Name: SessionVista

Text: Session Vista

CX- 10 CO

Information Flow
Packets are classified by the DPI Engine according to protocols present within a flow. The Exporter generates
IPFlX formatted packets of selected protocol attributes and MCDP formatted packets of selected packet content
and sends them to the Collector. The Collector formats the attribute information in to data base insert
statements and stores them in the selected database or log file. The content information such as VOlP call RTP
data and email attachments are formatted by the Collector for storage in Linux file system.








Real Time
IPFlX Log File

(Metadata transport)
Email Atta
lents VOlP
RTP streams

(Content transport)

Data Collection and Storage Features
IPFlX standards based information
Storage to database
k Teradata
k Oracle & IBM (future)
Over 3000 metadata attributes
Stored data readily available to a broad suite of off
the shelf or proprietary tools to analyze database
Multiple simultaneous access supported

Configuration and Operation
Intuitive GUI interface
Protocol attributes logically grouped for ease
of retrieval
Multiple simultaneous users supported
Supports sophisticated filtering

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Session VistaTM CX- 10 Co


or Datasheet


SessionVistam CX-10 Collector is a software application that formats metadata extracted from a network by a SessionVistam
Exporter for insertion into a database.
Metadata information is received in IPFlX based packets from the SessionVistam Exporter through an SCTP, TCP or UDP
interface. The Collector parses the IPFlX packets, placing the information in a log file for real-time analysis andlor in a database
if persistent storage is desired or required.
The SessionVistam CX-10 Collector organizes the protocol attributes in the database such that the information is readily
retrievable, enabling rapid development of a variety of custom applications based on OTS or proprietary data analysis programs.
Content data extracted by the Exporter, such as email/lM messages and VOlP calls, is received by the Collector via Mantaro's
proprietary MCDP protocol running over an SCTP or TCP socket. The received packets are parsed and the content files are
stored using a standard file system for real-time or offline analysis.
The SessionVistaWCX-10 Collector is a high performance multi-threaded software applicationthat runs on Linux.

Key Features
Scalable and robust architecture: The Collector is architected in such a way that its performance scales as the host platform's
performance scales. Multiple packet queues ensure that data is not lost even at higher speeds.
Standardized Software solution: The Collector is an application that runs on standard Linux distributions. It will run on any 64bit off the shelf x86 system with sufficient memory and disk space.
Many Database Options: Support for Teradata and MySQL currently with plans for IBM and Oracle databases on the roadmap.
Database interface code is tuned to optimize record insertion speed.
Complete Database Schema: All IPFIX metadata is accessible from the database through a custom database schema with
support for more than 300 protocols and 3000 metadata attributes. The schema is consistent across all supported databases.
Log File Output: Support for log file output of IPFIX metadata for quick and easy integration with log management and indexing
solutions such as SplunkTM.
Content File Management and Storage: Storage of content information such as email attachments, IM conversations and VOlP
R I P streams on the file system. The content management function includes content pruning options where old data will be
removed if needed so that the platform's disk space is well utilized.
Ease of configuration: The configuration of the SessionVistaTMCollector can easily be changed through a GUI that allows
selection parameters such as database type and log file enableldisable.
Multiple connections are supported: The SessionVistaTM
CX-10 will support connections from multiple SessionVistaTM

The system, platform and components support a wide range of application possibilities including:

Network monitoring
Traffic shaping

Network Security
Threat detection and resolution
Pattern matching and historical

Data Analytics
Data mining

Mantaro Product Development Services Inc.
20410 Century Blvd., Germantown M D 20874
WWW.MANTARO.COM 3 0 1 528 2244

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