Text: HP Investigation
(DRAGON—Data Retention And
Guardian Online) solution
DRAGON release 6.3—Multi-Archive Management for
efficient Data Archiving
Solution brief

HP Investigation is committed to help companies handle massive
data in an efficient, secure, cost effective manner by offering several
state-of-art solutions for data archiving, data management and
transferring data into information. As information is increasingly
important in our daily lives and companies need to capture data
from various sources, or from different type of data storages, the
need for a solution that can handle different archiving technologies
is getting more crucial for heavy-duty data management and
data store. Multi-Archive is a collection of databases (DBs)
in which data is treated as one entity and viewed through a
single user interface offered by DRAGON 6.3 GUI. Using
DRAGON 6.3, it is becoming easier to collect and consolidate
data from different sources in order to analyze and generate the
required information as an outcome. Further enhancements to
DRAGON 6.3 are also taking place to accelerate the query
speed and performance, to improve the system security, and to
enrich DRAGON 6.3 with the capability to extract data from
Vertica database, as well as, beyond the existing database
technologies that are available in DRAGON.

Data collection, management, and
archiving with DRAGON 6.3
DRAGON manages the end-to-end lifecycle of data
through the collection, management, and data archiving
processes. See the Figure 1 below which outlines
these steps.

Figure 1: The end-to-end process for data collection, management and archiving with DRAGON 6.3

Data Monitor
and Capture

Data Capture from traffic flows
by Dragon Blue IP probe (DPI
and IUM) to collect valuable
data real-time

Dragon Blue IP probe
and IUM

Federated Database
Management, Lawful
Interception and Analysis
Dragon 6.3 offers a single point of GUI to
manage various type of database


Data Retention
Data Archive
Depending on data structure, volume,
retention period, query performance
and access needs Dragon offers the
most suitable DB

Database 1

Dragon Green:


Database 2
Dragon Orange:

Data are available
for analysis

Database 3

Database 4

Dragon Red:



Data collection

Data management

Collecting the necessary data in a valuable format and
understanding the information sitting deeply insight of
data flows is the winner strategy that can be powered
by DRAGON Blue IP probe Deep Packet Inspection
(DPI and IUM) solution. DRAGON Blue provides the
capability of monitoring, extracting, and filtering data
directly from network traffic real-time, offering passive
probes that generate no overhead on network devices,
hence leave no impact on network operation. As
different companies have different needs our main focus
is the flexibility and the ability to customize DRAGON
Blue to monitor exactly the same level of data flow
insight and to collect exactly the same data required by
our clients.

Data retention or data archiving are not only about
having data storage and store data. There are a number
of important aspects to be considered, like security,
authentication, accessibility, performance, management,
and maintenance of databases. Nowadays, in most
cases we talk about different database types as
companies use various types of databases to store
their various types of data. For instance, the client
database, or communication activity database, or
billing information database could be different entities;
however the challenge is to synchronize the data among
the databases and to be able to manage them as a
single point of management. All these requirements are
addressed by the DRAGON 6.3 proving to be the right
solution for enterprise data management.

For more information about DRAGON Blue solution, read
the DRAGON Blue solution brief.

The new features available in DRAGON 6.3
1. Graphical flow configuration


The DRAGON Graphical Flow configurator offers a simple graphical interface to configure
all aspect of data management; like how and which input data have to be loaded onto the
archives, the retrieval query to extract the data, the layout and presentation of this data, the
retention time, and the brokering query process flow on the Core Module. All these aspects are
important elements of everyday work with databases.

2. Multi-Archive Database Management
For data capture, DRAGON 6.3 introduces an additional Federated Server architecture, based
on the concept of data source. Federated database is a collection of databases treated as one
entity and viewed through a single user interface offered by DRAGON 6.3 GUI. The data source
is the only component of new DRAGON Federated Server dependent on the database in use. All
Federated Server Chain functionalities are database independent, and use a specific data source
when they need to access the databases:
• Query chain (doc generator and query engine)
• The Federated Server Chain is designed to address:
−− Federated archive management
−− Cross Archive Query configuration
−− Query pipeline


3. Real Time Query
For data capture the Real Time Query (RTQ) feature represents a new logic flow for work item
request elaboration, in addition to the asynchronous mode. The RTQ feature adds the capability
of receiving work item results in a synchronous-like way. In this way DRAGON introduces a new
tool to help end users in improved data query performance.

4. Security
DRAGON 6.3 introduces a new pluggable authentication system integrated with Active
Directory and JBoss authentication system. This enhancement will delegate authentication but not
authorization using a bind process between the authenticated user and an existing DRAGON user
to determine his/her permissions.

5. Vertica pre-integration
For data capture he DRAGON 6.3 introduces a pre-integration with Vertica archive. The
integration will be limited to the query part that means DRAGON 6.3 is able to read and query
data from Vertica database.


Data archiving

• Reduce the system and data center complexity

Every day, companies must store and manage a
large amount of information, used for purposes
ranging from marketing, to billing, to capacity planning,
to legal and compliance. The size of data is so large
that new prefixes have been invented: peta, exa,
and zettabyte. Data is becoming one of the biggest
corporate topics—data management is no longer an
IT problem but a consideration of corporate strategy.
Moreover, different data need different archive, retrieve,
and security capabilities. They can be heterogeneous
(a mix of text and multimedia, for instance). Some data
need strong security and encryption.
To survive the data explosion means to be able to
govern all the different aspects of data explosion that:
• Dramatically reduce available storage
• Use the right archive technology for each data type

• Require data reliability on a wide range of devices
used in different settings
• Require compliance and secure data management
For more information about DRAGON Large Archive
solution, read the DRAGON Large Archive solution
whitepaper: Data explosion challenge…. and how to
DRAGON provides the possibility to use the right
archive technology per data type to reduce the system
size and improve data archive efficiency and realizing
cost saving. DRAGON also implements Federated
Database Management in order to manage various
types of databases at a single point of management
screen (DRAGON 6.3 GUI) and to create relations
between different database types.
DRAGON offers the right archive technologies as the
table shows below, the best fit for all:

DRAGON product











Both upload
and query

Query only

Both upload
and query

Query only

Data Volume

Large, Medium, or Low

Medium or Low


Large or Medium

Query Response Time

Within 10 seconds

Within 10 seconds

Within 100 seconds

Within 10 seconds


Deep and complex
analysis for 1000
of users

Deep and complex
analysis for 10
of users

Easily defined
analysis for 100

Deep and complex
analysis for 1000
of users


High performance
and flexibility



High performance
and analytics

Data Compression






Combination of different DB
technologies with DRAGON
It is possible to combine different databases by the
DRAGON Multi-Archive capability. One of the scenarios
is when the DRAGON Red solution is used for raw data
(CDRs, and more) storage, and another database like
Vertica is used for analysis purposes.
DRAGON Red uses RainStor DB technologies as Data
Store and focusing on the reduction of cost and effort of
collecting and storing granular data. Typical usage as
operational data store with the following features:
• Fast and efficient ingestion
• Industry-leading compression to reduce data size (to
save storage costs)

Vertica is focused on providing fast and agile analysis of
data aggregated from RainStor data warehouse with the
following features:
• Advanced and fast analytics
• Simple database design and tuning
• Automated performance optimization
The combination of DRAGON Red and Vertica
databases provides comprehensive analytical
capabilities for companies and low TCO at the
same time.

Solution Architecture
DRAGON 6.3 solution architecture is described on
Figure 2.

• Simple management and scalability
• Fast SQL access and export to Enterprise Data
Warehouse (EDW)

Figure 2: DRAGON 6.3 High Level Architecture

HP DRAGON event/CDR archive solution
IUM module

Loading Module

Collection and



Data access module
data access



Complex and
iterative query

end user

module provides
additional query
capabilities to
manage complex
query among different
archives such as
iterative query or join
on different archives

DRAGON Manager
provides end user
secure GUI to data
stored as
Role base access
control, End user
action tracking
(audit), Automated
channel, etc.



HP DRAGON main features
DRAGON Collection
module provide
collection and
capabilities to
«prepare» the data
before their loading
into the system


Loading Module is
in charge to the
archive loading
based on the
standard product
including the data
encryption option

Different archive
solutions for data
retrieval, storage,

Data access module
allow to provide
common and
standard query
capability on all
archives superseding
each archive
capability itself

Business benefits
HP DRAGON delivers the multi-dimensional scalability of
performance, capacity, and functionality required to fulfill
communications data requests. Flexible HP DRAGON
supports many business models including mobile virtual
network operator (MVNO), hosted multiple operating
units, multiple geographies, and others.
Some of the main benefits of DRAGON:
• Complete solution for integrated Data Collection,
Data Retention and Archiving offering highly scalable
and flexible solutions to ease access to critical
operations data.
• Scalable solution for data archiving with the provision
of several types of database, like Oracle, MySQL,
RainStor, Vertica, and Sensage, as per data usage
requirements to improve TCO.
• Federated database management to treat database
as one entity and be viewed through a single user
interface offered by DRAGON 6.3 GUI.
Benefits through integration:
• Supports all common integration standards and
technologies including ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, web
services and XML
• Reduces operating cost through a common integration
approach for both external and internal systems

HP Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services for the communications and media
industry help you realize the full value of your solutions, from
planning and assessment through testing, deployment, operation,
and nearly continuous improvement. Each service area leverages
proven processes and best practices to balance CAPEX and
OPEX and reduce risk, while keeping your projects on time and your
operations running smoothly.
HP Services offer a proven way for navigating through your
transformational journey:
HP Solution Consulting Services help define business transformation
and translate strategies into actionable solutions.
HP Solution Implementation Services offer a low risk project lifecycle
across design, development, customization, and network and
system integration.
HP Solutions Management Services increase the operational efficiency
of your existing solutions, including reactive, proactive, operational,
and enhancement services.
HP Services offer a variety of sourcing options designed to improve
business agility while reducing your OPEX; options include IT and
infrastructure outsourcing (ITO), application management (AM), and
business process outsourcing (BPO).

• Provides comprehensive data security features,
including encryption and certificates that protect
privacy and integrity
• Includes robust user security mechanisms, such as user
access controls, auditing and reporting, and optional
integration to external authentication systems
• Enable confidence in communications through secure
messaging channels

HP in the telecommunications industry
HP helps the world’s CSPs transform the way they do
business—to grow in a fast-changing market, CSPs
must meet the huge demand for new services, and
streamline internal operations. HP is unmatched in its
ability to help CSPs drive transformation: 30+ years of

telecom experience, global IT leadership, expertise in
entertainment, and leadership in consumer devices.
HP offers a truly end-to-end portfolio from core network
to handheld devices—including a suite of convergent
IT and telecom solutions, such as: software (OSS/BSS,
SDP, SDM, or cloud); professional services including:
business consulting, integration, and managed services/
outsourcing; joint go-to-market programs; carrier-grade
servers; storage; printers; and tablets and smartphones.

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Achieve the lowest TCO and the highest performance and query capabilities for your Data Warehouse
deploying DRAGON 6.3 Multi-Archiving Database Management and Data Archiving solution. Offering
end-to-end Data Collection, Data Management and Archiving employing DRAGON 6.3 GUI to maintain,
analyze and query database to generate information in the required outcome. Visit: to know how.


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