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SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

strategic and tactical interception

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

Strategic systems
In today’s challenging environment, Government agencies need
to monitor conversations and data transmitted over satellite
communications networks. Whilst most satellite communications
are perfectly legitimate, the extensive geographical coverage
provided by satellite networks means they are favoured by
subversive groups located in remote regions or those wishing
to avoid fixed wire network interception.

Our strategic systems provide a passive monitoring capability
covering an extensive geographic area. High performance,
flexible, modular and upgradeable, our solutions provide
effective monitoring of voice, fax, high-speed data links and calls.

L-3 TRL’s SMARTSAT solutions enable
government and security agencies to passively
monitor the Thuraya, Inmarsat, IsatPhone
and VSAT satellite communications networks
without network interference. Our solutions
include data mining and tracing software,
enabling the comprehensive analysis and
reporting of target activities to counter threats
as they arise.

A typical strategic system includes:

Our SMARTSAT solutions offer coverage on
a regional or national scale with flexible, fully
upgradeable systems that can maximise
the monitoring capability for our customers.
Whether the requirement is to monitor activity
across an entire network, identify and locate
specific terminals of interest or to intercept call
content, each SMARTSAT solution can provide
non-intrusive monitoring and interception
throughout the life of the requirement.

the remotest

Our complete strategic solutions include all associated site surveys,
installation, testing and customer training required to provide a
complete turnkey capability.
• Antenna and RF system including
a C-band antenna
• Demodulator subsystem – for the
monitoring of all calls in the area
covered by the main installation
• Control and analysis subsystem – including
server computers and analysis workstations
with control and analysis software

• Additional remote L-band outstations as
required to extend full duplex monitoring
and interception
• Comprehensive training programs –
for Operators, Maintainers and
Administrators, held at the customer
premises or at L-3 TRL
• Full warranty and support

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

The Inmarsat network
Utilising a number of geo-stationery satellites, Inmarsat provides a wide
global coverage including the Pacific, Atlantic East, Atlantic West and
Indian Ocean regions. Originally intended for maritime communications,
the Inmarsat network has evolved to cater for a wide range of users
including marine, aeronautical and land-based, using both fixed and
mobile terminals.

Inmarsat Monitoring
System (IMS)
For monitoring agencies that require a flexible, turnkey solution for
monitoring the Inmarsat network, the SMARTSAT Inmarsat Monitoring
System (IMS) enables the passive monitoring and recording of voice, fax
and data communications; offering full duplex call monitoring, content
extraction and optional geo-location facility to locate and track targets.
IMS can be used to target all activity across
the Inmarsat satellite network, specific
terminals of interest or users of the following
Inmarsat services:

• Inmarsat B
• Inmarsat D
• Inmarsat F 55
• Inmarsat M
• Inmarsat GAN

• Inmarsat C
• Inmarsat F 33
• Inmarsat F 77
• Inmarsat Mini M
• Swift 64

The IMS solution can cater for spot beam
operations and is fully compatible with the
Inmarsat-3 and Inmarsat-4 satellites.

Inmarsat Coverage Key

Pacific Ocean Region

Atlantic Ocean Region-West

Atlantic Ocean Region-East

Indian Ocean Region

Comprehensive call monitoring

A full intelligence picture

In addition to recovering call content (voice,
data or fax), the SMARTSAT IMS can also
provide specific information about the call,
such as numbers dialled, start and end times,
call originators and areas contacted. This
call information can be recorded for further
analysis to build a detailed picture of specific
communications to and from terminals
of interest.

Using our CAMCAT analysis suite, call
information and geo-location data from
specific terminals can be integrated with
other information sources and represented
graphically to establish relationship networks
and investigate complex data over a wider
scale. This can provide vital intelligence
that can help counter potential threats from
previously unknown sources.

Geo-location of terminals

Tactical operations

Previously, it has been difficult to identify the
specific location of Inmarsat terminals due to
the extensive coverage area and large spot
beams used. This has proved a significant
barrier for many agencies who are unable to
gain even a general idea of where terminals
of interest are located. With the IMS solution,
a sophisticated geo-location facility has been
developed to enable users to locate the
position of target Inmarsat terminals and track
the movements they make within the overlap
area of two Inmarsat satellites.

The IMS solution can also be used in
conjunction with the SMARTSAT MARLIN
tactical monitoring system for the monitoring
of call details and content from localised
targets. MARLIN is ideal for situations
where there is no strategic IMS available
or the operational requirement is to capture
information from known suspects.

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

The IsatPhone network
After merging with ACeS in 2006, Inmarsat launched the IsatPhone
service in 2007 which now provides telecommunications coverage
for Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Using small, lightweight terminals,
the IsatPhone service uses the Inmarsat-4 satellites to provide a large
coverage area.

IsatPhone Monitoring
System (ISMS)
L-3 TRL’s IsatPhone Monitoring System (ISMS) offers a complete solution
for the passive monitoring and interception of the IsatPhone network on
both a strategic and tactical level. Using C-band and L-band monitoring,
the ISMS can provide national and regional coverage for the monitoring
of IsatPhone, FleetPhone and LandPhone terminals.
In addition to call content, the ISMS solution can provide information
on the date and time of call, the numbers dialled as well as the call
originator. The system can also provide the interception of fax and
data transmissions.

& FleetPhone Key
Coverage for IsatPhone, LandPhone

Service coverage

1-4 EMEA

1-4 Asia-Pacific

Retrieve call information

Comprehensive analysis

Tactical monitoring

Providing full, duplex call interception and
monitoring for all calls passing through a
spotbeam of interest, the ISMS solution
can be used to retrieve call content from
specific terminals of interest to gather vital
intelligence on known targets. For a broader
view, the ISMS can also be used to monitor all
IsatPhone call activity across the Inmarsat-4
satellite for future analysis.

The ISMS system can be combined with L-3
TRL’s CAMCAT graphical analysis software to
provide a comprehensive investigative solution
that can aid in breaking down complex data
and establishing inter-relationships between
terminals of interest. Data from other sources
can also be integrated into this software
suite to develop actionable intelligence on
developing situations.

The rapidly deployable SMARTSAT MARLIN
system can be used with the ISMS solution
to provide the effective monitoring and
interception of localised targets within radio
line-of-sight. Also operating as a passive
monitoring system, MARLIN can be easily
transported to the theatre of operations where
there is no strategic ISMS available.

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

The Thuraya network
The Thuraya network provides telecommunications coverage for areas
of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with the Thuraya-3 satellite
extending this to areas of the Far East, South East Asia, China and
Australasia. The Thuraya service is particularly attractive to those living
or travelling in remote or rural areas where there is limited terrestrial

Thuraya Monitoring
System (TMS)
The SMARTSAT Thuraya Monitoring System (TMS) enables monitoring
agencies to passively intercept voice, SMS, fax and data communications
on both a strategic and tactical level.
The TMS solution can provide full duplex call monitoring for voice
communications of specific terminals of interest in addition to monitoring
all activity across the Thuraya network.

Duplex interception
and monitoring
The SMARTSAT TMS can recover call
content from voice, SMS, fax and data
transmissions as well as provide specific
information about the call, such as numbers
dialled, start and end times, call originators,
GPS location of handset and areas contacted.
This call information can be recorded for
further analysis to build a detailed picture
of specific communications to and from
terminals of interest.

THURAYA Coverage Key

Thuraya-2 Satellite coverage

Thuraya-3 Satellite coverage

Dynamic tracking of targets

Actionable intelligence

The TMS system enables monitoring agencies
to dynamically track terminals of interest by
monitoring all activity across the Thuraya
satellite; indicating areas of activity outside
of the existing TMS coverage and recovering
information on calls related to the target
terminal. This functionality can be scaled
according to operational requirements from
a single spot beam, to as many as is required.

As with all our SMARTSAT solutions, the
TMS can be used with our CAMCAT graphical
analysis software suite to integrate information
from a variety of sources for examination
and analysis. Complex network relationships
can be established and presented in a
comprehensive format to develop actionable
intelligence and provide a broader overview
on developing situations.

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

VSAT networks

VSAT Monitoring
System (VMS)
Due to the complexities of most VSAT systems, each SMARTSAT VSAT
Monitoring System (VMS) is developed in collaboration with our customers
to provide a bespoke solution that is specifically tailored to their individual
requirements. Each VMS solution enables monitoring agencies to analyse,
classify and monitor VSAT networks of interest – for both existing and
evolving services.
Tailored for you
The SMARTSAT VMS offers:
• Satellite survey tools – to help identify
the VSAT networks of interest

• Signal and protocol analysis – to enable
off-air identification of the network and
traffic types

• Flexible and scalable design – that will grow
as the extent of VSAT monitoring increases

• Call content recovery

Each VMS solution provides a highly capable
and expertly tailored monitoring capability
both in terms of technical performance and
expertise within our customers’ organisation.
We offer a cooperative solution that
effectively builds customer capability.

Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) use a number of satellites in geo-synchronous
orbit to communicate via a series of complex networks. Predominantly used to
transmit Broadband data to remote or rural locations, VSAT networks utilise wireless
links that are completely independent of the terrestrial infrastructure. The use of
VSAT systems are popular where there is limited terrestrial services available and
quick installation is needed for a large coverage area.

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

SMARTSAT MARLIN is a rapidly deployable system for the
monitoring of localised targets within tactical environments.
Used to passively monitor communications over the Inmarsat,
IsatPhone or Thuraya satellite networks, MARLIN cannot be
detected by either the mobile user or the satellite network,
making it ideal for covert operations.
MARLIN can intercept up to 6 calls
simultaneously within radio line-of-sight of
the target terminal; recording information on
the called and calling parties along with the
geographical location (depending on service
type and network). Monitoring agencies are
able to control the system via an intuitive
Windows-based GUI which can display
incoming calls in real-time, play-back voice
calls and display a number of fax, SMS and
data transmissions via a laptop PC.

The MARLIN system is small, portable and
lightweight and can be easily transported
to the theatre of operations in a single
suitcase or heavy duty transit case accepted
by commercial airlines worldwide. Quickly
deployable and operational in around 5
minutes, MARLIN is suitable for use in land,
sea and air applications.


Comprehensive user interface

Variable attenuation

The MARLIN GUI has been designed for ease
of use; with data presented in either list or
map view depending on service type and user
preference. The laptop PC supplied for control
of the MARLIN system is connected to the unit
via an Ethernet connection.

MARLIN is supplied with 2 flat-plate antennas
and cables for quick and easy deployment.
One antenna is required to capture the satellite
downlink while the second (target) antenna
captures the signal transmitted by the mobile

Utilising standard Windows conventions, the
GUI provides the rapid and clear presentation
of call data and content, whether voice,
SMS, fax or data. The system decodes and
extracts emails and Internet activity sessions
in addition to decoding other frequently used
protocols. Intercepted calls and call related
information can be filtered according to the
range of criteria for rapid identification of calls
or mobile terminals of interest. The GUI also
enables rapid configuration of the system prior
to deployment.

A range of antennas for a variety of deployment
scenarios can be supplied by L-3 TRL, including
vehicle mounted and omnidirectional variants.
The system also features variable attenuation
to allow effective operation under a wide range
of signal conditions typically experienced in the
tactical environment.

L-3 TRL Technology SMARTSAT Satellite Monitoring solutions

Added peace of mind

World-class training solutions

Support throughout the lifecycle

We are committed to providing versatile
solutions that can evolve as targets change
and technologies advance. A key component
in providing this solution is having the
best equipment to meet the operational
requirements of our customers that will
deliver the desired technical capability. All our
SMARTSAT solutions include full warranty and
support alongside comprehensive training
programmes that enable our customers to
maximise the efficiency of their systems.

Our dedicated training team can offer the
perfect balance between analysing your
training needs, designing comprehensive
training programmes and delivering them
effectively to help develop customer best
practice. Our strategic alliances across the
industry and wealth of in-house expertise
provides us with the knowledge and experience
to deliver high quality training that is aligned
with the latest developments in satellite
communications technology.

To ensure our SMARTSAT systems maintain
optimum performance throughout the life of
the requirement, our support packages have
been designed to provide our customers with
the complete solution from the moment of
delivery. We offer a range of services including
upgrades, repair, obsolescence management
and trend analysis combined with our
Customer Support Helpdesk which ensures our
customers get the very best after-sales service.
In addition, L-3 TRL can also provide bespoke
customer support programmes, designed
exclusively for their exact requirements.

the complete

L-3 TRL Technology protects
people worldwide from current
and ever-evolving threats through
market leading defence solutions.
Since 1983, we have
designed, developed and
delivered a range of innovative,
high-technology solutions in
Intelligence, Surveillance and
Reconnaissance (ISR), Force
Protection and Information
Assurance to governments
and defence agencies.

Innovation. Performance. Security

For more information
on L-3 TRL’s SMARTSAT solutions
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