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K a ~ o wKatalvst for OSlNT
Harvest text in any language, images, audio, video from websites, blogs, and social media.
Secure and non-attributa ble. Kapow Katalyst-the best-kept secret in OSINT.



OSlNT data sources are as varied as the lnternet itself.
Mission-criticaldata can reside in blogs, in news feeds, in
social media-and can even be hosted on short-lived sites
on the dark web. As technology standards continue to
evolve one thing is certain: OSINT data sources will
remain a moving target-in more ways than one.

Katalyst offers built-in support for multi-byte character
encodings such as Chinese and bidirectional languages
such as Arabic and Hebrew. Katalyst is in daily use
throughout the IC to harvest the contents of news sites,
blogs, RSS feeds, and social media around the world.

Only Kapow KatalystTM
has the deep understanding of
Web page structure needed t o handle any site, including
those built with advanced AJAX techniques. Without that
capability, data cannot be completely or accurately
harvested from websites-and that's not good enough
when national security is at stake.

Kapow Katalyst supports the widest range of options for
non-attribution. Examine and alter JavaScript on any page
before it is run. Automatically vary wait intervals,
crawling schedule, and clicks per session. Alter HlTP
headers to report different operating systems and
browsers. Integrate with anonymization solutions. Alter
proxy server in response to blocking attempts. Finally,
don't draw attention to your mission by registering for
API access-Katalyst can work with or without APls.



Katalyst enables offline retention of any web page,
domain, or list of domains for ongoing study and archival
purposes. A Kapow Snapshot is a complete, fully static
copy of any targeted site that includes all images,
documents, and other linked assets. You can access it at
any time without running the risk that the site owner will
be alerted to your activity. Only Kapow offers both-a
static Snapshot, and access to live websites.

Kapow Katalyst provides the widest range of security
options-that's why it's in use on SIPRNET, JWICS, and
other secure networks. Katalyst is stateless, so it can
safely reside in your DMZ: there is no risk of
compromising data because Katalyst retains no data.
Contact us to discuss other deployable security measures.

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OSlNT projects use different crawl techniques at different
stages of an investigation but most approaches and COTS
products cannot accommodate this requirement. In the
early stages a "broad" crawl is often used-but other
solutions cannot scale sufficiently to support the high
data volume that Katalyst can manage. Kapow Katalyst
users routinely access thousands of web sites in a session
with linear scaling. In later stages "surgical" crawls will
seek to develop in-depth information on a narrow subject
area. This type of crawl requires advanced website
navigation and data transformation abilities and produces
a much richer data set.
Surgical crawls can become quite sophisticated as
analysis requirements become better understood. For
example, it is often necessary to provide context and
semantic richness as soon as an extracted item is
recognized, rather than in a downstream process. For
example, by recognizing a known terrorist during a broad
crawl, a surgical crawl could be triggered t o extract
additional contextual data from internal and external
sources. Then, by providing metadata and data facets
based on context available only during the crawlcontext unavailable later-downstream analysis tools can
create timelines, scatter plots, heat maps, relationship
graphs, and other advanced data representations to
further assist analysis. Kapow customers routinely use
Katalyst t o perform this kind of access.

Harvesting Deep Web data is much more complex than
mere link-following, and Kapow Katalyst offers unique
capabilities that enable Deep Web access. With its ability
to navigate complex menu structures and generate input
for web-based forms, Kapow Katalyst can automatically
navigate arbitrary menu levels and issue multiple queries
to extract entire databases and prepare them for use in
any format necessary.
Data can be extracted from within content management
systems and behind Web-based database query formsthen formatted for analyst use and automatically kept
current with Katalyst's de-duplication. Other extraction
technology, limited to following specific links that already
exist, are incapable of harvesting Deep Web data.

Kapow Katalyst uses patented technology that is resilient
t o page format changes, helping maintain readiness for
any data capture your mission requires

These are just a few of the capabilities that set Kapow
Katalyst apart from other OSlNT extraction technology.
Contact us today to learn more about why we're so
widely deployed in the IC. Now and in the future, you'll
be pleased when you decide to make Kapow Katalyst part
of your OSlNT team.

Kapow Software may be the best-kept secret in OSINT, but
we're easy t o work with.

Kapow Software is the leader in OSlNT Data Extraction and
Application Integration.

We're GSA-listed and carry clearances.

Kapow KatalystTMautomatically extracts, transforms,
integrates and migrates data from virtually any source on the
web, in the cloud or across the enterprise, tovirtually
anywhere, including mobile devices, without requiring APls.

We focus solely on OSlNT Data Collection--and we're good at
it--so we work well with integrators and all the technology
vendors in your OSlNT environment.
We're used daily throughout the IC t o harvest data for Link
Analysis and Visualization, Entity Extraction, Natural
Language Processing, Search, Indexing.
For OSlNT information, please call us a t 703.489.1445 or email

Nearly 500 customers, including AT&T, Audi, Intel, Morgan
Stanley, Vodafone, and dozens of federal agencies rely on
Kapow for data syndication, mobile-enablement, cloud and
web app integration, content migration, business
intelligence, terrorism tracking, comparison pricing - and
much more.

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