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Text: Innovationszentrum für
Telekommunikationstechnik IZT

COMINT Technology

March 2011


Company Profile
Signal Sources
COMINT Simulator
Digital Wideband Receivers
RecPlay System

About IZT
Innovationszentrum fü
fü r
Telekommunikationstechnik GmbH IZT
based in Erlangen, Germany
founded 1997 as spin-off from the Fraunhofer

Gesellschaft, an organization for applied research
(„home of mp3“)
about 50 employees
focusing on rf technology and fast digital signal

system engineering
rf and microwave design
fast digital hardware
FPGA programming

worldwide sales in different markets directly or

through distributors and system integrators

Technologies and Applications
IZT combines worldworld-class RF frontends with advanced signal processing to
create high performance products for capturing,
capturing, modifying and generating
radio signals.

Digital Multichannel Signal Sources
Consumer receiver testing
RF environment simulation for MIMO receivers
COMINT simulation and test

Channel Simulators
Modelling the effects of a satellite link on the signal with up to 700MHz bandwidth

Digital Wideband Receivers and Analyzers

ITU spectrum monitoring and enforcement
Anti Surveillance operations
Wideband radio signal capture
COMINT and Jammer systems

IZT Signal Sources
Signal interpolation and combining in realreal-time
9 kHz...3(6) GHz frequency range
2x120 MHz realtime bandwidth
Interpolation and mixing performed in real time
Impairments (fading, phase noise, doppler, blockage) applied in real-time

Coherent System
Phase synchronous replay of diversity signals
Antenna diagram simulation
Over-The-Air Testing

31 or more independent channels
Can contain one or more emissions
Different sample rates
Placed anywhere in the spectrum

IZT S1000
Signal parameters adjustable while operating
Frequency, power, delay
Noise, impairments, fading, phase noise

Different data sources
1,750,000,000 samples RAM
Continuous streaming 2x24 MSamples/sec.
Internal harddrive

Frequency hopper simulation: > 2000 hops/sec, spread up to 120 MHz
Real-time modulators for XM / Sirius
Playback of recorded live signals
Easy-to-use Matlab interface

IZT Signal Sources

Signal Generator IZT S1000

COMINT Simulator S5000
COMINT Simulator
Continuous coverage of 20...3000 MHz

in 120MHz blocks
Thousands of accurately controlled

signals with actual content
Hours of RF environment scenarios
Capability to stimulate a DF system

based on
Antenna characteristics (steering
Azimuth/elevation and power for
each individual signal
Up to fourteen antenna inputs

Applications for the IZT S1000 and S5000
Cost effective testing of consumer radios
Replay of recorded signals
RF environment simulation
Phase synchronous replay of diversity signals
Testing of COMINT/SIGINT systems
Testing of DF systems
Operator training
Chip Design
Testing of LTE and DVB-T2 environments

IZT Receivers
Superior Digital Processing
Real-time PSD
Multi-channel DDC (I/Q)
Fully synchronous to support DF or TDOA
Smart self-contained data format
Very efficient use of commercial LAN infrastructure

World Class RF Performance
Performance parameters comparable to big players in the market
Coverage from 9 kHz to 18 GHz
24/120 MHz bandwidth

IZT R3000 Wideband Digital Receivers
Successful in the market since 2006
Set the standard for new generation of digital
High SFDR (84dB @ B=100kHz in VHF; >90dB in HF)
Four DDC channels
Simultaneous I/Q, PSD and FFT for each channel
GBit LAN interface directly at the FPGA supports
>90% network load for data transfer
Leading product for ITU spectrum monitoring (HF and
DOA and TDOA location finding
Anti surveillance
COMINT and jammers by several system integrators

R3301 Portable Wideband RF Recorder
R3301 Portable Wideband RF Recorder
Combination of R3000 with PC
For portable and mobile applications
Contains UPS with AC and DC supply
Touch screen
Extremely low RF emissions
Continuous recording of up to 20.5 MHz

2TByte storage space for minimum 6 hours of

Built-in GPS and high stability reference
Used for capturing RF signals in the field

IZT RecPlay: Single Antenna Setup
One Channel Setup
RF Recorder IZT R3301
Streaming Server IZT P1x00
Signal Generator IZT S1000

IZT RecPlay: Dual Antenna Diversity Setup
Two Channel Setup
2x RF Recorder
Synchronization Unit
Streaming Server
Signal Generator

with dual RF output
Cal-Kits (optional)

Data Handling
2.5“ HDDs, swapable
Direct link via Gigabit LAN

Internet VPN connection

IZT Replay: Multi-Antenna Diversity Setup

IZT R4000
Key Features
120 MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth
real-time wideband spectrum
zoomed spectrum
Selective continuous recording
up to 127 sub-bands
automatic activity detection or/and manual selection of sub-bands
max. ~1TByte/hour data
Seamless online/offline operation
access to past or current signal
up to 127 work stations can access I/Q data digitally
analog IF outputs can be provided
High quality RF frontends
up to 18GHz
Direct sampling up to 140 MHz
Configurable pre-selector

R4000 Receiver Subsystem

R4000 Digital Processing

IZT R4000 Receiver Frontends
Four different frontends
9 kHz...140 MHz with direct sampling
Very high SFDR
16 configurable pre-selector filters (~1:1.2 frequency spacing) with adjustable bandwidth
Notch filter for FM Broadcast band
Extends frequency range to 3000 MHz
120 MHz IF bandwidth
Extends frequency range from 3 GHz to 6 GHz
Dual conversion, highly linear design
Fully phase stable
Extends frequency range from 3 GHz to 18 GHz
YIG as pre-selector
120 MHz IF bandwidth

R4000 Configurable Pre-Selector

IZT R4000 Interface for System Integrators
A Software Interface to the IZT R4000 will be available for System
No direct access to R4000 LAN interface to reduce complexity
Customer is responsible for the IT
IZT R4000 driver software performs
Receiver control based on client software commands
Data de-compression
Extraction of narrow band channels
spectrum provided in R3000 data format by low-level IZT software
Delayed I/Q can be requested by client application (up to 127 channels) in

R3000 data format
Dual GBit Interface can handle 60....80 MHz cumulative bandwidth
10 GBit Interface makes full 120 MHz available

R4000 Signal Collection System

R4000 Selective Recording and Processing

R4000 Selective Recording and Processing

R4000 Operation
Energy Detection
Determines active subbands
Automatic modes

Signal Capture
Active subbands are stored in a storage system

Workstations request portions of the captured signals based on availability
Receive content via LAN

Roadmap: Digitizer
Two Channel Digitizer
2x120 MHz instantaneous bandwidth (hardware limitation to 10 MHz possible)
More than two channels possible
240 MHz I/F or baseband input
Can be combined with IZT‘s frontends (HVHF/3/6/18 GHz)
Can incorporate an electronic antenna switch
Real-time DDC or FFT in FPGA, time stamps in the data stream
10GBit optical LAN output
IP protocol in FPGA for easy interfacing to a PC or IZT S1000
Completely shielded and industrial temperature range

Cost effective to high performance DF systems with digitization at the antenna
Real-time MIMO over-the-air test setups

IZT has built a reputation as supplier for advanced high performance receivers
R3000 is well established in the market
R4000 covers high end applications – IT systems now have years ahead to catch up
Extension towards cost effective and high performance hardware for DF is the

logical next step
COMINT Simulator is our master piece in terms of signal generation
S1000 has been very well received in the civilian markets – military and

government markets will be targeted next

WRTT Technical Concept

Thank You

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