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IP Discover - Transforming
Unstructured Data into Useful,

Social media content is often described as
unstructured data. It is unstructured because the
original structure of the posting or blog, e.g. the
subject and meaning, is only obvious to the author or
the participants in a soc ial media thread.
To derive the original structure requires careful humanbased analysis. This analysis is time-consuming and
potentially error-prone; issues that are compounded by the
sheer volume of social media content produced every second
of every day.
It is obvious that organisations wishing to extract maximum value
from social media content need automated solutions, ones that can be
trusted to process the massive quantity of information without making

IP Discover .. . helping you with data transformation


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orginisation's own proprietary data.
Filtering techniques can then be applied to
create a more reliable, accurate and toeused
set of data.
IP Discover.•• hefping you focus








IP Discover - Appropriate Architecture
Handling and storing the knowledge in an efficient, logical and secure manner is essential to the ways in which it can be analysed.
Social media content is inherently connected through different types of relationships, and it is by further analysing these complex links
that new and refined knowledge can be attained.
Therefore, careful consideration of the type of database selected to store and process the data is required.
Performance, scalability and an ability to manage ad hoc data are key. These factors must also be combined with the desire to identify
links and patterns.
IP Discover... helping you get the most from your data


IP Discover - Turning Knowledge into Actionable Intelligence








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For an organisation to take full advantage of knowledge, it often requires detailed analysis.
Doing so reveals hidden details, trends, patterns and relationships that 1nay not be initially apparent. Transforming knowledge into
relevant and usable intelligence helps an organisation's decision-maker decide on what to do next.
IP Discover... helping you with actionable intelligence

IP Discover
Identification of Hidden
Social media content provides network information comprising
details of people and the links between them. If the incoming
datasets contain identifiable people, then analysis of the
social networks around events and individuals must be
Mathematical techniques can be used to explore hidden
relationships behind groups of people by identifying
significant connections, trends and patterns. This could,
in turn, result in an individual's influence within the
network being revealed.
IP Discover... helping you identify influencers
in networked groups



IP Discover
Geographic Analysis
Public demonstrations are often associated with movement. The
route may be pre-planned and fixed, or as in the 2011 summer
riots, constantly changing and hence presenting a difficult
challenge for tlie police to monitor.
Group movements and trends detected during a live event can be
derived by analysing geographically tagged social media data.
IP Discover... helping you detect movements and trends

IP Discover
Derived Intelligence
To help decision-makers respond quickly to incidents
or events, they can't be overwhelmed by detail. Derived
intelligence needs to be presented in appropriate, customisable
and useful ways.
Locations of individuals, groups or niches, and tracking their
movements, are obvious candidates for geospatial visualisation
using specialist mappin~ tools. Helping you understand the
identity of an individual, quickly, on a map, however complex the
IP Discover... helping you visualise social
network data

IP Discover - Obtaining Deeper Intelligence

By providing fast, real-time intelligence for
organisations to act on. And over the longerterm, applying greater detailed analysis by
incorporating historical datasets to aid
future decisions.

IP Discover... helping you better
understand your data







intelligent business•

Exploiting the

Power of


IP Discover is a dedicated technology framework that provides security professionals
with real-time information and analysis from publicly available social media networks
and news feeds relating to people, events and locations.

IPL - welcome to the world of Intelligent Business

Social Media Content

in Homeland Security
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