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8,757 illegal mobile phones and SIM cards were discovered hidden inside
prisons in England and Scotland during 2011. We have no way of knowing how
many remained undiscovered and in regular use. The statistics for 2012 have
yet to be compiled, but there is no evidence to suggest that the serious
problem of prisoners gaining access to mobile phones is diminishing.

Despite newly enacted laws, and the best efforts of the prison authorities,
convicted criminals continue to use illegal mobile phones, which are regularly
smuggled into British prisons. Criminals are using these phones to intimidate
witnesses, control the supply of drugs, both inside and out of prisons, and to
conduct the violent business of serious and organised crime. Illegal phones
can also be used to plan terrorist activities and escapes from lawful custody.

The problem has reached such proportions that a Private Member's Bill, by Sir
Paul Beresford MP, which aims to tackle the issue, has already had its formal
second reading and enjoys strong government and cross-party support. The
Bill, The Prisons (Interference with Wireless Telegraphy) Bill. (Bill 15 of 20122013), proposes that authorisation be given to prison Governors to use radio
frequency jamming equipment, to render illegal mobile phones inside Britain's
prisons unserviceable.

'Instant location plotting of all discovered devices, coupled with the capture of
the phone's unique identifying data, give prison authorities or the police the
choice of making immediate searches and seizures, or conducting longer term,
intelligence led enquiries.
DNA-Tracker will also find and locate laptops, iPads and other devices utilising
Wi-Fi or Bluetooth protocols, instantly displaying their positions, MAC
addresses and other unique data, live on the control room screen.

DNA Overview

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1!, 2012 10:411a.m.

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16· 2012 1D:32a.m.
10.2012. 10:32 a.m.
16, 2012. 10:27a.m,
18 2012, 10:25 a.m.
18 2912 10;15 a,m
18 2012 10:07 a.m.

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12.07·15 11:il3:02
12.07·16 10,25:08
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· 18. 2012, 1Q:08 a.m.

18, 2012. 9:54 a ,m.

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12.o7·18 10~:!50
12.o7-16 10:.10:20

(View of the 'captured device screen', during the live demonstrations at the Farnborough
International Airshow, July 2012)

DNA-Tracker's Phone-Finder technology provides the complete solution to
illegal phone possession in British prisons. Robust and cost-effective, without
the 'side-effects' of other counter-measures, it offers the additional advantage
of providing viable lines of enquiry, should they be required.

DNA-Tracker Phone-Finder






Whilst the Bill is clearly a huge step forward, the use of 'Radio Jamming
Technology' is not without its problems. Indeed a government report readily
acknowledges that it is "not a quick, simple or cheap solution". In addition to
cost, RF Jammers can adversely affect other communication networks inside a
prison and have a negative impact on legitimately held mobile phones both
within and beyond the prison perimeter. A further drawback is that RF jamming
technology can not locate and track a phone's position, its user, or provide
viable lines of enquiry by means of captured data. So what is the answer?

DNA-Tracker's Phone-Finder is a brand new bespoke solution, created
specifically for the UK Prison Service. This British company launched its
innovative mobile device tracking system at the Farnborough International
Airshow in 2012. ( Very recent technological advances
have now allowed the DNA-Tracker development team to produce a robust and
cost-effective counter-measure, to combat the criminal possession of mobile
phones inside UK prisons.

The true power of a DNA-Tracker monitoring network lies in its ability to
capture and process data in 'real-time'. This will empower prison authorities to
instantly detect and locate illegal devices, disrupt criminal activity and
businesses and deny convicted criminals the use of wireless telephony inside
the walls of British prisons.


The DNA-Tracker system 'GEO-fences' the target area with strategically
located tracker units. The target area is digitally mapped and displayed on a
control room screen. A second screen displays, in 'real-time', the data of all
mobile devices as they are captured. (IMEI/IMSI, MAC addresses etc.) The
tracker units constantly 'sweep' the monitored area searching for devices. The
system will triangulate and fix the position of any captured phone as soon as
the system finds it and display that location on the control room map. A
moving device can also be tracked in real time and its position revealed.

The DNA-Tracker system also has the capability to 'jam' phone signals,
including the option to selectively jam individually 'targeted' handsets.

DNA-Tracker Overview

(View of the digital map screen of the Aviation Security Hall at the Farnborough International
Airshow. The MAC addresses of the found devices can be seen to the right. The live
demonstrations took place in July 2012)


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