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Text: SIGpac Man Portable
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) System
Linkabit’s SIGpac is the next-generation tactical Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) System for
global, full-spectrum operations. Its low-power, lightweight, ruggedized and modular design
incorporates sophisticated state-of-the-art RF, signal processing and Direction Finding (DF)
techniques. Using a software-driven design approach, SIGpac gives today’s intelligence
professional a versatile and modular capability that is easily scaled to support a wide variety of
missions to include man-packable, mobile, riverine, and unmanned applications.
The SIGpac simultaneously conducts DF, monitor, search and scan operations. There are
three search modes for both General and Directed Search:
Automatic Search – Performs the search on a continuous basis without user notification and
signal collection, unless a signal is observed on the High Value List.
Semi-Automatic Search – Performs the search and immediately stops and waits for user
interaction at each signal detect that is not on the Pass List.
New Signal Occurrence Search – Performs the search and immediately stops and waits for user
interaction only when a new signal detect is observed that does not reside on the Pass List, Signal
List and Channel List.
The general search capability allows the flexibility to monitor up to 10 (TBR) frequency
bands by indicating frequency start and stop, F1 to F2, for each specified band. These frequency
bands can be contiguous, non-contiguous or overlapping.
When critical signals are detected, SIGpac maintains an active signals list measuring center
frequency, bandwidth, time first seen, percent time active, DF bearing, modulation type, and
signal strength.
SIGpac is optimized for the remote tactical mission. The SIGINT Capability can be
transported and operated by a single person and set-up in less than 5 minutes. The total weight is
less than 27 pounds, which includes cabling, DF antenna, and internally-mounted battery. All
accessories fit in a standard military issued ALICE/Rucksack for ease of transport and airborne
early entry operations.
Key system components include the:
• SIGpac Receiver/Processor (100 KHz – 3000 MHz)
• MA-445C HF/VHF/UHF DF Antenna (2-2000 MHz)
• RF/Control Cable
The heart of SIGpac is the Receiver/Processor. The processor uses a patent-pending
interferometer DF technique typically providing 3 degrees RMS of DF accuracy, as well as
excellent sensitivity to distinguish a variety of signals. SIGpac provides superior performance
with most modulation types including CW, USB, LSB, AM, ISB and FM.
The lightweight, low profile, combat-proven MA-445C HF/VHF/UHF antenna provides
accurate DF coverage from 2 to 2000 MHz. Built in flexibility allows for the use of antennas
optimized for specific RF environments, as well as quick integration to ground mobile, maritime,
or fixed-site missions.
The use of a low-power design and effective power management allows the system to be
operated using the internally-mounted standard military batteries. Multiple power sources can be
utilized with use of an external adapter including vehicle, shore and generator power at 110 or
220VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.



SIGpac Man Portable Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) System
Product Specs
Frequency Coverage

0.5 – 3000 MHz DF and Intercept (Receiver)
2 – 2000 MHz (with MA-445C)
3° RMS Typical

10 µV/m (nominally)
10 Hz
≤ 5 ms
75 dB or greater
Integrate multiple LOB estimates, up to at least 30, for
enhanced accuracy
Provide operator-selectable DF integration time
Provide internal storage for at least 100 LOBs
(including timestamps)
Provide built-in-test (BIT) to the card level
≤ 15 pounds
≤ 6.0 inches (without whip)
≤ 2.0 square feet
Ethernet 10/100 or USB
≤ 9 meter SEP
≤ 1 meter
Bearing accuracy: ≤ 1°
Bearing resolution: ≤ 0.1°

DF Accuracy
DF Resolution
DF Threshold
Tuner Frequency Resolution
Tuner Tuning Speed
Tuner Dynamic Range
Antenna Weight
Antenna Height
Antenna Area
Remote Interface
Position Accuracy
Position Resolution
Electronic Compass*
Physical Characteristics System

3.50˝ H x 9.23˝ W x 11.05˝ D
≤ 27 pounds
(excluding antenna mount, and power source)

Power Input

20 to 30 VDC (stand-alone),
9V to 36V (with external adapter)
≤ 15 Watts when fully operational
BB390, BB390B, BB590, BB590MB
BB2590, BA5390, BA5590

Battery Type:
Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:
Rain, Salt Fog, Vibration:

-20° to +60°C
-40° to +55°C
5% to 95% Condensing
15,000 feet
1 meter (3 feet) for 1 minute
Tested to MIL-STD-810F modified

Resistant to externally generated radio frequency interference (RFI)
In accordance with MIL-STD-461E, tests CE102, CE106, CS101,
CS103, CS114, CS115, CS116, RE102 and RS1
Note: All specifications subject to change without notice

C l ea r ed b y D o D / OS R f o r Public Release
U n de r 10 -S -3 0 26 o n A ug ust 24 , 20 10.

3 0 3 3 S C I E N C E PA R K R O A D , S A N D I E G O , C A 9 2 1 2 1
( 8 5 8 ) 5 5 2 - 9 5 5 5 FA X ( 8 5 8 ) 5 5 2 - 9 6 6 8 W W W. L - 3 C O M . C O M
Product Ser vice Help Desk: 1-800-331-9401

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