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HP Dragon Blue—IP Probe Deep Packet Inspection
Solution brief

HP Investigation is committed to help organizations to handle massive
data in an efficient, secure, cost-effective manner by offering several
state-of-the-art solutions for data archiving, data management,
and transferring data into information. Nowadays, companies are
struggling to turn data into an actionable format by extracting the
relevant information that would help them to enhance the running
of their business. Understanding the information by extracting the
data from traffic flows at protocol level is the winner strategy that
can be powered by Dragon Blue IP Probe Deep Packet Inspection
solution, providing the capability of extracting, filtering,
analyzing data directly from network traffic in real time.

According to a recent Yankee Group report: “Mobile network operators (MNOs) must introduce
customized price plans to sustain mobile broadband (MBB) revenue growth and ensure long-term
business model sustainability. Tiered pricing should be only the first step toward a more personalized
approach. MNOs’ end goal must be to ensure consumers are offered MBB services that meet their
specific needs in terms of preferred devices, consumption behavior, and price-sensitivity.” The most
important message of this statement is that mass consumption is becoming individualized where
the service providers need to cope with the challenge of managing a huge number of clients
while handling them individually by offering customized services for their needs. The first step is to
understand the clients’ needs by employing a mechanism that collects the necessary data, that is,
data that can be easily analyzed to be evaluated correctly and making the right decision by company
senior management. Data capture directly from data flows is the perfect solution, resulting in the
correct understanding of the data and making the correct conclusions. Using obsolete technologies for
data extraction is one of the reasons for data misinterpretation, which result in negative consequences
on the business.

Network-based vs. log-based monitoring
For data capture in general, there are network-based
and log-based data collection approaches. When data
is captured from log databases and log servers, then we
have to count with latency any obstacles that arise from
the database model, and no guarantees for up‑to‑date
data. Finally, there are restrictions because we can
access the data stored in database but not the data
transferred via network.

In the new era in data monitoring, network-based
monitoring has to be considered. The main advantages
are that the data collected directly from traffic flows
goes through the network; the relevant information can
be extracted from data flows by going down to protocol
levels; and all the data is collected and can be analyzed
in real time. The technology behind this network-based
approach is called IP Probe.

Figure 1. DRAGON Data Retention: data capture approaches

DRAGON Data Retention and Lawful Interception


+ non-IP



AAA, Proxy, DHCP,
DNS, Directory

Log-based: extract information from
logs located on different servers


Yahoo IM





Network-based: extract information traveling
on IP network and classify data for easy retrieval


Table 1. Advantages of network-based monitoring over log-based monitoring
Server log based

Network based

Must handle various formats of stored information

Easy to interpret and retrieve, because of single data format on the IP
network (for example, SMTP for email)

Could necessitate professional services and custom development to
upgrade existing IT systems

Single point of capture directly from the network, independently of
existing IT systems

Could be complicated to collect and correlate data if network is
complex with many devices

Highly optimized information format: gain over 90% volume on logs
only one line per event

The IP Probes
Network Probe is a technology that can decode
protocols, extract information embedded in the traffic,
or transmit information over the traffic and deliver this
information in the form of metadata and content feeds to
an application developed by the user that can leverage
the information provided by the Network Probe.


The Network Probe can make an acquirement specifying
what information is required. It can deliver this
information in a tabular format, just like in a database.
This technology can also deliver packets and packet
contents. The process of extracting and delivering the
information from the network is performed in real time
and can scale up 20 Gb/s.

Figure 2. User identification and data extraction across multiple applications


Web Market


HP Dragon Blue IP Probe (Deep Packet
Inspection) solution
Due to the increasingly rapid pace of life, deep
packet inspection (DPI) has become a relevant tool in
telecommunications and Intelligence Support System
sector for data collection during the last decade. DPI
technology delivers the solution for real-time data
collection directly from network data transmission and
also brings the capability to filter unnecessary data.
HP Investigation solutions are improved by the DPI data
collection mechanism because the DPI solution can be
integrated for data retention, lawful interception, warrant
management solution; DPI can also be deployed in the
Intelligent Support Solutions as service/cloud solution.
The DPI solution features:
• Accurate identification of users across multiple
applications, multiple physical locations, multiple
terminals, and multiple identities
• Only relevant data is extracted to save storage space
and speed up postprocessing
• Using probes, network-based real time monitoring can
be implemented for data collection
• Real-time traffic analysis based on Layer 7 (deep
packet inspection)
Protocol and application identification based on a
portfolio of analyzers covering all types of applications,

including social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.),
streaming and progressive download (Flash video,
YouTube, Netflix, etc.), peer-to-peer (BitTorrent, eMule,
etc.), VoIP (SIP, RTP, etc.), messaging and chat (Skype,
Windows® Live, Yahoo Messenger), and so on.
Extraction of traffic metadata for use in cases such as:
• Charging (e.g., codec settings used by video
streaming applications provides level of quality by
user and by application to enable differentiated VIP
plans based on enhanced quality of experience for
certain applications)
• Data retention (extraction of senders and receivers of
messages and calls, websites visited, etc.)
• Real-time traffic analysis at 20 Gb/s in a single probe
The protocols supported are network protocols,
application protocols such as webmail, email database,
or any kind of network application. For each protocol,
tens of metadata are delivered, which translates to
thousands of metadata in your application. These
protocols are regularly updated, and new protocols are
added to protocol plug-in library.
Network Probe network intelligence is designed to be
embedded into your application so that you can rely
on the real-time visibility provided by Network Probe to
develop the application, process the traffic information,
or store this information for reporting or traffic shaping.


Business benefits
Dragon Blue Application aware IP probe provides
real‑time visibility on traffic per user and per application.
Probes are used as an independent, trusted third-party
source of data to feed customized systems used by
telecom operators to perform various tasks such as
charging, subscriber analytics, and data retention.
By providing full visibilities on what applications are
used, when, by whom, and how, Dragon Blue probes
enable telecom operators to:
1. Understand how subscribers use the network to
propose personalized plans and services
2. Increase average revenue per user by developing
tiered plans where billing is based on application
usage and customized quality of service
3. Comply with either data retention or other national

Benefits from probe technology
• No impact on network operations
−−Passive probes, generate no overhead on network
−−Not impacted by network devices upgrades,
reconfiguration or changes
−−No operational risk due to Internet Protocol Data
Record (IPDR) generation
• More actionable information
−−Probes have been designed for IPDR generation
(network devices are not)
−−Standardized IPDR, whatever the brand and model
of network device provides homogeneity in the
−−IPDR generate smaller volume of data than servers
logs, which results in lower total cost of ownership
and better reactivity
• IPDR are richer than server logs
−−Information for over-the-top applications are not
available on server logs (e.g., user action in
Facebook such as login, chat, and file transfer)
−−Provides visibility on non-browser-based applications
(e.g., Instant Messaging, Google™ Earth,
mobile apps)
−−Correlation of subscriber information with
application-level information


HP advantage
Dragon Blue is part of HP Investigation solution portfolio,
with which HP offers end-to-end data retention, lawful
interception, warrant management, data archiving
solution featuring several options, flexibility, and cloud
capability. Dragon Blue:
• Provides a higher granular level of visibility over
application used on an IP network
• Offers more reactive updates when application
change or new applications emerge
• Provides the lower cost per Gb/s for network analysis
• Helps maintain log accuracy and integrity under a
heavy load of traffic
Dragon Blue provides better visibility in application
usage at core network speed (20 Gb/s) in real time. The
portfolio of protocols and applications analyzers covers
nearly 100 percent of IP traffic, and provides faster
updates as protocols change and new applications
emerge. Dragon Blue probes are the only appliances
built for multipurpose network intelligence, enabling
telecom operators to leverage the most granular
application-aware traffic analysis for building tailored
solutions to fit their specific requirements.

HP in the telecommunications industry
HP helps the world’s communications service providers
(CSPs) transform the way they do business—to grow in a
fast-changing market. CSPs must meet the huge demand
for new services—and streamline internal operations.
HP is a leader in helping CSPs drive transformation,
with over 30 years of telecom experience, global IT
leadership, expertise in entertainment, and leadership in
consumer devices.

HP offers a truly end-to-end portfolio from core network to
handheld devices—including a suite of convergent IT and
telecom solutions, such as software (OSS/BSS, SDP, SDM,
cloud); professional services, including business consulting,
integration, and managed services/outsourcing; joint
go-to-market programs; carrier-grade servers; storage;
printers; and tablets and smartphones.

HP Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services
HP Solution Lifecycle Services for the communications and media
industry help you realize the full value of your solutions, from
planning and assessment through testing, deployment, operation,
and nearly continuous improvement. Each service area leverages
proven processes and best practices to balance capital and
operating expenditure (OPEX) and reduce risk, while keeping your
projects on time and your operations running smoothly.
HP Services offer a proven way for navigating through your
transformational journey:
• Consulting—HP Solution Consulting Services help define business
transformation and translate strategies into actionable solutions.
• Implementation—HP Solution Implementation Services offer a low
risk project lifecycle across design, development, customization,
and network and system integration.
• Management—HP Solutions Management Services increase
the operational efficiency of your existing solutions, including
reactive, proactive, operational, and enhancement services.
• Outsourcing—HP Services offer a variety of sourcing options
designed to improve business agility while reducing your OPEX.
The options include IT and infrastructure outsourcing, application
management, and business process outsourcing.

Extract, filter, and analyze data directly from network traffic in real time. For more information,
visit, or email

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