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Signal and Information Technology
in Service of Homeland Security


The implementation of Fusion Centres and Intelligence Sharing
procedures are important initiatives to improve homeland security
today. MEDAV offers a comprehensive spectrum of products and
engineering services covering all needs to support military
forces, security agencies, police forces and intelligence
services with state of the art radio and communication
reconnaissance and information technology.
The collection, processing and analysis of information from
different sources are integrated functions. The fusion of raw
intelligence, the content processing and analysis are essential
part of the systems, delivered from one hand.
It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.
(Yogi Berra)
The Dar>erfocuses on such solutions and svstems which are
deliverable within short time.








Company Overview

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Issues of Today .................................................................................
Current Discussions in the Security Community



Consequence: No Operation W i o u t Information ! ..................................................... 6


Integrated Information Intelligence Fusion System (13FS) ........................................... 7


Radio Monitoring - OSIM, COMIM. SIGINT, HUMINT & MASINT................................ 8


ARS-8000 -Automatic Reconnaissance..................................................................... 9


CRS-8000 - Compact Reconnaissance....................................................................


MlRA - Wideband Signal Monitoring & Analysis ...................................................... ll


IFS-8000 - Information and Intelligence Fusion ............................................................. 12
Overview.................................................................................................................... 12


Modularity- Scalability - Flexibility & Data Bases .................................................... 13


Catalogue of Automated SlPAC Functions................................................................ 14





MEDAV is member in the ITSMIG e.V, association.

On May 14,2008, the registered association ITSMIG e.V. (IT Security made in Germany)
was founded at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The founding
members consist of renowned companies from the German IT security industry.


Under the patronage of:

fiir Wirtschaft
und Technologie

Clh I des

O by MEDAV GmbH 2011 -Specification subject to change - Page 2/16






Obviously processes in law enforcement and government security agencies need to be
supported by state of the art information technology systems which generate and provide
the information needed for effective and efficient decisions and operations. The right
information must be available at the right time, in the right place and translated into
intelligence and knowledge, which is relevant to the job at hand.
MEDAV is covering a broad range of needs in these scenarios with off-the-shelf products:
Radio monitoring sensors, processing and analysis solutions of different
Information and Intelligence processing, analysis and production systems.
COMINT and CommslESM Sensor and Acquisition Systems are dedicated for the search,
identification,interception and localization of relevant radio emitters by means of innovative
technical solutions. Additional information sources are relevant and of general interest.
Analysis and work flow oriented Intelligence back office systems are completing the full
set of capabilities needed in the scope of responsibilities for handling information and
Dr. HansJoachim Kolb, managing director and shareholder of the private owned company
MEDAV GmbH, is \fJilliqg to st-rlgthen and deepen international cooperation and to
improve the networking between users, partners and
the company at the same time.


"During more than 25 years MEDAV had the
opportunity of delivering solutions and systems in the
field of intelligence and government projects. Starting
point had been products for signal analysis,
processing, demodulation and decoding. The
automation of detection, identification and recognition
processes of relevant signals has been realized
successfuly by means of pattern recognition
technology. Today we are supplying the complete
chain of Information processing from the information
s o u m to the intelligence back office, where the fusion
of information and the reporting are the main tasks.

Important issues of today are the need of flexibility, modularity and growth potential for the
operational systems in order to create the capability of adapting and upgrading system
features to meet current and future needs within short time. The consequent use of
available COTS IT components helps to achieve the goals efficiently.
Single software modules are integrated into dedicated solutions meeting the needs and
requirements of today starting with the sensor and ending with the intelligence back office.
The consequent application of the design guideline helps to reduce product costs, risk and
delivery time and increase quality in particular through the strategic use of the principle of
software defined functionality.
We are cooperating with partners supplying special and dedicated technical sub systems
especially for the interception of modern communication systems. We are also moperating
with partners having experience in the organization of security organizations and their
operational efficiency. In an open, transparent and target oriented partnership we are
suppotting our customers not only with technical solutions but also with the consulting
needed to develop efficient and effective organizations quickly.
No system can ever be better than its user. This is why we make sure the operating and
maintenance personnel receive comprehensive training, and we guarantee fast and
efficient service. We are interested in a long-term relationship with our customers and
guarantee continuous improvement to the system technology.
We are offering the whole spectrum of products and services which are ne
of modern IT based security organizations. Our focuses are information
handling systems including the sensors for the collection of technical a
signals and the interfaces for the acquisition of information from different sources,
human intelligence (HUMINT), open sources (OSINT) and others."
Please contact me directly if you have any questions, suggestions or if you are intereste
in the direct contact:, Phone: ++49-9131-583-0




- your Partt IG, in the Markets Guvm


a 1




MEDAV GmbH is a modem and efficient company specialized in the application of signal
processing, pattern recognition and information technology. MEDAV supplies the whole
range, from a single stand-alone product to a complete system solution from single source.
We guarantee our customers innovative product solutions of high quality. Our goals are
continued success and customer satisfaction. By working together in trusted, long-term
relationships with our business partners we achieve the positive growth we seek. Today,
we design, develop, produce and implement solutions and engineering worldwide.

Centres of Competence

Radio Monitoring Solutions


Channel Sounding Solutions


Business & lntelligence Solutions


Industrial & Automotive Solutions


Engineering Research & Development

More than 25 Years of Experience

MEDAV Technology addresses customers worldwide who are on duty to protect their
country, region and people from threats. Market leading solutions provide the technical
support on the basis of innovative and proven technology.
MEDAV has the human and technology resources as well as a network of partners and
specialists to provide the customer at the best.
Systems, Solutions and Devices are the keywords describing the structure and the size of
products, services and projects we are providing.


high complexity
including engineering
delivery time 6 - 18 months


dedicated to
the workplace
delivery time 3 - 6 months


ready to use modules
for OEM customers

Diversetargetorbnted data
GB. 12. speech and text tools
IFS-8000 k a scalable, modular
and high performance platform
supporting all processes in the
analysis and p r o d w n of

Specification subject to change - Page 4/16

Since 1982 MEDAV delivers worldwide tumkey solutions and systems for radio monitoring
and surveillance applications from the antenna to the intelligence back office.
Ground-Based COMINT - CommsJESM - COTS & Customer specific

Fixed Location HF l VUHF


Networks of distributed HF - DF Systems


Mobile solutions HF l VUHF

Shipbome COMINT - CommsIESM - COTS & Customer specific



Above Water Ship COMINT l CommslESM systems

Airbome COMlM - Customer specific.
Sensors like radio monitoring systems (COMINT) are producing raw intelligence by means
of collecting signals, performing measurement procedures and classifying the information
and the content. The collection of information and the localization of the emitters provide
information which is directly relevant for improving the situation awareness of command
and control units.
MEDAV additionally supports the following steps in the C41 (command, control,
communication, computer, intelligence) process by suitable IT-systems. Processing,
content and relationship analysis of fused information from different sources, work flow
support and reporting are major tasks of the integrated information and intelligence fusion
system IFS-8000.




From technical point of view MEDAV is following the prin
intelligence architecture" which is a unique approach today.
allows MEDAV today to speak about VAR-business. VAR (value added res
are of growing importance as many of our customers and their home
discussing the aspects offset and technology transfer. We are open for
discussion and accept these requests as a reasonable concern.

O by MEDAV GrnbH 2011 - Specification subject to change - Page 5/16

"Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems are
integral components of both national policymaking and military
operations - including countertenorism operations, but they are costly
and complicated and they must be linked in order to provide users with a
comprehensive understanding of issues based on information from all
Information, Knowledge and Intelligence are key factors in the successful
planning and performing of operations. Sharing information can help
prevent crime and terrorism before it occurs. Proactive law enforcement
requires putting together many pieces of a puzzle. While there is no
guarantee that information sharing will prevent all attacks or crimes,
failure to do so will almost certainly guarantee future attacks and crime.
'"In the wake of the September 1l , 2001 terror attacks there has been a call for more and
better intelligence to preserve domestic security. Much of the focus has been on improving
and expanding existing federal mechanisms for ensuring national security. Equally
important, however, is the need for more and better intelligence for and by state, local, and
tribal law enforcement agencies.
The intelligence function can serve two broad purposes within law enforcement agencies:
Prevention (Tactical Intelligence): This includes gaining or developing information
related to threats of terrorism or crime and using this information to apprehend offenders,
harden targets, and/or employ strategies that will eliminate or mitigate the threat.
Planning and Resource Allocation (Strategic Intelligence): This includes generating
information to decision-makers about the changing nature of threats, the characteristics
and methodologies of threats, and emerging threat idiosyncrasies for the purpose of
developing response strategies and reallocating resources, as necessary, to accomplish
effective prevention.

The tragedies of 9/11 do not change the fact that LE1 (law enforcement intelligence) has
the capacity to support many functions within a police organization. In many communities,
LE1 that supports local criminal investigations and improved management decision making
may be as valuable as LE1 that supports matters of homeland security."








Beyond any dispute collection of information from different sources is recognized to be the
basis for all following steps in the work flow of intelligence organizations observing their
duty to support the deciders and the leadership.



MEDAV supplies with the products ARS-8000, CRS-8000 and MlRA all kind of
communication intelligence systems, especially radio monitoring solutions.
Additional sensor systems are offered on request using a network of
cooperation partners.

The fusion of information is a necessary step to produce intelligence and knowledge which
is reported to the leadership. Strategic and tactical scenarios are part of the daily tasks and
determine the way how to handle the special intelligence requirements.
MEDAV supplies the IFS-8000 system which is designed as a modular, flexible
and scalable IT platform for the organization of work flows in the intelligence
back office including many dedicated support, processing and analysis tools.
13FS integrates sensors, signal processing and analysis with the following processing and
analysis of intelligence.

ublished by the Futures Working Group (FWG), collaboration between the FBI and the Society of
lice Futurists International (PFI). Its purpose is to develop and encourage others to develop
ts and strategies to ethically maximize the effectiveness of local, state, federal, and
I law enforcement bodies as they strive to maintain peace and security in the 21st century.
nf Law Enforcement Intelligence, Joseph A. Schafer & David L. Carter"

4 201 1 - Specification subject to change - Page 6116

13FS is MEDAV's answer to the current challenges in law enforcement and national
security agencies worldwide. 13FS collects information from different sources and provides
the agency with all tools to process and a n a l p information efficiently. The puzzle,
consisting of single pieces of intelligence, is merged into the report and gives a complete
picture supporting best situation awareness. The work flow is organized in a closed loop
and allows tasking of the collection sensors.


IFS8000 is the modular IT platform which enables MEDAV and the end users to adapt the
functionality of the 13FS system to the dedicated needs and requirements easily and target
oriented. Diverse powerful analysis tools provide functionality in the field of relationship,
geographic location, technical and speech signal analysis.
MIRA, CRSSOOO and ARS-8000 are radio monitoring sensors allowing the collection of
signals and their processing, analysis localization and content production. Special
communication collection systems, dedicated for different communication services,
complement the scope of sensors and the availability of acquisition and interception
The following areas of applications are covered by the product family:


Radio Monitoring and COMINT in strategic and tactical scenarios
Radio Monitoring for civil regulationauthorities
Equipment for mobile platforms with radio monitoring and COMINT
special emergency vehicles for police and special task forces
o ships for the coast guard
airborne platforms.
Signal and speech analysis labs and work places
Support of strategic oriented security services and agencies under the leadership
of the Minister of Defence or the Minister of Interior with Surveillance and
Information Processing solutions
Command - Control - Communication- Computer and Intelligence applicatiom



Compact solutions to su~Dort
. . swcial task forces with dedicated IT solutions for,
the &bile use.







Systems for radio monitoring can contribute significantly to the
success of the work within law enforcement and intelligence
agencies. The central idea is that the bad guys are using
communication systems during their operation leaving their
marks and electronic fingerprints in the air. The detection and
identification of the electro magnetic emissions and signals
indicate behaviour, deployment and movement of threatening
task forces, terrorists or criminals. Those signals can be
captured and analysed in different way by means of signal
processing and analysis methods. Content is another
important issue in analysing the intercepts.
The process usually generates information and intelligence in
several steps:
Content production and analysis
The complete set of collected transmissions are fused and
analysed in order to give an enhanced picture of the current
situation and situation awareness. Situation awareness, or SA,
is the perception of environmental elements within a volume of
time and space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the
projection of their status in the near future.

A Fully Automatic Acquisition and Production System
Applicable in HF I VUHF Scenarios
Scalable from 50 to more th*n 1000 ch*nnnls

Strategic, COMINT, mobile, fixed location, remote controlled

Delivery time:

for standard solutions: 8-10 weeks

One operator controls 10-200 production channels

ARS-8000 is an automatic reconnaissance system
providing functionality to increase efficiency and
throughput in the detection, acquisition, processing
and analysis of radio emissions. The system design
is modular, scalable and flexible and allows
configurations from 20 to more than 1000 processing
The pressure of work for the operators is reduced by
delegating routine processes to the machine and
giving the human operators the possibility to focus
their manpower on signals of special interest.

ARS-8000 significantly increases efficiency, quality
and saves cost in modem RF acquisition

t +

t l

Search (L Production Heads (Units)
Wde Band Technology





Types of

Q by MEDAV GmbH 2011 - S w c a t i o n subject to change - Page 9/16

A Compact Solution with full functionality
Searching - Monitoring - Analysis

- Interception -Warning

Example: Version CRS On^^


Tactical, COMINT, CommslESM, DF,mobile, fixed location




CRS-8010 is a compact COMINT - CommsIESM solution based on the CRS-8000 technology.
All system components, especially the antenna, have been adapted to the needs and the
conditions on an above water ship. Other mobile platforms as well as the operation at fixed
locations are possible.
COMINT & ESM solution for vessels based on the CRS-8000 design
H F N U H F interferometric direction finding
Radio emitter detection by automated classification and analysis
Automated scan
Narrow band production, demodulation, decoding
Wideband and narrow band recording
Radio emitter tracking (COMMS-ESM)
Operator role concept -work flow oriented
Compact system design, inclusive antennas
Powerfultools for offline processing


A fully integrated solution


Frequency range: HF IVHF IUHF - 100 kHz - 3 GHz
Wide band technology
Integrated antenna for DF and interception
DF and signal detection
Signal interception, demodulation, decoding, production
Signal recording - comprehensive offline analysis

Modular design and scalable functionality
Different configurations according customers needs
Dedicated solutions for special requirements
Submarine version available
Ruggediied versions for mobile operation


i2011- Specification subject to change Page 10116


RF Signal Surveillance System
Signal Intercept, collection, identification, demodulation
Technic-' Signal Anal-;=

in the lab and in *h4 missior

MlRA is a one channel flexible, modular and scalable signal
analyzer for HF, VHF and UHF.
MlRA enables the online monitoring of a 16 MHz-broad band signal
(optionally 24 MHz) in the frequency range between 100 kHz and 3
Wide band recording of an 8 MHz-band (optionally 16 MHz) is


ComCat tuner technology
Comprehensive monitoring capabilities
Comprehensive signal analysis (offlinelonline)
Client-server architecture
Option: Additional analysls stations

Online broadband monitoring of a 16 MHz-band (opt. 24 MHz) for HFNHFIUHF
with a display of the bmadband specburn and panorama display (spectrograph)
Fixed setting of the 16 MHz-band (opt. 24 MHz) and scan operation over the
complete HFNHFIUHF-range
Bmadband recording of an 8 MHz-broad band (opt. 16 MHz) in the HFNHFIUHFrange on the hard disk server, whereby the recording band lies within the
monitoring band.
N a m b a n d recording of complex and demodulated data.
ComCat tuner for supporting two antennas with internal channel switch-over and
raw data processing
Innovative client-server-archiecture for network-orientedanalysis workstations
Oftline-analysis of bmadband and namwband signals
Automatic and interactive demodulation 8 decoding
Use of standard modules for capturing (CGIO), recording (ReProS) and offline
analysis (CCI-OfRine)
Simple system extension for analysis through plug-ins, e.g. universal analyzer
Example of an antenna configuration: Active monopole-antenna for extended HFband (0.1 - 50 MHz) and standarddiscone-antenna4130361201- for VHFIUHFbands (30 - 3.000 MHz)
Robust device design of the capturing part, standard-P&, standard network

O by MEDAV GmbH 2011 - Specification subject to change - Page 11/16






Analysis, intelligeme W i




I ne aggregation and analysis or lniormation for supporting decls~on
makers and the
management in the analysis and fusion centre is a central task. IFS-8000 is a flexible,
modular and scalable family of IT solutions, based on an open architecture, to support and
organize the work flow in modem and state of the art analysis centres of intelligence

support of different sensor and acquisition systems
online pre processing to reduce data early and efficiently
suitable indexing of large, long-term oriented data bases
Support of suitable retrieval of archived information
automatic classification of raw messages
diverse voice, text and image processing capabilities for
the specific generation of added value (rneta data and content)
support of relationship and network analysis
included geographical information system (GIS)
work flow and organizational support in the analysis centre
Comprehensive use of commercial off-the-shelf modules including options for the
adaptation by the administration of the operating agency.







IFS-8000 is designed as a modular, scalable IT-platform to support all processes
in the production of intelligence from different sources to be used in:
tactical operation (Xworkplaces)
strategic operation (xOO workplaces)
Different acquisition systems and sensors are supported
Processing and analysis procedures are based on modem and innovative:
information technology
signal processing technology
pattem recognition technology
IFS-8000 is an open framework

- not a Black Box solution


ect to change Page 12/16

IFS-8000 includes diverse scalable data bases storing and handling raw structured and
unstructured information as well as finished intelligence based on Oracle technology:

Unified Collection Data Base


Training Data Base for the adaptation of trainable classifiers


Event Data Base for the handling of: Events - Entities - Relations


Intelligence Data Base for finished intelligence
and document management


Dedicated Local Data Bases at the work places.

Analysis and reporting tools have well defined access to the data bases which enable the
end user to adapt the analysis procedures to individual and dedicated needs. These tools
are handling especially the structured information automatically by pre-defined and
implemented analysis and reporting functions:

Geographic Information System
Analyst's Notebook via iBridge


Business Intelligence Reporting Tool.

The work flow in the organization is defined, monitored and controlled with a standard
commercially available and supported tool:

Intalio's Business Process Management System.

The performance of the overall system is determined by the performance of the work place
computers and the performance of the diverse integrated servers.



C3 by MEDAV GmbH 2011 -Specification subject to change - Page 13/16



IFS-8000 is designed to handle raw intelligence and content not just by human processing
and analysis but especially also by using automatic services based on state-of-the-art
processing and pattern recognition technology. These services are an essential part of the
SIPAC Server. SlPAC is handling non structured content information automatically by
dedicated computer soffware.



quality of


SlPAC is a server, offering processing, analysis
and classification services which are implemented
as automatic working modules. A SlPAC service
can be understood as the automation of a
complex procedure or process, traditionally
performed by the human process operator, the
linguist or the traffic analyst. SlPAC services
are generating added value as the human
operator does by analysing the content of
information. SlPAC services are controlled by the
BPMS system similar to services performed by
the human staff in the intelligence back office.

Also SlPAC is modular, flexible and scalable and can be updated with diverse services,
replacing the work of the human operators easily in case the software solution offers
sufficient performance. Step by step human activities can be replaced by automated
SlPAC services, increasing efficiency, quality and reproducibility following the progress in
proven information and pattern recognition R&D results.
SlPAC can be used in a broad range of applications to improve the quality of services and
efficiency of the whole intelligence production system. SlPAC also supports the process by
offering such services which are not covered by the operators as a result of a lack of
knowledge in special disciplines. Today the following services are covered.
Audio S m c h Sianal Processina and Classification

Speech Signal Detection


Speech Signal Enhancement


Language ldentification (scenario based, training)


Gender ldentification


Speaker ldentification (scenario based, training)


Topic ldentification (scenario based, training)


Keyword Spotting (scenario based, training)


Transcription - Speech to text

Technical Sianal Processing


Access on Wideband Signals


Digital data (Identification, Demodulation, Decoding)

Text Processinq

Optical Character Recognition - Fax to text


Translation (different methods, different languages)


Diverse Text Analysis (Language, Entity, Topic)

!mane Processing

Steganography Analysis.

performance of the SlPAC system is determined by the performance of the algorithms
erformance of the computer platform.

2011 -Specification subject to change - Page 14/16

6 Conclusion
Today's world of law enforcement, investigations and intelligence services is focused on
the identification and the prevention of threats.

"igence Solution



lata h r n different senscm and i'nformation sources

Necessary requirements for success are well designed and implemented processes for
handling information and the generation of relevant intelligence:
generate relevant and appropriate reports
answering the questions from the leadership
in an efficient way
at the right time
speeding up the process
increasing quality of information

reducing the cost
on a high quality level
using IT support and automation wherever possible.

MEDAV 13FS solutions provide the tools, technologies, trainings and consulting needed to
supply decision-makerswith the information they need at the right time and help them to
control situations through global situation awareness at all levels.

'1genuine expert can always foretell a thing that is 500 years away
easier than he can a thing that's only 500 seconds off"
(Mark Twain)

O by MEDAV GmbH 2011 - Specification subject to change - Page 15/16

Corporate Policy
... in the products, development and in the company management is state-ofthe-art and represents a top level.
... in all divisions of our company is considered as the indispensable
prerequisite for a risk-free and successful cooperation with our customers and
business partners.
Position in the market
... is affected by extensive experience gained from signal and information
processing. We are prepared best to face competition.
Product and engineering spectrum
... are comprehensive, complete and tailored to meet all requirements.
As a single source supplier of solutions, we offer standard devices, systems
and services.




... form the roots of the company and render the services necessary for
maintaining and expanding the technical basis and a trustful and fair
... on a stable technical and economical basis at home and abroad is our
declared long-term goal.
Trust and fairness
... vis-his our business partners and within the company are the basis of our
... with excessive sensibility and compliance with German and international
export regulations we act on a worldwide basis.


STRASSE 32 - 34


TELEFON: +49-9131-583-0
F M : + 49-91 31-583-11

O by MEDAV GmbH 2011 - Specification subject to change - Page 16/16




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