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ION, the lnternet Operations Network, is the only
vetted and reliable resource that enables online
non-attribution at the most critical level.

ION provides critical capabilities that enable
government organizations to securely collect online
intelligence and defeat the efforts of cybercriminals


and terrorists.





Mission Threats in the Cyber Battlespace
Operating on the lnternet presents a real and present danger for government investigations, intelligence
collection, and other mission-critical operations. While some government leaders and decision-makers are
aware of these threats, there still exists a gross misperception that "no one can see what we do online."
The truth is, even simple search engine queries leave digital footprints that can be used by targets for


. .

Example of

information derived from an unprotectdd IP address

Windows OS Engl~
IE v6 Browser


XYZ Agency
Unprotected IP Address






Anti-virus and firewalls are commonly used tools to protect
organizations from "inbound" threats, but do nothing to
protect government IP addresses during online investigations.
Organizations must protect their "outbound" traffic (IP
addresses) to truly secure their online missions. Without this
critical security component, they put their operations at risk of
the following counteractive measures:

Using simple web analytics, any adversary can capture IP
addresses, allowing them to monitor online activities,
aggregate data, and obtain confidential information
using reverse engineering techniques. Mtection, deterrence,
and exploitation of adversary activities is as important in
cyberspaceas anywhere else.

Website Blocking aurd spoofing

When you surf the lnternet unprotected,
you expose your IP addresses and network
identities putting your mission in jeopardy.


While the& are other r e m m tk8thwk IP
have not been mhitected




Operations Network

d proven non-attribution tools and technologies, allows organizations to hide their true IP identities
Prcsprietary technologies, high performance access, and hardened networks combine for a
he parameters of any mission.

Cloud-based Technologies

Cover & Backstopping


Basic Non-Attributinn





.Altrihiitinn f n r Analvsl

ION's proprietary IONRotator" technology provides
random, rotating IP addresses and domains that
are innocuous and untraceable to the user during
OSlNT gathering and analytic efforts. Organizations
will experience seamless online data collection with
technologies that allow them to blend in to the general
visitor population of any target website. Inaddition,
CONUS and mONUS Geosites provide strong
backstopping and the ability to blend in
with specific groups.

Robust Solutions for Secure Wet:

dliaence Collection

large and easily detected footprint. ION's proprietary
IONEploder" technology provides anonymous and
secure access to website informationby providing
thousands of non-attributable IP addresses that spread
out user patterns and activity. Harvesting traffic blends
neatly into the general visitor population, enabling
informationassurance during web harvesting,
unstructured data colledion, Intemet "chatter"
analysis, and other research initiatives.

Aooess Mode Option

1.1 /

Each ION solution p r o v ~ q W r t tso suit your specific access venue, including facility, web portal, field, and h d e i d cap&~ties.

e, activities, and identi
set of tools that

P addresses


multiple layers of obfuscation from even the most sophisticated targets. Global points of presence (IONW i t e s ) can be integrated. ._
into any (ONsolution, allowing users to appear to originate from a particular region. Communication paths, funding mechanisms, f 3
. /- c2 ( ,c . *.
corporatp identi, and back story can all be customized to enable specific operations.






rlauslole, mepeatame rersonas Tor deep ~nvesrigat~on


e-identifies customized to W& target. By providing a ique IP address for each e - ~ ~ g - c o m m u n ~ ~ m
always appear to come from the same lacation aqi alias.
Addition*, the techndogy minimi~hUmm.err& by

The system provides built-in protection so that any
compromise of one asset will not ripple to others.

The nature of government operations
requires a level of experience and
sophistication that transcends traditional
solutions and providers. ION'S vetted,
reliable, proven technologies provide
turnkey information operation tools for the
most critical aspects of online missions.


Scalable, integrated solutions that can operate under the
highest security threat models and requirements are vital for
true non-attribution services.

Single Network Risk


1SPs are limited to providing IP space from only within their
own networks. Solution providers should have the capability
to acquire network space from many independent lSPs
around the globe.

Additional Identification Risks
Simply hiding your IP address is not enough. To ensure
Continuous protection, solutions must constantly monitor
blacklist and blocking sites, provide billions of pages
of cover traffic, and stay completely up-to-date on the
algorithms used for network identification.

Backstopping Penetration Risk
Budget Risk
Solutions that provide subscription-based pricing can help
protect organizations from cost overmns and unforeseen
budgetary impacts.

Extensive, real world operational experience in the selection
~f appropriate backstopping levels must be provided to
ensure the highest level of security. Plausible, appropriate
levels of obfuscation are necessary to mitigate even the
slightest exposure of operations.

Additional Capabilities




In pddition to the core capabiliiies highlighted thus far, ION also provides other types of operational solutions.
examples of these further capabilities include:




missions require m k & & ~ o - m u ~ ~s ud ~ w ' i s l y
co municate Qver possibly hostile, unsecure, indigenous Internet feswces.
Ou solutions leverage OCONUS websiites and other ordinary loolseri/ices, backstoppedby e n t i i and points of presencethat will withstand
su stantial scrutiny by targets, to ensuretmqivate communications
'n undetected. Within the hidden communications, we use strong
c tography to ensure the security and integrity of the content.










information planted in chat m s and forums, and the speciffc activitii
of hostile network denizens, This capability allows users to discover
how information is passed through hostile organizations. In addition,
our technologies provide solutions to track untrustworthy or suspicious



Hmeyp&i and MhMbuW


ION'S capabilities alhw organizations to place content or services on the
lnternet which appear to be owned, controlled, and located elsewhere.
This enables users to attract online targets, extremists, and other persons
of interest. OCONUS points of presence enable any website to originate
from, and appear to beoperated from, the appropriate location. The actual
servers may be in the remote locations, or actually hosted in user facilities
and virtually projected to the remote locations.





highly secure audit trail.pContactnames, pmail

, 10d provides a variety of capabilities to track the dissemination of


Users m@ ens? that ~yYmrdinatetheir
activities to avoid duplition of efforts, or: the
accidental investigation of each other. This can
be very d
i while Mntaining security, and
compartmentaliitionof information. KIN prowides
the ability for dierent groups to share i mation
with complete authentication and acces control
whiie simultaneously providing anon-witha



addresses, and other irformationcan be/compared
w i t h 4 l t h e t z ~ ~ r e ~
informationor divulgingwho is asking.



ION can provide several different kin

lnternet Protocol (VolP)sokions.
communications capabilities allow
to make and receive cdls without
addition, we can enhance geographic points of
presence to interface inthe appropriate local
telephone infrastructureto suppert geog €@hi
distributionof outgoingW. For exar+@l8;
g user h Syria would be abte bJ make a What aF&*



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