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f..~ Sagem
Défense Securite
.,„,,1 S ASAFRAN
F R A N Group


A t t h e c u t t i n g edge
of E u r o p e a n a n d

Sagem is a high-technology electronics group that
has drawn on the technological and industrial synergies
of its two businesses—communications and defence
and security—to create a world class company.
It is the second largest French telecommunications
group and the third largest European defence and
security electronics group.

Sagem is the leading European manufacturer of inertial systems
and the third largest in the world in the field. It is also the leading European manufacturer of optronic systems and the number one manufacturer in the world of fingerprint-based biometrics systems. In addition, Sagem is a world leader in helicopter
flight control and space optics.

Defence & Security encompasses
the following three fields:
• Navigation and Aeronautics —guidance, navigation, guided
weapons, civil and military avionics
• Optronics and Air-land Systems —1.JAV systems. land. marine
and airborne optronics, space observation, data transmission and
processing and secured communications
• Security —biometric identification systems, secure terminals,
smart cards and certification

Technological i n d e p e n d e n c e
As a European leader in a broad range of technologies. Sagem
has set itself the goal of maintaining its international competitiveness in highly strategic areas.This includes high-precision
mechanics, optical surface polishing, thin-film deposition. laser
and infrared technologies, electrostatic magnetism, gyroscopic
sensors and acceleration detectors, microelectronics, signal
processing and data transmission.
Sagem's research and development efforts have enabled it to
strike an excellent balance among technology, equipment/products and systems.

Fields o f e x p e r t i s e
Sagem has earned a reputation for being a world-leading specialist in the following domains:
I. Data/image processing and transmission technologies
Sagem has extensive expertise in data and image processing.
including algorithms, software, large-scale database management,
encryption, compression and transmission, secure links, radio
transmission and data fusion.

2. Infrared optronic technologies
Over the past five decades, Sagem has come
to master the full range of optronic technology.This comprises integrated systems and
components such as semiconductors and
infrared sensing superconductors, high-precision optical devices, micro coolers, piezoelectric scanners, digital processing, modelling
and gyrostabilisation.As a leader in infrared
technology. Sagem Defence & Security
supplies a full range of infrared equipment
for observation, detection, warning.
terminal homing. search and track,
sighting and fire control.

• --

3. Inertial and hybrid navigation technologies
Specialised in inertial guidance technology for forty years,
Sagem has developed outstanding skills in the use of gyros.This
is especially so for gryrometers, floating gyros, tuned gyros, electrostatic and ring laser gyros and fibre-optic and vibrating gyros.
Sagem is also an expert in digital filtering techniques. It applies
this know-how to highly integrated systems that combine inertia
with various updating modes, such as GPS, speed measurement
and terrain contour matching.

Navigation and
A e r o n a u t i c Systems
Inertial navigation and guidance
Sagem offers a wide range of inertial and hybrid
systems for submarines and surface ships, ground vehicles,
aircraft, helicopters and space vehicles. Several thousand of these
systems are already in service in more than twenty countries.
Sagem has extended its expertise in this area to cover equipment
for civil aircraft, from its design and development to the
manufacture of all types of airborne systems and ground
programming and analysis stations. Case in point.Airbus Industrie has
contracted Sagem to supply the information system and the
secondary electronic flight control panel for the A380.

Helicopter flight control
As the world leader in helicopter flight control, Sagem offers a
complete range of aeronautic systems and equipment for civil
and military helicopters and civil aircraft_This equipment is
extremely important in avionics; it is responsible for
key functions such as flight command and control,
navigation and stabilisation, data management
and airborne maintenance.



Atttude and i-teochng Refr,rence System

[OM) &fission Picrovrig and Debriefing System,

Mission planning systems
Drawing on its extensive know-how in inertial navigation, digital
mapping and data processing, Sagem has developed products such
as the Local Mission Planning and Debriefing System (SLPRM) for
the RAFALE combat aircraft.Another mission planning system.
CIRCE 2001, has been used by the French air force and many
other air forces throughout the world over the past two decades.
Furthermore, the company has developed the Operational
Communication and Information System (SICOPS Bases) to
streamline the management of resources deployed on airbases.
Finally, the Military Targeting System (DOREM1) has been designed
to optimise the management of target folders,

Modernisation of avionic systems
Replacing existing aircraft is an expensive option, made even more
difficult by widespread cuts in defence budgets_ Modernisation is
an affordable and effective alternative. Sagem's modular solution
for avionic systems upgrades—particularly the MAESTRO
system—has been chosen for hundreds of aircraft across the
globe. MAESTRO can be configured to be either easy to use
(inertial navigation/HUD-type control) or much more complex,
with a wide range of sensors and subsystems that cover all types
of missions. Sagem also supplies in complete sets or as individual
items products and services specifically designed for helicopters.
This includes flight control and autopilot systems, secure radio
transmission and day/night sights.

Optronics and
A i r - l a n d Systems
UAV and observation systems
Sagem offers a comprehensive line of UAVs, such as SPERWER,
for tactical intelligence gathering, target acquisition and
backup for land operations and territorial and maritime surveillance. In terms of civil applications, many security forces in France
and abroad have chosen the company's visible and infrared video
surveillance systems, which are fully compatible with their
helicopters and light aircraft.The STERN mobile digital system,
for example, transmits broadcast quality images and sound
under the harshest conditions.

Night vision, infrared detection
and guidance
The Sagem range of infrared optronic systems covers all operational
missions of defence and security forces, The company has already
produced more than 3.000 thermal imagers and 25,000 homing devices
(MISTRAL, MAGIC and MICA).The French MoD (DGA) has chosen
Sagem to produce 3,000 AASM guidance kits.The IRIS and MATIS
thermal imager families can cope with all navy, land or aeronautic
missions, whether they be for sighting, fire control, surveillance,
observation or reconnaissance.
With respect to aeronautics, the Sagem Front Sector Optronic system
(HO) is used on the RAFALE, and the SAMIR missile launch detector is
used on the RAFALE and the MIRAGE 2000.As for helicopters. Sagem
is involved in the TIGER project with two sights—STRIX and OSIRIS.
A version of STRIX equips the South African ROOIVALK helicopter,
and Sagem also provides equipment for the NH 90 FUR.

Sighting and fire control systems

Front Sector Optronic system.

Long.range 3-5 pm ttlenmd imager

Sagem has become a leader in the field of optronic sights for applications such as panoramic sights, fire control systems for combat
vehicles, helicopter sights, submarine periscopes.
trajectory computing systems and optical equipment for
infantrymen. Sagem's main references include the LECLERC tank
equipped with SAYAN and FIL70 sights and the BMP-type
armoured vehicle fitted with Sagem sights and thermal imagers.
Many other vehicles are fitted with VIGY sights.
The DGA has chosen Sagem to develop the FELIN future
infantryman system to equip soldiers.
The company is also part of a consortium France's MoD has
commissioned to develop the country's network-centric warfare
concept BOA.
Regarding armoured vehicle modernisation, Sagem offers functions
such as night vision, stabilised sighting, laser range finding and
ballistic computation.The company has developed high-performance products for ship anti-missile protection, including the VAMPIR
single or dual spectrum IRST, the EOMS multifunction system and
the VIGY 20, a lightweight day/night observation and fire control
system for small and medium calibre naval guns.

Fingerprint identification systems
Biometric systems are instrumental in ensuring the high level of
security demanded by governments, their citizens and the business community. Sagem's latest generation of crime information
management systems, METAMORPHO TM, includes an Automatic
Fingerprint Identification System (MIS) that offers unique
performance for police forensic applications.This system can
provide identification using evidence from the scene of the crime,
obtain quick results with sizeable ten-print form databases, carry
out palm-print identification, and so on. In addition to this, Sagem
has developed its MORPHOT" civil MIS management system to
ensure citizens have the right to public services such as social
security and healthcare. It also offers biometric products

that provide convenient and extremely efficient solutions for
physical and virtual access control, whether it be for offices,
networks or bank accounts.

Secure data transmission
When it comes to secure communications, Sagem provides solutions for PSTN telephony, mobile telephony. fax, e-mail (Intranet
and Internet) and card transactions.Thanks to the use of extremely sophisticated digitisation techniques and proven encryption algorithms, the group delivers airtight security for all types
of data transmission (text, voice or image). Apart from secure
mobile telephones and faxes. Sagem has developed a range of
payment terminals (SAGEM Monetel) that features
a unique level of technical performance and is compatible
with future means of payment.To protect sensitive corpo-

rate data, Sagem supplies CONFIDENCE, a range of products,
based on public-key encryption technologies (PKI, Public Key
Infrastructure) that secures computer networks. Sagem also
designs and manufactures smart cards suitable for a wide range
of applications: SIM cards, bank cards and ID/security cards.
To reinforce airport security, Sagem has developed a range of
systems based on biometrics (iris, fingerprint and facial recognition), smart cards, cryptography and secure data transmission.
The company is also an expert in designing and manufacturing
lottery terminals. As a leader in the field, it offers systems which
process all types of tickets.

Thenew EFT930 series
Mei* payment termtnafs

&omen= access conad terrn,nd

Defence and

Inertial navigation
and guidance
Helicopter flight control
Mission planning systems
Guided weapons
of avionic systems
UAVs and observation systems
Night vision
Infrared detection and guidance
Sighting and fire control systems
Future infantryman ( H U N ) equipment
Fingerprint identification systems
Secure data transmission


Sagem Defense Securite may, at any time and without notice, make changes or improvements to the products and services offered andior cease producing or commercializing them,
The Sagem Defense Securite logo and trademark are the property of Sagem Defense Securite SA.

SagemDefense Securite
S A F RA N G r o u p

Phone: + 33 1 40 70 67 33 - Fax: + 33 1 40 70 66 00 -
Registered Office: Le Ponant de Pans. 27. rue Leblanc - F-75512 PARIS CEDEX - FRANCE
Sagem Defense Securite - Societe anonyme au capital de 593.303.000
480 107 911 R.C.S. PARIS

Retrofitting the FAMAS
assault rifle for HUN

Assault rifle upgrade

• 'Push-to-talk1radio remote control
• Weapon sights remote control
• Lowered line of sight for improved ergonomics
•Around-the-corner firing
•New bayonet


A s s a u l t rifle u p g r a d e
Retrofitting the FAMAS assault rifle for FELIN

The FELIN system, a n d typically
the FELIN weapon sights, can be
adapted t o most assault rifles
currently in use. The soldier can
activate communication and observation functions v i a remote

can also be used in the dark. In
addition to this, they allow the
soldier to do the following without letting go of the weapon or
looking away from the target:

A new bayonet

• Acquire a target, fire and use
the personal radio

Improved operational capability

• Carry out remote observation

It can be used as a knife for upclose combat or as a cutter for
cables and barbed wire.

The added front handle ensures
the weapon can be held effectively in all firing positions, especially when the bipod cannot be
The weapon can be held securely when the soldier carries out
remote sighting, enabling him
to remain hidden when firing.
The shape o f the handle has
been designed t o be able t o
stabilize the weapon in all firing
configurations and protect the
soldier's hands.
Remote controls

Controls are fitted on top of the
front handle, and are accessible
regardless of the soldier's position. Thanks to markings, they

• Capture images and video
• Change the weapon sight field
of view

A bayonet particularly adapted
to the needs of the modern soldier has been fitted on the assault rifle.

Its resistant blade can be used if
needed as a lever to lift loads or
as a support when scaling high

• Modify the weapon sight
settings (day/night)
New weapon aiming system

The top and front parts of the
FAMAS assault rifle have been
modified and equipped w i t h
a Picatinny rail. This ensures a
perfect interface between the
weapon and the different aiming systems (weapon sight and
laser pointer) without modifying
the weapon performance. It also
improves shooter stealth.

Technical specifications
• Interface:
Waterproof, self-release D-CAT
connector (standardization pending)

Sagem Defense StScurtte may. at any time and without notice. make changes or improvements to the products and services offered and/or c e a s e
them. The Sagem Delense Secunte logo and trademark are the property of Sagem Defense Secunte SA
o r

SagemDefense Securite
Phone: + 33(0)1 40 70 61 29 - Fax: + 33(0)1 50 11 70 90 - www.sagem-dscom
Registered Office: Le Ponant de Paris - 27. rue Leblanc - F-75512 PARIS CEDEX 15 - FRANCE
Societe anonym° as capdal de 591303.000 F
480 107 911 R.C.S. PARIS

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