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Nextelement-EN I July 2012

NEXTELEMENT interception system
opens a new era in iDEN ("Nextel")

Captured Communications,
Off-the-Air Interceptions
NEXTELEMENT is a tactical interception and
monitoring system for iDEN's ("Nextel") voice calls,
push-to-talk (PTT)/direct connect, short
message service (SMS) and multimedia
messaging service (MMS) communications.

Clear voice, PTTIdirect
connect, SMS and MMS

Real-time information
gathering, storage display
and data analysis

NEXTELEMENT captures the air interface between
cellular phones and Base-Transmission-Stations
(BTS) using an advanced passive, off-the-air
technique.The system is thus invisible to both the
target and cellular providers.
NEXTELEMENT intercepts both the downlink and
the uplink, providing a synchronous and
uninterrupted voice playback processed using
state-of-the-art signal processing methods and

All iDEN frequencies,
Vocoders and network

NEXTELEMENT is specially designed for agencies
demanding a high standard in real-time
information gathering, storage and data extraction.

Defense Forces

Up to 20 simultaneous

Intelligence Units
Law Enforcement
Homeland Security
Correctional Services

NEXTELEMENT enables predefined lists of
intercept targets, specifying names, phone
numbers, and network-specific parameters such as
IMEI, IMSI, etc.
NEXTELEMENT features keyword-based searches
in SMS or MMS messages, including system alerts
for operator-defined keywords identified in
real-time communications.
NEXTELEMENT voice and text communication
intercepts are stored in a managed database for
on-demand audio replay. All data can be
conveniently exported to any standard format for
post-mission data retrieval and research.
NEXTELEMENT is operated by a powerful, flexible
and user-friendly application for real-time
monitoring, audio playback, database querying,
maintenance and data exporting.
NEXTELEMENT supports both remote and local
operations, as well as multlple operators By
efficiently dlvldlng the work between several users
In real-tlme, traffic capacity can be slgnlficantly

U p to 10,000
preconfigured targets

Designed for law
enforcement and
intelligence agencies
Dimensions (typicdf

L478mm X W35Smm X

Electrical (peak, typical)

lnput voltage:
Input frequency:
lnput current:

Operator-defined alerts



9 600
90 264VAC
47 63Hz


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