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Chart And Map Call Analysis Tool

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Seamless interaction with L-3 TRL satellite monitoring systems
Integrates multiple information sources to provide a full intelligence picture
Presents complex relationships in a simple, intuitive graphical format
Automated graphical chart generation and manipulation
Integrated and interactive call playback and network analysis
Network chart, timeline and geographic display of data

L-3 TRL Technology is recognised as
a world-leading supplier of satellite
monitoring products and systems. Our
SMARTSAT solutions allow government
agencies to passively monitor
communications, so threats can be
identified early and handled effectively.
SMARTSAT CAMCAT is a powerful analysis
tool that allows users to visualise and
analyse complex data and
CAMCAT enables organisations to make
sense of data collected from monitoring
and interception systems and to develop
actionable intelligence.

CAMCAT combines calls and call related
data from L-3 TRL’s satellite monitoring
systems (Thuraya, Inmarsat & IsatPhone),
along with similar data from other collection
systems that Government, Intelligence,
Law Enforcement or SIGINT agencies may
use. Other user-defined data that may help
in the understanding of the case or issue
being investigated can also be combined
through CAMCAT.
Data can be queried in real time from L-3
TRL systems, providing rapid intelligence,
thorough analysis and an understanding of
developing situations.

The creation of graphic relationship
and network charts provides agencies
with an easily assimilated and intuitive
understanding from the mass of calls
and call data collected from a number of
monitoring and interception systems. The
automation and interactivity with data from
L-3 TRL systems, allows users to quickly
and easily “drill-down” or expand related
activities for specific events of interest.


CAMCAT Explorer
The CAMCAT Explorer tool provides
operators with the ability to review and
amend CAMCAT database entries to ensure
its relevance to the case under analysis.
Calls, activities, entities and other database
entries can be examined along with all
associated data, enabling an operator to
quickly “drill-down” into an entry to find
related data or remove any irrelevant

This tool also allows the addition of
geographical information or other entities
related to call records, discovered during
the analysis process or from other
information sources.
Using the CAMCAT Explorer, the operator
can also search using keywords or call
notes which are added to the call record
during the monitoring process. This enables
rapid access to related calls that may have
a bearing on the case analysis in progress.

CAMCAT i2 Analyst’s Notebook™
As the primary analysis tool, the Analyst’s
Notebook enables operators to analyse
complex data very effectively using graphic
charts and displays to highlight the
inter-relationships between database
entries. Database queries can be actioned
directly from the chart, enabling rapid
expansion to include additional entries
related to entities on display.
Using wizards provided in the tool, the
operator is able to visualise data as either
contact networks, timelines or general
charts, based on an enhanced version of
the powerful graphics application provided

by i2. All entities in CAMCAT databases
can be re-used in a number of charts and
displays as required.
Intercepted calls can be stored on the
charts and the operator can access the call
content directly from the chart displayed.
This enables the identification of additional
relationships between displayed entities or
with other entries in the CAMCAT database.
In addition, these relationships can be
quickly displayed and added to the chart to
provide an intuitive and easy to assimilate
contact or relationship network.

These networks can be very complex and
the power of CAMCAT lies in the ability to
view, manipulate and display the data in a
cohesive manner. This makes it easier for
the operator to understand these complex
relationships and to identify key entities,
activities or calls. Interactivity with the
charts also allows the expansion of the
networks easily, providing the operator
with quick and effective investigation and
analysis of further inter-relationships of
The charts created can be stored, printed or
exported for viewing on other PCs.

CAMCAT Tracker
Using the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS
(Geographic Information System), the
system can track the path taken by targets
using information from the CAMCAT
database. Maps can be used from a variety
of sources, including existing customer
mapping that may contain customised

With CAMCAT Tracker, operators can pursue
a line of investigation using a relevant
location or area, or a call for which a
location is known.

CAMCAT PC Minimum Specification:

2GHz processor


120GB hard drive

17” flat panel monitor

Sound system

DVD/CD-RW drive

100Mbps Ethernet interface

MS Windows XP

Microsoft SQL Server











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i2, the i2 logo and the Analyst’s Notebook are registered trademarks
of i2 Limited.
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continuing development – 0209-2
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