Name: VESPer


Superior understanding of complex terrain

VESPer is a modular, multispectral, three-dimensional (30) mapping capability
that provides rapid, precise and understandable geospatial 30 mapping for
security and defence applications.
ln a complex, ever changing
environment. up-to-date geospatial
intelligence is paramount to the
success of operations. VESPer has
the ability to collect and process
precision, three-dimensional (30)
intelligence on demand, on the day.
VESPer fuses geolocated 30 terrain
information with multi-spectral
sensor data; together this fused
data can reveal more about the
environment than any single sensor.

The ability to use data in this
manner provides the operator with
virtua l extra sensory perception.

A modular open architecture allows
the VESPer system to be scaled and
configured to suit operational needs.

Three-dimensional mapping provides
the 'extra dimension' giving the
operator an instant understanding of
topography. The data provides
precise real-world dimensions and
the fidelity required for detailed
planning of operations in complex

VESPer establishes a commonly
understood three-dimensional
reference frame that forms the
spearhead for future developments
in geospatial technologies and
techniques. lt can form a key part of
an enhanced real time '30-aware'
intelligence cyc le .

Military applications: Special Operations
and Conventional Forces

environment in order to
gain exceptional familiarity
with terrain and features
prior to operations.
VESPer data assists
detailed mission planning
by providing accurate and
up-to-date geographic
intelligence, including
form, terrain, foliage,
buildings and textures that
are not readily available
from other means.

Mission rehearsal/
pre-deployment training
Export of 30 data supports
high fidelity modelling in
Simulation andîraining
synthetic environments.

Battle damage
Physical damage can be
measured quickly and
accurately from post-attack
30 scans.

Route planning and
30 VESPer data shows the
true topology assisting the
understanding of potential
route limitations eg narrow
streets that offer no
possibility of turning
a round.

Multi-spectral data allows
mission rehearsal with
truly representative night
vision and thermal imaging

Civil applications: Security and Resilience

Rapid mapping for
planning and control
Large scale, 30 mapping of
real interiors and exteriors
records the environment
'as built' and provides
superior support to
contingency planning,
environmental monitoring
and 'smart city'
Simple and rapid capture
capability provides
on -demand map updates local changes can be
captured faithfully and
incorporated in the space
of hours.

Fused multi-spectral data
can find concealed abjects
and positions; Near
lnfrared and Long Weve
lnfrared help to reveal
disturbed ground and
camouflage materials
invisible to the naked eye.
30 change detection acts
as a eue for further
investigation. VESPer is
offered with optional
complementary diagnostic
technologies such as
Raman sampling and
Compton X-Ray

VESPer technology

VESPer Sensors
VESPer is capable of using many
different sensors according to
operational requirements . The
core 30 mapping system can be
extended by the addition of
optional sensors offering
specialist capabi lities .

Core Sensors

VESPer is a rapid, mobile, multispectral three-dimensional mapping
system. lt fuses 30 spatial data,
gained from LIOAR sensors, with
imagery from colour and infrared
sensors ; it then geolocates this
fused data forming 30 maps in the
WGS84 world reference frame .
lnterior data can be captured in near
real time from a man-portable
dismounted system whilst whole
districts can be scanned, discretely
and at normal road speeds, from a
boit-on vehicle-mounted system .
The captured data is quickly turned
into precision multi-spectral 30
maps; these can be viewed and
exploited in the VESPer system or
exported to othe r GIS or simulation
Colour sensors make VESPer's data
simple to interpret; full colour, 30
maps with recognisable landmarks
and legible road signs . The near and
long wave infrared imaging sensors
extend the operator 's view beyond
that of the naked eye differentiating the real from the
camouflaged, and the active from
the inert, and all in 30.
Users of VESPer data are not
confined to fi xed viewpoints along a
defined trajectory; the environment
is fully mapped in 30 within the

range and lines of sight of the
sensors. Users can rise above th e
map for a panorama or drop to
street level to investigate doorways;
they can look out from windows to
assess dead ground or drive the
mission route in a 30 , fully
immersive view. Ranges and angles
can be measured w ith point
precision and in real world units .
VESPer provides superior speed of
operation; static scans are available
in near real time whilst mobile maps
have a 1:1 relationship between
coll ection and processing time ie a
one hour mission, 35 miles of road
at 35 mph, wou ld take just one
more hou r t o process. VESPer
prod uces hig h fidelity, mu lti-spectral
30 mapping on demand, on the day.

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Light lntensity Direction and
Ranging (LIDAR) . This sensor
is essential to provid ing threedimensional data . lt uses an
infrared laser to scan the
environment measuring the
distance between reflective
abjects and the mobile
platform .
High Definition colour video.
This sensor provides the visible
band data key to the intuitive
understanding of the 30 map.
Thermal Imager. This sensor
provides long wave infrared
data that reveal temperature
differences in the environment.
This sensor can provide useful
environmental data at night
and/or in hazy or dusty

Optional Sensors
30 Through-The-Wall radar.
This can be used t o locate
people inside buildings or to
assist in determining t he
internai structu res of buildings.
Compton X-Ray backscatter.
This can help detect hidden
materia ls, such as explosives,
in vehicles and meta l
Raman laser sampling . This
can be used fo r the stand-off
sampling of explosive and
other materia ls.

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