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Our Mission Your Success
NiceTrackIntelligenceServiceshelp LEAs and intelligenceorganizations
effectively handle potential security threats by implementing new
methodologies and practicing a variety of intelligence scenarios.
NiceTrack Intelligence Services help organizations to:

m Build investigative and intelligence units and qualify
intelligence analysts


m Implement new investigation methodologies
and intelligence workflows
m Gain more valuable intelligence from multiple sources

m Increase success rate of solving criminal and counter
intelligence cases
m Improve response efficiency in addressing national threats

Our Services Your Advantage

Our Experience Your Expertise

NiceTrack offers its intelligence services to LEAs, intelligence
organizations, and government agencies. Training courses and
workshops are tailored to meet customers' needs and are focused at
solving challenges and threats faced by each organization. Intelligence
services are individually designed to tram the organization's personnel
based on level, rank and role.

NiceTrack Intelligence Services experts are professionals with years
of experience in producing intelligence, building and managing
complicated back offices, designing interception systems and
implementing new intelligence methodologies. For years, our veteran
intelligenceservicesteam has successfully trained officers in eliteglobal
intelligence organizations. Our team offers a range of intelligence and
investigative methodologies and has the required training to handle a
multitude of challenges and threats.


NiceTrack Intelligence Services include the following courses,
workshops and consulting services:


Intelligence Workshops
NiceTrack intelligence workshops provide the organization with advanced tools that address
specific intelligencearenas. Individual workshops are tailored to provide in-depth insight on specific
intelligence topics, including extraction of intelligence from:

m IP networks
m Speech and text analytics
m Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

m Communication data records
m Mobile Location data

(2-6 weeks)

NiceTrack intelligence courses provide the organization with the necessary tools for intelligence
production. Courses are designed to improve the organization's ability to cope with internal and
external threats. Course participants learn how to:
m Build and operate an intelligence back office
m Extract intelligencefrom interception systems

m Investigate criminal activity using Lawful Interception (LI)
m Detect new threats using communication patterns


Integrate intercepted data with HUMINT, OSINT and other intelligence sources

(3-18 months)

NiceTrack consulting services are based on a comprehensive study of customers' needs, to help
organizations implement new intelligence workflows and methodologies and handle complex
challenges. Consulting services are provided by experienced NiceTrack consultants. NiceTrack
consultants work closely with customers and tailor solutions to meet organization's individual
requirements. Consulting services help organizations to:


m Extract and analyze intelligence sources not yet produced within the organization

m Establish new investigative units and implement intelligence workflows
Create traininn and cnnchinn nrnnrams fnr intelligence personnel


Intent. Insight. Impact:

NlcerracK products ana solurlons cover the full spec
the telecommunications intelligence process from interception
and monitoring, to processing, analysis and dissemination
of telephony and lnternet data. The NiceTrack product suite
includes Interception and Mediation, Monitoring Center,
Location Tracking, Mass Detection Center, Traffic Analysis and
Pattern Analyzer solutions.

Global International HQ, Israel

EMEA, Europe & Middle East


T +44 1489 771200,F +44 1489 771665

Americas, North America

APAC, Asia Pacific

T +l 201 964 2600,F +l 201 964 2610


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