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Hidden Technology Satellite Tracking Solutions

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15th April 2006

HiSAT Overview 15/4/2006

Hidden Technology, as part of the 2006 Research & Development program, are
developing tracking solutions utilising Inmarsat satellite communications as an
alternative to GSM communications. There is also a future development to utilise
the Thuraya satellite communications network.
The objective is to have satellite solutions controlled by the CP2 software
application so that customers can monitor tracking objectives via GSM or satellite
communications via a single software interface.
Hidden Technology is working with a number of specialist hardware developers
to provide the hardware element of the solution and Hidden Technology have
development responsibility for the communications protocols for CP2 and CP2
The timescale for release of the Inmarsat and Thuraya products is not yet firm
and will depend on customer requirements and new prospect opportunities.

HiSAT 101 Terminal
For the requirement of Satellite Tracking HTSI recommend that an Inmarsat 0+
communications and GPS tracking solution with alarm monitoring and, optional,
text messages is provided and supported by CP2 mapping and control software.
HiSAT 101 Terminal

The HiSAT 101 mobile satellite terminal gives tracking and remote monitoring
capability to the maritime, transport, security, energy and utilities sectors.
The HiSAT 101 compact technology enables the position and status of mobile
assets to be monitored from any location with an Internet connection.
The HiSAT 101 can be programmed to transmit location reports and status
messages at user-defined intervals. It enables a constant watch to be kept on
functions defined by the user, such as the position, direction, speed and security
status of mobile assets, and on the performance and status of remote systems or
Featuring a built-in GPS receiver, and a high
degree of integral data processing intelligence,
the HiSAT 101 provides exception-reporting
capabilities that enable the transmission of data
only when a particular condition has been met or
exceeded. For example, this could be triggered

HiSAT Overview 15/4/2006

when a vehicle reaches a specific destination, or unexpectedly moves
beyond a designated lone.
The HiSAT 101 terminal incorporates a number of powerful facilities:

Automatic transmission of location reports
Remotely programmable, with exceptionreporting functionality
Comprehensive interfacing for multi-channel
system monitoring
Flexible powering options for long-term unattended operation
Miniature format, with low-profile antenna for unobtrusive installation

With an optional PDA two-way communications device, the H1SAT 101 can also
be used for text messaging.
Incorporating a 12-channel GPS receiver for high-accuracy location reporting, the
HiSAT 101 consumes minimal power for long-term unattended operation, and
can be powered from its battery pack, a local supply, or a solar panel.
Effectively, the terminal is "asleep" between transmissions, hence its low power
consumption. By pressing a panic button, the message transmission frequency
can be dramatically increased - for example, to every few minutes, to provide
Search and Rescue teams with rapidly updating position reports.
The HiSAT lOlls ability to interface with a variety of external sensors and
systems, combined with its built-in data processing intelligence, allows status
information about parameters such as fuel levels and warnings of illegal door
openings to be gathered and stored, and transmitted direct to the customer. The
terminalis ultra-compact dimensions assist with its unobtrusive installation, and it
is supplied complete with a low-profile antenna that maintains satellite contact
down to very low elevation angles. This ensures that full advantage can be taken
of the satellite footprints, out to the extremes of their coverage, to ensure
effective service availability throughout the world.
CP2 Control Platform Software

Linking via the internet the CP2 software provided full control of the tracking units
in terms of configuration, alarm handling and display of multiple vehicles on the
integrated map viewer.
The CP2 server links to the Message Handling System at a centralised Data
Centre in the UK via a secure Internet connection. Additional CP2 Client terminals
can be linked to the CP2 Server via the internet allowing multiple user monitoring
of the tracked assets.

HiSAT Overview 15/4/2006

CP2 supports up to 2,000 assets and provides full location monitoring, alarm
handling and text messaging functionality from a easy to use Windows PC

The CP2 software includes HTViewer, a dedicated map engine for vehicle and
personnel tracking applications. HTSI can, via a number of map business
partners provide maps of most countries in the world. The scale and level of
detail for the chosen areas is variable but will allow location of the tracking
vehicle to a degree allowing search and rescue operations and location

Computing Environment
The computers required to operate the CP2 Software require the following
minimum specification:Pentium 4
Microsoft XP Professional
1.8GHZ Processor or higher
- Additional Ram will enhance map refresh performance
40GB Hard Drive (5GB Free space)
CD Rom Drive
32 Bit Graphics Card
Internet connectivity - Fixed IP address
For Control Room applications a desktop solution is recommended and a Laptop
for mobile field operations is normally suitable, if a fixed IP address is available.
Subject to end user security policies an Internet connection is required for
remote software support.

At this stage the pricing is indicative and Hidden Technology will provide a formal
quotation once the exact requirements are agreed. The 15% Westminster
International discount has been applied.
Product Description
HiSAT 101
- Inmarsat D+ GPS tracking Unit including:
Antenna, wiring, Panic Alarm
- Pricing is based on connecting to an Inmarsat
D+ airtime agreement

HiSAT Overview 15/4/2006

Quantity Price Each £
(Excl VAT)
1 -50

2 Way Messaging Terminal







- PDA terminal with HiSAT Messaging Application
aI/owing send and receipt of ''canned'' text

CP2 Control Platform
- CP2 SelVer

CP2 Client
- Additional CP2 Client Applications

Pricing excludes Inmarsat airtime charges and connection to Inmarsat
communication network.
Installation is not included for the HiSAT hardware. Customer installation
requirements are to be discussed.
User Training is included at HTSI UK or Holland facilities. In-country training and
software installation can be provided at a fixed cost and the requirements are to
be discussed.
All products include 12 month warranty on return to manufacture basis, training
at HTSI UK, HTSI Holland facilities or in-country, and telephone Helpdesk

HiSAT Overview 15/4/2006

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