Name: PBX Monitoring, Analogue Recorder, Dial-up Recorder, E1 Activity Recorder, A-Interface Interception System,

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KSL's Interceition Range Overview

Komcept Solutions' recorders give you full fidelity audio reproduction of voice, fax
and data transmitted over the telecommunications network.
Graphical interfaces and optional processing tools provide you with a complete
armoury for telephone interception using individual modules to scale your system
for your needs and price, and allowing it to be built upon over time.
Analogue Telephone Interception
The Analogue Recorder provides L a w
Enforcement with a comprehensive facility for
the u n intrusive interception o f analogue
telephone circuits. High impedance parallel
connections to target lines can be routed to the
interface which will detect activity on the line
and record both sides of the conversation. All
call related data (Caller ID, DTMF, MF, Pulse
Dial) is decoded by the recorder and stored for
presentation upon playback.
Analogue Interception with Call Routing
The Analogue Recorder is best used where the
targets' telephone lines have been routed to
the recording centre. If this is not possible but
access t o the switch i s available then the
Analogue Recorder may b e customised t o
route all calls from the telephone switch to the
recording centre over another analogue line
(Remote Tap) or a DSL-line (VPN Recorder).
Switch/LI Software Dial-up Receiving
The Dial-up Recorder is designed for situations
where interception is provided through switch
software and the intercepted product is routed

from the switch on a digital (ISDN) dial-up
connection. The Dial-up Recorder is capable of
receiving this intercepted product on one or
more ISDN trunks, as well as data channels for
CALEA I-STD-025A o r ETSI ES2O1 6 7 1
compatible signalling. The dial-up recorder
takes a primary rate ISDN Q931 connection
and can be configured to all national standards.
Digital Trunk Interception
The El Activity Recordermay receive up to 120
simultaneous telephone channels on four El
trunks, recording calls in either voice operated
or c-tone triggered mode, o r by a digital
signalling method. A l l standard signalling
systems can be accepted including GISH, 557,
GSM Interception
Korncept S o l u t i o n s ' o w n A - I n t e r f a c e
Interception System allows the capture and
analysis o f t h e data o n t h e A-interface
(between the MSC and BSC) of a GSM network.
It keeps a live database to provide translations
between TMSIs and target IMSIs to which they
relate. This can be scaled for a small system
right up to a multi-sited GSM network.

Interception Systems offered by Komcept Solutions for
Analogue telephone interception.
Analogue interception with call routing.
Switch/LI software dial-up receiving.
Digital trunk interception.
GSM interception.
PBX monitoring.

Available to enhance Komcept Solutions interception systems
Fax, modem (dial-up intemet) and broadband Internet.
Location mapping.


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Korricept Solutions Ltd.




PBX Monitoring
The PBX Monitor offers t h e unintrusive interception o f a
majority o f digital PBX telephone circuits. High impedance
parallel connections to target lines can be routed to the monitor
which will detect, analyse and decode the activity on the line
and record the resulting audio and call related data. Up to 96
digital lines can be monitored and recorded by each monitor.
All call related data (Caller ID, DTMF, MF) is recorded and can
be displayed when replaying the calls.
The range of digital PBX switches and handsets which can be
monitored is constantly growing.

Modem Decoding - D i a l
Modem Decoding requires a four-wire tap to record both
directions of the call; differences between Fax and Modem
are substantial in the way data is intercepted - fax being
possible from a 2-wire tap. The recorded .wav file from the
4-wire tap is stored, and processed through the Modem
decoding server.

Broadband Internet
Depending upon the architecture of the operator's network,
there are various ways a Komcept Solutions' Broadband
Interception System can monitor a target's broadband line.
With the high data rates of modern broadband connections
the product can be filtered to only store relevant material,
for example between certain times, just email, particular
web sites etc. The Delta SeePro application presents the
whole session neatly and conveniently organised.

Call Playback
The Komcept Solutions Digital Player is a software application
for a call replay machine based on a Windows PC. When used
in conjunction with Komcept's Lawful Interception suite i t
provides a versatile playback facility packed with features for
the displaying and decoding of called/calling numbers, flexible
filtering and sorting, looping and flagging, amongst a host of
other tools. The population of a Word Processor transcription
document can be controlled from within the Player, saving
much of the operator's time.
For mobile targets SMS messages and location information can
be displayed instantly.
This product is normally supplied free of charge with Komcept
Solutions recorders.

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Geradus, Komcept Solutions' own mapping application,
displays the likely location o f a target based upon their
location messages from a GSM interception system, and cell
locations from the CSP (Cellular Service Provider). Geradus
displays a navigable history o f a target's whereabouts,
allows time-filtering, and alarms when they move. I t is
based upon best-guess geography of cell usage.

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Fax Processing
Fax calls recorded on any of the Lawful Interception suite's
recorders can be processed and decoded, producing an image
of t h e transmitted fax. This process i s automatic when
connected to the Lawful Interception network, yet can also be
used standalone with fax calls fed into it as .wav files.

Komcept Solutions Ltd.






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