions of 80 x cm 16 cm diameter.
The cylinder unit, equipped with a quick release
fastener, can easily be mounted on any lighting
mast within a few minutes. The solid device is
sufficiently protected against vandalism. As PKI
5450 works totally autarkic no cables for
operations up to max. 100 hours are necessary.
For permanent use the device offers various sokkets for different voltage.
This high-tech device consists of a pan/tilt
camera for day and night with recorder, digital
transmitter for audio video with encryption
system, telemetric transmitter and receiver,
sensor technology unit and power supply
module as well as a portable control unit
within a case for controlling, monitoring and


The pan/tilt camera with zoom function offers
pinpoint audio video monitoring of outdoor areas
at day and night. The system can be switched
from permanent to sensor operation, i.e. the
built-in motion sensor will be activated by
captured actions or movements, which
automatically starts the whole system.
Cascading is also possible, provided for example
every 100 m one of our multifunctional camera is
installed. In case of a convoy with VIPs driving
down a certain road, all actions will be
automatically monitored and recorded.
Transmission of audio video signal is effected
with high resolution and frame rate.
Diversity-antenna-principle is used for reception,
which means that the antennas are slightly
displaced allowing multiple reception of the
antenna signals.
The various antenna signals will be evaluated and
only the best parts will be combined to a
high-quality, error-free signal. This offers a
considerable advantage compared to standard
receivers in respect of range and transmission

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

quality. According to the selected power the
range of the audio video digital transmitter
reaches up to 3 km.
The portable control unit can evaluate up to 8
systems sequentially. All actions will be recorded
and can be transferred at any time by USB cable
in order to view them on PC. For further security,
the transmission of video signals is done via
encrypted signals.

There is a bi-directional telemetric radio
connection for all functions between
multifunctional camera and control unit. All
details are shown on the built-in LCD-display. If
required, we offer 2 days training for correct
operation of our professional audio video
monitoring system.

PKI 5450

Camouflaged Audio / Video Multifunctional Camera for Police Operation
• Dimensions of housing:
80 cm x 60 cm diameter
• Protection class: IP 64
• Weight: 48 kg
• Material: aluminium plastics, anthracite, other
colours available on request
• Fixing: 4 metal quick release fastener
Antennas: integrated in plastic part
Power supply: integrated L-ion/polymer
160 Ah, 14V, external sockets,
12 V DC / 230 V AC
• Power consumption: approx. 30 W
• Operating temperature: -10° - +50°C
• Resolution: 520 TV lines
• Sensitivity: 1 lux colour - 0,05 lux black/white
0 lux IR
• Frame acquisition: 1/4” ex view HAD CCD
• Signal format: PAL
• Effective pixels: 795 H x 596 V
• S/N ratio: 50 dB
• Lens: 4=3,25 – 88m
• Zoom: 27x optical / 12 x digital
• Pan/tilt range: H = 350° (max. 120°/sec)
V = 90° (max. 120°/sec)
• White balance: auto/indoor Manual/outdoor
• Shutter speed: 1/50 - 1/50.000
• Synchronisation: internal
• Video output signal: 1 V@75 ohm composite
• Iris control: auto/manual
• Sensor: motion detector
• Preset function: 128 positions
• Private zone: 8 zones
• Interface: RS 485
• Alarm input: 4
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 1 A
• Weight: 2,5 kg
Digital Recorder
• Resolution: 720 x 576 @ 25 fps
• Recording time: 50 hours
• Compression: MJPEG
• HD: 120 Gbyte SATA
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 7W
• Weight: 650 g

• Mode: AES with 256 Bit
• Encryption possibilities: more than 34 x 1038
• Power supply: 12 V DC, 70 mA
• Video band width: 4,8 MHz
AV digital transmitter/receiver
• COFDM: Coded orthogonal Frequency Division
• Frequency: GHz-range
• Channels: 8
• Power: 100 mW / 1 W switchable, higher power
available on request
• Power consumption:
100 mW / 15 W, 1 W / 55 W
• Weight: 1,5 kg
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Receiver antennas: 1-4 SMA
• Receiver outlet: audio/video
Telemetric transmitter/receiver
• Frequency: 868 – 868.60 MHz
• Channels: 8
• Power: 25 mW – 4W
• Data transmission: bi-directional
• Interface: RS 485
• Power supply: 12 V
• Power consumption: 1,8W – 24W
Control unit
• Housing: pelicase, plastic
• Display: 12” TFT
• Remote control: bi-directional telemetric
transmitter for pan/tilt camera,
a/v signal, day/night, a/v recorder,
battery display
• Digital receiver: 8 channels
• Antennas: diversity-principle
• Dimensions: 485 x 390 x 190 mm
• Power supply: 12 V DC L-ion/polymer battery
• Power consumption: 25W
• Weight: 8,5 kg

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5490

AV Miniature Transmission/ Reception Set
Unbelievable - a complete miniature
transmission/reception system smaller than a
matchbox! This set, licensed for the 2.4 GHz
range, is inconspicuous and easy to carry on
you. The microphone captures conversations at a
distance of up to 10 m. An external camera can
beconnected. The PKI 5490 allows quick and
uncomplicated room monitoring. The small
earphone, that is included in this set, is perfect
for play-back of the audio signals.

• Frequency: 2.4 GHz, 4 channels
• Range: 300 m in open spaces
• Dimensions: 43 x 28.5 x 16 mm
• Weight: 25 g
• Power supply: 6 V DC

PKI 5500

Digital Audio/Video Transmission System
The PKI 5500 Digital Video/Audio Transmission
System is part of a complete end-to-end digital
wireless system consisting of Digital Audio/
Video Transmitter with RF output from 100 mW
to 2 W and Digital Video/Audio diversity Receiver.
En-cryption optionally is available. Low power
consumption and compact dimensions make the
system perfectly suitable for mobile use.
• Transmission Power: 100 mW 2 W
• Transmission frequency:
2.3 – 2.5 GHz 2.3 – 2.5 GHz
• Signal bandwidth: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
• Transmission rate: 4 - 31 MBit/sec
(effective: 3.3 - 27 MBit/sec)
• Delay time: 300 ms
• Video Input: FBAS, S-Video, SDI (optional)
• Video standard: PAL/NTSC/SECAM
• Compression: MPEG-2 (ML@MP)
• Modulation: COFDM (QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM)
• Encryption: optional 168 Bit / 3DES

• Power consumption: 18 W 60 W
• Power supply: 9 - 30 V DC 24 V DC
• Video IN: Mini DIN plug, BNC
• Video OUT: BNC
• Audio IN: Cinch/RCA
• Audio OUT: Cinch/RCA
• Control IN: 9-pole Sub-D-plug
• Antenna: SMA
• Weight: 950 g 3500 g
• Operating Temperature: +5°C - +50°C

• Compact Dimensions
• Low Power consumption
• Operator controlled digital scrambling
• Rugged, ergonomic and portable

PKI 5505

Wireless Digital Camera System with Eavesdropping Protection
Intelligent frequency hopping technology stands
for bugproof digital connections. Due to digital
technologies all transmissions will be absolutely
interference-free and the picture at the receiver
will be enlarged. An integrated microphone offers
first class audio quality. The PKI 5505 features
automatic activation of the IR-light for operations
at night. The weatherproof metal housing allows
operation in- and outdoor.
• Dimensions: camera 68 x 60 x 160 mm
receiver 80 x 45 x 85 mm
• Camera: objective F=3,6 mm / 2.0 lux
1/4” CMOS-Color, 360 TV lines
• Microphone: built-in
• Range at night: 20 m
• Metal housing weatherproof: IP 44
• Transmission: 2,4 GHz range
• Receiver: 4 channels with A/V output,
Digital image with zoom
• Comes with: antenna, camera mounting,
A/V cable, 2x power adapter and
installation material.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5510

Wireless Digital Video System
The PKI 5510 is a digital wireless transmitter that
provides exceptional video quality in high
multipath environments. Ideal for use in urban
environments or for transmission from mobile
platforms, where equivalent analogue equipment
would suffer tearing and break-up. The narrow
bandwidth modulation offers unprecedented
spectral efficiency, while also increasing the
sensitivity of the system and therefore range. It
provides a rugged non-line-ofsight link over a
range of up to 500 m. This transmitter is
equipped with video- as well as two voice- and
data-channels. The 100 mW output power makes
it ideal for covert, body-worn, UAV and short
range applications. Optionally a 256 bit
encryption is available for a secure transmission.
• Video-Format:
PAL/NTSC at narrow band bitrate of
1.2Mb/s to 4.8 Mb/s
• Horizontal resolution:
720, 528 or 480 lines
• Audio bit rate per channel:
64 kb/s to 364 kb/s
• Data: RS-232 control port and TTL
asynchronous input with up to 115200 bps
• RF tuning range band:
L-band - 1.15 to 1.4 GHz
Low S-band - 2.28 to 2.45 GHz
• Bandwidth: narrow band 2.5 MHz
• Modulation:
QPSK 1/3 (1.2 Mb/s)
QPSK 2/3 (2.4 Mb/s)
16QAM 2/3 (4.8 Mb/s)
• Output power: 100 mW at 20 dBm

• Power Control: 30 db in 1 db steps
• Power supply: 9 to 16 VDC
• Power consumption:
6.3 to 7.5 W (configuration dependant) 0.1 W
at sleeping mode
• Dimensions: 129 x 70 x 28 mm
• Weight: 400 g
• Environmental temperature: -10 to +50° C
• Highly efficient 2.5 MHz narrow band COFDM modulation
• Excellent image quality in high multipath environments
• 500 m typical transmission range at 100 mW output power
• Optional DVB-T compliant 2000 carrier modulation
• Optional 256 bit encryption
• Small package size suitable for covert and body-worn applications
• L-Band and S-Band available in buyer’s option
• Two high quality audio-, and one data channel provided
• DC operated at 9-16 VDC
• Battery input with recharger

PKI 5515

Digital Video Transmission / Reception Set
As an outstanding video set, PKI Electronic
Intelligence offers this highly sophisticated
audio/video transmitter and receiver. Integrated
error correction is one of the main advantages
nowadays. This provides constant image quality
and prevents from interferences like identikit
pictures and dropouts. Useful functions like
freeze-frame, display of signal strength and
switchable transmission power are part of our
standard features. Furthermore the system is
equipped with a digital 168 Bit encryption in
triple DES-mode 3DES.
• Transmission power:
100 mW, 1 W, 2 W, 4 W, 10 W
• Frequency range:
2,2 - 2,25 GHz or 5.725 - 5.875 GHz
• Signal band: 6 MHz, 7 MHz, 8 MHz
• Transmission rate: 4 MBit/sec - 31 MBit/sec
• Delay-time: 150 ms / 300 ms
• Video input: analogue composite, S-video
• Video standard: PAL / NTSC / SECAM
• Compression: MPEG-2 (ML@MP, 4:2:0)

• Modulation: COFDM (QPSK, 16QAM, 64 QAM)
• Power supply: 9-28 V DC, 22-30 V DC, 12-26 V
DC, 24-30 V DC depending on version
• Power consumption: 12 W, 96W, 250 W
• Dimensions:
170 x 65 x 20 mm, 135 x 145 x 43 mm
135 x 235 x 43 mm, 215 x 297 x 83 mm
215 x 297 x 133 mm depending on version
• Weight: 250 g, 740 g, 1200 g, 3500 g, 6500 g
• Operating temperature: -5°C to +50°C
The receiver goes well with our 5 different digital
powerful transmitters and is equipped with a
diversity antenna.

• Frequency range:
2,2 - 25 GHz and 5.725 - 5.875 GHz
• Power supply: 9-30 V DC
• Power consumption: 12 W
• Dimensions: 220 x 215 x 60 mm
• Weight: 1400 g
• Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
• Video out: BNC
• Audio A out: Cinch/RCA
• Audio B out: Cinch/RCA
• Antenna: SMA
• DC 9 - 30V: 2,5 x 5,5 mm jack

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5520

Digital Video Encryption System
This high professional encryption system
ensures that no video pictures will be captured or
decrypted during transmission. Using a great
variety of encrypting keys it guarantees highest
possible security for all police and military
transmissions. Decoder and encoder use the
same private key for decoding the signal. The
system provides key sets programmed by the
producer which can be individually combined in
order to get single decoder/encoder pairs or, if
necessary, decoder/encoder units.

• Encryption possibilities: more than 3.4 x 1038
• Power supply: 12 V DC
• Power consumption: 70 mA
• Input: 1Vss@75Ohm (BNC)
• Output: 1 Vss@75 Ohm (BNC)
• Line cut: high-secure, with additional torsion of
video signal
• Video signal interference:
decryption stays active
• Video band width: 4.8 MHz
• Dimension: 100 x 67 x 28 mm
• Weight: 220 g
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +70°C

PKI 5525

Digital A/V Repeater System
PKI only produces repeaters upon receipt of an
order as the individual requirements are very
different. It is not possible to meet all
specifications with one device. When does it
make sense to use a repeater? Quite often the
transmission power of A/V monitoring units is
too low to guarantee large transmission range.
This increases the risk of discovery of receivers
nearby. The repeater (portfolio size and well
camouflaged) receives the A/V signal and
transmits it over a distance of several kilometres.
It not only enlarges the distance considerably but
also helps to overcome constructional and
geographic barriers. Suitable for mobile as well
as for stationary use.
• Frequency: RX, TX
• Power: TX
• Antenna: omni-directional antenna or
directional antenna
• Power supply: 12 V DC, battery, 120 – 240 V AC

• Version: A/V IN and Out
GPS, GSM, Internet, Display, channels, remote,
coding possible

PKI 5530

Audio / Video Transmitter Lapel Camera with Digital Receiver
This miniature camera is perfect for unobtrusive
wearing on the body. It is nearly invisible and
easy to fix in the buttonhole whereas the
transmitter is placed in your pocket. Now you can
listen to conversations at a distance of up to 400
m via the 12-channel receiver. Alternatively you
can use a digital recorder instead of the
transmitter/receiver of which you will find a wide
range in our catalogue.
• Dimensions: 25 x 25 mm
• Sensor: CCD Chip, colour
• Frequency: 1,2 GHz or 2,4 GHz range
• Microphone: Electret
• Transmitting power: 400 mW
• Channels: 12
• Power supply: 9-12V DC


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

When does it make sense to use a repeater?
Quite often the transmission rate of audio video monitoring systems is too low to guarantee large transmission ranges. The danger of discovery of receivers
nearby is quite high. The repeater (pocket-size and well camouflaged) receives the A/V signal and transmits it over a distance of several kilometres. The
repeater not only enlarges the distance considerably but also helps to overcome constructional and geographic barriers.
Suitable for mobile as well as for stationary use.

Frequency Ranges for Audio / Video Transmission
Frequency range 2.4145 – 2.4705 GHz
This frequency range is approved all over Europe. It is used for industrial and commercial operations. Transmitting power of 10 mW can be divided into 5
channels. 3 channels can be used for parallel operations. Standard video signals will be transmitted in PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format. When using a
sensitive receiver within sight a range of approx. 300 m can be obtained and even 600 m with an external 8 dB antenna.
Frequency range 2.3670 – 2.3740 GHz
This frequency range is developed for industrial, commercial and scientific applications in mobile agricultural broadcast and for police for example.
Transmission power of 10 W (HF) and 25 W (EIRP) is possible, divided into 16 channels. Standard video signals of PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format can
be transmitted approx. 9 km within sight and even 21 km with external 8 DB antenna.
Frequency range 5.732 – 5.867 GHz
This audio / video transmission range is especially suitable for industrial and commercial operations and for special tasks. The transmission power of 25 mW
can be divided into 16 channels of which 6 channels can be used for parallel operation. Video signals of PAL, NTSC or SECAM data format can be transmitted. These frequencies are approved all over Europe. Range will be approx. 150 m at sight, and approx. 300 m when using an external 8 dB antenna.
Frequency range 0.868033 GHz – 0.868560 GHz
These frequencies are designed for analogue and digital switching signals with a transmitting power of 25 mW. 8 channels are available of which channel 1
and channel 8 can operate parallelly. The frequencies comply with European regulations. Range is approx. 3 km at sight. We can deliver special systems in
the 0.869 GHz range with up to 10 W and 32 channels.
Frequency range 0.4332 – 0.4346 GHz
This range can be used for unidirectional transmission of analogue switching and audio signals. The transmission power of 10 mW can be divided into 8
channels. Channel 1 and 8 can operate parallelly. The frequencies are approved all over Europe. The range is approx. 4 km at sight.
Frequency range 24.040 – 24.230 GHz
These frequencies are for point-to-point transmission. Data format PAL, NTSC or SECAM will transmit standard video signals. Transmission power is up to
100 W and can be divided into 16 channels. The used antennas are directional antennas with high gain. Its range is 5 km at sight using 36 dB antenna.

Antenna techniques
Omnidirectional and directional antennas have on their horizontal plane an almost circular directional diagram. Therefore radiation is crosswise to axle. In
general this means that a higher antenna gain induces a plainer emission angle and consequently a larger emission range. On the other hand, directional
antennas show on horizontal and also on vertical plane a strong directed emission. Due to this fact they are less susceptible to interferences from other
directions. Generally you can say that the higher the gain, the planer is the emission angle and the longer the range.

The diversity function
If possible the user wants to obtain a high-quality, failure-free signal especially if he has challenging applications in urban or mountainous areas. In order to
achieve this aim PKI provides on request video receivers with several slightly staggered antennas which allows multiple reception of the signals. The system
evaluates the various signals and the best parts will be combined to one single high-quality and failure-free signal. This method represents a great
advantage compared to normal receivers concerning range and transmission quality. A progression of this antenna function is the SMRC-diversity unit.
The digital system combines ideally the benefits of a maximum ratio combining and a selection combining technology. It mainly consists of a diversity
receiver and an antenna system with 8 independent antennas. The obtained results will exceed all expectations and provide an outstanding level of
transmission quality, coverage and range which common video transmission systems never achieve.

Audio Video Digital Transmission
COFDM stands for Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing! It is a supplement to OFDM digital modulation scheme providing integrated digital
false correction, selectable guard interval, resistance against multipath fading and burst failures. COFDM is perfectly suitable for mobile reception of digital
The modulation plays an important role for the transmission. “QPSK” is designed for sound, faultless transmission, “16 QAM” is sufficient for normal
picture quality, whereas “64 QAM” can be selected for highest picture quality as it works with highest data transmission rate.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

Digital Way of Compression GOP (Group of Picture)
This way of compression (MPEG-compression) reduces video pictures of a video stream differently. The so-called I-frame (Intra-frame) will be compressed
independently from the other pictures and is in general the largest data file of the video sequence. The I-frame serves as basic information for the following
pictures (B-frames = bidirectional frames) and defines their reference within the video stream. They are considerably smaller because only their
discrepancies to other pictures are stored, as they cyclically appear as GOP (Group of Pictures). They are followed by the P-frame (predicted frame) that
contains reference information for the I-frame, which is the basic data for this kind of compression. One GOP expands from one I-frame to the next. GOP’s
often have a length of half a second. The following types of pictures can be included: I-Picture resp. I-frame, reference pictures (equivalent to freeze image
and independent of others). Every GOP starts with this type of frame.

Digital Data Transmission
What is meant by Guard Interval?
The time period which is available for a reflection is indicated as the guard interval. A guard interval of _ allows longer reflections but also means a lower
rate of data transmission. When using a guard interval of 1/32 only shorter reflections will be compensated resulting in a higher rate of data transmission.
What is meant by code rate?
The code rate indicates how many of signal parts will be used for error correction. Code rate _ means that half of the signals will be used for error
correction whereas code rate 7/8 only needs 1/8 of the signals. Consequently, the effective data rate is higher in code rate 7/8 as much more signals will be
used for transmission.
What is meant by band width?
The band width indicates the quantity of signal transmitted. This means, the higher the band width the more data can be transmitted. When using more
systems parallelly a lower band width has to be selected in order to avoid interferences and to increase stability and quality of the transmission.

PKI 5535

Audio / Video Transmitter
The PKI 5535 is available in various power
grades. Furthermore, you can choose between
1,2 or 2,4 GHz frequency. Both include antenna
and power plug. All cameras of our catalogue are
compatible with our transmitters/receivers.
These sets are designed for simple wireless
transmission of audio and video signals and
cannot be compared with our coded digital
transmitters and receivers - neither concerning
their capacity nor their price.
• Frequency: 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
• Channels: 8
• Power: 200 mW, 500 mW, 1000 mW, 2000 mW,
5000 mW
• Range: 100 m – 2 km depending on power

• Antenna socket: SMA
• Power supply: 12 V DC, power adapter included
• Housing: aluminium
• Dimensions: 82 x 52 x 18 mm

• Weight: 50 – 500 g according to power
• A/V: IN socket
• Various: channel switch, LED control lamp,
ON/OFF switch

PKI 5540

Video Receiver with Built-in Directional Antenna
This compact device consists of a directional
antenna and an audio / video receiver - both
integrated in one unit. It is not necessary to
connect an external antenna. By means of the
directional antenna an aerial gain of 8dB can be
obtained. Due to its small dimensions of 58 x 56
x 13 mm this device can be used everywhere.
• Frequency range: 4 channels 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz,
1.4 GHz upon request
• Aerial gain: up to 8 dB
• Opening angle: 35°


• Dimensions: 58 x 56 x 13 mm
• Protection class: IP 65
(suitable for outdoor use)
• Operation temperature:
-20°C to +60°C
• Weight: 300 g
• Video output: 1 Vp-p/75 Ohm
• Audio bandwidth: 50-17000 Hz
• Power supply: 7.5V DC
• Power consumption: 200 mA

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5545

PKI 5550

Wireless Camera and Transmitter in a Cigarette Packet
Wireless Camera and Transmitter in a Mobile Phone
Some operations require extremely sensitive
observation methods. Without camouflage a
quick reaction is nearly impossible. These
devices transmit audio and video signals wireless
over a distance of 150 m in 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
at a power of 100 mW. In our catalogue we offer
various compatible receivers, also with built-in
A/V recorder.
• Dimensions: standard cigarette packet,
standard mobile phone
• Transmission time: 90 minutes
• Transmission power: 100 mW
• Weight: PKI 5545 60 g
PKI 5550 110 g
• Power supply: rechargeable battery, built-in
• Frequency: 1.2 or 2.4 GHz
Comes with power plug

PKI 5555

Camouflaged Cameras
Electric box, Belt, Helmet, Tie, Button, Glasses,
Rear view mirror, Sport cap
Often mobile and camouflaged camera systems
are the only effective possibility for specific
observations. PKI’s camouflaged cameras
inconspicuously fit into the environment,
selected according to their application and their
stylish integration. Of course, PKI Electronic
Intelligence GmbH will comply with your
specific requirements. Our cameras, which all are
quite similar have the following specifications:
• Camera: 1/4” CCD Chip, colour
• TV lines: 470
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Power supply: 9-12 V DC
• Video output: Vpp / 75 Ohm
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C

• Various: In our catalogue we offer various kinds
of pocket transmission / reception recorders,
that we can strongly recommend for use with
our cameras.

PKI 5565

Intelligent 360° Day and Night Observer
Fixation of this 360° camera is very simple and
quick, as it is equipped by a ground spike. The
unit consists of 3 cameras, which allows an
all-around observation. Activated by a sensor or
remote-control it stores all captured data on a
digital recorder. At darkness the high-power
LED’s are automatically switched on, so that
night visions can be effected up to a distance of
100 m. The built-in GH-transmitter transfers the
audio and video signals up to 500 m to a LCDreceiver. The observer is controlled by remote
pocket transmitter.

• Image sensor: 3x 470 TVL
• Shutter: automatic
• Frame rate: live video, 24 fps
• Microphone: records conversation up to 10 m
• TFT-display: 6,4”
• Remote control: camera, zoom, ON/OFF
• A/V transmitter: GHZ-range
• Dimensions: Ø 380 mm x 150 mm
• Weight: 4 kg
• Power supply: dry fit battery 12 V / 80 Ah,
set into soil

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5570

Security Camera IR + Night Vision
This combination of IR + Night Vision allows
observation in any light conditions, in moments
of daylight and total darkness, moonlight or
starlight. PKI security camera is often used by
police and military departments, but also by
security companies. Day and night observation
with video recording is as easy and comfortable
as might be with this lightweight camera.

• Dimensions: 206 x 150 x 80 mm
• Weight: 1 kg
• Operating temperature: -10° to 50° C
• Power supply: DC 12 V, 4W
• Environment: IP 65
• CCD: Zoom 13,3 fold
(6,7 x optical, 2,0 x digital)
• Minimum illumination: 0,0001 Lux starlight
• Lens: varifocal IR, auto iris
• Optics: F /1.3, f=7,5 – 50 mm
• FOV: 5,64° - 36,6°
• Target detection: >2 km for man size object

PKI 5575

Hybrid IR-Camera
This camera is indispensable for professional
use, not only because of its high resolution 1/4”
color chip but also due to its 3,9 mm to 85,8 mm
zoom optic with 22x optical magnification.
Additionally it offers a controllable IR-light for
night vision up to a distance of 80 m.
• Dimensions: 270 x 250 x 100 mm
• Weight: 1.3 kg
• Objective: 3.9 - 85,8 mm
• Zoom: 22x optical magnification
• IR-range: 80 m

• Resolution: 550 TVL
• Power consumption: 14W
• Operating temperature: -20°C - 60°C
• Hybrid IR chip: LED IR 36
• Method of transmission: through a pair
of optical lenses
• Life span: over 10 years
• Radiant intensity: 150 mW/Sr (12.7Ø)

PKI 5580

24 Hours Surveillance Camera
This camera not only provides an excellent
design but is designed for 24 hours outdoor use,
without interruption. This allows observations by
night at 0 lux up to 100 m distance with 8 high
power and 12 IR LED’s. Its technical features are
outstanding! This is an unique and solid camera
for every day use!
• Dimensions: 60 x 70 x 110 mm
• Weight: 800 g
• Power supply: 220V AC
• Objective: 6-60 mm standard version,
others upon request
• Zoom: 22 x
• Housing: aluminium with cover against
rain and sun
• Chip: 1/4” Super HAD CCD and
DSP digital processing
• Resolution: 420 TVL
• IR-LED’s: 8x High power and 12 x IR LED’s
• Range: 100 m


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5585

Audio / Video Surveillance Case
This A/V surveillance case, designed for mobile
operations, records signals sent by wired and
wireless cameras. Video signals will be shown on
TFT display in pin sharp quality. Even frequencies
for control of external devices can be captured.
All connecting cables and adapter are included in
practical compartments inside the case.
• Dimensions: 390 x 330 x 110 mm
• Weight: 4 kg
• Display: TFT, 5,6”
• Loudspeaker: built-in (for audio transmission)

• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery
for 2,5 hours, built-in power adapter /
charger 220V, cable for car use
• Receiver: Audio and video, channel switch
with analog display, channel switch output
• Frequencies: 1,4 GHz, 2,3 GHZ, 2,4 GHZ
and 5,8 GHz further frequencies upon request
• Antenna: to be clipped on car window
• Miscellaneous: port for external video recorder
available (please see PKI digitial recorder)

PKI 5590

Audio / Video Special Surveillance Case
Integrated in a hardcover protective case you will
find an interesting surveillance unit.
Besides receipt of signals from wired and
wireless cameras the built-in telemetric module
of the unit can alter camera settings, such as
angle, adjust zoom, focus, day/night setting.
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 m
• Weight: 18 kg
• AV receiver: available frequencies:
1,4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz
further frequencies upon request, channel
switch with analogue display
• Switching channel output: - 500 mW, frequency

868 MHz, transmitting power 25 mW
• Telemetric transmitter: Joystick / 200 m / Focus
(HF) (automatic/manual) day/night setting
auto/manual, speed adjustable
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery with
charging control, port for main connection
220 V, car main connection 12 V
• Display: 12” TFT with built-in loudspeaker. 15”
available upon request
• Antenna: antenna for car with window clip and
external antenna
• Miscellaneous: external video recorder port
available (see PKI digital recorder)
Digital encrypting systems are available upon

PKI 5595

Audio / Video Transmitter / Receiver Surveillance Case
This professional set of surveillance cases
consists of a transmitter case with pivot point
camera, a receiver case with telemetric control
and a built-in A/V digital recorder. The
transmitter case transmits pictures either taken
by the built-in mini camera or by the included
pivot point camera. Further “highlights” of the
Surveillance Case are adjustable transmission
power and connectable encryption. The received
pictures are shown on the high-definition TFTdisplay of the receiver case and can immediately
be recorded by the built-in A/V digital recorder. At
the same time signals can be received from
various sources and analysed on different
displays. The built-in telemetric control of the
receiver case allows control of 2 different

• Transmitting power: adjustable

Transmitter case:
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 mm
• Weight: 18 kg
• Frequency: 1.4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8 GHz,
further frequencies upon request
Channel switch with analogue display, video
image inverting

Receiver case:
• Dimensions: 550 x 370 x 230 mm
• Weight: 21 kg
• TFT-Displays: 1 x 12” and 2 x 5,6” TFT
incl. loudspeaker
• Frequency: 1.4 GHz, 2,3 GHz, 2,4 GHz, 5,8GHz,
further frequencies upon request
channel switch with analogue display, video

level control, video image inverting,
switching channel output
• Telemetric Transmitter: Joystick / 200m / focus
(auto /manual) day/night switch (auto/manual),
frequency: 868 MHz, transmission power
25-500 mW
• Miscellaneous: 2 separate A/V receiver
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery with
charger control, mains connection 220V or
car mains 12 V

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5600

24 GHz Audio Video Directional Transmission System 1
This newly developed directional transmission
system allows transmission of audio, video and
switch signals via the 24 GHz-ISM frequency
range, which is register and cost-free. The use of
directional antennas reduces its interference
response coming from other systems and
increases safety from interception. The PKI 5600
covers a range of up to 5 km at a transmission
power of 100 mW. Also available are similar
devices only for export purposes with 1 W, 10 W
and 50 W and up to 50 km transmission range.
All cameras out of the PKI product range can be
connected to the transmission system and the
receiving system is compatible with all our TFT
colour displays and video recorders.
Transmission system
• Video input: 1 Vss / 75 Ohm
• Video frequency range: 30 Hz - 5 MHz
• Audio input: 100 mVss - 10 Vss
• Audio frequency range: 30 Hz-15 kHz
• Modulation: F3F
• Power supply: 9 - 30 V
• Power consumption: max. 500 mA/12 V
• Antenna: 36 dB parabolic antenna
• Dimensions incl. antenna: 500 x 500 x 400 mm

• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 65
• Operation temperature: -25° to +55°C
• Transmission power: 100 mW
Receiving system
• Frequency range: ISM 24.020-24.230 GHz
• Channels: 16 channels
• Video output: 1 Vss / 75W_
• Video frequency range: 30 Hz - 5 MHz
• Audio output: 500 mVeff to > 1 kW_

• Audio frequency range: 30 Hz - 15 kHz
• Receiver response: -85 dBm
• Modulation: F3F
• Switching channel output: 15 V / 100 mA
• Power supply: 9-30 V
• Power consumption: max. 250 mA at 12V
• Operation temperature: -25°C to +55°C
• Dimensions incl. parabolic antenna:
500 x 500 x 400 mm

PKI 5605

Microwave Radio Transmission
This system comprises one transmitting and one
receiving unit at a frequency range of 10,5 GHz
including parabolic antennas.
It allows
transmissions of audio, video and switch signals.
At 10W output power a range of max. 50 km can
be achieved. Should this be insufficient
cascading is possible, i.e. to overcome larger
obstacles (mountains, buildings etc.) or to get
longer distances several radio systems can be
switched in series.

• Frequency: 10.5 GHz
• Output power: 0,1 / 0,5 / 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 W
• Topology: PTP & PTMP
• Digital line Interface: E1 / Ethernet
• Encryption: AES (WPA2 – PSK)
• Dish & Grid & Panel directional: high gain
• Dimension: 39,2 x 31 x 15,6 cms
Antenna Ø 35,5 cm
• Weight: 6,8 kg
• Temperature: -30° to +60°C
• Housing: IP 68
• Power supply: 110 / 220 V AC

PKI 5610

Digital AV Encryption System
In professional use you shouldn’t miss
audio/video encryption when using wireless
directional transmitters. With our encryption
system you can focus 2 audio channels with 1
video channel. This is especially important if you
need to secure surveillance links. The system
embeds digital audio data within the video’s
vertical blanking period. The data is encrypted
under control of the PKI encryption algorithms
resulting in a highly secure transmission.
• Scrambling method: encrypted digital audio
sent as VBI data
• Audio input level: 10 mV to 4 Vpp, 100 kOhm


• Audio bandwidth:
100 Hz to > 5 kHz dual channel
100 Hz to > 10 kHz single channel
• Video input level: 1 Vpp 75 Ohm
• Digital sampling role:
8 bits at 22,5 MHz
• Video bandwidth: to 5.5 MHz
• Lock-in-time: < 0,5 sec. max.
• Video standards: PAL, NTSC
• Dimensions: 130 x 60 x 23 mm
• Operating temperature range:
-10°C to +70°C
• Weight: 220 g
• Connectors: BNC
• DC power: 6 to 32 V DC, 800 mW

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5615

Camera with Motion Sensor
This camera is the response to the highest
expectations in security needs. Everyone, who
enters your premises, is captured by the motion
sensor of this camera, which automatically
activates a halogen spotlight and starts
recording, whereas the recorded data is stored
on the inserted memory card. Furthermore, the
camera will pursuit the person by panning in an
angle of up to 180°, depending on the direction
of the person observed. Recorded data will be
stored on the memory card, which is included in
the set, and can be played back with any standard

• Camera: CMOS sensor
• Recording: motion controlled
• Memory: 1 GB memory card
• Recording time: 560 x 20 sec. video films
• Power supply: DC 12 V power plug
• Spot light: 300W halogen, 220 V
• Dimensions: 280 x 150 x 100 mm
• Weight: 320 g
• 3 different announcements
possible, that will be played back
automatically via the integrated loudspeaker

PKI 5620

Video Surveillance Helicopter
The PKI video surveillance helicopter is designed
for all circumstances where no other methods of
video surveillance are possible. For this reason,
our PKI video surveillance helicopter is called
“your eye in the sky”. Equipped with a special
camera and video transmitter it delivers the
requested pictures. It is ideal for various
application fields, for example in a soccer
stadium (for observation of hooligans) at street
riots (where political groups fight against each
other) or at special police operations.
An assortment of components can be chosen
individually according to requirements. Please
find hereafter a choice of components.

Microdrone set 4-200 ready-to-fly
• Flight duration: approx. 20 min.
• Payload: 200 g
• Size: < 1 m Ø
• Power supply: 5V/1A
• Servo: 2 x standard
• Switch channel: 2 x 5V/16V
• Including: 1 FM-synthesizer transmitter
13-channel 35/40/41 MHz
• 3 x carbon blade, 370 mm
(front and rear motor)
• 3 x carbon blade, 370 mm (left and right motor)
• 2 x LIPO batteries 4x, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
• 1 x peli case, dimensions 800 x 581 x 479 mm
Base station set
• 1 x 1.4 megapixel video eyeglasses
• 1 x 2.4 GHz 4-fold diversity receiver,
high gain antenna
• 1 x internal power supply, inputs:
230/115VAC, 12/14.8VDC
• 1 x charger and true single cell balancer
• 1 x USB video frame grabber, video splitter
3x out
• 1 downlink decoder for receiving the complete
machine state
• 2 x LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300mAh

1 x peli case, dimensions 486 x 392 x 192 mm
(notebook not included)
Mobile Video Receiver
• 2.4 Ghz 4-fold diversitiy receiver
• 1 x 1.4 megapixel video eyeglasses
• 1 x LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
Video transmitter
• 2.4 GHz analogue, 200 mW
• With this option the drone transmits the video
and telemetry data to the base station/mobile
video receiver
• Different cameras are available such as:
• Daylight Color video camera
• Low-light b/w video camera
• Still photography
• Videography
GPS position hold
• GPS-receiver and antenna
• 3D-magnetometer
• Firmware extension

GPS waypoint navigation
• This option allows the drone to follow a flight
path, that can be planned or uploaded into its
• LIPO batteries 4s, 14.8V, 2300 mAh
LIPO Loader
• With true single cell balancer
• Supply: 12VDC
• Max. load current: 3.1A

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems

PKI 5625

Automatic Tracking Day/Night Camera with Microphone and Recorder
This newly developed security camera detects all
moving persons and follows them full
automatically. This is the important advantage
compared with common cameras. Generally a
camera only records a person passing by but this
camera pans according to the movements of the
persons. Due to the enlarged recording range
more of their actions will be monitored. In
addition to that, the integrated high sensitive
microphone captures conversations from up to
10 m distance. Powerful IR-diodes allow night
observation, whilst remaining completely
invisible for human eyes.

• Power supply: 7,5 V DC by power adapter
• Output: Audio 1 x Cinch 1 Vss (600 ohm)
Video 1x BNC 1Vss (75 ohm)
• Detection angle: 12°
• Camera range: 12 m
• Rotation speed: up to 3 m/sec.
• Relay output: NC, 50 mA/6V
• Power consumption: 300 mA
• Operating temperature: -10°C up to +50°C
• Dimensions: 82 x 139 x 57 mm
• Comes with: AV- cable, installation material,
operating manual

PKI 5635

Number Plate Recognition Camera
This high speed camera captures every number
plate of cars passing by at a speed of 60 fps
(frames per second) completely independently
from the illumination conditions. This is
absolutely unnoticeable for drivers, as the IR
illuminator works at an invisible 850 nm IR bandwidth with 2000 W light power. Effective range
of number plate capturing is up to 15 meters. The
PKI 5635 is ideal for various applications, such
as traffic surveys, vehicle access control, private
car parkings, airports, harbours, law
enforcement automation, transit traffic
monitoring, vehicle entrance admission, speed
enforcement, etc. The compatible software for
data storage resp. filing can be offered upon
• Dimensions: 155 x 155 x 124 mm
• Weight: 3.2 kg
• Operation temperature: -20° to +50°C
• Power consumption: 24V AC / 20W
Digital IR-Camera
• Resolution: 752 x 480 pixels

• Image processing speed: 60 frames/sec at full
image size
• Format: RAW, JPEG
• Shutter time: 1/100 to 1/30000 sec.
adjustable gain
• Communication interface: Ethernet UDP/IP
or USB
• Image sensor: High speed and ultra sensible,
CMOS monochrome WideVGA
• Pixel size: 6 µm x 6 µm
• Dynamic range: up to 100 dB
built-in motion detection
Integrated flush memory
Real time clock
IP class 67

PKI 5640

Mini Pan/Tilt Mounting
This outstanding miniature pan/tilt system could
fit in a cigarette box but professionally can
compete with larger systems. Due to its small
size PKI 5640 is ideal for perfect camouflage. All
functions can be controlled by the wireless
remote control. This system is designed for
small and light zoom cameras.
• Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 25 mm
• Weight: 240 g
• Interface: RS 485
• Various: Mounting with mini zoom camera can
be delivered upon request.


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5645

PKI 5650

AV Micro Recorder Camera, AV Micro Recorder Window Camera
PKI 5645 is easy to camouflage at top-secretactions. Due to the integrated voice control the
recording does not start until beginning of a
conversation and automatically stops at its end.
Therefore a standby time of 260 hours is
possible. Should this be insufficient you can use
this technological miracle with an adapter and a
remote control can be delivered on request.
PKI 5650 is a real highlight by PKI Electronic
Intelligence. Smaller and more inconspicuous is
impossible! Just fix the PKI 5650 with the
special mastic material on the window. 1 Lux
illumination is sufficient in order to obtain
impeccable video recordings. Its outstanding
resolution of 2 million pixels provides images of
excellent quality. The camera records audio/video
signals by means of built-in batteries up to 90
min. By using external power supply and an 8 GB
micro SD card, the recording time can be
extended to 320 min. The SD card can be
exchanged from outside without removing PKI
5650 from the window. This miniature miracle is
predestined for top secret videos

• Pixel: 2 million color CMOS
• View angle: 62°
• Battery capacity: 260 mAH
• Consumption current: 120 mA / 3,7 V (max.)
• Storage temperature: -20°C to +80°C
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Relative humidity: 15-85% RH
• Memory storage capacity: micro SD card
(TF card)
• SD capability: max. 8 GB micro SD card
• Video function and format:
JPEG, VGA 640x480@30 fps
• USB jack: USB 1.1 / 2.0
• Weight: 50 g approx.
• Dimension: 55 x 28 x 20 mm approx.
• Operation system: 2000 / XP / Vista 32
• Storage consumption: 1 GB per 40 min.
• Charging time: 2 h
• Standby time: 260 h
• Various: Suitable as web camera for online
video chat. Comes with adapter, mounting,
PC conntecting cable, Micro SD 2 GB

PKI 5655

Long Distance Day/ Night Camera with 360° Continuous Pan
This camera is especially designed for long
distance observation. Equipped with a
weather- proof and solid housing it is often used
at airports, highways, harbours and seasides.
Due to an integrated water tank and its
windscreen wiper it always provides excellent
visibility, independently from environmental
Camera Specifications
• Sync System: Internal
• Image Sensor: 1/4” Exview HAD CCD
• Scan System: 2:1 Interlace
• Resolution: 470 TVL(C)/570TVL(M)
• Sensitivity: 0,01 Lux (1/4 sec. NTSC),
1/3 sec. PAL
• Lens aperture: auto/manual
• Focus: auto / manual
• Zoom Ratio: 432X (optical 36x, digital 12x)
• Focal Length: 3,4 mm - 122,4 mm
• View Angle: Wide 57,80° /Tele 1,70°
• BLC: close/auto
• White Balance: auto
• Gain control: auto
• Privacy Mask: 24
• Signal Format: PAL/NTSC
• S/N: ≥ 50 dB
• Video output: 1.0 +/- 0.2 Vp-p
• Video output port: female BNC
Connection type
• Interface: RS485/RS422, Bi-phase
Electrical specifications

• Input power: AC24V, AC220V, AC110V
selectable, 50/60 Hz
• Max. power consumption: 60W
• Voltage for defroster, heater, fan: 24V AC
• Power consumption for defroster, heater, fan:
21W 4000V video, data, power lightning proof
• OSD menu
• Scheduled various functions
• 220 presets with title
• 4 panning, 4 sequences, 4 patterns
• 8 zones with title
• 8 privacy masks
• Auto running function
• Temperature display
• 18x/22x/23x/30x/35x/36x optical zoom camera
• 9 language OSD menu (Chinese, English,
French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German,
Russian, Polish)
Weather-proof equipment
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP66
Sun shield, auto running
• Operating temperature: -40°C – 60°C
• Operating humidity: 0-90%
• Operating wind speed: 90 km/hour
• Wind speed resistance: 130 km/hour
• Resistance against rain: 4mm/min.
With relay out for water jet control
IR Specification
• Power supply: 100-240 VAC (outer)
• Power consumption: 10W

• IR output power: 20W
• IR emission angle: 15°
• IP optical wavelength: 850 nm
• Operating temperature: -40°C to +60°C
• Size: Ø 58 mm x 135 mm
• Weight: 300 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5660

Mini Pan/Tilt Camera
This first class camera provides 18x optical and
12x digital zoom in day/night setting.
This PKI Mini Pan/Tilt Camera, equipped with a
resolution of 470 TV-lines and a sensitivity of 1
lux, is designed for use on tables or on ceilings.
On special request this camera can be delivered
in a weatherproof covering. Besides various
different functions it is possible to preset 6
positions which later can be recalled
automatically at the touch of a button. All
functions can be triggered wirelessly through our
telemetric control (see PKI surveillance case).

• Dimensions:
Ø 15,5 x 19,5 cm
• Weight:
2,4 kg
• Power supply:
12V power adapter
• Resolution:
470 TV-lines
• Min. illumination:
1 Lux

PKI 5665

Microwave Surveillance Solution
Audio and Video surveillance is necessary and
required everywhere. In the PKI product range
you will find complete net work systems
including antenna and transmitter/receiver. The
systems are designed to be cascading, so that
they can achieve a range of more than 1000 km
according to installed number of systems.
• Frequency: 140 MHz - 10,5 GHz
• Output Power: 0,1 - 100 W
• Digital line interface: E1 / Ethernet
• Encryption: AES (WPA2-PSK)
• Antenna: high gain
• Dimension: 355 x 445 x 238 mm
• Weight: 4-7 kg
• Operation temperature: -30° - +60°C
• Protection against dust/moisture: IP 68
• Power supply: 110/220 V AC
• Solar: optional for low power
• Format: PAL / NTSC
• Bit rate: 32 kb/s – 4Mb/s
• Resolution: D1 size (720x480)
• Compression: Video MPEG 4

PKI 5710

Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera with Automatic Recording for Day and Night
Digital video observation is what you need. With
this PKI 5710 “blackbox” you will just have what
you are expecting, perfect pictures and reliable
performance around the clock. It is a must for
every government department and an
indispensable tool for recognition of criminal
acts and manipulations. It is the only camera
which combines a standard white-light flash, an
IR-flash for night-vision function and a motion
detector in one small housing. The built-in 2.1
Mio pixels camera provides pictures of
extraordinary quality and most reliable capacity
around the clock. PKI 5710 fully automatically
stores relevant pictures by day and night
together with date and time indication (being of
most importance for evidence collecting). Single
pictures as well as video recordings of 15


seconds are possible and will be stored on the 32
MB SD-card (included in the set). This card, if
necessary, can be exchanged against other types
of higher capacity.
• Dimensions: 180 x 100 x 40 mm
• Weight: 320 g
• Power Supply:
4 x 1,5 V Battery, type AA
• Distance of IR-flashlight:
approx. 10 m
• Detection range of motion:
Detector approx. 30 m
• Adjustments:
3 picture delay, incident-counter

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5715

Window Camera
The PKI 5715 has been designed as a miniature,
colour camera with a wireless transmitter and
optional receiver. It is really the best choice for
visual room observation from outside, if a
permanent presence of the observer is not
possible but still he must be informed of what
happens in a closed room. Due to its very small
dimensions and low weight, the PKI 5715 is
hardly perceptible. When fixed at the edge of the
window pane (with our supplied special adhesive
material), this wireless miniature colour camera
provides a direct view into a room even under
low light conditions (min. 1 Lux) for the
observation of all activities inside the room.
Because of the built-in video transmitter such
surveillance can be effected from a distance of
several hundred meters (depending on

PKI 5720

PKI 5725

surrounding conditions). As a receiving station
we recommend our PKI 5755 receiver with
display, play-back and recording function.
• Camera: 1/3” CMOS Chip
• Resolution:
380 TV-lines, colour, 628 x 582 pixel
• Min. illumination: 1 Lux
• Objective: 3.6 mm wide-angle
• Power supply: Lithium rechargeable battery
with mains adapter/charger
• Transmitting distance: up to 50 m
• Dimensions:
approx. 22 x 22 x 24 mm - incl. transmitter
• Weight: approx. 30 g
• Recommended receiver: PKI 5755

PKI 5730

Cameras, Receiver and Recorder
Our micro cameras with extraordinary high
resolution can be connected to our pocket
transmitters or directly to one of our digital
recorders. Even the weakest video signal created
by a small video transmitter will be captured by
the corresponding receiver. Indespensable for
any kind of disguised video surveillance.
For all application fields - even in disguised
operation - we offer the right choice of PCB
cameras in b/w or colour with the following
• smallest dimensions from 24x24x27 mm for
PKI 5720 - 1/3” CMOS b/w camera,
with 1:2,0 / 3.6mm objective via
26x22x24 mm for
PKI 5730 - 1/3” CCD colour

camera with 3,6mm pinholeobjective
disguised as normal
button up to 31x31x28 mm for
PKI 5725 - 1/3” CMOS colour
camera with 1:2,0 / 7,8 mm
• Other types and objectiveconfigurations
are available on request
• CMOS or CCD-chips of latest
technology made by world-wide
known manufacturers
• Fully battery operated at 12 VDC
with approx. 30-40 mA power

PKI 5735

Miniature Day/Night Camera
For disguised observations under low light
conditions, whether in dark rooms or outside at
low daylight or even at night, the PKI 5735 is the
right choice for every government related
agency. With its minimum illumination
sensitivity of only 0,0003 Lux, and the extremely
high resolution of 600 horizontal TV-lines, this
camera provides incredible clear b/w pictures
which helps to identify a person, a car number
plate or even a small suspicious parcel, which
may be a postal bomb laid down in front of a
sensitive area. For all such purposes a camera
has to be suitable in size and weight. With its
very small size of approx. 20 x 20 x 18 mm and
the minimal objective opening of only 1,4 mm
the PKI 5735 is ideal for disguised mounting at
any place. It either can be powered by 12 VDC

rechargeable batteries or via the supplied mains
adapter. Other miniature cameras with
microphone and/or colour recording are available
on request
• Power supply:
12 VDC with external mains adapter
• Resolution: 600 horizontal TV-lines
• Min. illumination: 0,0003 Lux
• Backlight adjustment: automatic
• Objective: Pinhole 4,3 mm (78°)
• Dimensions:
approx. 20 x 20 x 18 mm
• Weight: approx. 35 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5740

GSM Audio / Video Transmission Set
This set consists of a central unit, a pocket PC, a
laptop with receiver and an audio/video camera.
The central unit is equipped with a SIM-card as
well as the necessary sockets for power supply
and audio/video connection. The integrated
GSM-transmitter, by call, transfers the audio and
video signals worldwide to the observer. Thus,
observations can be effected without being at
site, i.e. just the audio/video camera has to be
placed in the room and the monitoring can be
done from any location around the world.
Additionally, and as an option, the camera can be
equipped with infrared diodes for observations at
night. Upon request, the PKI 5740 can be
modified for operations on landline telephone
systems. Please contact us for further

• Resolution:
704 x 288 pixel (half-size picture)
352 x 288 pixel CIF
176 x 144 pixel QCIF
128 x 96 pixel SQCIF
• Picture transmission:
1-3 pictures per second via GSM at 9,6 kbps

• Power supply: 12 VDC mains adapter, 10 W
• Software:
Windows compatible software with
storage, 24 hours, approx. 120 MB,
video player software
• Dimensions: approx. 120 x 140 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 320 g

PKI 5745

Wireless Audio / Video Camera
This complete set is a special assembly of
several first-class components for disguised
operations with body worn audio and video
observation devices. The PKI 5745 consists of a
miniature colour camera, a pocketsized
transmitter and a corresponding receiver with
built-in TFT-display and digital recorder. The
camera objective is camouflaged with an
ordinary button suitable for every kind of
clothing. Special types of buttons are available
upon request. Optionally, this set can be supplied
with a body-worn digital A/V recorder instead of
the wireless link.
A) Colour Video Camera
• Horizontal resolution: 420 TV-lines, colour
• Min. illumination: 0,5 Lux
• Backlight adjustment: automatic

• White balance: automatic
• Power supply:
12 VDC either from transmitter or recorder
• Dimensions: approx. 25 x 25 x 20 mm
• Weight: approx. 32 g
B) A/V Transmitter
• Frequency: 1.2 GHz
• Output power: 1 Watt
• Operating distance:
approx. 200 to 700 m, depending
on surrounding conditions
• Power supply:
Li-Ion rechargeable battery
charger/mains adapter
• Operating time:
approx. 2 hours with fully charged
Extended operating time possible
by means of external batteries.

• Dimensions: approx. 50 x 28 x 8 cm
• Weight approx. 200 g
C) A/V Receiver see PKI 5755
D) A/V Digital Pocket Recorder
see PKI 2460 - as option

PKI 5750

Wireless Audio / Video System Disguised in Smoke Detector
The PKI 5750 - wireless audio/video system
disguised in a smoke detector offers the best
choice for camouflaged observation in office
environments and other rooms where
unobtrusive surveillance is required. With the
self-adhesive tape the smoke detector camera
can be fixed within seconds and at any place
without any installation tools. The built-in camera
can be positioned to any required direction and
the integrated transmitter covers a range of
approx. 200 m for a clear sound and picture
requirements various combinations are available:
a) either b/w or colour cameras
b) transmitters in different frequency ranges 1.3,
2.3 or 5.8 GHz
c) transmitters with different output
power - 10 mW to 200 mW (Every other type is
available on request)


A) B/W Camera
• TV-Lines: min. 420
• Min. Illumination: 0.05 Lux
• Built-in Lens: F = 3.6 mm
B) Colour Camera
• TV-Lines: min. 380
• Min. Illumination: 0.25 Lux
• Built-in Lens: F = 4.3 mm
C) A/V Transmitter
• Frequency Ranges: 1.3, 2.3 and 5.8 GHz
• Output Power: 200, 25, 10 mW
D) Housing
• Height: approx. 60 mm
• Diameter: approx. 125 mm
• Weight: approx. 120 gr.
E) LCD Pocket Receiver
• Screen Size: 50 mm
• Dimensions: 60 x 120 x 35 mm
• Power supply: standard batteries

• Black/white or colour transmission
• Up to 4 hours operation time
• Selectable transmission channels
• Integrated microphone
• Portable pocket receiver

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5755

Audio Video Receiver & Recorder
Wireless video cameras quickly and easily can be
installed anywhere.
The combination with our PKI 5755 A/V Receiver
and Recorder provides a complete surveillance
system with utmost flexibility. For mobile
operations, this pocket-sized device offers direct
play-back on the built-in TFT-display plus digital
recording in real-time. A larger display can be
connected via the A/V outlet sockets. The
integrated 30 GB hard disc records the signals
with approx. 65 minutes per 1 GB, i.e. the total
recording time is up to 30 hours. An additional
SDcard slot is integrated for cards up to 4 GB.
Furthermore the device is equipped with an
integrated motion detector which will only start
recording when there is a movement in the
observed area. All necessary A/V RCA and USBcables, headphones and carrying bag are

• Receiving frequency: 1,2 or 2,4 GHz range
• Receiving channels: 4
• Antenna: omnidirectional
• Resolution: 720 x 480 pixel
• Recording: audio and video digitally on 30 GB
hard disc in real-time.
• Connectors: A/V-in, A/V-out,
external power supply
• Power supply: Li-Ion rechargeable battery,
7,4 VDC, 1800 mAh with external
charger/mains adapter.
• Dimensions: approx. 130 x 80 x 25 mm
• Weight: approx. 250 g
• Remarks: motion operated recording

PKI 5760

Pinhole and Fibrescope Objectives
Wherever video observations through very small
openings are required, the PKI 5760 provides the
perfect solution. Camouflaged in products of
daily use, looking through key-holes or small
holes drilled through a wall - our range of
special pinhole objectives offer the most suitable
possibilities. You have your camcorder and we
have the perfect solution for all your purposes.
On the other side, camcorders of latest
generation are also included in our product
range. With this latest generation and state-ofthe-art products, sharp and clear pictures of high
resolution are guaranteed. Each lens/fibrescope
can be connected with nearly every camcorder
and/ or CCDcamera with 12 mm threat or C/CS
mount by means of the supplied adapters. Direct

observation without camera or camcorder is also
A) Fibrescope
• Length: 100 cm
• Diameter of fibre: 2,0 mm
• Diameter of objective: 3,5 mm
• Number of glass-fibres: 10.000
• Adapters different types included
to fit to nearly every commercial
B) Pinhole Objectives
• Focal range:
available in 6, 10, 15 and 30 mm
• Mount: 12 mm or C/CS-mount

PKI 5770

Full Band Video Scanner
Nowadays night and day observation cameras
are installed everywhere, sometimes they are
even equipped with microphones. They transmit
signals of multiple frequency ranges from 1,2
GHz up to 5,8 GHz. In order to detect and display
these hidden wireless cameras we have
developed our PKI 5770 Full Band Video Scanner
which scans 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz
frequency bands synchronously within 30
seconds up to a distance of 100 m. It is equipped
with NTSC or PAL/SECAM for identification of
detected video signals. By means of the
STOP/SCAN button the image can be latched or
released. The speaker will display the voice if
there is an audio signal with the wireless camera
signal. PKI 5770 offers 3 STOP/SCAN buttons for
each frequency band and video system indicator.
Furthermore it provides 3 Audio/Video outputs
for recording of signals from 3 frequency bands
at the same time.

• Detecting frequency: 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
• Display: 3.5” high resolution LCD, color and
b/w camera compatible
• Scan indication 1: NTSC or PAL/SECAM
video format
• Scan indication 2: scanning LED indication
x 3 for 3 frequency bands
• Warning mode: acoustic and silent detection
through earphone
• Scanning band: 1.2 GHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz
• Monitor display: auto band switching
Band selection switch for manual band change
• Audio/video output: 3 AV outputs for 3 bands
synchronous recording
• With 3.5 mm Video/Audio output jack x 3
(for recording)
• Detecting distance: up to 100 m (depending on
output power of source transmitter)
• Power: switching power adaptor, built-in
rechargeable battery

• Battery life: about 40 min. after full charge
• Dimension: 19 x 14 x 4 cm
(antenna length not included)
• Weight: 860 g incl. rechargeable battery

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5775

Universal - Receiver - Display - Recorder
This universal pocket device beats all records
with its measures of only 70 x 120 x 20 mm and
its light weight of only 180 g. The PKI 5775 is the
control center of most surveillance operations.
Transmissions of both systems, wireless or
cabled cameras, can be received. Play-back via
the integrated 2.5’’ TFT display. But there is even
more to it than that. All audio and video signals
can be stored onto the internal memory card and
displayed either on the internal LCD-display or on
external devices, such as PC or TV set.
Recording time depends on the memory card
used and varies up to 4.5 hours. As it is equipped
with a foldable foot, it can be used as tabletop
unit as well.
Wireless receiver:
• 4 receiving channels:
CH1: 2414 MHz; CH2: 2432 MHz,
CH3: 2450 MHz; CH4: 2468 MHz
• D6 level: - 90dB

• Frequency range: PM 2.4 MHz
• Display: 2.5 TFT LCD 882x228 transactive LCD
• Video system: MTSC/PAL
• Resolution: 640x480 / 320x240
• Video format: MPEG-AVI max. 30 fps
• Data format for play-back: MPEG-1/MPEG
• Frequency range: 20Hz-20 KHz
• Play-back: stereo
• Audio format: MP3 / MP 2.5
• Loudspeaker: 1 W
• Data format: JPG/JPEG
• Memory: flash memory 64 mB
• Memory card: SD / MMC / SX / U-disc / HDD
• Supported systems: IBM-PC: Windows 98SE,
ME, 2000, XP
• Interface: USB 2.0, USB OTG 1.1
• Disc format: FAT 32
• Language: English

Power supply:
• Power plug: DC 5V / 2 A or
Li-ion rechargeable battery 2500 mAh
• Operation time: > 4.5 h in stand-by
mode / > 7 h in active mode

PKI 5780

Audio Video Recorder with Integrated Camera and Display in a Cigarette Packet
Another “HIGHLIGHT” in our product range.
Disguised in a common cigarette packet, the PKI
5780 is a complete audio/video recorder with
integrated camera and display. If the integrated
motion detector is turned on, the recording only
starts when the picture is moving, allowing long
term monitoring. Even in total darkness you can
effect recordings at a 5 m distance due to the
integrated IR-diodes. The PKI 5780 is
equipped with all necessary in- and output jacks,
giving the possibility to connect an external
camera or to copy the recorded files to a PC or
TV set. All recordings are saved on a standard
SD-memory card that can easily be changed. Of
special advantage is the remote control, which is
included in the set.
• Video: NTSC/PAL system
• Codec: MPEG4-SP ASF data format
• Recording: 1,2,º max. fps
selectable max. 30 fpsa 320x240 /
12 fpsa 640x480
• Recording quality: low /medium /high
• Recording time/date: overlay in
video recordings as ASF-file
• Input: 1 channel video signal
• Output: 1 channel video signal
• Audio: frequency 44.1 KHz
codec G726/32 kbps
• Input: 1 channel audio signal
• Output: 1 channel audio signal
• Audio-unit: microphone,
loudspeaker, earphones
• Memory: SD card (FAT 16/32)
max. no. of files: 16384
• Connection: USB 1.1 (read only)
• Recording: manual / programmable
• Play-back functions: Play-back/


fast forward /fast rewind,
pause, 1 forward, 1 rewind
• Play back speed: x1/x2/x4/x8/x16x/32
• Power consumption: DC 5V /1 A,
Li-Ion rechargeable batteries
• Battery life: Li-Ion rechargeable
batterie 100 min.
• Weight: 150 g (w/o battery)
175 g (incl. battery)
• Dimensions: 86 mm x 55 mm x 22,5 mm
• Operating conditions: 30 – 80 % rh,
5° - 45° C (41° F - 113° F)

• Storage conditions: 30 – 90 % rh, 0° - 50° C
(32° - 122° F)
• Additional functions:
CMOS sensor 1/6" CMOS sensor
Image VGA (H/V 40 x 480)
S/N ratio 46 dB
• Lens: conical lens f3.62 mm/F2.8
• Infrared luminosity: 6x IR LED
• Infrared wave length: 850 nm
• Infrared range: 5 m LCD 2.5" colour TFT-LCD
• Remote control: 2.4 GHz

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5785

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter Ball
There are of course different possibilities to gain
access to the object to be observed. However, in
some cases there might be a high wall or
security personnel or even other circumstances
which prevent you from entering certain
premises in order to install corresponding
surveillance devices. In this case we recommend
the PKI 5785, because this Hi-tech ball is a
relatively simple equipment. The lower half of the
transmitter ball is 4 times heavier than the upper
half. Because of the gravity the heavy lower half
always remains on the ground. The upper half is
provided with 3 video cameras with pinhole
lenses at an angle of 110°. This guarantees that
always a picture is transmitted from the desired
direction. This of course also applies for the
built-in directional microphones. The built-in
audio/video transmitter with 4 channels transfer
the signals to the LCD monitor delivered with the

PKI 5785 within a frequency range of approx. 5,8
Ghz. up to a distance of approx. 200m and
continuously up to 3 hours. Optionally we can
also offer an additional remote control in order to
activate the transmitter ball only if required and
such enabling observations for several weeks.
• TV-lines Min. 420
• Illumination Min. 1 Lux
• Built-in lens 3,6 mm
• Focal aperture F = 2,0 mm 110°
A/V Transmitter:
• Frequency range 5,650 – 5,950 GHz
• Channels 4
• Output Power 25 mW
• Power supply Rechargeable battery

PKI 5790

Miniature Video Repeater
Small-sized video cameras with integrated
transmitters only have a limited transmission
range. Wherever larger distances to receiving
points have to be covered, it is necessary to use
a repeater-station. Our PKI 5790 is the right
solution for such applications. It receives the
standard video signal within the 1.2 GHz range
and transfers this into the 2.4 GHz range. With its
max. output power of 4 Watts and the 18 dbi
directional Yagi-antenna, a max. distance of up to
20 km (depending on surrounding conditions) is
possible. PKI 5790 especially has been
developed for disguised purposes, and its
smallest dimensions are perfect for any mobile
operation. Power supply of the PKI 5790 is
provided by a separate 12 V rechargeable battery
and/or mains adapter/charger. For the reception
of the signals we recommend our PKI 5755 A/VReceiver/Recorder.

• incoming: - 1.2 GHz-range
• outgoing: - 2.4 GHz-range
(other frequencies - like 1.3 GHz
to 2.6 GHz - are available upon
• Max. transmission range: up to
20 km (depending on surrounding
• Max. output power: up to 4 Watts
• Antenna Directional: Yagi-Antenna,
18 dbi gain
• Power supply: 12 VDC rechargeable battery
and/or mains adapter/charger
• Dimensions:
approx. 135 x 60 x 40 mm
• Weight: approx. 400 g

PKI 5795

Audio / Video Scanner
With the PKI 5795 every audio and video signal
within the frequency range of 900 to 2520 MHz
can be received. Automatic scan mode allows
easy localisation, but manual scan is also
possible. In both modes, disguised wireless
cameras can be found and the received signals
will be transmitted to the integrated LCD-monitor
and speaker. Of course the PKI 5795 can not only
be used for detection purposes, but is also a
versatile tool for a mobile observation system by
just combining one of our small wireless
cameras with this scanner.. Optionally an
external directional antenna can be connected for
achieving larger ranges.

• Dimensions: approx. 120 x 70 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 320 g
Power supply: 4 x 1,5 V battery, Type AA,
or mains adapter
• Display: integrated LCD display, 2,5”
• Accessories:
1 x RCA connecting cable,
mains adapter 5 VDC,
external directional antenna SMA (optional)
• Frequency range: 900 - 2520 MHz
• Video signals: PAL / NTSC
• Connections: Video-out socket
Power-in socket
Antenna socket

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5800

AV Night Vision Set
This high-tech A/V system developed by PKI
exceeds everything that might be available on the
market so far. The reasons for this are very
1) no low light amplifier (poor video resolution
and expensive)
2) no laser (dangerous for the eyes)
3) weight (portable device too heavy)
PKI 5800 is equipped with a high-resolution
camera connected to an IR-hybrid illuminator for
night vision. This handheld device with
integrated directional microphone allows
observation at day and night up to 200 m
distance at the highest possible resolution.
Several ways of processing of the audio/video
signals are possible, such as immediate
recording, wired transmission to our A/V goggles
or wireless transmission to further external
devices. All kind of monitors are connectable.
This outstanding combination enables every
policeman to survey and control the relevant
situation. Due to security reasons PKI 5800
should be available at every surveillance
operation of customs, police or border patrols.
• Dimensions: 170 x 200 x 55 mm
• Weight: 2.8 kg
• Power supply: 12 V DC L-ion battery
• Resolution: 550 TV lines
• Sensitivity: 1 Lux (O Lux IR)
• Lens: 50 mm (F2.0)
• Opening angle: 5°

PKI 5805

Directional microphone
• Amplifier: 10.000 x
• Frequency: 20 Hz – 16 kHz (-3dB)
• High-low pass filter: fg= 150 Hz / 5kHz
IR-hybrid illuminator
• Range: 200 m, at 0 Lux darkness
• Power consumption: 60W
• IR radiation angle: 20°
• Shelf-life: more than 10 years
A/V goggle
• Dimensions: 180 x 190 x 35 mm
• Weight: 90 g
• Power supply: 1000 mA L-ion battery
• Power consumption: less than 1,1 W
• Battery life: 3-4 hours
• Video signal: NTSC/PAL/SECAM automatic

• Display: 2 TFT LCD Displays
• Color depth: 24 Bit Input
• Image input: composite AV
• Image size: 80” screen (1 m far)
• Resolution: 640 x 480 (920 k Pixels)
• Audio: double-channel stereo
• Viewing angle: 35° (diagonal)
Wireless transmitter/receiver
• Range: 300 m in open spaces
• Dimensions: 43 x 28 x 16 mm
• Frequency: GHz-range, 4 channels
• Weight: 25 g
• Power supply: Li-ion rechargeable battery 6V
• Various: Reception by various persons
(according to number of AV-goggles)
is possible by using the wireless version.

PKI 5810

Video Pen, Video Glasses, Series of Disguised Video Cameras
This series of different video systems especially
is designed for undercover observations.
Without arising any suspicion security guards,
agents or safety personnel can walk through
crowds, join important meetings/ events and
observe or record participants in every situation.
Products of daily use are combined with a micro
CCD-camera available either in b/w or colour.
Each type can be connected to an existing
portable video recorder which can be fixed to the
belt or in the pocket. Optionally PKI ELECTRONIC
INTELLIGENCE can provide a video transmitter /
receiver set and digital recorder for wireless
transmissions and recording. The disguised
cameras are available as: PKI 5805 - Video Pen
b/w or colour, PKI 5810 - Video Glasses b/w or
• Image sensor: Inter-Line type CCD
• Scanning system: 2:1 Interlace
• Horizontal Resolution:
PKI 5810 better than 350 TV lines,
PKI 5805/PKI 5815 better than 330 TV lines
• Pixels:
PKI 5810 - 500 x 582
PKI 5805 - 512 x 492


• Synchronisation: Internal
• Gain control: AGC ON 24dB, OFF 18 dB
• Electronic iris: Selectable 1/50 to 1/30.000 sec
• Lens: 3.6 mm
• Min. illumination:
B/W: 0.6 lux (f 1.4, AGC ON 50%)
Colour: 1.4 lux (f 1.4, AGC ON 50%)
• Power consumption: 30 - 150 mA at 5 VDC

• Concealed video observation
• High quality and performance
• B/W or Colour systems available
• Gain control AGC high / 24 dB
• Lightweight and robust
• Optional digital recorder and
video transmitter/receiver

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5815

Miniature Repeater
A Repeater is recommended if you need to
extend the transmission range of a wireless
camera. The PKI 5815 captures the camera
signals at a distance of 10 to 100 m, amplifies
them and afterwards transmits them to the final
receiving device. Very useful at longer distances,
as it doubles the transmission range.
• Frequency: 2.4 GHz range
• Channels: 4 selectable channels
• Power supply: external power plug
• Weight: 200 g
• Dimensions: 150 x 40 x 20 mm
• Complies with FCC/CE regulations

PKI 5820

Video System in Mobile Phone Housing
During meetings, conversations and in special
occasions it is necessary to have a proof of the
participants. For this a video observation is the
best possible way, but in many cases it is
impossible or not workable to install a fixed
camera system. Therefore a mobile and
camouflaged system is a good alternative. PKI
5820 is a completely disguised video system for
unobtrusive operations built in a standard
mobile phone housing. Consisting of a CCDminiature camera, a video transmitter and power
supply it should be used wherever installation of
standard cameras is impossible. Just switch it
on, put it at a suitable place and you will have
perfect reception at highest quality. Installation of
a complete video surveillance cannot be more
simple, faster and easier than with the PKI 5820.

PKI 5825

PKI 5830

PKI 5835

• Extremely small 1.25 GHz video
transmitter with 1/4” b/w or colour
CCD miniature video camera in a
GSM-phone housing
• B/W-camera with 350 TV lines
and 3.8mm lens F=2.0
• 100 mW transmitter output power
• FM modulation / 30 MHz
• 70 mA transmitter power
• 6-9V DC internal battery
• Dimensions: Standard
mobile phone

PKI 5840

Series of Camouflaged Video Cameras
Camouflaged cameras are very often required for
disguised observation tasks. This set should be
the minimum to be with every government
department. Local environments and the
surroundings determine the type of camera
system to be used. For every purpose this set
offers the right solution, i.e. if an indoor
observation has to be effected at residential
premises, the wall clock camera or camera in a
loudspeaker should be used. For outdoor
observations the camera in a motion detector or
in a steel housing are applicable. Other types of
camouflaging our camera systems are available
upon request. Whatever you need, we can do it.
Wireless versions with built-in transmitter and
the according receiver are, of course, also
available for each kind of the camouflaged
Various items of daily use equipped with 1/3”
CCD-chip cameras, 380 TV-lines, 3 lux minimum

illumination and built-in microphone. Each with
9-12 V DC battery operation and full operation of
the original item as it is
• PKI 5825 Camera in motiondetector
• PKI 5830 Camera in wall clock

• PKI 5835 Outdoor camera in steel housing
• PKI 5840 Camera in loudspeaker
• Please contact us for full information of
each item

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5845

Digital Network Camera
Whether via local network, Internet or mobile
phone, with the PKI 5845 Digital Network
Camera you are always informed about things
happening in areas to be observed. Just switch it
on and you will receive a brilliant sharp picture
with a high resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Due to
the RTSP protocol, it is possible to receive the
recorded data either on your mobile phone or on
a PC. The set includes a complete software
package for real-time recording of up to 16 PKI
5845 Digital Network Cameras or security video
servers, as well as software for play-back and
further analysis. Optionally the camera can be
supplied with Ethernet-connection or fitted for a
wireless LAN network

• Camera: 1/4” high quality CMOS sensor
• Min. illumination: 1,5 Lux
• Objective: 4 mm, wide-angle, F=2,0
• Backlight: automatic compensation
• Resolution: 640 x 480 pixel
• Features electronic: shutter (ELC)
automatic white balance (AWB)
automatic amplification regulation
(AGC) browser for Internet explorer
integrated microphone protocols:
automatic indication of date and time
LAN-network as option
• Dimensions: approx. 115 x 75 x 35 mm
• Weight: approx. 220 g

PKI 5850

Digital Miniature Flash Memory Video Recorder
The PKI 5850 is a Video and Audio recorder for
videos with full TV frame rate and resolution and
integrated microphone pre-amplifiers for 2
microphones. Its small size plus exchangeable
and rechargeable battery especially are suitable
for tasks where covert recordings are necessary.
The recorder is based on MPEG-2 data
compression on 1 GB standard compact flash
card with a recording time of up to 110 minutes.
• Video: PAL/NTSC with full TV
resolution and 25/30 frames
• Audio microphone input: (stereo)
• Encoding: MPEG-2 MP@ML for
Video and MPEG-1 Layer 2 for
Audio, additional scrambling
• Storage media:
Compact Flash Card Type I or II
• Power supply:

PKI 5855

PKI 5860

LI-Ion battery with 700 mAh for
75 min or 1400 mAh for 150 min or
unlimited via mains adapter
• Interfaces: USB 1.1 interface
(device) up to 12 MBit/s,
audio/video input, remote
• Camera power supply:
5 V, ≤ 200 mA
• Status indication:
LED for operating mode, system
error, battery status, memory status
• Dimensions: 130 x 80 x 22 mm

• Small size for covert applications
• Video recording in PAL/NTSC format
• MPEG-2 data compression
• on standard compact flash card
• Recording time up to 110 Minutes

PKI 5865

Audio / Video Cellular Monitoring
PKI 5855 assembly module
PKI 5860 built-in motion detector
PKI 5865 recording camera
This is the latest technology at the moment. Easy to
install, it does not need any special configuration.
Control has never been so easy as nowadays and is
possible within seconds worldwide. A common
UMTS/3G mobile phone is sufficient for activation
and receipt. PKI 5855 is as small as a cigarette box
and can unobtrusively be installed everywhere. PKI
5860 is a common, full functional motion detector
and offers perfect camouflage. PKI 5865 is designed
for day and night observation and all activities
recorded during your absence are stored on its
integrated memory. Later they can be recalled at any
time from every place you are worldwide. For
operation of this unit an activated SIM-card is


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

Audio / Video Cellular Monitoring
PKI 5855
• Power supply: power adapter
6V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Frequency: UMTS 2100 MHz
• Camera: 300.000 pixels
• Dimensions: 70 x 44 x 18 mm
• Weight: 55 g
PKI 5860
• Power supply: power adapter
5V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Input resolution: 480 x 320
• Data format: JPEG
• Output resolution: 420 TV-lines
• IR-range: 10 m
• View angle: 120°
• Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°C
• Humidity: max. 85%
• Dimensions: 60 x 115 x 50 mm

PKI 5870

PKI 5865
• Power supply: power adapter
6V DC / 100-240 V AC
• Detection sensor: dual element
pyro-electric sensor
• Animal alley: 12 m long,
100° sector
•Terminal block: key switch input
and indication lamp output
• Band system: WCDMA
• Operating frequency:
UMTS 2100 MHz
• Camera module:
2,0 mega pixels
• Imaging and video:
QVGA ( 320x240 pixels)
• Frame rate: 15 fps max.
• Memory card: supports Micro SD 4 GB max.
• Back up battery: DC 4,8V, 300 mAH
• Dimensions: 120 x 70x 50 mm

PKI 5875

Floodlight Monitoring Camera, IR Monitoring Camera
This system is equipped with a high resolution
camera controlled by a motion detector. Videos and
pictures are stored on a SD-card stating time and
date. At darkness the system starts a 500 watt
spotlight (PKI 5870) or an IR spotlight (PKI 5875).
Recorded data can be transferred via USB port to a
PC or a separate card reader. This system is perfect
for uncomplicated but successful monitoring.
• Recording: unlimited on SD-card
• Camera: CMOS sensor, 1600 x 1200
• Halogen spotlight: sensational 500 W
• IR-spotlight: 20 m range
• Motion detector: 9 m range
• SD/MC card: up to 2 GB for 5000 pictures
• Power supply: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
• Options: easy and individual activation via display.
Brackets for wall mounting included.

PKI 5880

Audio / Video Belt Recorder
Some years ago it would have been incredible to hide
a camera with audio / video recorder fully
camouflaged in a belt buckle. Unlike wireless devices
this system cannot be located by HF detectors. The
colour camera with built-in microphone captures
every movement. Micro SD-card, recorder switch,
power on/off and USB port are integrated in the
bottom of the buckle.
• Dimensions: 6,45 x 3,73 x 1,52 cm
• Recording: real time in 3 GP
• Memory: SD micro card
128 MB – 8 GB (up to 8 hours recording time)
• Recording time: up to 2 hours per battery
• Video format: AVI 640x480
• Adapter: USB and cable for charger
• Power supply: lithium-ion batteries

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5885

Outdoor Video Investigation Set
The PKI 5885 especially has been developed by
us for the use by police officers and other
security guard patrols of any kind of
governmental departments. It especially should
be used by those who need to keep a clean
record of their sincere investigation. PKI 5885 is
another crime fighting and easy to use unit which
enables you to record the actions of the
suspected persons. Such video recordings can
or will be used as evidence to prosecute those
individuals who violate the law. With its specific
small dimensions, lightweight and perfect size it
can be clipped to a belt and provides a clear and
evidence-proved coloured picture recording at
daylight or at sufficient surrounding artificial light
conditions. It furthermore can work during

low light conditions, due to the built-in
IR-illuminators, and then provides a sharp and
clear black-and white picture which is stored on
the exchangeable standard SD-card.
• High resolution video quality in AVI video format
• Lightweight enough to carry on you with clip to
hook on the belt
• Built-in IR illuminator for night vision recording
(b/w when used in night-vision application)
• Repeated and continuous recording
• Use SD card from 128 MB to 2 GB
• Dimensions: approx. 100 x 80 x 60 mm
• Weight: approx. 80 g

PKI 5900

Submarine Video Camera
The PKI 5900 conducts searches with actual
underwater views without sending a diver into a
potential dangerous situation. Up to a maximum
depth of approx. 20 meters this selfcontained
video system can be used for location and study
of suspicious objects and areas. The built-in 1/4
inch colour camera together with 2 integrated
ballasts guarantee for a stable and clear picture
of the area to be examined. The video signal as
well as power supply for the camera are
transferred by only one cable between camera
and receiving unit. At receiving site a 7" TFT LCD
display provides the picture of the inspected
area. A socket for recording devices is
implemented. The complete set consists of:
• Colour camera with sealed housing and ballasts
• 7" TFT colour display

• Sunshade for the display
• Battery and A/C-Adapter
• Protective aluminium storage case with inlays
• 20 m cable for video signal and power supply
for the camera
• Camera: 1/4" high resolution CCD colour
camera, 420 TV lines
• Cable length: approx. 20 m
• Display: 7" TFT LCD colour
• Power supply: 12 VDC operation with
rechargeable battery with charge cord
and AC/DC adaptor for the display
• Weight: 8,9 kg
• Dimensions: storage case -60 x 40 x 20 cm

• Hermetically sealed
• Diving depth up to 20 m
• Colour CCD image sensor
• 7” TFT LCD monitor

PKI 5910

Personal Underwater Propeller
Years of engineering and design have resulted in
the PKI 5910 Personal Underwater Propeller that
provides power of 3 km/h for up to 40 minutes of
use with a standard battery. At the same time it is
compact and light-weight. The ergonomic
handle with integrated trigger and master switch
facilitate the operation and manoeuvrability.
A rigid grille protects the propeller against
obstructions. The complete unit is maintenancefree and has only to be rinsed with fresh water
after use.
• Size: 670 x 430 x 430 mm
• Battery: lead-acid battery, 3 sections,
with charger
• Battery capacity:
12 VDC - 12 A/h or 7 A/h (optional)
• Charging charging adapter included
• Charging time: approx. 10 hours
• Motor high performance electric motor, 12
VDC, 65 Watts
• Weight: 5.3 kg with 7 A/h battery


6.8 kg with 12 A/h battery
• Speed pulling divers at max. 3 km/h
• Operating time: up to 1 hour (standard battery),
up to 1.5 hours (external battery)
• Depth rating: 65 feet / 20 m
• Thrust: 11 pounds / 5 kg
• Material / Housing: PP

• Gears & Levers: Nylon
• Seals: PTFE impregnated NBR
• On/off: Master switch used to disable the
normal on/off trigger. When the master switch
is in OFF position the unit can be handled
without fear of accidentally putting the main
trigger into ON position

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 5915

Underwater Robot

The requirements of an underwater robot have to
meet various differences compared with a land
robot. The propeller drive allows movements in 3
dimensions and can turn around its own axles.
Of special importance is to keep the device stable
in currents and turbulences, as tools such as
x-ray devices have to stay fixed. Such an
underwater system must be capable of scanning
via camera and sonar and use its tools. The PKI
5915 is a compact and approved robot system
for underwater operation. It is controlled by cable

and camera from the ship’s deck and is easy to
transport with its handy control device, power
supply and accessories. Due to its weight of
approx. 50 kg and more it is easy to handle for 2
persons. Controller and cable are integrated in a
separate hard cover protective case.
• Length: 1.000 mm
• Height (without additional modules): 500 mm

• Width: 600 mm
• Weight: 50-62 kg (as per configuration
depending on equipment)
• Speed: more than 5,556 km/h
• Cargo load: 4-16 kg (as per configuration
depending on equipment)
• Operation depth: 300 m
• Cable length: 450 m
• Cable length fibre-glass: 1.100m (optional)
• Power supply: 100-270 V (2,8 kW)

PKI 5925

Submarine Observation Vehicle and Manipulator
The PKI 5925 is really a breakthrough in
technical development of smallest but extremely
observation and manipulation tasks. By long
lasting experience. PKI ELECTRONIC INTELLIGENCE GmbH, can proudly state that this is the
only unit which has been developed by
professional engineers and in close co-operation
with divers and users of submarine- and deepsea manipulators. Due to the 18 kg this system
can be transported by a single person in every
sea- or fresh-water terrain as well as in tubes and
pipes. It only takes about 3 minutes to get the
unit ready for operation and manipulation can be
effected by just one hand.
• Dimensions of observation:
vehicle 203 x 152 x 146 mm
• Weight of observation: vehicle 3 kg
• Max. diving depth: 75 m
• Camera: installed CCD-colour, 520 lines,
0.1 Lux, fixed focus 100 to infinity
• Jet-Pipes: 6 thrusters (4 x horizontal,
2 x vertical)
• Lamps: 4x LED systems with adjustable
• Steering: 5-axles Spacemouse, 8 functions
• Display: 5.6” TFT-colour display
• Carrying capacity: 300 g

• Power supply inputs:
90-260 VAC or 124 to 370 VDC
• Outputs Video: 1 + 2, Diagnosis
• Hard cover carrying case
15-18 kg, 490x380x190 mm
• Optional equipment: reverse camera and lightning
depth sensor, 2-way manipulator, etc.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Video and Night Vision Systems
PKI 5950

Video Surveillance Set
This set offers a full range of video equipment for
every type of observation. Whether a direct
connection via cable or a wireless transmission
is applicable – this set contains each component
for a successful and professional operation. The
complete set of video observation devices
includes body-worn systems such as the camera
in a cigarette package with directly connected
digital video recorder, the day-and-night- system,
the video transmitters with up to 4 Watt output
power for larger distances and the corresponding
receivers at 1.2-1.5 GHz. All these devices offer
tremendous possibilities to the operator for
unexpected video observations.

• PKI 5725 Wireless Camera,
Transmitter/Receiver System
• PKI 5750 Wireless Audio/Video
System disguised in a smoke detector
• PKI 5830 Camera in a wall-clock
• PKI 5850 Digital miniature with flash
memory video recorder
• All technical details can be taken
from descriptions mentioned in
this catalogue
• For further information please feel
free to contact us

The PKI 5950 is a complete set of video
surveillance devices consisting of:
• PKI 5000 Professional Audio/Video Set
• PKI 5600 Analogue Video
Transmitting and Receiving System
• PKI 5700 Disguised, Wireless
Audio/Video Transmitter

PKI 5955

Camera Spy Set
This camera set includes different objectives with
focal distances of 8, 12, 25 and 50 mm. A screw
head objective is included as well, which is an
excellent camouflage. The set also includes a
pinhole colour camera with exchangeable thread
for the various objectives. With this large variety
of camera types, the PKI 5955 set covers all
needs that might occur during unobtrusive video
• Image scanner: CMOS
• Video output: PAL

• Synchronisation:
horizontal 15625 Hz, vertical 50 Hz
• Resolution: 628 x 582 pixel
• Minimum illumination: 4 Lux
• S/N ratio: > 40 dB
• Video output: 1Vss / 75 Ohm
• Operation Temperature: 0-40°C
• Power supply: 5-7,5 V = 40 mA
• Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 28 mm
• Weight: 10 g / 6 g
• Carrying case and camera connection
cable included

PKI 5960

Outdoor Video Investigation Set
In many occasions when you need to observe
rooms from the outside, a precise preparation is
necessary as well as the use of our special
equipment. Our complete program, as shown in
this catalogue, offers the complete range of
devices for such tasks, but there is no
omnipotent single unit to do everything. But as
each government department should have at
least a minimum range of equipment for video
observation we have assembled this basic set
PKI 5960 in order to satisfy each and every
demand in daily and practical use. Other
combinations of our products can be assembled
in close contact with our customers. Please
contact us for further combination possibilities.
Technical data of each item included in this set
can be taken from this catalogue.


• The complete set consists of:
• PKI 5715 window camera with
• PKI 5755 receiver
• PKI 8025 silent drill
• PKI 8015 rigid search endoscope
• PKI 5745 miniature camera with
transmitter and receiver
• PKI 8100 video inspection
camera with display

Catalogues are available for download at

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