Name: AN/PRD-13(V)2

Text: AN/PRD-13(V)2
Man Portable Signal Intelligence System
Linkabit’s AN/PRD-13(V)2 Man Portable Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
System incorporates sophisticated RF intercept and Direction
Finding (DF) processing capabilities into a low power, lightweight, ruggedized, and reliable system that satisfies the most
demanding applications and mission requirements.
The AN/PRD-13(V)2 has been developed to support tactical SIGINT
missions by providing:
• Signal Environment Characterization
• Signal Exploitation
• Signal Location
• Threat Warning
The AN/PRD-13(V)2 contains a powerful signal
search capability that allows quick and accurate characterization of the signal
environment. The system can support directed search, general search, or a combination of
searches, providing the user greater flexibility.
For directed searches, the system allows the user to program a channel list of up to
400 normal plus 20 priority channels.
The system’s general search capability allows for the monitoring of up to 9 bands.
Three band search strategies are supported: automatic, semi-automatic, and new energy. In
addition, a frequency pass list of up to 400 signals can be maintained.
When signals are detected, the system can maintain an active signals list measuring
center frequency, bandwidth, time-first-seen, percent time active, DF bearing, and signal
strength. An optional recorder is available to record and playback intercepted audio and
signal parameters.


Man Portable Signal Intelligence System

The system has been optimized for the man portable tactical mission. The entire
system can be transported and operated by a single person, set-up in less than 5 minutes,
and weighs just 19.5 kg (43 lbs) including the MB-5700 NiCd Battery and all field
accessories. The system, cables, and components fit in a single pack and can be
parachute jumped in support of airborne operations.
Key system components include the:
• MD-405A Receiver/Processor
• MA-445C HF/VHF/UHF DF Antenna (2-2000 MHz)
• MA-715A HF/VHF/UHF Monitor Antenna (2-2000 MHz)
• MA-308 Handheld DF Antenna (2-500 MHz)
The heart of the AN/PRD-13(V)2 is the MD-405A Receiver/Processor. This unit
includes all system interfaces, three receivers, and dual microcontrollers, plus associated
display and man-machine interface (MMI) functions. The task-managed
MMI provides easy, convenient operator access to all receiver resources
and system features. The processor uses a patented single channel
interferometer DF technique providing accurate DF and excellent
sensitivity in a system that is low power and lightweight. It provides
superior performance with most modulation signal types including SSB
and OOK-Morse. The DF histogram display is particularly effective
during weak signal conditions, simplex nets, or adverse propagation
conditions that typify lower frequency bands.
The lightweight, low profile MA-445C HF/VHF/UHF antenna
provides accurate DF coverage from 2 to 2000 MHz. The MA-715A

broadband dual whip antennas provide monitoring capability from 2 to 2000 MHz. The


MA-308 is a handheld DF antenna used to support localization of nearby transmitters


during on the move missions, such as locating a downed pilot’s beacon. Other antennas
may be used with the system to optimize it for ground vehicle, maritime, or fixed site
The use of a low power design and effective power management allows the system
to be operated using the internally mounted MB-5700 NiCd or other approved battery.
An optional solar panel can be provided to power the system for extended operations or
to recharge the MB-5700 NiCd battery. Additionally other power sources can be utilized
with use of the provided accessory kit including local power at 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or
60 Hz, and direct DC power from 10 - 28 VDC.

“Linkabit is the world leader in small, lightweight, low power
signal intercept, direction finding, and signal processing systems for tactical Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications.”

Frequency Coverage

2 - 2000 MHz DF and Intercept (MA-445C)
2 - 2000 MHz Monitor (MA-715A)
2 - 500 MHz DF (MA-308)

DF/Intercept Receiver
Monitor Receivers

FM (200 kHz, 50 kHz, 15 kHz), AM (15 kHz, 6 kHz), SSB (6 kHz, 3 kHz), CW (3 kHz, 0.5 kHz)
FM (15 kHz), AM (15 kHz, 6 kHz), SSB (6 kHz, 3 kHz), CW (3 kHz, 0.5 kHz)

DF Accuracy

3° RMS Typical (Antenna and Location Dependent)

DF Coverage

360° Azimuth, 0° to +60° Elevation

Graphical Displays

PAN (50kHz, 200kHz, 900kHz, 5MHz spans)
DF (Histogram and Vector)

Number of Receivers

1 DF/Intercept and 2 Monitor Receivers; manual independent receiver control by user

Remote Interface


Receiver Operating Modes

Directed Search (Channel Scan): 400 Normal channels, 20 priority channels
General Search (Band Sweep): Automatic, semi-automatic, new energy modes
Bands: Selectable, 9 bands
Signal List: Log up to 400: Center frequency, BW, time statistics
Pass List: Avoid up to 400 channels
Built-In-Test: End-to-end system test, includes: Start-up, Operator Initiated, and background

Physical Characteristics

System Weight: 19.5kg (43 lbs) including MB-5700 NiCd Battery and all field accessories
Power: 9.5 watts max
Power Input: 10 to 28 VDC
Temperature: -20°C to +50°C Operating
-40°C to +70°C Storage
Humidity: 0 to 100% Condensing
Altitude: 15,240 meters (50,000 feet)
Submersion: 1 meter (3 feet) for 1 minute (MD-405A)
Rain, Salt Fog, Vibration: Tested to MIL-STD-810E modified






Man Portable Signal Intelligence System




Po w e r


S y s t e m s — Linkabit is the world leader in small, lightweight, low power signals intercept,
direction finding, and signal processing systems for tactical signals intelligence (SIGINT)
applications. U.S. and international military
forces and law enforcement agencies use our
systems to provide critical SIGINT capability
for a multitude of missions. These include






platforms, such as ground vehicles and patrol boats.
Located in San Diego, we are committed to
providing the best high technology-based SIGINT





customers. This commitment ensures
that our systems provide maximum
self-protection and situational awareness to users on the electronic battlefield, regardless of the climatic
condition or location.


operations are a forerunner to tomorrow’s exciting







Government and commercial customers succeed by delivering optimum solutions at the best
value. Since the early 1980’s, we have continuously delivered leading edge solutions to our
customers, while steadily expanding our capabilities, products, and performance reputation.

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice

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