Name: Interception and Monitoring Systems, PKI 1100, PKI 1500, PKI 1800, PKI 2670, PKI 2645, PKI 2635, PKI 2775, PKI 2925

Text: Interception and Monitoring Systems




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Production and Development

PKI 1100

Monitoring System for E-Mail, Internet, Phone and Fax
Connection of the PKI 1100 is effected parallely
to a 4-wire analogue telephone line. The system
includes a data base to view the captured
information together with date, time and duration
of monitoring. The current monitoring state can
also be shown here, based on recorded,
processed, printed and archived data, among
others. The system intercepts telephone,
modem, fax and compiles interception
databases. This sophisticated recording system
with data storage on removable disc archiving
looks like a standard Notebook.
Results are displayed by means of the standard
internet explorer, as well as Microsoft Outlook
Express. Line status – detection of hook, pulse,
DTMF, wiretap – depends on the highest possible
data rates. PKI 1100 can interface an analogue
line with either a two-wire serial connection by
means of an extra tapping device or a two-wire,
resp. four-wire parallel configuration.
• Monitoring of 4 telephone lines simultaneously
• Combined voice, fax, e-mail and internet
monitoring in one system
• Sophisticated recording system

• Data storage on removable disc
• Low speed modem protocols
V.21; Belli 03; V.22bis; Bell 212A; V. 23
• Error correction procedures MNP 2-4; V. 42
• Data compression procedures MNP 5, V. 42 bis
• Synchronization and data transfer
Van Jacobsen; IPCP; CCP; MS PPC
Protocols in accordance with OSI model

are compatible
• Data link layer HDLC, PPP, Slip, Cslip
• Network layer IP
• Transport layer TCP, UDP
• Session layer
• Operating temperature
0° to 50°C

GSM amplifier: 55dB – 1800 MHz
• Frequency: uplink: 1710 - 1785 MHz
downlink: 1805 - 1880 MHz
• Power: uplink: -32dBm - -27dBm
downlink: -38dBm - -37dBm
• Gain: 55 dB
• Bandwidth: 6 MHz – 25 MHz
• Return loss: • Noise coefficent: <5 dB
• V.S.W.R. < 1.5
• Delay: 1 µsec
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC (included)
• Connector type: N-Female
• Size: 300 x 200 x 50 mm
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

G3 – UMTS amplifier: 60dB- 2100 MHz
• Frequency: uplink: 1935 - 1990 MHz
downlink: 2125 - 2170 MHz
• Gain: <60dB
• In-band fluctuation: < 2dB
• Output power: < 17 dBm
• Miscellaneous radiation: ≤-30dB,
• Time delay: ≤ 5µsec
• Third order intermodulation (dBm):
9K-1 GHz ≤ -36/1G-12.75 GHz ≤ -30
• Standing wave: ≤ 1.5
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC
• Connector type: N-Female
• Noise coefficient: ≤ 5dB
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Size: 300 x 200 x 50 mm
• Working temperature: -10°C - +60°C
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

PKI 1200

GSM Repeater
This GSM repeater amplifies received signals of
all networks which considerably enlarges the
action range. Especially in rooms where GSMreception is restricted or even impossible, this is
very important. Often this is the fact in buildings
and constructions out of concrete and steel. The
PKI 1200 repeater is designed for specific
application and ensures successful data
exchange at full signal strength. It comes with
power adapter 220 V AC / 12 V DC, instruction
manual incl. circuit diagram, installation material
and antenna.
GSM amplifier: 70 dB - 900 MHz
• Frequency:uplink: 890 - 915 MHz
downlink: 935 - 960 MHz
• Power: uplink: 19dBm downlink: 19dBm
• Gain: 70dB
• Bandwidth: 6 MHz – 25 MHz
• Return loss: • Noise coefficent: <5 dB
• V.W.S.R.< 1.5
• Delay: 1 µsec
• Impedance: 50 Ohm
• Power supply: 220 VAC / 12 VDC (included)
• Connector type: N-female
• Size: 200 x 150 x 40 mm
• Option: ext. step down converter
DC/DC 24V/12V

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Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 1500

Cellular Monitoring System
PKI is worldwide one of the leading producers of
monitoring devices of cellular phones.
This highly sensitive field of interception is of
utmost importance to all government agencies,
especially secret-service departments, as
state-relevant information is globally frequently
exchanged via cellular telephones. To control
such tasks it is indispensable to use the PKI
PKI 1500 is a multi-channel cellular monitoring
system designed for passive interception of GSM
radio signals. It intercepts GSM network
information data directly without interfering with
the GSM network. It is completely passive and it
will never be detected by the target person. The
system includes eight duplex channels, control
and data processing analysis software, UHF
antennas and laptop. It has the advantage of
compact design, friendly interface and is easy to
operate. It can easily be put into a vehicle or
anywhere you want for your action. The system
provides voice monitoring and very accurate
tracking and locating function of target mobile
PKI 1500 is the most advanced and unique GSM
locating subsystem, without using any 3rd party
GPS device and with the only built-in fabulous
full angle antenna. The GSM locating sub-system
is built-in and can be separated from the whole
system. The system is equipped with a
decryption module which is capable of handling
A 5.0 and decrypting A 5.2 encryption protocols
in real-time.
Basis functions
The system provides eight duplex channels using
the following frequency ranges of 900 MHz, 1900
MHz or 900/1800 MHz. According to some
feature of the signal, the system can
automatically select the best channel to monitor
and record. The system supports simultaneously
operation on multiple networks and is suitable
during mobile operation. While operating in an
area where many cellular phones exist PKI 1500
offers two working modes: in random
interception mode it can monitor and record up
to 8 full duplex calls and SMS including the
relevant duplex phone identities such as TMSI,
IMI, IMEI, BCD number, target distance from the
base station etc.. In special mode the system can
monitor and record incoming and outgoing calls
and SMS of special target phones and at the
same time the system can extract all relevant
phone identities of target phones.
PKI 1500 works in real time and with a locating
accuracy of approx. 2 meters. It uses vehicle and
personal locating subsystems in order to locate
the target phone. The position of the inactive
target phone will be rapidly (10-15 minutes)
located without becoming aware by the phone
user. Should the operator know the location area
and cell IDs of the target phone in advance the
locating time will be even much shorter.


PKI 1500 provides three modes, i.e. target phone
monitoring, blind interception and short
message monitoring in the unencrypted GSM
network. When target phone monitoring is
required the system monitors all details
concerning the target phone call, i.e. it provides
the phone number of both parties, voice, cell
parameters, when calling started and ended,
distance from the base station etc. In case of
blind interception the system collects call
information in a local region. By using its
conversations, calling and called numbers
simultaneously. The provided information can be
listened to in real time or as playback later. The
third mode is the short message monitoring
mode which allows not only blind interception of
short messages in local regions but also
direction finding and locating of the target phone
sending short messages.
Soft Ware
PKI delivers a special developed software with C
language. We provide a pre-installed laptop and
media installation for backup. All intercepted
communications (voice, SMS and the relevant
identity datas) are stored on a hard disk which
can be easily accessed by the operator. The
software has a strong ability to query target
records and to relisten.
The host equipment will be placed in the vehicle
whereas the antenna can be camouflaged in any
roof box.
Delivery Scope
The total system consists of:
• base station

• Laptop with built-in management software
(English interface)
• Antenna direction finding subsystem
• Activating device (mobile phone)
• Data transceiver
• Personal locating subsystem
• Power supply
• Frequency range: 900 MHz, 1900 MHz,
900/1800 MHz
• Supports GSM/CDMA/OCS network
Direction finding system (distance between
personal locating system and target):
up to 3000 m
• Direction finding degree of accuracy: +/- 1°
• Recording time: up to 72 hrs
• Antenna unit dimensions:
800 mm Ø
200 mm height
25 kg weight
• Base station dimensions: 19” rack
• Weight: 12 kg without backup battery
• Power supply:
220 AC for fixed location
12 DC backup battery for mobile use,
• Durability of battery: 1 month in mobile status
• Dimension of battery: 10x18x12 cm, 6 kg
• Sensitivity of receiver: 1 microvolt
• Distance between vehicle and personal locating
subsystem: max. 2000 m
• Locating accuracy (personal locating system):
One target locating every time
Please note that we can also deliver A 5.1
decryption and 16 channels on request

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Production and Development

PKI 1800

Digital Telephone Monitoring System
The PKI 1800 is a comprehensive and state-ofthe-art end-to-end solution for monitoring,
processing, analysis and dissemination of
intercepted telecommunication interactions.
Due to rapid structural changes in worldwide
telecommunication systems a solution
integrating all such tasks is provided by the PKI
1800. It offers facilities to monitor ISDN, Digital,
PCM30 transmissions as well as all other forms
of communication whether they be voice, fax,
modem, radio communication or other data
transfer. Based on a single, unified platform, PKI
1800 handles all kinds of telephone and Internet
data and thus offering unprecedented features. It
provides security agencies with flexibility,
reliability and versatility in signal intelligence
interception and analysis. The PKI 1800
combines all these facilities to comfortably
managing unlimited amounts of intercepted
communications together with instant target
information by just using a minimal amount of
space and manpower. The major feature of the
PKI 1800 is its flexibility and extraordinary
storage capacity, linked to its ability to instantly
recall, via the displayed data management target
software, intercepted target telephone calls
without interrupting the digital tape recording
and archiving process. This enables the operator
to either carry out interception and playback from
one system, or optionally via a separate playback
unit. This means that highly classified and
priority interception can be configured for
transfer by authorised users on a real time basis
to a selected location ensuring that the right
persons are informed on time.
The PKI 1800 is available in several versions,
depending on the number of channels and
end-users monitoring requirements, from
minimum 8 channels to 64 or max 128 channels.
The major criteria of the PKI 1800 software is to
display all information immediately and to enable
instant evaluation, thus dramatically reducing the
time needed, compared to time-consuming
evaluation of reel or audio tapes. The software is
known as the target evaluation and configuration
interface (TEC) which is installed onto the
delivered workstation. The sophisticated menu
provides optimal guidance for selection/viewing
and processing of large quantities of data. The
TEC software has one control menu and 4
submenus being linked to user's authorisation
key code. They are easiliy accessible and can be
seen at a glance on the display monitor. Upon
entry to the main control menu selection, the
user will see - displayed on the screen - the
current channel status which provides activity
information as well as remaining tape time, disk
end time and selection for the 4 submenus via
the preprogrammed password. The configuration
menu enables the user to select and change the
technical charateristics of each channel
depending on the input conditions. This enables
the PKI 1800 to monitor telephone interception
from various types of exchanges and radio
communication input channels simultaneously.

• Non detectable input impedance
• Simultaneous playback and
on-line recording
• Network upgradeable, high MTBF
reliability, 1/T1 interception

• Automatic monitoring, interception
and recording
• Password protection
• Selectable input characteristics,
PABX interfaces
• Analogue/ISDN line, LAN/WAN facility
Tape / DVD archiving

PKI 1800 Digital Playback Unit
The optional extras available include the digital
playback unit which recalls earlier recordings
either directly from the DAT cassette of the PKI
1800 or from archived versions. It is an
essential accessory to the PKI 1800. Housed in a
standard desk top PC with built-in 4 channel
voice card, hard disk and loudspeaker the digital
playback unit is used for a number of
applications. Usually used as a playback unit for
evaluation of recorded data it alternatively can be
used as a mass storage facility for archiving or as
a supervising position. It incorporates the
standard PKI 1800 software enabling instant
recall and evaluation. The intercepted data is
loaded onto the digital playback unit from the
DAT cassette or linked to the PKI 1800 for
automatic download. The unit can be installed
with one or two DAT drives, enabling the
evaluated data to be downloaded onto the 2nd
drive with the non-essential data being ignored,
cancelled or simply kept on the 1st DAT for
archiving. The optional extras include a built-in
fax and data interception system plus a
transcription interface.
• Channels: 8, 64 or 128
• Voice interface cards: 4 voice channels per
card, each channel digitised to 64 kbits/s using
ADPCM conversion. User selectable data
compression to 32 kbits/s or 16 kbits/s
• Frequency response: 300 Hz to 3.400 Hz

• Line inputs: Parallel telephone input impedance
- > 30 kOhm (isolated to 3000 V) warning bleep
(as CCITT 180)
• Transformer isolated: input impedance
- 600 Ohm (isolated to 3000 V)
• E1/T2: 2.048 MHz E1 & 1.544 MHz
T2 digital data link
• Line outputs
• Transformer isolated: output impedance
- 600 Ohm (isolated) output signal - 0 dBm
0=1.23 Vrms
• Monitor output
• Internal speaker
• Headphone jack socket
• Data interface cards: 4 channels per card,
RS232/RS422 serial data
data rate up to 64 kbits/s rapid access
• Storage: 1 GB hard disk
• Archival storage: digital audio tape (DAT)
• Recording time: 1 GB hard disk - 1 hr for 64
channels at 32 kbits/s.
tape - up to 24 hrs for 64 channels at 32 kbits/s
depending on capacity of the storage device
• Reliability: MTBF - 80.000 hours
• Power supply: single phase
AC 240/115 V 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption: < 150 W
• Weight: 8 channels 55 kg 128 channels 165 kg
• Dimensions: 8 channels 56 x 38 x 70 cm
128 channels 60 x 157 x 70 cm
• PC requirement min 286 based PC or better/
EGA or VGA display

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Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 1830

Wireless Network Monitor, Decrypter and Viewer via WLAN or Bluetooth
PKI 1830 is a powerful wireless network monitor
and analyzer that enables you to monitor and
view any wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n communication
around you. The system detects and displays all
wireless access points and stations within
reception range and provides important
information about each of them. Now, after all
necessary data is in front of user the target can
be selected and capturing of all transmissions
can start. PKI 1830 is a comprehensive and
affordable tool for wireless LAN administrators,
security professionals, network programmers, or
anyone who wants to have a full picture of the
WLAN traffic. The application requires Windows
2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008 and a compatible
wireless network adapter. PKI 1830 can also be
used for interception via Bluetooth.
PKI 1830 provides the following features:
• scanning for WiFi stations and access points
• capturing 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g
and 802.11n WLAN traffic
• WEP or WPA keys specification to
decrypt encrypted datas
• display of detailed per-node and
per-channel statistics
• display of detailed IP connections statistics:
IP addresses, ports, sessions, etc.

• reconstruction of TCP sessions
• configuration of alarms that can notify you
about important events, such as suspicious
datas, high bandwidth utilization, unknown
addresses, rogue access points etc.
• creation of “pie” charts of protocols
• monitoring of bandwidth utilization
• browsing of captured and decoded
datas in real time

• searching of strings or hex data in
contents of captured data
• creation of files containing individual
or all data packets
• offline loading and display of captured files

PKI 1850

PC-supported Telephone Monitoring System
The surveillance of any kind of telecommunication, of course, is our main field of business.
Whether analogue, digital or cellular, you will find
the corresponding monitoring device in our
scope of supply and in this catalogue. The PKI
1850 has been developed for the monitoring of
digital and ISDN telephone lines. But the main
advantage is that it can be used for stationary
and mobile use. Without any problem each
necessary data, like telephone number, date, time
and other criteria can be stored on a laptop. Each
call will be stored as a WAV-file. By means of the
supplied software, the WAV-file can easily be
administrated and can be opened to hear the
content of each call plus indicating the relevant
data. Each WAV-file can be stored in compressed
or uncompressed version for further action.
• Dimensions of unit without laptop
approx. 76 x 55 x 19 mm
• Weight of unit without laptop approx. 50 g
• SO-interface ITU-Standard I.430
• Connection 2 x RJ45 Western Modular
• Tests Polarity, Framing, Power, Protocol
• Channels 2 x (D, B1, B2), E, M, A, Q, S
• USB 1.1 and 2.0 (full speed)
• USB socket USB Type B
• Power < 90 mA
• LEDs 4 x red/green


• Storage:
16 KB per second/call, uncompressed WAV file.
• Sampling frequency 8000 Hz
• WAV format A-Law Stereo, Mono, MP3, GSM
• Operating System required on PC/laptop:
Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003,
Windows XP, Windows Vista
• Software disk space max. 140 MB
• Processor 500 MHz (min for single device

• Connection to telephone system
Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint
• Device package includes
PKI 1850 device, Software-CD, USB and ISDN
cables, instruction manual

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 1855

Hard Disc Converter
With PKI 1855 it is easy to copy datas from built-in hard discs. Just connect
the hard disc to the USB port of your PC by means of the PKI 1855.
Compatible with all standard 1,8”, 2,5” and 3,5” IDE hard discs. By means of
this copying converter you can easily obtain all important information.
Furthermore this converter is also suitable for testing and connection of all
types of hard discs and burner via USB 2.0 port.
• Hard discs: SATA (L-type) and IDE, copying possible
• Sizes: 1,8”, 2,5” or 3,5”
• Comes with: converter, adapter, power plug, SATA-cable
• Various: no installation inside PC necessary

PKI 1860

Telephone Tapping Device
The PKI 1860 can easily and quickly be installed on telephone lines, subject
to entering the room at least once or for a short time. It allows continuous
tapping of a telephone line without leaving outer traces. Just clip the contact
clamp onto the telephone cable and listen to the conversation of both sides
via the included headphones, or alternatively save it with a recording device.
• The only way to tap telephone lines without having to cut them.
• Impossible to be detected or located via TDR reflectometer.
• Easy and quick installation – just fix the clamp onto the cable and
turn it on.
• Equipped with connection sockets for headphones and recording
device (D 1300)
• Dimensions: approx. 34 x 20 x 114 mm

PKI 1865

Digital Telephone Conversation Recorder
Small but powerful – a technological miracle.
With this recorder all telephone conversations
can be controlled. It works on both, analogue and
digital telephone systems. Very simple
installation between receiver and telephone set
by means of the included connection assembly.
Due to the integrated voice-control all telephone
conversations will be recorded automatically and
can be monitored either via the integrated
speaker or earphones (included). Also included
is a connection cable for playback via PC.
• Power supply: 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AAA
• Operating temperature: 0 - 40°C
• Frequency range: 500 Hz-3500 Hz
• Max. output: 200 mW / 8 ohm
• Operation time: more than 12 hours
• Dispay: LCD
• USB interface: USB 2.0 standard
• Weight: approx. 34 g w/o batteries
• Dimensions: 115 x 33 x 15 mm
• Supported data formats:
1) MP3 (MPEG 1,2 and 2,5 with audio layer 3)

2) WMA (Windows-Media-Audio)
• Data stream
1) MPE (8 to 320 kbps) on playback
2) WMA (32 to 192 kbps)
• Recordings: Telephone, integrated and external
microphone, line-in
• Max. number of recorded segments:
2 x 200 segments / files
• Name of directories and data type:
(directory/recording quality/data type)
IP *1 / „ACT“ data type

SP *1 / „WAV” data type
MP *1 / „MP3” data type
*1 IP, SP und HP = low, standard
and high performance
• Average recording capacity:
1 GB Memory – depending on
recording quality and type:
(HP) *1 10 h
(SP) *1 70 h
(IP) *1 282 h

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Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 1870

Analogue Conversation Recorder
This analogue conversation recorder stores your telephone conversations
automatically onto standard audio cassettes. Due to the integrated voice
control the recording does not start until beginning of a conversation and
automatically stops at its end. The total recording time is up to 8 hours. With
the PKI 1870 you have the possibility to control all telephone conversations
in your house during your absence. A similar device for digital telephone
systems is part of our product range as well. Please contact us for detailed
• Recording time: 8 h on standard 120 min. audio cassette
• Integrated microphone for notes
• Output for headset
• Included: adapter for telephone receiver, audio cassette, power plug

PKI 2205

Analogue Room Transmitter
Room monitoring requires a small but powerful
audio transmitter. Latest technology and
consequently low current consumption allows up
to 15 hrs continuous surveillance operation. Only
by implementation of SMT (surface mount
technology) its extremley small dimensions
could be achieved. Metal housing manufactured
by rotary-grinding from one metal block provides
excellent emission characteristics. The placing of
a bug has to happen very quickly. The PKI 2205
room transmitter with its external power supply
solves the problem, because only the external
battery has to be connected and the unit is ready
to operate. The PKI 2205 Room Transmitter is
available in standard frequencies within UHF
band. VHF, SHF or spezial frequencies
are available on request.

• Standard Frequency UHF
• A 427.125 MHz
• B 427.475 MHz
• C 427.825 MHz
• others on request
• RF Output Power 100 mW
• Modulation / Deviation
NFM @ 5 kHz
• Spurious Suppression
better than 50 dB
• Operation time
15 hrs / 9V standard battery
• Microphone
internal electret
• Microphone Sensitivity -62 dB
• Dimensions (LxWxH) 30x16x8 mm

PKI 2210

Analogue Telephone Transmitter
If a telephone monitoring operation is on long
term basis or access to the target area is
restricted then the PKI 2210 Telephone
Transmitter is the perfect solution. It is not
necessary to have direct access to the telephone
set. Any location along the telephone line can be
used for monitoring. This transmitter operates
automatically, i.e. the internal off-hook detection
circuit automatically switches from standby to
activation and transmission. Only transmitting
when a telephone conversation takes place, this
wireless bug is undetectable. The sensitivity on
the telephone line can be adjusted manually.
Another advantage is its independence from
short-lived power supplies like batteries, so that
a continuous monitoring of the target area is
guaranteed. The installation on the telephone line
should be made in serial mode. Both polarities
are allowed. PKI 2210 is available in standard
UHF. Special frequencies on request.


• Quick and easy installation
• Designed for professional use
• Automatic off hook on telephone lines
• Ideal for long term, unattended operation
• Smallest dimensions

• Unlimited operation time
• 5 mW output power
• UHF frequency
• External antenna
• Dimensions: 24x14x8 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2215

Analogue Stethoscope Transmitter
Listening through solid structures as well as
through windows is an important task for
special operational teams. The PKI 2215
Professional Stethoscope Transmitter is the
perfect solution for this purpose. The PKI 2215
has excellent clear audio pick-up and can be
adapted to the customer´s requirements. On
request PKI 2215 can be delivered with
amplification which is adapted to the local
environment, such as wall thickness and window
characteristics. The sensitivity can be adjusted
by a miniature trim potentiometer. This
adjustment also influences the frequency
characteristic, which means that for walls the
higher frequency part will be amplified, on
windows vice versa. Additional adjustment is
possible by using different thickness of the
adhesive paste between sensor and pick-up

PKI 2220

PKI 2225

PKI 2230

surface. The unit is absolutely suitable for
professional use. The highly sensitive sensor and
the electronic parts are integrated in a solid metal
• Monitoring of inaccessible rooms
• Listening through solid structures like
walls and windows
• Optimal audio performance
• Metal housing
• Installation with adhensive paste
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 1 mW output power
• Standard Lithium battery
• 24 hours operation time
• Dimensions 64x21x6 mm

PKI 2235

Pocket Receiver, Handheld Receiver, Scanning Receiver, Universal Receiver
Special surveillance operations ask for modern
and first-class devices that are able to fulfil all
requirements. PKI offers various receivers with
numerous frequency ranges for all applications.
In order to guarantee highest possible
transmission and reception ranges all PKIreceivers offer outstanding input sensitivities.
PKI 2235 not only includes a built-in digital
recorder like PKI 2230 but also a digital receiver,
i.e. this receiver can be used universally for all
PKI transmitter, whether analogue or digital or
PKI 2220
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz or
UHF 370-430 MHz
• Channels: 3
• Power supply: 9V battery
• Demodulation: FM narrow band@6 kHz
• Sensitivity: better than 0,5µV@20 dB S/N
• Operation time: 8 hrs
• Squelch range: 0,2µV – 1,5µV
• Antenna: 50 Ohm
• Weight: 250 g
• Dimensions: 140 x 77 x 24 mm
PKI 2225
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz or
UHF 370x450 MHz
• Channels: 10 selectable channels
• Power supply: 7,5V DC/700 mAh
rechargeable batteries
• Sensitivity: 0,25µV at 12 dB
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 8 hrs
• Weight: 350 g
• Dimensions: 112x54x45 mm
• Audio output: headphone, recorder

PKI 2230
• Frequencies: 1.6 MHz – 3,3 GHz
• Channels: _ 1000
• Power supply: 3x batteries type AA
• Sensitivity: 0,4µV – 5,6µV
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 6 hrs
• Weight: 320 g
• Dimensions: 60 x 142 x 35 mm
• Audio output: headphone
PKI 2235
• Frequencies: VHF 130-174 MHz
UHF 370-450 MHz
SHF 1000-2450 MHz

• Digital receiver: 400-440 MHz
• Modulation: FSK@100 kHz
• Power supply: rechargeable batteries, Li-ion
• Sensitivity: 0,4µV – 2,8 µV
• Frequency steps: 20 kHz
• Operation time: 20 hrs.
• Weight: 4,2 kg
• Dimensions: 300 x 220 x 60 mm
• Audio output: headphone
• Antenna socket: SMA 50 Ohm,
• Audio: squelch, equalizer
• Extras: programming software for PC
• Frequency stability: +/- 6ppm (+10° to +60°C)
• Various: fits in every briefcase
• Comes with: charger, antenna, earplug and
instruction manual in English

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2240

Professional Transmitter / Receiver Set with Digital Recorder
Small and light-weight, but full capacity - that is the PKI 2240. An excellent
transmitter and receiver set for immediate monitoring. The frequency-stable
transmitter is designed for room monitoring and can also be worn on the body.
The sensibility of the microphone can be adapted to environmental
circumstances (dynamic compressor). The receiver equipped with high 0,4µV
input sensitivity guarantees coverage of farest distances between transmitter and
receiver. The external recorder automatically captures signals from the receiver
and stores them during up to 282 hours, which means that the signals of the pokket receiver can be listened to directly as it works fully automatically and autarkic. Application of the PKI 2240 is self-explanatory and does not need any
instruction. Please read the technical datas carefully – you will be impressed
about latest techniques developed by our PKI specialists.
• Dimensions: 45x25x10 mm
• Weight: 40 g
• Frequency: UHF 427 MHz, VHF and
SHF on request
• RF Output power: 50 mW
• Modulation: NFM@5kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 50 dB
• Operation time: 15 hrs
• Power supply: Lithion-Iion batteries
• Microphone sensitivity: -62dB
• Microphone: internal electret
• Various: charger included in the set
• Dimensions: 100x 60 x 20 mm
• Weight: 110g
• Frequency: UHF-range 427 MHz, VHF
and SHF on request

• Receiver sensitivity. better than
0,4µV@12dB sinad
• Modulation: NFM@5 kHz
• Spurious suppression: better than 40 dB
• Frequency stability:
better than +/- 2 ppm(0-50°C)
• Operation time: 20 hrs
• Power supply: Lithion-Iion batteries
• Features included: channel selector, squelch
control, volume control, head phone
output and recorder, antenna connector
• comes with: charger and antenna, on request
recorder can be integrated into receiver,
dimensions will enlarge accordingly
• Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 20 mm
• Weight: 90 g
• Frequency range: 500 Hz-3500 Hz

• Output power: 200 mW / 8 Ohm
• Interface: USB 2.0
• Play-back: via PC, earplug
• Average recording capacity at 1 GB:
(HP) 10 hours
(SP) 70 hours
(IP) 282 hours
• Power supply: by receiver
• Data: MPE 8 to 320 kbps
• Max. recording segments: 2 x 200
• Environmental temperature: 0-40° C
• VOX-control: recorder starts automatically on
reception of signal from receiver

PKI 2250

Analogue HF-Repeater
The PKI 2250 portable crossband repeater is
primarily designed for extending the range of low
power monitoring devices. Due to its capacity to
work from three different types of power supply
this system is suitable for work inside buildings,
in cars and in the field - independent of supply
conditions. The electrical input characteristics of
the 3 channel receiver section of PKI 2250 are
adapted to PKI's crystal stabilised low power
transmitters. With the high output power of the
PKI 2250 a distance of up to 15 km may be
bridged under ideal conditions. The totally
selectable transmitter/receiver frequency pairs,
various power supply adaptations and direct
listen-into possibility make this system easy to
operate and versatile for any kind of surveillance
task. A hand-held 3-channel receiver for the
outgoing frequencies of the PKI 2250 is included
in the set as well as every necessary high gain
directional antenna plus tripods (transmitting
and receiving).
• Frequency range
• Inputs and/or outputs: VHF 130 – 174 MHz
channel frequencies to be specified by the
customer UHF 370 – 430 MHz channel


frequencies to be specified by the customer
SHF 1.3 – 1.35 GHz channel frequencies
to be specified by the customer
• RF output power selectable 1, 4, 5 or 10 W
depending on frequency range
• Receiver sensitivity better than
0.4 _V @ 12 dB sinad
• Modulation / Deviation NFM @ 5 KHz
• Spurious suppression better than 40 dB
• Frequency stability better than
+/- 2 ppm (0 - 50°C)
• Number of channels 6
• Power supply internal rechargeable battery
external DC input 12 V (car)
mains 115 V or 230 V AC
• Operation time at battery charge/depending on
frequency: min 12 – 15 hours at 1 W
continuous operation, or min 10 hours at 4 W
continuous operation, or min 6 hours at
5 – 10 W continuous operation
• Charging method 115V or 230V or 12V DC (car)
• Transmission format clear analogue
• Audio monitor 2 W at 8 ohms
• Features included channel selector squelch
control volume control headphone output
• Dimensions approx. 450 x 420 x 250 mm
• Weight approx. 25 kg incl. batteries

Scope of supply:
• Repeater in pilot’s suitcase
• Directional transmitter antenna
• Directional receiver antenna
• Tripods for antennas
• Mains powered battery charger
• Car power adapter
(cigarette lighter)

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2260

Analogue Equaliser
The PKI 2260 graphic equaliser combines a 28
channel programmable equaliser and a spectrum
analyser which provides a constant indication of
the input signal to filter out unwanted noises
recorded during surveillance operations. The
setting can be automatic, which allows operation
by semi-technical staff. Multi purpose input jacks
are built-in, allowing connection of PKI’s range of
• Frequency response: 10 - 100.000 Hz
• Dynamic range: > 110 dB
• THD: < 0.0021% 1KHz, 0 dBm
• XLR input balanced 20 k, max. +22 dBm
• XLR output balanced 50 k, max. +22 dBm
• Jack input unbalanced, 1 M, max +10 dBm
• Jack output unbalanced, 100, max +10 dBm

• Input gain +/- 12 dB
• Output gain +/- 12 dB
• Equaliser filters: 28 band 1/3rd octave filters
on ISO centres +/- 12 dB or +/- 6 dB boost/cut
in 1 dB or 1/2 dB steps
• Low cut filter switchable 15, 30, 45 Hz
• High cut filter 15 KHz
• Spectrum analyser:
28 band 1/3 octave filters on
ISO centres overall level meter
• Presets: 100 non-volatile,
editable user names
• Display 140 characters alphanumeric
7500 dots graphic
• Interfaces: 2 x Midi In, 1 x Midi Out,
PC interface, remote controls
• Power: voltage selector 110-120/
220-240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

PKI 2265

Room Transmitter (PCB)
Wherever monitoring transmitters have to be
used in disguised operations, this micro
transmitter is the perfect choice, as it has been
especially designed for camouflaged operations.
Therefore, and to reduce the size to its minimum,
just the printed circuit board (PCB) is supplied.
For each and every government department’s
operation, this tiny little transmitter should be
used for discrete observation of rooms. Because
of its small size and unobtrusive pattern, it is a
perfect tool to monitor rooms from inside a
hidden place. A film-size plastic cover protects
the components against environmental
influences. Powered by battery and equipped
with a highly sensitive microphone, this
transmitter can be placed into any object of daily
use and picks up the sound from up to ten
meters. The crystal controlled transmittance

guarantees a totally stable frequency which only
can be received by our special receivers like PKI
2220. Depending on surrounding conditions, a
transmitting range of 800 to 1000 meters may be
• Easy to disguise
• Looks like installed standard parts
• Smallest dimensions – easily
hidden in products of daily use
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Crystal controlled
• 1-10 mW output power
• Battery operated
• Power supply 3-9 V DC

PKI 2270

Telephone Transmitter (PCB)
In many cases of observation the telephone
conversations have to be monitored. With the
PKI 2270 such tasks can easily be done. Due to
its small size and unobtrusive appearance, this
transmitter really is the champion in its class.
The transmitter is supplied as a printed circuit
board (PCB) only and is coated with a special
protective lacquer which protects it against
environmental conditions. This allows a fast and
easy installation into every kind of analogue
telephone set in which it looks like a standard
component being completelyinconspicuous to
the user. The installation inside the telephone set
should be made in serial mode; both polarities
are allowed. PKI 2270 is only transmitting when
a telephone conversation starts and therefore is
non-detectable when the telephone is not in use.
Another advantage is the independence from

short-lived power supplies like batteries as the
unit is continuously powered from the telephone
• Easy to disguise
• Looks like installed
standard components
• Automatic off-hook detection
• Long term unattended operation
• Quick installation
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Crystal controlled
• 5 mW output power
• Antenna via telephone cable
• Serial mode connection
• Both polarities allowed
• Dimensions 30x14x7 mm

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2275

Mains Transmitter (PCB)
Monitoring of rooms essentially needs to have
camouflaged transmitters, but in most cases no
new items can be placed into the room in
question. Therefore already existing devices have
to be used and equipped with an unobtrusive
transmitter. For this purpose, the PKI 2275 is the
right solution. Due to the very small size of this
printed circuit board (PCB) mains powered
transmitter, it does not need much space and
very easily can be concealed in sockets, lamps,
junction-boxes etc. Additionally the protective
cover with a special lacquer shields from
occasionally unwanted contacts and short-cuts.
Depending on existing power supply, the PKI
2275 can be supplied either in 110 to 115 VAC/60
Hz or 220 to 240 VAC/50 Hz versions. The
integrated microphone of highest sensitivity
allows to capture sounds from a distance of up to
10 meters. With its output power of 4 mW a

transmitting range of up to 800-1000 meters
may be achieved (depending on surrounding
• Small size
• Easy to hide within existing objects like mains
sockets, power distribution or lamps,
radios etc.
• Looks like standard parts when installed into
such products of daily use
• Infinite operation time
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 4 mW output power
• External antenna
• Mains operation by 115 / 230 V AC
• Highly sensitive electret microphone
• Dimensions 28x28x6 mm

PKI 2280

Long Term Transmitter
In every specific case it is difficult to select the
most suitable transmitter for monitoring a room.
Whether extended operation time, high output
power or small dimensions are the main factors
- at every time the operator has to make his own
decision. But we have the right solution for all of
these purposes. Every possible device for large
transmitting ranges, high output powers and/or
other features may be found in this catalogue.
With the PKI 2280 we offer a battery operated
transmitter with the main advantage of extended
operation time with one single set of batteries
only. The supplied set of different battery
adapters enable a variety of operation times from
24 hours to a maximum of approx. 2100 hours.
The output power of 1 mW allows transmission
in ranges of several hundred meters within the
UHF-radio band.

• Continuous operation time of 24
to 2100 hours with one battery
set depending on type of battery
• High sensitive microphone
• Various types of batteries supplied
• Set of battery adapters included
• Small size by SMD technology
• Crystal controlled
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 1 mW output power
• 5 KHz modulation/deviation
• Dimensions 14x22x8 mm

PKI 2285

Long Range Transmitter
Whenever large transmitting distances for
monitoring devices have to be achieved, the PKI
2285 really is the ideal instrument. The
advantage of this monitoring transmitter, produced by PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH is to
cover distances of up to 1,5 km, just by using a
single, standard 9 V battery. The maximum
distance, of course, always depends on the
surrounding conditions and the use of a suitable
receiver. For this we highly recommend our PKI
2220, which is directly adjusted to the transmitting frequency by means of the same crystal. PKI
2285 is small enough for a camouflaged or even
body-worn operation. With its solid aluminium
housing the PKI 2285 even can withstand rough
handling and harsh environment. Although its
output power is very high which allows a large
transmission range, its operating time can be up
to 10 hrs with just one standard battery.


• High power output for extended
distance between monitoring area
and receiver station
• High sensitive microphone
• Internal and external microphone
also for body worn operation
• Metal housing for excellent transmission
• Battery operation by 9 V battery
• Up to 10 hours operation time
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• SMD technology for smallest
dimensions (34x16x8 mm only)

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2290

Voice Activated Transmitter
In many cases the monitoring of a suspicious
room has to be effected over a long time period,
but the room only can be entered once and the
monitoring device has to be installed quickly and
easily. Furthermore this monitoring device can
only be operated by batteries and should be
activated only when persons are in the room.
Therefore and in order to save battery capacity,
the PKI 2290 has been developed according to
the latest technology standards as it is
automatically activated by reception of
noises/sounds. Whenever there is no sound, the
built in automatic voice control (Acoustomatic)
will switch the transmitter into a stand-by
This will save the battery capacity and also will
make the transmitter being undetectable when
not in use.

• Only activated during
• Adjustable Vox-level control
• Adjustable delay period (5-20 sec)
• Economic power consumption
• Long operation time
(approx 12 hours with 9 V battery)
• High sensitive microphone
• External microphone as option
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 20 mW output power
• SMD technology for smallest
dimensions (34x16x8 mm)

PKI 2295

Advanced Remote Controlled Transmitter
Special areas continuously have to be observed
but monitoring conditions may vary. For this task
we, the PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, have
developed the state-of-the-art PKI 2295. For any
government agency this device is indispensable.
The remotely controlled transmitter offers
various functions. Its output power can be
adjusted from 10 to 40 mW according to
requirement either for shorter or larger
transmitting distances. The lower output power
will allow an extended battery life time at a
reduced transmitting distance, while the higher
output power provides a maximum of
transmitting distance with a limited operation
time. Furthermore a remotely controlled on/off
switch is provided in order to save battery
capacity and/or reduce the risk of being detected.

PKI 2300

PKI 2305

PKI 2310

• Remote control on multiple
• Protection against counter
• High sensitive microphone
• Mains and battery supply
• 15 hrs operation by battery (9 V)
• Infinite operation from mains
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• Selectable 10 / 40 mW output
• Crystal controlled
• Dimensions 48x28x8mm
transmitter 140x77x24 mm
remote control unit

PKI 2315

PKI 2320

Series of PKI Camouflaged Transmitters
All objects within this series are completely
disguised transmitters and ready for use. They
are used both in commercial and in private
sectors. Providing an extraordinary sensitivity of
the microphone all these camouflaged
transmitters will capture sounds from approx. 10
m distance like all our other transmitters. Even
whispered words will be transmitted wirelessly.
Several surveillance operations are
only possible by using camouflaged
transmitters hidden in objects of
daily use or in body worn items.
For this, we, PKI Electronic Intelligence
GmbH offer a wide range of
standard camouflaged transmitters
such as:

• PKI 2300 Table Lamp Transmitter
• PKI 2305 Remote Controlled Socket Transmitter
• PKI 2310 Keyring Pendant Transmitter
• PKI 2315 Cigarette Lighter Transmitter
• PKI 2320 Belt Buckle Transmitter
Many other applications and implementations
into products of daily use can be done according
to buyer’s request.
Each transmitter placed in such objects is a part
of our own production. Full technical details
are given upon request.

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2325

Throwing Audio Transmitter
In many situations secret discussions are held in
open areas and it always requires a large range of
know-how, special technical devices and fantasy
to pick up such conversations. This throwing
transmitter covers all these criteria and has
especially been constructed by PKI ELECTRONIC
INTELLIGENCE GmbH for government agencies
being involved in such special tasks. Thanks to
its extremely strong construction, its very short
antenna and long operation time the PKI 2325 is
the best choice for such applications. Just put
the lithium battery cell into the unit and it is ready
for operation. Now throw the PKI 2325 into the
direction of the persons to be observed. The
highly sensitive microphone will pick up every
sound from a distance of approx. 10 meters, so
that even if the transmitter will not match the
direct and correct place, the spoken words

clearly transmitted from the receiver can be
stored on any recorder.
• Used wherever conversations
take place outside. Just throw the
PKI 2325 directly to that place
and listen.
• Special aluminium housing for
high impacts with smallest
dimensions of 20mm diameter
x 10 mm only
• UHF frequency at around 427 MHz
• 3 mW output power
• 5 KHz modulation
• High sensitive microphone - 62 dB
• Operated by standard lithium cell
• Long operation time of 24 hours

PKI 2330

Digital Spread Spectrum Audio Kit
This Digital Spread Spectrum Audio Kit is the
only answer to tasks where highest levels of
security are required for monitoring purposes.
The digitally scrambled signal is nearly
impossible to decode and furthermore it will be
transmitted on special frequencies spreaded over
a wide frequency band. An unwanted listening to
this transmission therefore is totally impossible.
• Frequency: 300 – 400 MHz
• Receiver Sensitivity: –90 dBm +/-1 dBm
• Antenna: connector SMA
(for using Yagi antenna)
• RF Bandwidth: > 40 MHz
• Audio Bandwidth: 6 KHz
• Audio: internal speaker / external

headphone connector
• Power supply: internal 9 VDC
standard block battery or external
5-12 VDC mains adapter
• Power: consumption 40 mA
• Dimensions: approx. 90 x 35 x 113 mm
• Frequency: 300 – 400 MHz
• Active Range in City: approx. 250 - 400 meters
• RF Bandwidth: > 40 MHz
• Audio Bandwidth: 6 KHz
• Microphone: built-in
• Power Source: 2,5 – 9 VDC
• Power Consumption: approx. 1mA
• Operating time: approx. 60 days
using a 9 V block battery
• Dimensions: approx. 11 x 4 x 36 mm

PKI 2335

Coded Monitoring System
This system consists of a concerted transmitter
and receiver. Each sound from up to 10 meters
will be captured up by the sensitive microphone
of the transmitter and will be transferred
wirelessly to the receiver in a coded form and
then will be decoded at that place. Therefore this
system is the ideal tool whenever monitoring
tasks have to be carried out without the risk of
unwanted listeners. Although this device is
comparatively low priced, its capacity is amazing
in regard to secured monitoring transmissions.
Additionally the small size and the low weight of
the transmitter allows a fast and easy installation
wherever it is required. The built-in battery (9V
standard) provides a continuous operation of
approx. 15 hours.


• Set of transmitter and receiver for
a secure, coded audio
transmission where no third
parties are allowed to listen.
• Built-in dynamic compressor
• Small sized transmitter
48x30x12 mm
• Light weight handheld receiver
with dimensions 140x77x24 mm
• Narrow band FM modulation 5KHz
• Analogue dual band split
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
• 15 hrs battery (9 V) operation

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2340

Frequency Hopping Transmitter System
Whenever unwanted listeners have to be locked
out, the PKI 2340 is the only solution. The
method of frequency hopping transmissions
worldwide is known as the most undetectable
version of communication and as the one and
only procedure to give total security to all kinds
of radio communications. This state-of-the-art,
digitally encrypted monitoring system is
achieved by the use of latest electronic
technologies and micro processors with the
guarantee of highest reliability. Although the
monitoring transmitter is equipped with a large
number of electronic components, it still is
compact enough to be hidden inside rooms fast
and easily.

• Extensive protection against
detection by digital encryption
• 2-channel transmission
• 500 hops per second with a hopping
frequency range of up to 100 MHz
• 10 MHz of random hopping spread
• Burst length < 100 ms
• Transmitting frequency:
850 – 950 or 750 – 850 MHz in buyer’s option
• Burst radio remote control
• Dimensions: receiver 61x145x221 mm

PKI 2345

Digital Recording Set
This system solves each problem in terms of
long-time observation and is the most secure
monitoring device available at this time. A great
advantage of this system is that monitoring of
telephone lines and observation of a room can be
done without having an operator at site all the
time. Monitoring and transmission is only made
if necessary, i.e. that operation is only effected
whenever it is secured that no other person can
listen to the transmitting frequency. PKI 2345
operates totally noiseless. Additional accessories
for telephone observation, whether digital or
analogue, as well as an external microphone for
room monitoring can be connected. The digital
recorder stores all telephone and room
conversations. By means of the supplied remote
control the stored information is transferred to
the receiver by just pressing one button. From
the integrated receiver all such information can
be heard or stored on a separate medium.

Remote control receiver
• Frequency range UHF-range, coded
• Power supply 9V-battery or mains adapter
• Dimensions 100 x 60 x 20 mm
• Weight 220 g
Remote control transmitter
• Frequency range UHF-range, coded
• Power supply 9 V battery
• Dimensions 140 x 75 x 22 mm
• Weight 350 g
• Operating distance approx. 1000 m

Receiving station
• Sensitivity - 109 dBm at WFM,
-118 dBm at NFM
• Frequency range 400 – 470 MHz
• Power supply 7,2 VDC Lithium battery
• Dimensions 125 x 60 x 38 mm
• Weight 1.2 kg
Digital transmitter
• Frequency range 400 – 440 MHz
• Power supply from digital recorder
• Dimensions 55 x 25 x 15 mm
• Weight 240 g

Analogue telephone adapter
• Power supply from telephone line
• Connection in series
• Dimensions 10 x 20 x 6 mm
• Weight 120 g
Digital telephone adapter
• Power supply from telephone line
• Connection via S-Bus of ISDN
• Dimensions 40 x 20 x 10 mm
• Weight 200 g
• Channels A or B with jumper-adjustment
Digital recorder with digital transmitter
• Recording time up to 480 minutes
• Digital transmission 500 : 1
• Power supply 2 x Alkaline batteries
type AAA or mains adapter
• Connectors for telephone adapters
and/or microphone
• Weight 55 g

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2350

ISDN Connection with Miniature Digital Recorder
The complete system consists of a tiny little
transmitter and a miniature digital recorder. The
transmitter can easily be installed into a
telephone set or directly into the ISDN-line for a
continuous monitoring and recording of both
sides of telephone conversations via ISDN-lines.
The full conversation will be recorded by the
supplied digital recorder, which will only start
when a telephone conversation begins. This
saves storage capacity and provides a long-term
recording. Each message automatically is
date/time stamped by the built-in real-time clock
and stored messages can be played back using
an earphone or downloaded to a PC as standard
sound files. Furthermore the recorder
incorporates a high sensitively microphone,
which covers a typical range of up to 8-10

• Professional connection to any
ISDN- telephone system with
automatic recording of
conversations on digital recorder
• up to 140 hours recording time
• Automatic channel selection via
jumper at S-bus of ISDN central
• Easy connection by supplied
cables between S-Bus and
• Digital recorder included
• VOX (voice control) of recorder is

PKI 2355

Telephone Probe Transmitter
The unit is used for a fast and uncomplicated
installation on telephone lines whenever time is
limited and the room can only be entered once. It
stands for continuous monitoring of telephone
lines whilst there is no need for a fixed
connection directly into the wires. Just clip the
clamp over the telephone wires and the
conversation of both parties canl be heard via the
supplied headphones. Additionally the PKI 2355
provides a radio transmitter within the UHF
range. Just by switching this on, the full
information and the complete conversations will
be transferred wirelessly to a corresponding
receiver. Due to the high output power of the
integrated transmitter a range of several hundred
meters can be achieved (depending on
surrounding conditions).

• The only way to monitor
telephone lines without opening these
• No detection or location by TDR-reflectometers
• Quick and easy installation by
just placing the clip over the
telephone line and switch on
• UHF frequency around 427 MHz
20 mW output power
• Direct connection to headphone
or recorder
• Dimensions 85x61x22 mm

PKI 2360

ISDN-S-Bus Telephone Transmitter / Receiver
The complete system, consisting of transmitter
and receiver, is to be used especially for ISDNBus telephones with a direct connection to S-Bus
of NTBA. Each part of the system features small
size, robust metal housing and easy handling.
The minimised size of the transmitter allows an
easy installation into the junction box at NTBA SBus. ISDN channel selection provided by a
jumper and the high output power of approx. 20
mW is the guarantee for a transmitting distance
of at least several hundred meters. Under good
surrounding conditions even one kilometer or
more is possible. The receiver is equipped with
connection for any digital recorder.


• For direct connection to
S-Bus of NTBA
• Wireless transmission of all
conversations to supplied
• ISDN channel selection by jumper
• Battery operated receiver with
dimensions 55x25x112 mm
• Transmitter’s power supply
• 20 mW output power at around
418 or 433 MHz
• Dimensions 65x35x15 mm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2385

Voice Recorder Watch
For completely unobtrusive voice recording our
watch equipped with an integrated microphone is
the perfect equipment.
The fully functional watch captures conversations of up to 5 m distance on its digital recorder
and stores them on its 256 MB flash memory.
Recording up to 9 hours is possible with one
battery. Playback can be done via PC or directly
by earplug.

• Power supply: Hi-Li-ion 150 mA / 3,7 battery
• Dimensions: standard watch
• Microphone: elektret
• Flash memory: 256 MB integrated for 16 hours
recording, 9 hours per battery
• USB interface: 1.1 (max. 5 Mbps)
• Frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
• Compatible operating systems:
Window 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

PKI 2390

Hybrid Recorder with Remote Control and Data Transmission
In these times nearly everything is possible in
terms of surveillance. A small black case
comprises a microphone, digital recorder as well
as a remote-controlled transmitter/receiver and
can be activated via remote control. The recorded
information will be transmitted digitally and
wirelessly to the corresponding digital receiver,
also with built-in recorder.
Powered by mains, the camouflaged PKI 2390
can now capture information during years and
recordings can be listened to at any time as per
the eavesdropper’s request. In spite of this
incredible performance, the housing of PKI 2390
only measures 95 x 55 x 18 mm.

PKI 2405

PKI 2410

PKI 2415

• Dimensions/weight:
95 x 55 x 18 mm, recording device 170 g
125 x 60 x 38 mm ,digital recorder
incl. remote-controlled transmitter
220 g
• Frequency: 868 MHz
• Recording time: 70 hours
• Frequency: 500 Hz – 3500 Hz
• Miscellaneous: power supply by mini power
plug 100 – 240 V AC.
DC-socket for 9-12 V battery included

PKI 2420

Digital Transmitter / Receiver Set with Remote Control
• PKI 2405 Digital Room Transmitter
• PKI 2410 Digital Phone Transmitter
• PKI 2415 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter
• PKI 2420 Digital Receiver with Remote Control
This set offers all possibilities for digital
monitoring. Whether the PKI 2405 for room
monitoring with battery and power plug, the PKI
2410 for phone surveillance, the stethoscope PKI
2415 or the receiver PKI 2420 - all digital
transmitters are remote-controlled on/off
(integrated in receiver ) and low-high power. The
digital receiver has a sensitivity of -109 dBm on
WFM and -118 dBm on NFM. Power of
remote-control is 3 W on ASK modulation, burst
time will be 6 sec. The integrated loudspeaker
transmits audio power up to 300 mW. Li-polymer
batteries (rechargeable) 7.2 V DC for power supply
are integrated in the set. Furthermore, the receiver
is equipped with 100 memory channels as well as
search and scan function.

• Frequency: 400 – 440 MHz
• Modulation: FSK@100 KHz
• Audio coding: nonlinear PC M
• Data transmission rate: 100 kb/sec
• Power output:
low power + 10 dBm
High power + 18 dBm
• Power supply:
3.6 V Lithium battery 230 mAh
• Microphone: Electret
• Audio dynamic: 15 dB
• Operating time:
standby up to 10 months,
low power 7 hours, high power
2 hours
• Frequency for remote-control:
315 MHz
• Dimensions:
48 x 23 x 12 mm PKI 2405
60 x 40 x 15 mm PKI 2410
50 x 30 x 12 mm PKI 2415
120 x 54 x 34 mm PKI 2420

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2425

Digital Audio Recorder
The PKI 2425 is an all-in-one high quality Audio
Recorder system with MPEG 2 Layer 3 (MP 3)
compression for recording and transmission by
internal GSM 900/1800 HSCSD modem. The
recording time is min. 12 hrs stereo (extendable
to 24 hrs) with adjustable bandwidth from 3 to 8
kHz on compact flash ATA memory. Power
control is effected by SMS. The PCbased system
management software provides full command of
the PKI 2425 audio recorder including download
and audio playback.
• Audio Bandwidth: min. 3 to max. 8 kHz
• Audio Compression: MPEG II – Layer 3
(MP 3) with selfadapting data rates
• Microphones: 2 external microphones
with cabling up to 5 m including

phantom power and single switching
of the mics
• Record modes: tape recorder mode or loop
recording mode with Pre-Roll
• Time control: internal realtime clock with
dump battery, hardware watchdog
• Memory (Media): compact Flash ATA
• Data transmission: GSM 900 / 1800
(HSCSD) full speed USB 2.0 interface
• Actual Download rate: 9,600 bps – 28,800 bps
• Upload Transfer Data: remote control
commands, firmware updates
• Power supply: typ. 12 V DC, 8 to 15 V DC self
resetting fuse 500 mA
• Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C

PKI 2430

Digital Data Link
The wireless digital data link system consists of
a Digital Transmitter with internal remote
controlled receiver and a Receiver with internal
remote controlled Transmitter. The PKI 2430
wireless digital data link is based on USB 2.0 full
speed interface. The transmitter is connected to
the PKI 2425 audio recorder to read out data and
to transmit it error-free and encrypted to the PKI
2420 Receiver, which is connected to any PC or
Notebook. Operation of the system is controlled
either by pre-programmed time periods or
directly remote controlled by software.
• Up-Link: band of operation: 902-928 MHz
(ISM) with 27 FDMA channels
• Down-Link band of operation:

340-370 MHz with 31 FDMA
channels (carrier separation 1 MHz)
• encryption: encrypted link
• Keystream: complex, nonlinear sequence
with a keystream length of >280
• Key: programmable
• Randomizing: overlay code generator
(on multiframe), nonlinear sequence
with a length of 220
• RF Power 1 W max.
• Power Control 30 dB
• Supply Voltage 6 -15 V DC
• Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 30 mm
• RC Transmitter: 1 W max.
• Supply Voltage: 6 -15 V DC
• Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 28 mm

PKI 2435

Bone-microphone Communication System
This highly sensitive “Bone Vibration
Microphone” is the perfect solution for any
disguised communication. It is the only system
available with a wireless push-to-talk button
(PTT). This unique system consists of a bonemicrophone, an inductive loop, a wireless
push-to-talk button and a wireless ear-piece. The
complete set can be connected to any mobile
phone, monitoring receiver or commercial
transceiver (walkie-talkie). For assembling the
system with the correct connector, we only need
to know the type of communication system to
which the PKI 2435 should be adapted. For any
special application the different connecting plugs
are available. For any further technical details
please contact us with your special request and
we shall immediately give you our personally
tailored proposal according to your specific


• Microphone type: omni-directional
electret microphone
• Output impedance: at 1 KHz 4,4 KOhm
• Frequency range: 101 Hz – 10 KHz
• Sensitivity: at 1 KHz (dB re 1V/1PA) -33 +/-3 dB
• Power supply: 1,5 to 10 VDC
• Operating temperature: - 17 to + 63°C
• Length of induction loop 80 cm
• Power supply: for induction loop
directly from receiver
• Input signal: max. 2 V effective
• Impedance: 40 Ohms
• Battery: operation time min. 1 year
• Operating distance: of loop approx. 45-90 cm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2440

Wireless Miniature Earphone
This new set especially has been developed for
the professional use in disguised operations. Due
to its high quality of voice transmission, and in
combination with the inductive receiver it offers
the ideal solution for all these purposes. A coil,
connected to a suitable receiver, inductively
transfers the signals in a range of up to 20 cm to
the earphone. The coil has to be fixed on the
shoulder, underneath the shirt. Then it is
perfectly disguised and no cable connection to
the earphone is required. The earphone is
powered by an integrated coin cell battery. The
set includes the inductive loop, push-to-talk
button (PTT) with integrated microphone,
distribution box, inductive receiver and suitable
plug to customer’s communication system.

• Unobtrusive, nearly invisible system
• Wireless information to disguised
earphone with smallest size
• Inductive coil hidden inside
clothing transfers signal from
any receiver to earphone
• Especially useful with PKI’s
receivers and radio systems
• Battery operated earphone
• Inductive coil powered by receiver
• Variable loudness on earphone

PKI 2445

Miniature Receiver
This small device is really a phenomenal
achievement in the field of electronic microchip
technique. PKI 2445 is the worldwide smallest
in-the-ear receiver. This earphone-receiver
should not be missed in any observation where
tasks have to be carried out in public areas. A
complete VHF Receiver, with integrated power
supply, by means of a small-sized coin cell, is
placed in an ordinary earphone. It picks up the
required signal and performs a perfect sound
reception. The specially developed circuit board
offers audio functions which normally only can
be expected by large and professional radio
receivers. PKI 2445 is equipped with a
carrier-frequency- controlled squelch, noise
filter, automatic frequency control (AFC) and two
adjustable volume levels.

• Max. Distance:
approx. 1.000 meters
• Frequency range: 138 – 240 MHz
special frequencies upon request
• Operation time: up to 15-30 hours
• Automatic Frequency:
Control included
• Squelch and Noise Filter: included
• Accessories:
Cleaning set, batteries, etc. are included

PKI 2450

Digital Audio Recorder
The high professional technique of the PKI 2450
is self-explanatory. A 16 MB flash memory and
SD/MMC-card slots plus direct connection to a
PC are only some of the features this unit
provides for a perfect recording and further-on
handling of conversations which may be taken
from even 10 m distance. Adjustable microphone
sensitivity and automatic gain-control are further
features of the PKI 2450. Also, the built-in and
adjustable sound-level-control (VOS) prevents
from unwanted recordings, i.e. these will only be
made when there is a noise or conversation
inside the monitored room. In case of evidence,
the date and time will also be stored. A
Super-High-Sound Quality is stored with a
sampling rate of 11,5 Kbps. Downloads of
recorded data to a PC is possible on a fast rate of
500:1; and vice versa with 1200:1 for uploads
from PC to recorder.

• Recording time
160 minutes “HQ”- high quality
220 minutes “SP” - standard play
480 minutes “LP” – long play
• Display large backlight LC-display
• Memory functions: once, daily, weekly
• Indicators
LED – green – for playback
LED – red – for recording
Battery capacity indicator
• Connectors: Sockets for earphone and
• Power supply: 2 x Alkaline batteries, Type AAA
• Weight: approx. 55 g (without batteries)
• Accessories: CD for installation
USB-connecting cable for up-/downloads
Earphone, External microphone, Audio cable

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2455

Needle Microphone with Amplifier
In some cases it is only possible to listen into a
room through very small openings that can be
used for the insertion of room-monitoring
microphones in order to capture the spoken
words. For this purpose our PKI 2455 is the right
choice to solve such problems. The complete
unit comes with a highly sensitive and tiny little
rigid microphone plus a pocket-sized amplifier.
The electronic unit amplifies the incoming
signals and offers a direct listening via
headphones (included) or recording on any kind
of recorder, whether analogue or digital.
VOX-operation i.e. sound-level control of
incoming signals is provided for an extensive use
of the recorder for a fully automatic operation.

• Microphone
highly sensitive electret microphone
placed in rigid tube of 2,5mm
diameter and 300 mm length
• Acoustical distance: up to 10 m
• Operation time: up to 60 hours
• Microphone connection
2,5 mm jack
• Power supply:
9 VDC standard block battery from
amplifier also powering the
• Total weight: approx. 200 g
• Dimensions of amplifier:
approx. 95 x 60 x 25 mm
• Accessories Headphones included
• Recommended recorder PKI 2450

PKI 2460

Digital Audio/Video Pocket Recorder
No way to have smaller dimensions with the
same features like the PKI 2460 offers. With its
size of 80 x 52 x 22 mm it really fits into a
cigarette package and can perfectly be used for
mobile and disguised observation tasks. In
combination with our PKI 5745 camera, it unites
to a complete bodyworn system with most
effective camouflaging. The on-screen display
allows a very simple handling and each input can
be done directly at the unit. For playback, a TFTmonitor is integrated (larger monitors can be
connected). Audio and video recordings are
stored on a 4 GB SD-card with approx. 65
minutes per 1 GB i.e. up to 260 minutes of
recording time is possible. The relating SD-card
slot is integrated into the unit. PKI 2460 will also
supply the necessary 12 VDC power for the

• Recording format: AVI
• Resolution: 720 x 480 pixel, colour
• Memory capacity:
up to 4 GB on SD-card, SD-card slot integrated
• Power supply:
Li-Ion accumulator with
charger/mains adapter, external
power supply is also possible.
• Dimensions:
approx. 80 x 52 x 22 mm
• Weight: approx. 90 g
• Features:
Single-picture recording
• Connectors: Audio input, PC interface,
Mini USB 2.0

PKI 2465

Wireless Mobile Phone Set
For any secret service department the PKI 2465
is an essential tool for covert communications.
With this set, a disguised, unobtrusive and
hands-free conversation over the mobile phone
network is possible. Whenever you are using the
PKI 2465 with the mobile phone, you can hear
and speak unperceived by others. The
microphone is integrated into the inductive coil,
which also transfers the received signals to the
wireless earpiece. This tiny little wireless receiver
is to be placed in the ear. The inductive coil just
has to be placed around operator’s neck and
connected to the mobile phone. As standard, a
mobile phone type NOKIA 3120 is supplied.
Other types are available upon request. Then the
mobile phone can easily be hidden in the pocket
of a jacket or trousers without hindering
operator’s mobility.


• Microphone:
highly sensitive electret, integrated
into induction coil
• Receiver:
inductive operating ear-piece
• Power supply:
3 coin-cell batteries, type 675
• Weight: approx. 80 g

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2470

Needle Microphone with Amplifier
Sometimes a room is only accessible via tiny
holes or cracks, where only a needle microphone
is small enough to be introduced and to capture
conversations from inside the room. The signals
are amplified by the integrated amplifier, so that
direct listening via headphones is possible. The
PKI 2470 is equipped with an input socket for our
digital recorder PKI 1865. Sounds are
electronically adjusted, which means that low
sounds are more amplified than louder sounds,
so that the volume is maintained at a constant

• Highly sensitive electret microphone
• Needle ø: 1.5 mm x 200 mm
• Range: approx. 10m
• Connection: 2.5 mm RCA
• Power supply: supplied by amplifier
• Dimensions: 34 x 20 x 114 mm
• Power supply: 9 V battery
• Operating time: approx. 60 hours
• Accessory: head phones
• We recommend combination with
our recorder D 1300

PKI 2475

Larynx Headset
The PKI 2475 is especially designed for use at
places with high ambient noise in order to
assure a clear acoustic transmission. The larynx
microphone records only vibrations of the larynx
and no sidetones. Loud noises especially during
open field operations won’t disturb clean
transmission anymore.
• Larynx microphone: Dual
• Plug-in connector: modular
• Plug: double 2,5/3,5 mm
• PTT-button: with clip

PKI 2480

Security Headset
This headset has been designed for discrete
radio communication of security staff. The small,
separate transmitter button can be fixed with a
clip, a flesh-coloured earplug with a transparent
and flexible tube and a miniature microphone
offer clear transmission of the communication.

PKI 2485

• Double plug: 2,5 / 3,5 mm
• Microphone: Electret
• Version: IP 55

PKI 2490

Noise Cancelling Earphone, Noise Cancelling Headphone
In order to eliminate loud environmental sounds,
such as street noise, etc. when receiving acoustic
signals by a receiver, a directional microphone or
a laser eavesdropping device you need this noise
cancelling earphone and headphone. The
miniature microphone of the earphone/
headphone captures and eliminates the
background noise so that a clear understanding
without any disturbance is possible.
• Sensitivity: 110 dB S.P.L. at 1 KHz
• Impedance: 32 Ohm
• Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 KHz

• Maximum input power:
PKI 2485 – 10 mW
PKI 2490 – 100 mW
• Driver unit:
PKI 2485 – 13 mm
PKI 2490 – 40 mm
• Active noise reduction level:
40-1500 Hz _ 10 dB at 300 Hz
• Cable length: 1,5 m
• Plug: 3,5 mm gold plated
• Power supply by: 1,5 V battery type AAA

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2500

Digital Noise Filter System
transmissions or direct recordings via
digital-recorders most often need to have an
after-treatment. This especially is necessary in
cases where noises from surrounding sources
are detrimental. Such unavoidable - but yet
disturbing sounds - might be created by
air-conditions, traffic, wind or any other
noise-creating engine. We, PKI, as a leading
manufacturer of surveillance systems hereto can
offer a perfect solution to this problem, namely
our PKI 2500 Noise Filter System. With this
device every department worldwide - like police,
secret service or any other state-owned
organisation - is able to restore and enhance
such poor quality recordings. PKI 2500 is based
on a special software solution for filtering of
noise-corrupted sound recordings.

Consisting of 19 different processing
• Graphical equaliser
• Manually adjustable equaliser sliders
• Adaptive broadband noise filter
• Adaptive frequency compensation filter
• 4 adaptive stereo filters
• Adaptive inverse filter
• Pulse-like interference filter
• Dynamic processing module
• Waveform visualisation module
• Playback speed alteration module
Improves signal-to-noise ratio up to 50dB
for tonal noise, up to 20 dB for broadband
noise Operates as “Direct X plug-in” in any
common sound editor Free adjustment of
filtering parameters

• Restoration and enhancement of poor quality
• Improvement of speech intelligibility
• Real-Time Noise Reduction

PKI 2600

Surveillance System Via UMTS Mobile Phone
The PKI 2600 is the best long-range
eavesdropping device in the market providing
both audio and video coverage. It has been
extensively tested in many countries, where it
worked faultlessly and received excellent
reviews. It is fully programmable and offers key
features like:
• 180° adjustable camera lens
• Highly sensitive microphone for clear listening
from up to 10 m
• Operator can make a call from the phone even if
it is in surveillance mode.
• The target can be monitored in real time from
anywhere in the world without using high power
transmitters and receivers.

PKI 2605

Within a second by “switching off the phone”
(with a special code), the phone changes to
surveillance mode with: dead screen, ringer off
and keypad disabled. It is now ready to operate
as an audio/video transmitter with infinite range.
Whenever now the operator wants to see and
listen to the target he only has to dial into that
phone. PKI 2600 automatically will answer,
without indication to the user. The system only
works with 3G phones (WCDMA). Please make
sure that there is a 3G coverage and that a valid
UMTS card is inserted. If a 3G connection is not
available only the audio channel can be used.
Once the phone is logged onto network, it may be
used normally to make and receive video and
audio calls like any other phone.

PKI 2610

GSM Surveillance Mobile Phone, GSM Surveillance Box
Both systems vary in their different fields of
application. PKI 2605 GSM Surveillance Mobile
Phone preferentially is used for unobtrusive and
concealed audio transmissions in mobile and
flexible tasks, like conferences etc. The PKI 2605
GSM Surveillance Mobile Phone is a highly
sophisticated, modified GSM phone with
enhanced Audio Pickup for secret listening into
its surrounding area. PKI 2605 uses a second
SIM-card for the monitoring of persons at any
time and place - regardless if the original GSM
mobile is switched on or off. PKI 2610 GSM
Surveillance Box - on the other hand - has been
developed by us for fixed installations, like in
buildings, cars etc. Both systems will capture
every conversation within a radius of 10 m and
transmit this over GSM network worldwide. Both
these units can easily be activated by just dialling
the phone-number in question, no ringing or
other status will be activated. Only by this


technique it is possible to monitor into
every room and to every person
without any range limits.
PKI 2605
• RF Power GSM class 2
• Power Supply /
• Consumption internal
Lithium-Ion battery,
standby time up-to 16 days,
operating time 3-5 hrs
• Dimensions ordinary Standard Nokia cellular
Phone with 2 SIM - cards and 2 GSM-units
PKI 2610
• RF Power GSM class 2
• Power Supply /Consumption 11 – 15 V DC
External Power Supply standby = 40 mA,
operation 600 mA, operating time 3-5 hrs
• Dimensions 170 x 82,5 x 7,5 mm

• Direct monitoring over GSM Network
• World-wide surveillance access
• Monitoring without range limits
• Multiple fields of application

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2615

PKI 2620

PKI 2625

PKI 2630

GSM Room Monitoring, GSM Telephone Monitoring, GSM Stethoscope
GSM Camouflaged Monitoring Socket or Table Lamp (on request)
These transmitters can be called via mobile phone worldwide. According to their configuration
you can now capture conversations in rooms, at remote phones or from outside by
stethoscope. Camouflaged GSM transmitters in a monitoring socket, table lamp etc. are
invaluable for such purposes as well. Very comfortable is the power plug as this offers
unlimited monitoring possibilities. The installation is easily done. You simply have to insert a
customary SIM-card (mobile phone card) and you can call the GSM transmitter in question and
listen to the conversation in the room where the GSM transmitter is installed. No noise will be
audible when calling the GSM transmitter.
• Power supply: 3,7 V DC, 800 mAh, rechargeable battery or power plug according to version
• Battery life: 48 hours standby time, then charging necessary
(only valid for PKI 2620 and PKI 2630)
• GSM-frequency: 900 MHz / 1800 MHz / 1900 MHz
• Microphone: Electret, except GSM stethoscope (sound wave receiver) Basic part for all 4 items
GSM/SMS communication or GPRS TCP/UDP connection Possibility to obtain the target’s
latitude and longitude by SMS or GPRS and check position on Google earth auto report
position information of the last location if the target enters into the blind area
• Monitoring and SOS feature
• GOS chipset: SirF III chipset
• Dimensions and weight:
PKI 2615 51 x 46 x 17 mm, 80 g
PKI 2620 51 x 55 x 17 mm, 100 g
PKI 2625 51 x 46 x 27 mm, 120 g
PKI 2630 380 x 60 x 60 mm, 280 g

PKI 2635

GSM/GPS Audio Recording and Real Time Tracking
This complete surveillance device, integrated in a
solid case, allows eavesdropping of the interior
of a car and localizes its actual position at the
same time. The system includes a complete set
with all accessories, except the necessary SIMcards.
General data
• Dimension: 280 x 110 x 70 mm
• Weight: 2,15 kg.
• External power supply: 8-15 VDC
• Built-in battery: 12 V DC, 1300 mAh
Internal GSM
Standard frequency: 900/1800 (1900 on request)
Frequency response: 200 Hz – 3700 Hz
Antenna connector: SMA female
Modem: 9600 AT command standard
Internal GPS
• Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
• C/A code 1.023 MHz chip rate
• Channels 20
• Max. update rate 1 Hz
• Processor speed 6, 12.5, 25 and 49 MHz
• Data bus 16 bit
• Position Autonomous: 10 meters
CEP without SA
• SBAS: < 5 meter
• Velocity: 0.1 meters/second, without SA
• Time: 1 microsecond synchronized to GPS time

• WGS-84
Time to First Position
• GSM < 20 sec., average
• 3 G < 20 sec., average
• CDMA < 16 sec., average
• Hot start < 18 sec., average
• Hot start (open sky) < 1 sec., average
• Cold start < 42 sec., average
• GSM 15 dBHz
Power Consumption
• Stand-by: 210 mA
• With 2 wire ON and communication
• with headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max. volume: 400 mA
• With 1 GSM ON and communication with
headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max volume: 600 mA (average)
• With 2 GSM ON and communication with
headphone plugged and speaker
• ON max. volume: 1200 mA (average)
• Storage temperature: -10 – 80°C
• Operating temperature: -20 – 70°C
• Local maximum temperature: -20 – 55°C

• GSM antenna impedance: 50 ohm
• GSM antenna type: Biband passive, SMA male
• GSM transmitting power: class 4 (2W) a EGSM
900 Class 1 (1W) a GSM 1800 e GSM 1900
• GSM frequency band: dual-band EGSM
900/1800 GSM 850/1900
• GSM frequency band: active 3V, male SMA
• GSM frequency band: GPRS multi-slot class 10,
class B mobile station
• Chipset and simultaneous satellites: SIRF STAR
III 20 channels (200.000 correlations)
• GPS aerial impendance: 50 ohm
• GPS position accuracy:
< 10 m CEP SBAS < 5 m
• Date GPS: WGS84
• GPS tracking speed: 500 km/h or lower
• GPS sensitivity: -159 dBm
• Time to first fix: 45 seconds standard
• GPS re-acquisition: 8 seconds

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2640

GPS Vehicle Tracking System
This device combines the GSM/GPRS technology
with a GPS receiver. The housing is water-proof
and can easily be attached with a magnet to the
target’s car. The integrated motion sensor
activates the device when driving and stops it at
still stand with short delay. The antenna is
equipped with a cable of 1,5 m length for proper
installation. Information about position of the car
will be transmitted to a mobile phone via normal
cellular network and corresponding software.

• Dimensions: 70 x 25 x 400 m
• Weight: 100 g
• Power supply: external 3.6 V DC
• Communication: GSM GPRS / SMS
• Data capacity: 100 000 GPS points
• Operating temperature: -20° to +60°C
• Antenna: 50 ohm, dual band
• Transmitting power: 1 W
• GSM-frequency: 900/1800
• GPS-antenna: active 3V, 50 ohm
• GPS-sensitivity: -159 dBm typical
• Option: Audio monitoring
is possible upon request.

PKI 2645

GPS Mobile Phone Location
With the PKI 2645 you can locate the position of
a mobile phone, respectively a person with an
accuracy of +/- 250 m. It works all over Germany
and is completely unobtrusive. The location
found is sent either via SMS to your mobile
phone or via internet, so that you are always
informed, where the located person is. Any
mobile phone with valid contract or pre-paid card
can be used. Registration and installation can be
done by us. Also available is a tapping function,
by means of which you can listen to the
conversations in the environment of the mobile
phone. Please contact us for further details.

PKI 2650

GSM Monitoring Transmitter
The future has already begun. This GSM
monitoring transmitter can be called with a
standard phone from all over the world. It allows
monitoring of conversations from wherever you
are. As soon as PKI 2650 captures sounds and
conversations it sends a SMS to your phone and
you can listen to the conversation. Its sensitivity
is adjustable via SMS. All you have to do is to
insert a standard SIM-card in this device. PKI
2650 works completely noiseless! This device
allows clear transmission of conversations from
all over the world which is absolutely fascinating!

• Mobile phone networks: O2, D1, e-plus,
• Suitable mobile phones: all standard
mobile phones
• Operating time: 24 hours
• Information system: internet or SMS to
a mobile telephone
• Remark: A registration SMS must be sent
to the mobile phone that shall be located
• Comes with: locating software

• Network: GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
• Power consumption:
20 mA standby mode
200 mA monitoring mode
• Audio surveillance: -75dB
• Voice control: environment
voice filtering or direct human voice sensor
• Device configuration method:
password protected SMS text message
• LI-battery: 3.7 V DC at 900 mA
• Charging voltage: 5V – 6V DC 500 mA
• Charging input volt: 100-240 V AC
• Dimensions: 53 x 36 x 13 mm incl. battery
• Weight: 40 g

PKI 2660

GSM Monitoring Transmitter and GPS Tracking Device
This miniature monitoring device can be called
from all over the world. Not only eavesdropping
(inside, in a car or outside) is possible but also
the location of the user. The device works with a
standard SIM-card, protected by a password.
Equipped with external antennas and a 10-36 V
DC power supply it allows professional
installation and optimal transmitting and
receiving signals even under difficult conditions.
PKI 2660 can be connected to every car or truck
power circuit. With the built-in Li-ion batteries of
3,7 V and 1500 mAh a standby-time of 48 hours
is possible in case of power failure.


• Network: GSM / GPRS / GPS
• Band: 850 / 1800 / 1900 MHz or
900/1800/1900 MHz or
850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• GPS chip: SIRF 3
• GSM/GPRS module: Siemens MC 56
• GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
• GPS accuracy: +/-5 m
• Start-up time: cold status 45 s,
warm status 35 s, hot status 1 s
• Working voltage: 10 V – 36 V DC
• Power supply: 3,7 V 500 mAh Li-ion
rechargeable battery
• Standby: 48 hours

• Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C
• Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C
• Humidity: 5% - 95% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 85 x 63 x 25 mm
• Weight: 160 g

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2670

GPS Personal Tracking System
The PKI 2670 is an easy to use, but very efficient
GPS tracking system offering the possibility to
determine the exact location of a person. Its use
is password-protected and it allows comfortable
and easy control of a specific person. After
switching-on, the PKI 2670 works fully
automatic and does not need any further data
input or control. The operation status is indicated
by 4 LED’s. The position data is given every 60
seconds, either by pressing the “INFO” button or
by activation of the integrated movement
detector. This informs the operator of the
location of the person, incl. name of town and
street name. This information can also be shown
on digital maps. The full data of the last 120 days
can also be recalled. Furthermore, the supplied
communicator allows direct calls from the
system operator to the user and, by using the

“INFO”-button”, the user can call for attention.
The status of the “INFO-button can be
transmitted to five different e-mail addresses. If
PKI 2670 is not moved it automatically switches
back into stand-by mode and on detection of
movements immediately returns into active
mode. This automatic energy saving technology
makes the built-in Li-Ion battery so efficient and
allows continuous operatin of up to 12 h.
• Weight: approx. 110 g
• Height: 8,6 cm
• Housing: ABS-plastic
• Operation time: 12 hours continuously
• Status transmission: every 60 seconds
• Power supply: Lithium-Ion battery,

PKI 2700

Digital Surveillance System
This device especially is designed for absolutely
professional use only. Smallsized, lightweight
but sturdy aluminium housings distinguish every
part of this system. The risks of interception and
detection during critical observation tasks are
reduced to a minimum. Depending on the
surveillance situation the internal or external
microphone can be activated. By this the PKI
2700 ideally can be used for room as well as
body worn operations. The transmission signal is
created and scrambled in a digital pseudorandom code so that a highly secured
transmission is guaranteed, so that the device
provides a most secure and protected listening
technique being hardly detectable.
A) Transmitter Frequency
Between 300 MHz and 1 GHz typically
430-460 MHz or 850-870 MHz
• Output power: + 5dBm @ 850 MHz or
+ 10 dBm @ 433 MHz
• Modulation: FSK @ 76.8 kb/s
• Control: On/Off remote control from

receiver, internal or external
microphone switching power level,
audio gain
• Concealment: digital pseudo-random
code scrambling
• Power supply: 2.5 to 6.5 VDC
• Dimension: 50 x 30 x 6 mm
B) Receiver Frequency
Between 300 MHz and 1 GHz, typically
430-460 MHz or 850-870 MHz
• Sensitivity: -97 dBm @ 850 MHz;
-100 dBm @ 450 MHz
• Antenna: 50 Ohm connection,
short whip antenna supplied
• Output: Headphone capable output,
suitable for recording
• USB: interface
• Physical housing:
Professional aluminium enclosure,
can easily be body-worn or carried
in a pocket
• Power: 1.5 VDC - takes internal AA cell
• Dimension: 102 x 62 x 20 mm

• Highly secured transmission
• Protected against counter measurements
• Designed for agent protection
• Frequency 430 – 460 MHz or 850 – 870 MHz

PKI 2710

Disguised PC Observation System
PKI 2710 is the best possible unit to store any
kind of signal from PC’s. PKI 2710 can be used in
combination with every common PC,
independent from the operating system. Of
course, this unit also stores BIOS-Passwords of
the monitored PC, enabling the observer to enter
into any protected file of the PC-user.
Camouflaged as an ordinary adapter between PC
and keyboard, the PKI 2710 stores up to 2 Mio
signs, numbers and characters from the
keyboard inputs. It is a perfectly disguised and
effective way of PC monitoring as it can be
installed within seconds. Just disconnect the
keyboard from the PC and place the unit in

between. By this “PLUG AND PLAY” method an
immediate monitoring of everything what the
user is doing on this specific PC is stored and
can be downloaded.
• Cable length: approx. 35 cm
• Fast and easy installation between keyboard
and PC by means of connecting cable
(plug and play)
• Storing capacity up to 2 Mio signs
• Stores BIOS passwords for easy access to
any protected file being in use on the PC
• Unobtrusive as it looks like an ordinary adapter

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Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2715

Computer Interception System
„Tempest“ is the common term for every kind of
radiation emitted by computers. Each device and
part - such as printed circuit boards, monitors
and connecting cables - emit a specific radio
signal (compromising radiation) which may
contain the fullscreen content of the actual
operation of the computer in question. Such
signals can be received and reconstructed with
our PKI 2715. This provides a fast and easy
monitoring of a PC in order to see what work
actually is done on this. By means of a
directional antenna and the special receiver, the
incoming data are synchronised and analysed.
The received signal then can be seen on the
provided display. Depending on type of computer
to be monitored the max. distance may vary from
approx. 10 to 50 meters. The complete system is
supplied by us to government departments

exclusively in order to guarantee full prevention
from unauthorised persons committed with
industrial espionage, terrorism or any other
criminal act.
• Scope of supply:
Directional antenna,
Special receiver,
• Others:
Due to security reasons no further
technical data is mentioned here.
Please contact us for full
technical specifications indicating
the position in your government

PKI 2750

Coded Radio Communication System
These handy radio communication systems are
equipped with highly sensitive receiver for a
superb receiving sensitivity which allows very
good receiving distances even with the 1 or 5
Watt output power of the relative transmitters.
The more important is the possibility to easily
switch over from clear speech to the scrambling
mode for secure communications. PKI 2750,
with its userfriendly operation, is developed
according to MIL standards i.e. a maximum of
durability and effectiveness. This system can
also be combined with our PKI 2440 Wireless
Miniature Earphone for perfect use in disguised

• System according to MIL Standard 810 C,D,E
• User-friendly operation
• Automatic channel selection and individually
programmable channels
• VOX funcion
• CTCSS / DCS subcoder for undisturbed
communication with other persons using
the same channel and subcode.
• Selectable calls for different users
• Pre-programmable emergency call frequencies
• Scrambling mode for secure communication
• 16 channels at 148-174 or 440-470 MHz with
12.5, 20, 25 KHz steps at 1/5 W output power
• 7,5 V DC rechargeable battery, 1300 mA/h
for 9 hours operation time
• 0,35µV receiver sensitivity
• Dimensions 130x42x60mm

PKI 2755

Duplex Communication
The use of these duplex communication devices
is especially valuable when quick and easy
observation is required. The pocket device works
on full-duplex-procedure, i.e. transmitter and
receiver use different frequencies at the same
time which allows a communication like on the
phone. Listening and speaking can be done
simultaneously without any switching.
• Dimensions: 140 x 54 x 28 mm
• Weight: 120 g
• Frequency: 263 – 393 MHz
• Power: 1,2 W
• Channels: 21
• Max. user: 99
• Operating range: approx. 4 km


• Power supply: Li-ion battery 7,2 V
• Comes with: LCD display with light, micro
processor controlled, PLL-system, charger

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2760

VHF or UHF Radio Set with Integrated Scrambler
This sound and handy radio set with power output of 4 W can be fixed by clip to any belt and is
therefore always available when needed. PKI
2760 offers various features which allow
professional operation. Up to 128 memory
channels are selectable. By means of the
Vox-function it provides hands-free action which
is very important for surveillance. The built-in
scrambler makes transmission safe and avoids
undesired eavesdropping. In order to offer long
operating time the device can be switched
manually from Hi to Low.

• Call tone: 1750 Hz
• Repeater tray: available
• Scan and priority channel function: available
• Scrambler: built-in
• Display: LCD with backlight
• Squelch: adjustable in 9 steps
• Keylock: available
• Channels and frequencies: selectable via keypad
• Power supply: battery pack 1200 mAh
• Various: comes with charger for Li-Ion battery,
further radio sets available on request

• Dimensions: 115 x 63 x 31 mm
• Weight: 195 g
• Frequency: VHF 136 – 174 MHz,
UHF 400-470 MHz
• Transmission power: 4 watt
• Channel distance: 25 kHz / 12,5 kHz

PKI 2775

Scrambled GSM Phone
Most people think that mobile phone calls cannot
be eavesdropped or tapped because the system
already uses encryption. Unfortunately this is not
the case! Actually in most countries the signals
are encrypted between the mobile phone and the
base station but this data stream can be
decrypted with a normal PC. It is even easier to
tap GSM phones with a device that simulates a
base station which inserts itself between the
mobile phone and the provider network. In
Germany such easy-doing eavesdropping causes
damages of approx. 10 billion Euro per year just
in the field of industrial espionage. PKI 2775
offers the right choice in order to be prevented
from this! Each PKI 2775 works with an
individually generated and certified key pair.
These are stored on the net card which is
inserted into the phone. If another PKI 2775
(which has its own individual key pair) is called,
using the crypto function, the partners are
authenticated by means of the two key pairs and
the two chip cards. A “one-off” session key (one
out of 1038 possible keys) is generated and this
is used only for this single communication. This
session key encrypts all signals transmitted
between the two phones. Whoever intercepts this
encrypted data stream will only hear a noise
which cannot be decrypted even with the highest
performance mainframe computers. PKI 2775
operates efficiently in all standard 900/1800 MHz
GSM networks in all countries.
In addition to the integrated encryption system
PKI 2775 has all the features of a normal, Up-todate business mobile phone. It still can be used
for unencrypted calls to any other phone. For all
encrypted and secure communications as well as
for all unprotected calls your standard SIM card
is used - therefore you do not have to change
your phone number in order to use all PKI 2775

• Dual Band GSM 900/1800 MHz
• Full graphic display (106x56 Pixel)
• Rechargeable battery 940 mAh (Li-Ion E)
• Standby time up to 350 hours
• Talk time up to 7 hours
• Hybrid encryption method
RSA 1024 / IDEA 128 Bit
• Weight 106 grams
• 100/200 phone book listings on the SIM card
• SMS service

• Secure communication in insecure networks
• Interception-proof
• 2-step encryption method
• Easy handling
• Lightweight and small-sized

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2800

Room Monitoring System Via Mains
The PKI 2800 is a low frequency transmitter/
receiver set using AC power cables for
transmission and power supply. Although
intended for audio surveillance of rooms, the
system can be used as a general purpose
security device to prevent from unauthorised
entry of rooms in question. The built-in audio
compressor reliably captures of all sounds inside
a room. The transmitter is supplied for
installation by the customer into suitable
electrical fittings (adherence to instructions given
in manual accompanying the equipment is
mandatory). Transmitting time is unlimited since
power is derived from power cables to which the
unit is attached. Additional extras like recording
devices of any kind are available upon request.

A) Receiver
• Power Supply: 110 – 240 V AC
• Control functions:
squelch, AFC and audio output
• Frequency range: 1,6 – 2,5 MHz
• Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 50 mm
• Weight: 1,2 kg
B) Transmitter
• Frequency range: 1,6 – 2,5 MHz
• Modulation: NB FM
• Deviation: +/- 6 kHz
• Operating voltage: 110 – 260 V AC
• Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 15 mm
• Weight: 140 g

• Room Monitoring via mains line
• Unlimited operation time
• highly sensitive microphone
• compact size

PKI 2850

Electronic Stethoscope
This low-priced economical unit is ideal for
long-time observation without entering the room
but to listen into it from the outside through solid
structures. Where the human ear is inadequate
PKI 2850 makes audible what has previously
seemed impossible. The pocket-sized unit can
perfectly be body-worn and whenever needed it
will be at hand for quick and easy installation. By
means of the professional amplifier, and in
combination with the highly sensitive contact
microphone, conversations and/or noises can be
heard through walls, windows or any other solid
material. Simply fix the contact microphone by
the supplied mastix-material to the best possible
surface and listen by means of the electronic
amplifier and the supplied headphone directly
into the observed room. The amplifier of course
is equipped with volume control and output sok-

ket for a recorder.
• Amplifies each kind of sound vibration
transferred via solid structures
like windows, walls, central
heating pipes and doors
by means of a contact
microphone making these
audible from the outside
• Simple installation by
fixing the contact microphone
with the supplied mastix-paste
• Battery operated for up to 800 hours
• Dimensions: 95x60x25 mm amplifier,
50x35x15 mm contact microphone
• Headset and carrying-bag included

PKI 2860

Wired Monitoring System
Most observation tasks today are done by
wireless microphones, the so-called “bugs”.
Beside these, more sophisticated systems like
optical lasers, IRMonitoring Systems, GPS, GSM
and computer monitoring systems are used. All
of these you may find in this catalogue and are
supplied by us. But still there is a demand for a
conventional monitoring system using wired
microphones. PKI 2860 is the best choice for
such purposes. With its thin cable and subminiature microphone it does not emit any high
frequency radiation and perfectly matches the
tasks of long-term observations in stationary use
and it is hardly detectable. PKI 2860 provides a
perfect audio quality with which even whispered
words can be heard and recorded. The standard
version of the PKI 2860 comes with a 50 m cable
and can be cascaded by optionally available
cables (each 50 m length) up to a total distance
of 500 m without any loss of audio quality. The
supplied high-capacity and low-noise audio-


amplifier is equipped with an audio input socket,
a socket for ear-phone plus an output for any
kind of recorder.
• Dimensions of amplifier
22 x 64 x 98 mm
• Weight of amplifier approx. 150 g
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
or 110/220 VAC via mains
adapter (not included)
• Frequency range:
250 to 3500 Hz
• Amplification
adjustable up to
30.000 times
• Operating time
up to 50 hours
with battery
unlimited with
mains adapter

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2870

Global Listening Device
The possibility to monitor specific areas from
anywhere in the world is always requested by our
governmental customers. This is given by this
unit that works via the mobile telephone network.
Small-sized, tiny and absolutely noiseless - that
is what our high-tech listening device PKI 2870
characterises. With its small dimensions of
approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm only it can be placed
anywhere in a room, a car or any other place
which has to be observed. Just put in a standard
SIM-card (like used in mobile phones), place the
unit in an unobtrusive location and leave the
space. That is all what you have to do. From now
on you can listen into this area by just dialling the
known number of the PKI 2870 and you can
listen into this space. With your mobile phone,
and from any place in the world, you will hear the

crystal-clear transmission of each sound and/ or
conversation inside this area.
• Transmitting frequency:
GSM 900 MHz / 1800 MHz
• Operating time: standby 14 days
listening 12 hours
• Power supply: Li-Ion accumulator and
external power supply via supplied mains
• Microphone: highly sensitive Electret
microphone, with amplifier and automatic
uniform control for dynamic range
• Dimensions: approx. 65 x 65 x 28 mm
• Weight: less than 200 g

PKI 2900

Professional Stethoscope Kit
The PKI 2900 has been developed for covert
surveillance purposes or general security
installations. The excellent noise performance
combined with high gain capability and
automatic compressor makes the unit suitable
for a wide range of applications and operating
environments. The low power consumption
facilitates unattended operation. Each Kit is
supplied with a low-noise microphone amplifier,
compatible with subminiature microphones, a 5
band graphic equaliser (all in one portable
housing) and 2 different stethoscopes (each one
for wall and window mounting). Output-sockets
for headphones or speakers as well as recorders
are provided at the receiving unit.

• Max. gain 100 dB
• Equaliser type: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequency:
300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 Hz
• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Stethoscope type: Piezo crystal
• Stethoscope size:
approx. ø 20 and ø 35 mm
• Output Phone: 4-16 ohm, 100 mW
• Output: Tape 200mV at 50 Kohm
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
• Battery: lifetime approx. 20 hrs
• Dimension: 130 x 50 x 180 mm

• Excellent noise performance
• High gain capability
• Automatic compressor circuit
• Integrated equaliser
• Fully portable
• Battery operated

PKI 2910

Professional Voice Changer
In many cases of disguised observations it is
indispensable to have telephone conversation
with the person in question. Under such
circumstances the observer should not be
identified by his voice. Especially in cases of
taking hostages with following black-mails, the
PKI 2910 is the best possible tool for not
identifying the caller’s voice. In real-time, i.e.
without any delay, the voice will be changed from
male to female or even children and vice versa. It
can be used from any mobile telephone, PKI
2910 offers a wide spectrum of frequency
changes, is highly portable and can be used with
any type of telephone or even mobile phones.
Transmission is effected by the supplied
acoustic-coupler. Just connect this acousticcoupler to the microphone of your telephone and
use the microphone of the PKI 2910. The
integrated pitch, Mi-balance and formant
adjusters are creating the change of voice

• Dimensions:
approx. 180 x 120 x 30 mm
• Weight: approx. 280 g
• Power supply:
9 VDC block battery
• Effective adjustment:
3 sliding switches
• A) pitch control – for increase or
decrease of audio frequency
• B) formant control – regulates the
tone pitch
• C) Mi-Balance – regulates the
mixture between original voice
and required effect

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2915

PKI 2920

Parabolic Directional Microphones
These transparent parabolic mirrors, in combination with the built-in low noise and high capacity
amplifiers, offer the best audio-unidirectional
characteristic being physically possible. The PKI
2915 and PKI 2920 just differ in the diameter of
the parabolic mirror. With the PKI 2915 - having
a diameter of 60 cm - a distance of approx. 100
m can be achieved, while with the PKI 2920 having a diameter of 85 cm – approx. 150 m can
be reached.
• These units reach the physical limits of possible
sound-pick-up from distant sources
• Two versions available: PKI 2915 with 60 cm
and PKI 2920 with 85 cm diameter

• Transparent, oval mirrors made of
high impact resistant plastic material
• Enormous amplification due to
pick-up sensor of latest generation
• 9V block battery operation and
sockets for headphone and recorder
• PKI 2915 the big ear for 100m distances
• Headphone included
• Weight approx. 380 gr.
• PKI 2920 for more than 150 m distance
• Headphone included
• Weight approx. 400 g

PKI 2925

Directional Microphone
Whenever it is necessary to listen to a
conversation at outside areas and from a certain
distance, the PKI 2925 is the best possible
choice. This unit is constructed as a directional
microphone in the form of a tube. Such types
more easily can substitute parabolic mirrors, as
their shape is less obtrusive compared to
parabolic mirrors. That eases the way of
camouflaging during operation. Even from inside
a car, with opened windows, or from hidden places in open terrain, the PKI 2925 can be used.
But in order to come as close as possible to the
physical advantages of such parabolic mirrors,
the PKI 2925, in buyer’s option, can be supplied
in two different lengths of tubes with the same
efficiency. For a best possible handling, an
ergonomical-shaped handle is supplied, which
can be detached if required. The complete set,

incl. headset and accessories comes in a
ruggedized, splash-proof hardcover case.
• Pick-up of sounds and
conversations from
far away
• Selectable filter for high/low frequencies
• Separate amplifier with adjustable
amplification and volume control
• Power supply: 9 V
• Socket for external recorder/headphone
• Headphone included
• Weight 525 grams with 350 mm tube

PKI 2930

Directional Microphone within a Cigarette Box or Mobile Phone
This exceptionally small-sized directional
microphone captures acoustic signals from up to
100 m distance, which are amplified up to max.
10.000 times by its integrated low-noise
high-power amplifier. Due to the built-in
high- and low-pass filters you can listen to
conversations at a distance of 50 m, as they
allow especially voice frequencies to pass
through and eliminate undesirable noises. It is
incredible, that this is possible, particularly in
this inconspicuous cigarette box. Even audio
transmission is done in an excellent quality. The
audio signal will be transmitted wireless via
inductor (inside the device) to a miniature
earplug. Better camouflage is impossible. Now
you can listen undetected to conversations at the
table next to you in a restaurant etc..

• Power supply: standard 9 V battery
• Power consumption: max. 20 mA
• Dimensions: plastic housing in a standard
cigarette box (exchangeable at any time)
• Weight: 140 g
• Amplifier: max. 10.000 times
• Play-back: via wireless
earplug inductor

• Frequency: 20 Hz – 16 KHz (-3dB)
• High-/ low-pass filter: fg= 150 Hz / 5 KHz


Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2940

Microphone Case with 8 Channels Digital Recorder
The PKI 2940 Microphone Case is equipped with
latest technology and designed for permanent
room surveillance using wired microphones.
Conversations can be monitored in up to eight
different rooms and recorded simultaneously in
real time with the built-in hard disk recorder
which allows play-back, at a later date, of any
conversation. All recorded information will be
converted into digital data before storage and can
be played back immediately. The recording can
be split on up to 250 virtual tracks. The interface
for CD-R allows the external storage without
detour. Locator points and exactly to place
markers make it easy to trace precisely certain

• impedance: -10 dBV / 15 Ohm
• total output: 2 x cinch, unsymmetric
• impedance: -10 dBV / 820 Ohm
• digital output / file: coaxial/SPDIF
• ouput monitor: 2 x cinch, unsymmetrical
• impedance: -10dBV/820 Ohm
• out-output (stereo): 2 x 6,3 mm, unsymmetrical
• impedance: -10dBV /820 Ohm
• remote control : 6,3 mm
• MIDI in/out: 2 x 5-pole DIN-socket
• SCSI-interface: SCSI-2 50-pole
• Earphone output: 6,3 mm , 2x 60 mW, 30 Ohm
• Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
• Power consumption: 26 W
• Dimensions:414 x 95 x 288 mm

• Weight: 3.1 kg (main unit) 1,6 kg
(power adapter)
• Microphone input: 4 ch. Stereo or 8 ch. Mono
• Microphone type: sub-min. back electret cadiod
• Cable length: 4x10 m and 4x 25 m
• Frequency response: 30 Hz- 20 kHz
• Recording resolution: 16 bit or 24 bit linear
• Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
• Number of tracks: 6 activ, 250 virtual
• Data storage: SCSI-hard disk 10 GB
• Recording time: up to 150 ch./h
• Interface for CD-R: SCSI-2
• Power supply: 115 /230 VAC 30 VA
• Dimensions: 490 x 430 x 165 mm

A) Microphone on reel
• Microphone Type: of electret
• Microphone sensitivity: - 60 dB / 1 KHz
• Bandwidth: 100 Hz – 7 KHz
• Cable length: 100 m; others on request
• Weight: 600 g
• Dimensions: ø 180 mm x 60 mm

• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Output phone: 4 – 16 Ohm, 100 mW
• Output recording: 200 mV at 50 KOhm
• Power supply: 9 V block battery
• Battery lifetime: approx. 20 hours
• Weight: 750 g
• Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 150 mm

Due to its extremely high storage capacity the
PKI 2940 Microphone Case is perfectly suited for
a long term surveillance of conference rooms,
hotel rooms and prisons.
• Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1 dB
• Voltage distance: > 82 dB
• Distortion: less than 0,01% (at 1 kHz)
• Channel separation: > 80 dB (at 1 Hz)
• input A to C: 6,3 mm, symmetrical
• impedance: -50 dBu to +4 dBu / 4 kOhm
• input D: 6,3 mm, symmetrical
• impedance: -50 dBu to +4 dBu / 4 kOhm
(mic/line), 1 MOhm (guitar)
• out-input (stereo): 2 x 6.3 mm, unsymmetrical

PKI 2950

Microphone Cable Reel
The PKI 2950 especially was developed for wired
room monitoring applications. Due To its
cable-based operation this unit is not detectable
by any counter measure equipment. The
subminiature electret microphone with its small
dimensions and the small diameter of the
shielded cable is ideally suitable to be hidden
behind wallpapers, curtains or in window frames.
The small dimensions of the microphone prevent
from detection by measuring equipment based
on analysing the non-linear junction effect
generated in semiconductors. The complete
system consists of the highly sensitive electret
microphone with shielded connection cable, a
cable reel with output socket, headphones and
the separate audio amplifier. The supplied audio
amplifier provides a low-noise amplification
adjusted to the subminiature electret microphone
of this system together with a 5 band graphic
equaliser and every necessary output for direct
listening or recording of conversations. Features
like direct listening with headphones, a socket for
recording devices and the possibility to extend
the total cable length by driving different reels in
cascade, fulfill all requirements for effective

B) Amplifier
• Max gain: 100 dB
• Type of equaliser: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequencies: 300, 600, 1200,
2400, 4800 Hz

Tel.: +49(0)4154 - 98 96 32 • Fax: +49(0)4154 - 740 16 • E-mail:


Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 2960

Optical Microphone
The PKI 2960 ultra-sensitive optical microphone
captures a wide range of sounds from normal
conversation to soft whispering or even the
shuffling of papers with excellent sound
accuracy. Being designed for governmental use
in SWAT, Special Task Forces and tactical
operations it offers surveillance operations and
applications requiring RFI/EMI immunity. A beam
of light is sent through an optical fiber to a sound
sensitive membrane. Sound signals cause the
membrane to vibrate and modulate the intensity
of the light reflected by the membrane, which is
then translated into an electrical signal. PKI 2960
delivers a high signal to noise ratio, so even very
low-level sound inputs can be heard clearly and
accurately from many meters away. With an
omni-directional polar pattern, the PKI 2960 can
capture sounds from all directions, thus
maximising voice representation. The excellent
frequency response provides true-tosound
reproduction. The PKI 2960 cannot be detected
by electromagnetic methods since the
microphone head neither contains metal parts
nor generates electromagnetic fields and is
separated from its electronic components by
several meters of optical fiber. With its miniature
dimensions and versatile configurations it can be
installed in a variety of ways to elude discovery
both by the naked eye and sophisticated
detection equipment such as non-linear junction
detectors. Because of its RFI and EMI immunity

the PKI 2960 can continue to operate even in the
harshest environments without any effect to its
• Polar pattern: Omni-directional
• Frequency range: 250 - 4500 Hz
• S/N ratio: 65 dB @ 1 KHz 94 dB SPL
• Sensitivity; 0.3 - 1.8 V/Pa
• THD: < 1% at 84 dB SPL
• Max. static pressure on membrane: 130 dB SPL
• Output impedance: 680 Ohms
(standard line input)
• Supply voltage: 9 - 12 V DC
• Current drain: 80 mA

• Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50°C
• Ambient humidity: 93% R.H. @ 40°C,
• MTBF: > 100.000 hours
• Std. optical fiber length: 10/20 meters
• Dimensions and weight:
of microphone length 21,5 mm,
diameter 4,5 mm, weight 1gr
• Ultra-sensitive microphone
• Excellent sound accuracy
• EMI/RFI immunity
• Undetectable by conventional methods
• Miniature size, lightweight
• Easy to conceal

PKI 2970

Audio Surveillance Kit
In order to be successful in any cases of
professional tasks of interception, it is
indispensable to have the right equipment at
hand. Such basic equipment which is supplied
with this set of PKI 2970 is the absolute
organisation must have. It has been developed in
close co-operation with our customers from
worldwide government departments and for
completing their request for solutions of every
monitoring tasks to be undertaken. PKI 2970 as
a complete assembly results from our more than
40 years experience and our continuous research
and development providing the latest state-ofthe-art at any time. With this kit you are well
prepared, even in cases of unexpected tasks.
There is no doubt that the content of this kit can
be adapted to our client’s requests. Therefore and this is our long lasting philosophy - we
always try to stay in a very close contact to the
customers and personally discuss their needs.
By this, a final content, beside the standard
execution can be determined.
The standard kit contains a comprehensive
number of different transmitters for room
monitoring powered by mains, telephone lines
and battery operated listening devices (even
through walls by means of electronic
stethoscope with or without transmitter). A
professional receiver, a digital recorder and a
microphone connected by a cable of 100 m


length (other lengths are available upon request)
plus a directional microphone complete the
whole set, which is supplied in a ssolid carrying
case for secure storage and outdoor handling.
• This kit contains a comprehensive number of
different transmitters, receiver, digital recorder
and microphones.
As standard it is supplied with:
• PKI 2205 Room/Mains Transmitter
• PKI 2210 Telephone Transmitter
• PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
• PKI 2285 Long Range Transmitter

• PKI 2510 Handheld Receiver with
Digital Recorder
• PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
• PKI 2925 Directional Microphone
• PKI 2950 Microphone Cable Reel
• Other combinations are available on request
• For full technical details of each item please see
the relevant item number.

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 2975

Investigation Kit for Outdoor Use
In most cases entrance to a room to be
monitored is not possible and observations have
to be done from the outside. Although this is the
most difficult way of observation, we have the
right solution. We only offer devices of latest
technology developed on basis of many years of
experience in this field. Our product range, as
shown in this catalogue, indicates single units for
specific purpose, because one universal unit
covering all kind of tasks does not exit. As our
customers ask for a complete set of equipment,
we have assembled the PKI 2975 Investigation
Kit for Outdoor Use. Like our PKI 2970, this set
also has been assembled in close co-operation
with our customers for a best possible selection
of necessary items out of our wide range of
products. It consists of each and every item
being necessary for room monitoring from the
outside but, of course, can be adapted at any
time in order to meet customer’s requirement.
Each set is packed in aluminium or sturdy
hardcover cases for easy outdoor handling.

PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2900 Professional Stethoscope Kit
PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System
PKI 3200 Infrared Observation System
PKI 2415 Digital Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2420 Digital Receiver

For each single item the complete technical
description is listed separately in this catalogue.
Depending on customer’s requirement, this kit
can be adapted to your specific needs. Just
contact us to find the best possible solution for
all what you need.

PKI 2215 Analogue Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2220 Analogue Pocket Receiver
PKI 2400 Audio Monitoring Cartridge
PKI 8025 Silent Drill
PKI 2455 Needle Microphone with Amplifier

PKI 2980

PKI 2985

Wireless Stethoscope mono, Wireless Stethoscope stereo

These stethoscopes find their application where
the human ear reaches its limits. The acoustic
receptor is very quickly fixed by provided mastic
material. It can be attached to the wall (up to 50
cm thick), window, door frame etc. The
miniature receiver captures the signal from a
distance of up to 100 m. Longer distances are
also possible if required, however, this will
reduce receiving time from 30 to 15 hours. The
stereo version PKI 2985 is best suitable for
operations with loud background noise such as
street noise or similar. These sounds can be
eliminated by our devices PKI 2260 or PKI 2500.
The Piezo acoustic receivers are high sensitive

and capture acoustic oscillation on hard
materials, as e.g. on pipes, windows, etc. so that
even spoken word are clearly audible. On request
we are able to deliver a compatible recorder with
70 hours recording time (PKI 2980R refers).
• Dimensions: 40 x 120 x 22 mm
• Weight: 85 g
• Power supply: 2 x batteries type AAA, 3V
• Housing: aluminium
• Frequency: SHF 960 – 1300 MHz

• Dimensions: Ø 32 x 20 mm
• Weight: 15 g
• Power supply: Lithium battery 3V
• Acoustic receiver: Piezo element
• Output power: 5 mW
• Modulation: WMF +/- 25kHz
• Antenna: SHF

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Interception and Monitoring Systems
PKI 3000

Outdoor Investigation Shooting Stethoscope-Kit
For more than 40 years PKI is engaged in AV
observation out- and indoor. Consequently our
product range offers numerous devices for this
application. Please see our below listed devices:
PKI 2215 - PKI 5715.
Often the rooms which shall be monitored have
only access from outside, so that due to security
reasons this is the only possible surveillance
method. PKI 3000 therefore offers a very special
version as now upper floors can be monitored.
On activation the transmitter is shot by a
launcher, that is equipped with a CO2-cartridge,
up to a distance of 25 m at full speed. If the
transmitter reaches a window or masonry it will
stick there and wirelessly transmit the acoustic
waves captured from behind the wall up to 50 m.
Reception is possible by adequate wide band

• Dimensions: Ø 10 mm
• Weight: 12 g
• Acoustic receptor: Piezo-element
• HF-power: 1 mW
• Power supply: coin cell
• Monitoring time: max. 24 hours

• Dimensions: 160x140x30 mm
• Weight: 180 g
• Frequency: 980 MHz-range
• Input sensitivity: 0,35µV at 12 dB
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
• Outputs: for headphone and recorder
• Dimensions: 50x20x10 cm
• Weight: 2,5 kg
• Pressure: CO2-cartridge
• Range: max. 25 m

PKI 2215 Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2415 Stethoscope Transmitter
PKI 2455 Needle Microphone with Amplifier
PKI 2470 Needle Microphone with Amplifier
PKI 2625 GSM Stethoscope
PKI 2850 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2900 Electronic Stethoscope
PKI 2975 Investigation Kit for Outdoor Use
PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System
PKI 3200 IR-Observation System
PKI 5715 Window Camera

PKI 3100

Laser Monitoring System
This PKI 3100 Laser Monitoring System has
been designed for secret surveillance operation if
access to the target room is totally impossible.
The laser transmitter sends an invisible infra-red
beam to the window of the room to be
monitored. A certain part of the laser beam is
reflected by the windowpane which vibrates
slightly due to sound waves caused by the
spoken words inside. Due to the law of optics,
the beam is reflected in the same angle, i.e. the
angle of incidence is equal to the angle of
reflection. In order to capture the reflected beam
in the middle of the lens the receiver must be
positioned very accurately. The captured beam
can now be converted into electrical signals,
which - after filtering - are amplified and fed into
headphones and/or recording devices.
The Laser Monitoring System PKI 3100 consists
of the following parts:
Laser Transmitter
Camera Housing
Tele-lens 135 mm
Power supply for transmitter
Cable power supply
2 pcs. tripods
Micrometer platform with adjustable x/y axis
Laser receiver
Camera housing


Tele-lens 500 mm
Recording unit & amplifier inside case
Wireless headphones
Cable between receiver and case
• Laser output power: 24 mW max.
• Laser wavelength: 880 nm
• Optical divergence: 0,5 mard
• Optical system: 135 mm, 1:2,8
• Optical system: 500 mm
• Laser: class 3 laser
Transmitter/receiver unit (mechanical specs)
• Weight: 1,6 kg
• Power supply: 8x UM-2
• Connectors: socket for wired connection to
Amplifier/Electronic unit
• System: filter amplifier
• Max. gain: 100 dB
• Equaliser type: 5 band graphic
• Filter frequencies: 300, 600, 1200,
2400, 4800 Hz

• Adjustment range: +/- 10 dB
• Output phone: 4-16 Ohm, 100 mW
• Output recording: 200 mV at 50 KOm
• Power supply: 8x UM – 1 or mains
110-240 V AC
• Battery lifetime: up to 50 hours
• Weight: 8,2 kg
• Dimensions: 45 x 38 x 22 cm

Catalogues are available for download at

Production and Development

PKI 3200

Infrared Observation System
Often rooms have to be monitored from the outside due to no direct access and the observation
has to be effected by systems hardly to detect.
For this purpose the PKI 3200 Infrared
Observation System offers the right choice. Due
to its infrared light - which is completely
invisible to human eyes and beyond the range of
any RF scanner or radio receiver - this device
perfectly meets all requirements.
The system consists of an optical receiver with
pinpointed telescope, a tripod for mounting the
receiver and two different transmitters for room
observation. One transmitter is featuring a
built-in microphone while the other one comes
with a contact microphone which operates like a
stethoscope to listen through walls, windows etc.
The receiver is equipped with a tele-lens which
allows looking into rooms from a distance of
approx. 300 meters.
A) Transmitter Frequency 870nm IR
• Carrier frequency Standard 125 KHz
• Modulation NFM F 3
• Deviation 5 KHz
• Output power approx. 40 m
• Stethoscope-transmitter Dimensions

45 x 35 x 15 mm, battery 6 V
• Room-transmitter Dimensions
85 x 35 x 20 mm, block battery 9 V
B) Receiver Lens connector M 42
• Receiving principle superhet
• Dimension 500 x 120 mm incl. lens
and telescope sight
• Power 9 V block battery

• Modulation
• Low rate of detection
• Monitoring of inaccessible
rooms through walls and windows
• Portable system
• Easy installation

PKI 4000

Optical Detection Device
The PKI 4000 is a compact and lightweight
device, based on a unique patented technology
and is adapted to professional and specific tasks
of security activity at its maximum. Worldwide it
really does not have any analogues featuring the
same technical capabilities. The unit is tested and
certified by professionals in the field of
counterterrorism and security activities in many
countries all over the world. Although being a
state-of-the-art unit PKI 4000 is easy to operate
and does not require any special technical
knowledge but fully meets all security
requirements. PKI 4000 provides “around the
clock” the highest available security level, by
minimising the risk of unwanted observation. PKI
4000 facilitates the detection and exact location
of optical and opto-electronic systems, including
those covertly deployed - regardless of their type
or operational principle (passive, active, laser,
night-vision or other systems), level of
surrounding light conditions etc. It effectively
detects optical systems through double-glazed,
tinted windows or windscreens whether these
are hidden pinhole cameras, sniper sights,
binoculars, lasers or covert video- or photo
devices. It is also protected against bright light or
flashes and even can identify a vehicle number
plate at night.
• Working distance: according to version from
350 m up to 1200 m
• Minimum distance: approx. 0,5 m

• Field of view: 6°
• Operating temperature: - 10 to + 40°C
• Power supply: rechargeable battery
9-36 VDC or AC mains (100-240 VAC) via
supplied mains adapter

• Continuous operation: up to 3 hours at fully
charged battery
• Power consumption: 4 Watts
• Weight: 1,1 kg
• Dimensions: approx. 175 x 100 x 75 mm

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