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I NiceTrack Target 36" helps Law Enforcement Agencies and intelligence

organizations to reduce crime, prevent terrorism and identify other
security threats. NiceTrack Target 360? key benefits include:

Provides hermetic 360" target monitoring by addressing the
dynamic and complex nature of the communication world and
particularly, the Internet arena.

providing a comprehensive intelligence picture using conclusive
dashboards. The ?nal data is compiled using various capabilities,
including 30 accurate positioning, advanced iP monitoring, Open
Source Inteliigence (OSINT), Lawful Hacking and speech analytics.

Developed by intelligence veterans and backed by innovative
in?house technotogy, our solutions help to extract intelligence
insights and create a signi?cant impact on criminai investigations
(egg capabilities to track suspicious activities based on

:si'rn'it'ar predefined characteristics and communication patterns
accumulated over years of experience).

Grants access to unique intelligence production workflows,
dashboards, advanced analytical tools and processing features
that enhance communication-based anaiysis and investigation

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Enables. different impiementation characteristics, including
ongoing adaptation to new communication technologies,
standards and laws, seamless integration with legacy systems and
Data Retention repositories.

NiceTrack Target 360? is designed by intelligence veterans to be
depldyed by intelligence experts. The system is used by dozens
of around the world, providing them with market-leading
technology, including:

Manage and efficiently structure millions of internet activities into a
simple and meaningful intelligence picture.




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Achieve highly accurate and reliable mobile location, in X, and

axes, using a patent?protected positioning technology. The software?
based positioning technology does not require continuous drivemtest
model calibration or LMU deployment.

target's intentions and build an accurate inteliigence picture.

Assembie alt communication types, lnternet events, OSINT data and
Lawful Hacking information collected under a single platform. Unique
dashboard dispiay and workflows help to easily generate
reiiable and significant inteiligence.

Utilize the NiceTrack Software Deveiopment Kit? and Resource
Library to interface with legacy systems and third party applications.
Ensure seamless integration and operationai synergy between the

.NiceTrack Target 360?, Horizon Insight, Processing Engines and

Collection components.

NiceTrack solutions are fuiiy compliant with international standards for
Lawful interception as defined by the European Teiecommunications
Standards institute (ETSI), and the American Telecommunications
Industry Association fl" IA), under the Communications Assistance for
Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

NiceTrack Target 360" is highly customizable, enabling various
implementation characteristics. individuai departments and
organizations can decide which modules to implement to best
serve their communication interception and analysis needs. The
foliowing implementation models are the most frequently deployed
in__ the market. These models are recommendations only, as
NiceTrack Target 360? solutions can be tailor-designed to suit your
organization?s "specific needs.

Target 360? internet implementation refers to an end-to?end solution
for interception, analysis and investigation of all types of EP and Internet
activities. The system enables to overcome the major challenge

of associating between millions of events and understand the context

of different sessions. As most contemporary communication methods
are lP?based, NiceTrack Target 360? provides processing engines and
analytical tools backed by unique inteiligence-driven [workflows and
dashboards to help build a comprehensive intelligence picture.

Target 360? is designed to handle all types of Web 2.0 internet
applications, inciuding social netWorks, forums, chats, and emails, and
is scaiable to support new services as introduced in the fast-growing
internet arena. -

Target 360" internet can be integrated with legacy systems for telephony
and- mobile interception and provide a comprehensive solution for all
types'of communication interception.

Target 360? Telephony implementation refers to an end-to-end solution
for interception, analysis and investigation of ail types of telephony,
mobile and voice communications. The system provides
with advanced analytical tools to handle the vast amounts and variety
of telephony communications. Although telephony communication
has become a s'mailer part of the target communication profile,
continUed efforts are still made to extract its data. NiceTrack Target
360?, supported by in~house technology for voice analytics, otters

capabilities such as language and speaker identification, speaker
hunting, gender identification, word spotting, and topic, stress and
age group detection.

Target 360" Teiephony is fully compliant with all international standards
of Lawful interception, including ETSI, CALEA and SORM.

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NiceTrack Target 360" Location implementation refers to an end-to-
and solution for interception, analysis and investigation of mobile
subscriber location data. The system provides with 3D
Accurate Positioning (3DAPTM) in X, and axes for targets in real-
time. Location-data has become critical in building reliable target
profiles and creating a comprehensive intelligence pibture. 3DAP is
also essentiai for use in operational activity and in real-time tracking.
The NiceTrack Target 360? Location working environment provides
system operators with a comprehensive suite of operational tools to
enhance ongoing investigations and offers unlimited data storage to
enable post-event investigation.

NiceTrack Target 360? is scalable, with the the above mentioned
modules seamlessiy integrated into one another.

NiceTrack- soiutions are deployed by thousands of and
experts worldwide, in leading LEAs and intelligence organizations. By
becoming one of NiceTrack Target 360? customers, you will benefit
from a wide range of professional services including:

Solution customization
24/7 technicai support
Disciplined project management
Smooth and rapid deployment
Expert on?site integration
High quality customized training
All of our services are delivered by professionals with vast

experience in technological, operationai and investigative aspects
of intelligence work methods and processes.


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