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PARIS 2009
Booth No 13E109

Second section: Covert Surveillance & S e c u r i t y Defense

Beijing LongHope Police Equipment Co., Ltd.

Lon • Ho
GSM Mobile Phone ID Finder

• Identification of th,
(MEI of the suspect
GSMIF is a portable mobile

in size, and can be concealed

phone number detection

in a bag for mobile tracking

equipment, which is designed

application. For specific suspect

for public security and law
enforcement departments.

target, it can obtain the SIM
IMSI number and handset IMEI

Based on GSM Technology, it

number accurately and quickly.

can intercept SIM IMSI number
and handset IMEI number within

Provide necessary conditions

the radius of 100 meters without

for analysis and control of the
criminal network and an effective

detection of the target onsite and
store the numbers and the date

breakthrough for surveillance,

into the system simultaneously.

in drug control and anti-terrorism

It features portability and small

arrest and clue analysis especially

• Without contact to
suspect handset
• Small in size, easy to
conceal, mobile application
• Full compatibility with all
GSM networks worldwide
• F o r anti-terrorism cases

• Effective range:
standard: 100m (max radius)
optional: 200m(max radius)
• Operation temperature: -30T 5 0 V
• Data interface: COM
• Operation frequency:
GSM 9008,1800MHz: operational
over 200 countries
GSM 8008,1900MHz: North and
South America
• Operation voltage: 12V
• Battery operation: 3 hours
• Dimension: 290x195x80mm
• Weight: 2.8kg

Lon H o p e
PoliEyeo GSMAF
GSM Air Fence & Shield
GSMAF is a mobile phone air fence

power station (Including nuclear power

evidence collection system based on

station), military authorities, oil field

GSM Technology. It features portability
and small in size, suitable for urban

and major project site etc. It can be

city temporary and permanent

collect the evidence covertly without

deployment, and can change the

contact to the suspect target handset.

location according to the situation.
It can intercept SIM IMSI number
and handset IMEI number within

deployed as a wireless electronic fence,

The following functions can be realized
through the central control: suspicious
invading phone number alarm, mobile
phone signal shield in certain area

the adjustable radius of 500
meters, and store the information

selectively, data information search and

of date and location into the system

comparison. Providing powerful support


for surveillance, criminal activity rates

GSMAF is small in size and easy to
conceal, and applicable for positioning
in the urban area such as streets,
highway toll stations, the important
checkpost of railway station, bank,

reduction and shrinking surveillance
scope especially in anti-terrorism cases.
Further more, it also offers us a new
method and tool to search the suspect
target through road deployment.

national treasury, prison, museum,

• Covert GSM handset air fence
• IMS1 and (MEI interception
without the detection of the target
• Real time suspicious invading
phone number alarm
• Mobile phone signal shield in
certain area selectively
• F o r anti-terrorism cases
• Full compatibility with all GSM
networks worldwide

* Effective range:
standard: 500m(Max radius)
optional: lkm(Max radius)
* Operation temperature: - 3 0 t


* Operation frequency:
GSM 900 & 1800MHz: operational
over 200 countries
GSM 800 & 1900MHz: North and
South America
* Operation voltage: 12V
* Battery operation: 3 hours
* Dimension: 35mmx25mmx18nrim
* Weight: 4.9kg

Lona H o i e
Covert Digital Wireless Earpiece
Feature List
• Earpiece
Small size, light weight, easy to

• D u a l power supply for
• Compatible t o most of radios

Comfortable for wearing with an
anatomic design


Noise cancellation and automatic
gain control

This product can be widely
used for people who rely on this

Use of environment friendly

type of equipment to fulfill their

• Wireless P T I

• P o l i c e and military covert

NFMI technology
(NFMI means Near Field

tasks, typically for

• Anti-terrorist

Magnetic Induction)

• P u b l i c security

Volume plus/minus

• T V presenters

Pairing function

• Detective

Battery level low indication

Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n
• 3 V Chip Batteries
• O per at ion temperature range - 4 0 to 70 *C

4 1111



• W i r e l e s s PTT operation range 50cm to 120cm
• F o r wireless PTT
Average working current<6mA

Inductive loop

Stand by Current <200uA
• Wa t e r & dust proof for remote controller
• M i c r o p h o n e Impedance 4 . 4 k 0

Wireless PTT Receiver

• Microphone sensitivity 1 V / u b o -32.0dB(+3dB)
• E a r p i e c e max. audio o u p u t @ 3 K H z 11 0 d B
• E a r p i e c e size 5 x 1 0 x 1 5 m m
• F C C / C E / I C RoHS conformity



Wireless PTT

PoM a r c
Tactical Bone Conduction Headset

• Headset
• Control Box
Control box

• Wireless PTT
• Optional finger PTT
• C a b l e connect to external radio

Wireless P I T

Finger P I T


Tactical bone conduction
headset is specially developed
for government departments.

Feature List
• D u a l power supply for adapter
• Optional wired PTT

Te c h n i c a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n
• Operation temperature range:
-40'C to 7 0 t (TBD)

It has powerful function and

• Wireless P I T

• Operation time: > 5 0 hours

It is compatible with most of

• V O X function

• S t a n d by time: >180 hours

radios. I t is suitable for many
application such as:

• Battery Low alert

• Military

• Wireless PTT pairing function

• Police

• H i g h sound quality of
communication in the harshest

• Special force


• Anti-terrorist

• Aluminum-alloy house for
controller box
• R a n g e for wireless PIT: 60cm
to 150cm

• Wa t e r proof (IP67)
• Microphone sensitivity: -39dB

• Public security

• W e a r comfortably and not

• F i r e fighting

easy to produce fatigue

• P o i n t constable.

• Battery: 3 . 7 V Lithium Ion

(re 1V/1g , 1kHz)
• MIL-STD-810F conformity
• FCC/IC conformity
• C E conformity

Lon • Ho
PollEyeo GA2006 Long Distance
Monitoring Remote Control Covert
Evidence Collection Kit

• R e a l time wireless monitoring, ensuring
the reliability o f the evidence


• Wireless remote control of the recording,
stopping, shooting and zooming
• A d j u s t m e n t o f the recording image
according to the situation
• Covert surveillance, monitoring and
evidence collection

beyond the distance of 60
meters. The vehicle license plate
number can be observed within

P o l i E y e GA2006 combines
the advantages of concealment
and flexibility of the traditional
covert evidence collection kit,
and remedies the defect of not

the distance of 100 meters.
It is equipped with mobile phone

shooting clear video at long
distance, thanks to its built-in
lens of 2.5-80mm and the optical
zoom of 32X.
The facial feature of human
being can be clearly identified

the recording, stopping. shooting
and zooming.
PollEye0GA2006 is supplied
with disguised bag for covert
surveillance. Therefore, it is the
ideal covert evidence collection

monitoring adjustable remote
controller, its functions include:

equipment for public security law

real time image display on the

enforcement departments.

LCD of the handset, adjustment
of the recording image according
to the situation, remote control of

• Focal length: 2.5 - 80mm, F1.8-F4.5
• Storage space: 30GB, HDD
• Video resolution: 720x480/9Mbps
• Image resolution: 1152)0364
• Operation time: 3 hours
• Remote control distance: 5m

60 m e t e r s

• 1 0 0 meters


Lon • Ho • e
PollEyeo SENS-G3
6 X Night Vision Recoder

SENS-G3 6x monocular

by military departments,

low-light-level night vision

armed police, public

scope (hereafter referred

security and customs..

to as simple night vision

It adopts a 6x refractive/

scope) is a portable
passive night vision scope,

reflective optical lens,
which makes it small in

it can be held by hand or

size and light in weight.

supported on a tripod for
observation, suitable for

It provides a distinct

surveillance, evidence

image without chromatic
aberration. It can be

collection and photography
in low light environment

connected directly to a
camera or video camera

at night (such as starlight,

by the mount for shooting
or evidencing.

moonlight and airglow)

Operation condition: Starlight
Diameter of Objective Lens: 0107mm
Aperture Ratio: F1.4
Magnification: ax
Human Beings Observation distance: 500m

Observe at the illumination of 0.001Lux




Model of Image Intensifier


SNR at 108 lux


Limiting Resolution

64 L o h

Luminance Dynamic Range

1.0E-06 lux

Gain at 2.0E-05 lux

30.000ht Cd/m2/Ix

Maximum Output Brightness

2 Cd/m

Diameter of Objective Lens


Aperture Ratio




Focal Length


Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment


Operating Voltage


Operating time

Approx. 120 h ( 2 0 V )

Service Life


PollEyeo GAB0621
Portable Infrared Laser Night Vision Scope
GAB0621 is supplied with

observation distance of the

both an AC-power supply for

human is 600 meters in total

continuous operation, and a DC-


power pack capable of 3.5 hours
of continuous use. As equipped
with day & night functional IRCCD camera and high power
IR-laser illuminator, it ensures
observation during daytime and
in total darkness. The activity
of the human can be observed
beyond the distance of 1.5km
during daytime; the maximum

GAB0621 features long
distance surveillance,
without any effect in lighting
condition and concealment.
Its performance is superior to
traditional low-light-level night
vision scopes. Therefore, it is
the ideal equipment for public
security, judiciary and other law
enforcement departments.



* I n f r a r e d wavelength: 980nm (Invisible)
* O u t p u t Power: Standard 6 Watts
Optional 8 Watts
* Focal length: lOmm--210mm
* A p e r t u r e range: F 1 . 6 - 3 6 0
* Horizontal resolution: 570 lines
* Recording resolution: standard: 640)0480 25fps

Optional: 1280)0960, 25fps
* S t o r a g e mode: hard disk (60GB)


* L C D control screen: 3.5 inch
* Dimension of the main unit: 3 0 x 1 8 x 1 4 c m
* We i g h t : 6kg
* P o w e r supply: 12V
* Operation time: 3.5 hours






detecting, pre-setting

Total Da


2009. 09 • 5

Total Darkness 600

* V i d e o recording mode: automatic, manual, motion

'2 15

Covert Illuminator
Itong Distance

PoliElyeo GAB1053
Portable Day and Night Monitor
Covert Illuminator
for Long Distance

The GAB1053 is a portable medium
and long distance IR-Laser night vision
scope. It is equipped with day & night
functional IR-CCD camera and IRlaser illuminator of 10W, suitable for
observation and evidence collection
during daytime and in total darkness.
The maximum observation distance of
the human target is 1000 meters in total
darkness. The activity of the human
target can be observed beyond the
distance of 2.5km during daytime
The performance of GAB1053 is

* I n f r a r e d wavelength: 980nm (Invisible)

superior to traditional low-light-level

* O u t p u t Power: Standard 10 Watts

night vision scopes. Therefore, it is

Optional 16 Watts

the ideal equipment for public security,
judiciary and other law enforcement

* F o c a l length: 18mm — 530mm


* S t o r a g e mode: hard disk (60GB)

We can supply wide range of series according

* R e c o r d i n g resolution: standard: 640)(480 25fps

to your requirements for longer distance

Optional: 1280)(960 25tps
* P o w e r supply: AC220V±10%
* V i d e o recording mode: automatic, manual,
motion detecting, pre-setting

Total Darkness 400k1

Total barkne

Total Darkness 500M

Total Darkness:

Lon Ho
Po!Wye° GAM:W.3 Handheld Infrared
Laser Night Vision Scope
Covert Illuminator
for Long Distance

tat Darkness 100M

GAB041 3 is a hand-held IR-

distance of the human

Laser night vision scope. It
has a built-in video recorder

target is 450 meters in total

and features portability and
—1111112009 08 04

20TZT 56

Total Darkness 200M

The performance of

simple operation.

GAB0413 is superior

It is equipped with day

to traditional low-light-

& night functional IRCCD camera and IR-laser

level night vision scopes.
Therefore, it is the ideal

illuminator of 4W. suitable

equipment for public

for observation and evidence

security, judiciary and
other law enforcement

collection during daytime
and in total darkness. The


maximum observation

980nm (Invisible)

. I n f r a r e d wavelength
Output Power

4 Watts

Focal length

640)(480 25tpsisec

• R e c o r d i n g resolution


• I D

Horizontal resolution

570 lines

LCD control screen

3.5 inch

Battery operation

2 hours

Video recording mode

automatic, manual, motion




detecting, pre-setting

PollEye® LI-1400 Leakage Cable
Perimeter Underground Fence

1.11400 c a n b e e m b e d d e d
underground, d e t e c t a n d
accurate locate the invader
and raise the a l a r m under
c o v e r t condition. I t is w i d e l y
u s e d in b a n k , n a t i o n a l
t r e a s u r y, r e s i d e n t i a l a r e a s ,
prison, w a r e h o u s e , museum,
p o w e r station (Including
n u c l e a r p o w e r station),
military authorities, o i l field
a n d major project site, e t c .


Dimension: 310mmx285mmx45mm

• Detection distance:

Operation frequency: VHF

standard: 400m(one main unit)

Detection target: the activity of human

optional: longer distance(more main unit)

beings and vehicles

• Accurate locate the invader within the

Detection range: 0 . 7 - 1 . 5 m

distance of 400m, positioning accuracy is 20m

Positioning accuracy: 20m

• E m b e d underground for covert detection

Cable embedding method: double

• H i g h detective efficiency, the alarm accuracy

cable embedding, embedding depth

is not affected by the bad weather and the

Alarm output: RS485 data bus

• Continuous automatic detection without

Operation voltage and power
consumption: AC220V, 530W
Environmental adaptability: waterproof
Operation temperature:
-20----F60r (type A)
AO ---F60r(type B)
Detection function: self examination
through RS485, accuracy adjustment

• Self-examination, display the accuracy status

Long Distance Audio Surveillance Device

H ig h S e n s i t i v i t y & D e f i n i t i o n
The monitoring range and
distance is 45 degree angle and
30 meters respectively. It adopts
two complementary high sensitive
microphone, which can ensure wider
pick-up band and diapason. One
microphone is to monitor narrow angle
sound source from long distance, the


other is for wide angle sound source.
Wa t e r & Moisture Proof:
Suitable for permanent outdoor

Directional property

45 degree



Signal-to-noise ratio

>40dB(Outdoor), >70dB(Indoor

I i

Noise Reduction
It adopts the new generation voice
noise reduction technology of Clear
Speech I, which can reduce the noise
level of above 20db.

90db (1KHz at Max db SPL)

Audio cable length

Beijing Long Hope Police Equipment C o l
Ltd. has been developing,manufacturing
and selling hi-tech antiterrorist, forensic
science and law enforcement products
since1995 and is authorized for the
sale of these products made by well-

3000 meters

known manufacturers in European
and American countries. With law


enforcement departments. the company
co-developed a variety of state-of-the-art
equipment. These products are exported
to USA, Spain, Russia, etc.
1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Beijing LongHope Police Equipment Co., Ltd.

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