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Solution brief

Technology that supports global law
enforcement efforts
Communications technology is at the heart of the
global fight against terrorism, child exploitation, drug
trafficking, and other serious crimes. Law enforcement
is asking more of service providers, in the form of
both greater cooperation and expanded capabilities.
Lawful requests for communications information to
support criminal investigations must be fulfilled in a
timely manner. Service providers need a cost-effective
way to manage these requests. They need to quickly
identify, locate, and retrieve data on user activity
history, intercept content in real-time and deliver it
securely to the authorities.
Complicating the challenge are the new technologies,
equipment, and end-user devices being developed and
deployed throughout the communications ecosystem.
Where in-house solutions were once adequate, a
comprehensive set of integrated capabilities is now
required. Standards-based, proven solutions are needed
to mitigate the risks, timeframes, and costs of adding
critical functionality.

HP Investigation solutions—proven
tools for intelligence support and data
HP delivers a comprehensive portfolio of intelligence
support systems (ISS) that meet the requirements for
today’s converged communications services. Based
on technology proven in worldwide deployments,
HP Investigation solutions are modular and
standards‑based and take a fully-integrated, real-time
approach to the fulfillment of lawful requests for data.
Together, they comprise a complete, end-to-end offering
for warrant management, lawful intercept, and data
retention, providing actionable intelligence for today’s
global law enforcement efforts.

Table 1: The HP Investigation portfolio addresses the special challenges of six critical areas:

Solution name

Brief description


Data Retention

Innovative capture and management of communications activity data


Warrant/Request management

Process-driven re-engineering of warrant handling


Lawful Interception and Law
Enforcement Agency (LEA)
monitoring and analysis

Innovative lawful interception capabilities for IP services
and next generation networks


Large Event Archive

A highly scalable and flexible solution to ease access to
critical operations data


Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Uses network probes to collect more detailed network
traffic data in real-time


ISS as a Service/Cloud

Offers flexibility, low cost, and easy implementation

Data Retention
New regulations for retaining data records are greatly
expanding what information is to be kept and its
lifecycle. This can present a burden for service providers,
who not only must deal with issues of data collection,
but also its efficient and secure storage and retrieval.
Today’s next-generation converged environments have
exposed the limitations and inadequacies of legacy
systems. The rapid adoption of network-intensive services
means that service providers have to process several
times the volume of records. Immense scalability and
cost-effective storage and retrieval are crucial. Further,
the shifting of the services environment and regulatory
landscape requires a solution that can easily adapt.


Data Retention solution features:
• Provides scalable, flexible data collection for both
circuit-switched and packet-switched infrastructures
• High-performance data management optimized for
storing and retrieval of communications traffic data
• Leverages multi-layer security to protect the integrity
and privacy of sensitive data
• Can be implemented with choice of data repository
options to ease integration with existing architectures
and technology standards


HP added values

• Reducing data retention OPEX
• More efficiently gathering data to
respond to warrants and requests
• Compliance with local regulation

• Market leader Data Retention solution
• 15+ years experience
• Process, system and/or data review service
• Warrant management engine

Inbound and Outbound Channel Manager
LEA Request Workflow Engine

Warrant and



Work item

Extended Doc


DRAGON Manager

Figure 1: Manager core server architecture



Doc generator





Warrant/Request management
An increasing volume of requests for lawfully intercepted
and retained data is coming from a range of LEAs. Key
issues are involved in efficiently and effectively fulfilling
these requests while ensuring privacy at every point—
provisioning, result validation, and returning the results to
the LEA. With some service providers fulfilling thousands
of time intensive requests each day, improved efficiency
directly translates into a bottom line. Over time, many
service providers have deployed individual ISSs for each
service area. In many cases, requests had to be input
for each system or service area, the results manually
aggregated and then returned to the LEA. Consolidation
and integration may cut operating costs and shorten
response time, while helping safeguard privacy.


Warrant/Request management solution features:
• A single, unified front-end for managing request
fulfillment for both lawful intercept and retrieval of
retained data
• Increased workflows reduce the effort and timeframes
for processing requests
• Flexible deployment models enable localized
deployment at communications service providers, or
remote deployment for self-service operations at law
enforcement and intelligence agencies
• Document management capabilities for supporting
warrant and request documentation
• A billing function supporting reimbursement of
compensated requests


HP added values

• More flexible and efficient way to gather
customer data and to respond to LEA
• Legal compliance

• Warrant workflow engine
• Process, system and/or data review service
• Software brokering capabilities


Lawful Interception
While seamless interception has long been available
for analog circuit-switched networks, the evolution to
advanced services running across packet-switched
infrastructures now requires new technologies.
Interception must be performed—in real-time—across
wireless, wired, broadband, and IP networks, while still
remaining invisible to the parties under surveillance.
Interception of new network-intensive applications
such as e-mail and instant messaging requires not only
application awareness but also immense scalability and

Lawful Interception solution features:
• Supports disparate, multiple communication networks:
circuit-switched, packet-switched, mobile, fixed, and IP
• Includes support for products from most major vendors
• Supports global standards with customizable local
• Enables the cost-effective expansion of architecture
with a distributed, scalable solution


HP added values

• Complying with LEAs requirements
• Upgrade Interception capabilities to
IP services
• LI vendors consolidation

• HP software as single front end for different LI
• Process, system and/or data review service
• Integrated ISS approach (LI + DR)

Large Event Archive
Every day, companies must store and manage a large
amount of information, used for purposes ranging
from marketing to billing to capacity planning to legal
and compliance. Data is becoming one of the biggest
corporate topics: data management is no longer an
IT problem but a consideration of corporate strategy.
Moreover, different data types need different archival,
retrieval, and security capabilities. A mixed-data
environment means a mix of capabilities.


flexibility. As more and more services are deployed
via IP networks, the challenge will grow in volume
and complexity.

Large Event Archive solution features:
• A solution technology based on the proven DRAGON
Data Retention architecture and experiences to deliver
data repository solution for all data types
• The scalability and flexibility to offer easy access to
critical operations data
• Enhanced data compression to reduce storage size
• The capability to collect logs


HP added values

• Adopting the right archive technology to any
different data needs
• CAPEX/OPEX reduction
• Solution can be offered in cloud

• HP software multiple archive integrated
• DRAGON 15+ years experience
• Huge compression factor
• System integration capabilities

Figure 2: DLAS architecture

DRAGON Manager
DRAGON Server Data Access module









DRAGON Server loading module

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
DPI has become a relevant tool in telecommunications
and ISS sector for data collection during the last decade.
DPI technology allows real-time data collection and
offers the capability to filter out unnecessary data.
HP Investigation solutions are improved by the DPI
data collection mechanisms as the DPI solution can
be integrated with Data Retention, Lawful Intercept,
Warrant/Request management solution, or the DPI
solution can be deployed in the ISS as a could solution.

DPI solution features:
• Accurate identification of users across multiple
applications, physical locations, terminals, and
• Extraction of relevant data to enhance storage space
and speed up post-processing
• Implementation of real-time, network-based monitoring
using probes


HP added values

• Advantages of network based monitoring
against log-based monitoring
• Real time data capture
• Data filtering

• End-to-end solution for data collection
• DPI integration into Data Retention, Lawful
Interception or Warrant Management


ISS as a Service/Cloud

ISS as a Service/Cloud solution features:

ISS Service/Could solution provides all the features of
Data Retention, Warrant/Request management, and
Lawful Interception solutions in a hosted or centralized
virtual environment. Easy implementation is one of the
advantages of cloud solutions; it requires less upfront
investment, resulting in a good choice for small- and
medium-size communication service providers. The
solution complies with regulations, and further changes
can be easily adopted.

• A solution customized by the communication service
provider or government requirement.
• Flexible approaches: “Broker” or Central solution can
be implemented.
• A hosted intelligence support solution for small- and
medium-size operators.
• An Integrated ISS solution to improve information flow
and reduce complexity.


HP added values

• More flexible easy-to-deploy ISS solution
• Minor investment for ISS
• Compliance with local regulation

• End-to-end ISS solution including, Data
Retention, Lawful Interception, Warrant
Management and several enhancement
• 15+ years experience

Figure 3: ISS as a Service/Cloud

Service Provider A

Hosted Solution

Lawful intercept



Data retention


Service Provider B




Data retention

Support Cloud

DRAGON version 6.2—the platform for
HP Investigation solutions
Central to the HP Investigation solutions is the HP Data
Retention And Guardian Online (DRAGON). Providing
intelligence support systems for leading service
providers around the world, HP DRAGON delivers
the multidimensional scalability of performance,
capacity, and functionality required to fulfill requests
for communications data. It provides key functions of
warrant/request management, lawful interception, data
retention, and integration.
The flexible HP DRAGON supports many business
models, including mobile virtual network operator
(MVNO), hosted, multiple operating units, and
multiple geographies. The latest DRAGON version
is DRAGON 6.2, which addresses the challenges
of integration and security with proven technologies
and methodologies.

New features in DRAGON 6.2
• Solution for repositories, Large Event Archive
• Solution for ISS as a Service/Cloud
• Supports all common integration standards and
technologies, including ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, Web
services, and XML
• Reduces operating costs through a common integration
approach for both external and internal systems
• Provides comprehensive data security features,
including encryption and certificates that protect
privacy and integrity
• Includes robust user security mechanisms, such as user
access controls, auditing and reporting, and optional
integration with external authentication systems
• Provides secure messaging channels

Figure 4: HP Investigation Overall Architecture

Communications network infrastructure

Communication Service Provider


Laws Enforcement







HP in the telecommunications industry
HP helps the world’s CSPs transform the way they do
business—to grow in a fast-changing market. CSPs
must meet the huge demand for new services and
streamline internal operations. HP is well-known for its
ability to help CSPs drive transformation: 30+ years of
telecom experience, global IT leadership, expertise in
entertainment, and leadership in consumer devices.
HP offers a truly end-to-end portfolio of technologies
for the core network to handheld devices, including a
suite of convergent IT and telecom solutions, such as:
software (OSS/BSS, SDP, SDM, and cloud); professional
services, including business consulting, integration,
and managed services/outsourcing; joint go-to-market
programs; carrier-grade servers; storage; printers; tablets
and smartphones.

HP Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services for the communications and media
industry help you realize the full value of your solutions, from
planning and assessment through testing, deployment, operation,
and nearly continuous improvement. Each service area leverages
proven processes and best practices to balance CAPEX and OPEX
and reduce risk, while keeping your projects on time and your
operations running smoothly.
HP Solution Consulting Services help define business transformation
and translate strategies into actionable solutions.
HP Solution Implementation Services offer a low risk project lifecycle
across design, development, customization, and network and
system integration.
HP Solutions Management Services increase the operational
efficiency of your existing solutions, including reactive, proactive,
operational, and enhancement services.
We offer a variety of sourcing options designed to improve
business agility while reducing your OPEX; options include IT and
infrastructure outsourcing, application management, and business
process outsourcing.

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