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Intent. Insight. Impact:






INiceTrack Location Tracking Solutions
n data into mission-critical intelligence.NiceTrack handles

, reliable target positioning in real-time. The NiceTrack
perators with a full suite of operational tmfsto enhance
to enable post-event investigation.

Key Beneffis

Technology Highlights

NiceTrack LocationTracking solution helps Law Enforcement Agencies


axes, using unique positioning technology.



Anyone, Anyhe, Anywhere:

Unique Hybrid Location Tracking Engine:
Utilize multiple positioning methods to optimize target positloning
for urban and rural environments both indoor and outdoors.

~ ~ ~ J INew
W YTargets and ! S L J S ~ ~ ~ ~ S :
Analyze suspicious geo-behavior, monitor crime zones or areas of
interest and detect proximity of suspects to known targets.


Full W o r k and Handset SU~
Interface with all cellular networks including b a ~ulvlTS,
and LTE and track location of any cellular device.

Detect S U S P ~ C'fr~3&ffb:
Receive real-time location-based alerts and initiate a proactive
response to prevent crime and terror activities.

Mass Data Gofleetion:
Capture, process, analyze and store nationwide data for any
duration of time.

Get accurate and reliable positloning data for any subscriber
'on-demand', and display target routes for any time-frame in any


? r ' C b 3D 'LoCabn:
Achieve highly accurate and reliable mobile location, in X, Y and Z

(LEAS)and intelligence organizationsto reduce crime, prevent terrorism
and identify other security threats. NiceTrack Location Tracking
solution enables:


UnobMsiive Monitoring:
Target is not aware of and cannot prevent LEA and intelligence
trackrng actlvlties.

Bridge IntelligenceGaps:
Retrieve historical location data and perform post-event
investigations to create a wider intelligence perspective.

Multiple Data Soun=es
Collect cellular location data and enrich investigations with other
information sources including GPS, credit card transactions,
tracking devices, License Plate Recognition (LPR) sensors and
external location engines.


Open A r c h i r e Design:
Utilize the NiceTrack Software Development KitTMand the
API Resource Library to ~nterfacewith legacy and third party
applrcations. Ensure seamless integration and operational synergy
between NiceTrack Locatlon Tracking, Monitoring Center and
Mass Detection solutions.




Geo-Intelligence Working

NiceTrack Professional

The NiceTrack geo-intelligence working environment provides system
operators with a full suite of operational tools including:

NiceTrack solutions are in use by leading Law Enforcement Agencies
and intell~genceorganizations worldwide. As a NiceTrack customer,
you benef~tfrom a w~derange of professional services including
systems analysis and design, interface usab~lity,content analytics and
full integration services. Our seasoned team of professionals offers:

Command and Control Capabilities:
Increase situation awareness and ensure real-time distribution of
mission-critical intelligence to field units.


Location-Based Queries:

24D t&nW


Disciplined project management

Perform offline queries on any type of data to link targets and
suspects with places of interest.


Smoottt and rapid

Geo- Fence Alerts:
Define virtual perimeters for sensitive locations; detect proximity of
targets; trigger automatic alerts.

Behavior Profiles:
Create routine behavior patterns and define rule-based alerts to
identify irregular or suspicious activities.

3D GIS Application:
Display 3D map to pinpoint position and altitude of targets in
dense urban environments.

Dissemination Tools:
Export data and distribute operational reports to enhance
knowledge sharing and team collaboration.

Expert on-site integration

High quality custom~lzedtraining
Industry standard technical documentation


Intent. Insight. Impact:

Global International HQ, Israel

EMEA, Europe & Middle East

T+97297753777,F+9729 7434282

T +44 1489 771200, F +44 1489 771665

Americas, North America

APAC, Asia Pacific

T +l
201 964 2600, F +l 201 964 2610

T+85225983838.F+8522802 1800

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