Name: Gigabit Observer

Text: Gigabit and 10 GbE Network Analysis
Monitor Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Communication from the Edge to the Core
For enterprise management, gigabit and 10 gigabit Ethernet networks mean high-speed communication, ondemand systems, and improved business functions. For enterprise IT professionals, these networks require
diligent maintenance, analysis, monitoring, troubleshooting, and comprehensive network management. To
help fulfill the promise of gigabit technologies, network professionals require a comprehensive, distributed
analysis system.
The Network Instruments® Gigabit Observer® product family provides multiple, scalable options for enterprise
organizations demanding comprehensive network management. All appliances are 64-bit Windows systems
and include Network Instruments’ exclusive Gen2™ capture technology designed to maximize analysis
performance on critical links.
Network Instruments Analysis Advantages

Full-duplex, wire-speed gigabit and 10 GbE capture and statistics

64-bit for faster processing and larger capture buffers

Internally designed capture cards optimize analysis

Processing at the probe speeds analysis and minimizes bandwidth usage

Deploy a gigabit or 10 GbE Probe Appliance on local or remote
mission-critical links for real-time, wire-speed Expert analysis.

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In-Depth Analysis for Gigabit and 10 GbE Networks
Every member of the gigabit product family is designed with Network
Instruments’ unique Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA™) architecture. This
award-winning analysis technology delivers investment fl exibility, prompt
problem resolution, proactive network management, complete application
analysis, and integrated visibility. Below are a few examples of the powerful
functionality found throughout the gigabit and 10 GbE product line.
Statistics – Observer off ers over 30 real-time statistics for gigabit and 10 GbE
analysis, including Network Summary, Bandwidth Utilization, (DCE and DTE
displays), Top Talkers, VLAN Metrics, IP Pairs, Protocol Distribution, and
Network Activity.
Link Utilization – Observer provides granular analysis on gigabit links so
communication can be viewed on a conversation-by-conversation basis or in
aggregation. Monitor up to eight ports for any simultaneous combination of
SPAN sessions, full-duplex connections, and trunked gigabit links.

SQL Application Analysis
Application Analysis – Monitor the application layer in real time and post
capture through Observer’s Application Analysis. Track application session fl
ows and failed transactions, gather statistics on errors, monitor response times,
and perform network forensics for gigabit and 10 GbE links.
Distributed Expert Analysis – Regardless of location, Observer ensures rapid
diagnosis and resolution of network problems for over 570 Expert conditions.
Observer’s Expert Analysis off ers real-time and post-capture Expert event
identifi cation, modeling, and analysis for gigabit and 10 GbE networks. View
network conditions in a single, concise display. All analysis is done remotely at
the probe delivering only screen updates to the Observer console, minimizing
impact to the network.
VoIP Expert – Monitor VoIP connections and improve VoIP performance across
the organization with VoIP Expert. See VoIP traffi c statistics and more than 20
metrics that track call quality. Observer off ers complete decode of VoIP
protocols including SIP, H.323, MGCP, and SCCP. Save or play voice
conversations or streaming video. Track jitter or lost packets (in each direction)
and total VoIP utilization.
Expert Summary
VLAN Statistics – Determine if VLANs are overloaded and verify VLAN setups
on gigabit and 10 GbE links. Observer displays real-time VLAN statistics in
aggregation or by individual load per station.
Connection Dynamics – Observer provides a graphical view of network
conversations down to the application layer. Conversations are displayed
packet-by-packet with Expert Analysis, allowing for instant identifi cation of
latency. Drill down on a conversation for granular analysis and to pinpoint
problems immediately.
Filtering – Observer off ers an extensive range of fi ltering capabilities for both
real-time and post-capture analysis. For data mining tasks, Observer pre-fi lters
capture buff ers, resulting in quicker analysis. This feature is vital for sifting
through large volumes of data (gigabit and/or long-term captures). Observer can
also execute fi lters concurrently and share fi lter libraries among users.
VLAN Stations Report
Trending and Reporting – Observer allows users to collect, store, view, and
analyze gigabit traffi c over days, weeks, months, and even years. Use this data
to perform historical analysis and determine if capacity upgrades are needed.
Observer also includes over 20 Ready-Made Reports for instant snapshots of
network health as well as the ability to create custom reports. Reports can be
sent via e-mail or published over the web to share with management.

VoIP Summary

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Choose From a Variety of Gigabit and 10 GbE Monitoring Options
Common functionality available across the entire gigabit and 10 GbE analysis line:
● 64-bit systems for maximum analysis performance and scalability
● Utilizes internally engineered Gen2 technology for guaranteed, wire-speed captures
● Localizes data processing at the probe to minimize network overhead
● Provides continuous monitoring with included nTAPs
● Captures large amounts without packet loss with up to a 124 GB buffer

Gigabit or 10 GbE Probe Appliances
Offers wire-speed, full-duplex analysis on gigabit or 10 GbE links in an easy-to-install rack
mount unit.
● Configures as a local console for on-site analysis
● Reports to any Expert Observer or Observer Suite console on the network
● May also be licensed as an RMON/HCRMON probe
● Gigabit Probe Appliances have the added ability of monitoring trunked links independently or
in aggregation
Probe Appliance for gigabit or 10 GbE networks

GigaStor™ for Gigabit and 10 GbE Networks
For historical and forensics analysis, the GigaStor technology is the ideal choice. Capture hours, days, or even weeks worth of gigabit or 10 GbE
traffic directly to disk for historical analysis. Speed problem resolution by completely eliminating the time-consuming task of having to recreate issues.
● Store up to 2 TB, 4 TB, or 8 TB of network data or select the write-to-SAN configuration for almost limitless storage capacity
● A unique timeline interface makes it easy to isolate and troubleshoot past events
● Stored data can be reconstructed (web pages, e-mail, IM, VoIP) to support forensic analysis
● Capture to disk at 430 MBps (3440 Mbps)

GigaStor Control Pane

GigaStor for gigabit or 10 GbE networks

Portable Analysis Systems
The Gigabit Observer Suite System (GOSS) is a fully portable unit that contains all the hardware and software necessary to troubleshoot and manage
the most advanced gigabit and 10 GbE networks. Designed for convenience in travel and shipping, this all-in-one unit is ideal for field service
engineers tasked with solving elusive network abnormalities at particular points across the organization.
The GOSS is a portable analyzer and includes a copy of Observer Suite. The system does not require any additional hardware or software.

All-in-one System

Observer Suite console software
Gen2 Gigabit or 10 GbE capture card
10/100/1000 Ethernet management port
All required cabling
Built-in display, keyboard, trackpad, and DVD-RW drive
Durable, hard case appropriate for airline travel
Also shares data with any Expert Observer or Observer Suite console on the network

Field Service Solution for gigabit or 10 GbE networks

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Top Five Hardware Advantages for Maximum Analysis Performance
All Network Instruments gigabit and 10 GbE appliances deliver key advantages for ensuring full-duplex, wire-speed capture and analysis on gigabit links.


Provides capture and analysis flexibility with Gen2 technology
All gigabit and 10 GbE probes include Network Instruments’ internally designed gigabit capture cards to ensure accurate,
high-performance gigabit capture on fully saturated gigabit and 10 GbE links.
● Allows for driver updates to be implemented in the field with a simple downloadable firmware patch
● The probe relies on one card (one clock) for timestamping and as a result data is marked to the nanosecond ensuring
accurate tags across multiple links

Exclusive features for full-duplex gigabit capture:
● Monitor up to eight ports for any simultaneous combinations of SPAN
sessions, full-duplex connections, and trunked links
● Switch between monitoring copper or optical connections with the
card’s SFP technology


Exclusive features for full-duplex 10 GbE capture:
● Provides sustained 10 GbE full-duplex capture at line rate
● Functions such as filtering and statistics are performed directly on the
● Provides real-time Expert analysis for 10 GbE networks

64-bit systems ensure maximum Observer performance
Network Instruments’ 64-bit systems offer faster processing and larger capture buffers.
● With 64-bit, the capture buffer permits up to 124 GB, the largest in the industry
● By integrating with Observer’s 64-bit application core, gigabit and 10 GbE appliances can crunch Expert data,
perform comprehensive analysis, and deliver statistics faster for rapid problem resolution


Manages all data processing and Expert analysis locally at the probe
All gigabit and 10 GbE products have the capability to collect, store, and process data on the probe itself.
● Only screen updates are sent back to the Observer console
● Speeds up tasks like Expert analysis
● Minimizes unnecessary network traffic
● Decreases troubleshooting time


Comprehensive analysis
Gigabit and 10 GbE products report to any Expert Observer or Observer Suite console located on the network.
● Over 30 real-time statistics for monitoring application response times, VoIP traffic, viruses, hack attacks, and
● Triggers and alarms can be configured to instantly alert an administrator of problem activity
● Perform long-term tending and baselining
● Multiple Observer users can log on simultaneously to collaborate or perform individual tasks


Includes nTAPs for guaranteed data delivery
Only a TAP can copy data from full-duplex links at line rate for monitoring devices.

Insert and remove the probe without network disruption
Acquire and independent view of gigabit or 10 GbE data flow
Eliminate dependence on a SPAN or mirror port
Ensure full-duplex, wire-speed passive analysis

About Network Instruments
Network Instruments provides in-depth network intelligence and continuous network availability through innovative analysis solutions. Enterprise network professionals depend on Network
Instruments’ Observer product line for unparalleled network visibility to efficiently solve network problems and manage deployments. By combining a powerful management console with highperformance analysis appliances, Observer simplifies problem resolution and optimizes network and application performance. The company continues to lead the industry in ROI with its advanced
Distributed Network Analysis (NI-DNA™) architecture, which successfully integrates comprehensive analysis functionality across heterogeneous networks through a single monitoring interface.
Network Instruments is headquartered in Minneapolis with sales offices worldwide and distributors in over 50 countries. For more information about the company, products,
technology, NI-DNA, becoming a partner, and NI University please visit

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